The Originals (2013–2018): Season 3, Episode 14 - A Streetcar Named Desire - full transcript

The unexpected arrival of Stefan Salvatore may be the key to helping Freya rescue Klaus and Elijah from a magical trap.

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Previously on The Originals...
FREYA: They will all fall--

one by friend, one by foe,

one by family.
REBEKAH: When I am buried,

the family part of the prophecy
will be over. Elijah, do it!


Stefan Salvatore,
welcome to New Orleans.

That, that is the mark
of the Phoenix.

You've seen this before.
Tell me

you have not been
careless enough

to make an enemy of Rayna Cruz.

Why do you think I'm here,

The missing ingredient is
the heart of an unsired vampire.

They need my heart. Or one
that's identical to it.


Then maybe you can tell Aya

to let me bring back Kol

Kol's been dead. He can stay
dead a little while longer.

But my life could end
at any minute.

All I wanted was to delink
my friends from Klaus.

Now I finally can.

The bullets are white oak.

My beloved brother
suffers in a box.

So I will end his suffering

by ending you, his sire.

I've come to
make a proposal.

I suspect our world can change
with a bang.

(crickets chirping,
old-timey French song playing)

AURORA: I can see
why my brother liked you.

Such the strong, silent type.

This isn't silence, Aurora.

It's patience.

Give me what's in your hand,
and I'll give you what you want.

But you see, Aya,
what I want, I have.

A weapon
that can kill the unkillable

and make the Mikaelsons suffer
nearly as much pain

as they've made me suffer.

Unfortunately, Elijah is one of
your targets and my sire.

If you kill him, I die, too.

As would my brother,

who drowns endlessly
at the bottom of the ocean.

Killing Elijah is the only mercy
I can offer him, Aya.

But what if there was
another way?

Help me sever the link
between the Originals

and their sire lines...

and maybe I'll show it to you.

You know, Aya, when
all this is over,

we should be
better friends.

When this is over,
we can be anything we want.


come and lie over here.

Cynthia will guide you.

This had better work.

Close your eyes.

(chanting in foreign language)



(both laugh)

Oh, I missed you.

♪ ♪

Tristan, I'm so sorry.

I failed you.

Shh, darling.
It's all right.

It's all right.

My circumstances have
been beyond horrific,

but a light
has appeared.

Aya hasn't forsaken me.

Her witches made this place.

Drew my mind here.

Though my
body drowns,

here, I can read
and play music

and see you.


if I have to burn the world
to drain the oceans,

I will find you.

Of this, I have no doubt.


But first, I have a little show
in store for you today.

A comedy. Or a tragedy,
depending on who you are.

And you and I have
front row seats.

You daggered Rebekah?

And you're
just telling me now?

She sacrificed herself
in order to protect us.

And to protect her,

I've told Niklaus
and I'm telling you.

No one would have known
Rebekah's whereabouts

if Aurora had taken my life.

The prophecy says you
three will be felled

by friend, family and foe.

Rebekah was fallen by family.

That leaves friend and foe.

You and Klaus have
a lot of foes.

Just one or two.

not many friends.

Freya, this is Stefan
Salvatore, an old friend.

One of my trickle-down
sirelings. Long story.

Stefan, this is Freya,
my brand-new older sister.

Also a long story.

Stefan needs a favor.

You're an old "friend," are you?

Well, that kind of depends
on your definition.


You got everything you need

to break the
sire link?

Almost. Aya's getting the rest.

I should be ready by sunrise.

It'll be fine. I promise.

You may feel some warmth
when the spell begins,

but it'll pass
when the link's broken.

I know that face.

Crazy spell.

Substitute hearts,
creepy witches helping you out.

What if the warmth
is the last thing that I feel?

I'll be careful.

I get that. And I am game.

But we are on a tight rope
with the Mikaelsons.

I mean,
that's not just anybody's heart.

Jackson was a friend to
them and he was to us.

I know, Marcel.

And I know it's a long shot,
but if I don't save you,

then I can't save Josh
and I can't save Kol.

I wouldn't be able
to live with myself

if something happened
to you guys.

So, um,

just full disclosure:
I dated your sister once.


While that seems
like a great story,

let's get back
to your wound.

A mystical vampire huntress

stabbed you
with her magic sword,

Klaus killed her,
but-- surprise, surprise...

She regenerates.

And won't rest
until you're dead.

So no matter how far I run,
this wound acts as a beacon,

drawing her to me.

So, I guess you could say
it's been a bit of a rough week.

Well, I can't cure the wound,

but this paste will
mask its signal.

Rayna Cruz won't know
how to find you.

Just let that dry,

and you'll be on your merry way.

You know,
not that I was expecting

a, uh, parade or anything,

but why is everyone so eager
for me to go?

Stefan Salvatore is
not the problem.

But if you are so determined
to find foe amongst friends,

then look no further
than Marcel.

After all, did he not steal
Jackson's heart and deliver it

to the very people
bent on harming us?

Marcel is the least
of our troubles.

What's troubling the Mikaelsons?
Oh, let's see.

Well, there's Elijah's
super secret society

of ancient vampires...

The Strix would still be
clamoring over Hayley's heart

if it weren't for Marcel.
FREYA: One of their more

zealous members, an
old flame of Elijah's,

is trying to undo my mother's
most powerful spell.

And now Aya

and her mob are free

to break the sire line.
You know, we have made

many glorious enemies
over the years, brother,

but if they sever
their link to us,

then they will all
come for our heads.

Not without the white oak.

Aurora has the last of it.

Then she dies first.

You once told me you wanted
to use her head as a footstool.

Why wait?

(phone vibrating)

(phone beeps)


I see.

The Crescent Wolves--
they found Aurora.

(crickets chirping)

(old-timey music playing)


♪ ♪


♪ ♪



Hello, gentlemen.

I had planned on taking
a different head tonight,

but yours will do
just fine.

I am getting so tired of having
that vile weapon pointed at me.

Creator destroyed
by his own creation.

I suppose there's a
certain poetry to that,

wouldn't you
say, Niklaus?


(labored panting)

Get... Klaus... out of here.

Shoot me and you die.


For now.

(chanting in foreign language)



(wind howls)


What is this?



Oh, Nik.

The funny faces you make
when someone surprises you.

So good to see
you both again,

especially today.


How the hell are we here?

Ooh, I know the
answer to that one.

It's representational magic.

Something in the room
represents each one of us.

Apparently, it's what allowed
Aya's witches to drag you

to this chambre de chasse
she created for me.

Perfect. We find what
represents us, we break free.

TRISTAN: You can certainly try,
but until then,

my Strix are
preparing a spell

that is unlike
any other in history.

We are going to

sever the link
which binds your lives to ours.

Are we, now?

Our second-rate

Napoleon, desperately trying
to leave his mark on the world

with those filthy little claws.

Even if, in the end,
he's left with

nothing but the scars
of his failures.

Oh, rest assured,
it will work.

Soon our fates will no
longer be tied to yours.

And once that's done,

as your bodies remain helpless
and your minds remain here,

Aya will use my white oak
to fulfill the prophecy.

So, you see...

today you die.

And with your sire lines
torn from you,

you die alone.

Until then,

how shall we pass the time?

♪ ♪

Oh, dear.

Perhaps I've gotten too close

to that which
represents me in here.

Oh, you mean the swords?

Hardly, darling.

Though between a subpar piece
of art and a broken relic,

I suppose you'd have to choose
the swords, wouldn't you?

If only out of denial.


Maybe we can't hurt
each other in here,

but when I'm free, I'm
going to cut you in half.

How's Cami?


Who says we can't
hurt each other in here?

Let me guess.

I'm the chessboard.

Not exactly, but this room

was designed by someone
who knew you,


So you should
ask yourself:

how does Aya see you?

You realize
that I'm here because

my people love me;
you're here because

those exact same people
loathe you.

You've driven them to this.

It's a prison
of your own making.

Shackled to
your miserable existence

from the moment I sired you.


We are your children.

We came to you. We begged you

to lock yourselves away until
the prophecy window had passed,

to, for once, bear the burden
of being our creators.

Would you mind terribly
if you spared me

the deadbeat dad lecture?

You know,

I'm almost grateful
for those hundred-odd years

I spent compelled being you.

It taught me so much.

But nothing more important
than how to not be you.

Where you betray, I prove loyal.

Where you abandon, I remain.

And should you find a knight
or two in shining armor

still foolish enough
to fight for you...

...they will die
right alongside you.

I had no idea that Aya was gonna
take Klaus and Elijah down.

And regardless,
why the hell

are we trusting this guy
all of a sudden, huh?

He's the one who ran off with
Aurora the first chance he got.

You can hardly fault a man
for following his heart.

Yet the moment
she started raving

about firing white
oak into Klaus,

well, words were said,

hearts broken,
veins drained.

You're one to talk
about trust.

Who was it that handed
my dead husband's heart

to the people
that helped murder him?

I bought your life
with that heart.

But, hey, you know what,
you called me here,

so if you have another plan,
please, let's hear it.

It's simple. We storm
the coven houses,

stop the Strix from completing
the de-siring spell. Period.

Okay. Well, that's easy
for you to say.

You're not sired by anyone,

now, are you?
It's not just
about de-siring--

we've got to stop an execution.

What are you talking about?

A lovesick teenage witch
with a runner-up heart

is somehow going to break
the sire link?

I'm sorry, your darling Davina
is in over her head,

and Aya knows this.

She will let Davina
de-sire both brothers,

then test the spell's success

by firing a white oak bullet
into Klaus's heart.

I mean, it's
win-win for her.

If you live, Marcel,
well, she's won.

If not, at least she's
eliminated the rival sire line.

Including me.

His prophecy witch
said she saw

Klaus die and his entire
sire line burn.

She watched us fall,

she watched us burn,
every soul Klaus ever turned.

When Aya tests
this spell,

Klaus will fall either way.

And if Davina fails,
as she likely will,

the two of us will die as well.


...make that the three of us.

You know what, Nik?

Maybe this is the piece
that represents you in here.

(imitates hooves clopping)

You do quite fancy yourself
the white knight, don't you?

You even carved one out of
white oak when you were a boy.

The one you turned into bullets
to bury in my brother's heart.

Like I said,

there's more than one way
to hurt you.

I do like
seeing how hard

you work to save the few
who still care about you.

There's Elijah, Cami...

Hmm. It's a pretty short list.

Mention her name again
and you'll regret it.


The white
knight indeed.

But do you not also claim
to be a king, darling?

Oh, yes.

That's more fitting.

And yet the
king is both

the greatest and the weakest
piece on the board.

It flounders around once
all its defenders desert it.

Much like what will happen to
you when that sire link breaks.

Once their chains fall,

they'll clamor
for a piece of white oak

to shove into
your heart.


Wait, you don't actually think
they fight for you

because they love you, do you?

They have to, Nik.

You're their
eternal burden.

Could use one of these

access tunnels
to slip into a back room.


What? Worried about
getting a little dirt

on your thousand-dollar shoes?

Actually, I'll be doing
most of the heavy lifting since

the vampires we're facing are,
what, seven times your age?

Is this really the
best help we can get?

Doesn't matter.

We're not
getting their bodies back.

Strix from all over the world

are flying in to make sure
that this spell goes off.

They're guarding
every entrance and exit.

Well, you're their leader.

Call a meeting,
schedule a retreat.

Order them to stop.
Nah, nah, nah, nah.

I do that,

Aya has no problem
staging a coup.

Marvelous. I guess it's on me

to come up with
our grand plan, then.

No need, Lucien.

Freya figured out a way to get
the boys out of the chambre.

She just needs
a strong enough power source.

I'd channel Finn,

but he's all for letting
our brothers perish.

So I'll channel Lucien.

The older the vampire,
the better the battery.

We're gonna buy her some time,

keep the Strix occupied.
Wait, so you want me

here holding hands with the
leftover sister while you

take the two toddlers
and tackle the Strix?

You must be jok...

That was impressive.

Well, I work better with quiet.

Wait, so the plan is

that the three
of us are gonna

keep 100 of the world's
most ancient vampires occupied?

Well, there could be
another way.

All you have to do
is get us to the front door.

Are we close?

A few more minutes.

That's a cute kid.

Yeah. She is.

She the reason you're here?

In a trunk
with a stranger,

going into a fight
we may not win?

She's not the only reason,
but yeah.

Maybe I just don't want her
to grow up without a father.


Guess that depends
on the father.

I could have done
without mine.

If it weren't for my brother,

I probably wouldn't have
survived the guy.

So he stood up for you

and now you're
risking your life for him?

Yeah. Something like that.

You know, I never understood
the brotherly bond

until I met Klaus and Elijah.

They hurt each other
more than anyone, but...

they're vicious when it comes
to protecting each other.

And the ones they care about?

So who's
on your homepage, huh?

Ah, Caroline.

Klaus had a thing for her.

And I'm pretty sure
that I snapped her neck once.

Yeah, well...
she's toughened up since.

I don't think
you'd win round two.

And she's also
in Klaus's sire line.

Is she the reason
why you're here?

In a trunk with a stranger,

going into a fight
we may not win?

I guess we both
have our reasons.



(playing minor-key melody)

Why, holy heavens.

Look at you two.

How could a woman really love
either of you?

Even if she can stomach
all your treachery,

she's left to face your brother.

And here we go again
with the same tune

you've been singing
ever since you came to town:

"How Elijah ruined our love."

I speak of both of you.
Did you not rip Aya

from Elijah when you forced him
to abandon his loyal Strix?

Just as he tore
you from me?

All in the name
of "always and forever"--

a ridiculous concept
that ensures

both of you spend
your immortality alone.


It appears I've struck a nerve.

Tell me something, Aurora.

Have you met
your brother Tristan?

Between deception

and rampant abuse,
he frequently, repeatedly,

isolates and abandons you.
Of course,

he's painfully
aware of something

that we've known
all along:

you... are a deranged
and ridiculous child

who cannot be left

Do you know,
I think the greatest mercy

that I ever paid my brother
was to compel you to leave him.


Ten centuries later,

he came to that conclusion
all by himself.

Well, look at that.

So it appears
I've struck a nerve.

♪ ♪

(footsteps approaching)

Any problems?

No. We're nearly there.

After today, one
man's recklessness

will no longer weigh on
the shoulders of his sires.

Thousands of vampires
across the world

will be freed from the
tyranny of the Originals.

I'm really glad
you're here, Marcel.

Stay close by
when it happens.


I'm not going anywhere.

(footsteps approaching)

Did you know?

Know what?

She's going to kill them.

Klaus first,

then if the sire line
is proven broken,

Elijah won't last
much longer.

I didn't know.

But does that really
change anything?

If it fails,

and Aya puts Aurora's bullet
into Klaus's heart,

I die.

Josh dies.

You don't think I can do it.

It's too risky.

And either way,
Klaus is gone.

Your boyfriend,
Kol's brother.

My sire.
I get it.

Klaus saved you
like you saved me.

You think you owe him,
but you don't.

He's taken far more
than he's given--

from you, from me, from Kol.

He's had his turn.

Two years ago,
you asked me to find a way

to break the sire link because
you wanted to kill Klaus.

I swore to you

that I would find
a way to do it.

Now I have.

You trusted me then.

Circumstances have changed,
all right?

Things are different now, D.

We've always
protected each other.

When you had me shunned,
I was furious.

But now...

I get it.

You'll always protect me,
no matter what.

Even if I hate you for it.

You deserve to be free of Klaus.

We all do.

But I can't do this
if you don't trust me.

I'm scared, Marcel.

You're the only family
that I have. (sniffles)

So are we in this together?

Because if so,
I can do it.


No doubts, no hesitation--
I can do it.

♪ ♪


(crickets chirping)

♪ ♪

It's time.

Hey, listen, I... know
we don't really know each other,

but my life is...
sort of in your hands,

so let's make this count.

(groans, sighs)

(crickets chirping)

I'm ready.

Are you sure?

Take your time.

If the girl is ready,

she's ready.

All of us have waited
long enough for this.

The unsired heart will bind the
Sisters' magic to these waters.

Once the pool's fully charged
with the Mikaelson blood,

I can break the sire link.

(chanting softly)

(sighs) Did you
have to tie me up?

This will hurt.

I need you not to move.

You're a dark one,
Freya Mikaelson.

Vervain ropes.
Penetrating spells.

Throw in a Pinot
and a cheap motel,

and you've got the
beginnings of a romance.

Well, you'd have
to survive this first.

(ropes creaking)

You see, there's an anchor

locking my brothers inside.

Something representational.

That's why
they can't get out.

(sighs) But I'm going to bust
into this little mental prison

and shatter it from the inside.

And it's going to take
most of my power

and probably all of yours.

Oh, luv, my stamina's
never been an issue.

Go on, have at it.

I'll be bound to the edge of
my seat until your return.

(breathes deeply)

(Freya chanting)
(distorted grunting)

(chanting continues)



Find me what represents you
in here.


Hey, Klaus...


(women chanting)


(chanting continues)

Oh, God.

It's starting.

(chanting continues)

♪ ♪

(women chanting)


We may have an issue.

(chanting continues)

I need you to focus.

Show me what represents you,

so I can break you out.

The kings.

The knights.

If you've lost contact,

send men to the front gate
to check the...

(shouting, screaming)

(grunting, clamoring)

Which is it?

The kings
or the knights?

We need to decide now.

(women chanting)


I'm sorry, D.

We need to get them
out of that water now.


How perfect.

Even in this crucial hour,
your ignorance

blinds you.

Even if you never
learn from your sins,

at least you will die

because of them
and I get to watch.


Take the queens.

The women we betrayed

represent us.

Aurora... Aya.

Onlúcan et permettre
mon ostium.

Onlúcan et permettre
mon ostium.

Nemo unus animabus carnem.


(muffled screaming)


(water burbling)

(bones cracking)

Nemo unus animabus carnem.
MARCEL: Davina, stop.

(chanting continues)

Onlúcan et permettre
mon ostium.


Nemo unus animabus carnem.


You've had your time.

(chanting continues)


No. Davina's breaking
the link.

(cries out in pain)

(grunts in pain)

Nemo unus animabus carnem.


Nemo unus animabus carnem.


(chanting continues)

(gasps, panting)

I felt them leave.

My sire line is broken.

♪ Ooh... ♪

So we remain connected,
you and I,

in spite of everything
that you have done.

♪ Ooh... ♪

I can't let you hurt my family.

And you can't hurt me
more than you already have.

♪ Ooh... ♪

I stood by you, Elijah.

All of us were willing
to die for you,

and how did you repay it?


burial, abandonment.

You were not forsaken.

Yes, I failed you.

For this,
I will never forgive myself...

but I cannot forgive...


If your life were chained
to a man...

who left you despite
your devotion,

what choice would you have
but to break free?

So... end this.

♪ Holding on ♪
♪ Ooh ♪

♪ You find yourself ♪

♪ You find
yourself ♪

♪ You find yourself ♪

♪ Holding on ♪

♪ Ooh ♪
♪ You find yourself ♪

♪ You find
yourself ♪

♪ You find yourself ♪

♪ Holding on ♪

♪ Ooh ♪
♪ You find yourself... ♪

End it, Elijah!

Or I'll take that gun
and kill you

just to finally be free.



That's more mercy
than Jackson ever got.


(withdraws blade)

♪ Let your heart be bright ♪

♪ Now, oh. ♪

(rumbling, glass clattering)



The witches.

It's all collapsing.

We don't have long.



Oh, Aurora, it's so strange to
have spent an eternity together,

yet there's so...
still so much left to say.


I can't lose you again, Tristan.

I won't lose you again.

I'm sorry.

(rumbling continues)

I love you.



No. No.

(Aurora crying)

(Aurora screams)



Welcome back
to the real world, luv.

I thought we might
revisit our chat

about what hurts
and what does not.



Courtesy of my dear sister.

Oh... What are you doing?

You made me realize today

what a monster I've been,

and I am sorry
that I didn't do this sooner.

You can't just leave me here!

I had the right idea
when I bricked up your portrait.

Behind walls is
where you belong.

Then just kill me.

Please, Nik, just kill me!

Oh, I think not.

Not with the only one
who loves you

rotting at the bottom
of the ocean.

I wouldn't grant
you the mercy.

So, while the fish eat him...


...and the worms eat you,

just know it was I
who took everything from you.


Where's my stuff?

Your bag's over there.

I figured, after what you did,
I'd better get you out

before the Mikaelsons
came back to hurt you.

You mean like
you hurt me?

I asked you to do
one thing for me.

To believe in me.

To choose my side.

I asked you to choose me.

But you didn't.

Wait, D.

Listen. Hey.


I am always
on your side.

All right? I always
have your back.

But sometimes
the things that you want,

they aren't worth the price
you have to pay to get them.


Keep telling yourself that.

Enjoy your freedom.

So... the spell worked.

We survived.

I saved you and you saved me.

Funny how that works,
isn't it?


I'd be happy
to let this be the end.

Am I too optimistic in thinking

we'll never
see each other again?

Well, that depends.

Are you going to do
the right thing?

By whom? I assume
you don't mean my brother.

By her.


I love her.

I know that you did once, too.

I promise I will
only do right by her.

Thank you.

You know, um...

...there is someone else
you should be thanking.

Marcel had to fight for me,

for his own survival.

I'm talking about Hayley.

For some reason,
she cares about you.

Enough to risk
her own life.

Take your own advice.

Do right by her.

(exhales shakily)

You okay?

Never better.

And you...

take care of yourself,
old friend.


What's wrong with me?

You hemorrhaged
an enormous amount

of mystical energy, enough
to create a nexus vorti.

It's nothing

a good night's rest won't cure.

Where did the energy go?

♪ ♪

♪ All the king's horses
and all the king's men ♪

♪ Never put my heart
together again ♪

♪ In these rivers of tears,
I am drowning, drowning ♪

♪ There are wolves in my head
and they're howling... ♪

The blood of two brothers,

the ash of their dead.

♪ In the palm of my hand... ♪

The blood of two brothers,
the ash of their dead.

♪ Now I'm broken
and bleeding... ♪

Le sang des deux frères,
les cendres de leurs morts.

Le sang des deux frères, les
cendres de leurs morts.

Le sang des deux frères,
les cendres de leurs morts.

Le sang des deux frères, les
cendres de leurs morts.

Le sang des deux frères,
les cendres de leurs morts.

Le sang des deux frères, les
cendres de leurs morts.

♪ Lost it all ♪

♪ Lost it all... ♪

(chuckles softly)

I never doubted you
for a second, Davina Claire.

♪ Lost it all. ♪