The Originals (2013–2018): Season 2, Episode 13 - The Devil Is Damned - full transcript

Vincent joins forces with a figure from his past. Kaleb is forced to make a difficult life or death decision, and Elijah finds himself in the fight of his life. Hayley and Jackson become pawns in Vincent's dangerous plan.

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Previously on "the originals"...
So i got to ask, when's this wedding?
10 days.
After that, hayley's power is your power.
The full moon won't control you anymore.
Klaus: You truly believe that he is worthy
Of your trust? Yes.
I want to tell you a story about a beautiful baby girl.
Elijah will remain here with you.
He's been experiencing some side effects
Since his ordeal as our mother's captive.
I curse you to this body,
A meaningless, lonely death.
You know who i am. Freya.
Tell our brothers i'll be coming to see them soon.
Finn: How does it feel, hunger so intense,
Like shards of glass creeping through your veins?
How, exactly, did baby die?
She's still alive.
You and your vampires
Are gonna help me find her.
[trumpet playing]
[finn chanting]
[chanting continues]
[chanting continues]
Who are you?
I was wondering if you'd recognize me.
Then again, you look a bit different yourself.
I'm gonna ask you again
Before i ask much less nicely.
Who are you?
Fitting i find you up here.
We used to climb into the trees
When we were planning a bit of mischief.
Never wanted mother to hear what
Her little hunin and munin were whispering about.
Now, finn, don't break my heart
And tell me you've forgotten me.
It can't be.
[wind whistling]
That is just not my chin, nik.
It was much more delicate.
The only delicate thing
About you, sister, is your ego.
When placed beside the behemoth size
Of yours, certainly.
Elijah, on speakerphone: Could we dispense with this
Fascinating dispute for just a moment and return
To the subject of our supposed long-lost sister?
There's not much to discuss, elijah.
Said she was freya
And then darted off into the night.
And you believed her.
Well, i met the girl in a mystical loony bin.
She could be anyone telling any lie,
But she did seem familiar somehow.
Then how is she still alive,
A question as ridiculous as its possible solutions,
Given this family's annoying predilection
For cheating death?
I don't know, nik.
I'm just telling you what she said.
Well, did you happen to ask
If, by some similar miracle,
Our aunt dahlia lives, as well?
I barely had a chance to process--
Because on the list of obvious questions,
It would be nice to know if the woman who placed
A curse on the firstborns of this family
Is still breathing air.
Then let me turn back time
And do it again to your liking, then.
Elijah, on speakerphone: Enough, both of you.
If she is who she says, we'll find out soon enough.
For now, it remains imperative
That no one learns of hope's existence.
This has been our salvation thus far.
Klaus: Unless hayley's husband-to-be
Starts flapping his gums.
Perhaps i should take preventative measures
And separate him from his head.
Jackson will do nothing to jeopardize that wedding.
Hayley's getting married.
Well, what in hell else did i miss?
Uh, why do people keep leaving
Broomsticks on the porch,
Seeing as i'm not exactly a "sweep while
The soup is cooking" kind of gal?
Well, back in the day,
It wasn't easy getting a preacher out here.
So if you were engaged and you couldn't wait,
Then the community would let your jump the broom.
Couldn't wait for what?
[music playing]
Oh. Ahem.
Yep. Um...
I would have been happier
With a panini press.
Ha ha ha! Just a tradition.
Yeah. I got it.
So what are you working on?
Oh, i started this for your little girl
When you lived here before.
Now that she's alive...
Figured it was time to finish it.
Um, something else.
I'm getting word from a few packs
Outside of louisiana.
They want to be here for the wedding.
They want in on the unification ritual.
I thought the ritual only affected
The powers of the wolves in our pack.
Unless they recognize me as their alpha.
Then your power becomes their power.
You think other alphas
Will step down and bow to you?
They're coming here today to do just that.
They want what you have, hayley.
I mean, we all do.
In a couple weeks after the wedding,
You are gonna have one hell of an army
To protect your little girl.
Rebekah: Nik? Nik.
[beep] that was aiden.
Finn has marcel. What? Why?
I don't know, nor do i know
Where they are, what they're doing,
Or what specifically to do about it.
This family make me want to murder people.
Kol: I see my timing is as impeccable as usual.
Oh, the traitor thinks he can just
Waltz in here like he's welcome.
As gracious as your apology better be,
You're still getting one hell of a slap.
Wait, wait.
I understand the irony of what
I'm about to say, but i came here
Because i need your help.
Think about how to undo your wicked, little body swap,
And then we can talk about help.
Look. You don't understand, nik.
Finn has locked me in this body,
No more jumping.
He's put a curse on me, nik. I am dying.
Heh. You don't believe me.
Well, you're hardly the champion of truth telling.
Of course.
Why would a brother expect his siblings
To leap to his aid?
Oh, spare me the pity party, kol.
Your recent actions merit
A certain allowance for disbelief.
Look. I know what i've done,
But i won't apologize for trying
To pull one over on your bex.
You deserved it, but i don't deserve to die,
Certainly not at the hands of my own family.
What kind of con are you playing?
The con i hate the most--
The truth.
He's not lying.
Even as a boy, kol never lied
Once called out on the act.
He may play dirty pool,
But he's not lying.
Nik, i was helping marcel for davina.
Finn has got him.
He's trying to get a secret out of him,
Something he thinks marcel knows about you.
Huh. He's right, isn't he?
Marcel doesn't know anything about anything.
Well, you better hope that that's true
Because, believe me,
Finn has the means to get it out of him.
I'm here because of a spell that dahlia cast
Placing me in a deep sleep for a century,
Only to then wake for a single year of life.
I've repeated this cycle for hundreds of years.
It started as a way for us to stay young
And beautiful.
She said, "if a witch can't be immortal,
This was the next best thing,"
But in time, i realized
That all her stories were paired with lies.
The way you're speaking of her,
You're saying that dahlia is still alive.
She doesn't just live. She hunts.
I fled from her long ago
And have been running ever since.
To dahlia, any act of betrayal
Is punishable by death.
Dahlia is my cross to bear.
She has no grudge against anyone but me.
Did she ever speak to you about the curse
She placed on this family,
The one that said she can take
The firstborn of every generation?
Yes, but why should that concern you?
Our siblings are vampires.
There are no firstborns for her to take.
The hybrid...
He had a daughter.
Where is she?
He has her hidden.
Our mother filled my head
With the terror of what would happen
To all of us if that child had lived,
And i've been searching for her,
But she's been impossible to find.
Nothing is impossible to find, finn.
As powerful as you are, i found you.
I'll need wormwood and ripple weed
And a few other items.
I've come to understand a hard lesson
In our time apart.
You have to let some things die
So that others might live.
I know you're in there.
Whatever finn has in store,
We're gonna get through this together.
Finn: It's that can-do spirit
That makes you the perfect choice.
Got a job for you.
I don't think so.
You care to reconsider?
Look. What do you want me to do?
It's simple, really.
I need you to bring me hayley's blood.
[crash] [hope screams]
She yanked the tablecloth, and that knickknack fell on her.
[crying continues]
It's just a scratch. Oh...
Cami: Elijah?
Yes. Forgive me.
Um... [crying]
So what is the secret, anyway?
The term "secret" implies something
Only known by those who have earned
The right to be aware of it.
Start the spell.
Well, it's easier said than done.
Finn is channeling the power from our parents.
He's a lot stronger than something
Some week-old witch and i can do.
Now hang on.
I might not be trained, but i--
We need a stronger witch. Call davina.
No, no, no, no, no.
I don't want her to know that i'm sick.
Then do a better bloody job.
I just need time.
This spell that finn cast to lock you
In your body, do you remember it?
Well, i was a little distracted by the murdery part.
If we can use his own spell against him,
Once he's locked in his body, i can end
Our collective woes with a brief snap of the neck.
All i need to do is pull it from your memory.
No. No, no.
I am not allowing anybody into my mind.
Do you understand?
You came into my home asking for my help.
This is it.
It's not a request.
I've wanted one thing for years--
To drive a dagger into his heart.
Uh! Uh!
I'm guessing just by the look on your face
That it worked, but just listen.
Cami: It's a trigger.
You pulled yourself back, which is improvement,
For sure, but we can't ignore the fact
That your mind clearly went elsewhere.
It's very common in traditional ptsd patients.
You've done the work to face your atrocities.
The truth is, it's just going to take
Some time to settle.
And you believe you have the power
To resolve this.
It's not that easy. There's no...
And you're fixed.
In cases like yours, sometimes not dwelling
On the problem is more productive
Than examining it through the minutia of therapy,
Staying mentally busy instead of physically.
This house, though charming,
Is completely falling apart.
So this is your solution.
Mend the home, mend the man.
Or we could go fishing, and i could tell you
About the summer i lost my virginity.
I'll mend the home.
I'll spend the day with hope,
And you spend the day not thinking
And fixing the heater because this place
Is freezing at night.
[children shouting]
Ha ha!
Boy: He's not it. I'm it.
Looks like i got some competition.
Ha ha ha!
Unfortunately for daisy,
I'm a one-woman kind of guy.
Our meeting is taking place up at mary's.
You go ahead. I'll be right there.
Uh! Whoa!
Wait. I'm not here to hurt you.
Well, stalking me is a very funny way of showing it.
You're lucky we're friends, or i would've just killed you.
Ok. Remember our friendship when
I tell you why i'm here.
Finn sent me to get your blood.
Why would finn want my blood?
I assume he needs it for a locator spell
To find your daughter.
How does he know?
Put two and two together.
Where's finn now?
I don't know.
He said he'd tell me where to meet him later,
But listen.
I got to give him something.
He's killing one of my guys every hour
Until he gets it.
I need to call klaus.
You come simpering for brotherly love,
And the whole time, you're plotting
Against me with that damn dagger.
You're no better than finn.
Ah, and you threatening me
Makes you better than finn, does it?
The both of you just stop it.
I came to you because you're my family,
But i see whilst you and rebekah
And elijah all hang portraits
And share secrets, i'm the odd one out.
You want to know where finn is?
You want to find a way to kill him?
Then you can figure it out yourself.
Rrgh! Ah! Uh!
Your stupid temper will be the end of you one day.
Just know that.
[cell phone vibrates]
What is it, hayley?
[cell phone ringing]
Are you calling to gloat,
You venomous, venomous animal?
There's no need for such language.
I'm calling with a proposition
That might motivate me to spare your life.
You've got my interest.
I need you to draw some of klaus' blood.
Bring me some in an hour,
And i'll heal you.
It would be my pleasure.
[music playing on radio]
Klaus: Pick up the damn phone, elijah.
Finn is trying to find hope.
She's safe.
It'll take 100 witches to break the cloaking spell.
I would've said the same
About mother finding you,
And yet a flock of starlings later,
And here we are.
He won't let them get to her, nik,
But you need to remain calm.
Our brother doesn't do calm.
Oh, you're angry, are you? Well, join the party.
I've been here 1,000 years.
Uh! D'agh!
I was building that dagger to protect myself
Against you, nik.
I'm not the bad guy
In this chapter of our family's story.
I'm the wronged.
I'm the dead but never mourned,
And whilst you got everything that you wanted,
I got a family who didn't care if i lived
Or if i died. Oh, shut up.
We've all suffered! We've all been wronged!
Go on. Go on. Finish it off.
Go on. Kill me.
I'm not gonna kill you, you idiot.
Despite your behavior, you're still my brother.
Yeah, just the one you dagger repeatedly.
I've daggered all of you,
Each for your own good.
If you don't agree with my motives, fine--
I never claimed to be
The bastion of temperance--
But stop this drivel about being
Singled out and unloved.
You are a mikaelson.
You're my blood,
And i need you.
I need you by my side.
What does it even mean, nik, hmm?
You talk about family-- family this, family that.
I haven't even earned the right
To share your secrets, have i?
No. You haven't, but by all means,
Brother, prove yourself.
It's not too late.
Finn wants your blood.
He promised to heal me if i delivered it.
You know where he is?
You've got to tell me why he wants it.
Look, nik.
You've got to trust me for once in your life,
And i will stand by your side, i promise.
You would risk your life to help me?
I know enough about dark magic
To know that i'm hexed.
There's no reversing what finn's done to me,
Which makes him a murderer and a liar,
And if i'm gonna die, i'll be damned
If he gets what he wants.
Finn has been dead to me for a long time.
Tonight i intend to make that official.
Help me.
Then i will share my secret with you.
He'll be in the bell tower of the saint louis cathedral.
Go inside my head. Find the spell.
Let's finish this.
Wolves are bonded by what is most important to us--
The earth of our territory, the blood of our packs.
We have a problem.
What's wrong?
Too many ears...
But i need some of your blood.
It's-- it's a stall. I'll explain later.
Oh. Your timing is perfect.
Mary: Mixing these elements,
We irrevocably bind ourselves to one another,
Creating a new crescent pack.
I ask each one of you,
Do you renounce your alpha status?
Well, where is he? Is this a trick?
He said he'd be here, i swear.
This is the remnant of a spell,
It's impressive.
Admire its artistry later. Tell me what he's set in motion.
Kol, what is that?
Rebekah: Runic tiles. What's it mean?
It's the symbol for baby.
That's it, isn't it?
Your baby's still alive.
Rebekah: Finn tricked us into running about all day
Thinking he was looking for a way to find hope.
When he knew where she was all along.
[cell phone ringing]
Klaus, on phone: Finn knows about hope,
About everything.
I don't know how long until he gets there,
But he is on his way.
Yes, remarkably well on his way,
I would say, brother.
Cami; hey, elijah,
I left my cell at the house like an idiot.
Luckily, pay phones are still a thing out here in the sticks.
Um, anyway, we're heading home now.
I don't know if the pediatric ward
Would approve of uncle elijah
Using vampire blood to heal boo-boos.
Cami is not answering.
Rebekah: Elijah will protect them.
Finn is channeling both our parents.
He's too strong.
We need to find a way to sever his link to them.
How do we do that?
I can't sever the link,
But there is something that we can try.
It'll take power of our own....
And a lot of it.
How'd you find me?
Little help from our sister.
Rebekah would never lower herself
To wallow in your filth.
We have more than one, you know,
And i get the sense she doesn't
Like you all that much.
Mother warned me dahlia would kill us all
To acquire another firstborn mikaelson,
And me, i'm in no mood to die.
Hayley: Klaus said it was all just a plan
To keep us distracted.
He's going after her. I have to get there.
Wait. You said so yourself. It's 6 hours away.
Finn's already there.
I can't just stand here and do nothing, marcel.
Hayley, listen to me.
There is no way that elijah is gonna let anything
Happen to your baby girl today.
So go help jackson build the army
That'll help keep her safe tomorrow.
[all moaning]
Where the hell are we?
I smell blood.
Cowering behind your witchcraft.
You always were pathetic, finn.
After nearly a millennium of dishonorable acts
Hidden away in your own mind,
You have the audacity to call me names.
What i do now i do for the members of my family
Who can still be saved.
Unfortunately, neither you nor niklaus
Managed to make that list.
Huh! Uh!
Aah! Uh! Uh!
Kol: We can't get in without finn's blood.
Rebekah: Well, how do we disrupt finn
From channeling our parents in there
If we can't even get to the bloody binding circle?
We're not here to disrupt finn's power.
We're trying to overload it.
Are you daft? You want to make him stronger?
Look. A witch can only ever channel
So much power.
After this, things start to get ugly.
I mean, you literally start to disintegrate
From the inside.
He'll either have to release the power
Or, well, let it kill him.
But he won't be dead. He'll just body-jump.
Yes, into a body 300 miles away
From the niece that he's trying to nab.
In case you're wondering,
This is the side of you i like.
Look. I am--
I'm gonna get you back in your body, bex,
If it's the last thing i do, i promise.
Right now, just worry about how in blazes
I'm gonna be any use to you whatsoever
When i know nothing about magic.
You don't need to know anything about magic.
I'm just gonna have to channel you.
Did you get me what i asked for?
Mystical artifacts and dark objects galore
From my own personal collection
Garnered over 1,000 years.
I wondered where this had gone.
Half this stuff is mine.
There's more.
You want to trust me with this?
Whatever you need.
Whatever it takes.
All right. Let's get started.
After the anointing of the alphas
Will be the final seal of our--
Gia, you don't have to do this.
Sorry, but i do. Raah!
Huh! No!
[crack] uh!
We just need to keep them at bay
Until finn's spell breaks.
It's a hell of a spell.
Get the alphas in the cabin. I'll hold them off.
Try to keep my guys alive.
Ditto. Uh! Uh!
[glass shatters]
Marcel, you got any idea how to end this?
Just weather the storm until we figure that out.
Where are you, camille? There's no use in hiding.
[kol and rebekah chanting]
We're close.
We just need something to put it over the top.
Take me.
I am a vampire-werewolf hybrid with 10 centuries
Of blood on my hands.
Channel me. No. I can't.
You wanted my trust, brother.
Here it is.
Do not fail me.
I know you're in here, camille.
[whoosh] uh! Ah!
Aah! Aah!
Uh! Uh! Yah!
I don't want to kill you, gia.
They broke the spell.
You're a genius, you glorious bastard.
I'm a little surprised it worked myself.
Kol? [coughs]
Listen. I am not gonna let you die,
You hear me...
Whatever it takes.
Jackson: Hayley...
Hope will be all right. Elijah will protect her.
I know it, but, jack, this stuff,
These attacks, they're only gonna get worse.
We need to get married as soon as possible.
Tell me it worked.
We did our bit, i promise.
Finn is back to being a normal,
Regular-strength, maniacal bastard.
I know in the last millennium,
We haven't always seen eye to eye,
But in this moment, i am reminded once again
Of something elijah has always said.
Family is power.
Thank you.
You're welcome.
Speaking of elijah--
He will prevail. Of that i have no doubt.
[hope fussing]
It's ok. It's ok.
Finn: Look at you, brother.
You're a mess, and, as we both know,
Untidiness is your undoing.
Tell me, do your soiled clothes
Serve as a reminder of your filthy memories,
Your many sins?
Are you having bad memories now, brother,
Perhaps of the innocent tatia...
Or any one of the other poor souls
Who met their fate at your hands?
That's a shame, really, because, in a way,
The child is just another one of your victims.
Had you the will to stand against me,
You might have saved her, but because she was left
Under the protection of a wretch, a beast
That basks in the blood of others,
She will die.
I suppose your little niece never really had a chance.
[engine stops]
Finn: I'd ask for a response,
But i wouldn't want to taint myself
With the vulgar refuse that must, even now,
Be flashing through your mind.
Let me assure you, my mind is quite clear...
Much like the gas which has pervaded
Every single room in this home
Whilst you have been ranting
Like the lunatic that you are.
You have disgraced this family
For the last time.
Good-bye, brother.
Oh, my god.
[engine starts]