The Originals (2013–2018): Season 2, Episode 12 - Sanctuary - full transcript

Rebekah becomes interested in a girl. Hayley struggles with coming clean and is surprised by something Jackson admits. Klaus learns something and heads to confront Hayley. Vincent sets his ...

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Previously on The Originals:

My brothers went to great lengths
to hide something.

Now, I may not be able to get it out of them,
but I'm willing to bet I can rip it out of you.

Marcel and his vampires
have inexplicably disappeared.

We have premarital rituals,
which are what exactly?

You speak the truth. He speaks the truth.
Secrets are cleansed.

I'm going to have a chat with the bride-to-be.
Remind her some secrets need to stay buried.

- You're the sister, Rebekah.
- You must be that Harvest girl.

Cassie, is it?
How exactly does one go about...

...breaking out of this joint?
- There's no leaving.

They say this place is haunted.

There was someone in my room.
There was a girl. A girl in black.


All right. Just
put them all across to the side.

You're being so helpful.
You guys should stay close, all right?

Don't go too far off.

I wonder if you lot can help me.

I'm looking for the hybrid
who calls herself your queen.

I prefer you tell me where she is
before I grow irritated.

After all...

...there are children present.

You scared me.

Was worried you ran off
in the middle of the night.

No, I was just out here thinking.

Jack, I know I'm supposed
to divulge my great secrets, but I can't.

I can't even tell you why I can't.

I mean, you really think there's a secret
you have that's so bad you can't tell me?

- It's not safe, Jack.
- When have we ever been safe, Hayley?

Now, our people have been cursed,
hunted, exiled...

...but you and me...

This wedding, we can change all that,
create a new pack.

One with your ability to turn at will.

So we give each other our secrets.

If we don't, then the transfer power won't
work and we're back to where we were.


...even if we call off the wedding...

...there's still something
that I need to tell you.

Jack, I'm sure you've
lived quite the life...

...but I can't imagine that your secrets
are anything like mine.

There's one.

It has to do with how your parents died.

- You look terrible.
- I didn't sleep very well.

I heard you got caught out past curfew.


A simple misunderstanding.

Kindred witches like to be in charge.

I don't much care for taking orders.

On that note...

- Where did you get that?
- Nicked it from the pantry.

- But the... - You miss the part
where I said I don't care?

- Take the apple.
- You're out of your mind.

I'm a free spirit.

Which is why I don't intend to spend another
night trapped in this bloody dungeon.

What are you talking about?

Any spell can be broken with enough power.

All we need to do
is channel something strong.

I went to the room with the locked door.
There's something in there.

Someone. I'm not sure who she is
or why she's here and I don't care.

The point is she's strong.

I mean, I don't even know
what witch power felt like...

...and still I could sense it
coming out of that room in waves.

You and I can channel her
and bust free of this looney bin.

- Who's the new girl at the telly?
- One more bonkers witch.

Got dumped here in the middle of the night.

Anything good on?

These paintings can move.

They depict a rodent breaking the bones
of a rather tenacious feline.

Those are just cartoons.

Do I know you from somewhere?

I guess not.

Keep up your strength, love.

And enjoy your cartoons.

Whoa. What?

How did...? How long was I asleep?

All night.

It was a rather fitful sleep though. You were
muttering about how you wanted to kill Klaus.

In fact, I'm glad that you're up,
because we are ready to get started.

You sure you know how to do this?

Well, have a little faith, Davina.

I have been planning
this for over a century.

You're not having second thoughts,
are you?

You wanted to get rid of the bastard
without hurting your friends.

I'm past second thoughts.

That's my girl.

You might wanna turn that off.
It's been buzzing all this morning.

Josh and Marcel are still missing.

How the mighty have fallen.

Simple bit of magic...

...and once mighty vampires
now lie before me.

How does it feel?

Hunger so intense like shards of glass
creeping through your veins.

Of course...

...they have you to thank.

You led them to this.

But then perhaps... might still be able to save them.

In a thousand years, you are the closest
my brother has come to making a friend.

And I wonder...

...what secrets did he share with you?

And what do I need to do to you... order to tear those secrets free?

What do you want?

Well, we could start
with some common courtesy.

You could invite me in.

- Not likely, vampire.
- I'm a hybrid, dear.

Half wolf. You and I could be
distant relatives for all you know.

Matter of fact, I'm looking for another
of my kind. Rumor has it she's nearby.

- What do you want with Hayley?
- I wish only to remind her...

...of the importance of family.

Dissuade her from foolish mistakes.

Jackson's with her now.
They can look out for each other.

Why don't you just leave them alone?

Well, perhaps I should.

Clearly I can trust Jackson's selfless
nature willing as he is to marry Hayley...

...and save her from the horrors
of her current existence.

And in exchange for nothing more
than an empowered werewolf pack... serve as his own personal army.

You know, on second thought, I think I'd
like to congratulate the bride and groom.

No doubt they're close by...

...tending to their prenuptial observances.

And since you've been unable
to help me find them...

Well, I suppose I'll have
to hunt them down myself, won't I?

What is this place?

It's where wolves bury those
who walk away from the pack.

Traitors. Murderers.

Like this one.

Richard Xavier Dumas.
He was Mary's husband.

My grandfather.

He was an alpha of his time.
Militant, radical...

...hell-bent on raging a war with vampires.

When he found out that your parents
and mine planned to join the packs...

...try for peace with
Marcel and his crew...

...he went ballistic.

It was him, wasn't it?

He was the one that killed my parents.

He wanted to stop them.

Everything they stood for.

And he did.

I have spent my entire life
wondering what happened to them.

Why did you wait so long to tell me?

I didn't know until Mary told me.

She said she'd held onto the secret
of what my grandfather did for two decades.

I knew it was time for it to come out.

I knew I had to be the one to tell you.

Truth is I didn't know if I could.

I don't blame you, Jack.

I guess...

...I just really hate secrets.

That was my secret.

Whatever yours is...

...if you don't wanna tell me, then don't.

Doesn't change a thing.

And least of all... I feel about you.

Quite the romantic sentiment.

I wonder, however, if I might impose
on this lovely tableau...

...long enough to have a word with Hayley.

It's okay.

Go ahead.

I'll meet you back at Mary's.

Tonight's the night.
Once everyone's asleep, I'll grab you.

Where did you get this, huh?

Don't. Just let it go.

Do you know what I do to thieves?

That hurt.

You little bitch.


you take from us...

...and we take twice as much from you.

You helped me.

- Why?
- Because I'm a bloody fool.

And maybe I just like the idea
of us girls sticking together.

Have you lost your mind?

Are you seriously considering
this preposterous truth-telling idiocy?

- I'm kind of on the fence.
- Allow me to make this simple for you.

Under no circumstances will you divulge
any family secrets.

- None that would endanger our child.
- Except it's not that simple, Klaus.

You saw what Finn did.
He's growing more powerful by the day.

Right now he controls
over half of the wolves.

This marriage could change that.

The outcome of your strategy is not worth
the risk it imposes on our daughter.

Well, it's not a risk if I trust Jackson.

Klaus, think.

We could have a whole army of super wolves
who could protect Hope as one of their own.

Hope doesn't need a wolf army.
I'll protect her myself.

And an easier time I'll have of it
without you running off sharing secrets...

...with every motley member of
your brethren. - Damn it, Klaus.

This is our chance.

We can bring her home.

We have to at least consider this.

I have considered it.

And I have deemed it absurd.

And in this matter there is no one
above my decree, not even you.

You will tell Jackson the wedding is off.

It's a good thing
that I don't take orders from anyone.

Especially not from you.

So much for having a secret lair.

Don't mind him.
Did you bring the stuff I asked for?

Yeah. This is everything
Josh left at my place.

Practically moved in, has he?


Please shut up.

Okay. Here we go.

All right, come on, then.
Channel me. It'd be quicker. Come on.

Right here. The street corner.

Oh, yeah. I know it.

It's the little bodega Lenore used to run
before my mother hijacked her body.

- Great. Thank you for the help.
- Wait, but you can't go alone.

Well, to be absolutely clear here,
technically he definitely could go alone.

No, it's a suicide mission.

Yeah, and what's more tragic than a suicide
mission but a mass suicide mission.

I'm not leaving Josh trapped
with a nut job that hates vampires.

Neither am I.

I'm done listening to you.

Let me know when you wanna
have a real conversation.

- Hayley.
- I am not gonna stand quietly...

...while you tell me
what I can do to protect my daughter.

- Our daughter.
- Right.


But it was your mother
who tried to kill her.

Who knows what your equally
psychotic brother is up to.

- I will deal with Finn.
- And then what?

Hope will always be the daughter
of Klaus Mikaelson...

...the hybrid killer
with a thousand enemies.

Don't you get it?

It's you.

You're the threat.

You're so paranoid that you can't see
that this wedding can help her.

She can come home.

- The wolves will be on our side.
- The wolves cannot be trusted.

In your paranoid mind, nobody can
be trusted. Where does it end?

There is no end!

Need I remind you I killed my own father
in order to protect her.


That's why you killed him?

Or is it just that you were so terrified...

...of letting someone, anyone, in?

I know this wedding can work.

We can bring our little girl home.

But you have to trust me.

I do trust you.

More than you know.

I just don't trust Jackson.

- Unh!
- You can't free yourself.

Those ropes have been soaked in vervain.

But I did lessen the spell
that made you hungry...

...affording us an opportunity
for some civilized discourse.

Let's start with our
mutual friend, Camille.

The topic that consumed the majority
of our time together...

...was her troubled
relationship with Niklaus.

He confided in her...

...but she knew nothing
that I could use against him.

And yet, recently I had occasion
to speak with my brother...

...and I realized that he has a secret.

One that he is desperate to protect.

And I think that that secret is a weakness.


...tell me, Marcel.

What is it?

You really think that he trusts me with
anything that could be used against him?

You're Klaus' ally.

- And I think you know something.
- You can think whatever you want.

As long as you don't mind knowing
that you are a chump.


Tell me what you know.

I'll tell you what I remember.

Two centuries back, I was just a kid
looking through the compound.

I found a coffin. Klaus catches me...

...and he says:

"That's my brother, Finn.

We keep him like that
because he is such a bore."


You trying to give me a heart attack?

Is it still beautiful?

New Orleans?

I loved it so much the last time I saw it.

New Orleans will remain a beauty long after
you and I are bones beneath its clay.

Now you have to go back to your room.
I've got things to do.

Why are you here?

In this place?

I was trying to help my brothers.

My con artist of a blood relation,
Kol, betrayed me.

Got me stuck in here.

- Oh, when I get a hold of him...
- Why do you fight with your own family?

You should stand beside them.



A thousand years complicated.

Listen, I think I found a way out
of this hellhole.

If you wanna come with, meet me at the front
door in 20 minutes. Either way, wish me luck.

For Klaus, in case he comes back.

Speak the devil's name... cetera, et cetera.

I wonder if Jackson can come out to play.

It's okay.

- Where's Hayley?
- Resting.

She was exhausted after your grueling day
of wedding preparations, poor thing.

No matter.

Gives us a chance to chat.

I want your word.
This is between me and you.

Why, of course.
You have my word as a gentleman.

Brave lad.


You wanna fight me?

Come on!

You mistake my intentions.

I haven't come here to fight you.

Not at all.

This is to be an execution.

Tell me, how exactly would you like to die?

Unh! - Most of my victims
start screaming about now.

I'd prefer if you spared me the tedium
of any last words...

...but if you are so inclined,
now would be the time.

- Go to hell, you bastard.
- Bastard, yes.

That is exactly what I am.

Made so by your precious mentor, Ansel.

I'm curious.

Did he teach you
to regard me with such loathing?

Or is that bias all of your own?

Is that what this is about?

You jealous I got to spend time
with your daddy?

You were his most prized pupil.

The benefactor to all of his wisdom.

Look at all the good he's done you.

You could've learned from him yourself.

If only you hadn't killed him.

I see you've mastered
the self-righteous air of all hypocrites.

No, the truth is...'re worse than me.

Using Hayley's best intentions
for your own self-serving power grab.

- You're wrong!
- You want her power... you can wage wars
and win territories.

After all, that's what wolves do.

You don't know a damn thing
about being a wolf.

No, I don't.

I never had the luxury
to live among my kind...

...nor the chance to truly know my father.

But you knew him.

Perhaps he saw in you
the son he always wanted.

I'm glad I was spared such a sorry fate.

I'm convinced.

You know nothing.

Which means whatever Klaus is keeping secret
is so secret he won't share it with you.

Perhaps there are other ways
you can be of use to me.

- Brother.
- What are you doing here, Kol?

I heard a rumor
that you've taken Marcel prisoner.

And it just so happens...

...that I owe him.

Ah! You son of a...
I am going to kill the both of you.

You have some nerve...

...coming here.

All good grace with me was lost the moment
you sided with our wretched siblings.

You know me, Finn. I take sides
with whoever I think is gonna win.

And to be honest, well... and Mom were acting a bit daft,
weren't you?

But I heard
about how you turned dear old Dad...

...into your own personal
black magic battery pack and I thought:

"Wow, that's... That's cold."

But it's smart.

And now I can see
which way the wind is blowing.

And after the way the three of them treated us,
I'll be happy to see them get what's coming.

What was that for?

For being a duplicitous weasel.

I have proved myself, Finn.

More than you have.

I'm the one that put Rebekah
in another body.

Whilst Klaus is out there
looking for his dear little sister...

...I was forging a dagger
that would put him to sleep for centuries.

I don't wanna put him to sleep.
I want him dead.

Yes, but you're gonna need allies.

And I've got them.

Davina Claire. She's a Harvest girl.

I've got her wrapped
around my little finger. I have.

With her on our side, there is nothing,
nothing, that will stand in our way.


- Cassie. Where the hell have you...?
- I'm sorry, Rebekah.

But you didn't leave me much choice.

I told you, there's no escape.

I had to turn to the only people
I knew I could trust.

And I told them
that they had to deal with you.

My only regret is that I didn't stop you
before you killed one of our own.

And now... have to be punished.

What? No, I didn't kill her.

But to be fair, I won't miss the ugly cow.


You're all so mean... the mouse that torments the cat
in those cartoons.

I think you're the ones
who need to be punished.

The others were just ignorant bullies.

But you, you're a smart girl.


And yet you still betrayed a friend.

I despise traitors.

How did you do that?

I've drawn this out for long enough.

But you can hardly blame me.

I find the sheer audacity of your plot
quite offensive.

Hayley is part of my family now.

And you would seek to use her
for your petty ambitions.

I'm not using her.

Just admit your true intentions
for this farce of a wedding...

...and I will end this quickly.

I love Hayley and I will fight for her...

...till I'm dead.

Well, you've got more fight in you
than I'd have imagined.

But I remain unimpressed.

You told me once...

...that my people were yours too.

And if you kill me now...

...promise me...

...that you will help Hayley
set our people free.

I trust him, Klaus.

Do you hear me?

You're not gonna kill him.

Not unless you wanna go through me.

You truly believe
that he is worthy of your trust?


Well, you are stubborn, little wolf.

Perhaps you two were meant for each other.

Go on, then.

Tell him.

Have your wedding.

Save your wolves.

But you mark my words.

If you ever betray her...

...I will find you and I will deposit
your head on the end of a spike.

Perhaps I'll leave it
in your grandmother's garden.

Klaus knows you trapped Rebekah.

And he hasn't tracked you down
to torture her location out of you?

Well, I'm smart enough not to be found.

And Elijah also knows Rebekah is missing
and yet he remains unaccounted for.

Despite my power,
I've been unable to locate him...

...which suggests he's gone to
great lengths to hide himself.

And Elijah hides from no one.

Unless he's keeping something hidden.

Wow, Finn, you s...

You sound like Sherlock Holmes
after one too many tequilas.

And you act a fool... dare think that I wouldn't know
about your little friends in the back.

Davina, I got him.

Allow me to send a message
to your little girlfriend.

Josh, hey. It's me. You all right?

Come on.

Josh, please.

Davina, let's go.

You're her. The all-powerful girl in
the coffin. That's how you did magic.

But why didn't you just tell me?

I'd only just woken from
a century of sleep.

I wanted to know you,
see what you were really like.

And you didn't disappoint me.

There's a spark in you, Rebekah.

You're willful.

Also kind.

You're not half as bad as our brothers.

What did you say?

You're right, you know.

We met once before.

Christmas party in 1914. I was so desperate
to catch a glimpse of my family.


You know who I am.

The little girl in my nightmare.

It really is you.


I slept a hundred years
and now finally I'm free.

Tell our brothers
I'll be coming to see them soon.

And I expect nothing less
than their best behavior.

Now, are you through
with this little ruse, brother?

Seems your friend Davina has absconded
with one of my prisoners.

I didn't come for a fight.

That little witch asked me to be a distraction.
She can be quite pushy when she wants to be.

Don't you see? We were given a gift.


Unfettered by vampirism.
We were made clean.

And all that was asked was a pittance in
return and you could not even give that.


You're angry.

And when you're angry,
you don't think straight.

- So just give me a chance...
- You don't deserve another chance, Kol.

So I'm gonna give you...

...the one thing I know you fear most.

- Death.
- No.

I curse you to this body...

...unable to jump to another.

Over the next few days,
I want you to contemplate what's to come.

A meaningless, lonely death...

...and the darkness to follow.

Clock starts now.

Be sure to say your goodbyes.



...I will not miss you.

There. You let that sit.

You'll feel better in the morning.

Mary, I am so sorry.

For what? Knowing a monster?

Having baggage in your past?

We all got that.

Some worse than others.

When Jack was down, you fought for him.

A lot of married folk never get that far.

You okay?

I'll live.

That's the thing I can't figure out.

Why didn't he kill me?

Klaus is afraid of trusting anyone.

I think he realized
that not trusting you would be worse.

He'd end up surrounded by enemies.


I wanna tell you a story...

...about a beautiful baby girl.

And the parents who swore
they would die to protect her.

The wedding works in our favor.

Newly-empowered and ruled by Hayley,
the wolves will be an asset to our family.

Assuming you're willing
to trust Jackson with our secrecy.

I must confess, brother.
I'm rather surprised that you do.

A little faith in Jackson
is a means to an end.

If I had killed him,
Hayley would've turned against me.

You should've seen the ferocity
with which she defended him.

It was impressive.

That being said,
I don't take the matter of secrets lightly.

Once the wedding takes place
and the wolves are forever altered...

...our Jackson's fate
becomes a little less certain.

Hello, Nik.

I don't suppose you imagined that always
and forever would lead us to this.


You absolutely will not believe
the week I've had.

Good, you're awake.

Now, just one more question.


Let my guys go free, and I'll tell you
whatever it is you wanna know.

How selfless.

But we've already established that
you don't know anything of any consequence.

However...'s a belief among the werewolves
that you were in fact...

...the last person to see
Niklaus' child alive.

You were in possession
of the baby's corpse.

So tell me... exactly did the baby die?

Yet you don't remember.

You don't remember
because you were compelled to forget.

Why would Niklaus compel away the truth...

...from the vampire he thinks of
as his adopted son?


...besides a desire
to protect his own daughter?

She's still alive.

And now... and your vampires
are gonna help me find her.