The Originals (2013–2018): Season 2, Episode 11 - Brotherhood of the Damned - full transcript

Finn captures his brother's spirits, while the vampires remain trapped and their hunger grows.

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Previously on "the originals"...
You mean you don't recognize me?
Klaus: It's been a long time, finn.
Hayley and i will return home.
Elijah will remain here with you.
He's been experiencing some side effects
Since his ordeal as our mother's captive.
You ready to do this thing, get hitched?
It's a mystical unification ceremony.
Hayley: You wolves are here because you want freedom.
Marcel: My vamps and i are willing to stand
With you against the witches.
You're brokering a truce.
Did he really just trap us all in here?
Finn: Those vampires even attempt to feed,
They'll find themselves unable to stop.
Kol: What davina and i can do is cast a disruption spell.
It'll give us 60 seconds to escape
Once the boundary is shut down.
Jack, now. Go.
Klaus: Slight change of plans, brother.
They'll kill him.
He should've thought about that
Before he betrayed our sister.
Yaah! Barrier is back up,
And those vampires look so hungry.
[distant conversation]
I've searched the entire french quarter.
Finn has vanished.
I can't remove the barrier that has you trapped
Until i have my hand around this throat.
I was hoping you had a plan "b."
Klaus: Davina.
She doesn't know it yet,
But she's gonna help me break his spell.
Your job-- keep kol alive,
At least until we learn rebekah's whereabouts.
Nngh! Aagh!
Are you listening to me?
Yeah. That all sounds fine and good, but listen.
When i was getting the werewolves out, i got bit.
I will get you my blood.
I will get you out of that house, marcellus,
Whatever it takes.
[distant dogs barking]
You are not leaving this bloody house, marcel.
My enlistment papers say otherwise.
369th regiment.
They call them the harlem hellfighters.
Boat leaves tomorrow.
Is this lunacy because i forbid you to be with rebekah?
So now you're going off to fight the germans.
Fine. Go, but remember, marcel,
This is your home.
I am your family, and if you haven't
Learned that in the century since i took you in,
Then learn it now!
Family are not just people who coddle you,
Who grant you your every whim.
They are people who fight for you,
Who you fight for, and if this family
Endeavors to stop you from making
A tragic error of the heart, then, by all means,
Express your discontent, but what you do not do
Is abandon us.
Fine. Go.
You'll be back.
The prodigal son always returns home.
Yeah. I'm home, all right, the last place i want to be.
[bells tolling]
[approaching footsteps]
Kol: What's with the church bells?
Sounds like the preamble
Of me own bloody funeral.
It's carillon eve.
The locals shroud the eyes of angels
So the dead can walk among us for a night
Without judgment.
The bells wake the dead and guide them
To eternal rest.
So whether you live or die today,
You can join the festivities.
Oh, marcel, you're gonna make certain i live.
I'm the only one who knows
How to find rebekah.
Think you underestimate how hungry i am
And how much i'd like to appease
My hungry friends right outside that door.
And just what would davina say about that?
Because i'm not one to kiss and tell,
Obviously, but i think she likes me.
Watch your mouth before i drain
Every vein of yours myself.
Hey, corporal.
[bomb whistles]
[men shouting]
You're a bit of a mystery, son.
Just another soldier like you, brother.
Yeah? Not just like me. See, i've been watching you.
Yeah. Yeah.
I've seen you take bullets to the gut.
Next minute, you're pulling guys back
To the trench like nothing ever happened.
Yes, sir, a mystery, but with mysteries
Come theories, and i got two.
One, you got guardian angels
Patching you up every time you get shot.
Two, you're something else altogether.
Man: Move, move!
Different man: Listen up, men.
Headquarters said there aren't enough gas masks
For the whole unit.
Without a mask, we're dead in hours.
Have you forgotten what they call us?
We're the brotherhood of the damned
Because we've been set up to fail.
We're cannon fodder.
We're meant to stall, not to stop the enemy.
Now, hold on, major.
Our line has held longer than any on the western front.
They call us brotherhood of the damned because
Everyone here would rather be damned
Than let the enemy break this line.
If you don't know that, then we need a leader who does.
You listen here, private.
Get down.
[distant machine gun fire]
Listen here.
I don't care what you are or how you do what you do,
But i believe you're here for a reason, hey--
To be that leader you just talked about.
So what's it gonna be, marcel?
[machine gun fire continues]
Gia: Marcel? Marcel!
You all right?
Yeah. Just hungry. That's all.
Haven't you found finn yet?
I must say, for a witch of your caliber,
Your spells are not particularly efficient.
Finn is blocking my locator spell.
So i'm trying something new,
But i need to concentrate, and it would help a lot
If you would stop standing over me like a stalker.
No need to be testy, luv.
We both have the same goal.
Really? Because my goal is to get kol
Out of your house alive, which seems to be
About number 10 on your list.
Number 9 at least.
What is wrong with you? He's your brother.
Yes, and i also have a sister,
One who i happen to care about more.
So until he tells me where she is,
Kol can rot, as far as i'm concerned,
And you might want to get your villains
Straight, luv, because finn
Is the architect of this fiasco.
So pick up the pace.
Find out where he's getting his power from
So we can stop it.
[chanting in french]
I saw glimpses of him.
He's combining sacred objects, totems,
Representational magic.
Lafayette number 1, the lyonne tomb.
And what's he using?
He's channeling your parents.
And here, i thought i was the poster child
For least grateful offspring.
Well then, shall you and i
Go crash their little party?
Now who needs to pick up the pace?
Cami: Our goal here is to confront your subconscious.
An element of my thesis is on suppression
Of past trauma and how it can manifest
In aberrant and often violent behavior.
You know, i believe it was 1897
That a dear friend of mine--
Let's just call him the godfather
Of modern psychoanalysis-- mentioned something
Similar to me over tea in a viennese cafe.
Are you namedropping freud right now?
Ok. Well, here's something i know
That even freud didn't--
Oh, do tell.
What it's like when someone takes away
Your deepest, ugliest pain
Without your consent.
It is both a blessed relief
And a complete violation.
Sound familiar?
Good. Let's start with what you've
Referred to as the red door.
That's an image from my past, my youth.
It was the door to a slaughterhouse.
Sometimes it appears to me in flashes.
It's a memory, but it's also a metaphor.
It's a place where unspeakable deeds
Dwell in darkness.
And have there been many?
Look, camille.
You know i'm no stranger to violence.
Typically, however, i am possessed
Of a certain control.
However, now and then, i can become consumed with chaos
And untethered from that control.
This is where the deeds are concealed,
Behind that door.
Why that particular door?
This is where the first woman i ever loved
Told me she loved me in return.
It's also where i laid her body after i took her life.
No one knows this, not even niklaus.
My brother loved tatia as deeply as i did.
He still believes that mother killed her,
And not only is this a lie.
This is a lie of my creation,
And my brother doesn't forgive.
He doesn't forget.
Therefore, i think it's best that i forget
For both of our sakes.
What the hell is wrong with marcel?
I don't know.
I can't even think straight, i'm so freaking hungry.
We're all hungry.
Kol: You come anywhere near me,
And i will give you a headache
That will last a century.
It'll be worth it.
Waah! Hey!
Anyone care to explain what's going on?
Your so-called protection detail
Was trying to eat me.
So i think i should teach them a lesson.
Josh: Uh, what just happened?
[wind whistling]
You two?
What is this?
It's a chambre de chasse...
A hunt room.
It's where witches bring their prey
For mental target practice.
Our bodies are in the real world
Laid on the floor whilst our minds are in here,
Represented by these damn animal heads.
Let me take a wild guess as to who's the author
Of this nightmare.
Finn, show yourself.
Save your strength.
In here, i am untouchable.
My magic, my rules.
So make yourselves at home.
We're gonna be here for a while.
Well, that's the last of them.
Everyone out here is officially ring-free.
And better off.
It's easier for you to say. You're a hybrid.
I'm back to turning every single full moon,
And if the wolves who are loyal
To finn come back here,
They're gonna rip right through us.
So i got to ask, when's this wedding?
10 days.
After that, hayley's power is your power.
The full moon won't control you anymore.
Spread the word.
Any wolf who wants in needs to be here
To bear witness to the wedding.
Yeah. I can do that.
What are you guys gonna do?
We are going to meet an elder.
We need and old-school crescent wolf to conduct the wedding.
Then there are the trials. Don't worry.
We say a few oaths, do some trust falls,
Smoke a little blue calamus root out of a peace pipe--
Piece of cake.
Hmm. Well, good luck with that.
Any idea where we can find an elder?
Well, that depends.
You got any interest in meeting my grandma?
Davina: Wake up. Wake up.
The one time i need you.
[cell phone vibrates]
Davina, why are you answering klaus' phone?
Because i can't wake him up.
What? Elijah collapsed, too.
What's going on?
Oh, i'm an idiot.
The spell finn used was to trap his brothers,
Meaning kol is in trouble.
What do we do?
I have no idea.
Finn: At the very least, this prison
Is a bit more comfortable than the box
You held me in for almost 900 years.
Oh, the heads are a nice touch.
Let me guess-- i'm the big bad wolf,
Kol the wily fox.
Elijah is the noble stag,
And you, fittingly enough, are the boar,
Bit obvious as far as symbolism goes.
Why are we here? Don't tell me.
It's about mother.
I didn't force her to drink blood
And betray everything she holds dear.
That was her choice.
Finn: This isn't about mother. This is about you.
I want you to know how it feels to be powerless.
So i'm gonna take the thing that matters most to you--
The city you've come to love so much.
Elijah: Are we quite done here?
You will release us now.
I will... After sundown
Because at sundown, when the marchers
Of carillon eve take to the streets,
My barrier spell drops.
Marcel and his hungry vampires will be unleashed
To kill their way through the quarter.
I imagine that after their atrocities,
Supernatural community of new orleans
Will be forced to find another place to call home.
Kol: Look. I don't care about the city.
What i care about is that my very human body
Is laying at the feet of some very hungry vampires.
Your fight is with them. It's not with me.
All you care about is your own fragile mortality,
But what is you were made vulnerable?
What then?
All right. Easy, easy.
If you start feeding, you won't be able to stop,
And then he's dead, and the rest of us
Still starve, all right?
Look at me.
I have been at war in the trenches
Starved with my men.
If we fought through it then, you can now.
We are gonna fight this hunger together.
[distant machine gun fire]
No gas mask or rations, but we got plenty of cocoa.
Hmm, more dirt than cocoa,
But it'll do.
Corporal, sir...
I know you're starving.
Never one of us.
Catch me a german, and then we'll talk.
Man: Corporal...
You're needed back at headquarters, sit.
All right.
[music playing]
Hate the war.
Love the hats.
Klaus, what are you doing here?
Well, you left before such a delicious meal,
I thought i'd bring you dessert.
Oh, go on. You know you want to.
[heartbeat quickens]
Klaus: Have your fill...
And then come home to new orleans.
[heartbeat slows]
I have to get back to my men.
Your men?
Don't be so bloody ridiculous, marcel.
Let the food fight amongst themselves
If you must, but make no mistake.
Your place is at home with your family.
You once told me that family are the people
Who you fight for and those willing to fight for you.
So you go home, klaus. I am with family.
Hey, are you ok?
Oh, my god.
Is that a werewolf bite?
It's a scratch. It's a bite.
You're 6 ways to dead if you don't get klaus' blood in you,
And when those guys find out--
They're not gonna find out, which means
You're gonna keep your mouth shut about this,
And you are gonna shut yours, period.
[bells ringing]
You hear that?
That's the sound of food
That we can't even get near
While you're sitting here
Protecting that idiot.
It is just hunger, gia.
Lots of people on this earth
Have been a lot hungrier than us.
You made us a promise when you turned us.
You had goals we bought into,
But look at us.
We've been wolf bait, beaten up,
Stuck exiled across the river,
Then stuck here, and now when we're
All looking to you for help,
You don't even tell us that you're dying.
You're supposed to be our leader,
But right now, you suck at it.
[bells ringing]
[all panting]
We don't all get to get out of this alive, son.
Ok. Point made,
But nobody loves a joke more
Than old fox boy here, but if you could just
Get me back to my body--
Elijah: I must confess, i rather enjoy
Watching you twist in the wind,
Not unlike the way you left rebekah,
I imagine. Yes.
What did you do to rebekah?
For goodness' sake, she crossed me.
So i crossed her back.
Look. If you could just get me back to my body,
I will tell anybody anything
That they need to know.
How narrow-minded of me.
Rebekah, you don't know where she is,
And the only thing standing between you and our sister
Is this selfish fool.
Hmm. Maybe it's time that you go enjoy
The rest of your mortal life while you still can.
Is it too late for an apology?
Thanks, mate.
Oh, don't thank me yet.
Whoa! Hold it.
Hold it together
Just for a little while longer,
A few minutes, to be exact.
What are you talking about?
He plans to release the lot of you at sundown.
Oh, the streets will be jam-packed with people
Right outside the gate.
You'll be half-crazed with hunger.
You'll feed your way through the crowd,
And that'll be the end of vampires secretly
Living off the fat of new orleans.
Marcel, listen to me.
You are outmaneuvered, outmanned,
And, quite frankly, you're out of your mind.
We're not gonna get out of this alive.
We are all getting out of this alive.
Ohh, are we hiking to baton rouge?
Oh, just a little bit farther.
You nervous?
I'm not nervous, although i should be.
She is your grandmother.
Yeah. She usually likes the girls i bring home.
Oh, really? Hmm.
Exactly how many girls
Have you brought to meet her?
Ha ha ha! No.
I've never brought anyone to meet her.
So you have got to make a good impression
Because she got no one crazy to compare you with.
I am great with old people and babies.
It's just the in between that i suck at.
Cute as all this is, y'all are late.
Grandma mary... [chuckles]
This is hayley.
Mary, it is so nice to meet you.
You can turn off your old people charm now.
The two of you are late,
And we need to get started.
Right. Ahem. Yes.
We have premarital rituals to attend to,
Which are what, exactly?
Fasting, purification,
The rite of divulgement, to name a few.
The rite of what?
Oh, it's simple. You speak the truth.
He speaks the truth.
Secrets are cleansed. Everyone is happy.
What do you mean, "secrets are cleansed"?
The two alphas smoke the root
Of a blue calamus flower.
It links your hearts and minds together.
The ceremony won't take
If there are lies separating you.
This way, there are none.
It's the most important ritual
Apart from the wedding ceremony itself.
Hope you don't have too many
Skeletons in your closet.
I'm not doing that.
I'm sorry. I can't.
Finn: So what should we talk about
While we wait for nightfall?
Oh, i know. Let's talk about our parents.
Now, i figured you wouldn't be kind to mother,
But imagine my surprise to learn
That mikael met the same fate.
Bravo, brother.
You see, the parent i was interested in
Talking about was your father,
Your real one.
I mean, you longed to know him
Your whole life, yet at the first opportunity,
You murdered him.
Why, i wonder.
Possibly the same reason you took out esther.
Severing parental ties has a way of freeing one up
To recognize one's true potential.
Finn: Quite...
But esther was no fool.
She pinpointed your wants,
And knowing your true father
Was at the top of the list--
[sucks teeth]
No. Something else occupies the top
Of your list of affections,
And it's not your favorite city
Because i'm about to take it from you
Using your own vampires,
And i barely get a rise out of you.
I thought maybe it was rebekah,
But you remain calm, even when the one person
Who know her fate probably just met his.
Elijah: I am fighting the monumental desire
To mount your severed head upon one of these walls.
Then i thought it was your favorite brother,
But mother broke him into 1,000 pieces,
And rather than fix him, you left him
To fend for himself god knows where.
You know, if i didn't know better,
I'd say you were hiding something from me,
Something big, something dark.
Maybe your real father found out what it was,
And you had to kill him.
You want to know why i killed my father?
When blood relations let me down,
I don't stop to reason with them.
I remove them.
So the secret is, there is no secret?
You long for nothing, care for no one.
Problem is, brother, i don't believe you.
It's clear to me that you're hiding something,
And, as i control your presence here,
I've got all the time in the world
To figure out just what that might be.
Jackson: Hayley. Hayley? Hayley, wait.
I can't do it, jack.
You are not the only one who has stuff
They'd rather not talk about.
Some of my secrets are not mine to tell.
Maybe a little honesty is a good thing.
Jack, i like with the original family.
In that family, sometimes honesty
Can get you killed.
We all have things
We hope will never see the light of day.
Now, you probably won't like what i have to say
Any more than what you're holding back.
I wish that were true.
Well, come back with me.
We'll take it one step at a time,
And if anything makes you uncomfortable,
You tell me, and we stop...
And when it comes time to open up,
I'll go first because i don't run...
And i don't scare easy.
Your secrets are my secrets,
Your demons my demons,
And you'll never have to fight them alone.
I promise you that.
Relax. Relax. Hey, easy.
I'm gonna give you two minutes to explain
Why we don't come up there and take the witch.
You lied to us.
You betrayed everything you taught us.
How can you lead us?
[bomb whistles]
[distant machine gun fire]
[machine gun fire continues]
Joe, joe, no.
Joe? Joe.
You never did get those gas masks.
I'm sorry. I failed you, brother.
Not if you make us into vampires like you.
Let's make this fight more even.
Turn us.
[men coughing]
Hey. Hey!
[murmuring stops]
I am sorry i let you down, ok, all of you,
But the way that you are feeling right now--
This despair, this hunger-- i have been through it,
And if you let me help you survive it, i guarantee you,
It will only make you stronger.
At sundown, vincent is gonna drop that barrier spell,
And those doors are gonna open, and we are gonna be
Smack in the middle of a parade full of innocent people.
We can't fall apart now.
Gia: Innocent, guilty, we're hungry.
We have to feed.
We don't feed on locals. That's our rule.
That is how we survived 300 years in this city,
And that is why we get to call it home,
Because we live by a code.
The same one that won't let you
Tell your own people that you're dying
Of a werewolf bite?
I'm not dying of anything.
I've got a vial of klaus' blood in my place
Right across the river along with enough blood
To satisfy all of you.
All we have to do is get there.
You once asked me what i was fighting for.
I told you i was fighting for this city, for our home,
But if we feed out there, we lose it.
The barrier will be down any moment now.
Let me help you get home.
[bells tolling]
It's down.
Let's go.
It's a shame, really,
For you to lose new orleans.
You've worked so hard to make this city a home.
On the other hand, this city hasn't given you much
In the way of good fortune.
You had marcel's betrayal, father's attack,
Loss of your child.
It is a delicate craft,
Representational magic.
One must be ever so precise.
If you misrepresent us, the very enchantment
That this room was built upon would collapse.
Would it not?
Finn: I assure you, you have not been misrepresented.
Well, that depends on how well
The hunter knows his prey.
This facade-- this illusion
That i have created over the course of my life,
The noble stag-- is nothing more
Than a deception to myself, to everyone,
For, were i truly noble, brother,
I would not have withheld from you
A vile deed and one that i,
Like a coward, allowed mother
To erase from my memory.
It was i who killed tatia.
I hunted her down and mercilessly
I feasted upon her flesh.
I tore her from us.
Mother took the blame.
Brother, i felt certain
That if you knew,
You would in no way forgive me.
Finn: The act may be reprehensible,
But your admitting to it proves you to be
The man i thought you to be.
My magic stands. Does it?
It turns out, my brother
Is even more depraved than i am.
He is the noble stag no longer,
Indeed an altogether different beast
Creeping through the cracks,
And you have also failed
In your representation of me because there is
One thing you never thought me capable of--
You, finn, have remained a boar for centuries,
But here is where your true fault lies.
You never learnt that the bonds of family
Far outweigh anything else.
Such bonds trump petty jealousies.
They overcome ancient feuds, and, yes,
They are capable of allowing one monster
To pardon the great sins of another.
[wind whistling]
How is this possible?
Your magic is as flawed as your perception
Of your own siblings.
I wonder, just how untouchable are you?
Oh, thank god. Are you ok?
For now.
What happened? Is kol ok?
I'm fine. Thank you for your concern.
The same, however, cannot be said
For your friends
And the people of the french quarter.
Now, i can stand here and explain to you
The specifics, or you can show a little trust
And come with me.
I'm the one who's been waiting for you to move your ass.
Let's go.
[bells ringing]
[heartbeat quickens]
[marcel panting]
What you are feeling is the hunger.
It will be unlike anything you've ever known.
It will eat you from the inside, but you are in control.
It is your greatest weapon, and the germans
Are coming over that hill thinking to waltz
Over our corpses to take the town,
But that's not gonna happen because one thing stands
In the enemy's way--us, and make no mistake.
We are one unit, one army. We are family.
Family is not determined by blood,
But by who you fight for and who will fight for you.
[bomb whistles]
Tonight we will feed on the blood of our enemies,
And if we die, we will be reborn,
And we will feed again.
We are the brotherhood of the damned,
And we cannot be defeated!
All: Yeah!
Over the top!
Let's get them!
[machine gun fire]
[bullets whizzing]
Rrgh! Yaagh!
[marcel panting]
I think we're gonna make it.
[bells ringing]
Everything is fine out here.
Where the hell are they?
You look around.
I'll see if i can track them down.
[boat horn blows]
Gia: Welcome back, soldier.
Fed you some of klaus' blood.
You weren't exactly lucid.
They're all getting into the rest
Of your blood bags downstairs.
But not you.
I'm sorry for being a pain in the ass.
Only the weak don't challenge authority, gia.
You did good.
I applaud you all
For your strength of character.
Just finished congratulating
Your little vampire hoard downstairs.
What did you do to them?
Nothing that isn't reversible.
Came to ask you a question, marcel.
See, earlier today i spent
Some time with my brothers.
They went to great lengths
To hide something from me,
A secret they'd do anything to keep.
Now, i may not be able to get it out of them,
But i'm willing to bet i could rip it out of you.
Klaus, on phone: How is my daughter?
She's in good hands, as am i.
However, if you say the word,
I shall return. No.
You're needed where you are.
So the city is safe?
Well, i wouldn't exactly go flinging around
Terms like "safe."
Marcel and all his vampires have inexplicably disappeared.
Kol is in the wind, rebekah is still lost,
And finn is dangerously suspicious
Of the secrets we keep,
Speaking of which, i meant what i said.
I am capable of forgiveness.
We need to remain focused on our common enemies.
I'll be in touch.
Ah, the cavalry has arrived
And right on time, no doubt eager
To save your precious josh.
Yes. Just tell me what you need.
Well, you can start by questioning your wolves.
Find out what finn has done with marcel and his vampires.
Well, i would, but most of the wolves
Took off for the bayou waiting for hayley
And jackson to finish their wedding trials.
And what trials might those be?
You know, your basic old-school werewolf stuff.
They go out into the woods and smoke
This blue calamus root out of a peace pipe.
Blue calamus, a rather specific plant,
Known by many for its unique properties
As a truth serum.
In generations past, it was used among the wolves
For divulgement rituals, ancient rites
Where secrets are confessed.
I don't suppose they mentioned such a thing.
They just said they had to do a bunch of rituals
And ceremonial stuff.
And where, exactly, did jackson take hayley?
Aiden: Back country, deep bayou. Why?
That'll be all. Stay on point.
Wait. That's it? Where are you going?
I'm going to have a little chat
With the bride-to-be,
Remind her that some secrets
Need to stay buried.