The Originals (2013–2018): Season 2, Episode 14 - I Love You, Goodbye - full transcript

With the final preparations for her union to Jackson underway, Hayley begins to question whether the ritual will actually work. After arriving to the compound, Elijah has a tense encounter ...

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Previously on "The Originals"...

- Hello, Nik.
- Rebekah.

- You know who I am.
- Freya.

Tell our brothers I'll be
coming to see them soon.

Do you renounce your Alpha status?

These attacks, they're
only gonna get worse.

We need to get married
as soon as possible.

I curse you to this body,

a meaningless, lonely death.

- Niklaus.
- Finn knows

about Hope, about everything.

He is on his way.

Gas has pervaded every
single room in this home.

Good-bye, brother.

It's ok, sweet girl.

I just need to find a pay phone.

Damn it!

I'm sorry. I'm sorry.

You're being so brave.

The least I could do is watch my...

Whoever's out there, if you try anything,

I will gouge out your eyes!

Actually, Camille, it's
probably not necessary.

What the hell happened back there?

That's a discussion for the car.

Let's move.

- What do you think you're doing?
- Elijah said they're on the road,

so I'm gonna go to them
and get my daughter.

Do not tell me that it's not safe.

I'll tell you what's not safe...

Blowing up a house just to keep
your evil brother from finding her.

We will deal with Finn.

And then what?

Every time you kill him,

he's just gonna jump into another body.

We tried running, we tried hiding.

Neither will work.

So what's your bright idea?

As it happens, I'm working on a plan

as we speak, one which
will be bolstered greatly

if you just calm down

- and keep your eye on the prize.
- Do not

manage me. I have every right...

Hayley, you're getting married today,

an act which will seal the loyalty

of all the wolves that answer to Finn.

You will be queen to an army.

And a queen does not run.

Well, you still don't look so good.

Oh, it's worse than the
Halloween hangover of 2011.

I went after Aiden, didn't I?

You know, he was up all
day, all night with you

until Marcel called and said

that the spell was broken.

Well, you guys totally saved my ass.

Yeah? Well, don't mention it.

There you go. Here's a little go juice,

so you should be, uh, well, going.


So where were you yesterday?

Oh, you know, being a hero,

saving the day, the usual.

Ah. And you didn't think I could help?

Well, you were with your mate.

You can't call me? It takes 10 seconds.

Ooh! This is a right
proper spot we're having.

It's almost as if we're, uh...

Oh, what is that phrase?

Going steady.

You wish.

Well, maybe, and maybe I can

make it up to you

by, uh, oh,

finishing a mystical dagger.

What do you say?

All those alphas dead.

That's a lot of wolves
that are gonna want revenge.

We'll make it clear the
witches were behind this.

The vampires were
manipulated by dark magic.

This wasn't their fault.


I come bearing gifts.

What the hell did you do?

I removed the heads of the wolf leaders

who refused to relinquish
Finn's moonlight rings.

You brought me a bag of werewolf heads?

Well, I had hoped you'd see it

as an early wedding present.

Besides, I can't have witch sympathizers

in my army.

The wolves are not now nor will ever be

your army.

You know, you are a brave
and selfless leader, Jackson,

and I'm positive you'll remain so

for the entire duration of your reign.

Festivities begin at 8:00 at my compound.

Spread the word and
do arrive early enough

to clean yourself up.

It's your wedding day for God's sake.

Am I crazy, or did he just do his version

of a nice thing?

You ready?

I don't know.

Never done this before, remember?

I've never actually
completed the spell itself,

but then, uh, I've never had

an accomplice quite as powerful as you.

So let's do it then.

Let's do it.

Helbred bransar, belaste herte,

begin panet.

Helbred bransar, belaste herte,

begin panet.

Helbred bransar, belaste herte,

begin panet.

I think it worked.

Helbred bransar, belaste herte,

begin panet.

Helbred bransar, belaste herte,

begin panet.

Are you ok?

Helbred bransar, belaste herte,

begin panet.

Helbred bransar, belaste herte,

begin panet.

Kol, are you sure you're all right?

I'm fine.

A spell like that takes
its toll, doesn't it?

And you hide that for now, ok,

because, uh, well, today, we've got

a reason to celebrate.

Come to the wedding with me.

Fine, but if there's music,

we're dancing.

Beks? Beks, it's your brother.

I need a favor.

All right. Bad news first.

I will have to miss your nuptials.

Kol has a bit of a
life-and-death matter

he needs help dealing with.

Anything I can do, Rebekah?

It's witch business, which
now seems to be my thing.

Besides, you have enough to deal with.

On that note...

Now it's white, which won't fool anyone,

but you can't get married in
skinny jeans and combat boots.

Oh, Rebekah.

Thank you.

Oh, it's beautiful.

Well, I happen to be the only woman alive

who's collected wedding dresses

in 5 different centuries.

Never made it down the aisle of course.

Well, you know, it's not too late.

From what I understand,
Marcel is still single.

Have you told him yet that you're... you?

I thought I'd hold off
on that for the moment.

Only complicates matters,

and I'm not exactly sure how
long this is going to last.


Hayley, I wanted to say

now you may be marrying Jackson Kenner

of the boozy backwater Kenners,

but you're still one of us,

a Mikaelson.

Always will be.

Gosh, that would be
such a nice compliment

if it didn't link me to
so many homicidal lunatics.

Thanks for coming. Look, I
know I owe you a massive...


You scared the hell out of me.

I-I know, and I'm sorry.

I just...

Look. Hayley and Jackson
are getting married today.

Quarter's gonna be
packed with wolves, ok,

and after this wedding, our whole pack

will inherit Hayley's
control of her wolf form.

That means wolves will
be able to turn at will.

We'll be that much more
deadly to vampires, to you.

I think...

We need a timeout.

Whoa, whoa!

I'm sorry. Is this the world's

worst breakup speech?

Because if so, just say it like it is.

You want to call things off because

it would look weird for the werewolf VP

to be dating me.

No. Dating me puts a target on your back.

I'm just trying to keep you safe.

Well, you know what? I can't remember

the last time I was safe.



Oh, I so do not belong in your world.

My world? Give me some credit.

I'm not exactly the kind of girl

who sat around fantasizing
about her wedding day,

and if I had, it
probably would have looked

a little less this.


You getting cold feet?

No. This is what's right

for Hope, for our pack.


If I might intrude, there's someone

who wishes to say hello.

You brought them here?

Finn could be anywhere.

I've taken precautions.

There will be no uninvited
guests at your wedding,

and after, your pack
will be the first line

of defense to this home.

No more running, queen.


Hee hee hee!

Hope, this is Jackson.


This is Hope.


I thought your daughter's
return would please you.

I'm overjoyed,

and I'll be even more so

provided you do nothing
to dissuade Hayley

from going through with this wedding.

Is there something you
wish to discuss, Niklaus?

Everybody knows you're in love with her,

but Hayley has a duty to this family,

and so do you.

I was under the impression

this was Hayley's choice.

Tell me you did nothing
to bully this decision.

We're mobilizing an army.

She will do what is asked of her,

and you will do nothing to prevent that.

Unless of course I learn
that she was pressured

into sacrificing her freedom in the name

of some political alliance.

Hayley is putting family first.

I suggest you do the same.

Family is always first.

Well, then we won't
have a problem, will we?


Calm down.

You need to keep your wits

if you're to beat this.

There is no beating it.

It's latched on like a vice.

So you're giving up.

What happened to the
brother I used to know,

the one who laughed death in the face?

That's a lot easier to do when
you haven't died already once.

I hated it the first time.

The ironic thing is I actually
preferred this go-round,

being a witch.

No heightened emotion,

no bloodlust.

It's just me.

For a while anyway.


I still can't believe that you're here.

Ah. Mommy has to go
and do this big thing,

but don't worry.

Miss Cami will watch you,

and after that,

I'm not letting you out of my sight.

Ha ha ha!

You look perfect.

Hayley, I understand this arrangement is

important to your cause,

and I will do nothing
to dissuade you from it,

but I'd be remiss if I didn't
tell you at least once...


Don't say it.

Ever since the first day that I met you,

I have felt

everything for you,

and all this time,

you were never able to
say how you feel about me,

and I get it.

You can't just be the
guy who says how he feels.

But Jackson is.

And I think that I can be happy with him,

and I just want to be happy, Elijah.

So whatever you were gonna say to me...

Please don't say it.

Need a hand with that?


Look. I'm sorry Oliver couldn't be here.

Yeah, me, too.

Although I'm sure he'd have a lot to say

about me in this get-up
in a vampire house.

So you really think the wolves
will be cool with the vampires?

And if not, screw them.

I mean, we're done chasing old grudges.

We got real enemies to worry about.

This ain't about vamps
in general, though, is it?

Look. I know you know about me and Josh,

and I'm not asking
you for permission, ok?

Good because I'm pretty sure
we had the love is love talk

when you were 17.


He's good enough for you,

end of discussion.

I just don't want him getting
caught in the crossfire, you know?

That won't be easy, but we got no chance

of winning this fight

without something to fight for.


I think that's my cue.

There's no rule about seeing each other

before the ritual, is there?


Oh. Ha ha! Is everything ok?


Getting a little nervous.

Wanted to see you,

make sure that you weren't
wearing a flannel tux.

Ha ha ha!

Thank you.

I'm... I'm actually glad you're here.

I got something for you.


The, uh, the stone is moss agate.

You were born under a planting moon,

so it's your mineral totem.

It symbolizes healing and courage,

and after everything
you've done for our pack,

I'd say that's just about right.

I don't know what to say, Jack.

You're wearing Rebekah's dress

and getting married in Klaus' house.

I figured you should
have at least one thing

that's just yours.

Hey, Davina.

You mind?

Please be seated.

We gather together

as a community seeking peace,

inspired by the union of
this couple before you.

There was a time when werewolves

saw themselves not as cursed

but as blessed

with a connection to
our most pure selves.

And tonight, we honor that blessing

with the long-awaited unification

of the two Crescent bloodlines.

In doing so,

we choose to embrace
Hayley's vampire nature.

With this union, Hayley will share

here unique gifts with her pack.

And now

your vows.

I pledge to honor and
defend you and yours

above all others...

To share in blessings and burdens,

to be your advocate,

your champion...

To be your comfort, your sanctuary,

and for as long as we both shall live...

To be your family...

To be your family.

You two have endured all the traditional

werewolf rituals and trials.

There's only one remaining.

Jackson, you may kiss your bride.

I know that look.

I've seen it all too often.
What are you planning?

I'm sure I don't know
what you're talking about.

Jackson is marrying
the mother of your child

in our home, solidifying his rule

over the wolves you yourself
once sought to control.

- Talk to me.
- Let Jackson have Hayley,

although he isn't exactly
fit to lead an army tasked

with protecting my daughter.
His reign will be short-lived.

Niklaus, you can't honestly believe
that I would allow you to harm

Jackson on the day of Hayley's wedding.

He's not one of us, Elijah.

He's mortal.

Mortals perish.

- What are you doing?
- Confide in me, brother.

How does it feel when you
see Hayley look at him?

Niklaus, I'm warning you.

Face the facts. You're even
now forcing yourself to deny.

You want Jackson dead
just as much as I do.

In fact,

I think you want it more.

Are you to be my chaperone
the entire evening, brother?

Chaperone, steward, baby-sitter,

whichever term tickles
you fancy most, brother.

You are welcome to indulge whomever

and whatever you please.

I would only ask that
you refrain from any

- homicidal behavior.
- Just one day back,

and already you've more than fulfilled

your quota for irritating
brotherly conduct.

Let me make myself quite clear, Niklaus.

So long as Jackson brings even an
inkling of joy into Hayley's life,

you are not go near him.

It's amusing listening
to you defending the man

who married the woman you love,

but then you've always coveted that

- which is not yours to have.
- Just listen to yourself,

fueled by your delusions of persecution.

Think, Niklaus.

If you kill Jackson, the
wolves will descend into chaos.

You are acting out of fear,

terrified that Jackson might
be a better father to Hope.

Do not bring the child into this.

Your child arrived here today,

her security strengthened by
those wolves that would defend her,

and you would jeopardize that alliance.

Niklaus, you yourself even mentioned

had you been raised by Ansel
you might have been a better man.

Now perhaps a better man
has entered Hope's life,

and seeing that, you
are shaken to your core.

You have the audacity to analyze me?

That's ambitious, considering
your psychological deficiencies.

How was your time with my therapist?

Was it helpful? Because
it was a great risk

leaving you alone with her.

These days, who knows what you might do?

I have stood by you,
and I have defended you

for as long as I can recall,

but in the name of your
daughter and her mother,

I will not

watch you commit this evil.

You ok?

Yeah, totally.

My boyfriend and his
buddies are superwolves now.

It's gonna be awesome.

Hey. At least your boyfriend showed up.

Aw, come on.

Is that...


What's wrong?

Aren't you a sight, eh?

You're ice cold.

Now you listen to me, ok?

Finn... he got a bit perturbed

when we went to rescue Josh,

and, uh...

And I thought I was gonna be ok, but...

I'm running out of time.

It's ok.

I heard her crying.

Oh, she's probably just teething.

Thank you for taking care of her.

She's actually pretty low-maintenance.

She's been smiling
and looking all around.

I think she likes it
here. It feels like home.

Do you want to hold her?

I know this all must
be pretty overwhelming,

but some advice I learned
from developmental psych...

Happy mom, happy dad, happy baby.

Look. I know that this won't be easy...

Ladies and gentlemen,

may I have your attention, please?

Hayley, if you would join me,

I'd like to propose a toast.

I want to welcome you all.

As you know, last spring,
Hayley and I had a daughter.

Due to tragic circumstance,

she was lost.

Now she has returned home.

Her name is Hope.

She will live here among you,

her pack, her family.

We implore you protect our daughter.

Teach her, love her

as one of your own.


I invite you and your bride to live here,

uniting your proud and
noble people in peace.

Welcome to the family, mate.

To Jackson and Hayley.

Here. Transubstantiation.

We combine this with
the protection spell.

Finn's spell blocks that. The
body Kol's in is already dying.

We need to jump into a new one.

We can't just pick another
body at the farmer's market.

We don't even have the spell for that.


Will you give me a
minute alone with Davina?

I believe I owe you a dance.

A lovely ceremony.

It was. Thank you for being there.

Well, the wolves are
unified, Hope is safe, and...

Everything is exactly as you intended.

So in interest of maintaining the peace,

I have decided to join Marcel in Algiers.

I believe with the correct instruction

and guidance his
community may well prosper.

You're moving out?

Elijah, this is your home.

In my long, long life, I've
called many places home, Hayley.

I didn't know that Klaus would ask
Jack and me to live here, but that...

That doesn't mean that you have to leave.



Must you intrude on every moment?

I'm not here to quarrel, brother.

It's Kol. I couldn't help him.

He's not gonna last the night.

You know that girl?

I think I might.

I know that we're in a cemetery

and I happen to be terminal.

You got to admit the stars are lovely.

How can you joke right now?

I'm not.

Under the same stars, there's...

There's some guy,

and he's with this girl,

and he's got all the time
in the world, and he's right.

And I hate him.

Are you ok?


I think I want to be alone for this bit.

I'm afraid that's not an option.

Always and forever is not just
something weasel out of, brother.

Everybody's headed home.

Now what?

Ahh. Uh, wedding night.


Uh, knowing you, I'm thinking
you probably just want

to stay up all night,
watching Hope sleep.

That sounds good to me.


When I told you that

the wedding was the right
thing to do for our pack,

there was something else
that I should have told you.

I should have told you that
when I first got to New Orleans

I was terrified, pregnant,

for a long time basically alone,

and then one night, a wolf
appeared out of the woods,

and I knew that I was safe.

From the moment I saw you,
I knew I could trust you.

You never made me feel ashamed

about being a hybrid or questioned

why I had to lie to you about Hope.

I told you I love you.

I meant it.


And that's the first time
anyone's ever said that to me.

I want you to know that...

I didn't marry you for all those people.

I married you for me.

That's what I should have told you.

All my life,

all I ever wanted was...

You lot...

To care about me.

Kol, listen to me.

You don't have long.

You're going to die,

but you will die a witch,

and we will consecrate your body.

You will join the ancestors
of the French quarter,

and those spirits can be brought back...

And I promise you, brother,

I will not leave this body

until I find a way to bring you home.

I tried a different spell.

It's ok.

I'm... I'm not scared.

What did you do?

It took a while, but I healed you,

brought you back from death using this.

Your pendant.

You said it would protect me.

It's a talisman used to focus my power.

I knew it would be
dangerous to face Elijah.

I didn't want you to be hurt.

Just like when we were children.

I seem to recall you
were always defending me.

You're my brother, Finn.

I love you, and we'll
need to protect each other.

If Dahlia has sensed Klaus' child,

she's already on her way.

Niklaus used magic to cloak
the baby from my mother.

It's gonna take a bit of
time before Dahlia finds it...

You don't understand.

Esther was nothing compared to Dahlia.

I was taken when I was only 5 years old.

I had just started to
display a potential for magic.

It is the magic that will draw Dahlia.

It will serve as a beacon, calling her.

Dahlia will come,

and she will take what's hers.