The Originals (2013–2018): Season 2, Episode 1 - Rebirth - full transcript

Hayley struggles with her powers. Marcel sides with Klaus and gets revenge over the wolves. Esther is busy plotting her own plans. Everyone wants control over the city.

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Rebekah: Once upon a time,

there was a majestic king,

who lived with his noble brother

in a colorful kingdom where
music and art were celebrated.

The king did not foresee having a child,

but he lived in an enchanted land

where all things were possible.

In time, he was blessed with
a beautiful baby daughter

for whom he wished only
peace and happiness.

Still, the king had demons who pursued him.

There was a ruthless beast who wanted
to take the kingdom for her own.

Armed with a pack of untamed creatures,

she drove the other magical
beings from the land,

and there was a wicked
sorceress with enchanted stones

that weakened the king on every full moon.

Seeing the shadow his
enemies cast upon his home,

the king was driven to send
his beloved princess away,

convincing all who remained

that she was forever lost.

The king, in his sorrow,
turned away from the world.

The castle closed its
doors, and the kingdom fell.

Some say that the only light
that shines in the castle

illuminates the shadow
of the once mighty king

in the room meant for his child,

but as the ruthless beasts took rule

over the falling king's realm,

little did they know
that he and his brother

would not rest until their
enemies were vanquished...

For they believed that one day

they would heal their kingdom
and bring their princess home

so that she might live happily ever after.

S02E01 Rebirth

Elijah: Authentic cast-iron columns.

Look at that.

The original bloomery forge

fueled by a charcoal furnace.

The modern elements
blend very nicely indeed.

My foundation has aligned itself with the
city's historical preservation society.

We have a vested interest in...

seeing this building protected.

Place is a dump.

The Guerrera family would
be doing the city a favor.

Well, unfortunately,

under the Preservation Act of 1966,

we cannot allow the Guerreras to demolish

one of the city's original foundries,

even if it is for something as noble

and distinguished as a casino.

So thank you, gentlemen,

and do give my best to Francesca.

[Music playing]

I suppose we shall have to
call this your white period.

I'm missing a crucial color in my palette,

that of my enemy's blood.

Well, I recommend a venetian
red with a dash of rust.

It's been months!

I've adhered to our plan sit...

and do nothing, sell our grief,

and now my child is safely away,

and another full moon is upon us,

another night of pathetic weakness

as the moonlight rings steal my strength.

The inertia is killing me.

I need to act. I... I need...

I need to spill blood.

Well, then you'll be pleased to know

that I've located the last of the 12 rings

forged with your blood.

- Then it's time.
- And none too soon.

I'm concerned about Hayley.

- She looks well enough.
- She looks no better than you, brother.

Now if the two of you would
treat each other as more than just

- passing acquaintances...
- She has you to help her.


like the father of her child,

she prefers to fight her demons alone.

What's the hurry?

I have to get back to campus,

meet my new advisor.

Apparently the one I was
supposed to have dropped dead.

Guy did triathlons yet couldn't
climb a flight of stairs.

Will I see you later?

Marcel, you know the deal.

No strings, no plans.

I know, I know.

Just feeling nostalgic, I guess.

You're not missing anything over there.

That bitch Francesca's got
her werewolves on every corner,

and as usual, the humans
in the known don't care

as long as tourism money
keeps rolling through.

Yeah. Got to say, never thought I'd see

the day the vampires were
kicked out of the quarter.

And I never thought I'd
be sleeping with one,

so I guess life is full of surprises.

How's Klaus?

Nobody knows.

Not even you?

Not even me.

It doesn't make sense.

The wolves attacked him in his home,

took his town, probably killed his kid.

Why hasn't he struck back?

- He's in mourning.
- No, no.

If anyone can mourn and murder
at the same time, it's him.

Something's up.

Just wish I knew what.

I saw Davina.

She's doing well.

She's back in high school.

She told her whole witch coven to shove it.


Good girl.

Maybe it's better.

Just move forward

instead of holding on to
things we can't change.



[Music playing]

Here you go, Davina.

Now sometime, you're gonna
have to give me the lowdown

on why you're so hooked on
ancient Icelandic folk music.

- It's for someone else.
- I sure hope so.

Ha ha ha!

Hey there, cutie.

Don't call me that.

So I heard that you ditched your coven.

That's too bad. That
other harvest girl Cassie,

she has been superhelpful

- to all us wolves.
- She's making you moonlight rings, Oliver.

I wouldn't call that helpful.
I'd call that an alliance.

Well, you can call it whatever you want.

As long as we don't have to turn in the
full moon anymore, it works for me...

But look.

I'd take off if I were you.

Things are about to get
a little ugly in here.

Hey, y'all. Store's closed.

Get out now!

Hey. What are you doing?

It's Joe Dalton, right?

You see, I've been
studying up on this store.

It's be a stable for
the quarter for 90 years.

It was run by you, your daddy,
and then his daddy before him.

That's right.

Yeah. You see, the thing is, Joe,

there just ain't many photos

of anyone in your family

but you.

Oliver, no!

Stop! Stop it! Stop it!

Joe, get out of here.

Francesca: We have a deal, Cassie.

Witches don't get in our way
when it comes to killing vampires

who enter the quarter.

Davina's not in our coven anymore.

The rules don't apply to her.

Well, make them apply.

Get everyone out of my face.

- They're here hovering all the time.
- Oliver: They're just doing their job.

Their job is to protect
me from Klaus Mikaelson,

who by the way has not
set foot outside his house

in months!

All this waiting, I'm losing my mind.

Anyone who is not paid to protect me, go.

Get out!

She's unraveling. Poor thing.

Cracking under the pressure.

I assume that was Elijah
and Niklaus' goal all along.

Say what you will, they
are impressive strategists.

Trait they inherited from you, dear mother.

I suppose they did, Finn.

Francesca Guerrera will be her own undoing.

Let's see how impressive your brothers are

when they finally come up against me.

It never gets old for you guys, does it?

Like a couple of dogs with a bone.

Tell Francesca I'm just
trying to live a normal life.

See if you can get that
through her thick canine skull.

Why do I bother? Here.

You're regular, extra sugar, right?





Klaus, I know you're here
somewhere. We need to talk.

He doesn't wish to see you.

Ohh! Elijah.

Where the hell did you come from?

I beg your pardon.

Aren't you the one who is trespassing?

He doesn't care much for
conversation these days,

and he certainly wouldn't care for the fact

that you put yourself
in danger by coming here.

I'm already in danger.

I have Guerreras following
me like it's a police state.

The city's being run by gangsters,

and you guys aren't
doing anything about it.

Marcel took them out a hundred
years ago without any of you.

Don't you think he might be
up for lending you a hand?

Thank you for coming, Camille.

I know your family is grieving,

but I know you don't believe those rumors

that Marcel killed the baby,

so if you want help
taking down the Guerreras,

you have a weapon across the
river just waiting to be fired.

Use it.

I like her spirit.

So do I.

Dude, come on. This is, like,
the 20th group I've brought you.

There's got to be a
keeper in here somewhere.

I'll be the judge of that.

I know you're all
wondering how you got here.

Don't worry about that for now.

Instead, I want you to
think about your lives.

Don't be afraid.

Remember when you were a kid

and you felt like anything was possible,

and then you grew up,

and things didn't turn
out like you planned,

but still there was that part
inside of you that would dream.

Maybe you wanted strength,

maybe you wanted to be a part of something,

something bigger than yourselves.

Maybe you wanted to be a fighter,

have something worth fighting for.

Maybe some of you even
wanted to live forever.

Well, you can have it, all of it,

because that's what being
a vampire's all about.

Don't be afraid.

What do you have to fear
when you can do this?

I know. Pretty cool, right?

Marcel: When you leave
here, you'll forget this,

but somewhere deep down, you'll know

that the offer still exists to join me.

Be like me,

and only then will you
find your way back here

because you want it, because you need it.

- My money's on the rocker chick.
- I wouldn't bet on it.

Be lucky to get one from that group.

How can you tell?

They all seem tough.
What are you looking for?

I'm not looking for tough guys, Josh.

I'm looking for warriors.

What's the difference?

Klaus: A warrior fights
for what they believe in.

A warrior fights for his family.

What do you think you're doing, Elijah?

Welcome back. What is it,
the third night this week?

I don't need a caretaker.

Hybrids are invincible, right?

What are you doing, Elijah?

As we have discussed, our
illusion needs to be flawless.

Now months have passed.

- It's the appropriate time.
- What's next on the appropriate list,

Klaus and I hold our heads up high

and say we're ready to try again?

I understand that this
is difficult for you.

What's difficult is knowing that

Francesca Guerrera is still breathing
after she was the one that plotted

with the witches to kill my baby.

You will have your vengeance,

I promise you this.

Well, until then, this is my room,

and I'll tell you when it's appropriate

to clean it out.

[Music playing]

I don't know why you keep showing off.

You know you can't hurt me.

Oh, but the desire I have to do so.

I am Mikael, the vampire
who hunts vampires.

You know thin human blood
does little to sustain me.



Oh, I wish I could rip this from you

and break that which binds me to you

and complete the task for
which you resurrected me...

kill the bastard who calls himself my son.

You can't take off the bracelet,

and you can't kill Klaus,

not until I figure out how to
save my friends from dying, too.

I've studied their mother's
spell book for weeks.

I'm getting close.

Once I unlink my friends
from Klaus' sire line,

I will unleash you to be the
monster that you are so eager to be.

Music to my ears, my little witch.

The wolves have the numbers.

Back in 1925, the Guerrera
pack was maybe 100.

We went guerrilla warfare on their asses

and wiped them out over a 4-day fight,

but we're not just talking
about Guerreras now.

They've had wolves coming
in from packs all over.

Well, we don't need to hit them all,

just the 12 with the rings
that take me out very full moon.

What, you want to find 12 rings?

Go out and chop off the hand of every wolf

you find until you get what you want.

I mean, come on. You taught me that.

You and Elijah are stalling.


Because it's possible they're in possession
of something very dangerous to us.

Yeah. The stake that can kill you.

It went missing

the night I lost my child.

So it's in play,

and the thought of that
makes me very nervous,

especially on nights like tonight.

Why would you tell me that?


Do you have it?

Of course not. That kind
of weapon does me no good.

You die, I die

along with every vampire we've ever sired.

Well, then perhaps, you'd
like to help me get it back.

We attack the wolves tonight

when the moon hits its apex.

They won't expect it while I'm weak.

Joe: Hey. Bad news or good news?

Klaus, Joe. Joe, Klaus.

Now you want to talk Guerreras,

nobody fought harder back
in 1925 than Joe here.

Fought so hard, he retired into retail.

Been keeping the peace ever since
and living right under their noses.

Yeah. Well, good news is your
order came in this morning.

The bad news, I got made.

Your friend Davina saved my
ass, but what's done is done,

so pour me a drink, play me a
song because it's gonna be my last.

Joe, don't be dramatic.

Just head out of town
till things blow over.

No way. I don't run from Guerreras.

You don't leave, you won't have
to. They'll sniff you out in a day.

You let them come hunt me down

because I've had a good ride.

How would you like to get
back in the fight, Joe?

So what do you have in mind?

I've been thinking about this
whole thing the wrong way.

Guerrera pack loves to hunt.

They're primal, alphas.

I gave you my reason for not
making a move these past few months.

What, pray tell, is theirs?

They don't have the stake.

Well, then who the hell does?

Tonight, it doesn't matter

because tonight

we're going on a wolf hunt.

We have the Guerreras where we want them,

we have them waiting, we have them worried,

and now we know they're an army
with no defenses against an Original.

- We don't know that for certain.
- I'm willing to gamble.

It's too risky. The stake
didn't just disappear.

- Someone has it.
- One enemy at a time.

In the end, we'll slay them all.

Tonight, we just have
to plant the right seeds,

and for that, we need help.

[Keys rattling]

You know, I am starting to
think that you have a death wish.

Look. I just want to get my
stuff and get out of town.

And why would we let you do that?

Because I got information that could
be very useful to Francesca Guerrera.

Elijah: We're taking the 12 Original rings.

Now 4 of them sit on the
hands of the Guerrera brothers,

one on Oliver, one on Francesca,

3 with her home security detail, and
the rest scattered amongst her lackeys.

Now each ring is
distinguishable by its setting...

gauche like those that wear them.

Joe: Klaus thinks you
have the white oak stake.

But we don't.

Cassie: That doesn't matter

because if they think you have it

it means they don't know where it is.

Do a spell. Find it now.

If they believe they can
get their hands on the stake,

they will come for it when I am week.

Each ring we retrieve will strengthen me,

but I will still be at a disadvantage.

Ergo any hope of our success depends
entirely upon our working together.

The two of you can no longer afford
to retreat to separate corners.

This is our fight.

Are you ready for battle, Hayley?

Just promise me that Francesca
doesn't come out of this alive.

Her head will be delivered to you
on a silver platter, little wolf.

I'll take care of the
last piece of the puzzle.

Cassie: L'arme filium.

Pa kenbe ex oculus.


It's no good. I can't find it.

It must be cloaked.

I'd love to know by whom.

I'm afraid you'll have to tell
us the whole story this time,

not just enough to keep yourself alive.

- Francesca, I told you that...
- And I'm telling you

give me something I don't already
know, or you die right now.

Spill, and you walk out that door.

Who has the white oak stake?

Rumor has it it landed in
the hands of the priest.

It's not enough I can't even go on a walk.

- Now you have to do this?
- You know how to stop this.

Where's the stake?

Fine. Whatever.

What do I care? This is not even my fight.

There. That's where
you'll find what you want.

Now all you need is my Uncle's key.

And where's that?

Hiding in plain sight, genius.

Francesca: Klaus will
be at his lowest strength

for the next few hours.

Once you retrieve the white oak stake,

be ready to use it.

You take a group to the compound
and subdue him while he's still weak.

What about Elijah and Hayley? There's
no way they leave his side tonight.

Elijah can be weakened by your bites.

As for Hayley,

whoever rips out her heart gets a bonus.

- And where will you be?
- Here, where it's safe.

They're vampires.

They can't get into the
house without an invitation.

So we risk our lives while you hide?

I am the top dog.

Your job is to ensure the
battle doesn't come to me.

[Door opening]

Start from the corners.

Work the room from the outside in.


Well, look what we have here.

[Lock clicks]

Marcel: I know your boss
wanted to buy this place,

but I've been stockpiling
wolfsbane for months,

and I just really needed
a place to store it.


Get back! Get back!

I'm gonna need that.

[Music playing]





Good evening.

Have I mentioned that I've
had a rotten couple of months?


You think you're strong
because of that ring you wear?

You're nothing. We were strong.

We were part of a pack, and you ruined it.

If I see you with one of these again,

I will kill you myself.


It's fine.

He can't come in.

Can't I?

Don't bluff me.

You can't win.

You mobsters all suffer from such hubris.

Do you know Al Capone thought
himself invincible back in his day,

and in the end,

he was sentenced to the wretched filth
of Alcatraz for which of his atrocities?


A failure to pay his taxes.

I suppose the devil's
in the details, isn't it?

My, my, you have a beautiful home here.

I was so pleased when the city

took my suggestion to
protect its heritage status

and invoke eminent domain.

So I suppose that means

this house now belongs to the public,

and as such, anyone can enter...

Without invitation.

I'm still not at full strength.

Which of the rings are unaccounted for?

Only one.

I must say the brothers fought valiantly

before Miss Guerrera escaped.

You let her get away.

Not exactly.


[Music playing]


They got Joe.

Joe knew what he was getting himself into.

So what? "Hey. Come on. Join our team.

Your reward will be your death"?

Here's what you got to understand.

Vamps like Joe, they know what
it feels like to be in the battle

and what it is to sit on the sidelines.

Joe sat it out for a long time,

but when the fight came
to him, he got back in

because he'd rather die on his
feet than live on his knees.

That's a warrior.

But what are we fighting for?

Me... I'm fighting for my home,

for the dignity of the vampires
who were run out of there.

The question is

what are you fighting for?

That's the problem. I have no idea.

Look. The werewolves took over the
quarter. We beat them back today,

they'll fight us back tomorrow. It's nuts!

And all for a few measly
blocks of real estate?

I was born here in a time
far more shameful than now,

and even then, this city
was worth fighting for.

My blood runs through the gutters
of this city along with the blood

of my closest friends,

and, yeah, Klaus and I fought side by side

against the Guerreras,
but, you know, before long,

he's gonna want to be king of the wolves.

His blood runs deep here, too.

You hear that?

That is the first, last, and only album

that my friend Thierry Vanchure ever made.

It could have only been made here.

We're not fighting for real estate.

We're fighting for the soul of this city.

Woman: Hello?

Hi. I'm sorry.

This is weird.

I just kind of found my way here.


Hayley, Hayley! Hayley, please.

I killed her.


Francesca looked me in the
eye and begged me for her life

as I tore her apart...

But I don't feel better.

I don't feel peace. I don't feel anything!

It's perfectly natural given
what you've experienced.

Nothing about what I
am, Elijah, is natural.

As a hybrid, you will begin to experience
feelings with a greater intensity.

It will take time to master control.

I don't want to live like this, Elijah.

I hate it.

When I was living with
the crescents in the Bayou,

I finally understood the... the purity

of being a wolf, the nobility.

I killed 8 wolves tonight
before I got to Francesca,

8 of my own people.

What's noble about that?

I acted no better than a...

Than a vampire.

Everything has changed,

and not just for me.

I saw the way you looked at me before,

and I see the way that you look at me now.

I was a mother, and now I'm a monster.

Things are different now.

You can't tell me that they're not.


Wow. This sucks.

No trades today.

I mean, worse for you of course.

Guy had the market cornered on
the ancient Icelandic folk scene.

Those weren't for me.

I'm Kaleb.

- Davina.
- Wow. Cool name.

Terrible taste in music.

You obviously need me.

Klaus: Could you not just
take a sledgehammer to them?

These were forged by a witch,
brother, and as such, only the elements

of water and fire can destroy them.

I'd have though this would
bring you greater pleasure.

As would I.

This was my fault,

all of it.

If had just accepted Hayley's
pregnancy instead of...

playing king.

I should have listened to you.

Instead, my greed and my
envy robbed me of my daughter.

My actions...

led to the release of a weapon
that can kill not just me

but you.

A thousand years I've
survived your attempts

to destroy me, brother.

I imagine I can survive this.

You chase my redemption

like a man rolling a stone
up an endless mountain.

Well, no mountain is endless, brother.

Some are just steeper than others.

And as much as I would like to be the
one to comfort Hayley in this moment,

I believe that only you
can understand her grief.

We lost our child.

I mean, what could I
possibly say to ease her pain?

Whatever she needs to hear.

Do you think things will be
better in the quarter now?

No, but it as nice fighting
with Klaus for a change.

I'm sorry about Joe.

Guy was brave.

So were you.

Doesn't matter.

This has to stop, Marcel, us.

The deeper I'm in it with you,
the deeper I'm into everything,

and I have to get my
certification, I have to help...

human people with their human problems,

and I can't do that if I keep
letting myself get pulled back in.

I'm sorry. This has to end.

[Music playing]

- Klaus: It will get better.
- When?

I'm immortal now. If I
can't get through today,

how am I supposed to get through forever?

You know, over the years,

I've had my share of friends, enemies,

lovers, losses, and triumphs.

With time, they all begin to run together,

but you will find the
real moments are vibrant.

The rest just fades away.

Your pain will fade.

Not until I can hold my
baby in my arms again.

And so you shall.

But in order to do that, we need
to regain control of the city.

Now we worked separately
once to unite those wolves.

We can work together to do it again.

They don't need to be our enemies.

After ambushing them, they're not
gonna want to be our friends, Klaus.

You waged a just war on those
who would harm your child.

Not only will they respect
you. They will answer to you.

Why would they do that now?

Because you're their queen.

What about all our other enemies?

The witches don't stop plotting
even after they're dead.

We defeated my mother and her witches

because we stood united.

That is how we will face all our enemies...

as a family.

[Music playing]

Mr. Griffith? Cami.

I can't thank you enough for
sponsoring my supervised residency.

Please. Um, call me Vincent.

Cassie: Did she buy it?

Entirely. The humans are weak.

Their bodies are so strange.

I've forgotten what it feels
like to be this vulnerable.

At least you're not stuck
in the body of a teenager.

Kaleb: Well, I love my body, Mother.

I'm pretty sure Davina Claire does, too.

Don't be puerile. We have work to do.

Your brothers did me a
favor by killing Francesca.

Now I will control the
witches and the werewolves.

With the vampires in exile,

we can begin to take root

in our new home.

Finn, Kol,

let's get to work.

We have a family reunion to plan.

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