The Originals (2013–2018): Season 1, Episode 22 - From a Cradle to a Grave - full transcript

As the baby's due date draws near, Klaus and Elijah embark on a search for Hayley, while Hayley determines to do whatever it takes to keep her unborn baby safe and away from the witches. ...

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Previously on The Originals.

- You're Klaus' father?
- You can bring me back to life.

Welcome to my hell.

You're all right.
Have you dreamt of our father?

- I saw Mikael.
- I've been dreaming of him, too.

Your mother is clearly
a very gifted witch.

Any way I do the math,
it ends with me and my guys dead.

So whatever it is you got coming
with the wolves,

just know that I will fight
until I am dead!

Nice job.

You saved me the trouble
of killing all these vampires myself.

That baby is part witch.

She has to be born first
before she can die.

- No!
- This is the way it had to be.

Writing a love letter to
one of your many suitors?

So who's the lucky recipient then.
Jackson or Elijah?

Don't tell me it's me.

I thought I was out of the running
ages ago.

The award for biggest ego goes to...


How is our littlest wolf?

Do you want to...

Come on.

Feel that?


I'll leave you
to your secret letter then.

Dear Zoey.

Or Caitlin or Angela.

To my little girl...

your dad just asked
if this was a love letter.

I guess it kind of is.

I never got to know my mother.

I have no idea what she must have
felt when she carried me.

Let go of me, you bitch!

So I thought I'd write to you

so that you could know how happy
I am at this very moment.

How much your father and I
can't wait to meet you.

And I want to make you a promise,

three things that you will have
that I never did.

A safe home,

someone to tell you
that they love you every single day

and someone to fight
for you no matter what.

In other words, a family.

So there you go, baby girl.

The rest we're going to
have to figure out together.

I love you. Your mom.

You should know
this brings me no joy.

I promise I'll make it quick.

Let's begin, shall we?

No, no, no!


Oh, God. What happened?

- Klaus.
- They fought, and he got bit.

- Marcel.
-It's okay.

I gave as good as I got,
but we need Klaus's blood to heal.

You fought Klaus.

- Did he bleed?
- I got him pretty good, yeah.


Uh, Davina.

What the hell?

Josh, what are you doing here?
I told you to rest.

- I'm fine.
- You're going to start hallucinating soon.

I mean, unless I'm hallucinating you

standing in the middle of the
street and chanting for no reason.

Wait. Am I?

I'm going to save you.
I'm going to save all of you.

Okay. I am hallucinating.

-I will bring hell to your doorstep!
- One last push. Baby's almost here.

I will bathe
in rivers of your blood.

- I can see the baby.
- Okay, now push.

- Gently, gently.
- You will die screaming!


You have a beautiful baby daughter.

We must start the sacrifice

as soon as the moon sets
with the morning sky.


Please, can I hold her?




She's gone.

You've been bitten.

There's only enough here for one.

No. This has to be enough.

I can't choose.

Please don't make me choose.

Save your friend.

I can take care of the rest of us.

- Marcel.
- I can't.

Judging by the look of that bite,
you don't have time to argue.


Josh is one of my guys.

Enough of my guys have died today,
so come on.

One point for you...

and one point for Niklaus.

Where do you think you're going?

To find Klaus, get his blood, and
save as many of my guys as I can.


For that, you'll need a weapon.

And it just so happens
I have an arsenal.

- How?
- I was bested.

You were bested?

You were bested!

My invincible brother.

They took the baby
but there's still time.

We can save her.

Tombs are empty, the grounds
are deserted. She's not here!

This is the only place they can be.
We'll keep searching.

They are not here, Niklaus.
We're wasting time!

Their harvest was here,
the reaping was here.

They are about to perform a ritual which
will feed their ancestors for centuries,

ancestors who are buried here.

This statue.

We've passed by this three times, all
whilst going in the same direction.

They have fabricated
some kind of illusion.

That's one word for it.

- So this is what Kieran was hiding.
- More like stockpiling.

From what I can gather,
it's mostly weapons.

Dark objects created by witches.

And co-opted by the humans.

Kieran's been keeping this
a secret for years.

You sure you want to show me all this?

You said knowing my uncle's secrets
could get me killed.

But what if those same secrets
could save the lives of my friends?

Look at this.
I learned about it in the Lycée.

It's called the Devil's Star.

They say one throw
can make a thousand cuts.

A thousand cuts sounds about right.
I need to make Klaus bleed.

It's ingenious.

I can see them, I can feel them,
and yet they are not real.

There has to be a way.

- Even if we could just push through--
- What we need to do is focus.

My only focus right now is that child
and her safety.

Do you understand me?

This, all of this.

This is the world
that you created, Niklaus.

- Brother--
- All of your scheming,

the enemies that you have made
every day of your miserable life.

What results did you expect?

That your child would be born
into a happy life?

That the mother would be alive
to know her daughter?

That we could live and thrive
as some sort of family?

- That was your fantasy, not mine!
- No! Brother.

This was our hope.

This was our family's hope.

And now she is gone.

Do you understand?
I let this person in.

I let her in.

I don't let people in.

You knew this,
and you've taken her from me.

I needed her,
and you've broken me.

You can tell your niece

how much you cared for her mother
when we save her.



The moon has almost faded
from the morning sky.

I need to prepare.

She'll go through with it.
The ancestors promised her her life.

What about their promise to us?

Four harvest girls sacrificed,
four girls returned.

But her friends hijack it,
and ours have to stay dead?

Cassie was our friend.

I hope she doesn't go through
with it.

Then you and I
can do what the ancestors want,

and they'll give us Cassie.

And drag Genevieve
back to where she came from.

It's time.

It says I need to channel power
from a Nexus Vorti.

Ah, yes.

My wife, Esther, always did love
to dress things up a bit.

It's fancy witch speak.

Nexus Vorti.
A rare occurrence.

Something so infrequent,
it's almost a miracle

like an astrological event, or...

- A miracle baby.
- Voila.

Are you certain you have
the power to bring me back?

I do now.

We've passed through
here twice already.

We're running out of time.

Then we move faster.

Or smarter.



How are you here?

I woke up in the church.
I felt this hunger.

I knew what I needed.

I can feel her.

She's here.

I can feel my baby.

You died with the baby's blood
still in your system.

She's in transition.

Which means she has to drink the
blood of the child if she's to survive.

To be a reborn hybrid.

I don't care about me.

I'm going to go find our daughter.

From ash to bone,
from bone to flesh,

from flesh to life.


You fools!

To come against us
in our place of power,

in our strongest hour.

You don't face three.

You face us all.

Who the hell are you?




I was too late.

There should have been more time.

Looks like the wolves came back
and finished what they started.

You took my daughter so I
would heal you and your friends.


This bite.

All this.

I know it didn't come from nowhere.

This is the last note in a song
that I started a century ago.

When I brought your dad to town.

And for that, I am sorry.


You saved my child's life, Marcel.

For that, you deserve this.

We will take down
whoever brought this upon us.

I swear it.

May I?




Hey there.

- Stop! Ah!
- No.

Why is this happening?

You brought me back to kill my son.

I brought you back to punish him.

And you will when I'm ready
and not a minute before.

What have you done?

I added a little something extra
in the spell that brought you back.

I spent eight months of my life here
being used as a secret weapon.

Now you can see how it feels.



The ancestors left me no choice.

You were willing to sacrifice
an innocent baby for more power.

Oh, not just power.

It was the ancestors' decree.

It was her decree.

It was whose decree?

I'm surprised you have to ask.

After all, you were the one
who convinced your siblings

to consecrate her
in New Orleans soil.


So not even death can stop my mother

from seeking the annihilation
of her own flesh and blood.

This isn't the end.

As long as that child lives,

the witches of New Orleans
will never stop coming for it.

Esther will never stop
coming for it.

It has been decreed.

Your baby will be consecrated
among her ancestors.

She will not live.

They're coming for me.
I can feel it.

I've failed them.


Understand, I just wanted to live.

Tell Klaus I'm sorry.

I'm not.

We should have felt our
mother's hand in this.

We should have known
she would not be bound

by anything as obvious as death.

And now she has control
of the witches.

- They will never stop.
- No.

Nor would I expect
the Guerrera Wolves to back down.

Hayley and the child
are wolf royalty.

And as such, they are a threat
to Francesca's claim to leadership.

They will never be safe.

What was it you said to me earlier,

that I've made enemies
every day of my miserable life?

Well, the worst of them
are within these borders, brother.

I have brought into the world
a weapon they can use against me.

Then we will arm ourselves.

Brother, we fought every adversary
in this town and we have won.

We'll fight them again,
no matter who they are.

We'll make this home a fortress.

I will not have her live her life
as a prisoner.

Then we leave here together,
all of us.

Wherever we go, however far we run,

those who seek power and revenge
will hunt us. They will hunt her.

She has inherited all our enemies
with none of our defenses.

So whether we stay or we leave,
we condemn her.

There is a third option.

I grew up in a war zone.

My parents thought
they could protect me.

But in the end,
they were slaughtered,

and I spent my childhood alone
and unloved.

I made a promise to my baby
and to myself.

That she would not grow up
like I did.

That she would grow up
safe and loved.

And yet here she is
on her first day in this world

with a grandmother
that is bent on sacrificing her.

And a mother that has to drink
the blood of her own baby

to survive transitioning
into a hybrid.

And I'm the one
that loves her the most.

I think the only thing to do
is send her away

while we stay behind

and clean up the mess
that we've made.

No. This is insane.

You heard Genevieve.

So long as she lives,
that baby will be hunted.

What if no one knows she lives?

What is it that you intend to do,

Whatever it takes
to save our family.

Today begins a new day
in the quarter.

My family, long-time residents
of this great community,

pledges to help every citizen

recover from the terrible outbreak
of gang violence

that erupted on the streets
of our city last night.

We will rebuild.

We will remember those who perished

as we seek to disinfect this town
of its worst elements.

We will work together

to ensure the heart
of the Crescent City thrives again.

Last man standing, huh?

I'm interested in making a deal.

Don't look like
you got much to offer.

I'm hearing word that the Guerreras
want the quarter to be a no vampire zone.

I can make that happen

in exchange for you leaving us alone
across the river.

Or I can unleash hell
on your new wolf pack.

- And how can you do that?
- Easy.

I made my peace with Klaus.
He cured me.

So now it's you versus us.

Klaus is a warmonger.

You think he's gonna choose to side

with a pack of scrawny vamps...

...or an army of the new wolf breed
that he created?

I'm thinking
he's gonna side with us.

Especially after he finds out
that your pack killed his kid.


Open the box,

and let me know
what you think Klaus will believe

about who's responsible
for what you find inside of it.

Cremation may be the best way to go
before Klaus smells it on you.


The baby?

She died.

A few hours
after the Guerrera attack.

This is--
This is all my fault.

- I can assure you it is not.
- No.

If I hadn't hesitated,

I could have uncovered
Francesca's plot in time to stop it.

And how would you have stopped the
coven of witches in league with her?


If anyone is to blame, I am.

I am so, so sorry.


I appreciate you being here,
but we cannot befriends.


You had me pegged from the start.

A man damaged by his demons,
and those demons are not dormant.

They are hell-bent on killing me
and everything I find beautiful.

And you.

You are beautiful.


- Please just go.
- Klaus.


Did Marcel play his part?

He managed
to locate a stillborn baby

in a hospital in upstate Louisiana.

I trust he agreed to the terms.

He has agreed
to allow me to compel him

to forget what he knows of my child.

In exchange,
he wants vials of my blood.

But the witches
will have to believe this.

Soon that fourth harvest girl
will resurrect.

The coven will rebuild.

If they sense that your child lives,
they will hunt her.

The witches will buy what we sell.

We just have to sell it properly.

Well, then all that remains
is to say goodbye.

They will be watching
us, all of them.

The three of us leaving together
will draw too much attention.

I will go alone.

Take your mourning public
when I'm gone.

I don't imagine
that will be too difficult.

Grief, after all, is grief.

In what world will she be
safe without us, brother?

Who can protect her better than we?

There is one person.

Hello, sister.

Oh, she looks like her mother.

Maybe there is a God after all.

Well, she has a hint of the devil
in her eyes.

That's all me.

You'll need a witch you can trust
to cast a cloaking spell.

I'll get one.

- No one can ever find her.
- I know what to do, Nik.

Perhaps we'll get a white fence.
I think that would be lovely.

This city would have seen you dead,

but I will have it your home.

And every soul who wishes you harm
will be struck down.

Just as sure
as my blood runs in your veins,

you will return to me.

In spite of our differences,

there is no one I would trust more
with my daughter's life.

Be happy, sister.

She will be happy, Nik. I promise.

What's her name?


Her name is Hope.

May you rest in peace.

What's the fun in that?

Come along. We have much to do.

Yes mother.