The Originals (2013–2018): Season 1, Episode 21 - The Battle of New Orleans - full transcript

Klaus and Elijah enact a plan to collect the sacred stones needed by Genevieve in order to forever change the fates of Hayley and the werewolf community. Realizing that Klaus' plan will ...

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Previously on "The Originals"...

If we can't create
some sort of community,

then what's the point?

Kill each other
and get it all over with.

I'm invested in protecting
the people of this city,

and to do that, I need the key.

I had Josh lift it for me.

Off my uncle.

My brother taught me
this code 15 years ago.

You're Klaus' father?

- I need you.
- What can I do?

You can bring me back to life.

A moonlight ring to protect
werewolves from the curse.

What do I have to do?

I need to know what stone it housed.

A ring of empowerment, something
to control this curse.

What kind of spell?

A spell of my mother's.

All I ask is that
the child is kept safe.

Our daughter should be raised by
her parents in our family home.

The ancestors want
us to kill Klaus' child.

Whatever it is you got
coming with the wolves,

just know that I'm gonna
fight for my guys,

I'm gonna fight for my city, and
I will fight until I am dead.

I would expect nothing less.

Lot of driving
for a bag of rocks.

We'll be in the quarter by dawn.

Sure the hybrid will do his part?

Hayley will make sure of that.

Yeah. I forgot your fiancée has got
him wrapped around her finger.

You know, Ollie, I love
you like a brother,

but if you don't lay off Hayley,
we're gonna have a problem.

Pay attention, Romeo.

All right. Relax.

We ain't done anything.

Evening, officers.

Step out of the car, both of you.

What's this about?

I think you should
do what the man says...

Before things take a nasty turn.

Have I told you that you're awesome?

Because you are, along with
the sun, daylight rings...

That guy jogging in the tank top.

Josh, now that you have a ring,

I think you need to leave town.

Whoa, wait.
We're breaking up?

I'm serious.
Yeah. I know.

Serious is kind of
your default setting,

which is why you need me
around to lighten you up.

Ergo, not leaving.


You ok?

Just witch stuff.

Marcel came to me yesterday.

He wanted a cloaking spell.

He's gonna make a move
against Klaus, a big move.

Wow. Ok. Guess he forgot to call me.

Rude. Well, did you help him?

Yes, because I don't
want him to get killed,

but if Klaus finds out...

Hey, look.

If Marcel has got a plan,
maybe Klaus will buy a clue,

realize he's a negative
on the popularity chart,

and go into vampire retirement.

I hear Palm Springs is nice.

Klaus isn't the only thing
we need to be afraid of.

Look. If there's a war coming,

promise me you'll go before
you get caught up in it.

Your mother's spell is as
complicated as it is elegant.

She was clearly a very gifted witch.

Is this the bit here?

Hey, like I said, it's complicated.

She bound protection magic
to black kyanite stones.

A werewolf with the stones is
free from turning on a full moon.

And what of the improvements?

This spell will enhance
speed, strength, and agility.

There should be something
in there about fangs.

It's what my mother used on us
when she turned us into vampires.

Not just fangs.

You said you want venom so the
bite is still lethal to vampires.

Hmm. Here.

Should make a nice gift.

I'm sure Hayley will be thrilled.

Oh, not just Hayley.

You'll be making quite a few of these.

Let's call it an even hundred.

That's not the deal
I made with Elijah.

Well, you're dealing with me now...

And I am offering considerably more.

You think because I sleep with you,

I'm suddenly at your beck and call.

Because you sleep with me, luv,

I will protect you from those
who might do you harm,

including my brother.

Because I need you, however,

I'm prepared to offer something
more valuable than my protection.

Which is what?

My mother's grimoire, from
which I took these spells.

You see, Elijah is offering
you a mere peek at its pages,

but I will grant it to you as a gift

if you pledge your loyalty to me,

beginning with the creation
of those rings.

This has been your plan all along.

You want to build a werewolf army,
and you're using me to do it.

Sweetheart, I'm not the enemy.

Nor are the wolves.

Your abusive coven expects
you to sacrifice yourself

for the last of the harvest girls.

Do this one favor for me,

and you need never fear
anyone ever again.

Ma'am, you need to leave.

Hey, hey, what's going on?

Folks, you need to leave now.

Hey, what are you...

I tried
to be nice about this.

Who the hell do you think you are?

I am the new owner
of this gumbo shack.

Ink is not dry on the contract yet,

but I can tell you, I got it cheap.

Business is not what is used to be

since Sophie Deveraux
kicked the bucket.

Look. I don't want any trouble.

I don't really care what you want.

Let's talk about what I want.

My uncle's key.

You said you were gonna use it to
protect the innocents of the city.

Seems pretty ironic,
given your line of work.

I'm a legitimate businesswoman who's
never been convicted of a crime,

and, as leader of the human faction,

that key is mine.

I gave you time to mourn.

Now time is up.

Message received.

Let me just go find
that key I don't have.

My family has been in New Orleans

for a long time, Cami,
even longer than yours,

and we've learned
it's a very hard city

to get by in if you
don't have any friends.

I'd like to be your friend.

So I'm gonna give you until tomorrow,

and after that,
I won't be so friendly.

Uh! Uh!

Uh! Uh!

Leave him alone!

We'll leave your boy alone when
you tell us what Klaus is up to.

How the hell should
I know what he is up to?

See, I know you've been meeting him.

The stones in your duffel bag,
it's black kyanite.

It's pretty rare.

I also know enough about witchcraft

to recognize the
ingredients of a spell.

So you gonna make me ask again?


You want to know the problem
with having two werewolf hostages?

You really only need one.

You crescent boys, you
think you're a bunch of badasses,

but back in '25, I wiped out

a whole bloodline
of Guerrera werewolves.

They were a lot tougher than you.


You let him go, I will
tell you about the stones,

about Klaus...


All right. All right.

A deal is a deal,
but since nirvana here

is gonna turn into a wolf
in about 8 hours, D.,

drop his ass off way out in the bayou.

Will I at least get to kill this fool?

No. I got a better idea.

Yes, brother?
What is it?

It appears our wolves have
gone astray, brother.

They should've been back hours ago.

We need to find them.

Well, that might be a bit tricky.

You see, we've located their car

on a back road
in the middle of nowhere.

I suspect they've been shanghaied.

And you didn't feel the need
to share this information?

It was my intention
to present you with the problem

only after I'd found
an appropriate solution.

Well, do enlighten us.

I'm closing in on it as we speak.

The only person who would be
bold enough to snatch

my wolf allies is the one
who has the most to lose.

No. He'll kill them.

Genevieve assures me

that Marcel has procured
a cloaking spell.

The only witch who will
aid Marcel is Davina.

I just need to get
one last bit of leverage

before I pay her a visit...

And there it is.

Hello, Joshua.




I'm sorry.

What happened?

Joshua went and got
himself a werewolf bite.

Well, a hybrid bite, technically,
but it will kill him just the same.

Why are you doing this?

I blame you.

After all my overtures of friendship,

you once again sided with Marcel,
forcing me to do horrible things

to someone you care about.

I'm not without mercy, Davina.

I can cure him,
but you have to cooperate

and tell me where to find Marcel.

Why, so you can kill him, too?

Marcel chose his path.

Seems unfair that Josh
should have to suffer for it.


He's at a warehouse at the docks...

Thierry's place.

You see?

That wasn't so hard, now, was it?

What about Josh?

Well, he'll live
another 24 hours or so.

I may need you, and Joshua
serves as wonderful leverage.

The next time I ask a
question, answer quicker.

Thank you for your time.

I didn't realize my uncle
even had this place

until a read about it in his will.

This building has been in
my family for decades.

You uncle helped us raise the funds
to restore it after Katrina.

I figured he'd kept this
room for extra space.

Anyway, I didn't ask any questions.

You know, Father K.,
he was as good as they come.

Sorry for your loss.


Do you mind if I go in alone?

Here's to buried treasure.


Elijah should've called by now.

Worrying isn't going to help.

You should sit down, try to keep calm.

What are you now,
magician-slash-zen life coach?

The treatment of pregnant women

has advanced remarkably
since I was a nurse,

but even I know high blood pressure
is bad for you and your baby,

especially now that
you're so close to term.

I hate this.

I feel completely useless.

Don't you get it?
You're the point of all this.

Klaus and Elijah running all
over town, it's all for you.

I'm a bit envious.

Great. Lucky me.

Is there anything I can get you?

How about a moonlight ring?

The spell can't be performed until
the full moon reaches its apex,

and, of course, I need the stones,
which will be here soon enough.

Have a little faith.

Accolades to Marcel.

He did quite a dance across
the bridge of your nose.

Where is he now?

Nowhere to be found...

Although he did leave us
a delightful parting gift.

What about the stones?

I don't know. Untie me.
I'll help you find them.

Sit still.

You'll be freed as soon as it's safe.

Our focus should be the stones.

Considering Jackson is competition

for Hayley's affection,
I think you'd agree.

Disregard my brother.

Over the course
of the last millennium,

his capacity for tact
is somewhat diminished.

Oh, that's typical, isn't it?

Marcel fills a room with dynamite,

and yet I'm the tactless one.

I recognize these explosives
from the attack on the bayou.

Could you remind me again why you
believed that Marcel was innocent?

Remind me to ask him before
I pull out his innards.

Ah. Ok.

Exercise extreme caution
in this general area.

Bit of a mess.

Impeccable timing.

What's going on?

Jackson is fine.

He's a little tied up right now.

Could we call you back?

Oh, that doesn't bode well.

Jackson; Are you trying to kill us?

Elijah, tell me what's going on now.

Thank God you're alive.


I'm fine, too.
Thanks for asking.

What about the stones?

Scattered across the bed of
the Mississippi, I imagine.

Marcel is no fool.

He knows an empowered werewolf army

would mean the end of vampires
in New Orleans.

The explosion is his way of
saying he means to prevent that,

for all the good it'll do him.

Well, it did him pretty
damn well, didn't it?

This is my fault.
I will find a way to fix it.

No, Jack. You're hurt,
and no one is blaming you.

I'm blaming you.

Those stones will be hard to replace.

Fortunately, I always have
a backup plan.

You can't seriously mean her.

She's a gangster.

I see her more as a means to procuring
rare items at short notice.

Greetings, Ms. Correa.

I see you've brought company.

These are my brothers.

I always include them
in delicate business matters.

Fellas, meet Mr. Mikaelson.

Please, call me Klaus.

All my friends do.

I don't know if I'd call us friends,

but if you and Marcel are planning
on having a little throwdown,

I'd prefer my family to be on the
same side as the inevitable Victor.

Then you have what I asked for.

Not enough for an army at such
short notice, but it's start.

Strange, I wasn't aware that she
was familiar with our plan.

My price for doing business
is full disclosure.

Your brother complied.

How does the human faction
expect to benefit from all this?

I only want to solidify our
allegiance to the ruling class.

It's good for business.

If only everyone shared
your capacity for reason.

Sadly, they don't.

Marcel is being especially vindictive.

I'm worried he might come after me

or my family just
for meeting with you.

It might be in our best interests
if we combine our efforts.

So be it.

The more bodies we have to
defend the compound, the better.

Let's get started, shall we?

Thank you.

Don't thank me.

It was Elijah who vamped
your ass to safety.

Yeah. He really seems
to care about you.

It's complicated.

I think that's the
understatement of the year.

Look. I got to go, get back to the
bayou before the moon rises, so...

Jackson, this will be the last time.

After tonight, you'll
never have to turn again...

No more pain, no more hiding
in the bayou, I promise.

You know, Klaus isn't doing this
out of the kindness of his heart.

He's doing it for you, Hayley.

You're the one who's gonna
change everything for us.

Seems I owe you yet again.

I understand he risked
his life to save his friend.

He's a good man.

Yes. He is.

Elijah, there is something
that I need to tell you.

My family wanted me...

I was supposed to be
betrothed to Jackson.

I wanted to tell you sooner.

I just didn't know how.
It's this insane custom.

No. You don't need
to explain anything.

I understand the need to make
sacrifices for one's family.

Oh, come on, Elijah.

For once in your immortal life,
can you just not be so noble?

What would you have me do?

I just told you that I'm betrothed

according to some backwater arrangement
by people that I never knew.

Tell me that you think
betrothals are stupid.

Tell me that I have a choice.

You will always have a choice.

I trust you are ready.

The last ingredient is personal.

As this spell is designed
to control transformation,

I need the blood of a werewolf
who doesn't turn on a full moon.

My first thought was Hayley
because of the pregnancy.

Out of the question.

I'd just as soon limit the mother

of my unborn child to the side
effects of your witchery.

I am half wolf.
I control my form.

Use my blood.

If you fail to uphold
your end of the deal,

the consequences for you
will be apocalyptic.

You say the most romantic things.

I appreciate you all coming.
It's been a while.

By now, you've heard what's going on.

Klaus found a way to make
werewolves lethal to us 24/7.

The fireworks at the docks, that
was me trying to spoil his plan.

He's moving forward, anyway.

He's got as witch, he's got a spell,

and if he pulls this off, in one
night, we go from hunter to prey.

Now, I know what
some of y'all are thinking.

"We stood against Klaus before,
and we failed."

Uh-uh. That's on me.
I failed.

I called off the attack
because I thought it was

the only way to save lives,
but make no mistake.

If we don't stand against him now,

our lives aren't worth a damn, anyway.


Wise man said, "if you know
yourself and know your enemy,

then you don't need to fear
the outcome of battle."

I know myself, I know my
friends, and I know my enemy.

I know his strengths,
I know his pride,

and I know his house,
every nook and cranny.

We're gonna go there tonight

hard and fast all at once
from every angle.

We kill their witch, destroy her
spell book, and get the hell out...


And as for Klaus,
he'll be coming for me,

and that's exactly what I want.

I'll lead him away.

I just need the rest of you
to get past Elijah

and do what needs to be done.

So that's the plan.

I need to know right now,
who's with me?


Matera et lunare tua virtuse.

Matera et lunare tua virtuse.

Matera et lunare tua virtuse.

Matera et lunare tua virtuse.

My people say Marcel is on the
move and he's bringing friends.

Matera et lunare tua virtuse.

Get Hayley to safety.

Matera et lunare tua virtuse.

Come with me.

Someone needs to watch her.

Matera et lunare tua virtuse.

Matera et lunare tua virtuse.

You should help Klaus.

My brothers and their security detail

won't be much against a vampire army.

Matera et lunare tua virtuse.

I'll stay with Hayley.

Matera et lunare tua virtuse.

Go, Elijah...

Matera et lunare tua virtuse.

And don't hold back.

Matera et lunare tua virtuse.

Matera et lunare tua virtuse.

Matera et lunare tua virtuse.

I thought this lot would've
learned their lesson.

Well, they're not exactly
renowned for their genius.

So where's the ringleader
of this circus...

Too afraid to show his face?

I'm here.

I'm gonna offer you one last
chance to pack your stuff

and get the hell out of my town.

Or what, you'll allow your
men to rush to their deaths again?

Look around.

Every vampire in the quarter came out.

They want their city back,
no surrender this time.

You're gonna have to kill us all.


I think I'll start with you.

Fine. Come get me.

If you don't kill him, I will.

He's mine.

This won't take long.


Shall we?


Not bad,

but not nearly good enough.

How pathetic you've become.

Explosives, Marcellus, really?

I should've know it was you who
detonated those bombs in the bayou.

The docks, that was me.

I got the detonators from Francesca.

Why don't you ask her
about the bayou bombing?

Lies and distractions.

I never went after Hayley.

I'm not a monster, Klaus.

I'm not you.

My family has been in New
Orleans for a long time.

Flank him!
Take him down now!


Ms. Correa, we need to go.

Your brothers are already
heading out the back.

Not yet.

Matera et lunare tua virtuse.

Matera et lunare tua virtuse.

Matera et lunare tua virtuse.

Matera et lunare tua virtuse.

Matera et lunare tua virtuse.

The stones are finished.
I've done my part.

Now it's up to you.

I'll get them to the bayou.

Actually, she was talking to me.

What the hell is this?

Call it a side deal.

Point is, I'm taking the stones.

Are you out of your mind?

You think that humans
can go up against Klaus?

No. I don't, but I'm not human.

I'm like you, Hayley, and now
I'm gonna take back my town.

Like hell, you are.

Don't look so dour, Genevieve.

We both got what we wanted.

how well your name fits you,

little warrior,

though ultimately one
of no consequence.

My name is Marcel.

Is there no end to your defiance?

You summoned Mikael,
turned Rebekah against me,

tried to bury me in your garden,
and yet you always fail.

What is there left to do but
put you out of your misery?


Hayley, I've called 6 times.
Call me back.

You said you wanted
to know if I learned

anything about Francesca Correa.

Her family is descended
from a werewolf bloodline.

We've spent two generations
living a lie, and now our time...

Our time has come.

You know what do to.


Ahh! Uh! Uh!





Are we done?

Well, nice job.

Saved me the trouble

of killing all these vampires myself.



Argh! Rrgh!

Agh! Aah!


Kill as many of them as you can.





I'm sorry, mate, but
I'm a bit famished.

No. No! Aah!





Ha! You look awful.

Why aren't I healing?

What have you done to me?

You were the one that
wanted me to cast the spell.

So I made your stones by linking
their power to your blood,

and now each full moon
whenever a werewolf

uses their power to keep from turning,

they will be drawing from your
strength and causing you pain.

After all I offered you,
you will betray me?

Look me in the eyes, Nik.

Were you ever planning to give
me your mother's grimoire?

Did you care about me,
even for a moment?

I suppose you'll never know.

Francesca kept her end of the deal.

There is, after all,
honor among thieves,

even if they are werewolves, and
as for you, the great irony is,

in wanting to take the city,
you've lost everything...

Your sister Rebekah,
your adopted son Marcel...

And now even your child
and her mother will suffer,

all because of your greed.

Raah! Aagh!

I will kill you.

As weak as you are?


Josh, please drink this.

Oh, man.

Just hang on, please.


Surely, you're not surprised.

Deep down, you knew Niklaus
would leave Joshua to die.

Why are you still here?

I haven't much time left, but
then, neither does your friend.

I can heal him.
I'll find a way.

Even if you could, how long
till it happens again?

As long as Niklaus
remains in New Orleans,

you and your loved ones will
continue to suffer his torment.

I am the only man in history who's
been able to drive him off,

to bring him fear and pain.

If your friend needs
Klaus' blood to survive,

I've been known to spill
a fair share of it.

You'll help me save Josh?

I do have personal reasons for
wanting Niklaus to suffer,

but, yes, I'd like nothing
more than you help you.

And all I have to do
is raise you from the dead.

A small price to pay
to cure your friend

and live a life free of a monster.

Think, Davina.

There still exists a weapon
that can kill Klaus.

Bring back the one being who
has the strength to use it.

Who were you talking to?

Doesn't matter.
I'm gonna fix you.

It's done.

A deal is a deal.

You said the bombing was gonna
be minor, no casualties.

All I wanted to do was rally the
crescents against the vampires.

And isn't that exactly what happened?

People died...
My people, my pack!

Your pack?

That's funny...

Because it looked to me
like they were ready

to follow Hayley,
but now, thanks to me,

we have control of the very
thing that will inspire loyalty

from both the crescents
and the Guerreras...

The means to make our
people even more powerful.

The only thing I had to trade
away was the one person

who could've challenged us.

Poor Hayley.
It is a shame.

The witches drive a hard bargain,

but every revolution
requires sacrifice.

This city will belong
to the wolves again.

All we have to do...

Is take it.

No. No.
No, no, no, no, no.

No. No. No. No.

No. No, no, no!


Marcel, I'm sorry.

Uh. Uh! Uh! Uh...

Oh, my God, Marcel, I've been
trying to find someone, anyone.

What's happening?

You need to get out of here.

My guys have been bitten by wolves.

They'll get sick and then blood-crazy.

We need to find Klaus.
His blood can heal you.

Where is she?

Where's Hayley?

He doesn't have her.

I know you don't trust him,
but you know I wouldn't lie.

He doesn't have her.

Someone does.

Where's my brother?

I left him in the street.

He was gonna kill me,

and then he got jacked up
by some witch's spell.


Please, no.

Get her down on the floor.

We should take her
to the city of the dead.

We won't make it.
The baby is coming now.

It's too soon.

Apparently not.

The plan was to induce her
when the sacrifice was ready.

I had to subdue her, and the trauma
caused a placental abruption.

So the baby is coming, and
we'll just have to adapt.

Oh, let me go!

You need to be calm, Hayley.

Why are you doing this to me?

To be reborn, we must sacrifice.

What the hell does that mean,
you psychotic, little bitch?

The ancestors demand an
offering in exchange for power.

And you child will be a fine offering.

No. No.

You will not take my baby.
I will kill all of you.

No, you won't, and neither
will Klaus or Elijah.

When your baby is born,

we will offer it up to
those who came before us.

I'm sorry, Hayley, but this
is the way it had to be.

No. No!

No! No!

Aah! Arrgh!