The Originals (2013–2018): Season 1, Episode 20 - A Closer Walk with Thee - full transcript

Hayley confronts a surprising enemy as she and her unborn baby fall into peril during a celebratory wake to honor a fallen member of the community. In order to save Hayley, Klaus and Elijah...

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Previously on The Originals.

If we can't create
some sort of community,

then what's the point?

Kill each other
and get it all over with.

If there is no peace between us,

then how can you expect
others to follow suit?

The city's inhabitants will
not adhere to this agreement.

The guy on the bike, the bomber,
owed money to the casinos.

More importantly,
to the humans who run them.

The ancestors told
me to let you live.

Whatever it is they want,
I will make sure they get it.

They want us to kill Klaus' child.

I've been hexed,
and I don't know how long I have.

I'm calling to let you
know the priest is dead.

Your exile is suspended
for the next 24 hours.

You may return to the Quarter
to bury your friend.


Greetings, boy.

New Orleans is full of ghosts.

Our dead are always here hovering.

When supernatural creatures die,

they're doomed
to spend eternity alone

watching the world go on
without them.

Of course, that's not the case
for the ancestral witches.

We linger in a different way.

Consecrated in the earth,
replenishing its power.

What about humans?

Some find peace.
Some don't.

I have to make an appearance
at the priest's wake.

You three head back to the lycée.

Take some time
to think about those spirits

who might still be walking
alongside you.

I don't know why we're supposed
to care about Kieran O'Connell.

We care because when a pillar
of our community passes, Monique,

you call a cease-fire
and pay respects.

Or you just wanna see Klaus.
You two are getting cozy.

I need the Mikaelsons to trust me
so I can get close enough--

To kill their baby?

To fulfill my obligation
to our ancestors.

Go home, Monique.

Hey, Earth to you.

- Your face...
- Will heal.

Listen, I wanted to thank you.

Unless you come equipped
with the means to fill this,

no additional platitudes
are necessary.


I'm in a crap mood
because my uncle just died

and people are partying
like it's Mardi Gras.

What's your excuse?

- Klaus, seriously, what's going--
- I've been having these dreams

about my dead father.

No diagnosis necessary, love.
I've already got this one covered.

My fears of fatherhood,

of scarring my child
as my father scarred me,

are manifesting as nightmares.

It's horrifically cliché.

I'm just surprised to hear

you acknowledge out loud
that you're going to be a dad.

Your baby mama's been living
in the bayou for months.

It's not exactly What to Expect
When You're Expecting.

I know more about the trials
of fatherhood

than you might imagine, Camille.

And it worked out so well for you
the first time.

Why change a thing?

Well, I see you've come
to return some stolen property.

On the contrary.

I've decided the boy
shall remain with me.

Unfortunately, he's not for sale.

Well, I do not wish to buy him.

- You will grant him his freedom.
- And if I say no?

You seem to have misinterpreted
the matter as up for debate.

Fine. Take him.

He wasn't worth a damn
to me anyway.

They told me he is your father.

Is it true?

You know, my father hated me, too.

The truth is, Marcellus,

family can be more

than just those
with whom we share blood.

We can choose.

I know I haven't been around
these parts lately.

It's a testament to Father Kieran

that we could come together
and share a drink

and a story or two.

Kieran rolled into town
on a rusty old cruiser

after his daddy died
25 years ago.

And, damn it, that guy could party.

That was, of course,
before he took his vows.

But even then,
he was committed to the Quarter.

He knew that this town needed him.

And we still do.

- To Father K.
- To Father K.

Looks like we had the same idea.

It's Cami, right?

I've been informed
that Kieran's necklace is missing

and the key that he always wore.
I assume he left it for me.

Excuse me?

How rude of me.
I'm Francesca Correa.

I took over your uncles position
as faction representative

when his mental faculties
were compromised.

His faculties weren't compromised.
He was hexed.

Hexed by one of our enemies.

Look, I'm invested in protecting
the people of this city.

And to do that, I need the key.

It must have fallen off

during the events
that led to his untimely death.

I'm so sorry.

Seems rather uncivilized.

To laugh and dance
around the body of a loved one.

Yes. Far better to practice
your process of grief, Niklaus?

Denial, rage,
and hoarding coffins in basements.

I will warn you, Hayley,

Niklaus is in a spectacularly
foul mood today.

Sod off.

What's the deal
with these moonlight rings?

Oliver's trying to start
a revolution every five seconds.

People are scared, angry.
And, frankly, I'm tired of stalling.

It's a day of peace, Hayley.
Try and enjoy it.

And in the meantime
with all manner of unknown enemies

conspiring against our family,

-you'll move back in with us.
- Awesome.

Then we can do that thing
where you lock me in the tower,

I escape, there's drama,

and then you two both realize
that I'm very capable

of looking after myself.

The rings are in progress.
I will live up to my word.

We will find and punish

whoever launched the attack
on the bayou.

And you will return to the compound
for your own safety.

But right now,
I'm gonna finish this bottle.

And the next
in the hopes of drowning

the demon that has chosen today
to haunt me.

Cheers, Mikael.
Impeccable Freudian timing.


Have you dreamt of our father?

Go ahead.
Have a good laugh.

I can assure you
there isn't a piece of this

that I find even remotely amusing,

especially considering
I've been dreaming of him too.


If you are also seeing him...

Perhaps our elusive,
unknown enemy

is orchestrating a further attack.

Well then, what better way
to punctuate a day of peace,

than by killing someone?

You disappeared from the party.

Would you care to explain

why you would choose to torment us
with visions of our father?

Your father?

Oh, I didn't. I wouldn't.

Of course. How foolish of me.
It must have been that other witch

that's been parading throughout
our house in scraps of lace.

I know how talented you are
with your tongue, Genevieve.

Might I recommend you use it
to provide answers?

I would so hate to tear it
from your mouth.

As much as I enjoy

these repeated accusations
of wrongdoings,

I don't know
what you're talking about.

But if you've both been seeing
your dead father,

I can try to get you answers.

Fine. Go.

- Niklaus, don't you dare--
- Go.

You don't trust her.
And you're right not to.

Only a fool would

but she certainly wants us to,
doesn't she?

Let me guess.
There's something of benefit for you

in all of this, isn't there?

I need a witch to make those rings
for the wolves.

And perhaps we'll get both answers
and cooperation.

I don't know if the ancestors
would like us

messing around in the spirit world.

It's just a simple séance.

Phony witches do séances
to impress tourists.

They're not real.

- What's that for?
- lt was my friend Tim's.

Come on.
What's the point of being a witch

if we can't use our magic
for stuff like this?


What a delightful tune.


So Klaus gives you 24 hours
in the Quarter

and you're spending it
coffin-sitting with me?

No preparations for war?
No chess pieces to move?

We're honoring Kieran.

Even us bad guys
can take the night off.

Maybe you can.

Not sure the humans
are on their best behavior.

This Francesca person
cornered me earlier,

asking about some key.

What'd you tell her?

It doesn't matter.
I don't have it.

But you know
or you would have asked, what key?

I had Josh lift it for me.

Off my uncle's sick
and dying body?

I'm trying to do you a favor.

Trust me, you don't wanna be a part
of any of this.

Trust you?
Are you kidding me?

Cami, this is bigger than you.

Don't patronize me, Marcel.
Do you know what's bigger than me?

My uncle lost his mind,
beat the crap out of me,

and then died.

And now,
I have to sit by his body all night.

I'll sit with you.

I'm not trying to lie to you.
I'm trying to protect you.

You need to leave, like, now.

- I will tell you about the key.
- I don't wanna know!

I don't wanna know any of it.


I asked around.
It's not just your father.

The purgatory,

where supernatural souls
are trapped, is disintegrating.

What do you mean, "disintegrating"?

She's right, more or less.
It's actually imploding.

I made a call to a rather reluctant
Bennett witch in Mystic Falls,

who said the same thing.

The dead are being tom away
into nothingness.

And they're not interested
in going quietly.

So you're saying that our father,
faced with permanent extinction,

has decided to spend
his remaining time tormenting us.

How delightful.

Well, on the plus side,

we'll soon be rid
of his abhorrent soul forever.

And what a good riddance
that will be.

So, am I in the clear, Elijah?

Or is there a new conspiracy

you two would like
to threaten me over?

Nothing springs to mind
at this precise moment.

Oh, gee, thanks.

I have to get back to the girls.

Perhaps tomorrow after the funeral,

you and I could spend
some time together.


I suppose we'll have to see.

Please tell me you've designed
a stronger method

to control the witch
than playing hard to get.

Well, I've always been
partial to the classics.


Hayley, right?

I'm guessing you're not here
because you wanna make a new friend.

I don't count terrorists as friends.

Wow. I've been accused of everything
from grand larceny to blackmail.

But terrorist, that's new.

A human pulled up to our home
in the bayou on a motorcycle

and blew himself up.

I heard. Awful.

Good night.

Word on the street is

he owed 100 grand
to the Palace Royale Casino.

And then after he died,
the debt was erased.

Just like magic.

Jeff was a fixture
at my roulette table.

Sometimes he was up.
Sometimes he was down.

I absolved his family
of the debt he owed

out of the goodness of my heart.

Feel free to sniff around.

My hands are clean.

And I'd advise you
to mind your manners.

It's lucky you're still alive.

You're the one the wolves
all whisper about, like royalty.

If I was interested
in hurting the wolves,

you'd be my target.

And when I go after someone,
I don't miss.

Your reading was beautiful.

Sneak attack. Not fair.
I'm still pissed.

Tell me about the key.

I thought you said
you didn't wanna know.

I'd like to say I slept on it
but I didn't sleep.

I stayed awake all night
next to the body of a hexed priest

only to attend a funeral
filled with vampires.

So I'm thinking
you should tell me about the key.

Kieran told me that the key leads

to something that can be used
against the supernaturals

if we ever get too far out of line.

Kieran and I had our ups and downs
but we trusted each other.

So I let it be.

Because I knew if he had to use

whatever Pandora's box
that key opens,

it'd be because
he didn't have a choice.

You could've just asked me for it.

Would you have just handed it over?

- So, what does it open?
- I don't know.

I turned the city upside down
last night trying to find it.

The church, the rectory.
I even searched your family's tomb.

It's hard to find a needle
in a haystack

when you don't even know
what the needle looks like.

And you want to know
if I have any ideas.

That's why you're here.

I'm here because my friend died
and my other friend is grieving.

You can question my intentions
all day long, Cami.

I'm here for Kieran.
And I'm here for you.

You all right? You look--

A hundred months' pregnant
and pissed off at the world?

I was going to say, you look lovely.

Do you think I was the target
of those bombings?

Of course you were the target.

Were I to wage a war on the wolves,
you'd be my first kill.

I would string you up
for all your worshipers to see.

I believe that was my brother's way
of telling you

he'd like you
to return home with us.

Perhaps try a different approach,

with fewer references to murder.

As much as I would hate
to throw you over my shoulder

and drag you kicking and screaming
to the compound,

we both know I will
for the sake of my child.

One bad dream,

and suddenly you wanna be
a responsible daddy.

Let me put this in perspective.

My father lived to torment me.

It is not my intention
to become him.

This cycle of misery ends
with my child.


You forgot one thing
in your attempt to plead your case.

She's not your child.
She's ours.

- Very heartfelt, Niklaus.
-I bloody hate funerals.


Hayley, hi.

Hi. I know you don't know me.

I just wanted to say that I--
I'm sorry about your uncle.

He was really good to people like me
during the storm,

and I really appreciated that.

Thank you.

You want something, don't you?

I'm sorry about the timing.

I was just wondering
if before he died,

he said anything weird
about Francesca Correa.

I think that
she may have been involved

in an attack on the bayou.

If you hear anything--

Look, Hayley, I'm trying,
mostly failing,

to stay out of all this stuff

but she's a real bitch.

So, yeah, if I hear anything,
I'll let you know.

Again, sorry about your uncle.

Me too.



- I can help.
- Don't you touch her.

Let her be, Elijah.
She was a nurse.

There's a spell I can do. Klaus,
get chamomile from the pantry.

She's trembling.
Your jacket, Elijah.

She's not breathing.

I can hear the baby's heartbeat
but not hers.

Who are you?

I suppose I'm family.

In the beginning was the word.
And the word was with God.

He was with God in the beginning.
In him was life.

And that life was the light
of all mankind.

The light shines
in the darkness.

And the darkness
has not overcome it.


Sean didn't have a funeral.

Our parents wanted nothing
to do with him,

so the city had him buried out here

with the criminals
and the John Does.

The great unloved.

You said you checked
my family's tomb

but I've been thinking.

All this time, I wondered

why Kieran
didn't have Sean interred

where he belonged, with the family.

But then I realized,

what if he saw an opportunity

to hide something he didn't want
anyone else to find?

Cami, we can do this another time.

Bad timing is the theme of the day.

I'm going to need a sledgehammer.

Come on.

She's still not breathing.
It's not working.

I assume my reputation precedes me.

This is a nightmare.
I'm dreaming.

On the contrary, my darling.
This is very real.

Welcome to my hell.

Stuck in an eternity

of watching over
that hideous creature

my children call brother.

You're dead.
How can I be here?

Oh, my God.
No! No!

- The baby.
- The baby?

That kid never had a chance.

And as if your bloodline
isn't filth enough,

you poison it
by merging it with Klaus"?

The deathless vermin
fancying himself a daddy.


She's not dead.
I'm not dead.

If I was dead,
you wouldn't be trying to kill me.

I'm taking her to a real doctor.

If you move her from here,
my spell will break.

There won't be enough time
to get her to a hospital.

Will the baby survive
if delivered now?

- I'll rip it out of her myself.
- Hayley will bleed to death.

- I won't lose that baby.
- I won't lose either of them.

I know what to do. Get my bag.
The gris-gris pouch. Now!

You're dead, Mikael.
Your son already beat you.

He is not my son!

He's a scourge,
a walking symbol of weakness!

There is no saving that atrocity
festering in your womb.

Klaus will destroy it
one way or another.

Better he dies now
and you along with it.


My daughter has an advantage
Klaus never had.

She will never, ever know you.


You're all right, love.
You're all right.

I saw him, and he tried to kill me.

I saw Mikael.

You've proved quite resilient,
little wolf.

Fighters, both of you.

I guess we've had to be,
especially lately.

I've decided
that I'm going to move back in.

Well, I'm relieved to hear it.

But no mouth-breathing bodyguards,
no telling me what to do.

All I ask
is that the child is kept safe.

And what about me?
What happens after she's born?

If you try to take her away from me,

Come with me, hmm?

I want to show you something.

Believe it or not, Hayley,

I would actually like you
to be here.

Our daughter should be raised
by her parents in her family home.

You, me, Elijah,
and the miracle baby

all under one roof.

Sounds like a bad reality show.


You said you saw my father.

Why do you call him that?
He's not your real dad.

He's done damage
only a father could do.

What did he say to you?

Nothing true.

Hayley and the baby are fine.

I'd take her to a doctor
when she's gotten some rest,

if you want,
but she's in the clear.

I'll see myself out.


Thank you for your help.

You're welcome.

You tore my sister from my family.

I cannot forgive that.

However, I may be inclined
to show a degree more kindness

if you were to help me
with a slight...issue.

- Anything--
-When the baby arrives,

Hayley will once again transform
with a full moon.

Now, I would like to create
for her a gift,

a ring of empowerment,
something to control this curse.

What kind of spell would--?

A spell of my mother's,
from her grimoire.

Which, as I understand,
you've been rather eager to obtain.

Someone must have gotten to it.

I don't think so.

My brother taught me
this code 15 years ago.

I never knew how he learned it.

- You can tell me what that says?
- I can.

But I won't. I'm sorry.

- Cami, this is too--
- Dangerous. Yeah. I got it.

But if Kieran taught Sean this,

my brother was meant
to be brought into it all along.

Thai makes it my
responsibility now,

whether I like it or not.

What the hell did you do to Hayley?

I was trying to do
what the ancestors asked.

That baby is part witch.

The ancestors want her consecrated
to the earth

so her magic can fuel our community.

She has to be born first
before she can die.

I don't wanna look at you.

Don't make me do this.
She's a baby.

Don't make me a monster.




No. No.

I'm sorry. I'm sorry.
I'm sorry. I'll do it.

I'll do whatever you want.

Hayley has agreed
to return home to us.

Of her own freewill.

When Mikael is truly gone,
do you think then I'll find peace?

I certainly hope so.

Although it's not only our father
that haunts you, Niklaus.

You might want to make peace
with the living.

I demand to know why their freedom
has not been granted.

All necessary authorities
have ruled in their favor.

You think I don't remember you, boy?

Have they turned you
into one of them yet?

I thought not.


- Here. Let me heal you.
- No.

You've always said
we choose our family.

So, what am Ito you, Klaus?

You made me a promise
when you daggered your sister.

It's finally time to make a choice.

Turn me now.
Or let me die.

You do not know
what you ask of me.

Becoming like me.

It would rob you of all
that makes you good.

I know what you are.
Who you are.

This is what I want.


Your furlough ends
when the clock strikes.

I'm aware. Don't worry.

I intend to be far away from here
by then.

But just because
I'm across the river

doesn't mean
I'm out of the game.

A full moon's coming.

I know you're up to something
with the wolves.

And I've been racking my brain,
trying to figure out what.

And any way I do the math,
it ends with me and my guys dead.

Or maybe we're supposed
to fall in line,

pledge our allegiance lo you
all over again.

So if we get bitten,
you might deign to cure us.

Is that what you're after?

Because it's not gonna happen.

Well, that will be your choice,

just as you chose
to bring my father to town.

You, who knows better than anyone

the specific agony
of a father's hatred.

- Klaus--
- I spent decades

trying to make up
for what your father did.

How did I fail?

Maybe the scars
just ran too deep.

Good night, Marcellus.

You didn't fail me.

You raised me.

You taught me everything
that I know.

You taught me
that I can't afford to be weak,

not when my enemies are stronger.

So, whatever it is
you got coming with the wolves,

just know
that I'm gonna fight for my guys.

I'm gonna fight for my city.
And I will fight until I am dead.

I would expect nothing less.

If I died and someone threw a party,
I would be so pissed.

You almost did.

In a thousand years,
I can't recall a time

I've felt so...frightened.


Tim, is that you?

Who are you?

Your friend Timothy
has moved on, Davina.

I'm truly sorry
for what my son did to him.

You're Klaus' father.

And I'm the only one
who can rid you of him forever.

But first, my little witch,
I need you.

What can I do?

You can bring me back to life.