The Originals (2013–2018): Season 2, Episode 2 - Alive and Kicking - full transcript

Davina's secret is exposed; Elijah makes a suggestion to Klaus; Esther moves on with her plan; Hayley meets with her pack. (#24)

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Previously on "The Originals"...

This town was my home.
I want it back.

All of your scheming,
the enemies that you have made

every single day
of your miserable life,

what results did you expect,

that your child would be born
into a happy life?

This was our family's hope.

We need to regain
control of the city.

I'm fighting for my home,

for the dignity of the vampires
who were run out of there.

The offer still
exists to join me.

You brought me
back to kill my son.

When I'm ready,
not a minute before.

We should have known
our mother would not be bound

by anything as obvious as death.

- You have much to do.
- Yes, mother.

I'm Kaleb.

Finn, Kol, we have
a family reunion to plan.

What is it that you
intend to do, brother?

Whatever it takes
to save our family.

All of my efforts to keep
this family concealed,

and yet debauchery like this
has led father directly to us.

Kol, show yourself.

This is no time for games.

Come, come, brother.

There's always time for games.

We must leave.

Mikael is very nearly upon us.

If Mikael were upon us,

I imagine Niklaus
would be quite dead.

I barely escaped.

Father left the head of my horse

on a pike in the town square.

He killed poor Theo?

What a beast...

But then, father has
always hated you most.

Surely, he'll chase you
if you flee, leaving me here.

Perhaps I'll make myself mayor.

Rebekah and Finn have
already gone to the ship.

It is imperative
we remain together.

Rebekah does what she's
told because he fears Nik,

and Finn is in
no position to argue,

given the dagger in his heart.

I'll take my chances here.

I find it amusing that you
think you have a choice.

No. I swear to you,
the day will come

when I'm not so easily subdued,

and on that day,
I will make you suffer.

Perhaps, but today
is not that day.

Come to check up on me?

You've had an eventful evening.

I was having a crappy day.

So Klaus took me out
to the cauldron.

Wouldn't you know,
we ran into some witches.

So would you like me to
remove your leftovers?

Oh, don't judge, Elijah.

What I did is no worse than
anything Klaus has ever done.

I would hope that you
would hold yourself

to a higher standard
than Niklaus.

I'm a hybrid now.

I have a werewolf temper
to go with my new appetite,

and the witches that
tried to kill my baby,

they're worth nothing
more than food.

Excuse me.

You took her
on a witch hunt?

I simply wanted
to persuade those witches

to locate the white oak
stake for me.

When they proved
unable to do so,

I let Hayley have her fun.

She grows more
savage by the day.

Can you not see that
she is falling apart?

Perhaps the problem
is your high standards.

Hayley is one of us now.

Being a vampire only exaggerates

what you truly are,
and wolves are wild things.

She knows she can never
live up to the pretty,

little picture you paint
of her in your head.

Your judgment only
hurts her more.

I am trying to help her,

and I asked you to
help her, brother.

I am helping.

You should have
seen her last night

covered in witches' blood
and smiling from ear to ear.

She is embracing this,
and less criticism from you,

and Hayley'll be just fine.

Niklaus, the mother
of your child

deserves much better
than just fine.

You'll take her to the bayou.

Find any remaining wolves.

Perhaps her people
can reach her.

Now more than ever,
she needs a connection

to some of her humanity,
some degree of dignity.

Gia has proven herself.

She knows what
she's getting into.

So she's gonna be the first one
that I turn.

Everybody else,
first, I need to be sure

that you can handle moving up
a notch on the food chain,

the emotional ups and downs,
solitude, and bloodlust.

Imagine hearing the sound
of a heart beating,

beating, beating and wanting
more than anything to feed.

That's what it's like
to be a vampire.

It's not for everybody.

Some folks, well,

let's just say, it brings out
the worst in them.

I can't do it.

You once said the same
thing of your reading.

Now you devour everything
from sonnets to scripture.

So devote yourself
to your music,

soon you shall be
Johann Sebastian Bach.

But I want to play like you.

Well, isn't nice...
My older brother

and my ward getting along
like two peas in a pod.

We shall continue another time.

Why don't you resume
your "Hamlet"?

Act one, scene 3 today.
Off you go.

You've been drinking.

Only to remedy
the lifeless monotony

that has overcome
this household.

You know, Rebekah is still
pouting over the Governor's son.

When you threw him to his death,

did you imagine
a different outcome?

You monopolize young
Marcellus with schooling.

He and I used to have such fun.

If only there was
someone with whom

I could share a bit of roguery.

Ah, yes.
That's right.

There is.

You didn't.

Ha ha ha!

Mm, bravo.

That was delectable, but
make no mistake, Nik.

I'm still cross
that you daggered me,

but as far as apologies
go, it's a start.

So this is your idea of fun?

Well, you and Marcellus have
grown thick as thieves.

Why should I be alone?

Elijah, didn't
expect to see you

on this side of the river.

Didn't expect to see you assemble
a new vampire community.

I guess we're both
full of surprises.

My community was
fine until Klaus

had the brilliant idea
to make moonlight rings.

Now that harvest girl
is making more,

offering them to the wolves

in exchange for
their allegiance,

and the wolves are just
kneeling at her feet.

The quarter has become
a dangerous place,

and you, you're the last
true vampire left.

If you ask me, you're better
off joining my community.

Maybe that's why you're here.

Uh-uh. I came
to make you an offer.

Find me the white oak stake,

and I'll let this little
social experiment continue.

Oh, even if I wanted to help,

I don't have a clue
where the stake is.

Yes, but you do have
an ally in Davina.

She can find it.

Thing is, I'd speak
to her myself,

but I feel the conversation
might become

a little unpleasant.

You don't go anywhere near her.

Then it's settled.

You'll deal with
the matter personally.

How frustrating, a
novice trying to interpret

the work of a master.

It's a simple delinking spell.


You're trying to erase
the link between Klaus

and every single
vampire he's sired.

No. All I care about
is Marcel and Josh.

You kill Klaus, they die, too.

I can fix that.

I have Esther's grimoire.

It's just a matter of time.

Perhaps I can help you
solve the riddle.

Unless you trick me into a spell

that will free you
from my control.

For someone who despises
Klaus so much,

you certainly share
his paranoia.

The sooner you
perform the spell,

the sooner I'll be free
to kill the bastard.

Well, you were
right to be suspicious.

Davina is hiding
something in that attic.

The door was locked with
a rather complex spell.

Could be a weapon,
source of power.

I prefer not to leave
anything to chance.

Better we know what she has
and whose side she's on.

So you'll take her to dinner.

I just stood her up for coffee.

Oh, she probably
hates me by now.

Just do
as you're told, Kol.

Of course. Finn
the sycophant speaks up.

You gonna grovel
at your mother's heels

for eternity, or what?

Stop it, both of you.

There's enough conflict to come.

Look at this pack
of freeloaders.


These are our friends,
wolves in need of a gift

only I can provide...
Moonlight rings.

The witches have been
working day and night.

Soon, we will have
enough rings for an army,

and when we do, we will pay
your brothers a visit.

We'll teach them
the unfortunate error

of their vampire ways.

I told you this place
was deserted.

No. Their scent is fresh.

They're hiding, which
means somewhere nearby,

we will find the
remnants of your pack.

And then what?

It's not that they're
exactly gonna welcome us.

If there's one thing
these people hate

more than vampires,
it's hybrids.

What they hate is
their lack of power,

hence the willingness
of their brethren

to deal with that witch
in exchange for rings,

but she hasn't gotten
to your lot yet.

So we need to get to them first

and ensure they align with us.


All we got to do is find them.

A task I leave to you.
Well, go on.

You're a hybrid now
with heightened senses

unlike anything under
the sun besides me.

This is stupid.

Your people need a leader.

You are their queen.

I am a mess.

I cry all day.
I feed all night.

All I can think about is how
much I miss my daughter.

Do you think you're
alone in that pain?

Have you even thought
about her once?

I have not stopped
thinking about her.

When it pains me, I seek
comfort in the idea

of what I will do to those
who would harm her.


Davina is on her way.

By the time she gets here,
you need to be gone.

I'm not going
anywhere till I know

the whereabouts of that stake.

You think she's just
gonna cooperate

with you standing here?

First thing I learned
living with your family,

wherever you people go,

threats and bloodshed
are soon to follow.

So just stay out of sight.
Try not to kill anyone.

46, an entire
tenement building.

46 bodies drained.


It's at least 60.

Ah, they neglected
to check the attic.

Why do people always
run for the attic?

I mean, it makes no sense.

It's difficult enough
to keep our presence

in the city a secret
without the two of you

doing absolutely
everything in your power

to draw attention to us.

I'm surprised you have the time
to concern yourself with us,

given the hours you spend
doting on Marcellus.

Is that what all this is about?

You envy my bond with Marcellus.

Niklaus, you brought
that child into this home.

He is no longer safe here.

I cannot allow him to remain.

You would punish the boy
because of Kol's antics?

I'd just as soon
put him in a box.

You'd choose that little
whelp over our own family?

That little whelp is our family.

Marcellus stays.


Long time, little D.

Got your text.
What's going on?

Oh, come here.
I don't get a hug?

It's good to see you, Marcel.

It's good to see you, too.

I appreciate you coming
all the way out here.

How's school?
Make any new friends?

I don't know.

This guy asked me out,
but then he stood me up.

- He stood you up?
- Mm-hmm.

You say the word, he's dead.

- Ha ha ha!
- Ha ha!

Ok. Look.

I hate to ask for a favor,
but I need a locator spell.

Something is missing...
A white oak stake.

It's powerful enough
to kill an Original.

Did one of them
put you up to this?

D, if that stake
is used on Klaus,

every vampire that
he sired dies, too.

I know.

What if I do find it?

I mean, I am not just
gonna give it to Klaus.

He and Elijah are both
brutal, sadistic monsters.

I do wish I could
disagree with you.

Tragically, however,
you're quite right.

Although you and I both have

excellent reason
to find that weapon.

I want it to protect my family,

and you want it to
protect your friends.

We'd do well to forget our
grievances and join forces.


- Davina, would you just...
- No.

No. I'm done listening.

For a long time,
you and your family

have had all the power.

You manipulate and kill
anyone who gets in your way.

That time is over.

From now on, you can know
what it is to be afraid.

I asked you to stay
out of sight.

I wanted to speak
to her face to face.

Why, so that you
could piss her off?

I wanted to see for myself.

She cares for you,
and yet how cavalier

she was at the jeopardy
that you now face.

What are you saying?

She knows the stake
will not be used

because she knows
precisely where it is.

She's had it all along.

So Jackson is MIA,

and Oliver seems to think
he's the alpha.

They're not gonna listen to me.

The crescent Mark
on your shoulder

did not disappear when
you became a hybrid.

Go on. Talk to them.

What the hell you two want?

Hold your tongue, or I'll tear
it from your gaping mouth.

We didn't come here
to fight, Oliver.

Our pack has been divided
by people

that want us to be their slaves.

What we need right now
is a leader,

someone who will reunite us
and make us strong again,

someone who will
fight for our pack.

If you let me,
I can be that person.

You think
we can trust you?

You're not one of us.
Hell, you're not even a wolf.

You're a bloodsucking
vampire parasite.

Want to say that again
and see what happens, Oliver?

Tough girl.

You gonna attack me
in front of all them?

You'll just give them
another reason to say yes

to Cassie and her
moonlight rings.

Yeah. They would rather
follow a witch than you.

Me, hell, I would rather
die than follow you.

Well, we shouldn't
drag this out.

Let him go, Klaus.

You need to learn about
the art of politics, luv.

You gain support by
killing your detractors.

They may not like me very much,

but these people, including
Oliver, are my family.

Let him go now.

You see, there's your queen...

Powerful, fearless, and,
unlike me, merciful.

These people need
to show you more respect.

How you handle them now
is up to you.

Where are you going?

I'm going to find the witch.

Seems I need to educate her
as to what she may

or may not do in my city.

The stake is safe.

Davina won't use it on
Klaus if it would kill me.

Well, she has no reason
whatsoever not to use it on me.

I guess you better behave.

And how long before someone else
should make this discovery?

What if it falls
into enemy hands?

Look. I'll get her to give
the stake back, all right?

Just give me some time.

Unfortunately, Marcel,
unlike these wretched souls

that you recruit here,
your promises

do little to inspire my faith.

One way or another,
Davina will comply.

Ok. Do you ever wonder why your
family has so many enemies?

It's because you make
stupid moves like this.

It really makes me
wonder how the hell

I ever survived you people.

Please let me go home.

Mr. Kol, I don't like this.

Don't be absurd.

Shakespeare should be
experienced in the flesh.

In truth, these aren't
the finest actors,

but we are in the colonies.

Here. Where were we?

Then, venom, to thy work.


Exchange forgiveness
with me, noble harlot.


How many times must I tell you?

It's "Hamlet," not "harlot."


Sometimes I don't
know why I bother.

What have you done?

I was just introducing
Marcellus to the theater.

I thought you'd be pleased.

Is there no limit to your
vile imagination, brother?

If the lad is going
to be a vampire,

he'll have to learn
somehow, won't he?


I've already fed him my blood.

All you have to do is snuff
him, and, voila, one of us.

Well, that's what you want...

Isn't it?

Let him go, Elijah.

Thank you, Nik.

At least someone knows
the meaning of family.

I told you before.

Marcellus is family.


I don't fault you
for your suspicion,

nor Davina for her contempt.

That does not alter
our present dilemma.

She has that stake.

I want it back.

Stare at it all you want,

but as long as I have
this bracelet, I own you.

You foolish little girl.

You imprison me here,
you refuse my help.

All the while, that hybrid
monstrosity roams the city,

free to prey on anyone
you care about,

those few that remain.

What happened to decorum?

Does no one greet
their guests anymore?

Well, that's more like it,

although I am rather

at how many of my once
formidable brethren

have been neutered
by a 16-year-old girl.

Where is she?

Where is this witch
who dares craft moonlight rings

without my permission?


I've been expecting you.

I must offer my condolences

on the tragic loss
of your child.

Wasn't it your coven
who threatened her life?

Is that tea your idea
of a peace offering?

Chamomile has lots
of healing properties.

Did you know that it's
also a flowering plant?

I did.

The plants grew wild
near my boyhood home,

but neither the tea nor
your botanical musings

explain the reason
why you've taken it

upon yourself to forge
new moonlight rings.

I assumed it was obvious.

An alliance between
the wolves and the witches

would restore balance
to our home.

That's a lofty goal
for a teenage girl.

Long ago, the witches
and the wolves were at peace.

Then came the vampires,
a plague made flesh,

a curse on this earth.

You have no humanity, and
so you punish those who do.

Witches have a coven,
werewolves have a pack,

and so we are
a constant reminder

of everything that
you have forsaken.

Creatures such as you
will always hate the living,

and so we will always
have to defend ourselves.

The rings level
the playing field.

If we ware united,
nothing can stand against us.

It's an ambitious strategy,

but allow me to offer
a few words of advice,

if I may be so bold.

New Orleans is a vicious place,

and your enemies
are everywhere...

Behind your back,
before your eyes.

You will need to remain
vigilant against those

who would seek to destroy you,

some of whom you may
never see coming.

I've already begun
to take precautions.

In fact, I'm taking
them as we speak.

My family?
Oh, no.

They're all crazy as loons.

How about your family?

Not much to say.

Only child.

My dad was distant, which is
a lot better than my mom.

Mommy issues, eh?

Bet she's
a control freak, right?

Yeah. Same as mine.

She's the reason we stopped
practicing magic for so long.

You're a witch?

Don't look so surprised, luv.

I didn't just ask you out
because you're gorgeous.

No. We're, uh...
We're kindred souls.

What do you mean?

I know your story, Davina.

I mean, you're
practically famous.

You're the harvest girl who
told them all to shove it.

I'm a lot like you.

Don't really believe
in rules or authority.

Your courage,
it should be celebrated.

I'm so sorry.

He'll just keep calling
until I answer.

I'll make it quick.

You're stalling.

No. That's not creep at all,
watching me on me own date.

Stop complimenting her and
find out what she's hiding.

I'm wooing her, Vincent.

It requires charm
and personality,

something you'd
know nothing about.

Our mother wants answers,
and if you can't get them,

we'll do this my way.

Oh. What are you gonna
do, you gonna bore her

until she can't help
but tell you everything?

If you want to find out
if someone has a weapon,

you provoke them into using it.

I never said I had it.

The thing is, Elijah
thinks you do.

Matter of fact, he's convinced.

Well, let Elijah think
what he wants.

You're not save, D.

Anyone who's ever
wanted to kill an Original

is gonna be coming after you.

Fine. Let them try.

D, come on. Just
tell me where you are.

Hey. We can talk about this.

I'm at Rousseau's.
Don't bother coming.

I'm leaving now.


What's happening?

Some fellow just announced
they were closing

for a private party.

We should leave now.

And what's your
rush, sweetheart?

Why don't you stay
and party with us?

Get out of our way now.

Can you do that
with the rest of them, or...

Not all at once.



Aah! Aah!

Let go of her!

You filthy dogs.

Aah! Aah!

Well, now.

What an interesting turn
of events.

I'm going to enjoy this, girl.


Hello, son.

I'd hoped to see
your brother first,

but we have some unfinished business,
as well.

We're getting out of here.

No, Marcel.
I need my bracelet.

I can use it to control him.



Go back now.

Something to say?

Not me, mate.

Not a bloody thing.


It's the same tea
my mother made.

How I loathed it.

Would you have preferred mint?

You know, she was
insane... my mother.

No. It's true.

She believed we
were abominations.

"A curse on this earth stretched
out over generations"

is how she put it?

But she was the true monster.

She changed her children,

stole our innocence,
made us vampires,

condemned us to
an eternity of bloodlust

and then acted as if
we were to blame.

She sounds awful.

Are you building
to a question, Niklaus?

You use my full name as
though we are familiars.

I find it insulting.

Before she died,
a witch revealed

that your coven was under
my mother's influence.

Does she speak to you now?

She doesn't have to.

I know exactly
what she would say.

She would tell you to go to
your room for being so rude.

It's ok. Niklaus
was just leaving.

I will happily kill them all.

Then you will have
murdered members

of the very pack you still
hope to someday lead.

Besides, there's no need
for bloodshed.

We can always resume
this discussion another day.

Good night, Niklaus.

We will speak again soon.

It is worse
than we thought.

I met the witch...

I studied her, her presence,
the way she carried herself,

the fervor with which she
voiced her hatred of our kind.

I looked into that girl's eyes,

and I swear to you,
Elijah, she is not just

guided by our mother.

She is our mother.

What is happening?

I'm going to kill her.

I will boil her bones

and feed them to the dogs
if that's what it takes.



What could possibly
be more important

than the return of our mother?

Our father.

I saw him standing
there in the flesh

as you do now.

He was enslaved with some
spell cast by Davina.

He holds the stake.

If she chooses to release him...

Well, then there's
only one question

we need to ask, isn't there?

Which of our parents
do we kill first?

Take any of the rooms
on the first floor.

Are we running a kennel now?

I'll handle them.

Our family is under siege.

It is not the time for guests.

If they're not with us,
they're with the witches.

You asked me to step up.

This is me stepping up.

Well, it seems I'm a good
influence on you after all.

I see a change in him.

For the first time in centuries,

he acted solely
for the benefit of another.

I believe that young Marcellus

with whom he can identify
and even nurture

holds the key
to our brother's troubled soul.

Unfortunately, Kol,

your wretched behavior
will only sere to distract him

from this auspicious path.

Now you might well consider
me a hypocrite

to betray you as I have, for
his sake, you must sleep.

Even I must make
certain sacrifices...

If indeed we are the preserve
the precious bond

between Niklaus and that child.

Elijah, I did it!

I memorized the whole passage.

I could perform it for you.

Could you now?
Marcellus, have you ever considered

you might not be the center
of the given universe?


Are you angry with me?

Bored would be
a more accurate description.

Niklaus, please!

What is it?

Remove him.

You brought him here.
He's your burden to bear,

if indeed we are to accommodate
this little scavenger.

Come now, little warrior.

Let's have another go
at the bard, shall we?

I don't see
Oliver amongst them.

Am I to assume you
finished him off?

We made a deal.

He'll pledge
his loyalty to Cassie,

report back,
and tell me everything that he learns.

Well done.

You girls can just
go through here.

Well, you two have
your hands full.

Were you just leaving?

To be perfectly honest with you,

the presence
of all of them here,

it's... it's a little much.

No. Perhaps it's for the best.

You should be with your kind.

What the bloody
hell was that, huh?

You need to calm down now.

You almost got me killed.

Those wolves didn't
just go after Davina.

They almost attacked me!

I'm aware.
I gave the order.

The attack had to
look convincing.

Look at my head.

This isn't gonna heal for weeks!

I haven't had a scar
in a thousand years!

You'll live, and
more importantly,

Davina will feel
indebted to you.

She will seek you
out to apologize

for what she perceives as

an attack she caused
as I planned.

Well, I've had enough
of your plans.

You stick me in this body,

you force me to sneak around
like some common toady.

If this is the grand new life
that you planned for me,

then you can have it back!

You are here by my grace, and
you will remain by my grace.

Have I made myself clear?

Yes, yes.

Your brother was in the
attic during the attack.

Finn, tell him what you saw.

The door was open,
the room was empty.

So how did Davina tear apart
a pack of vicious wolves?

She must have had
this weapon with her.

What is it... A dark
object, a book of spells?

Well, I wish I knew.

I was knocked out
during the attack.

I never saw a thing.

Let me guess.
Davina's nowhere to be found.

She wasn't in the attic, wasn't
anywhere near the Lycee.

I have people looking
all over this city.

She is gone.

No doubt to protect Mikael
while he recovers

from the wounds he sustained.

She's scared.
What do you expect?

If I discover that you had
even the slightest suspicion

that she brought father back...

Yeah. What?
You gonna threaten me, my people?

I mean, get in line.
The witches hate us,

the wolves can kill us
any time they like.

I can't even go into the quarter

without risking my damn life,
and I used to run the quarter,

and now Mikael's back, the
vampire who hunts vampires.

You really think that
works in my favor?

You want my help finding Davina.

I need to know where you stand.

Now Klaus is on team wolf.

What are you?

I don't do teams.

I'm sorry, but that's
not an option.

See, you're an Original.

Every vampire that's
ever been sired

is an extension of you
and your family.

Now you can walk away from that

and side with Klaus
and the wolves,

but you're not one of them,
and you never will be.

You want allies, right?

Look around.
This is ground zero

for a new vampire community.

Now you may think that
you're better than us,

but we're all you got.

And why would I play benefactor

to a collection
of lost children?

That's right.

You never were
any good with children,

but like it or not,
vampires exist because of you.

And these folks are
gonna need your help.

Her name's Gia.

I fed her my blood
a few hours ago.

When she wakes up,
she's gonna need a mentor.

I hope that you do better
with her than you did with me.

Sync & corrections by Rafael UPD