The Originals (2013–2018): Season 1, Episode 8 - The River in Reverse - full transcript

Starting with Rebekah's choice to take a side in which appears to be a critical battle between Klaus and Marcel. Klaus is angry with Elijah and Rebekah for their accusations, wishing to dagger them again for a couple of centuries. Elijah is suffering from Klaus' poisonous bite with Hayley taking care of him, while he is Hallucinating and recalling a painful memory from the past. Hayley finally meets a member of her own family and starts to know a bit more about what has happened to them. Marcel has a plan to deter Klaus, a plan that he will regret later when Klaus gets really furious.

Are you wondering how healthy the food you are eating is? Check it -
My brothers and I are the
first vampires in history.

The Originals.

Three hundred years ago,
we called New Orleans home.

I was happy here...
for a time.

Now, we've returned,
only to find a miracle.

Niklaus, the girl is carrying
your child.

And with it, a new responsibility.

I will always protect you.

You have my word on that.

But our family has many enemies.

Klaus destroyed
everything good in my life.

So, I'm gonna take away
the thing he wants most.

These threats should have united us.

Instead, Klaus has driven us apart.

Why should I help you
after what you did to Elijah?

You're my family.

Klaus will never stop
trying to control you.

What do you want?

My brother expects my loyalty'

as he has for 1,000 years,
but now, perhaps,

We time to make a different choice.

I should never have come back here.

This is the town
where 1 fell in love...

...and where love failed us.

I assume you know
who I'm talking about.

You should know, Marcel and I

are not on the best of terms
right now.

But you are an active
priest, are you not?

Ready and able to
hear my confession?

Usually, the word "willing"

falls somewhere in that sentence.

Are you even Catholic?

I've been on this earth
for 1,000 years.

I can't say for certain that
I believe in anything like a God,

but I need absolution...

...from someone, anyone.

So will you hear my confession
or not?

Bless me, Father, for I have sinned.

I am a liar, a betrayer.

I have conspired
against my own blood.

And I doubt even your God
could save me.

Have you spoken to our
good friend Marcel today?

No. Should I have?

Well, he's been
mysteriously silent,

avoiding me, some might say.

I thought, perhaps,
he may have whispered

reasons into your ear...

...along with all of those
sweet nothings.

If I see him,
I'll be sure to ask

if he's still sore at you.

Let me give a voice
to that look in your eyes.

"My saintly, noble brother lies
writhing in agony in the bayou,

victim of my bastard
brother's bite

when just one or two drops

of his blood would
ease his pain."

On the contrary, Nik.
I am simply enjoying my brekkie

waiting for Elijah's healthy return.

Oh, come on, Rebekah.

You've been giving me
the devil's eye all morning.

Out with it.

Perhaps, I'm concerned that
if I voice my opinion

about what you did to Elijah,
I will end up

on the wrong side of
your toxic Hybrid teeth.

I would never bite you.

Elijah made some very offensive

about my intentions
towards my child.

He deserves a day or two
of discomfort.

you know my preferred method

of punishment
for your indiscretions

is the dagger.


There's something
fundamentally wrong with you.

Here. Drink this.

Forgive me, please.

It's okay.

Remind me to annihilate
your brother

once you're healthy.

Yes. Remind me to remind you
to get in line.

Doesn't help that we decided
to shack up

in the middle of a swamp, either.

- Are you okay?
- I'm fine.

Please just return to your reading.

Well, I went through
the whole thing.

It's just a regular Bible.

With an entry in the family tree

that may or may not be me,

but you know I've been
a little busy worrying about you.

Hayley, please.

This fever will make me unstable.

once these hallucinations begin,

I'll start to see things.

I will start to say things.

You must leave me here.

I'm not leaving you like this.

All right. I'm here.
Let's do this.

I'll keep this simple.

This kid is an old enemy of
your favorite person Klaus.

Now, he's got plenty to say

about what that traitorous

son of a bitch has been up to
behind my back.

Now, for those of you
faint of heart...

...there's the door.

Because those who stick around,

you're signing up for battle.

You all know Klaus wasn't
always the Hybrid.

When he broke the curse that
kept his werewolf side dormant,

somewhere in all that,

certain parts were now able
to trump his vampire side,

like the ability to pass
on the werewolf gene.

That's where the werewolf girl he's
been hiding from you all comes in.

She rolled through my town,
pretended to be my friend,

and ended up
hooking up with him.

Now she's pregnant with his kid.

What the hell is this?

Just listen.

When Klaus became the Hybrid...

...he figured out a way
to tum full-bred werewolves

into creatures like him.

You're looking at one of them.

On the plus side,
we had all the perks of being vampires.

We were stronger, faster,

and the toxins in our bites
could still kill a vampire,

but on the downside,
we were loyal to him.

Like, supernaturally loyal.

Right, and that's why you're
here spilling all his secrets?

No, that's the point, Diego.

He figured out a way to break
free of it.

And I helped
the rest of them, too.

Then Klaus killed them
for their betrayal.

Because that is what Klaus does.

Don't mind me.
I'm fascinated by this story.

- Hello, Tyler.
- Rebekah.

Long time, no see.

What Tyler is about to tell you

is that my brother can use
his baby's blood

to sire more Hybrids.

What you will all figure out
is that vampires don't stand a chance.

So, Tyler, I assume you were
trying to rally this lot

into making sure
the baby isn't born.


You don't like it, go ahead
and take your brother's side,

but you know I'm right.

I believe you've mistaken
the lady's intentions.

All right.
What's going on?

You're absolutely right, Tyler.

My brother is a crap enough
individual as it is.

The last thing he needs is
to sire a superior species.

Go on. You can tell them.

She's not here to fight us.

She's here to help us.

That's right, but first...


That is enough talk
about harming that baby.

Klaus is the one
we're putting a stop to.

They have all forsaken me.

My siblings are as deceitful
and diseased

as my parents ever were.

Accusing me of using
my baby for my own gain.

Trusting others
before their own blood.

Would a laptop kill you?

That typewriter was good
enough for Hemingway.

I can see the resemblance.

Booze and random acts of violence.

Elijah and Rebekah
have cut to the quick

with their vicious lies about me

when all I've done is tried to win

this battle of wills over
Marcel's control

of the Quarter
in order to reclaim our home.

TYPE, please.

What's the point?

You just repeat the same thing
over and over again.

Rebekah is out to get you.
Elijah is out to get you.

Is there anyone
who isn't plotting your downfall?

I doubt you trust
your own reflection.

You know,
if the daggers weren't missing,

I would put one
in each of their hearts.

Rid myself of the burden of my
siblings for a couple of centuries.

Look at you,

repeating the same destructive cycles
over and over again.

You are the architect
of your own unhappiness.

I don't remember asking
for your advice.

Oh, really?

So, of all the people
in New Orleans,

you choose someone
with a master's in psychology

to record your life story.
You're over a thousand years old.

Pretty damn sure
you know how to type.

The truth is,
you compel me to come here

because you have no one else
to talk to,

and you want to be understood.

Then you compel me
to forget everything

as soon as I leave your presence
because you're too scared to trust.

I am scared of nothing.

What is this?

It's an ancient, mystical plot
I'm using to destroy you.

Relax. It's a tattoo design.

Draw on your own time.

This is my time.
You steal it from me.

Where do you want him?

Well, just put him anywhere handy

until Klaus is taken care of.

Where are we gonna put Klaus?

He needs to be away
from all the others.

We don't want him
fomenting dissent.

You know he has a knack with words.
He could talk his way out of hell.

Yeah. I got a spot picked
out for him in the back.

Only person he's gonna be talking to
for the next 52 years is himself.


One for each year that he kept
you daggered in the 1800s.

You mean,
you let him keep me daggered.

And I'll spend every year Klaus is
in here apologizing to you for it.

Well, I'll settle for long enough

to experience just
a little bit of happiness...

...and ensure that my niece isn't turned
into a Hybrid breeding machine.

It's gonna be tough to keep him
in here.

That little witch of yours
would put the odds in our favor.

I can't risk it.

She's got less and less control
over her magic lately.

I can't even get her out
of the church attic,

much less rely on her to go
to battle against Klaus.

Then we'll need
your very best warriors.

Klaus is strong and crafty,

and betrayal makes him
particularly nasty.

What we're doing is nothing Klaus

hasn't done to both
you and your brother

a dozen times over.

You're not getting second
thoughts now, are you?

These aren't second thoughts.

They're feelings of regret.

I should've buried him
a hundred years ago.

it's a hundred years
we could've been together.

It's okay. it's okay.


Oh, Celeste.

Hayley, I'm sorry.

I thought you were someone else.

- Yes.

Whoever she was,
she was smoking hot.


Did I let you enter my thoughts?

I'm not well.
I should go.

- This is. . ..
- This is fine.

Elijah, you're sick.
I'm taking care of you.

We're being watched.



Oh, man, I'll never get used to that.

Why do I get the feeling
you studied theater?

All the world's a stage,
young Joshua,

and it just so happens I have
the role of a lifetime for you.

What do you got, Josh?

What do I got?

Klaus wants me to steal
some dagger from you.

It's a test, okay?

He knows I'm working for you.
I'm sure of it.

That bastard
wants to dagger us again.

He deserves everything
he's gonna get.


If he knew, he would've ripped your
spine out through your nose by now.

Oh, great.

Now I feel totally at ease.
What am I supposed to do?

You tell him
you searched high and low

but you couldn't find the dagger.

Oh, God, I'm so dead.

Then you tell him you saw
I had it on me,

that if he wants it,
he'll have to come and get it,

which won't be easy
because I'm paranoid

and I beefed up my posse.

All right.
So, not doubting

your mad vampire skills of
destruction or anything,

but Marcel is on red alert,

surrounded by, like, an army.

You're totally boned unless...

Unless what?

I overheard him arguing
with Diego.

Apparently, he's clearing out
the compound tonight

for a date or something.

That's where Marcel will be.

When I run New Orleans,

there will be a permanent
daylight ring in it for you, Joshua,

for services rendered
unto your true king.


But if you ever betray me...

I will make sure you spend
the rest of your eternal life

in exquisite agony
wishing for a merciful death.

Adios, Klaus.

What do you want?

It's Poitin.

It'd raise the dead,

kill them, and raise them again.

I'd like to talk to you
about your niece, Camille.

I'm sure you suspect this already

by the gaps in her memory.

I compel her.

At first, it was because
she was a useful spy

but now for her own protection.

I assumed a vampire
was messing with her mind,

though I never anticipated
a confession.

She won't leave things be.

Her mind churns
with the permutations

of what happened in this church

when her twin went on
his slaughter spree.

Now, if she finds out
what really happened...

That the vampires and witch
hexes were involved...

She will dig and dig and dig
until she digs too deep

and gets herself killed.

New Orleans
will be the death of her.

She needs to leave...

...and, as ironic as it may seem,

I believe it should be her choice.


It is ironic discussing free will
with a mind-controlling vampire.

She's a clever girl.

She gave me a piece of
her mind earlier today.

I would've killed others for less.

I care about her survival.

I smell war in the air,

and with every war,

there is the innocent victim
who could have been spared

if they had just walked away.

Please convince her to walk away
from New Orleans...

...or I'll be forced
to compel her to go.

Assistance, please, good sir.

No. I'm much happier taking
in such a wondrous view.

It's perfection.

Your brother is again
up to no good.

He's challenging the gentry
to duels

as though they have any
chance of a fair fight.

I do grow weary
of sacrificing my joy

to temper my brother's mischief.

Surely, you can cast a spell.

Put him in his place.

It will take 100 witches
to put him in his place.

he only ever listens to you.


He certainly needs
a little discipline.

Perhaps a spanking of
some kind is in order.

I think I shall need some rehearsal.

Hayley, please.
This fever.

My mind is flooded with
these tortuous memories.

You have to leave.

What is your deal?

You don't like people taking
care of you?

There are consequences for those
that care.

I will not have you pay that price.

So you're having weird
retro sex dreams.

Get over it. I'm staying.

So, what about our visitor?

What does she want?

I'm guessing she's the one that

left the mystery Bible on
the doorstep last night.

Would be nice
if she'd stick around

long enough to tell me why.

Hayley, you came here to gather
information about your family,

not to play nursemaid to
a vampire with a temperature.

Please... find her.
Learn what you can.

No. I'm staying.


You've been avoiding my calls.

A little pissed off lately.

Apologies for my behavior
can come later.

You have something of mine.
I want it back.

Sorry, but I can't do that.

What is this?

Apologies for your behavior?

You don't apologize, Nik.
You just act.

I've had enough.
We have had enough.

Well, look at you,
finally in possession

of the one thing
that can take you down.

- How does it feel?
- Great.

So this is it.

The evil bastard Klaus
has gone too far,

must be punished.

And by his own sibling,

How positively biblical.

And you, Marcel,

is this your idea of a hit?

I taught you better than this
paltry excuse for a takedown.

You think you can subdue me
with this?

No, but I think I can with this.



Forgive me.

I'm sorry.

Is that it?

Is this the best New Orleans
has to offer?

Brother, please.
This is high folly.

Is it not enough
that you have slaughtered

dozens in just these past
several weeks?


Word of a city littered with bodies
will surely travel the oceans.

Do you want to bring our father
upon us?

Relax, brother.

I've sent rumor that
the bodies are a result

of the witches seeking blood
sacrifice for their rituals.

You did what?

Have you forgotten
Celeste is one of those

that you so recklessly
pointed your finger at?

Who's Celeste?

Oh, yes, the witch
you've been knocking around with.

Well, fear not.
Harlots are like rats in the Quarter.

You trip over one
every step you take.

You care about her.
Well, that is unfortunate.

I hear they're rounding up
the town's witches as we speak.


Niklaus, I'll kill you,
you bastard.


Hello to you, too.

Let's end this charade, shall we?

Vampires of New Orleans... recall that I am an Original,
a Hybrid.

I cannot be killed.

Eternity is an awfully long time.

How long to you think
Marcel will stay in power?

What if one of you lot
were to release me,

knowing I would be eternally
in your debt?

I would pity those of you
who dared to cross me.

I can assure you...

...your ends would be spectacular.

To borrow a trick...

...from an old friend...

Whoever picks up this coin...

...gets to live.

Now, which of you magnificent
bastards wants to join me?

Anyone wants that coin,

pledge allegiance to Klaus.

Take it now.

Go ahead.
The choice is yours.

Take him.

Marcel! Come and finish this!


- Take the coin.
- What?

He won't slop until everyone is dead,
and he will kill you, too.

End this. Pick up the coin.


Well, well, well.

The great Marcel,

self-proclaimed king
of New Orleans,

bowing before me.


I hereby pledge my allegiance
to you.

You have the keys to my kingdom.

It's yours.

I was on my way home,

saw you duck in here...

...knew exactly where you'd be.

This is getting old.

It's the second time this week.


I cleaned it off
the day before yesterday.

It's pointless.
They'll just do it again.

Folks need time to heal.

Sean killed innocent people.

No one is getting over that
any time soon.

I think...

I think I'm losing it like he did.

I found this in my pocket.

The lines,

it's a secret code Sean and I
used to use when we were kids.

I have no memory of drawing it.

Something is not right.
I just can't figure it out.

Come here.

Maybe you should leave town
for a while.

Give your head some space.

I know your dean.

You could put your thesis on hold.

I can't.

This means something.

I just don't know what.

Not everything has meaning.

Sometimes you just have to let go.

You should leave New Orleans.

This town isn't for everybody.


I'm sure you got questions.

Only a thousand of them.
Like who are you?

Why are you following me?

Where the hell is everyone?

And if the people in this book

really are my family,
what happened to them?

I'm Eve.

I'm following you
because you brought an Original

to werewolf country,

which is pretty much
the same reason

why everybody else skedaddled.

And if you want to know
what happened

to the people in that family tree,

summing it up nice and quick,

Marcel happened.

What did he do?

He killed most of them.

Later, the descendants of the ones
who dodged death,

he strong-armed a witch
into putting a curse on them.

What kind of curse?

Swap nature around, inside out,

made it so their natural state
was wolves.

They only tum back human
on the full moon.

We get hunted by the marks we carry,
that crescent moon birthmark.

That's why I got rid of mine.

I didn't want to get found out.

Good evening.

Think I might have

something which belongs to you.

Elijah, I've got this.
Are you okay?

The wound had healed,
the fever has broken,

but for some strange reason...

...I have this sharp and lingering
sensation in my back.

I have to get him home,
but I'll be back, okay?

I need to know more.

Keep that mark covered up.

What happened?

I just met part of my family.

Looking at what you've wrought?

Look. If you're gonna kill me,

let's get this over with.

Why would I kill you?

You picked up the coin.

There are rules of engagement
in battle, Marcel.

Without them,
you'd have anarchy.

I would, however, like to talk

about accommodations.

Your living quarters,
for example.

I believe they used to be mine.

You want all this? Fine.
It's yours.

You can put me back
on the street for all I care.

But let's make one thing clear.

You'll never have this...


You can't buy it.
You can't own it.

You can't force it.

It comes only out of love
and respect

for the people who believe in you.

You taught me many things,
Niklaus Mikaelson,

but this I learned myself...

...and it is something that
you will never know.

Enjoy your kingdom.

So, thanks for the ride.

Quite the awkward, little adventure,
wouldn't you say?

I'm sorry I tried to hurt you.
I would never want that.


Tell me what happened
to Celeste.

- That's not important.
- It is important.

A thousand years of memories,

and that's what breaks
through your fever brain?

I want to know.
Show me.

It was a cruel and bloody
time to be a witch.

Courtesy of my wonderful brother.

She died because of Klaus?

She died because of me.

Because I cared too deeply for her.

I had allowed my brother
to slip through my grasp.

I'd loosened the reins while
Celeste consumed my every moment.

I'd abandoned him in the
name of my own happiness.

Celeste paid the price.

I don't get it.

Why are we here?

Why are you trying to put
together your family

when it's so clear that
one part of it is broken?

To me, the very definition
of the word "broken"

suggests that
something can be fixed.

I have all eternity
to accomplish one single task:

my brother's salvation.

If I surrender this,
then, tell me,

what value would I be
to my family, to myself, to...

To your child?

Please, no, Hayley.

You've seen what happens.

Elijah is home.
There's only one dagger.

Which one of us will you
be punishing today?

I contemplated a game

of eeny meeny minie moe.

You betrayed me, my own sister.

Niklaus, don't you dare.

Well, perhaps it should be you,

stealing my child away
with every fawning moment

of tenderness you show to Hayley.

This has nothing to do
with Hayley.

It has everything to do with her!

She's adored you
since she arrived.

And now my child, my blood,

will grow up to call you father.

Is that what this is?

You are once again worried
that you will be left behind?

Has history taught you nothing?
We don't abandon you, Nik.

You drive us away.

Is that so?

What have I done lately
other than cooperate?

I bowed down to you, brother... make up for daggering you,

for the greater good of our plan
to reclaim our home.

Look the other way, sister.

While you repeat
the same cycle with Marcel,

falling again for a man
you shouldn't be with,

while he controls the empire
that we built,

that he took!

I make no excuses for past sins,

but in the one moment
when you two could have

chosen to stand by me.
To believe in me...

...and believe my intentions
for my own child were pure.

You chose to stand against me...

To side with my enemies.

I wanted our home back.

Now I have it.

So, I'm going to live there.

And the two of you...

You can stay here together...

...and rot.

You're coming with me,
little wolf.

Why would I go anywhere with you?

Because, Hayley,
that child you carry

is the only thing on this earth
that matters to me.

Now, you can fight me on this,
but you will lose.

As will anyone else who tries
to stop you getting in this car.

I figured it out, the note.

I was thinking about it--
my lost time,

my foggy brain.

I thought I must be going crazy
like Sean...

...but then I thought,

"What if somewhere
in my subconscious,

I was trying
to send myself a message?"

I was.

I found this in the Picayune
newspaper archives from 1919.

Look at this photo.

Those men, I know them.

I know both of them.