The Originals (2013–2018): Season 1, Episode 9 - Reigning Pain in New Orleans - full transcript

Klaus tries to get adapted to his new duties as he became the king of the city. He offers Marcel a compromise and he fixes his relationship with his siblings. Davina feels betrayed by Marcel. She finally finds an allay, Cami.

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Klaus, voice-over:
My siblings and I

Are the first vampires
in history, the originals.

300 years ago,
we helped build new orleans.

In our absence,
a new king arose.

Now I've returned and taken
his kingdom as my own.

I had hoped this would
bring our family together.

I was wrong.

I wanted
our home back,

So I'm going to
live there,

And the two of you,

You can stay here
together and rot.

You're coming with me,
little wolf.

Why would I go
anywhere with you?

Now you can fight
me on this,

But you will lose,

As will anyone else
who tries to stop you

Getting in this car.


Let us begin with a toast

To our shared gift--

After 1,000 years,
one might expect

For life to be
less keenly felt,

For its beauties and its sorrows
to diminish with time,

But as vampires,
we feel more deeply

Than humans
could possibly imagine--

Insatiable need,

Exquisite pain...

Our victories,

And our defeats.

You can't afford
your wounded pride.

With klaus in control
of your empire,

You need to give him
what he craves most--

Loyalty, or at least
the illusion of it.

I ambushed him,
tried to bury him alive.

He's not gonna
trust me.

He will because he wants
your allegiance.

Speaking from
experience, I know

That if you play the
part, all is forgiven,

But if you give him
any reason to doubt you,

He will strike back.

Make me a promise,

You do whatever it
takes to stay alive.

To my city,
my home again.

May the blood
never cease to flow.

And the party
never end.

Diego: I just
don't get it, man.

You know we would've
stood with you

Till the end.

Letting you do that would've
been letting you die,

And you're still
my people.

For now, just
follow my lead.

Trust me,
it ain't over yet.

To new orleans.

To new orleans.
New orleans.

I understand that some
of you may have questions

Regarding the recent
change in leadership,

And I invited you here
tonight to assure you

That you
are not defeated.

No. My intentions
moving forward

Are to celebrate
what we have,

What marcel,
in fact, took...

And built into this--

A true community
of vampires.

What about her,
the wolf?

Had you let me
finish, diego,

You would know that
there is, of course,

One further matter
I would like to address.

As I assume
you know,

The girl is
carrying my child.

Consequently, I trust
you will all pay her

The appropriate

However, I understand that
some of you are concerned

By this vicious rumor
that I intend

To use the blood
of our child

To create hybrids.

I assure you,
I do not.

Father of the year.

It appears I will have
to earn your trust.

Very well.

We'll eliminate the root
of your anxiety.

You see, how can I sire
any hybrids

If there are no more werewolves
alive in the bayou to turn?

What? Klaus, no.

So eat, drink,
and be merry,

And tomorrow I suggest
you have yourselves

A little wolf hunt.

Go ahead. Have fun.
Kill them all.

Rebekah: Absolutely not.
I paid for that.

Please. Never paid for
anything in your life.

I hardly see how
that's relevant.

Nik is just
punishing us.

Well, we've hurt him,
deeply, it would appear.

We believed the worst
about him the one time

In a million when the worst
wasn't actually true.

Where do you think
you're going?

To ensure
that hayley doesn't

Suffer for
our mistakes.

Niklaus is feeling

We cannot trust
that she is safe.

Klaus: ...And so then
I bit elijah

And left him in the bayou

With my hybrid venom
in his veins.

Serves him right for making such
vile accusations against me,

And let--

Are you
taking this down?

To be clear, if
the quarter is yours now,

You still
need me why?

My memoirs.

1,000 years of history
isn't gonna write itself.

Cami, what are
you doing here?

My question

Oh, it's quite all right.
She knows.

She does?

That you're vampires?
Don't worry.

He's compelled me
to forget everything

As soon as I leave.

That way, I'm too busy
agonizing over

Whether or not
I'm losing my damn mind

To realize
I'm playing spy

For an immortal

You compelled her to go
out with me, didn't you?

And I thought you
really liked me.

So did I.

Well, I mean, to be clear,

Anything you felt for him
was quite real...

And, for the record,
the level of awkwardness

We're all currently experiencing
is entirely genuine.

You think you're
so clever, don't you,

Compelling the poor,
naive bartender?

Look what I found,

Real me, not your
compelled therapist.

Well, actually I prefer
devoted stenographer.

You think this is funny,
messing with my mind?

My sanity
is not a joke.

No, luv, I don't
believe it is.

You never
found this.

You will remember
nothing of our life

As vampires
when you leave here.

Do you understand?

I think that just about
does it for the day.

You may go.

Going somewhere?

You shouldn't be here.

Klaus has his guys
watching me.

I wouldn't worry
about them.


We mustn't linger.

Let's get you
someplace safe.

No. You don't have
to worry about me. I'm fine.

I've been deemed
under protection

By the almighty klaus.

It's the werewolves
who need help.

He ordered a wolf hunt
as some jacked-up peace offering

To marcel's crew.

You have
to help them.

Out in the bayou?

Do we look like a bloody
vampire rescue squad?

I think you should be
grateful we came to save you.

Listen, rebekah.

All my life, I've wanted
to know who my real family was,

And just as I find out
that they're out there

In the bayou,
klaus orders them killed.

You want to help me?

Help my people, please.

Humans have
called a meeting.

They're not
exactly thrilled

With the new
status quo.

How unfortunate
for them.

Look. It's
your show now,

But you want to know how
I built what I built?


A little diplomacy
goes a long way,

Especially with
the human faction.

Duly noted.

I haven't thought
about this night in ages--

1919, the opera house
just before it burned.

This was the end
of an era.

Now, in the interest
of new beginnings,

I feel there are
some things

I should probably
confess to you,

But where to begin?

Thierry was never
disloyal to you.

I set him up in an attempt
to locate my brother.

He's your friend,
and, consequently,

He can return
to the compound

At your discretion.

Cami's part
you just learned,

And then there's
young joshua.

I've been compelling
him from the beginning,

Although I suspect
you already knew that,

As he was the one who
led me into your trap.

I may have fed the kid
some misinformation.

Mm, and then
there's davina.

She's a powerful weapon.

At this point, I'd like
to keep her close at hand.

I think we should
have her move

Into the compound
here with us.

Eh, she can't
leave the attic.

I already tried
to move her once.

Yes. About that,
turns out,

Your little witch
is quite the actress.

She made a deal with elijah
while he was in captivity,

Tricked you into
letting her stay put

In exchange for some spells
from our mother's grimoire.

Good to know.
Is that all?

I do believe it is.

the honesty.


is in an hour.


Klaus on recorder:
...And so then I bit elijah

And left him in the bayou with
my hybrid venom in his veins.

Serves him right for making such
vile accusations against me.

You're gonna love it
at the compound.

I already got the best room
in the place picked out.

I can't leave.

Remember what
happened last time?

I know about your
deal with elijah.

Can't be lying
to each other.

I'm trying
to protect you.

With the witches still looking
to kill you for the harvest,

Believe me,
you're safest with us.

Klaus: Plus, there's excellent
light in the afternoon.

I see you're an artist.


I look forward
to witnessing

Your many

Was this his idea?

Davina, please.

I understand you're
devoted to marcel,

But marcel is
devoted to me.

I assume you
want what's best

For all of us.

We have a meeting

To attend

Look. I'll get someone
to pick up your things.

We'll get you
settled in right.

Trust me.

Klaus, marcel,
thank you for coming.

Now, we are aware
of the change in leadership

In your community,
and we thought it was time

To make the appropriate

We want to be sure
you understand

How things work
around here.

Is that so?

What the mayor means
is that we just want

Some assurance that
this new development

Isn't gonna endanger our city
or its inhabitants.

Man: Look. You freaks
do your thing,

And we'll look
the other way.

As long as our
pockets stay full,

We won't have
a problem.

More importantly,
there are rules.

No feeding on the locals.

Don't bring any unwanted
attention to the city.

Now, history has proven
that we can coexist peacefully.

However, if you
cross the line--

You answer to us.

Ha ha! Ok. I'm sorry.
Let me get this straight.

I'm to play supplicant
to this pompous ass

And his ridiculous group
of petty thieves?

Ah, here are my terms.

You will take whatever scraps
I see fit to leave you,

And you will be grateful.

If that doesn't suit you,
I may decide

You've outlived
your usefulness.

[glass shatters]

Diego: Hey, they were
obviously just here.

Fan out, find them,
and bring me some heads.

I'd rather
you didn't.

What the hell are you
doing out here?

I've come to
suggest you seek

Other hunting

Suggestion noted.

Well, diego, it would
be such a shame

To have to rearrange
that pretty face.

What the hell you
care about wolves?

Generally, I don't.

However this
particular clan

Is not
to be touched.



Nothing here, anyway.


Great. I guess our job
here is done.

Not quite.

We're not here
to harm you.

Hello again.
Eve, was it?

One of hayley's
littermates, I presume.

Hayley sent you here
to protect us, didn't she?

Tell her we appreciate
the concern,

But we've been looking out
for ourselves for a while now.

Nobody finds us
unless we want to be found.

Well, we
found you, so--

Like I said--

There's something
I thought you

And your family
should know about.

[music playing]

I think I was far more
gracious than they deserved.

You're disappointed by
my lack of diplomacy.

Well, you, above all people,
should need no reminder

Of the human capacity
for cruelty.

[cell phone vibrates]



Police chief:
Mr. Mikaelson,

Just wanted to let
you know, the faction

Has considered
your terms.

We've reached
a decision.

Have you?

[woman screaming]

Aah! Aah! Aah!



Damn it, damn it,
damn it!

Oh, this is on you.

Now that you're
in charge,

Those are your guys
laying dead,

Your guys.

You're gonna
run this city,

That better mean
something to you.

Otherwise no one
worth a damn

Is gonna follow you,
no one.

I was beginning
to worry about you.

I don't think
I could've taken

Any more of this
deferential nonsense.

I mean, clearly,
I underestimated the faction.

That won't happen again,
but tell me,

Now that we've
arrived at this point,

Now that they have
come into our home,

Visited this
upon our people,

How would you
counsel me to respond?

Let's go
kill them all.

We're surrounded
by 20,000 acres of swamp.

The ones born here know it
like the backs of our hands.

We'll be fine, but here,
newcomers from out of state,

Not hayley's and mine kin,

But word spread
about that baby of hers.

Lot of werewolves
want to see

This miracle pregnancy
for themselves,

Only now the vampires
are out looking for blood,

And all these werewolves
new to the bayou,

They might not know
where to hide.

You say that
like we're

to care.

Believe me, you're gonna
want then kept alive.

And why
is that?

See for yourself.

I know you're in here, josh.

I can sense your fear.

I heard you
were moving in.

Ha! What are you
doing in here?

Uh, you know,
I'm hiding out,

You know,

Got to run
for the hills,

But I'm stuck here
until it gets dark.

Are you ok?

Yeah. Yeah.

No, not really.

I mean, I totally led
klaus into a trap

That was like the most epic
failure of all time.

So, yeah, I'm kind of
crapping my pants right now,

So far.

It's ok.

You can trust marcel,
and if klaus

Tries to hurt you,
I'll hurt him.

Hayley: I'm sure if you
could actually stop klaus,

You would've
done it already.

You're hayley,
klaus' wife.

Ew. No. Never.

I'm the pregnant

And you must be
the all-powerful

Super witch davina,
and let's not forget josh--

Newbie vampire
way out of his element,

Voted most likely
to die next.

Oh, fantastic.

Hey, I'm just another one
of klaus' prisoners.

Of course, it would suck
if he found out

You were still
lurking around.

Maybe there's a world

Where we can all
look out for each other.

[knock on door]

I called you
hours ago!

I--I came as fast
as I could.

What's going on?

Your voicemail sounded--

What, paranoid,


That picture I found,

The one that was,
I don't know,

A hundred years old,

You said it was
just a coincidence,



Cami on recorder:
My sanity is not a joke.

Klaus on recorder:
No, luv, I don't
believe it is.


That's my voice,
but I don't remember it.

I think it's--
I think it's

Some kind of mind control.

I think he's
erasing my memory!

[cell phone ringing]


They what?

Um, we will talk
about this later.

Kieran: Why wasn't I
consulted on this?

You've been gone
for over 8 month, kieran.

We got used to doing
things on our own.

Police chief:
This klaus mikaelson,

I don't care who he is
or what the rumors say.

He needed to be
taught a lesson.

You are gonna
start a war.

I'd like
to see then try,

Oh, and, kieran,

This is the last time
you call a meeting.

Next time you want
to criticize our leadership,

Send a damn e-mail.

I thought you
called this meeting.

The hell we did.

Klaus: Actually,
I called it.

It appears I made
a grave error

During our earlier

My friend marcel offered
me wise counsel,

And I failed
to heed it.

Hmm, well, I'm glad to hear
you've learned your lesson.

Oh, I won't be making
that mistake again.



Shall we?

After you.



There he is,

Our lone survivor.

Such a sad day
for our city,

Some of its best
and brightest

Killed in a tragic
boating accident

On the mississippi.

Rather nasty
explosion, I heard.

What am I going
to do with you?

Oh, ok.
Hold up.

I've known kieran
for a long time.

He's smart,
and he's fair.

He can do us more good
alive than dead,

Not to mention
he's cami's uncle.

Don't see you
care about much.

It's kind of hard not
to notice when you do.

Very well.

Use this reprieve

To remake
your human faction.

And how do you expect me
to remake the mayor?

Well, surely,
there's a deputy mayor.

Choose new leaders.

Then we reopen

Wow, these wolves
really travel

In style,
don't they?


Behind on their
payments, perhaps.

Shall we proceed then?

Let's not and tell
hayley that we did.

Then you get to
impress the girl,

And I can go home.

You know how hovels
depress me.

I'm not trying
to impress the girl.

I should bloody
hope you are.

Why else
are we out here?

Come on, elijah.

You've fallen for her.
Admit it.

May do wonders
for the stick

That's lodged up your
enduringly stoic ass

If you did.

If I admit to you
that it's complicated,

Would that suffice,
or are you determined

To torment me
throughout this endeavor?

[shouting and screaming]

Aah! Aah!


we're gonna have

To stop meeting
like this.

This is how
rumors begin.

You can go now.

Damn it!

Perhaps I'm not
making myself clear here.

This is a threat.

In precisely 3 minutes time,
your little hunting party

Will become the prey.

Now, based on your
recent failure

To subdue my baby
brother niklaus,

This despite a better
that 100:1 advantage,

I recommend you
heed my warning.


Well, I thought
the situation

Demanded something
a little dramatic.

Who are you people?

I would say the
better question is,

Who are you?

[music playing]

To a united front.

This act of yours,

The imitation
of friendship--

Don't get me wrong.

You play the part
well enough.

I should know, having
played it myself,

But there was a time
when the affinity

Between us
was quite real.

Oh, sure, and then
you got it in your head

To take what
I created.

When I picked up
that coin,

I swore loyalty, klaus,
not friendship.

All right.
I'm holding up my end.

The other one
has to be earned.

Fair enough.

Then you should probably
know the whole story.

My decision was not
entirely my own.

If I didn't agree to
usurp your power,

The witches swore
to kill my unborn child.

At first, the promise
of an offspring

Meant little to me,

But then I recalled
my father,

How he held me
in contempt

From the moment
I was born,

As yours did
with you.

I will not do
to my child

What was done to me,

To us.

All this--the spying,
the manipulation--

That's just something
you were forced into.

Is that it?

And what now,
you feel kind of bad?

"hey, buddy,
it's nothing personal."

Is that it?

I admit...

I was jealous.

I saw the empire you
created on your own

Without me.

I saw it,
and I wanted it.

You're wrong, you know.
I didn't do it on my own.

I stood in the shadow
of my father

My entire human life,
and I never would've gotten

Out from under it
if not for you.

You're the one
who taught me that a man

Can't be defined
by anyone but himself.

So...What now?

This community
that you've built,

You have
their respect,

Their love.

I can rule them,
but I cannot win them,

Not without you.

So rule with me
side by side

As equals...



[flask sloshes]

Those werewolves
you ordered killed,

That's my family.

Not for long, luv.

I mean, this so-called
family of yours,

They haven't done you
much good, have they?

You said it yourself.

They abandoned you,
left you on your own.

Now it's simply
your turn to do the same.

Maybe they had
their reasons.

Yes. Well, I have
reason, too, little wolf.

If the werewolves are dead,
then the vampires

Have less desire
to kill you.

I am trying
to keep you safe,

Not that you
appreciate the effort.

And as soon
as I have this baby,

What happens
to me then?


Well, lucky for me,
I have a little while

Before I find out,
and in the meantime,

I will find a way to pay
you back for this.

As long as I'm in
the family way, well,

You can't do a damn
thing about it.


What are you
looking for?

My violin.

I must've left it
in the attic.

So just go get it.

I can't. It's not
safe for me out there.

Funny, I was under
the impression

Everyone was
afraid of you.

The witches
are after me.

You mean, that crazy
witch agnes? Yeah.

She tried
to kill me, too.

The thing is,
she's dead.

Elijah killed her.

But...Agnes was
the last living elder.

If she's dead,
then I'm safe.

Marcel would've
told me.

Maybe he didn't
want to lose

His secret weapon
against the witches.

You're lying.

Why would I
lie to you?

Because you want
something from me.

Everyone does.

Do I want
something from you?

Yeah, davina.
Actually, I do.

Thanks to
your friend marcel,

Most of my family
is cursed.

They're stuck
in their wolf form

on a full moon.

Now, I'm smart enough
to know that every curse

Has a loophole,
and, well,

the strongest witch

I've ever heard of,
but I wouldn't lie

To you to get
what I want.

I'd ask you.

I guess that's
the difference

Between marcel
and me.

for something?

I figured
with you vacating,

The attic would be
a safe zone.

Found this there.

It was dangerous for you
to come back, josh.

Yeah. Well, what
are friends for,

Or whatever?

Ha ha ha!

Hey, what did
hayley want?

Do you trust her?

I don't know. Why?

She told me about
a witch being killed,

An elder,
but I don't know--

Oh, yeah.
Crazy agnes?

I heard about that.

Elijah went all
berserker on her crew.

I guess it was
super gross,

Just, like,
heads and guts.


What? You hate
the witches.

Hayley was right.

Marcel is just
using me.

Josh, I can't
stay here.

I'm not gonna be
their puppet.

You have to get me
out of here.

Ok, but where else
are you gonna go?

[plays c above high c]

[door opens]

[door closes]

Rebekah: I stink
of the bog.

Serves you right for
your pathetic attempt

To undermine my rule.

Nik, listen.

When I order werewolves
to be hunted to extinction,

I expect you to stand aside
and let the blood flow.

How delightfully
democratic of you.

Do you recognize it?
Perhaps you don't.

It has been 1,000 years
since you last saw it

Grace the hand
of our mother.

The ring was
in possession of one

Of the very wolves
whose extinction

You just ordered.

So, naturally,
I questioned him.

He spoke
of a legend,

A legend wherein
long ago,

A chief of theirs
had fathered a child

To a very
powerful witch.

Their mythology
further states,

This child, a son,
was later transformed

Into something this clan
had never before seen,

Something werewolf
and vampire.

Nik, we're trying
to make amends.

We found remnants
of your family,

The bloodline
of your true father,

And we saved them
from being slaughtered

At the hands of the vampires
you command.

Niklaus, your
ambitions have come

Before this family
for far too long.

I beseech you,
please come home.

What home,

This pathetic

You see, despite
all your doubts,

All you attempts
to thwart me,

I've reclaimed
our true home.

I took back
the entire city.

You have the audacity
to boast of your victory

When the mother
of your child

your prisoner?

It all comes down to
the pretty, little wolf,

Doesn't it,

Stop it, both of you.

Even if this is
what you say it is,

I have had enough of family
to last me a lifetime.

Why would I possibly
want any more?

Klaus: Ah, good.
You're awake.

I have a favor
to ask.

I am saying prayers
for the dead.

I request a moratorium
on favors for the king.

Well, you'll
like this one.

It involves
helping people

Who need protection.

And whom, may I ask, do
they need protection from?


You see, I recently
ordered the slaughter

Of a group of vagabonds
out in the bayou.

Turns out, I may have
been too hasty.

Thing is, if
the vampires find out

I'm protecting them,
it won't sit well.


I think I can
arrange something...

On one condition.

For her own good,
I believe it is time

For my niece
to leave town.

Klaus on recorder: Oh, it's
quite all right. She knows.

Marcel on recorder:
She does?

Cami on recorder:
That you're vampires?

Don't worry.

He's compelled me
to forget everything

As soon as I leave.

Klaus: You are

It's one of the things
I like most about you...

you can't keep--

But you're looking for truths
you don't want to find,

Monsters better left
as fiction.

It's time for you
to leave this place, cami...

For your own good.

You are
such a coward.

This isn't about me.

You have kept me
here for weeks

Just so someone,
anyone, would see

Who you really are,
and now that I have,

It scares the hell
out of you, doesn't it?

If you knew even
a fraction of who I am,

It would
break you in two.

Then show me.



It hurts. Aah! Aah!


He's a beast.

Elijah, hold him down.

Brother, please,

Don't let them
do this to me.

Do it now, boy. Now!

Help me.




Oh, my god.

No one should have
to experience

Things like that.

Knowing what you do
about this world

Will only
get you killed,

And I cannot
allow that.

Leave new orleans.

Forget everything

You've learned
here today.

Forget me.

You have no reason
to stay.

I have no reason
to stay.

[music playing]

Look. Things are good
with your brother right now.

He wants to run things
with me as partners,

But if we keep
meeting like this

Behind his back--

You said it yourself,

Whatever it takes
to stay alive.

Oh, this is about
survival, is it?

If you were
this pathetic a liar

With my brother,
I'm surprised

He hasn't
killed you already.

Come on, rebekah.

The only reward anyone
ever gets from loving niklaus

Is suffering and death.

You're choosing him
over me, aren't you...


Rebekah, I got people
to look out for...

And klaus is offering me
a chance to do that.

With davina working
her magic against the witches

And an original
by my side,

That's not something
I can just turn my back on,

Not even for you.

When you were reliving
history with my brother,

Did you happen to
revisit what came next

In 1919, or
have you forgotten

Our little secret?

I know the words
that will make him

Hate you forever.

Remember that when
you're embracing

Your new family.

[music continues]


Are they--

They're safe...

All of them.

Thank you.

What you did, elijah,
it means a lot.

You should
keep this covered.

I will.

If any of the others
saw this--

I promise.

I should go.


Haven't you
had your fill

Of telling me
all the ways

I've disappointed
you, elijah?

Well, there is
something important

We neglected
to discuss.

I accused you of having
ulterior motives

Regarding the child.

I was wrong.

I'm sorry.

I imagine that
must have been hard

For you to say.

You don't make it easy
to love you, brother.

And yet you're

In your desire
to do so.

When you're ready,

Should you be
so inclined,

Both you and rebekah

Are welcome
to join me here.

It is, after all,
our family home.

[knocks on door]

Cami, I need your help.

Marcel has been lying to me,
and I can't trust him anymore.

I'm sorry.
Do I know you?

Oh, you've
been compelled.

Ok. What are you doing?

It's ok.
I can fix you.

I'm really sorry,

But this
is gonna hurt.

Unh! Aah! Unh...