The Originals (2013–2018): Season 1, Episode 7 - Bloodletting - full transcript

When someone from Hayley's past makes a startling revelation, she grows concerned for herself and the baby. Amidst growing tensions between them, Klaus and Elijah turn to Sabine for help in...

Are you wondering how healthy the food you are eating is? Check it -
My siblings and I

are the first vampires
in all of history.

The Originals.

Unlike them, I am a Hybrid,
half vampire, half werewolf.

Three hundred years ago,
we helped build New Orleans.

Now, we've returned,
drawn back by a coven of witches

who threatened the woman
carrying my child.

That baby will bring
death to us all.


My brother Elijah
dealt with them.

No one hurts
my family and lives.

We thought Hayley
would be safe.

I'm Marcel.

I don't think we've met.

Hayley is gone.
Where is she?


Marcel was here.

We were wrong.

Ladies, gentlemen...

...welcome to fight night!

And the first rule of fight night is,

the vampire left standing
at the end of the night

is one step closer to the inner circle...

and one of these...

A daylight ring.

If you can impress me
with a little ultra-violence,

you too can enjoy the warmth
of the sun on your face.

All you got to do
is kick a little ass.

So, here we go.

Our first two contenders...

...Felicia and Otto.

Damn, girl, not bad.

Good evening.

I'd like a word.

What do you think you're doing?

It appears that we've interrupted

a collection of filthy amateurs.

We've come here for the girl.

Give her to us, or...

...we kill everyone here.

Starting with you.

You two got a lot of nerve

coming into my home
and making demands.

You're home, is it?

The girl.
I will not ask again.

I assume you're
talking about Hayley...

yay high, dark hair,
bitchy attitude.

Who is she, anyway?

She's an old friend.

You know how sentimental
I am about old friends.

Well, I ain't got her,

and before you start whining,

I did pay her a little visit
earlier tonight.

I was feeling nostalgic.

So I took a trip out
to the plantation

where I used to be a slave,

and imagine my surprise...

...when I realized that the
Original family of vampires

had taken up residence.

Your girl ,Hayley, answered the door.

We exchanged hellos.
That was it.

You don't believe me,
look around.

Hell, I'll even help you find her.

But the question that I'd ask is...

If Hayley isn't here...

...then where is she?



You don't want to fight me, Hayley.
You know you can't beat a Hybrid.

Let me go,

you backstabbing,
half-breed piece of sh--

Shut up!

Not the most attractive
community, are they?

You do realize they can hear you.

You do realize I don't care.

You know, Elijah,
I liked you better in that box,

but, Klaus, my sire,
you I owe the world...

...and I always show respect
to my elders.

If your special
lady friend is missing,

you can benefit
from the help of a witch,

and since I control
all the witches in this town,

I'll grant you one little locator spell.

Sabine is the best guide
in the Quarter.

You need to find someone,

I guarantee she's your girl.

Where are you going?

I hate to cut this short,
but the sun is coming up soon.

My nightwalkers
need to get inside,

and I've got a city to run.

I'll leave you to track down
your lost sheep.

Can you find her?

I can try.

What is this place?

The armpit of Louisiana.

What are you gonna do with that?

Depends on you.

Hey, you attacked me, remember?

You ambushed me
in my own back yard.

It's not your back yard.
It's Klaus'.

You're shacked up in a mansion
with that psycho,

a long way from the girl
I met in the Appalachians

helping other werewolves.

Tyler, I'm sorry,
but a lot has happened

since the last time I saw you.

You mean like
how you're pregnant?

A Hybrid baby. Yeah.
I know all about it.

I've been roaming
around the bayou asking questions.

Let me tell you what I learned.

This crescent birthmark
means you come

from a big shot family,
some kind of royalty

to the werewolves
of this region,

and right here...

This is all that's left of them.

Hey, help me.

They can't help you.

They're in the woods hiding

because they've been persecuted
for decades by vampires.

Is that her?

Yeah, Dwayne.
Get her inside.

Tyler? Tyler?

She's in the back country.

Way out past Houma,
deep in the bayou.

I don't suppose
you could be more precise.

What's the matter, Elijah?

Are you worried a bit of
splashing about in the bog

might ruin
your expensive shoes?

As a matter of fact,
after my recent confinement,

I could use a decent stroll
through the countryside.

There are stories of exiled werewolves.


If Hayley went out that far,
chances are, she went to find them.

Clearly, she hopes to make the
acquaintance of more like herself.

I suppose our company
wasn't good enough for her.

You could always join them, you know.

Ah, drinking games.

It's not really my thing.

It kind of reminds me of the jocks
in my high school.

We had a pretty high quota
of what you'd call

douche nozzles.

- Bullies, huh?
- Yeah.

Wonder what'd happen if
you saw those guys now.

I bet you'd tear them apart, right?

Yeah, totally.

Probably go all vamp ninja on 'em.

You're a funny guy, Josh.

In fact, I thought it was really
funny last night, you know?

Seeing you at that plantation
where Klaus is staying.

You going somewhere, Josh?

We should head south
towards the water.

You seem quite determined
to find the little wolf.

If I'm moving too fast for you, Niklaus,

you're welcome to wait in the car.

Do be certain to leave
the windows down.

So, I've touched a nerve.

You've begun to admire this girl.

Perhaps that's why
you've been barking orders

since your return,
hoping to impress Hayley

by assuming the role of family patriarch.

You want to insist on treating her
like a walking incubator,

then that's your mistake.

Have you found her scent?


But I found someone else's.

This vehicle reeks...

...of someone I thought
I was rid of...

Tyler Lockwood.

And why would your
little Hybrid sidekick from Mystic Falls

have any interest in Hayley?

He wants revenge
because I went after his girl.

Why do I suspect this
is the least of your offenses?

Back when I had the means
to sire Hybrids,

he was my first.

Although I didn't give him
much choice in the matter.

He was loyal in the beginning,

but he grew insubordinate.

Turned my other Hybrids
against me.

I couldn't have that.

So, I massacred
the lot of them.

Tyler ran like a coward

before I could finish him off.

Anything else that
you would like to share?

Well, there was
this business with his mum.

You killed his mother.

He needed to be taught a lesson.

And what lesson will
you be taught, Niklaus,

if he retaliates by harming Hayley?

So you do care about her.

Well, go on, then.

Have at it, brother.
Save her.

Claim what spoils you can.
I've sampled what she has to offer,

and, let me tell you,
she is exquisite.

Niklaus, so help me--


I'll kill
Tyler Lockwood myself.

Marcel, something is happening.

There's a witch doing
magic in the Quarter.

Oh, no worries.
That one is Marcel-approved.


I got something else
for you to handle.

Oh, no.
You're the super witch.

Say hi to Josh.

Why would you bring him here?

Josh has a problem.

Klaus compelled him
to spy on me.


I can't have that.

So I thought,
"I'll just kill Josh."

Marcel, please.
It's not my fault.

Then I thought,
"Killing a vampire,

that would be breaking
my own rule."

Smart thing to do is to flip Josh.

That way, he can tell Klaus
whatever I want.

He could even spy for me.

All we got to do
is wipe away that compulsion.

So, what do you think?

I can make him forget
what Klaus told him,

but the more Klaus said,

the more it's gonna hurt

Probably gonna hurt a lot.


I'll do it.

Anything, yes.

How much pain are we talking?

Tyler, there has been a wolf,
watching me lately.

Protecting me like it instinctively
knows that I am part of its pack.

You're a Hybrid. You can turn into
a wolf whenever you want.

Was it you?

But you're right.

Only Hybrids can control,
when they change.

And I'm the only one left
besides Klaus.

Which is why we're here.

Whatever you think you're doing,

you know that
whole Original family

has made some son of
pact or something

to keep me and the baby safe.

So, if you hurt me,
they'll kill you.

What makes you think
I'm afraid to die?

Are you ready for this?

Let's do it.

What are you doing?

Tyler, please.
No. Tyler!

Klaus destroyed everything
good in my life.

So I'm gonna take away
the thing he wants most.

No, please! Tyler, please!



I thought you were leaving town.
Couldn't stay away, huh?

I was half past Louisiana when
I found out you invaded our home.

What have you done
with Hayley?

You're so hot when you're angry.

You used me!

I'm pretty sure that was mutual.

Beguiled by your charms,
I slept with you like a fool,

led you to our home,
and then you took Hayley.

Whoa, I didn't take anybody.

I already sorted this out
with your brothers.

But it begs the question...

...why'd you come back?

If Klaus learns it's my fault

you found your way
to the plantation--

You really think I'd rat you out?

Come on.

If you think that
I'd ever in 1,000 years

do anything to hurt you,

you got me confused with Klaus.

All your charms and flirtations...

...simply prove you're every bit the liar
and manipulator that Klaus is,

Is that what you really think?

By all means, prove me wrong.

Fine. Come on.

Something you need to see.

Don't get all judge-y.

Dwayne knew what he was getting into.

He volunteered.

For you to kill him?

Dwayne is a werewolf who died
with your blood in his system,

same blood you share
with your Hybrid baby.

You're trying to turn him into a Hybrid.
That's impossible.

Been running with wolf packs
all over the country.

One of them was tight
with a witch.

She had nightmare visions
about your baby

and how Klaus could use its blood
to make an army of Hybrid slaves.

I am sick of these witches

and the premonitions
about my baby.

It's just a baby.

Maybe. Maybe not.

That's where Dwayne comes in.

You see, he was happy
to be the test case.

If you haven't noticed,
these people don't have much to live for.

They'd all welcome the chance
to become the superior species.

Trouble is,
all Hybrids are sired to Klaus.

They follow his every move.

No way I'd let that happen.

How can you be
so sure Klaus knows

what the baby's blood will do?

What do you think?

Klaus Mikaelson,

killer of men, women, and puppies,

all of a sudden
wants to be a daddy?

Or he's got an ulterior motive.

Hybrids can walk in the sun.

Their bite is lethal to vampires.

They'll take over New Orleans
by the end of the week,

and you know what's
gonna stop Klaus then?


You're gonna have to feed on her.

What? No.

Do it.



Look at me.

Look at me!

You're okay.

I'm better than okay.

I'm sorry,
but it's just gonna get worse.

Klaus' compulsion runs deep.

You need to think of something else.

Take your mind off it.

Do you like music?

What? Wha--?

I can't think
about music right now.

Why? I don't know.

Maybe because you're
giving me a voodoo lobotomy.

Do you like jazz?

So what, then?

Club stuff.

House, trance, you know...

I'm a witch.
I'm not Amish.

It's just I'm only 16.
I don't go to clubs.

When I was 16,
I'd been to, like, a hundred clubs.

God, it was only four years ago.

Feels like another life.

All I wanted to do was meet boys.

Things are so much more complicated.

I mean, now all I want
to do is meet boys

and feed
on people's blood...

Get one of those daylight rings

so I don't burn in the sunlight.

All perfectly normal things.

I like the classics.

Puccini, Bach, Mozart

I took piano.

Not that it matters
while I'm stuck here.

Why not?

Marcel is worried
that someone could hear.

It's not his fault.

He just wants to keep me safe.

Safe from what?

Basically, a coven of psycho witches

want to sacrifice me
in a blood ritual.

Oh, wow. Okay.

Uh, I'm sorry?

Don't be.
I'm gonna destroy them all.

And once they're gone,

everything will go back to normal.

I'll have my old life back.

It worked, didn't it?
He's a Hybrid.

If Klaus gets a hold of you,

if he gets that kid, he wins.

Then help me hide the baby from him.

Help me run.

He'll find you.

He'll take your kid away,

and he'll make
more Hybrid monsters.

Slaves who do everything he says.

Tyler, whatever you're
thinking of doing,

there has to be another way.

You're not like this.

That was stupid.

Get away from her.

- What do you care?
- I said, getaway.

You got what you wanted.
Now get lost.

Dwayne, he's gonna kill me.

And he's gonna kill you, too.

He said that Hybrids
are too dangerous to live.

You need to stop him.

Shut up!

Forgive me.

Thought you were in danger.

It appears I was mistaken.

You will not believe the crap day
that I'm having.

Let me take you home.


There's something you need
to know about the baby.


Don't make this harder
than it has to be.

Give up now.

I'll end it quick.

Quite an offer.

Though not one
I'll be extending to you.


Hello, Tyler.
You look well.

I aim to change that.

Threatening a pregnant girl

in order to exact
revenge against me.

I never expected you
to sink so low.

I admit, I'm impressed.

I used to hang out with you.

I guess something
must have rubbed off.

What do you think
Caroline would say

if she saw what you've become?

Perhaps I'll ask her
when I call her

to tell her of your demise.

Whatever happens to me,

Caroline is never
gonna stop hating you.

Come on, mate.
Give it a bit more effort.

I wanna enjoy myself.

What is this place?

This is the garden.

It's where I punish vampires
who break my rules.

But a long time ago,
used to be something else.

Go on.
Tell me what you see.

Two stories,
Greek columns,

wrap-around porch,
high ceilings,

transom windows.

It's lovely.
So what?

So, I designed it for you.
It was gonna be ours.


This was supposed to be
our happily ever after?

Yours and mine.

Except you flew the coop
with Klaus.

I already built
the foundation for the place.

I halted construction after you took off.

Plan was to wait for you to return.

You never did.

So, now it's where I bury
the people who betray me.

You could've come after me.

You were with Klaus.
I didn't know where.

I didn't know if you
still wanted to be with me.

All you had to do was come home.

It was more complicated than that.

Not long after we left here,

he put a dagger in my heart

and stuck me in a box
for 90 years.

He stole a century from me
like it were nothing.

That's what he does, Rebekah.

Klaus will never be happy.

He'll be damned
if he lets anyone get something

-that he can't have.
- I know.

I've been dancing to this song
for a thousand years.

Starting right now,
you have a choice...

...between the brother who
takes away your happiness

whenever he feels like it
and the man who wants

to give you everything
you ever wanted.

He will kill you in front of my eyes
out of spite.

Not if we get rid of him first.

Klaus must have known.

That's the only explanation.

He could care less
about the baby.

He just wants her to be born

so he can use her
to make more sired Hybrids.

Although the way
that Dwayne was acting,

it was more like
he was sired to me.

I should take you home.

Are you serious?
Home to what?

Look. Regardless of my brother's
intentions, mine remain the same.

I said that I would protect you,

even, if need be,
from Klaus himself.

I can take care of myself.

I've done it for a long time.

Is this your idea of revenge, Tyler?

Grueling game of hide-and-seek?


Let's end this, shall we?

How dare you?

I'm just getting started.

You've grown bloodthirsty.

Perhaps it's best
your mother didn't live

to see you like this.

It's sad, really.

I thought I made you better.

Turns out,
you're quite the disappointment.

I guess I'm another one
of your failures.

Like how you failed
at making Hybrids,

how you failed your family.

Now it looks like
you're even gonna fail your own kid.

And thus ends
your tedious little life.

At least it was brief.

Do it.

You're never gonna break me.

Only thing you could do is kill me.

So go on. Go on.
Get it over with!

You want me to end your suffering,
don't you, hmm?

I did break you,
took everything from you,

and now you're begging me
to sweep away the shards

of your shattered, little life.

Death offers more peace
than you deserve.

It's better to let you live,

and each morning,
you will wake knowing

that your wretched
existence continues

only by my will.

Now go and live
the rest of your days

knowing you are nothing to me.

Do you know how many
fools have tried

to vanquish my brother?

If you stand against him,
he will kill you,

and it will be awful and bloody,

and I will not stand around
and watch.

You forget I have a secret weapon.

Davina, the most powerful witch
in the last couple centuries.

What if she can find a way to kill him?

You don't know, do you?

You can't kill Klaus,

not without dying yourself.

We learned it from the deaths
of my brothers Kol and Finn.

If an Original dies,

every vampire ever made from their line
dies with him.

Even if you kill Klaus,
he'll still win.

it's been that way
for a thousand years.

That's his trick.
He always wins.

There's another way.

What would that be?

- We bury him down here forever.
- Are you mad?

This little chamber
of horrors may work

for your riffraff,
but do you really think

it will hold my brother?

Isn't it worth the risk?

You know I'm right.

Klaus will never stop trying
to control you.

And I'm supposed to believe that...
after a century,

suddenly you're willing to risk death
at his hands to be with me?

I want to defend my home.

I want to be free,

and if that means
I get to be with you,

all the more reason to bury him.

Now you tell me,
what do you want?

There you are.

I see you found our wandering stray.

Perhaps she could
shed some light on the situation.


...would appear to be
the body of a Hybrid.

His name was Dwayne.

Well, whoever he was,
I didn't sire him.

Any idea how that's possible?

As if you didn't know.


Aren't you two fast friends?

Well, come on, then.

What horrible accusation
have you conspired

to levy against me?

Tyler Lockwood brought Hayley
here to test a theory.

That the blood of her child
could be used to sire Hybrids.

He claims you knew that.

Furthermore, you intended to use
this knowledge to build an army.

And, of course,
you assume it's true.

I mean, why else would I show

any interest in my
own flesh and blood?

A heartbroken, little crybaby
points his finger at me,

and my own brother falls in line,
eager to believe it.

How quickly you assume the worst...

Especially when it comes from her.

Spare me your indignation.

When have you ever demonstrated
any kind of concern

towards Hayley or her child

beyond your own selfish pursuits?

And what was it
you once said to me?

"Every king needs an heir."

My big brother...

So, you doubt my intentions.

Well, I can't say I'm surprised.

Standing beside the noble Elijah,

how can I be anything
but the lesser brother?

A liar, a manipulator...

A bastard?

That's all I am to you, isn't it?

And to Rebekah.

And judging by the way Hayley
hangs on your every word,

it's clear she feels the same way.

No doubt, my child will,
as well.

Brother, if I--

We have said
all that needs to be said, brother.

I'll play the role I've been given.

You two enjoy each other's company.

You'll have much to bond over,

once the hallucinations
and dementia set in.

Consider that bite

my parting gift to you both.

That's it.

You're free.

You're right.
I can feel it.

Before, I was always thinking about
what Klaus would want me to do.

Now I'm, like,
"Screw that guy."

Klaus Mikaelson can suck it.

What's that look for?

Marcel wants me to make you
forget about me.

Oh, well,
you don't have to do that.

I, like, owe you my life.

I'll keep your secret.

Besides, it's kind of nice

just talking to someone normal again.

You think I'm normal?

I'm a 16-year-old witch
living in a church attic

like some kind of freak.

I'm a gay club kid who died

and came back as a vampire.


Normal is kind of relative,
you know?

Pinky swear on it.

You don't have to help.

I can dig through
the werewolf antique show on my own.

Besides, shouldn't
you put some kind

of ointment or
something on that?

The bite won't kill me.

Like Niklaus himself,
it's more of a nuisance

than anything, really.

Good, because I'm eventually
gonna need a ride home.

And thanks, by the way,
for staying out here.

You didn't have to.

I know.

But you said the people
of this village

are all of the family
you have left.

I can relate.

You're thinking about Klaus.

Perhaps I was too willing
to condemn him.

In the 1,000 years
that we have been together,

my brother has committed
numerous unspeakable acts,

but, then again, so has Rebekah.

So have I.

So did I the last time I was in Cabo.

We all do bad things.

It's just, most people die

before the list gets embarrassing.

But don't for a second
compare yourself to Klaus.

It's like a freaking hotbox in here.

I'm gonna get some air.

Someone left this here.

What is it?

A Bible... with a family tree

that goes back generations.

What are these names?

Who is Andrea?

I think I am.

That's the day that I was born.

I thought you were leaving us.

We both know this family
can barely function without me.

Where are Elijah and Hayley?

I left them in the bayou.


Elijah and I had a bit of a row.

Hayley has conspired
to turn him against me.

And you know our brother
never was one

to resist a pretty face.

So one thing led to another,
and I bit him.

Left them both
stranded in the swamp.

Daggering, biting, deserting.

Does your wickedness ever end?

My wickedness
is self-preservation,

and I wouldn't have
to go to such lengths

were I not beset on all sides
by incompetence and treachery.

Now that Elijah
has abandoned me,

I'll be needing you
in my plot against Marcel.

Don't expect to be
leaving town any time soon.

Why should I help you
after what you did to Elijah?

You're my family.

who better to spy on Marcel

than the girl he so clearly loves?

You can tell me all his secrets.

Like how did he find us here?


Any idea about that, little sister?

How should I know
why Marcel does what he does?

You think I don't know
about your engineered run-ins

all over the Quarter?

I know you've had private chats with him.

So, just tell me what secrets
he's confided to you.

Is he plotting against me?

My poor brother, so paranoid.

Marcel knows nothing.

He is not plotting against you.

He simply thinks
you're in a quarrel,

in need of making up.

Perhaps we will.

After all, you know
I'm capable of forgiving those

who disappoint me
soon as they've seen

the error of their ways
and suffered for them.

You'd do well to remember that.

You never let me forget.

You want to make
a deal with me,

you got to offer me something.

I already know about
Hayley the werewolf girl.

What else you got?

What if I told you
that werewolf girl

is carrying Klaus' child?

And if that baby is born...'ll mean the end
of the vampire species?