The Originals (2013–2018): Season 1, Episode 3 - Tangled Up in Blue - full transcript

Betrayal at the masquerade ball? Klaus and Rebekah come together to attempt to unravel Marcel's empire from within, in spite of Elijah's concerns. They enlist help from Sophie.

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REBEKAH: My brothers and I
are the first vampires in ail of history.
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The Originals.

Three hundred years ago,
we helped build New Orleans.

Now, we've returned
to find a city at war.

The vampire Marcel leads an army
against a coven of desperate witches.

My brother Klaus is playing against
both sides, hungry for power

and hoping to protect
the werewolf carrying his child.

But Marcel has an advantage.

He holds our brother Elijah captive
with the aid of a secret weapon.

Now, in order to get back
the brother I love,

I have no choice but to side
with the one I cannot trust.

ELIJAH: August 1359.

I have noticed a
difference in my siblings.

Our bond strains beneath the
pressure of our life as vampires.

Each day removes them further from
the humanity we once possessed.

My sweet sister Rebekah has grown
quite indifferent to brutality.

However, the true problem remains,
my brother Niklaus.

He continues to hide
his loneliness with cruelty.

Still, I cling to the hope that I,
as their eldest brother,

can lead them
down the correct path.

A path charged with the power
of a family united.

For if I fail, our family's legacy
will end in darkness.

I cannot believe you disposed
of those vampires without me.

You know how I love
to set things on fire.

Was I supposed to leave them
in the front yard to rot?

Besides, they were my responsibility.

They attacked the helpless, pregnant girl
who's carrying my child.

Oh, I am so moved by your
newfound sense of fatherly duty

towards the werewolf carrying
your hybrid bun in her oven.

The werewolf would like
to know what the plan is.

Well, that depends
what plan you mean, love.

My plan for global domination

or Rebekah's plan to find love
in a cruel, cruel world.


The plan to rescue Elijah.

You know, the good brother,

the one who is now
in the possession

of your mortal enemy after
you stabbed him in the back.

In the front,
if we're being specific.

You two said that
you would get him back.

So is there a plan, or what?


Well, firstly,
Marcel is not my mortal enemy.

He's my friend, albeit one who is
unaware that I am trying to sabotage

his hold over the supernatural
community of the French Quarter,

but a friend nonetheless.

And secondly, I daggered Elijah
in order to gain Marcel's trust.

If I had known he would
place my brother

in the hands of a particularly
nasty teenage witch,

I certainly would have weighed
my options a bit differently.

And thirdly, sister, please.

And thirdly, the plan,
as you have demanded,

is for Niklaus to simply ask
Marcel for Elijah back.

That's not the whole plan, is it?

Oh, please.

Klaus may be a miserable
excuse for a sibling,

but there is none
more diabolical.

That's only the plan "A," love.

There's always a plan "B."

And what's plan "B"?




Police say they have no leads...

Damn, I do look good in a suit.

Joshua Rozza, 18,
had recently arrived...

My guy at the docks is gonna
come forward as an eyewitness,

say he saw those two drunkenly
fall into the Mississippi.

They'll be dredging for weeks.
No one will come looking around here.

That's good, considering
one is dead in a dumpster

behind the county morgue and
the other one is a vampire now.

Anything else?


Allow me, darling.

One thing.

I sent four Nightwalkers to look into
a werewolf sighting in the Quarter.

I haven't heard from them since.


That makes ten dead Nightwalkers
in the last week.

You think the werewolves are back in
town trying to start some trouble?

Look. I know you
and Klaus are friends,

but the fact is,
since the Originals showed up--

Oh, come now, Thierry.
You're not still upset about that little,

toxic werewolf bite
I gave you, are you?

I thought we were at bygones.

I see you've given him free reign
of your compound now, too.

Yes. Well, seeing as my family
and I lived here,

built the place, in fact.

All right. Come on.
You both know the drill.

Thierry is my guy, inner circle.

Klaus is my old-time friend and sire.

He's also a guest here.

Peace, all right?

All right.

What you need, my brother?

I'm afraid my sister Rebekah is
insisting I demand Elijah's return.

- She's quite worked up about it.
- I'll say.

We're not gonna have three Originals
walking around town, are we?

Half our guys think the sister
killed the Nightwalkers.

Is that an accusation?

- Yeah.
- Against an Original?

What did I say about peace?

Come on. Walk with me.

Your inner circle man
lacks a sense of humor.

He's a little overprotective,
but loyal to a fault.

I saved his life
back in the forties,

found him dying of a war wound
outside a VA hospital.

He'd kill for me and die for me.

Plus, that boy can play the trumpet
like you would not believe.

Maybe I'll see if he can play
a little tonight at the party.

You're coming, right?

How can I miss my chance
to meet the city councilman

as he accepts your gigantic
charitable donation?

He's a schmuck,
but he lets us do our thing

in exchange for certain
community services,

like keeping our fangs
out of the locals.

Listen. About your brother,
I would love to help you out,

but Thierry is right.
My guys are on edge.

They see the Original
family moving in,

vampires dying,
it makes them nervous.

If I hand Elijah back now,

it might give the wrong impression
about who's really in charge here.

You know what I mean?

You understand I had to ask.

Hey, Klaus, for the love
of Mary Magdalene,

how long does it take
to ask a simple question?

Much longer than you'd think,

considering the answer was,
as expected, no.


Marcel's man Thierry is suspicious.

He thinks you killed
ten Nightwalkers.

Well, that's a lie.
I only killed eight.

- Should I make Thierry the ninth?
- Marcel is playing friendly.

We can't kill the favorite son,
or he'll catch onto us.

- So war it is, then.
- Indeed.

Do you know what to do
with the witch?

- I believe I do.
- Good.

You manage Sophie Deveraux.
I'll take care of the next step.

I ordered you to drain
him of blood.

What's taking so long?

Sorry. I'm not, like,
medieval-torture-expert guy.


What did he do to you, anyway?

It's not about what he did.

It's about what he's going
to do when we're done here,

which is whatever I want him to,
just like you.

For example,
drive this through his torso.


That is crazy.

I didn't want to do it,
but I did it, anyway.

It's called mind compulsion.

Vampires can compel humans.

Originals, like my siblings and I,
can also compel vampires,

and no one can
compel Originals.

You following?

That is how a brand-new Nightwalker
such as yourself

is here doing my bidding
with no one the wiser.

But I never had my guts
drained out of me.

Yes. That, young Joshua,
is because I got to you

before you had even a drop
of herbal vervain in your system.

You see, it prevents compulsion.

Marcel has had his whole
crew taking it

since I returned to town,
and that is why

our friend here needs
to be bled dry of it

so I can compel him
to follow my every command.

And with my brother currently
in captivity awaiting rescue,

we can't afford to be
gentle about it, can we?



Oh, so glad you could make it.

Elijah only lies daggered and rotting
whilst you dillydally.

You're lucky I came at all.
What do you want?

Hayley was attacked
last night by Marcel's crew

because somebody told him
there was a werewolf in the Quarter.

She only made one stop.

Whoever saw her here ratted her out.
Watch and learn.


- Hey, Soph.
- Hey, Katie.

That's filled with marigold,

great for attracting
the opposite sex.

It would look awesome on you.

I very seriously doubt that.

Do you have any others,
one with, say,

I don't know,
Wolfsbane, perhaps?

Why would you want that?

Please do not play dumb with me.


I just sold the werewolf some herbs.
That's all.

Are you lying to me, Katie?

I suggest you answer
my question honestly.


Just answer the question, Katie,

Yes. I told someone,
but you don't understand.


I love him.

Then tell me, who is this
vampire Romeo of yours?

Shall I count to three?

Be quick about it.
I have an army to build...


...and one compelled minion
does not an army make.

- Well?
- You were right about the traitor.

Luckily, she's just a kid
and she doesn't know anything

about us and what we're up to.

Do you wanna hear
what's gonna please you the most?

Do tell.

She's in love with someone
in Marcel's inner circle.

Guess who it is.

Right-hand-man type,
favors silly caps?

Two points for you.

Thierry is fraternizing
with the enemy.

That means he just unwittingly became
the key to our entire plan.

I told you you'd be pleased.

Oh, to be young and
in love in a city

where witches and
vampires are at war.

How very tragic.

SOPHIE: Are you out of your mind?

- No way.
-It's very simple.

We need you to perform
a teeny, tiny locator spell

to help us find our brother.

Witches who practice
magic in this town

get caught, and they get killed.

Yes. About that,
it seems you left out

a crucial detail
when we made our deal.

Marcel's secret weapon,
the way he knows

when a witch is using magic.

Girl about "yay" high,
cute as a button, anger issues.


Where have you seen her?

I don't know.
The little brat erased my memory

right after she threw me out
a window with her bloody mind.

Let me cut to the chase.
Davina has Elijah.

You witches, I assume,
want to get Davina away from Marcel.

We don't know where she is.

Ergo, we need magic.

Davina would sense it.

Unless, of course, another witch,
say, a traitor to the cause,

Katie, for example,

was to perform much more powerful
magic at the same time.

That would create a smokescreen

concealing your very small spell
from Davina.

Katie doesn't deserve to die.

Sophie Deveraux...

You're in no position
to be so principled.

You can't win a war without
a few strategic losses,

no matter how regrettable
they may be.

How many times have the vampires
been one step ahead,

known something they shouldn't?

Your sister, executed in the
public square for practicing magic.

Who knew she'd be caught?

Did she even attempt to flee?

She was caught hiding
in a cargo hold of a freighter

before it set sail
down the Mississippi.

And who, pray tell,
of Marcel's valued inner circle

manages his business
at the docks?

Katie's boyfriend Thierry.


You're right.
He's good.

"Music Man" I call him.

Ladies love him,
but he's spoken for.

He knocks around
with this pretty, little witch.

Says he loves her, but I don't know.

Your brightest soldier
is fraternizing with your enemy,

and you don't care.

Well, of course I care,
but Thierry is a grown man.

He makes his own choices,
and I get some good intel.

Besides, he's not gonna do anything
to jeopardize what we're doing here.

I mean, check this out, a vampire
hosting a ritzy charity event.

We have a community here.
No one is gonna mess that up.


You don't want the
witches to get too bold,

given that a witch's tip
about a werewolf in town

led to the disappearance
of your Nightwalkers.

I'm sure you've considered
the possibility

that it could've been a trap.

Maybe I'll send a little message.

Thierry. Take a team of Nightwalkers
to the Cauldron tonight,

do a little rousting.

Oh, and, Thierry, make it nasty.


REBEKAH: And so then,
I moved back here

to be closer to my brothers
because, let's face it,

family is important, right, Camille?

I have to change this name tag.

Drunk guys keep hitting
on me in French.

You sure you haven't been in here
before? Your face looks so familiar.

You must have seen me
out and about.

Aren't you dating Marcel Gerard?

He's a pal of mine.
Sort of.

I heard he had a crush on the
blonde bartender at Rousseau's.

I would hardly call it dating.
He's wooing me. Sort of.

I don't know.

He's very charming, which probably
means I should run for the hills.

I'm kind of in an on-again,
off-again thing myself at the moment.

Those are the worst, aren't they?

The ones you can't shake,
even though you know better?

And you always know better?

I like you, Cami.

Most girls have the unfortunate
tendency of being

whiny, little twits.

Thanks, I think.

Hey, I'm supposed to go
to this posh charity thing

thrown by this
philanthropist tonight.

He's a bit of a Gatsby,
throws a mean party.

Any interest?


Little sister.

Well, brother,
I believe I've made certain

Marcel will be properly
distracted tonight.

Dare I ask?

Let's just say his attention
will not be on us.

I did my bit. What are you doing
to ensure Elijah's safe return?

Currently, I'm preparing insurance
against the tender-hearted.


We need proper motivation for Katie
to cast a powerful spell tonight.

I'm creating that motivation.

Marcel has ordered
a rousting of the witches.


I, in turn, have arranged for things
to go tragically wrong.

You understand what you're to do?




What's happening out there?

Oh, it's Klaus.

He's convinced Marcel
that the witches

are planning to make
a move against him.

Marcel wants us to send a message.


And if he thought
I was playing favorites

because I'm in love with a witch...

Say that again.

I love you, Katie,
and all this is gonna be okay.

I promise.

KLAUS: Marcel may not be concerned with
Thierry's romantic entanglements. . ..

I already got that one.

But there are other crimes which
he'll be less inclined to forgive.


Leave her alone!
Get off!



Killing a vampire, for example.

That would be unforgivable.

If Katie hopes to save her one true love
from Marcel's punishment...

Well, a rescue mission like that will
require something positively magical.

But then what's worth dying for
if not love?


This certainly is a fitting backdrop
for tonight's events, I must say.

What's she doing here?

What better way to distract Marcel
than to put his very human,

new girl in a room
chock full of vampires?

Hello, darling.
You look precious.

This party is ridiculous, and I think
I could pay tuition with this dress.

Is he the infamous
on-again, off-again?

He's the brother, actually,
and my sister is right.

You do look stunning.

You clean up pretty well yourself.

Well, don't be fooled, love.
I'm the devil in disguise.

You two chitchat.
I need booze.

- Shall we?
- Okay.


Scotch, please.

You trying to be cute
inviting her here?

I think she's darling.

I can tell you fancy her pure heart.

Perhaps I'll feed it to you.

Jealousy looks good on you, Bekah.

The guy of hers Rebekah
was talking about.

I'm sensing that would be Marcel.

I wouldn't worry about it.

Ancient history.

I'm beginning to think your
sister is a bit of a bitch.

It's as though she invented the term.


Pardon me for a moment.


Hey, killer party.

Oh, it's more of a work thing.
I would've invited you--

Oh, no. We've been on one date.
No explanation necessary.

You do your thing.
I'll entertain myself.

What, leave you alone,
looking the way you do?

Hell with that.


You're not supposed to be out here.

Who are you?

Sorry. I didn't mean to scare you.
I'm Sabine. We met.

I'm one of Sophie's friends.

You're one of the witches.

Sophie just asked me to come keep
you company while everyone is out.

You know, it's drawn to you.

The child you're carrying
is part vampire, part werewolf.

You and Klaus
made something special.

You sound like Elijah.

He thinks this baby
is gonna make us

one big, happy family,
but now he's gone,

and I don't even know what... is.

You know, I can do something
about that if you want.

I mean, find out if
it's a boy or girl.

I thought you couldn't do
witchy stuff around here.

It's not magic, just an old trick
my grandmother taught me.

Come on.
You have to be a little curious.


I thought you said you
were in community work.

Community fundraising.

Throw a party,
folks open their wallets.

It's kind of my thing.

Guess I'm what you call
a necessary evil.

And Rebekah,
she's one of your donors?

She's an old flame.

Can't be that old.
She looks younger than me.

You'd be surprised.
I was a kid when I met her.

Enough about her.

I just want to be
right here with you.

You really are a hideously evil
little thing, aren't you?

They're perfect for each other.

You wanted Marcel distracted.


My cue to leave.

Excuse me.

What the hell did you do?

Not here.
No, not here.

I know you think he's a monster.

It doesn't matter what I think.

Thierry killed another vampire.

He broke Marcel's biggest rule.

You'll never see him again.

Unless we do something.


I want to save our people.

You want to save Thierry?

There's only one way we can do both.

You ready?


Something is coming.


- I want to hear your side of it.
- Marcel, come on.

Your version. Go.

We were tossing the Cauldron.

This guy, some Nightwalker,
he attacked Katie for no reason.

His name was Max.
I turned him.

As far as reasons go,
he doesn't need one.

She was a witch.
He was a vampire.

Now, he's dead.

I didn't mean for it to happen.

You broke my most important rule.

Damn it, T. How long we been friends?
Seventy years?

I turned you into something
that would never die.

I gave you a gift.

And I have been loyal to you
all this time, and I still am.

I'm still your friend, Marcel.

I swear, that hasn't changed.

Are you alright, love?

He's got a temper, doesn't he?

I guess this is the moment
I remember I know better.

We found this at his girl's place.

Still my friend, huh?

That's funny,

because it looks to me
like that little witch of yours

got her hands on a spell
that I keep locked away.

Marcel, I have never seen that.
- Shut up.

I see on your hand, you still have
the daylight ring I gave you.

So, what would you need with
the recipe for making new ones?

Unless maybe you and Katie
were gonna go off

and start a little kingdom
of your own?

Marcel, no.
- Here's a lesson in friendship.

Friends don't lie to me,
they don't break my rules,

and they do not steal what is mine.

For the crime of murdering
one of his own,

I sentence Thierry Vanchure
to 100 years in the garden.

And it begins.

You're doing the right thing.

It's the only way to find Elijah.

I'm doing what I have to do.



- Katie, no!
- Like clockwork.







You're hereto save your man.

Well, come on, little girl.


Die, you son of a bitch.

No! Katie! Don't!



SOPHIE: Something is wrong.
Katie's magic stopped.

- I can keep going.
- You can't. She'll sense it.

No. I can find Davina.
I just need another moment.

You may be willing to die
to get your witch back,

but Hayley and the baby
will die with you.

Elijah will never forgive us,
and rescuing him will be for nothing.

It's over.
We failed.


No. Katie.
No, no, no.


Just tell me this.

Was she worth it?

I loved her.


Seal him up and let him rot.

How much did Cami see?

She just saw an argument, mate.

It's nothing you can't fix.

You really like her, don't you?

I like that she's not
a part of any of this.

Sometimes it's good to see the
world the way the humans do.

I am sorry about Thierry,
you know?

I can tell he was a good friend.


I made him what he was.

Obviously, my trust was misplaced.

Doesn't make it easier.

You saved me tonight.
I guess I owe you one.

You asked for your brother back.

Seems like the least I can do.

- Cami--
- Don't even try it.

I get the bro code.

You're here to smooth things over
for your friend.

It's very nice of you, but--

But you've been hurt before,

and you aren't taking
any more chances.

Something like that.

The guy I saw tonight?
Not the guy I thought he was.

And if he can turn
on a dime like that...

Sounds like more than
just a broken heart.

Someone broke your trust.

Camille, the brave bartender.

I'm sorry.

But I need you to give
Marcel another chance.


I totally misread that.

No. You read it quite well,
but we all have our roles to play.

You went to Marcel's.
You danced.

You feel badly that he
had a row with his friend,

but otherwise, all you remember
is that it was perfect.


Well, tonight was an epic failure.

On the contrary, sister.

Tonight was a masterpiece.

Are you mad? Katie died before
Sophie could complete the spell.

I'm well aware.
I killed Katie.

You what?

There's no way our
little suicide witch

wasn't gonna try and take out
Marcel with her.

I saved his life,
and in doing so,

I now have him exactly
where I want him.

Sophie trusted you.

I trusted you against
all my better instincts.

Wake up, Rebekah.

The witches are on no one's side
but their own.

This girl, Davina,
that's all they want,

and when they have her, what do
you think happens then, a truce?

Of course not. They will use
Davina's power against all of us.

Even if you're right,
the plan was to find Elijah,

and you failed us.

You always did lack faith.

By protecting Marcel,
I've cemented his trust,

so much so that he's agreed
to return Elijah to us.

And when the time is right,
when he has told me everything

I need to know about Davina,
I will have her for myself.

I have all the faith in the world
that you'll get what you want, Nik.

You always do,
no matter what it costs the rest of us.

You disgust me.



Are you okay?
I was so worried.

Thank you.
Whatever you did, I felt it.

You helped me.

It was the old ones, wasn't it?

Actually, Klaus is the one
that saved me tonight.

I'm gonna make things right,

starting off by giving
him his brother back.


- What? Davina--
- No.

You said the old ones
were dangerous.

I won't give him back
until I know how to kill them.


I thought you might like to know,
Elijah is returning to us.


I guess being diabolical
has its perks.

You hardly know him,
and yet you miss him.

What is it about my brother
that always inspires

such instant admiration?

He was kind to me.

There are moments when I doubt

my family is capable of redemption.

Hey, I learned something today.

I think it's a girl.

ELIJAH: Yet each time that I am
tempted to surrender,

I see it, the glimmer of goodness
that allows me to believe.


You're following me.

Maybe you're just in my way.

I told you no good would come
from this unholy alliance of yours.

At least I'm doing something.

What about you?

Sabine, tell them what you saw.

It's the girl, the wolf.

I think it's a girl.

No. Wait.

Wait what?

Please tell me
I'm not having a mini Klaus.

Ripped By mstoll

(English US - SDH)