The Originals (2013–2018): Season 1, Episode 2 - House of the Rising Son - full transcript

Rebekah arrives in New Orleans at her brother Elijah's insistence, but, concerned that Klaus is up to no good, she seeks help from a reluctant Sophie. Marcel enlists Davina's help.

Are you wondering how healthy the food you are eating is? Check it -
My siblings and I
are the first vampires

In all of history,
the original family.

3 centuries ago, we helped build
a town called new orleans.

Now a plot by witches
has lured me back,

Hoping that I will
defeat a tyrant,

A vampire I created.

My brother hopes
I will find redemption

Through the power of family,

A miracle child,

Part werewolf,
part vampire, a hybrid.

My sister is doubtful.

She thinks I am
beyond redemption.

Despite my brother's
best efforts,

I have a plan of my own.

I will take back my home
and claim what was mine.

I will be redeemed.

New orleans.

People of all stripes
and flavors

From all over the country come
here to party on our streets.

Some are just looking for fun,

Some are looking for something
a little darker,

More dangerous.

So we invite them
into my home,

And we give it to them.

Then at the stroke of midnight,
everything changes,

And it's time to feed.

This is how I keep
my guys happy,

The occasional
all-you-can-eat buffet.

My nightwalkers love it.

Got them working hard
trying to earn

One of these
daylight rings.

They deserve to blow off
a little steam.

My daywalkers,
the trusted few,

They just like to party.

It's quite
an operation.

Tell me, what
about the victims?

Seems like a lot
of graves to dig.

Can't kill them all.

Too many folks go missing,
tourism drops,

So we heal them
with a little vamp blood,

Erase their memory,
send them on their way,

No muss, no fuss.

I'm impressed.

Nothing I didn't learn
from you back in the day.


What's up, thierry?

6 of our guys
were killed in a bar

Outside of the quarter,

No one saw who.

Elijah, if not
answering your phone

Was part of your clever plan
to get me back

To this godforsaken city,
then well done.

I'm here,
and I'm worried.

Now pick up before I kick in
your bloody door.

Who the hell
are you?

Ahh. You must be
the maid.

My bags are in the car.
Get them, will you?

Hello. Not the maid.

Right. You're that
werewolf girl

My brother klaus
knocked up.

I was expecting
to see some kind

Of supernatural
miracle baby bump.

Guess you're not
showing yet.

It's hayley, isn't it?

You have your
brother's manners.

And his temper, too,
so watch it.

Where's elijah?

Beats me.
He's long gone.

What do you mean
long gone?

Well, one minute
he was here

Making epic promises
about protecting me

In this predicament
that a bottle
of scotch

And some bad
decisions got
me into,

He was all poetic
about how we're

And then klaus
told he me bailed.

Guess that's what
I get for trusting
a vampire.

Elijah is not just
any vampire,

And he doesn't
break promises,

Which means niklaus
has done something
dastardly and klaus-like.

Klaus, get out here
and tell me what
you've done

With our brother,
you narcissistic,
back-stabbing wanker!

Enough with all
the shouting.

Little sister.
I should have known.

I assume the 6
dead vampires
were your doing.

They were very rude...


Trying to victimize
a poor, innocent girl

Just trying to find
her way to the quarter.

So sorry. Were they
friends of yours?

Oh, that's right.
You don't have
any friends.

I do have friends.
I have marcel.

You remember him,
don't you?

Yes, of course
you do.

He fancies himself.
The king of quarter now,

And he has these rules
about killing vampires.

It will be fun to see
what sort of punishment

He comes up with
for you.

I don't care
about marcel or his rules.

Elijah doesn't welsh
on deals.

What did you
do to him?

Perhaps he's
on holiday

Or taking a long
autumn nap upstairs.

Well, go on.
Take a look around.

You remember this house
as well as I.

I remember

I remember how the drunken fool

Of a governor hid away
all our vampire sins

In exchange for gold.

I remember the lavish parties
the governor threw

As if to impress you.

I remember finding
a moment of affection

With the governor's son emil...

And I remember that
even elijah was happy.

Your brother,
he's gone too far.

Niklaus, there is
no hope for you,
is there?

Are we interrupting?



Dearest elijah,

You've only ever
wished happiness
for me.

Emil and I are
in love.

Please let me
turn him.

Heh heh heh!

Rebekah, the governor
has graciously agreed

To hide a lot of our...

It would not do to turn
his only son into one of us.

Please for me.

It's not gonna happen,

If we turned every man you
dropped your knickers for,

Then human beings
would cease to exist,

And we'd have
no bloody food.

How dare you, sir!

You would do well

Drop him.


Klaus, drop him.



Get him out!

Well, he wasn't
good enough for you.

No one was ever good
enough for me, nik.

You made sure
of that.

Now where's elijah?

Where are you going?

It appears the night
is not quite over yet.

I'm off for another
drink with marcel.

Elijah told me
your plan to take apart

Marcel's empire
piece by piece.

I don't remember it
involving you two drinking

New orleans dry together.

I know you don't have
many friends, rebekah,

But what some friends do
when they get together
is they drink,

And when they drink,
they tell secrets.

Marcel has somehow
found a way to control

The entirety of witches
in the quarter,

And I aim
to uncover the how

So I might take it
for myself.

Finding elijah
didn't make my
to-do list today.

Oh. And welcome home,
little sister.

You, wolf girl.

I'm gonna search
this house
inch by inch

Until I find what
my evil brother has
done to my good one.

You're helping.

The governor had lots
of secret rooms.

I'll show you
his favorite.

You think klaus
killed him.

We can't be killed,
silly girl,

But that doesn't stop klaus
from finding ways

To torture us.

He has a set
of mystical silver daggers.

One in the heart sends
us into a deep slumber.

Klaus gets his jollies
from keeping us in a box

Until he decides
to pull the dagger out.

That must be what he's done
to elijah.

This one's mine.

He keeps your coffin
on standby?

He likes to be prepared
for when his family members

Inevitably disappoint him.

Elijah's isn't here.

He must have stashed
him elsewhere.

I feel sick.

to the family, love.

You should have run
the second your realized
elijah was gone.

Yeah. Well,
the witches have put

Some sort of hex
on me.

As long as I'm
carrying this baby,

I can't leave
new orleans.

If I do,
they kill me.

Well, knowing klaus,
he's planning a box for you

The second you give birth
to whatever's cooking
in your tum.

I'm leaving as soon
as I find elijah.

Being daggered in a box
for decades sucks.

Trust me.

You best find a way
to break that hex and run.


Seriously, marcel?

Trying to scare me?

I had nothing to do
with the attack

On your guys last night.

Sophie deveraux.

My brother elijah
told me about you.

Know who I am?

Yeah, I know.

Then you know we
need to talk.

So if I had to guess,
knowing klaus' history,

Elijah has a dagger
in his chest.

It's a magical object.

You're a witch.
Do a locator spell,

Locate the dagger,
locate elijah.

I can't use magic.

It's punishable
by death.

Marcel? What do you think
I'm going to do to you

If you don't give me
what I want?

Not much.

I've been linked,

So anything you
do to me,

You do to hayley.


Oh. Right.
The mumsy.

Well, luckily for you,
elijah seems to care
about her.

Otherwise, I'd break
your neck right here.

How did marcel get
so bloody powerful anyway?

It wasn't like this
when I left 100 years ago.

Marcel has a way
to tell whenever

There's magic done
in the quarter.

The how isn't relevant.

I'll tell you what's
not bloody relevant.

A coven of witches
who can't do magic.

Here's an idea.
Move away.

We practice
ancestral magic.

This cemetery is
filled with the remains

Of our witch ancestors.

Without access to them,
we're powerless.

If we run, we're leaving
our legacy behind,

Our home, our family.

Well, family's overrated.

Look at me.

I'm back in a city
that's given me
nothing but heartache,

Looking for a brother
who's hell-bent

On protecting a baby
I don't care about.

I find that hard
to believe.

You're here,
aren't you?

I'm here for elijah.

The instant I find him,
I'm gone.

He was the one who
idiotically believed

This baby would be
niklaus' redemption,

And now he's missing,
probably at the hands
of klaus himself,

And you were foolish
enough to believe

That elijah could
convince klaus to go
against marcel

When everyone knows
that they have a history.

Klaus sired marcel,
I'm aware.

You don't understand.

Marcel is not just
some guy

That klaus turned
into a vampire.

Klaus loved him
like a son.

I was there the day
that they met.

We were burying emil,
the governor's only son.

Ow! Ow!

Turns out
the governor had another son

From a mother that he owned.



What is your name?

Don't got one.

Mama wouldn't name
me till I turned 10

Case the fever
took me.

Then it took her.

You're a survivor,

And survivors
need names.

How about marcellus?


It comes from mars,
the god of war,

And it means
little warrior.

Perhaps there
is hope for our
brother after all.

Klaus saw himself
in the boy.

He remembered how
our father used to beat him.

He, too, was
the bastard child

Of a man who saw him
as nothing but a beast.

And that is why
your plan will fail.

All you've done is
bring back together
two long lost souls.

Without elijah
between them,

Who knows
what they'll do?

Well, this is a far cry
from last night's party.

Ahh. In pursuit
of the bartender from
rousseau's, I see.

She's a work
in progress.

And yet here you are,
pining over her

When you should be
eating her for lunch.

Well, she must be special.

Business first.
The coroner called.

He's got my number
in case any dead
tourists show up.

Let me guess. Dead tourists
with a stamp on their hand

And vampire blood
in their veins.

It happens.
Someone takes
a drunken tumble

Off a balcony or
into the mississippi,

And today, I've got two
of them to deal with.

Excuse me, love.

What's that
you're studying?

Abnormal psychology.

Abnormal psychology. Well...

Perhaps you could
help me diagnose
my friend over here.

He's been a little bit

Can't keep his mind
off a girl.

He tells me she's a queen
fit for a king.

I think he should
cut his losses and move on.

What's your
professional opinion?

Be a nice guy,
and maybe the opportunity

Will present itself

How about tonight,

I'll meet you
right here.

I'll take it
under consideration.

Hmm. Harsh.

I daresay I've
lost my touch,

Or you've lost yours.

Oh. Hey, hey, wait.

We're closed. Sorry.

I just need one
teeny tiny
little herb.


Which herb?

Crushed aconite flower.

That's a poison.

Looking to kill a wolf?

Just a little one.

Give me a minute.

Cut it with jimson weed,
a few drops in some hot tea.

That should do it.


It's an ugly town
for wolves.

You're doing
the right thing.

Hey. Want to gain points?

Tell marcel there's
a werewolf in the quarter.

You take me
to the nicest places.

Welcome to the land
of the newly dead.

I won't waste your time.

I trust you filled
them in.

To be honest,
not much in the way
of potential here.

Yeah? Well, I just lost
6 nightwalkers.

I got wholes to fill.

I'll keep this quick.

That itch you feel,
that's the need to feed

Coming on strong,

A hunger for human blood.

Drink it,
you're a vampire.

Don't, you die again,
this time for good

Right here in a body bag.

Hey. What are you thinking,

Cute, dorky girl
or gay best friend?

Dealer's choice.

Dealer's choice. Ok.

Whoever picks up this coin
gets to live forever.

The other one dies.

Damn, girl!
I said damn!

How could you?

Get over it, josh!
It's not like
I had a choice.

You would have done
the same thing

But you're such
a little, measly--

Let her die
in cold storage.

Got a thing about
people who betray
their own friends.

Come on. Let's go
for a ride.


Attaque au fer.
Now counter-parry.

A hit! Palpable hit.

I'm gonna marry you

I would never marry
someone who couldn't
best me in a duel.

Another lesson?



Rebekah mikaelson.

Come to teach me
another lesson?

Last time I saw you,

Royal street was burning,
and you all

Were fleeing the city
from your daddy.

Thought you
were dead.

You never looked back
to find out.

Why are you here?

Elijah. I think
klaus has done
something to him.

If there's one thing
I've learned about
you mikaelsons,

It's don't get in the middle
of family feuding.

Doesn't end well.

There's nothing
going on between us.

I swear it on my life.

Your life means
something to me.

Give me the privilege
of honesty,

Or that will cease
to be the case.

I like her,
and I think it's mutual,

But I haven't done
anything about it,
and I wouldn't, not--

And you won't.

I love my sister,
but she lacks fortune

When it comes to men.

They come and go for her,

But I am the constant.

She's my family.

You said
I was family.

I have begged you
to turn me into
a vampire.

And I told you
I will turn you
when you're ready.

You go near rebekah again,
and you never will be.

Even after
all you've achieved,

You're still scared
of him.

I'm not scared
of anyone.

If I find out you know
where elijah is,

You needn't fear klaus.

I'll kill you myself.

a blast and all,

But I can't help you.

It's nice seeing
you, though.

Good luck finding
what you're looking for.

I know that face.
Woman trouble.

You're a dick,
you know that.

Why didn't you tell me
your sister's back in town?

I thought it would be
more amusing for you to
find out for yourself.

Is there anything else
that I need to know?

Only that she's grown
considerably more insane

In the last century.

Or maybe that it was her
who killed my guys.

Unless that biker bar

Is frequented by
small-town high-school

I can't imagine
she'd be interested.


Just got a tip someone saw
a werewolf in bienville park.

Get a couple
nightwalkers to
run it down.

Bring me back
its head.

Well, I guess that
solves the mystery

Of the murdered

At least my sister's
in the clear.

About that.
I don't have time

For mikaelson
family drama.

You're my guest.
Keep your sister in line.

I have a greater chance
of draining

The mississippi
with a straw!

Come on, hayley.

One upset stomach,
and all this stupid drama

Is ancient history.

Dumb moving coming
into the quarter.

You're coming
with me, wolf.

I have had it
up to here with vampires

Telling me what to do!

Aah! Ugh!


Now that is no way
to treat a pregnant lady.

I do hate bad manners.

This is why I told
you never to leave
the house.

Werewolves are banned
in the quarter.

I had a plan,
and your little
nighttime stroll

Put it all in peril.

Leave him!

You've done enough,
don't you think,

Leaving a trail
of bodies like

A roadmap
to my door?

If I hadn't overheard
this lot bragging
about werewolf heads,

Everyone here
would be screwed,

And don't give me
that crap about
having a plan.

You've had all the time
in the world

To execute a plan,
and no one's seen you

Do a damn thing!

Elijah made a deal
to protect your child

So that he could save you
from your selfish,
rotten self.

You obviously don't
give a damn

About the child
or elijah

Because what have you
done to honor it?

I have done

Let me spell it out
for you, shall I?

From the day
I arrived, marcel
hasn't trusted me.

From day one, he's
had his vampires

toxic vervain,

Which as you know,
little sister,

Protects them from
my mind control.

I needed a spy,

Someone on the inside
with me

Who marcel
would never suspect,

So I created a day zero
and got there first.



Marcel had just lost
6 vampires

Thanks to your
little murder spree,

And he needed
new recruits,

So I made
the new one mine

Before he'd had
even a drop of vervain.

Now let's have
a little chat

About what you can
do for me.

But we all know
the real way
to a man

Is through
his heart, so...

So my mate marcel--

Nice bloke,
don't you think?


He's charming,

Sexy, confident,
incredibly hot,

But let's be honest,
he's a bad boy,
right, like you,

And right now,
I only need good
in my life,

Not someone who's--

Tragically wounded
and damaged

By demons
he can't escape.

The damaged ones,
they're not good,
at least not for me.

I understand, I do.

However, give him
one chance.

Then I need you to
tell me where he goes

And who he sees.

And this one,
I'm gonna drain him
of vervain,

Compel him to
believe his mates
found religion

And moved to utah

So that he can
explain to marcel

Why he lost 3 more
vampires tonight.

Does anyone have
any more questions?

No. Good because
I have a question, hayley.

What were you doing
in the bloody french quarter

In the first place?

Answer me!

Nik, leave her be.

You want to know
what I was doing?

I was buying poison
so I could put

Your little baby
out of its misery.



Keep your hands
off her.

She is pregnant
for god's sake!

All of this bluster
about not wanting the child,

And then the second
she tells you she's
ready to get rid of it...

It's ok to care.

It's ok
to want something.

That's all elijah
was trying to do,

All he's ever
wanted for you,

All we've ever wanted.

I gave elijah
to marcel.


Marcel was nervous.

It was bad enough
one original
returned to town,

But two?

His crew was
getting antsy.

He wanted
elijah gone,

So I gave him
a peace offering.

You bartered our brother.

I have a plan.

Gain marcel's trust,

his empire,

Honor elijah's wish
that that baby
be born.

I am executing
that plan the only
way I know how.

If you don't
like it,

There's the door.

See if I care.

I know you don't
know me very well,
but thanks.

I appreciate what
you did in there.

Us girls have got to
look out for each other.

What is it
with you two?

I mean, you say
you hate him,

But the way you deal
with him, it's so clear.

Even when you hate him,
you still love him.

I guess when you
spend a thousand
years with someone,

Deciding to
quit them is like

Losing a part
of yourself,

But sometimes,
the hate is just
so powerful.

Emil wasn't
the only boyfriend

Of mine that
klaus killed.

He did it again
and again

Every time
I found someone
to care about.

He just kept
doing it

Until finally
I stopped
falling in love.

He said he was
protecting me
from my mistakes,

That no one was
ever good enough for
his little sister

Until one day
someone was.

How was the river?

It's cool, sweet.

I should go inside.

My brother will kill you.

Then I'll
die smiling.

Did I not warn you?

Klaus, I beg of you!

He is not like any other.

You saw it in him
from the very first day.

You saved him,

Protected him.

You raised him.

You cannot kill him.

You are right.

I cannot.


But you,
dear sister,

Need a lesson
in what you can

And cannot take
from me.

If you know marcel
has elijah,

Why don't you just
get him back yourself?

Then there's still
a coffin downstairs
with my name on it.

Oh, my god.

I found them
under your coffin,

So if a couple
of antique steak knives

Were the only thing
stopping you from
getting elijah back,

Then here you go.

I sent everyone
home for the night.

I am your
humble host.

Well, ok.

Extra points for flair.

And the night's
just started.

What made you
decide to come?

Everyone deserves
a chance.

You lied to me.

Where's my brother?

Hello to you, too.

Cami, rebekah,
rebekah, cami.

I see you still have
a thing for blonds.


Tell me where
elijah is.

What the hell
is going on?

Tell me where he is,
or I will kill you!

No, you won't.

Perhaps you're right.

But I will kill her.

Let her go.

You won. I'll take
you to see elijah?

Ohh! What the hell
are you people?

Shh. It's ok.

Go home, forget all this,

And just know that
I will make it up to you,

I promise.

You want to
see elijah?

Fine. Follow me.

Invite me in.

Got to ask the lady
of the house!

Davina, come on out,

Invite her in.

Come in.

I wouldn't do that.

Who the hell
are you?


She's an old one,
isn't she?

Yeah. Rebekah is
an original,

Which means she
can't be killed.

She doesn't seem
very nice.

She can be,
but she hasn't been

Very nice to me tonight.

Then I'm afraid it's time
for you to leave.


Well, it's about time.

I was bored waiting,

But I did so want
to see your face,

And it is
indeed priceless.

You bastard.

What day is it?


I have been daggered
for a whole week?

Marcel--what have
you done to him?

It's 1887, rebekah.

You've been daggered
for 52 years.


And don't worry
about marcel.

I presented him
with a choice.

He could choose
to undagger you

And live out the rest
of his human days with you,

Or I could turn him

As he's always wanted,

In exchange
for giving you up.

No. He wouldn't
do that to me.

Oh, but he did.

Welcome back,

You were out
for quite a while.

Where am I?
How did I get here?

You upset davina.

I'm glad you two
finally got to meet.

Now you know what
you're dealing with.

Is this my old room?

Oh, it's mine now

Just like this town is
mine, davina's mine,

And elijah's mine
until I feel like
giving him back.

What was once yours,
what was once your brother's

It's now mine.

And don't ever touch
cami again.

I didn't use it.

You're awake.

I could barely
sleep all night.

This house is like
a freaking swamp sauna.

What stopped you?

You could have been free
of all of this,

Of me.

Yeah. Well, when
I was fighting off
those vampires,

I realized I wasn't
just protecting myself.

Maybe it has to do
with the fact that

My birth parents
gave me up

And my adoptive parent
kicked me out.

All I know is
push came to shove,

And I realized
I wouldn't let
anyone hurt it.

I'm beginning to think
we're a lot a like,

You and I.

We're both castoffs
who've learnt to fight

When we're backed
into a corner.

Well, we're backed
into a corner now.

Ah. That we are.

It's time to fight...

Little wolf.

This whole thing
with marcel,

The deal you have
with the witches,

Trying to take him down,
take what's his,

Rebekah told me that
you two once loved
each other like family.

What happened?

I made marcel
everything that he is,

I treated him like a son,

And when my father chased
me and my family

From new orleans
a hundred years ago,

We believed marcel
was killed.

We each mourned him
in our own way.

Yet when I returned,
I found not only
had he survived,

He had thrived.

Instead of seeking us out,

Instead of sticking
together as one,

He made a choice
to take everything

My family had built
and make it his own.

Now he is living
in our home,

He is sleeping in our beds.

The letter "m"
he stamps everywhere,

It's not for "marcel,"

It's for mikaelson.

I want it all back,

And if I have to push
him out to get it,

Then that's exactly
what I'll do.

I'll have somebody see
to the air conditioning.

You're right.
The girl cami,
she's the key.

Marcel likes her,
and because of that,

I got to see
the secret weapon

Of his that you've
been going on about.

Well, don't stand
on ceremony.

What is it?

It's not a what.
It's a who,

A girl, davina.

She can't be
more than 16,

And I have never
felt power like that.

A witch.

She's not just
any witch.

She's something I've
never seen before,

beyond powerful,

And now because of you,
she has elijah.

Who knows what she
could do to him.

Where is she?

That clever bitch.

I don't know.

What's wrong?

She wiped my memory
of the location.

Marcel possesses
a weapon

Bigger and more
powerful than
an original,

And you handed our
brother to him!

How many times
will elijah
forgive you?

How long until
his hope for your

Finally dies?

I did what I had to do!

Marcel took our home.

And our home
is worthless

Without family.

I am finding elijah,
whatever it takes.

Are you going
to help me?

Whatever it takes.

I'm sorry
about that unpleasantness.

She doesn't scare me.

None of them do.

I didn't think
they would, honey,

But the thing is,

It seems like they're
here to stay.

They don't belong here.

Might be kind of tough
to convince them of that...

Which is why I need to
ask you for a favor.

I'm gonna need you
to figure out

How we kill an original.