The Originals (2013–2018): Season 1, Episode 4 - Girl in New Orleans - full transcript

Determined Rebekah is on a mission to get to the bottom of a recent strange encounter involving Elijah. Davina convinces Marcel to let her attend an annual street music festival.

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KLAUS: My siblings and I
are the first vampires in all of history.
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The Originals.

Three hundred years ago,
we helped build New Orleans.

Now we have returned
to find (he city has a new king'

one who rules with the aid
of a powerful girl.

They have taken possession
of my brother Elijah.

A coven of witches
want this girl for themselves.

The seek to enlist my help,

using my unborn child
as leverage,

though I suspect they have
ulterior motives.

So, I've made a plan
of my own.


I will free my brother and
reclaim the city for our family.

Then I will be king.

Over the course of my life,

We encountered no shortage
of those who would presume

to speak of good and evil.

Such terms mean nothing.

People do what is
in their best interest,

regardless of who gets hurt.

Is it evil to take
what one wants,

to satisfy hunger
even if doing so

will cause another's suffering?

What some would call evil

I believe to be
an appropriate response

to a harsh and unfair world.

No offense,
but I'm not sure I follow

why you've
invited me here.

Because I enjoy your company,

and I sense you have
the capacity

for understanding
someone of my complexity.

You see, I returned
to New Orleans

to investigate a threat
posed against me.

What I found was
a young woman,

in need of protection.

My brother,
always the do-gooder,

tried to manipulate me
into helping her.

He thought it might redeem me.

Trouble is,
I've since learned

of another young women,
a girl really,

one with vast potential,

held in captivity by a tyrant.

I want to help both of these women.

Protect one and free the other.

So tell me, Cami.

Does that sound evil to you?

I don't believe in
evil as a diagnosis.

I think you have unstable
personal relationships,

stress-related paranoia,

chronic anger issues,
fear of abandonment.

I think you could benefit from
talking to someone professionally.

I think I prefer to talk to you.

So I'm going to offer you a job

as my stenographer.

What are we writing?

My memoirs of course.

Someone should
know my story,

and it will give us time
to discuss

other riveting subjects,

like your handsome suitor Marcel.

Excuse me.
My private life is--

Your private life is,
as it turns out,

essential to my plans.

You see, Marcel wants you,

and because of that,
he will trust you,

which serves me.

The thing is
the French Quarter

is on the verge of war.

On the one side, there's me,

and on the other, Marcel,

along with a very powerful witch
and an army of vampires.


You're frightened.

Don't be.

I'm not scared anymore.

That's amazing.
How did you--

It's called compulsion.

It's a neat bit of vampire trickery.

I'll tell you all about it,

but first, let's talk
a little more about Marcel.

MARCEL: Suckers resilient.

He's like a cockroach
in a suit.

Doesn't matter. Time to give
old Elijah back to Klaus anyway.

You asked me to figure out
how to kill the Originals.

I'm not done.

Silver dagger hurts them,
but that's it.

Davina, we've been through this.

Klaus saved my life.
I owe him one.

Since he wants his brother back--

Tonight's the annual
Dauphine Street Music Festival.

I want to go.


The whole point of you
being up here

is so you're never spotted out there.

You know who works smack in
the middle of Dauphine street.

Sophie Deveraux,
pain-in-the-ass witch,

and you know what the witches
will do to you if they find you.

But you control the witches.

Make her go away.

Marcel, it's one night.

I said no.

I do anything you say,

but sometimes,
I think you forget what I'm capable of.

Did you know I can make
someone's blood boil?

All I have to do is focus.



We compromise, all right?

You going out, alone,
too dangerous,

but I'll introduce you to a friend
of mine that's gonna be there.

All right?
Nice lady.

You two are really gonna hit it off.

Hello, Cami.

How is it that when
you come up to me now

and no one else is around

I suddenly remember
that you just told me

you're a vampire and
you're mind-controlling me.

And then you leave,
and I go back to thinking

you're just some hot guy

with a cute accent and money to bum
on your sprawling memoir?

Well, that's how
compulsion works, love.

Yeah, but what's happening?

Is it hypnosis, are my neurons
being shut down somehow?

You're always the curious scholar.

Let's talk about Marcel.

You said you have
a little information for me.

He's bringing someone
to the music festival tonight,

a girl he's mentoring.

Apparently she's going
through a hard time,

rebelling against authority,
anger issues,

that sort of thing.

I guess with my
psych degree

he figured I could set her straight,
but I said no.

I'm gonna go ahead
and insist

you change
your answer to yes.

You're gonna force me
to do this, aren't you?

Why even bother with politeness?

Because I like you.

I like the way your mind works.

Under different circumstances,

I think we might be friends.

However, I don't have the luxury

of passing up
tonight's opportunity.

You see, in addition to being Marcel's
rather potent secret weapon,

this girl Davina
is holding my brother captive.

In other words,

the girl needs your help.

Call Marcel,

tell him you'll be happy to oblige.

Hold you, Agnes,
I feel great.

You are overdue for a checkup.

What am I gonna do, pop into
the Quarter for a quick ultrasound?

A pregnant werewolf
escorted by a witch?

Nothing to see here.

A lot of women
would kill to have a child.

Strikes me as odd that
you're not taking better care of yours.


I know a doctor out in the bayou,
off the beaten path.

Now, I took the liberty
of making an appointment

for you tonight.
After hours, just us.

Vampires will never
get word of it.

Okay. Fine.

Bayou baby doctor it is.

Please, sister,
tell me you're not still at it

with the Internet search.

How does one begin anyway,

just type in "anonymous attic"?

Someone has to find Elijah,

even if I have to search
every bloody attic in New Orleans.

Like looking for a needle

in a rather large pile of needles.

I remember details about
the attic Marcel took me to.

There were shutters
on the windows

behind Elijah's coffin.

Well, that should
narrow it down immensely.

Myself, I prefer actual strategy

as opposed to mind-numbing labor.

Marcel's delay
in returning our brother

makes me suspect he's no longer
in charge of the situation.

If Davina's loyalty to Marcel is strained,

perhaps the young witch
will be open to discussing a new alliance.

As usual, your power grabs
are more important

than rescuing your brother.

I prefer to think of it as killing
two birds with one stone.

Rob Marcel of his secret weapon...

...bring our brother home.

Hey, Diego.

Right. So... any way to fast track

the whole getting a daylight ring thing?

You get a daylight right when you
get invited to the inner circle.

For you, it may never happen.

Yeah, but there's an opening, right?

I mean, now that Thierry's, like,
you know--

You shut up about Thierry,
all right?

He didn't deserve what he got.

Marcel was just showing off for Klaus.


Can't wait till his
ancient ass is out of here.

You and me both.

Look alive, boys.
We got ourselves

one high-class Original vampire.

A real charmer.

What if I told you that
I could help you out

with your Klaus problem in exchange
for the tiniest bit of gossip?

Like what?

You might have heard the rumors
that Marcel and I

were quite the item back in the day.

He seems to have moved on,

and I would like to know with whom.


You've seen him with the bartender.

What, that plain Jane
that he carries on with?

Well, only a blind man
would choose her over me.

There must be another girl in his harem.

Look. I just need the
tiniest bit of closure,

and then I can leave
New Orleans,

and I'll be sure to take Klaus with me,

which, let's face it,
would make your life a whole lot easier.

Marcel's got a full plate.

If he's seeing some other honey,

she's somewhere in the Quarter.

She's probably close by.

And that, my lady, is all I got.

Big event tonight,
a lot of people drinking,

a lot of eyes watching.

I don't want any trouble,

which means no witches.

Send word through the Cauldron.

Any witches come here, we kill them.

And while we're at it, no Originals.

I don't like how Rebekah's
been snooping around.

I got my girl Cami coming,
her and a little friend of hers.

I want eyes on them at all times.

Eyes only, all right?

I don't want anybody going
anywhere near either of them.

Everybody's got a post,
everybody keeps an eye out.

We cool?


So is it everything you hoped for?


So we should probably
go over the rules.


I won't talk to anyone about anything.

I won't say anything
about witches or vampires

or Originals or you.

But you said you weren't gonna hover.

This is the doctor's office?

Dr. Paige is only this far out

because Marcel's men kept
terrorizing her patients.

She won't bite.


Send them in now
and tell them to do it quickly.



It's good to see you.

I was worried you thought
I was some hot head

after that display
at the masquerade.

We all have
our hot-headed moments.

Anyway, I'm almost done here
until cleanup,

so the two of us girls
can hang out

if you need to go
schmooze or whatever.

You know, he was supposed to stop
hovering, like, ten minutes ago.

You see what I mean?
Authority issues.

I'll go talk to the mayor.

He actually knows
how to show some respect.

So, what's his name?

Hot guy with the fiddle.


I knew he'd be here.

He always performs
at these kind of things.

How long have you two
known each other?

Since we were ten.

I had to leave school,

and I didn't get to say good-bye,

so I was just hoping
to talk to him tonight.

That's it!


Church is closed.

You want your horror fix,
go take a ghost tour.

I don't much care for ghosts.

I am, however,
fascinated by window shutters.

I've been on a town tour
of them all day.

I noticed the windows
of your attic have shutters.

Are you really interested in shutters?

I can assure
it's my current life obsession.

What's your name?

Father Kieran, and you are?

Mildly curious.

What happened here?


St. Anne's used to be
the heart of the neighborhood.

It's been abandoned
for a while now.

Since the night of the massacre.


Nine seminary students were killed
by one of their own.


You're standing on blood.

I'm not squeamish.

Where's the attic?

Like I said, the church is closed.

Where is the attic?

Past the sacristy.
Up the stairs.

Thank you.
Now, forget I was here.

I knew it.


What the bloody hell?

Rebekah, language, please.


What is all this?

You don't remember?

You and I
went to the opera house together.

It was your first foray
back into New Orleans society

after Klaus removed the dagger from you.

It's a memory that
only you and I share.

Also I needed to know
it's not another of Davina's tricks.

Well, how are you even awake?

Davina withdrew the dagger,

unaware that doing so even once
would negate its power.

In a few hours,
I shall be as good as new.

So, put me back into the attic,

and we can find a way
to get you out.

I'm afraid I'm not quite ready
to leave yet, Rebekah.

This girl, Davina, she's curious.

Willful, too.

Soon I shall be able
to speak to her,

perhaps even to propose
a truce of some kind.

So, if we can end this war
between the vampires and the witches,

we'll be able to eliminate the threat
to Hayley and her baby.

Perhaps then Niklaus
and our entire family

can finally know peace.

In the meantime,
I need you to look after Hayley.

She is our family now.

So, I need her
and her unborn child

to fall underneath our protection.

Swear to me, Rebekah.

I swear.


Your baby's heart rate is perfect.

I knew it.
She's a tough one like her mom.

That's a unique birthmark.

We're pretty much done here, right?


Your blood pressure's a bit high.

I've got something for it.




Ah, you know,
I'm actually not that good with pills.

Well, me neither, truth be told.



KLAUS: Hello, Tim.

I believe you and I
share an acquaintance.

Be a good lad and help me
send her a message.

Well, he couldn't have gone far.

He just got offstage a minute ago.

It doesn't matter.
This was a stupid idea anyway.

No, it wasn't.

Just forget it.

Tell her this is
from one of the musicians.

She'll want to leave,

and you're going to help her
slip out the back exit

so Marcel doesn't see.

Whatever you do,

don't let her out of your sight.

Wait, Davina!

I can't do this.


Tim, I got your note.

I got your text message.

Thanks for meeting me here.


It's so amazing to see you.

I can't even believe
I'm standing here right now.

I just...


So where have you been,

and why did you want to meet here?

It's so creepy,

all the terrible stuff
that happened.

I don't know.
I kind of like it.

You know, it's quiet.

I mean, the place can't
be bad for all time

just because one bad thing
happened, right?

Wait. No. All right.
Back up.

To where one day,
you just stop coming to school,

and then it's like you just vanished.

There was an emergency,

and I needed to take care
of some things.

Are you okay?

I mean, you look okay.

You look great, actually.


So are you coming back to school?


But I need you to know
that even though I was away...

...I miss you.

I miss seeing you at school

and seeing you play your violin.


This place does have good acoustics.


The boy has a gift.

You can't compel someone
to play like that.

I know what you are.

It's crazy to me,
but at least it makes sense,

but this massacre
was just a pointless, brutal thing.

In all your life,
have you ever heard

of anything like that,

a good man,
an aspiring priest,

just goes on a killing spree
out of nowhere.

I've seen quite a lot in my time.

The world is a rather awful place.

Best to meet it on its own terms.

The world isn't awful.

People are not awful.

They want to be good.

Something makes them bad.

Something breaks them down,

makes them snap.

There are always signs,

symptoms before someone
has a psychotic break.

The guy who did this had none of them.

He didn't drink,
he didn't do drugs.

You're well-informed on the matter.

You knew him, didn't you?

His name was Sean.

He was my brother.

My twin actually.

I can't sleep.

I dream about what happened...

...and I hate it.

I hate that I couldn't help him.

We all must stand alone
against our demons.

What if someday his demons
become mine too?

I have some business
I should attend to

but before I do...

You should go.

Enjoy the music,
put this out of your mind.




Father Kieran, welcome back.

I wasn't sure when
you'd be coming home.

I can tell,

judging by what's going on
in my church attic.

I didn't think you'd mind.

Lord knows,
I'd done you a favor or two.

I take it you know
the Originals have returned.

The sister Rebekah,
I saw her earlier,

snooping around the church,
asking about the attic.

She doesn't know I take vervain.

You got a problem on your hands.

No disrespect for
the grieving process,

for you and your church,

but just so I know,
are you here to help,

or are you just gonna drop in
with criticism?

Never forget, Marcel,

that you live
in this city by the grace

of those that know your secret
and tolerate you.

And this city thrives
because of me

and my people.

Anytime you need a reminder of that,

just let me know.

Marcel, Diego said
he lost eyes on the girls.

To be continued.

You two are absolutely adorable.

It warms my heart
it really does,

but I do need a word
with the young lady.

So, Tim, go sit down,

count to 100,000.

Quietly now.
There's a good boy.

I assume you know who I am.

Then let's gel right to it,
shall we?

Your current dilemma strikes me
as a case of poor alliances.

You're loyal to Marcel,

and yet he keeps you
tucked away in an attic.

Surely you'd prefer
just a little bit more freedom,

and yet Marcel keeps you prisoner.

Marcel doesn't keep me prisoner.

He keeps me safe.

He's my friend.

Well, I have no doubt he is,

but for a girl caught in a war
between the witches and the vampires,

I might be a better friend.

I would keep you safe,

and I'd allow you your freedom.

If Marcel could do that,

why hasn't he done so already?

And it does beg the question,

if Marcel can't protect you,

then what of those you care about?

If anyone tries to hurt
anyone I care about,

I'll kill them.

Well, then,

sounds like you don't need Marcel at all.

Perhaps you've suspected it all along.

Your dear friend Marcel tricks you

into doing his bidding,

and all the while,
you rot in an attic alone...

...while young Timothy
moves on with his life.

You feel that?

That's your blood starting to boil.

Such a shame to lose him
just as you found him again.

And I really did admire
your skill with that violin.

Don't you dare hurt him!

Well, I hope I won't have to, sweetheart,

but then that depends on you.

Let him go now!

You should know
I don't do well with demands.

but you don't want to fight me, love.

Innocent people have a way
of winding up dead.

Please let me go.

Your choice, little witch.

Swear allegiance to me alone,
and the boy lives.

Stand against me...







I have to say I'm impressed.

How'd you find me?

Your text got me halfway.
Vamp hearing did the rest.

Who are they?

Witches, Warlocks,


There are more of them.


If I had a dollar for every mess

my family's gotten me into.





Where is she?
Where's Davina?

She went to meet a boy
in St. Anne's church.

Stay here in case she comes back.




What the hell?




What do you mean she's missing?

What do you think 1 mean?

There's blood and bodies everywhere.

Someone's ripped this lot to shreds,

and there's no smart-aleck pregnant girl.

Keep looking.
I'm on my way.

Please don't hurt me.

It wasn't my intent to,

but sadly,
I've run out of time to play nice.



Oh, no!

No, please.

I'm sorry.
I'm so sorry.

I didn't mean to hurt you.

KLAUS: One of the tragic
consequences of war,

innocent bystanders.

What terrible guilt
you'll have to live with,

young Timothy's blood
on your hands.

Get away from him!

Now, now, let's not be hasty.

After all, I can heal him.

All you have to do... ask.


For you, Davina, with pleasure.

You will forget everything that
happened after the concert,

including the fact
that you saw Davina.

What? No.

If he remembers
seeing you,

he might come looking.

If the witches learn of him,

if they know you have a weakness,

then poor Tim might end up
as leverage

in an awful scheme
to control you again.

Okay. Come on.
Up you come.

Take your violin case
with you.

You'll remember losing the instrument
backstage after the performance.

You really should be more careful.

All fixed.

Now, you owe me a favor.

MARCEL: Davina.

What happened?

What are you doing here?

I live her, remember?

Wow, you abandoned
your quest for power

to help out your family.

Having an off day?

- Who took her, Rebekah?
- I don't know.

What do you mean you don't know?

Then who killed her attackers?

I don't know.
I had an arrow in my heart.

If it wasn't Hayley
who killed them, then...


Lovely. Perhaps her cousins
will know where she is.

Hayley, what happened?
Tell me what happened.

I can't remember.

You've completely healed.

There's not a scratch on you.

One of the perks
of being a werewolf, remember?

Not that fast.

Leave her alone.

It's the baby,

the vampire blood,
Klaus' blood in your system.

It can heal any wound.

Your own child healed you.

How did you escape?

You were outnumbered, unarmed.

Those men were ripped to shreds.

I think it was the wolf.

I think it's trying to protect me.

The witches were
supposed to protect you.

When I get my hands
on Sophie Deveraux--

It wasn't Sophie.

It was Agnes.

Fine. Agnes, Sophie.
It's all the same to me.

I'll slaughter the lot of them.

Not if Elijah gets there first.


Did you find him?

He's been in touch,
and he has a plan.

All he asked is
that we take care of you.

So, can we go home now?

I'd really like to sleep
for a few days.


I've got you, love.
I've got you.

I was crystal clear.

Eyes on my girls
at all times.

Well... Girl's little friend
sneaks away from your party,

and that's our fault?

What, Marcel, you gonna send
me to the garden now, too?


When he wakes up,

tell him that an apology
would have gotten him

a lot further than his attitude.

Awful what happened
at the church.

I hear they're
calling it a gas leak.

Such a Pity-

I heard that you were quite
the woman on a mission today.

What can I say?
I want Elijah back.

Is that all you want?

You'll get Elijah back.

In the meantime,
stay out of this bar

and stay away from my guys.

What's wrong?
You jealous?

Me? I've already found
my queen.

Cami, the bartender?

Stop fooling yourself, Marcel.

She's comfort food.

Something to distract you
from what you really want.

Which, after all these years,

is impossible to deny

because I'm standing
right in front of you.



What are you doing here?

I've had quite a night.

I recall you mentioned something
about nightmares and insomnia.

I believe I can help.
May I come in?

This is super weird.
Come in.


That's right.
I told you what happened.

I never tell anybody,
but I told you...

...and you said something
about Sean

standing alone against his demons.

When he killed those men,

I thought he must be mentally ill,

but what if it was demons?

What if a vampire compelled him?

And if so,
would you devote yourself

to finding the guilty party?

Would you sacrifice everything
to find out the truth?

To what end?

This is the entire reason
I'm in New Orleans.

Cami, whatever lies on the
other end of this mystery

will only offer you pain.

Nothing will bring your brother back.

Your only hope for peace
is to forget this.

- No.
- And move on.

Don't compel me to forget this.

And if I allow you to remember,

the knowledge will eat away at you.

Your quest for truth
will only put you in danger.

You don't care about me!

You just want me to forget this
so I can be focused on Marcel,

so I'll be a good,
little spy for you.

I need your loyalty, yes,

and, though that
may appear selfish to you,

the scope of my plan
goes far beyond myself.

Power aside,
I am trying to honor my brother.

What about my brother,

my twin brother?

We were bonded our whole lives,

and I know...
I know he didn't just snap,

and I need to know who did this,

and I need to make this right.

Don't take this away from me!

You will do nothing.

Your bother was ill.

He killed those people
and himself,

and it was a tragedy.

All you can do... move on.

Know that your brother
is at peace

and that you needn't worry.

I will find out what happened,

and when I do,

I will make sure
whoever harmed your brother...

...will suffer.

And as for you,

tonight, you will sleep,

and you will dream of a world
far better than this one.

A world where there is no evil,
no demons...

...and all people desire...

...only to be good.


It's all right, Davina.

I don't mean you any harm.

Though I do think it's time
we had a talk.
Ripped By mstoll

(English US - SDH)