The Moon Rising River (2021–…): Season 1, Episode 7 - Episode #1.7 - full transcript



Go Won Pyo captured Tara San and Tara Jin.

The criminals that got
caught are my friends.

As soon as we save your friends,

we will be returning to
Ghost Valley right away.


I am the eldest daughter
of Goguryeo's King,

Princess Pyeonggang.

The one we have to keep in
check is the Princess, not the King.

If she takes after her
late mother's nature,

soon, her claws will be directed at us.

It has been long.

I am delighted to see that you
are in good health, Your Highness.

I have been well, thanks to you.

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Let us go.


The King is pleased you are back,

but he is also very surprised.

Did you see the Crown Prince?

I should greet the Queen first,

before visiting the Crown Prince.

He looks more like his father each day.


He is so strong too.

That is good.

When the Crown Prince becomes king,

he can do his duty as a younger brother.

I am sorry.

He has a bad cold and is asleep.

Come to Magnolia Hall
as soon as your cold heals.

There is a lot I wish to tell you.

You do not have a sister.

Princess Pyeonggang
is not your true sister.

The late Queen Yeon had an affair,

and she was the dirty result.

She wants my son to clean
up after the Crown Prince?

I could not believe what she said.

That is rightly what a sister would say.

What did I say?

We should have demoted the Crown Prince...

and replaced him with my Geon Mu.

Now it looks like the
Princess will get in our way too.

There is a time for everything,

and the power must be balanced.

That power could go to the Princess.

She looked carefully at my son's face.

As if...

she suspects that...

he is not the King's offspring.

Oh? Is that not Dal?

My goodness. Chief. Chief.

What happened?

We heard no news, so
we expected the worst.

There was a huge fuss.

You will faint if you hear what happened.

What happened?

Who are they?

Something happened in the Capital.

It is a long story. I will explain inside.

Yes. I shall come with you.

I will make some kudzu tea.

No. This is between father and son.

Did he have to upset me?


I see.

She is the Princess.

Why do you not seem surprised, Mother?

Not much will surprise
you when you are my age.

It is for the best. How so?

Now, because of that girl...

Because of the Princess, you
will not have to fret anymore.

And Ghost Valley will be safe.

Think it was a crazy dream...

and forget about it.

What are you suspicious of?

I was told the Sunno
Tribe was plotting treason,

so I sent soldiers over
to quell the rebellion.

I had to save you and your mother.


Mother died a gruesome death,

and I lost my memory
and was left to wander.

Do you think that happened...

all because of me?

Yes. I am a good-for-nothing
father, and I am ashamed.

Is that good enough?

I just want to know...

if you send soldiers
for a different reason.

Was it truly just a rebellion
that you suspected?

That is enough.

You return after eight years...

only to blame your
father, and on top of that,

you even suspect nonsense.

I am too ashamed to face you myself.

At the ceremony,

I almost committed a crime for
which I could never be forgiven.

We need not discuss the past.

Did you not do that...

because you had lost your memory?


it will remain with me for a long time.

My terrible actions at the ceremony,

and your command to send soldiers...

to attack the Sunno Tribe.

The air is cold in the evenings.

Come indoors.

The moon is very bright.

Porridge will be easier
to swallow than rice.

Crush this up and put it on your wounds.


I am very grateful.

You even got us a house
to keep us from the dew.

This is a palace compared to a damp cave.

Did you live without a place to call home?

Well, something like that.

Do not speak too much.

We at least fought Goguryeo.

Instead of hiding like you.

What did you say?

I knew you would call on me one day.

I brought in the fake corpse.

Because my son told you to?

Is that what your excuse will be?


General Go said the corpse
was that of the assassin.

But I also knew that...

the assassin was Princess Pyeonggang.

Your herb store seems
to reach every corner.

Your trickery...

is how the Princess got away.

I did it to save my family and my father.

I think highly of your honesty.

But do not think you
will get off easily...

when you deceived me.

You will have no use
for my worthless life.

What is it that you want me to do?

Why are you here at this hour?


Did he question you for helping me?


He said he has been feeling weak
and asked if I have any good herbs.

Quit with the nonsense.

It is the truth, General.

Even if you are
threatened for what you did,

do not get involved in
something dangerous.

Something dangerous?

Everything related to the Princess.

While brewing medicine for Gochuga,

shall I brew some for you as well?

Oh, dear. My gosh...

What do you want?

Blame Ga Jin for this.

She is the reason Cheonjubang scattered.

Our chief fled too.

Take him.


What are you doing, you jerks?

Let him go. Let go of him!

Mister. Get out of the way.

Let us go.


Say hello. This is Ga Jin's father.

I was told the Sunno
Tribe was plotting treason,

so I sent soldiers over
to quell the rebellion.

I had to save you and your mother.

The Sunno Tribe also
suffered for no reason.

They were framed for treason.

The Queen...

remained with the
Sunno Tribe until the end.

Master Go.

Go Geon greets you, Your Highness.

When too much is on your
mind, you must be active.

I needed an opponent.
I am glad you are here.

Next time, you must
find a different opponent.

I am all alone in Pyeongyang Castle.

Father and the Prince
find me uncomfortable.

I am pleased.

Now you are back.

I owe you a lot.

I will not forget it.


Have you heard of the Jangbaek herb store?

Every herb that enters the palace...

goes through that woman.

And my father is not the kind of person...

to call her over just to discuss herbs.

I heard you supply...

the Crown Prince's herbs.

Since you are good with medicinal herbs,

you must know well of poisons too.

Add this to the Crown Prince's
morning medicine tomorrow.



Did you come for me?

Were there not some extra
herbs they sent to put in?

You foolish girl. Such a scatterbrain.

Add this to the Crown Prince's
morning medicine tomorrow.

The Crown Prince...


Who are you?



Your medicine will get cold.

Your Highness.

What is the use of
drinking this day and night?

It only makes my mouth stuffy,
but my body still remains weak.

You will soon become healthier.

Here. Drink up.

How is my sister doing?

You should go to
Magnolia Hall to visit her.

She will be glad to see you.

No, I do not have anything
to say to her anyway.

Drink up.

Won! No!

Do not drink that.

You did not drink a single drop, right?

Princess Pyeonggang, what is the matter?

The medicine is poisoned.

Why were we summoned
to the palace all of a sudden?

I feel so perplexed.

Do you think it is because of
what we sent to Northern Zhou?

Do not say that out loud.

Do you know what this is about?

The Crown Prince was in danger.

The Crown Prince?

What is this?

There was poison
mixed into the medicine...

that the Crown Prince regularly drinks.



Are you sure?

I tasted it myself.

It was fatal enough to
keep me paralyzed all night.

And this morning, the Crown
Prince almost drank this.

An attempt to poison the Crown Prince...

is a severe act of treason.

But if you are framing someone...

by making a wild assumption,

that will also not be taken lightly.

I am not making an
assumption. I can tell you...

that the person behind
this is in this room.

Watch what you say, Princess.

They are all loyal servants of Goguryeo.

Sometimes, you find rice
hulls among grains of rice.

If the perpetrator confesses,

we will be able to find out
who was behind this incident.

Bring her in.

Your Majesty, she is my daughter.

Hae Mo Yong, you are the
owner of the Jangbaek herb store.

Do you bring in the medicine
for the Crown Prince?


Yesterday, you sent a
different bag of medicine...

on top of what you normally use.

What was it made of?

Mo Yong.

You put poison inside the
Crown Prince's medicine.

I tasted that medicine myself.

Who gave you orders to do that?

I am sure that person is in this room.

Tell us the truth.

I never added any kind of
poison, so there is nothing to tell.

If you are innocent,

drink this medicine.

If you are still alive
even after you drink it,

I will believe you.

Mo Yong.


I see you are trying to kill yourself...

because you are scared
to tell who was behind this.

Mo Yong!

This medicine was not made to kill anyone.

Your Majesty.

Did you find out the
components of the medicine?


Based on the investigation
carried out by the physicians,

Goldcrest Wilma was added
to the original ingredients.

Goldcrest Wilma cleans your blood.

That cannot be true.

I am sure it was poisoned.

You will have no use
for my worthless life.

What is it that you want me to do?

I heard you supply...

the Crown Prince's herbs.

Since you are good with medicinal herbs,

you must know well of poisons too.

How do you plan to get away
with poisoning the Crown Prince?

He is not our target.

Geon will be back soon,

and I want you to pretend like
you ran into him by coincidence.

Why are you here at this hour?

He said he has been feeling weak
and asked if I have any good herbs.

Have you heard of the Jangbaek herb store?

Then he will tell the Princess...

that I met you.


No one is allowed inside.

What kind of trick did you play this time?

You upset me.

All I did was make medicine
for the Crown Prince.

I did not play any tricks. I
know that you and my father...

plotted to put the Princess...

in trouble.

I see.

I finally see what caused the
Princess to get the wrong idea.

If you were going to give her a heads up,

you should have been more clear.

The Princes is in trouble.

She brought chaos to the palace.

How could you doubt your loyal servants...

just because of some nonsense?

A princess...

should always be careful
of her speech and behavior.

You were too careless this time around.

My daughter may still
be young and insufficient,

but her loyalty to the royal
family and her country...

is as great as mine.

I cannot express how sad
and upset I am, Your Majesty.

Your Majesty. Your Majesty.

Calm down, everyone.

The Princess...

surely has been through
a lot outside the palace.

It is not a surprise that she is not
used to the customs of the palace...

and the proper behaviors
of a royal family member.

If you admit that her behavior
was not very adequate,

we are willing to put this behind us.


Apologize to them.

You must admit to your faults.

I did nothing wrong.


I only did what I could
to save the Crown Prince.

I do not think...

I need to apologize for that.


Starting from today, you will not
be allowed to exit Magnolia Hall.

Father. You will be punished there...

until you are told otherwise.

This is outrageous. She has no respect.

My goodness. Goodness gracious.

This is all my fault. I
should not have said...

what I was not sure of.

Either that,

or you schemed this with your father...

to fool me.

Princess. I do not care...

whether you fooled me...

or got used yourself.

What I know for sure is
that no one in this palace...

cares for my father or the Crown Prince.

I will...

stand on your side.

You? The son of the Gyeru Tribe?

He is the most powerful
man in this country.

But at the same time, he
is the weakest and loneliest.

I will protect him.

I must protect him.

Nanny, this necklace...

A long time ago, the King sent this here.

So we can keep it safe
here at Magnolia Hall.

Gosh. It is like he knew that
you would be coming back.

Who was it?


The only person that could protect me...

is in the mountains, very
far away from the palace.


who was that from last night?

I am sure you mobilized an assassin.

It may be dangerous inside the palace.

But the Princess would
be alone outside the palace.

On top of that, she was
helpless being intoxicated.

It was the perfect chance for
you to secretly get rid of her.

And even if you fail,

you can argue that she
wrongfully caused trouble...

and diminish her reputation.

Am I wrong?

Your insight is...

too good to waste at Pyeongyang Castle.

I heard the Gokturk twins
were spotted at Gyeru Fortress.

Go and take care of them.

Are you...

kicking me out to a
remote area in the north?

If you accomplish greatness
there, it will help our family.

Leave in a few days.

I will not go.

Withdraw your unjust order.

If you go against my order,

I will disown you.

Do you wish to become a lowlife
instead of being the eldest son...

of Gyeru Tribe's Chief?

Is that what Gochuga told you to do?

I am talking about the herbal
medicine meant for the Crown Prince.

So you lent a hand in
tricking the Princess...

and putting her in danger, correct?


I only provided medicine
for the Crown Prince.

Politics is...

no more than an economic
means for our prosperity.

I do not care if the palace is in chaos.

I will be happy as long as we
are left with gold in our hands.

Do not get involved more than that.

Of course.

Oh, right. A guest...

gave us a message that their
expected arrival is tomorrow.

It is an important and discreet guest.

Be careful, so the news does not leak.

I will prepare thoroughly.

Thank you for making this long trip.


This way.

Make sure there are no mistakes.

Of course.

My Crown Prince.

I can come another time if I am intruding.

You are my brother. How
could you be intruding?

My visit will be brief.

I remembered this from my childhood.

When I whined to have more of this,

you always let me have it.

You brought me sweets.

I came here to thank you.

You believed that my
medicine was poisoned.

You must have been flustered.

Even so, I am still grateful.

All right, then.

This is too much for just me.

Would you like to have some too?

May I?

"May I?"

Be casual with me like you used to.

It is making me uncomfortable.




Sweets will not taste
good when they get soft.

After Mother's funeral,

Father became someone else.

He was enraged.

And at one point, he started to weep.

He neglected the state of affairs.

And there were many days
when he did not leave his chamber.

This must have been
very difficult for you.


I am okay.

I am sorry.

I should have returned to
the palace as soon as I could.

I am sorry.


That woman must pay for what she did.


The woman from the Jangbaek herb store.

She is providing Father with awful drugs.

Everyone at the palace
will not openly discuss it.

But I hear things too.

People say that her drugs are
nibbling at Father's body and soul.

"Awful drugs"?

She secretly brings it in from Silla.

That is a serious
violation of the law, right?


Keep what you told me to yourself.


What if you also get
punished just like me?

That does not scare me.

Those Five Tribes are plotting
schemes behind our backs.

I find that disloyal.

You have grown up a lot while I was away.

Cheers to our business.

Now, everything has been resolved.

Mo Yong, do not just stand
there. Pour him a drink.

Yes, Father.



The drinks...

What a greedy man.

He must have been
happy to finalize a big deal.

Being a daughter of such a man...

must be tough.

You are welcome to stay overnight.

We must walk and set sail.

I do not have time to waste.

Before I get exposed,

I must go back to Silla.

I wrote down a list of
generals, the number of soldiers,

and the weapons they carry...

on the border.

I checked several times.

I am certain it will match.

My King has recognized
your contribution to our empire.

Kim Cha Seung: IN CHARGE

When you come back to your hometown,

you will be graciously rewarded.

I am only doing my
duty as a woman of Silla.

Hurry back before the morning breaks.


I plan to use you for something important.

Are you prepared?

You saved me from certain death.

I will jump into a fire for you.

Go to Goguryeo.

Let me see...

What is important...

is that riches is the
only thing that is forever!

Yes, that is true. You are right.

Oh, dear. My lord. My lord.

My lord. Oh, dear.

Oh, no.

What happened? My lord.

We must have another drink. My lord.

What is it you want? Speak.

Do you want silver,

or do you want land?

I am an orphan with nowhere to go,

but I know herbs and acupuncture
and am quick with math.

I wish to work for you, my lord.

May I serve you like a father?



Do not go, Princess.

Nanny. The King told you to behave.

If you disobey him
again and get into trouble,

then his subjects will truly revolt.

His subjects? The men who
think nothing of the royals?


Nothing you say will stop me.

This is for Father.

Are you surprised?

When you were here as an assassin,

I followed you,

and barely found this passageway.

Do not get in my way, Master Go.

I am here to help you.
I do not need your help.

I have a loud voice.

I can shout from here and
wake the sleepy guards...

at the North Gate at once.

I have no time to joke with you.

I did not wait here just to
exchange jokes with you.

In a few days,

I must head to a northern fortress.

I cannot disobey my father's command.

So I came here to keep my promise.

I will be on your side.

What can I do to help you?

I am aware that Hae Mo Yong...

is illegally smuggling
herbs into the country.

Here, she has hidden
hundreds of kilos of herbs.

You know she is
smuggling it in from Silla.

Her drugs are ruining the King.

Why did you let it happen?

Because I also made a deal with her.

What deal?

Come with me.

Not long ago, I saw she had herbs here.

She moved them already.

What is it?

Step back.

Do not be afraid.


Change clothes with me.

What are you thinking?

I need to know why
these children are here.

What is the Princess up to?

She does not leave Magnolia Hall.

She just reads.

She only pretends to read.

If you notice anything suspicious,

alert me immediately.


You must stay safe.


Get up. Get up.

Get up. Get up.

Take them.

Get up.

Come on.

Let us go. Walk.

Move it.


Who are they?

Where are they going?

I do not know.

We only know that we
are going to Northern Zhou.


They are the tribute to Northern Zhou?


The grain and tributary gifts
were sent off a few days ago.


we were brought here before that.

There is nothing over
here. What about there?

Nothing but moss.

That is odd.

We always leave a wooden
pass beneath these rocks.

They abandoned you.

The other killers will have gathered.

All but you.

It is obvious.

What did you just say?

Step aside.

Quick, look underneath.

Hang on. You... Darn you.

Lift it a bit higher. Quick.

I found it.

Step back.

Where do you go?

"Song", "hwa", "dang". Songhwadang.

Where is Songhwadang?

I do not know if you do not.

I have never heard of that place.

I have geotjeori.


I have men all over the city.

They will spread word
of a talented fortune-teller,

so people will flock in soon.

The darkest place in the
world is right beneath the lamp.

Now, instead of a 180cm
sword, I will use my tongue...

to penetrate the King's heart.

Have you come up with an
idea of how to enter the palace?

Has the Princess woken up?

She has not yet. It looks
like she has caught a cold.

What about the doctor?


You should have called
the doctor for the Princess.

Yes, you are right. I was
about to call the doctor.

She must be sick because
she is under heavy stress.

I need to check how she is doing.

But she is still in bed.

Step back.

You said she was sick with a
cold. Where is the Princess?

I asked where the Princess is.

Since last night...

I have not seen her.


Hey, you! Get up!

We walked all night
without even a sip of water.

How dare you? Take a short break.

We are quite far from the Capital.

It will be okay to rest.

Yes, my lord.

Rest! Take a rest.

Thank you.

As if the offerings are not enough,
they are sending women too?

If we are not going to Northern Zhou,

what will happen to us?

Their clothes and
accent are that of Silla.


We were sold off.

We should be going to Northern Zhou,

but they hid us to sell us to Silla.

The great people from high up.

Do not worry.

The King's soldiers will
come before we reach Silla.

I am from the government.

Are you?

What did our country ever do for us?

It is the same for us, whether
we go to Northern Zhou or Silla.

We will serve some rich
lady or marry some old man.


All of you will get to go home. I promise.

There is a knife in my back pocket.

Get it for me.

Will the King's men really come?


would not let their people
be sold to another nation.

Protecting them is the empire's duty.

We should go now.

Get up now. Get up! Stand up!

Get up.

What? The Princess has disappeared?

It is such an embarrassment.

She always got up to
something since her return.

She even disobeyed my order to behave.

Where on earth did she go?

She will be somewhere in the palace.

Do not worry too much.

We searched for her already.

She is not in the palace.

How dare she?



I went to Magnolia Hall yesterday.

Your Majesty. General
Go wishes to see you.

Tell him to come back later.



I was waiting to see
you since early morning.

I told you to come back later.

It involves the Princess' safety.

Keep going.

Hey. Stop there.

Whose is it?

Is it yours? No.

It is at your feet!

No. It is hers, not mine.


The Princess hid herself among
the women sold off as tributes?

No matter how much power
or wealth one may have,

anyone who violates the
law will be held responsible.

It is the principle King Pyeongwon
follows as he rules the country.

Say hello.

It is the arrow that shot
your girl eight years ago.

You two make a good couple.

I will marry you.

Royal marriage?

I will never join the Gyeru Tribe.

Is the daughter trying to follow...

the path where her mother fell?

I will never give up on you.

She will eventually become mine.

If you cannot win, you should run away.

If I had planned to run, I would
never have returned to the palace.