The Moon Rising River (2021–…): Season 1, Episode 8 - Episode #1.8 - full transcript




Your Majesty. General
Go wishes to see you.

Tell him to come back later.


I was waiting to see
you since early morning.

I told you to come back later.

It involves the Princess' safety.

Keep going.


I got nothing. No one knows...

what Songhwadang is.

That does not mean
you can drink my alcohol.

What man gets upset so easily?

Jin, he is more
narrow-minded than he looks.

Do you have something?

No. No one has heard of that name.

Where is On Dal?

He has one last place to ask.

Does he think he is Ga Jin's husband?

That is what he is like.

Once he decides he will protect something,

he will do it, even if the sky falls.

Ga Jin is just like that.

She is the same.

It must be tough being friends
with someone so frustrating.


Hey! Move.


Today must be my day
for unwelcome visitors.

I am a valuable guest.

I am here to offer you a way out.

What are you doing here?
You do not need to know.

The women who should
have gone to Northern Zhou.

Where did you take them?

I am guessing you sold them to Silla.

Tell me which road they are taking.


Do you buy and sell people too?

There is nothing in the
world that cannot be traded.

That goes for people and their hearts.

You should not act out
behind Gochuga's back.

What if he scolds you again?

This has nothing to do with my father.

On the contrary,

the silver I got in
exchange for the women.

Who do you think took half of it?

The Princess...

hid herself among the
women sold off as tributes?

So General Go took the special forces...

and the King summoned Hae Ji Weol.

The Princess has overturned her fortune.

We should do as she wishes.

Do not try to talk yourself out with lies.

I am here on the King's command.

Tell me where the women are.

You should just cut me down.

I am giving you a chance to come clean.

But you refuse it.

Would I be the only guilty party?

I knew you would do this.

I sent some men out at dawn already.

They will check all the routes to Silla.

Even if you keep quiet, I
will eventually get what I want.

And the Princess will protect the women.

The Princess? She is with them now.

To save the Goguryeo people.

Ga Jin? Where did she go?

She is a princess.


We searched the main
roads, piers, and rivers,

but we could not find the women.

You have one last chance. Speak the truth.

Cut out my tongue then slit my throat.

Hae Mo Yong!

Squirrel Pass.

Drug dealers and poachers
from Silla choose that path.

That is the only way out if
they want to go undetected.

General. Are you sure
you will not regret this?

Tie her up and take her in!


General. General, you must not do this.

Lead the way.

Keep going.

Hey. Stop there.

Whose is it?

Is it yours? No.

It is at your feet!

No. It is hers, not mine.


Drop the sword.

Do not do it. He cannot kill us.

Shut your mouth.

He paid a lot of silver for us.
He will not be able to kill me.

I said, drop the sword.

Just kill me too! I do not
want to live like this anymore!

Kill me too! Just kill me!

Kill me! Kill me!

Kill me! Keep quiet!

Just kill me!

I am sick of this!

Kill me! Kill me!


They are gone.

They have gone. We are safe now.

Are you all right?


Ga Jin.

Mo Yong.

I cannot believe this.

The Princess...

must be determined to
destroy the Sono Tribe.

Calm down.

Did Lord Kim also get caught?

No, I think he managed to escape to Silla.

That is all that matters.

You should quickly meet Gochuga
and find a way to deal with this.

I have already met him.

Gochuga is a very complicated man.

He has failed to keep
his own son under control.

Princess, what is it
that you need to tell me?

It is embarrassing enough...

that he tried to sell the
women of Goguryeo.

But he even secretly sold them to Silla.

And it was done by the
head of the Sono Tribe.

I hope you are right this time.

I witnessed it myself. I
heard and saw everything.

These women are also my witnesses.

Is it true that you were meant
to be sent to Northern Zhou?

Look at me.

Is that true?

Yes, Your Majesty.

Yes, Your Majesty. Yes, Your Majesty.

It is not good to let people
outside the palace hear them cry.

Let us talk about this inside.

He is right.

We should also listen to
what Lord Hae has to say.

Do not worry.

I will resolve what happened.

Thank you. Thank you.

The Sono Tribe is in charge of...

trading many different items,

which is probably what
caused the unfortunate incident.

They are not items. They are people.

They are beautiful women of Goguryeo.

How could you give such an excuse...

after having made a
deal with a Silla merchant?

Lord Hae.

What you did was foolish and wrong.

I am extremely ashamed of myself.

That is not enough.

You sold those women for
your own personal interest.

You violated the law and
traded with our enemy, Silla.

They are all serious crimes
that cannot be overlooked.

We need to get one thing straight.

Lord Hae did not do it for
his own personal interest.

I was the one who asked him for a favor.

What do you mean, Gochuga?

Our country is in financial trouble.

So I asked him if he knew a
way for us to gather more silver.

I know very well that he did
it out of loyalty to Goguryeo.

But that means...

General Go, I want you to
go to the royal warehouse...

and check the silvers.


General Go.

Let us go back.

Gochuga is a very complicated man.

He has failed to keep
his own son under control.

He told me to move the silver...

to the royal warehouse.

He also said he even already
moved the silver we gave him.

He is making a small
sacrifice to save everyone.

Even so, we will be losing so much money.

We need to stay alive...

for any of that to even matter.

Right now, we need to
make sure we stay alive.

He chose the wrong method
to fill the treasury fund,

but you must not doubt Lord Hae's loyalty.

And if this information leaks...

and the people of Northern
Zhou find out what happened,

things will surely get out of hand.

He is right.

They will get furious at
us for deceiving them.

Lord Hae made a secret
transaction with our enemy.

Are you going to let
him get away with that?

His big contribution makes
up for his small mistake.

Father, I hope you will give
him the right punishment.

It is clear that Lord
Hae has committed a sin.

But I praise his loyalty for Goguryeo.

Additionally, this incident
must stay confidential...

to protect the dignity
and face of our country.

Your Majesty.

Being able to get away
with committing a crime...

already harms the dignity of Goguryeo.

Princess. My goodness.

I want the historians to write this down.

No matter how much power
or wealth one may have,

anyone who violates the
law will be held responsible.

That is the discipline...

that King Jumong had
when he built Goguryeo.

And it is the principle...

that King Pyeongwon
follows as he rules the country.

Although I have announced
to keep this confidential,

Lord Hae will still have to take
responsibility for his actions.

Your Majesty! Your Majesty!

Your Majesty!

Strike one!

Strike two!

I have sinned greatly.

I have sinned greatly. Strike three!

Strike four!

At this rate, the next person
will either be me or you.

Lord Jin.

Strike five!

How is saving the face of a criminal...

considered a punishment?

We are talking about the
head of the Sono Tribe.

It is already a big punishment...
I have sinned greatly.

for a man like him to go through this.

I have sinned greatly.
I have sinned greatly.

Strike seven!

Strike nine!

The Princess keeps acting out.

Are you going to let her
keep behaving that way?

Your Highness.

Calm down.

I safely sent the women
home along with new clothes...

and some money.

Those who live far away
got escorted by my soldiers.

Thank you.

I would not have been able
to save them without you.

Then do you finally believe
that I will stand on your side?


But I am certain Gochuga
is very angry now.

I will try to find a way...

to stop him from sending
you to the borderline.

No, that is between me and my father.

You do not need to worry about it.

I forgot to thank your
friend for leading the way.

Please thank the country bumpkin for me.

You could have let it go.

You did not have to punish him.

He committed a crime.
I could not let it slide.

But this will make your
subjects very upset.

I am the king.

Must I care about how they feel?

I heard the Princess will no
longer be confined in Magnolia Hall.

Confinement: FORBIDDING

Good going.

That will only bring
bigger chaos to the palace.

My Queen.

Go and bring my medicine.

Yes, Your Majesty.

What is it? Do you wish to
say something to me too?


What? I think you did the right thing...

by punishing Lord Hae.

I know it was a difficult decision,

but you did what you
had to do as the King.

I truly admire your decision.

Take it away.

I do not want to drink it today.

But it will help you sleep.

I told you to take it away.

Yes, Your Majesty.

Gosh, stop sweeping. It is
only making the place dusty.

Should I come live here?

Why are you suddenly talking nonsense?

Dal keeps leaving home.

So I am sure you feel lonely.

If I live here, I can sweep the yard...

and run errands for
you. It will be very nice.

Hong Mae will get upset if you leave.

She only cares about the chief all day.

She does not care about me at all.

She might move in
with him sooner or later.

You little brat.

Look at you talking
about me behind my back.

How dare you.

What? I said nothing wrong.

You are always busy
talking about the chief.

Goodness, your one-sided
love for him is hard to watch.

My goodness, did you hear that?

This is why they say it
is useless to help anyone.

Be quiet.

Have you not heard anything
about Dal and the rest?

I do not know. I think they
will be back today or tomorrow.

The hunt is lasting longer than expected.

They did not go on a hunt.

I am sure they went to the palace.

Pyeongyang Castle? Why?

Is it not obvious?

He went there to see
the Princess from afar.

My goodness, that fool.


He went to bed early.

I have something to tell him.

He does not want anyone to disturb him.


I want the historians to write this down.

No matter how much power
or wealth one may have,

anyone who violates the
law will be held responsible.

That is the discipline...

that King Jumong had
when he built Goguryeo.

And it is the principle...

that King Pyeongwon
follows as he rules the country.

Your Majesty.

I will not forgive you even after I die.

You will never be able
to take over Goguryeo.

Is the daughter trying to follow...

the path where her mother fell?

What did you just say?

Eight years ago,

the Sunno Tribe was
wrongfully blamed as traitors.

They need to get back on their feet.

That is what I just said.

That is nonsense.

They say one who has
tied a knot must untie it.

The knot you tied wrong...

can only be untied by you.

This is not a matter you
should be concerned about.

I can tell you this because it is me.

If it were not for them, I would be dead.

Those people who saved
me eight years ago...

If you give up now,

that will be the end of Goguryeo.

They saved my life this time as well.

I am the daughter of their nemesis,

but even after realizing it,
they gladly looked after me.

They are kind-hearted...

and faithful, both back then and now.

Please restore their honor...

and accept them as one of us.

If you resolve their old resentment,

they will be your reliable supporters.

But there will be a strong backlash.

You are the king.

Who will dare overturn a
decision made by the king?

The king...

has to listen to 10,000
resentments with his 2 ears,

but he has only one
mouth to govern the nation.

Your order is the law of this nation.

The Sunno Tribe and I...

will be your supporters.

The Sunno Tribe?

Are you not well?

I heard you went to bed early last night.

How can I be so well...

when I feel depressed?

Are you upset because
you had to endure shame...

at the Five Tribe council?

Or is it because...

the silver was transferred
to the national treasury?

Do not worry.

I did not say anything about
the silver to the Princess.

As your son, I should
not harm your reputation...

before I set off a long journey.

You do not need to go to the borderline.


The order has been withdrawn,
so you do not need to leave.

What is the reason?

I just chose to grant your wish.

I suggest you keep trying...

to win the Princess' favor.

Your son drowned...

and your husband is
bedridden after a stroke.

My goodness. You are
truly good. That is all true.

What can I do to change my fate?

I will write you a
talisman. Wait downstairs.

I will. Thank you.

You should call it a day.

Each time you channel your energy,

your life span... Are you...

able to attack and kill the King?

I can.

I will behead the King.

With the assassins we have left,

we cannot even scale the palace walls.

Our only option...

is to make the King come and see me.

This is so embarrassing.

I cannot believe I am
locked up in my own home.

It is a good excuse to get some rest.

We will hear some good news soon.

Good news, you say?

What are you talking about?

Gochuga will not let the
Princess act out any longer.

He will be thinking of a plan.

A plan?

A plan?

What happened this
time that we were called...

at the crack of dawn?

Every single day feels like
I am treading on thin ice.

Lord Hae cannot be here
because he was told to repent.

He told a chief of one of
the Five Tribes to repent?

Things are getting worse and worse.

Here comes His Majesty.

Dealing with the recent
Sono Tribe incident...

weighed greatly on my heart.

I know how loyal and hard-working
the chiefs of the Five Tribes are,

so it made me feel even worse.

Therefore, I thought
about the kind of authority...

the Five Tribe council should
have as the core of our government...

I wish to speak, Your Majesty.

Before we hear your wise
ideas regarding the government,

I would like to speak.

What do you wish to discuss?

It is about the Princess' marriage.

Her marriage?

Is that true? You do not
have to leave for the border?


I will remain in Pyeongyang
Castle as Head of Special Forces.

That is great. It is great news.


do you honestly think it is great?

Why did he suddenly change his mind?

I am not sure.

I can never tell what he is thinking.

Princess. Open the door.


You are together.

What brings you here?

Seeing you together after what I heard...

makes me think this is a pretty picture.

What are you talking about?

You two are such a great match.

My gosh, honestly.

Your Highness. Wait...

You knew, didn't you, Master Go?

It is news to me too.

Do you not believe me?

When the people are overjoyed
by their princess' return,

if she were to marry as well,

it will be such a joyous occasion.

But it is too sudden.

It is not entirely unexpected, though.

The marriage of the kingdom's...

two main families, the Gyeru
Tribe and the royal family,

is a long-standing tradition.

That is preposterous.

I have no intention of marrying.

Why are you even discussing this?

You are...

of marriageable age.

This is not for you to decide.

Are you...

not satisfied with your spouse?

If I may say about my own son,

he is not lacking as a possible
husband to the Princess.

It is not about General
Go's qualifications.

Then what is the problem?


I do not wish to... I cannot...

allow it.

When the princess is ready,

she will pick a man she wishes...

and marry with my blessing.

Their plan is...

to use my marriage to
restrict both you and me.

They wish to hold me hostage.

I know that.

How can I not know what
the sly man is thinking?

Do not worry.

Without my permission,

you will not marry into the Gyeru Tribe.


The Princess makes him
think he has all the power.

Still, would he easily give
permission to the marriage?

If words do not work, I will use force.

You must have a grudge
regarding the recent incident.

Gochuga, if you are
planning to raise an army,

I will offer you my support.

Why are you smiling?

The marriage.

I am in awe of your scheme.

I was trying to think of...

my own way to approach the Princess.

Your own way?

I wished to go to
Hwayeongjeon. Why are we here?

You will find out when you go inside.


Are you out of your mind?

Do you know whose seat that is?

It is King Pyeongwon's.

Or rather...

it is Go Yang Seong's.

Go Yang Seong: THE KING'S NAME

How dare you?

Is anyone outside?


I sent away your bodyguards.


Eight years ago, that arrow speared...

your woman's heart.

A man crazed by jealousy...

killed his own wife and people.

Does he deserve to sit up here?

The only reason you were
able to play king until now...

was because I allowed it.

How... How dare you, Go Won Pyo.


if you forget your place and act out,

I must oust you immediately.

Even if the sky caves in,

I will not permit the marriage. Never.

I said that permission is mine to give.

When the day breaks, the
people will hear the good news.

Because the King will have
announced the Princess' engagement.

You will never get your own way.

Do you truly know what my wish is?

It is to get rid of the
troublesome Princess...

and to bring down...

your sickly son from his seat as heir.

Would you like to see me get my way?

You cannot do that.

They are my unfortunate children.

Which is why...

I am offering a chance.

A chance for you and your
offspring to save your lives.

That salt must be heavy.

We need at least this much to
last a season at Ghost Valley.

Let me help you carry it.

No way. It is fine. Leave it.

The man should do the heavy lifting.

Us Gokturks do not
discriminate women from men.

This is Goguryeo.

You should be treated like a woman.

Well... I never asked
to be treated specially.

What does that say?
"The King's son-in-law"?

What is that? "The King's son-in-law"?

"The King's son-in-law"?

What is that about? What is going on?

What? The Princess should marry.

Is she still single? Too bad.

Do you know what this is
about? The King's son-in-law.

I just left the King's chambers.

You will not be allowed to see him.

I still must.

Your Highness.

I may not be the best Daedaero,

but I am still the King's subject.

If you have a command,
please call on me at any time.

He said no one is allowed in.

Step aside.

Your Highness.

Father, it is Pyeonggang.
Do you hear me, Father?

What is this about? A royal wedding?

I will never become a
member of the Gyeru Tribe.

Father! Please rescind your command!


Let go of me!

Your Highness. Do not touch me.

Why are you doing this, Your Highness?

It is cold. Come to Magnolia Hall.

Leave me be. Your Highness.

Oh, dear...

What is the problem?

Do you truly have no idea?

Did you not say so yourself that...

you would gain the Princess'
favor and make her yours?

I gave you an opportunity.
You should be grateful.

This is an arranged marriage.

How am I to be grateful?

I refuse to be manipulated.

Whether it is for riches,

the want of power,

or maybe even one's good looks,

every marriage in the
world is about manipulation.

Taming the Princess with this
marriage is good enough for me.


what is it that you truly want?

Without my permission,

you will not marry into the Gyeru Tribe.

Your Highness. The Crown Prince is here.

Pyeonggang. Get up. You might faint.


Go Won Pyo.

I will not forgive you.

The Princess may try to fight,

but she will not be able to
go against the royal wedding.

If Gochuga becomes in-laws with the King,

he will become even more powerful.

Do not worry.

I know he will...

take Prince Geon Mu's
side, not the crown prince.

You do not think the rumor
going around the palace...

is true, do you?

Gochuga and the late Queen Yeon...

had a special... Father!

The time is out of joint.

Be mindful of your conduct.

I hear the Five Tribe council is
choosing the King's son-in-law.

No matter how many
sons of noble there are,

they will end up choosing General Go.

I hear General Go will not accede
to becoming king's son-in-law.

My goodness. Your Highness.

What are you all waiting for?
Take her back to her chamber.

Your Highness. Wake up, Your Highness.

Taming the Princess with this
marriage is good enough for me.


what is it that you truly want?

Notify Jangbaek herb store...

of my sister's condition and
tell them to send medicines.

Pardon? But...

Lord Hae and his daughter
are put on probation.

She is the best one in Goguryeo
when it comes to handling herbs.

I will give you permission
as a crown princess.

So send someone right away.

Yes, Your Highness.

Hang in there, Pyeonggang.

We need to stop the royal wedding.

But when Gochuga mentioned
it, you said it was a clever move.

Why the sudden change in thought?

Gochuga already has
control over the state affairs.

If he takes the princess
as his daughter-in-law...

and seizes control of the royal household,

the Sono Tribe,

as well as the Gwanno Tribe
will become their servants.

Power is like water.

Once it becomes
stagnant, it will rot away.

We will need to come up with an idea...

to defend ourselves against
Gochuga's arbitrary executions.

Quietly and secretly.

My Lord, someone came
looking for you from Magnolia Hall.

Magnolia Hall? Are you saying
the princess is looking for Mo Yong?

Yes, My Lord.

We need to lower her fever first.

We will help her recover her
cold as we watch her condition,

but first, please bring me
some warm water and a bowl.

Yes, I will.



do not turn away from me.


Welcome back! You guys are back.

I thought you went to get some
groceries, but it took you so long!

It must have been a lot
of work. Put them here.

My gosh, what is this? It is salt!

Where is Dal?

I have no idea.

Where are you going? Just stay here.

Did something happen at the Capital?

Not at all.

We had nothing much to do
there, so we were really bored.

You must be Pung Gae. Yes, I am here.

Oh, I brought some salt.

Why did you come alone? Where is Dal?

There were some leathers left to sell.

How dare you lie to me?

He could not go hunting,

so there is no leather to sell at all.

Well... Where is Dal?

What is he up to right
now? Tell me everything.


Who will become the King's son-in-law?

I am sure all the sons
of noble will apply for it.

Nonetheless, the best one
among them is General Go Geon.

Are you kidding me?

The Five Tribe council
needs to evaluate them.

Does that mean Gochuga
will evaluate his own son?

You are right. Then it would not be fair.

Are you up, Your Highness?

What are you doing here?

Did Nanny call you?

Lady Gongson went to decoct the herbs.

You will get better soon if you
take the medicine for a day or two.

I hope you will get better
soon, Your Highness.

I will leave now.

Mo Yong.

Yes, Your Highness.

All your hard work will go in vain.

You are a criminal who violated
the law, no matter what you do.

That is why I understand
how you feel more than anyone.

I committed a crime under duress.

And you have to get
married against your will.

We are undergoing the same thing.

Are you saying you committed
the crime because of Gochuga?

He has absolute power.

Who would dare to go against him?

If you cannot win, then run
away from him, Your Highness.

No, I am not going anywhere.

If I were to run away
because of such a small matter,

I would not have come back.

I am sure Dal is going to cause trouble!

Before he does,

we need to do something, Chief.

He is not someone to act rashly.

Pung Gae said he saw him too!

The face of our nemesis
of the Gyeru Tribe!

Is that not true, Pung Gae?

On top of that, that lady
is going to get married.

So Dal must not be in his right mind.

If what you are saying is true,

we do not have any good ways to stop him.

We need to bring him back
here even if we have to drag him.

Calm down.

Let us trust Dal and patiently
wait until he comes back.

My goodness. This is why I told
him not to go to the mountain...

nor the Capital. Forget it, then.

I told him this so many times,

but there is nothing I
can do. Here, grab this.

Who is he?

He is Ga Jin's father.

The father of that fox who seduced my Dal?

You are quite harsh.

Do you expect me to say nice things then?

How poorly did you raise your daughter...

that she is causing
trouble wherever she goes?

What is wrong with my daughter?

She is shrewd, and
she has a heart of gold.

Then why did a good-hearted
daughter of yours seduce my son?


My gosh. Your son is the one
who fell head over heels for her.

You old fogey. How dare
you babble on about my son?

"Old fogey"? Look at this old fart.

I called you old because you are!
Yeom Deuk! Please calm down!

Darn you! Darn you!
You think you are young?

Darn you, you old fogey! Darn you!

Darn it. Darn you! Educate
your daughter properly!

What is wrong with them?

I hear Ga Jin is getting married.

"Married"? That means
there will be a royal wedding.

Then what about Dal?

That is what I am saying.

So I do not think those
two will become in-laws.

My goodness.

I have a favor to ask.

I have something to tell you too.

Come on in.

Do not worry.

Without my permission,

you will not marry into the Gyeru Tribe.

Are you not satisfied with your spouse?

I thought you were not feeling well.

When you have too many
thoughts, you need to move.

My fever broke though.

Why do you not teach me a move?

I will no longer...

be your master of swordsmanship.

From now,

I will be your husband, Your Highness.

What did you just say?

Please marry me.

I will always be...

on your side no matter what.

Our parents might be ill-fated,

but we are different.

If we come together as one,
we can change Goguryeo...

and make a better world.

I will pretend I did not
hear what you just said.

It is a marriage of convenience.

That is right. I know the
deep resentment you have...

against my father.

But there is no one else...

who knows you better than I do.

That is because I have
been watching you...

and loving you for a long time.

I will protect you...

without a change of heart.

Please accept...

my proposal.

I am sorry.

Even if it is not a
marriage of convenience,

I cannot accept your feelings.

I will take care of my father.

I will stop him from defaming you...

and the King. This is not about that.

I already have someone else...

in my heart.

My heart has been telling me...

that he is the one for a while.

If I do not see him, I feel worried.

When I see him, I feel bad for him.

You have feelings...

for that mere country bumpkin?

That is right.

He is my man.

He is the one whom I
will share my fate with.

I will never...

give up on you.

You are willing to marry the princess?

Is that what you are saying? Yes.

Please proceed with
the royal wedding quickly.

Why did you change your mind?

Even yesterday, you seemed not to want it.


there is someone I strongly desire,

I must have her...

even if that means I have to use force.

That is what I realized.

Even if the princess
refuses until the end?

She will eventually become mine.


We need to make a dress for your wedding.

The wedding where the bride is
bartered is not a joyous occasion.

We do not need any more
misfortune in the royal family.

Help me. We will stop the Gyeru
Tribe from abusing their power,

and I will punish Go Won Pyo in the end.

You are actually the son of On Hyeop?

On Hyeop, you are tormenting
me even after your death?

You ended up bringing
disgrace on your father!

You are no longer my daughter.

Royal wedding and marriage
of convenience are all over.

What do you mean it is over?

I will kill anyone who gets
in my way and the princess!

I am sorry.

I can track it down,
whether it is a lie or not.

Chil Gu?

This is the only way I can
avoid the royal wedding.

Please forgive your father.


He is my husband.

We got married.

He was the general of Goguryeo.

He was a commander.

I am the son of General On Hyeop,
the 17th chief of the Sunno Tribe,

My name is On Dal.

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