The Moon Rising River (2021–…): Season 1, Episode 6 - Episode #1.6 - full transcript



Stop where you are. Hey!


Darn you.

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Well, I will go and bring the people.

Wait here.


Did you find water?

It is true! There is water!

There is water? That is amazing!

When did Dal ever tell a lie?

Never. Right.

I did not believe it. How did
you manage on your own?

I had Ga Jin's help.

Let us not waste time.
We should widen the hole.

We finally have more water.

Why are there so many rocks?

Why are you coming from that way?

Should I pee in the open, then?

Hey, Ga Jin! You did so well!

We should get more buckets. Sure.

You met Ga Jin?

You can take a horse
or cattle to a stream,

but you cannot make them drink.

I need Ga Jin to thirst,

so I sprinkled some salt.

Chief. Kill me instead...

and please, let Ga Jin go.

Who will die?

I am trying to save everyone's life.

To save the twins,

Ga Jin will have to kill again.


Your chief sent you, did he not?

I know nothing about any chief.

That is right. We are just small thieves.

Where did you hide the
assassin during the ceremony?

Assassin? What assassin?

You keep asking things we
do not know the answers to.

Stop! I will kill you!

I will kill you! Please.


We will see how long you last.

I have more than enough clubs and sticks.

You must go to sleep.

I will when I feel like it.

If you are not at ease,

that will cause our nation concern.


Do you remember the Princess?

The Princess?

Who do you speak of?


My most favorite daughter.

The child I lost.

Why would you suddenly...

speak of the Princess?

I miss her...

even more today.

Since you hallucinated in the library,

you are not in your right mind.

You must sleep deeply tonight.

I will bring some medicine. Leave it.

More than medicine,

I hoped for a warm word from you.

Forget about it.

The Princess is alive.

I will find a way to
bring her back safely.

When we are ready,

you just have to give the command.

We have more water
now. The water is so clear.

Dal, have a drink.

This is so precious. We have water again.

Do not waste a drop. This is so valuable.

It has been so long since we had water.

Here you go. Drink all you want.

There is so much now. Yes.

You worked hard. Refresh yourself. Thanks.

They brought more. This is so nice.

It is good to have water.

On Hyeop's son took you in.

Karma works in strange ways.

How long have you known?

Did you send me to the ceremony...

knowing who I was?

If the daughter killed her father,

Goguryeo would have fallen
into turmoil and never recovered.

It is a pity it did not happen.

How could you... It is easy to kill me,

but then Yeom Deuk will die too.

Even now, he shaves salt...

as he waits for you.

You rested for long enough.

Return to Cheonjubang now.

I said I will never kill again.

Then do you want to
return to the foolish King...

to play being a princess?

I have given up both
killing and being a princess.

I will live quietly on this mountain.

This is where cowards who do not have...

the courage to die live in hiding.

And Ga Jin you wish to live like that?

Do not fight your fate.

Even before I took you in,

you were destined to bring down Goguryeo.

Please leave.

I will get into trouble
if the villagers see us.

You are afraid.

You are afraid to face...

the King's crimes and the corrupt world.

I will not miss this time.

You found water,

but not yet a way to survive.

Go Won Pyo captured Tara San and Tara Jin.

They were looking for you
and then took your place.

The decision is yours to make.

Will you remain here and play house...

or return to Cheonjubang?

"The rules of a king are like a rock."

"They are weighty and never change."

"Also, the rules of a
king are like a blue sky."

"The depth cannot be fathomed."

Is the writing hard to read
or are you afraid of me?


I am just...

Just what?

I am not used to...

seeing you sober.

Crown Prince.

Yes, Father.

Do you remember your sister?

My sister?

I do not remember much of her.

Only that she gave me a
candy before she left to patrol.

A candy?

I see.

These are so beautiful.

To see that you are this
pleased, Your Highness,

I am even more grateful.

Not at all.

I received an unexpected but great gift.

What should I do?

I like this and I like that too.

Pick what you want.

Can I really?

Your name is Mo Yong?


The gifts you brought
show you have great taste,

but I am pleased that you care for my son.

I am honored.

I heard your daughter is good with money.

You must rely on her a lot.

She also has great knowledge
of herbs and medicine.

Keep her close and she
will be of great use to you.

We spent way too much money.

She would have been pleased with
something that cost half that much.

Small branches create
more smoke than flames.

To light a fire, you must use firewood.

Will that fire melt Gochuga's heart too?

He does not easily give his trust.

Even he who conquers the world...

is powerless against
talk shared in the bed.

Then are the rumors that...

the two are having an affair true?

I thought the King was the
only one oblivious to the fact.

Are you ignorant as well, Father?

My goodness.

What are they all flocking
over to plot this time?

We must gain Gochuga's
trust as soon as possible.

Only then can we join in the plotting.

The Princess is alive?

Is that really true?


I am positive.


What do you think?

If the Princess we held
the ceremony for is alive,

then we should be
thankful for the miracle.

Who brought you the great news?

That is not important.

The fact that the Princess is alive...

could perhaps...

become a problem down the line.

We must decide on preventative measures,

and that is why I summoned you.

The nation would rejoice at the news.

Why would it be a problem?

Yes. That is utterly unreasonable.

When the Princess disappeared,

many people died or got hurt.

If word of that were to spread again,

it could cause trouble.

I will prevent groundless talk.

You need not worry.


find the Princess first.

General Go.

Yes, Your Majesty?

I trust in you.

Thank you.

You have the King's trust.

He called you to discuss
an important matter.

I am still a bit flustered.

I just cannot believe it.

The Princess is alive?

The King has shown his
intention. That is good enough.


He is afraid the Princess will return.

A daughter who remembers
her father's ugly actions.

She is no longer an offspring.

She is a bringer of death.

I heard that Dal...

told only you who I am, Chief.

I would like to ask you about something.

Come inside. That day...

Did you remain in the village
with General On Hyeop?

Yes, I did. Then did you...

see the last of...

my mother?

After Dal and I left for Yibullansa,

what happened?

That is what I wish to know.

It is all in the past.

What would you do with that knowledge?

Was Gyeru Tribe's Go Won Pyo...

there that day?

He was, right?

Go Won Pyo.

Withdraw your troops right now.

Do you think you will be able to
get away with killing the queen?

His Majesty was the person who told me...

to kill you.

Your Majesty.

I will not forgive you even after I die.

You will never be able
to take over Goguryeo.

Goguryeo is...

already mine.

Your Majesty!

The Queen...

remained with the
Sunno Tribe until the end.

She did not give in to the treachery.

Thank you.

Something had been plaguing me.

You just cleared my head.


Do not think of getting revenge.

You might be here now
because the late Queen...

wishes you forget the
past and live quietly.

Dal said something similar.

Do not worry.

Now that we have a new well,

to welcome Ga Jin to the village,

we should kill a few chickens.

How far do you think
a few chickens will go?

A pig. We should slaughter a pig.

That is worth a feast.

If you eat too much meat during a drought,

you could get sick.

That is so disgusting.

Buy her a sewing kit.

Would she like something like that?

I had a look around her house.

She does not have a mirror.

A mirror? A woman...

needs a mirror in the house.

Ga Jin does not care for that.

How can you know so little about women?

No woman dislikes putting on makeup...

or wearing accessories...

Right. Where is the necklace?

I did not see her wearing it.

I think she threw it away.

Why would she throw away
something that valuable?

She had her knives and daggers melted too.

She wanted to get rid of her old things.

She must have a lot on her mind too.

The decision is yours to make.

Will you remain here and play house...

or return to Cheonjubang?

Do not think of getting revenge.

You might be here now
because the late Queen...

wishes you forget the
past and live quietly.

It is dark. Are you looking at the moon?

Why are you here?

Tell me if you need anything.


I am going into the city to
sell animal hides and herbs.

Do you need any tools or household items?

No. Are you sure?

Do not complain later on.

Have a safe trip.


You have been acting
strange since yesterday.

How so? You will not speak to me.

You are always on your own.

Why is that?

Do not blame the
innocent. I never did that.

Then what is it?

Did I do something to upset you?

You must be bored. Go home.


I remember this feeling.

Ga Jin.

The villagers...

are pleased you are here.

Not to mention me.

So do not get any ideas.

I wish you enjoy your life here.

An unidentified killer
attacked Go Won Pyo...

but failed.

Things in Goguryeo...

Mo Yong. Why are you still here?

Did you not say you
would trade with someone?

I was just about to leave.

Right now, while you are about to leave,

some others will have
already made bargains.

Riches are fleeting.

They only stay with those who move fast.

Would I forget something you
said until my ears would bleed?

The negotiations are done. I
just have to check the items.

Even if you find even one
flaw, haggle the price down.

No. I will haggle even
if there are no flaws.


I do not need anything.

Do herb shop owners...

frequent bars as well?

I heard this place makes
good money and might buy it.

If it will make you money,

you will do anything.

I am truly impressed.

I did not know you were
bored enough to drink alone.

It is the opposite.

I have so much to do,
my head might explode.

Shall I share my meager wisdom?


Do you want to know why I met the King?

Once I tell you,

you will weigh things out
to decide whom to side with.

No, thank you.

Are you concerned for the Princess?

Gochuga wants to kill her...

and you wish to protect her.

You are torn.

It is none of your business.

I do not wish to care, but it bothers me.

Because you are suffering.

I hope the Princess decides to return.

She is the King's daughter.

Pyeongyang Castle is where she belongs.

I will make it so.

You are determined.

Is that out of love...

or out of loyalty?

It is both.

You said I must make a choice.

Whether I will follow my father...

and take a path drenched in blood or not.

You are clever, so make a guess.

Do you...

smell blood on me?


I was demoted from
Head of Capital Defense.

I was upset, so I had a drink.

Oh, right.

I have not yet told the King.

That I am no longer
Head of Capital Defense.

Thanks to you,

I am alive.

I will behead the assassins
in public tomorrow.

I will give you 300
mounted men with armor...

and 300 soldiers.


That is a bigger force
than the place guards.

Can you handle them?

Whom do you want me to attack?

I am sorry.

Just this once, forgive me.

I will return once my friends are safe.


Salute! Salute! Salute! Salute!

Salute! Salute! Salute! Salute!

Salute! Salute! Salute! Salute!

I heard the Gyeru Tribe have
gathered a bunch of soldiers.

Yes, I heard it too.

I heard the troops are
led by General Go Geon.

Do you know what is going on?


How would I know what
the Gyeru Tribe is up to?

Gochuga has always
been a very suspicious man.


Something serious is happening
in and outside the palace.

How can you be so calm?

When the world is going through chaos,

the best thing to do is to sit
back and watch what happens.

What if you get involved
only to get yourself in a mess?

You are so frustrating.

Until Geon Mu becomes the crown prince...


Until he finally takes the throne,

you and I must always be on our toes.

Do you understand?


Of course.

I filled the pot with water,

so use as much as you
want. You can wash too.

What kind of a fool
washes during a drought?

But must you leave?

I will be back as soon
as I sell the herbs...

and buy the things I need.

I had an unpleasant dream.

What did you dream of?

You know that new girl, Yeom something...

Mother, she has a name.

Yeom Ga Jin. Anyway,

she was wearing
something really expensive...

that looked like the wings of a dragonfly.

She was sitting somewhere very high up.

And you were sobbing in front of her.

You seemed heartbroken.

What a silly dream.

I will be off now.

Please be careful.

My goodness, what a nasty dream.

Why not take me with you
so I can help you carry all that?

What good will she do?

I am sure you do not have
the eyes to pick out a mirror.

You are going to buy a mirror?

I need one too.

Goodness, I will not take long.

I heard people in the city are
also suffering due to the drought.

It is okay if you fail to sell everything.

Just come back quickly. He is right.

But where is Ga Jin? I
have not seen her anywhere.

I am sure she is fine.

Come on. We are spending
way too long saying goodbye.

We will be back. Goodbye.

Bye. See you.

Bye. Bye.

Do not take too long.
Wol seems so excited.

I will go save Jin and San.

This is the last thing I can
do to repay you for raising me.


Then I will leave with my father.

Do not ever look for me again.

Your fate will come looking
for you even if I do not.

I will not be there.

Do you think you will be
able to escape forever?

If a moment comes where
I can no longer avoid it,

I will have to fight.


You will soon end up facing
a fight you cannot avoid.


Are you okay?

Ga Jin, what are you doing here?

I told you not to come near this place.

Do not worry.

Once I bring back San and Jin,

we can leave together.

I found a place for the both of us.

Will you be okay on your own?

There will be a lot of soldiers.

Take him to the hut.

Do not do anything to harm him.

Ga Jin.

Do not worry.

This will really be my last time.

I have a message for
my people of Goguryeo.

Due to the cruelty of the
skies, the lands have turned dry.

And migrant thieves have started
to bring more chaos to the country.

Think of all the castles
they have burned down...

and the countless people they have killed.

They dared to be hostile to our country...

and threaten the safety of your King,

which makes them the root of all evil.

Therefore, I will execute those thieves...

in front of thousands of people...

to teach everyone the power
and dignity of Goguryeo.

There are so many people gathered here.

Let us sell our stuff here.
We can see the criminals too.


Do you think it is a show?

That kind of stuff is
not something to watch.

Let us get going.

Are they assassins?

Are you sure you will
never kill anyone again?

I will no longer do anything
to cover my hands with blood.

What are you doing here?

You should be in Ghost Valley.
Why are you here instead?

And what are you wearing?

The criminals that got caught...

are my friends.

They got caught...

while doing my job instead of me.

Do not tell me...

They are like my family.

I cannot let them die.

So what? Are you saying
you are going to fight...

with all those soldiers?

I just need to save my friends.

I will not hurt anyone.

Dal, this will be my last time.

Please let me do this.


Ga Jin.

What brings you here?

Pung Gae.

We need to help Ga Jin.

What? Dal.

You cannot do this alone.

This is not something
you should get involved in.

No, this is our problem.

You are a member of Ghost Valley.

The criminals are outside.

He is going to behead them...

to hide who was behind
the incident of the ceremony.

And thus, he wishes to suppress
the people by instilling fear.

Gochuga is a very greedy man.

He is trying to catch many
birds with just one stone.

Is General Go in charge of the scene?

The guards are there,

but the person in charge
was not General Go.

We found the entrance.

Did you check the
surroundings? There was no one.

There is not a single rat here.

Where are they hiding?

Search the entire place.

Search the place!

Yes, master. Yes, master.

You dogs of Goguryeo have
traveled a long way for nothing.

Cheonjubangs are everywhere,

but at the same time, we do not exist.

You will never be able to find us.

I wish you dogs a peaceful death...

inside your grave.

Do not touch anything!

Run! Get out of here!

Let us go back to the palace.

As soon as we save your friends,

we will be returning to
Ghost Valley right away.

Be careful.

What is that?

My goodness, look. Look at that.

Goodness! It is a fire!

Oh, dear! What happened?

There is fire! What are we going to do?

My goodness! Oh, my gosh!

Pung Gae, is this really okay?

The fire is too big.

It will be fine. The stable
was all rotten anyway.

People will come and
put it out. Let us go.


Look. Goodness.

My goodness.


My goodness. What is going on?

Ga Jin.

Ga Jin.

Ga Jin.

We need to go!

Hurry! Hurry up!

Get going!

Hurry up and leave! Go!


Go! Hurry.

Hurry up and go!

Just go!

What are you going to do now?

They will not be able to
leave the city looking like that.

Will Dal be okay?

How am I supposed to know? Darn it.

Why are you taking it out on me?

Where are you going? Hey.

Who are you?

Do you remember me?

You must pay what you
owe. You cannot just leave.

I promise to pay what I owe.

Oh, it is you.

Please help me with a few injured people.

I want you guys to hide at the herb store.

What about you? I need to go find Dal.

Are you also a Cheonjubang?

What is that?

Where are the criminals?


You guys are the ones who do bad things.

Tell me right now, or I will behead you.



How dare a petty killer come back here?

How dare you...

lay your hands on me?

I am the eldest daughter
of Goguryeo's King...

and the late Queen Yeon,

Princess Pyeonggang.

How dare you claim the
title of the royal household?

You must want to be beheaded.

Go Sang Cheol.

I remember you.

I also remember how you
mercilessly massacred...

the people of the Sunno Tribe.

Shut your mouth!

What are you waiting for?
Behead these two right now!

If you dare touch the body of a princess,

your entire family and
relatives will be annihilated.

She is lying!

The Princess has long been dead!

Kill them!

Step back!

She is Princess Pyeonggang!

Make your curtsy to Her Highness.

I am Head of Special Forces Go
Geon, paying respects to Your Highness.


Where is my friend?

Tell me where my friend went! Come here!

Hey! Hey!

Can you not hear me?

Where is my friend?

Tell me where she is!


Oh, my.

My goodness.

My gosh. Princess Pyeonggang?

I, Princess Pyeonggang,

have made it back to the palace.

Please forgive your
undutiful daughter, Father.

So it was not a dream.

You were not a ghost.

You were actually alive,
Princess Pyeonggang.

I lost my memory...

and have been living
without knowing who I was.

I apologize for making you worry.

Not at all.

It is all good since
you made it back alive.

Thank you for coming back to
your father who has failed you.


What happened?

I guess your friends will
live longer than I thought.


You do not have to worry.

Nothing will change just
because the Princess is back.

I am sure the King is not
that glad to have her back...

as he is guilty about what
he did to Queen Yeon.

Regardless of what happened in the past,

she is his daughter after all.

We cannot feel relieved
as we do not know...

how the King will change
because of the Princess.

You must pay close attention
to both of them, Daedaero.

Why are you not saying anything, Gochuga?

A princess who lost her
memory became a killer?

She survived and managed
to come back to the palace.

The one we have to keep in
check is the Princess, not the King.

Why should we keep an
eye on that mere chit of a girl?

She is a cub.

If she takes after her
late mother's nature,

soon, her claws...

will be directed at us.


Your unfilial daughter, Pyeonggang,

has finally come back.

I can finally tell you...

the long patrol is now over.

Her funeral was grand.

People of all ages and
gender mourned for her.

She adored the people of Goguryeo.

Even at her last moment,

she protected the
people of the Sunno Tribe.

You must be tired. You
should get some rest.

Tell me all those stories later.

They put my friend...

in jail.

He was trying to help me.

I think you should let him go.

The Five Tribe council is in
charge of prisoner dispositions.

If you give an order as a king,

the Five Tribe council
should follow it too.

Did you say he is your friend?


He is also my savior...

who saved my life several times.

Commander Go said...

he could have gotten
rid of the Princess...

if you did not get in the way.

Is that true?

How could he kill the Princess
at the heart of the Capital?

How will you deal with the consequences?

I only stopped him for
the sake of my family.

Was it not because
you admire the Princess?

Laying aside your family
because of your feelings...

is not appropriate for the
next head of the Gyeru Tribe.

You should be more careful.

It is not something I
should be careful of.

What did you say?

The woman...

whom I have buried in my heart
for a long time has returned alive.

Earning her heart is as important as...

ruling the world.

Hey! Bring back my friend!

Can you not pretend to listen at least?


Quiet down. How dare you act up?

Do you wish to die in here?

My goodness. Good sir.

I have something to tell
my friend, so please call her.

Please? Hey!

Look at this guy. How dare you?


Let me teach you a lesson.

Sit still, you jerk! Oh, gosh!

Is Tae Mo not back yet?

He will be here soon.

Chief, everyone is anxious.

Perhaps this plan is too dangerous.


Ga Jin went into the palace.

I hear she is the Princess of
Goguryeo who died a long time ago,

and the whole Capital is in chaos now.

So she...

returned to the palace?

Does that mean...

you knew who Ga Jin was?

The people of Cheonjubang were
born in a field and raised in a mountain.

Only the ones with a strong
mind and soul to kill the King...

can follow my path.

If you are afraid, stay.
Those who are brave,

come with me.

The heads of the Five Tribes would
like to greet you, Your Highness.

I am Gochuga of the
Gyeru Tribe, Go Won Pyo.

I would like to congratulate
you on your return to the palace.

Congratulations, Your Highness.
Congratulations, Your Highness.

What is this?

A talisman that will make you queen.

You must see but not look,

and hear but not listen for
your family to be at peace.

Goguryeo is...

already mine.

It has been long.

I am delighted to see that you
are in good health, Your Highness.

I have been well,

thanks to you.


You should come with me.

I cannot.

I am back as a princess,
so I should live at the palace.

I hear you could have
gotten rid of the Princess.

I am all alone in Pyeongyang Castle.

Father and the Prince
find me uncomfortable.

I will be on your side.

You? The next head of the Gyeru Tribe?

If you disobey my
order, I will disown you.

Something dangerous?

What is it that you want me to do?

Everything related to the Princess.