The Listener (2009–2014): Season 5, Episode 12 - An Innocent Man - full transcript

A criminal is on trial and Becker is elated that they finally got him. But Michelle reminds him that this isn't the first time they thought they got him but he always seems to get off. And ...

This is great. This is great.

Having weekend breakfast on a weekday.

Oh yeah, Monday's the new Sunday.

- Yeah.
- I love a leisurely

start to the work week.

Mm-hmm. I was actually supposed
to be working this case

with Michelle and Becker,

this Murder One trial with Metro

that witnesses keep dropping out of.

(Tia and Oz): Mm-hmm.

But the jury's come back early, so...

(Typing sound)

- Uh, I'm listening.
- So it's gonna be a slam dunk.

(People chattering background)

What's... what's going to be
a slam dunk?

- You weren't even listening.
- I'm sorry Toby.

I was here cleaning 'til 4 in the morning,
after a huge night,

now I gotta prep all this accounting crap
for this meeting I got.

I crammed to get this story done,
and now it has so much feedback,

my editor wants a follow up
by the end of today.

It's alright. Success is exhausting,
I get it.

- Go, get out of here.
- Really?

That's great. I'm gonna take my breakfast

so I can eat while I count receipts.

- Thank you. I love you.
- Alright.

We'll have breakfast every morning

- when I retire.
- I'm holding you to that!?



Hey! I got here as quickly as I could.

I can't believe the jury's back already.

Yeah, they deliberated
a couple hours last night,

came in this morning with
a decision. I can feel it,

we have finally got our conviction.

Don't jinx us, OK?

We've been trying to get Boorman
off the streets for years.

Yeah, you're preaching to the choir.

What's going on?

I have no idea.

- Detective.
- Hi.

What's going on?
Looks like all hell broke loose.

Well that's because it did.
Jury came in to deliver its verdict

and then this guy bursts in and says

he's the one that killed Colin Rutger.

That's him. Says he can produce
the murder weapon

and he's waived his right to an attorney.

We're taking him down to Metro
to sign a full confession.

This is... this is insane.

Boorman killed Colin Rutger,
we know that.

Well, I hate to say I told you so,

but Boorman always finds a way
to skirt justice.

Not this time.

OK, so you're saying that he just

walked into the courtroom and confessed?

Yeah, Metro checked the storage locker

where he said he stashed
the murder weapon....

And there is was.
Complete with fingerprints.

But you don't buy it?

No. Rutger was a bookie trying
to move into

loan sharking and that was
Boorman's territory.

Metro had 3 eyewitnesses
who spotted Boorman

exiting Colin Rutger's house
the night of the murder event.

During the trial, all
three witnesses conveniently

- changed their testimony.
- And this isn't the first time

that Boorman's pulled
these types of tricks.

He's been up on manslaughter,
larceny, all types of charges

but he always seems to get off.

So this time, with his back

against the wall and a conviction pending,

Boorman gets creative.
Comes up with a fall guy.

Jeremy Morrow.

Looks like a pretty ordinary dude.

And no record, no history of violence,
he's happily married.

The guy's a regional manager
at a paper company.

Morrow says that he killed him
over gambling debts,

but there's no evidence that
these two even knew each other.

Jeremy Morrow didn't kill anyone.

Boorman gave him the gun,
told him what to say, end of story.

So why do you think he took the fall?

Was he being coerced, paid off, or...?

Yeah, we need to find out

what's behind Morrow's false
confession and use it

to get him to recant.

Alright, well let's get Morrow
and Boorman

in here and I'll ream 'em.

Yeah, um... That's where
we run into a bit of a problem.

Boorman's high-priced legal team

has already filed a suit
for wrongful prosecution,

citing Metro and the IIB
for police harassment,

naming this unit specifically.

If his team finds out

that we're still trying
to prove he's guilty...

Right, the Brass'll start asking
for our guns and badges.

- Exactly.
- That's right.

OK. So what do we do?

Well, we can't let a murderer
walk out on the streets while

an innocent man rots in jail.

No. I think we should start

by talking to his wife and see
if she has any idea

why her husband would take
the fall for this.

That's a good idea, sergeant.

But what we really need to do
is to get Logan next to Morrow.

See what Morrow was thinking, right?

How do you feel about going undercover?

What, you mean as a prisoner?

Yeah, we could get you
in the same cell as Morrow.

Yeah, no. I don't think
this is a good idea.

I mean, if one of the prisoners
finds out that Toby's a cop...

Michelle, I'll see it coming.
I'll get out of the way.

OK. I'll call court transfer.

Get you in the same paddy wagon
as Morrow to avoid any suspicion.

Thank you.

OK, I'll start working on
the new identity for you

and I'll talk to Alex about
rounding up some info

on the charming folk's you'll be sharing
a cell block with.

This is happening, isn't it?
I should call Tia and tell her

- what's going on.
- Yeah, I think that's

a conversation you might want
to have in person.

I don't think it's going to be
an easy sell.

You're right. Face to face.

- Yeah.
- Break the big news.

- (Street noise in background)
- (Grunting)

You need a hand with that?

No, I can manage. Thank you.

Not so far you're not.

OK, wanna give it a shot?

You know, I set that up for you, right?

If that's what you want to tell yourself.


Oh yeah, come back any time. Sheesh.

(Grunt)... Hey!

Back so soon? Thought you were
on a tight schedule?

Yeah, well, Toby wanted to meet
for coffee to talk.

Plus, um... I sort of wanted
to talk to you about something.

You want to talk to me?
Why do I have the sudden urge to flee?

It's about Toby's mom.

Why didn't I listen to my instinct
to flee? Oh, you know what?

We're gonna have to put a pin in that.

You know who just walked in
the door. Yoink!

- Hey.
- Hey.

So, what's this big news you needed
to tell me in person?

It's not really big news it's just, uh...

I volunteered to go undercover.

Like that other time when you
infiltrated that car theft gang?

You were almost killed.

No, this is not like that other time.

I'm just going into Foxley.

- The prison?
- Technically, it's a detention facility

where prisoners are held pending trial.

That's just as dangerous, Toby.

Tia, I'm going in just to read one guy.

He's an innocent man,
it'll take like, no time at all.

If he's innocent then
why is he in there?

It's complicated.

We're good, thank you.

He confessed to a murder
that we think he didn't commit.


What if they find out you're IIB?

Tia, I gotta do this.

This is my job, OK?

The real murderer is very
dangerous and he's out

on the streets, we've gotta
get him off the streets.

- It won't take long.
- What? Just a couple of hours?

I'll text you the moment I get out.


- Super careful.
- Super careful, alright.

Your new name is Tom Critchley,

a professional car thief
who was arrested last week

and denied bail this morning.

Oh, that's good. Alright,
keep me in the same racket

as last time, that keeps it simple.

Yeah. We've also looked into some
of the tougher customers

- you're likely to run into there.
- Here's our top 6.

Background on all of them,
their MO's,

their known associates.
It's all in the file.

You can read up on your way
to the courthouse transfer.

The one we'd look out for
is Vince Fowler.

He's got a long list of violent crimes,
he's been in the bucket

6 months and he's already put
together his own gang.

- OK.
- We've also got, uh...

This for you. It's a mini transponder.

We're going to get corrections
to plant it in your cell.

One press tells IIB you've got intel
and you want to meet.

Two presses sends an SOS
to the warden and says

- you need out immediately.
- OK.

He's the only one who knows
your true identity in there.

As for the guards,
you're just another fish.

- Nice.
- You ready to roll, Logan?

- Yeah.
- You're sure about this, huh?

Yeah, it's going to be no problem.

I'm going to get in there,
get a read on Morrow,

press this little button thing
and I'm out.

- Let's do this.
- Let's go.

Welcome gentlemen to
Foxley Detention Facility.

You're only here for a short time,

so make your time easy
by sticking to the rules.

You break the rules

and we'll break you.

Obey all guards at all times.

No smoking, no drugs,
no alcohol, no trouble.

Keep your head down, mouth shut.
Everything will be ok.

Alright, personal effects in the bag.

Watches, rings, any and all piercings.

(Prison intercom in background)

- (Guard): Watch out.
- (Inmate): Yo, ladies.

- (Buzz!)
- (Laughter)

Yo, look at the fresh fish.

- First time inside, fishy?
- Stop!

Don't move unless I say so.

Hey. Look at me when I'm talkin'.


- I said look at me...
- Hey! Hey! Hey!

- When I'm talking.
- Get back! Off of him!


Mm-hm, easy target.

I see you again, fishy.


(Inmate): What's your name, sweetheart?

Hey, why so quiet?

I guess we're roommates, huh?

My name's Tom Critchley.

Just... stay calm.

Don't say anything.
Just stay calm.

Well, I got nabbed jackin' a Portia,
couldn't make my bail.

Don't talk. Head down.

Guess you're not the talkative type, huh?

Hey, fish! You got me in bad
with the guard!

Look man, it's not going to be easy
in here, you know that?

These guys don't fool around.

We're gonna have to stick together.

Look... I'm not looking to make friends.

Or enemies. Just want to keep
my head down, do my time.

Sure. You're gonna need
a friend though, man.

You got no problem making enemies.

Hey fish! I'm talking to you!

I don't like being ignored, fish.
It's disrespectful.

And getting dissed makes me cranky.
Fish, you don't want me when I'm cranky!

You hear me, fish?!

- You hear anything from Toby?
- Uh, nothing yet.

Takes a while to get through processing.

Might be a couple hours before
we hear from him.

We managed to track down Morrow's wife.

Asked her to make a statement,
she's in the conference room.

Maybe she knows why

- her husband took the fall.
- Yeah.

Jeremy never hurt a soul in his life.

I have no idea how this happened.

He didn't tell me anything.

Your husband says that killed Rutger
over gambling debt.

Did he have a problem
with gambling in the past?

Years ago. But he went
to a twelve-step program.

I thought those days were behind us.


I didn't realize it at the time,
but there were signs.

He was falling back into his old ways.

Collection agencies started calling.

He'd leave in the middle of the night.

Yeah. Things started missing
from your house?

Heirlooms? Jewelry?

Your husband had no history
of violence, ma'am.

But he did owe money all over town,

it's possible that he owed money
to Sean Boorman.

I never heard of Sean Boorman

until my husband showed up in court.

Well, we believe that the two of the them
had an agreement.

Boorman would take care
of your husband's debt

if your husband would take the fall
for the murder of Rutger.

All I know is

my husband is going away

for a very, very long time

and he's left me with a mountain of debt.

I have no idea what I'm going to do.


(Phone ringing)

Let's get Dev to check
into Morrow's financials,

see if the wife was lying.

Alright, I'll check on the connections
between Morrow,

Rutger and Boorman as well.


How long are we going
to keep Toby in there?

Long as it takes.

He's got his cover. He's studied
his backgrounds.

I'm confident that he'll be
alright in there.

You know it wasn't that long ago
you were saying

that he was a liability.

Gotta trust someone, right?
Might as well be your team.

Hey, Fish.

Come over here,

- I want to show you something.
- Come on.

Hey guys, I think fishy
and his friend don't like us

very much. And I know we're
a likeable bunch of guys.

I think you're right, Vince.

Maybe these guys, they just need
to get to know us better.

- Afternoon, ladies.
- Good afternoon.

That's the guy that killed
that bookie, Rutger.

So. Fishy's a stone-cold murderer.

I'm impressed. Tell me all about it,

tell me how you did that guy, fishy.

- Ah!
- You speak when spoken to, fishy!

Didn't nobody never teach you that, huh?

Let's take it... let's take it easy.

Well, look at that.
Look at what we got here.

Fishy's little friend has got a pair.


We're not looking for any trouble.

Yeah, but trouble found you, didn't it?

Let me go or I'll call a guard.

What'd you say?!

Try calling for a guard now when
you don't have no air to breathe.

It's Vince, right? Vince?

I'll tell you who I am.

Look, I think we got a mutual friend.

You guys did a few big jobs together.

Get the rest of it! Go! Go!

Yeah, you guys bagged a ton of ice.

Move it, Mick. Let's go!

Mick couldn't stop talking about it.

How you know Mick?

This guy in Mill Haven with him?

Well, we go back. Did a few things.

It's a shame he's in Mill Haven.

Yeah, you right about that.

Look, my cellmate here, he's

having a hard time breathing.

Yeah, so what's your point?

My point is he's not worth
the time, alright?

Look at him, he's just a punk.

(Inmate): Come on already!
Take him out, take him out!

(Exhaling) Agh!

Next time you talk about calling a guard,

you'll be breathing blood.

This was fun, ladies.

Let's do it again sometime.

Ooh, they lucky buddy came out!

Man, fish better watch his back.


Guess I owe you a thanks, huh?

Oh yeah? Why?

Stepping up for me back there.

Other guys wouldn't bother.

Oh, man. Honestly
if Vince had killed you

I was worried that my new cellmate
would be worse than you.

What kind of music you got there?

No music. Audiobooks.

Oh yeah, audiobooks.

What'd you got on it?

A book on how to bust us out of here?

Look, you don't want to bust out
of here, do you?

What're you talking about?

Look, I'm just saying you know.

You put yourself here,
it was your choice,

not like the rest of us.

This wasn't a choice.

Yeah, I don't know man.
There's nothing in the world

that could make me do what you did.

You're going to be
a good little boy scout

and honour the deal.

You must've had a good reason.

You know why I confessed to murder?

Because I did it.

I shot him dead and
I'd do it again, too.

So why don't you just shut
the hell up about it?

(Phone rings)


(Beep! Beep! Beep!)

Michelle, Toby just sent me a message

through his transponder.
He's got intel.

OK, I guess we're going to have
to send you in there.

Alright, I can go right now.

No, let's wait 'til morning.

It'll be too suspicious if you go now.

- You sure?
- Yeah,

I was just hoping he wouldn't have
to spend the night in there.

He's got his transponder.

If he needs to get out then he can.

How are you doing on the
Morrows' financials?

- You've been looking into it, right?
- I have. Yeah.

But between a line of credit,

5 years' back taxes and 7 credit cards,

they owe hundreds of thousands.

Their financial picture is a horror show.

OK, so you would say

that Morrow was motivated
to take a payoff.

Extremely. But if there was
some sort of payoff,

there's no obvious signs of it.

OK, well. No. Maybe he found
a clever way to hide his money.

Yeah, but let's not forget I'm
a forensic accounting ninja, OK?

If there was a payoff between
Boorman and Morrow,

- I would have found it.
- That's true.

Maybe it's not about the money at all.

Then what's it about?

(Guard): Lights out!

(Toby sighs)


Fifteen minutes, Councillor.

I have some very important issues

I have to discuss with my client.

Fifteen minutes.

Hey. Don't take it personally,
he's like that with everyone.

Nice hair, by the way.

- How's it going in here?
- Morrow's a tough nut to crack.

Look, I think I need a little more time

which I'm not so sure he has a lot of.

- What do you mean?
- He's marked.

We're going to have to move fast.

What about you? Are you ok?

Have you run into any trouble

- with any of the prison...
- Nothing I can't handle.

What're you not telling me?

Look, I finally got Morrow talking about

the murder last night and

I got a read of him being threatened

by someone to honour the deal.

Honour the deal...

Do you know who it was?

No. I think it might've
been an enforcer

working for Boorman maybe.

OK, well we need to connect
this enforcer back to Boorman.

Right, I got a face.

We got about uh, 14 minutes,

so let's uh, hurry.

So this is the facial composite

we made based on
Toby's read of Morrow.

I ran it through the regular
facial recognition

criminal databases.
Couldn't get anything,

so I expanded my search
to other databases

and I got a hit.

This is none other than Lincoln Roth.

No way. Lincoln "The Rocket" Roth.

You know him? Have you
arrested him before?

Man. Arrested him?
God, no. I was a fan!

He's a boxer.

He boxed in the '92 Barcelona Olympics.

Oh God, he had the sweetest left hook.

Should've medaled too.

- Robbed by the judges.
- (Together): Russians.

Anyway, after Barcelona,

he decided to go pro
but had no better luck.

After a string of heartbreaking losses

he decided to hang up the gloves
and he opened up a gym.

Uh, this is all super fascinating,

but how is it connected to our case?

Well, about 4 years ago, said gym

went into some financial turmoil
and faced foreclosure.

But after an injection of cash
from a silent partner,

he was able to not only
keep the first gym,

but open up a second one.

One guess as to who
the silent investor was?

- Boorman.
- That's what my sources say.

And the same source says that
Roth has been working off

his debts to Boorman
by doing his dirty work.

Which would explain
why Logan saw Roth

threatening Morrow.

Dev, see if you can get Roth down here.

- Yep, I'll call a unit.
- Yeah.

Thanks, corporal.

How long do you think it would take
to get a wiretap warrant?

Not long, why?

I have an idea.

Sure, I heard of Morrow.

Story was in the papers.

He killed that guy. What was his name?

- Rutger.
- Right. Rutger.

Yeah, killed him over a game of cards
or something?

I think you know a lot more
about this case

than you're letting on, Mr. Roth.

Call me Lincoln.

It was your associate, Sean Boorman,
who killed him.

Now we have reason to believe that

you helped him and if that's the case,

you're looking at 20 years
in prison, Lincoln.

First, I don't know nothing
about that murder.

And second, I'm no associate
or whatever of Boorman's.

- You're saying you don't know him?
- I didn't say that.

He goes to one of my gyms.

I talk to him sometimes like I do
to all my clients.

You know I used to watch you fight, Roth.

What I loved about his style...

well, you were just so smart in the ring.

But you're not being smart right now,

- you're being a knucklehead.
- Is that right?

Yeah, yeah. Because we've got a witness

who saw you threaten Morrow.

You told Morrow to be
"A good little boy scout".

"Honour the deal"?

That's right. He leant you money, right?

For your gym?

What do you owe him?
200, 300 grand now?

Even if I did take money
from Boorman, so what?

Friends helping friends,
that ain't a crime.

But just a second ago, you said
you barely knew Boorman

and now all of a sudden
you're best friends?

You got something solid on me,
you arrest me right now.

You got nothing solid, then I'm walking.


Well, I guess you're walking Rocket.

Thanks for coming in.

You were robbed in Barcelona, man.

Russian judges. What're you going to do?

Yeah, what're you going to do?

It's me. I'm leaving the IIB right now.

Looks like you're right.

Our friend on the inside must be talking.

You got a leaky ship.

You're gonna want to patch that up.

Sounds like a message for Boorman

warning him that Morrow's talking.

We need to get this information to Toby.

We may have just got this guy killed.

(Clang! Clang! Clang!)

Got a visitor, Chritchley.



Admit the visitors for Critchley,
McManis, and Fowler.

We need to talk about Morrow.

We want to know what he's been up to.

What do I look like, his babysitter?

You're his cellmate, so you know
what he's been doing.

More importantly, you know
what he's been saying.

Alright look. He's not the most
talkative guy in the world.

He hasn't said a word to me.

How 'bout people on the outside?
Any visitors, phone calls?

- Why do you care?
- Because I'm interested.

A friend on the outside needs
to know who he's talking to.

- Sweat the cellmate.
- Alright.

OK. Yeah, I get it.

You're the attack dog and you're
the one holding the leash.


Well, not as dumb as you look, Critchley.

So, why're you so concerned
about my cellmate?

Is someone curious on the outside?

I need you to keep your eyes
on someone for me.

Listen to me closely, Critchley. OK?

There's a one-way flow of information.

I ask and then you answer.

- Are we clear?
- Crystal.

Good. Now who was Morrow talking to?


Save the chit-chat for
the sewing circle, ladies.

Break it up.

'Sup babe? You look good.

Thanks baby. I miss you.

How you doing?

I'm good, I'm good.
I'm saying out of trouble.

So what's the word?

Everything's good.

We found Boorman's enforcer.

His name's Lincoln Roth.

Let's call him Jake.

We think he's connected to a prisoner

in Foxley, but who?

So how's Jake doing?

Is he still a fan of the Irish Whiskey?

Hm! Of course.

Irish Whiskey. Irish names.

OK. Study the files.

Is it Boyle? O'Connor? McManis?

Mm-hmm. Yeah.

Jake and his whiskey.

They always had a strong connection.


That's great, baby.

Morrow's life might be in danger.

I want to get you out before
there's bloodshed.

Oh, no, no, no.
Don't take me out so soon,

I'm so close.

Just a little bit longer, OK?

Yeah. OK.

Thanks for coming to see me.

I miss you.

I miss you too, baby.

- You be good.
- Mm-hmm.


That's my girl.






Hey. Look. You don't want to talk,
that's cool man.

But you gotta listen to me, alright?

McManis has been asking
a lot of questions about you.

- McManis? Um... glasses?
- That's right.

Look, I think he's connected
to someone heavy on the outside.

So he's the inside man.

He seems to think that you've been
talking about the murder.

I don't know what you're talking about.

Come on, man. I know
you didn't kill Rutger,

I can just tell by looking at you

that you have never killed anybody.

I said we're not talking about this.

Why're you taking the fall
for these guys?

What do they have on you?

Don't lose the only thing that matters.

Look, uh, just leave it alone, will ya?

Whatever it is, it must be heavy.

Did they threaten someone close to you?

I said leave it!

I haven't heard anything from anyone.

Look, I'm sure if Toby's in trouble,

somebody will call you.

Well, that's it. Every time
my phone rings, I panic.

What if it's Michelle

calling to tell me something
has happened to him?

Pfft. How are you not used
to this by now?

Toby's in danger pretty much
every second of his life.

Not helping.

OK. If something were to happen to Toby

which it won't, he has
a support system in place

that springs into action in seconds,

OK? He's going to be fine.

Yeah. I hope you're right.

(Phone rings)


Unknown caller.

Answer it already.

Hello? Hey.

Yes. I would. When?

OK, I'll text you with the details.

Well? What was that?
Everything OK?

Actually, there is... something else.

Why am I getting that sudden urge
to flee again?

It's that guy.

The guy who called saying he has
information about Toby's mom.

No. No. I am not getting involved again.

OK. I... I get it. Yeah.

- Good.
- 'Couse I...

Yeah. OK. I won't bother you
about it again.


Reverse psychology,
I can't believe that worked.

OK, look. If Toby finds out...

I'll say you resisted for days.

Does that... mean you'll help?

I'm only doing this

because I don't want anything
to happen to you. OK?

If Toby finds out that I knew
that you were up to something

and I didn't do anything and
something happened to you,

I would not be able to live with myself.

You're a great friend, Oz.

Yeah, I'm the best.

Can't believe you ate
that so-called food.

The food's not so bad.

Now I know you're crazy.

Hey, Fish!

Told you I'd get you.

Stay down.


- Hey! Hey!
- (Inmates yell excitedly)

This is what you get
for breaking a deal.

They're going to kill her.

(Guard): Break it up!
Come on, let's go! Get back!

Get off him!
Against the wall!

- (Guard): Come on!
- Stand right there.

- Hey! Don't you move!
- Go! Go! On the ground.

I'll put you down.

Get back to the wall!
Back to the wall, now!

So Tia knows that you're out?

Yeah, I gave her a call.

Alright. You can't put this
all on yourself, Toby.

Well look, it happened 'cause of me.
They went after him

'cause they thought
he was talking to the cops.

He never said a word.

According to the medical report,

Morrow has two cracked ribs
and suffered a concussion,

but he is expected
to make a full recovery.

Not if McManis gets to him first.

Yeah, well that's not going to happen.

I got the warden's word that Morrow

will have 24 hour security
until he's better.

McManis and his boys,
they're in solitary.

They're not going to be a problem.

You know, I got something from
Morrow during the fight.

He was worried that
they were going to kill her.

Well who's her?

The wife?

Yeah, maybe they threatened her
to make him take the fall.

Well, when we spoke to her,

- she didn't mention anything.
- No.

Well, her life was in danger.

She'd lose everything if she talked.

D'you want me to bring her in?

Immediately. Promise her protection,

new identity, immunity,

whatever it takes to get her
to testify against Boorman.

Welcome back, Logan.


Nicole, we think we know
how Boorman got your husband

to confess to the murder.

What do you mean?

He threatened you, didn't he?


Say nothing. Could lose him forever.

Jeremy got attacked earlier today.

- What?
- Yeah, he's in bad shape.

Unless we get Boorman off the streets,

I really don't think Jeremy
would last long in prison.

Nicole, you need to help us
save your husband.

Look, we'll do everything we can to

make sure you two are protected.

But you need to start talking to us,

you need to tell us everything you know.

No choice. I have to tell.

Who threatened you?

A man. I don't know who he was.

Please don't... don't kill me.

Leave her alone, OK?
Look, I'll do anything you want.


Was it this man?

Yeah, his name is Roth.

He came to the house.

He was threatening to hurt me.

Unless your husband took
the fall for Boorman?

No. I had never heard of Boorman

until Jeremy turned himself in.

So what did this guy Roth want?

He... said that Jeremy
owed him money, a lot of money,

and that if he didn't pay him back,
he would hurt me.

And he never mentioned Boorman?

No. Never. I swear.

That morning, Jeremy told me
that he was going to do something,

something that would keep me safe,

but that I had to keep my mouth shut
or they would kill him.

Just do as I say.
You're all I care about.

Don't say anything.

Will Jeremy be alright?

Did he say something,
is that why he was beaten?

No, he didn't say anything.

We'll do everything we can to make sure
he gets out of there.

They'll have him killed.

We'll make sure that you two
are protected and safe.

Wife won't give up Boorman's name
in any of this?

Claims Roth never mentioned him.

We're getting Roth back in here.

We break him, we get Boorman.

Well, I thought Roth was
pretty adamant about

not saying anything?

Well he was. But now we got you.
Maybe we can change that.

- Was that a compliment?
- I think it was.

We know you're working for Boorman.

We know Boorman lent money
to Jeremy Morrow

and we know that
he sent you to collect it.

You're his junkyard dog.

From now on, do what I say,
when I say it.

He got you to threaten
to kill Morrow's wife

so that he would confess
to settle his debt.

I did no such thing.

He's got you on tight leash, doesn't he?

Don't you want to change that?

He'd kill me first. There's no way out.

You're better than this, Roth.

You caught a bad break way back when,

ended up owing your life to Boorman.

You can change that right now.

(Beep. Beep!)

It's me. I'm leaving the IIB right now.

Looks like you're right.

Our friend on the inside must be talking.

You got a leaky ship. You're gonna
want to patch that up.

- (Beep!)
- How'd you get this?

- Is that even legal?
- It's called a warrant.

We're looking for the burner
that made that call right now

and we'll find it.

When we do, we'll play this in court

and then it'll be too late for you.

Cut a deal now. Start talking.

Becker, what is it? 15, 20 years
for conspiracy to commit murder?

- Oh yeah, about that. Yeah.
- Then he'll come after me.

Not if we put him away.

So why don't you tell us what you know?

That poor schmuck Morrow was just...

He was in the wrong place
at the wrong time, you know?

And he was married to the wrong woman.

Threaten her. He'll take the bait.

- You're sure?
- Positive.

How was Jeremy's wife involved?

- I'm done talking.
- Is she in this with Boorman?

Look, until I have a deal signed on paper

and I know I'm protected,

I'm not saying another word.

So Nicole and Boorman

- are having an affair?
- That's right.

Roth saw them together after

Boorman told him to threaten Nicole.

How does Nicole Morrow
end up in a relationship

with a low-life like Boorman?

I looked into Boorman's
credit card history,

it seems like he buys all his clothes
at Clark & Brothers,

he's one of their most loyal customers,

he spends tens of thousands
of dollars there

and guess who works there?

- Nicole Morrow.
- Yeah.

In my early reads, she was
scared to lose him.

I thought she meant her husband,

she must've meant Boorman.

Maybe she's the one behind all of this.

She's the one pulling the strings.

So, she's afraid that she's going
to lose her sugar daddy

'cause he can't fix his trial.

She tells him that her husband
will do anything for her.

She pretends to be terrified
when Roth threatens her.

And then she sends her
broke husband to jail

instead of her rich boyfriend.

Poor sap thinks he's got
a loving wife waiting

for him when he gets out of prison.

Well, we need to give Morrow
this information,

maybe it will make him
recant his confession.

No, I don't think Morrow recanting

is going to be enough
to stop the conviction.

The guy had the murder weapon.

OK, then we bring Nicole back in

and we make her tell the truth.

I doubt that she'd give up Boorman,

she's doing this for him.

We need a confession, guys.

And it either comes from
Nicole or Boorman.

What're you doing here?

I need to talk to Boorman.

It's OK, Nicole. What is it?

I can't do this any more.

The cops are at me.
They know I'm involved.

They're going to find out and
they're going to arrest...

They don't know anything.

I'm telling you, they know!

They have brought me in twice now.

And both times they let you go.
They have nothing.

Maybe not now. But when Morrow talks...

- That's not going to happen.
- How would you know?

Let's just say that...
he's been taken care of.

What do you mean, taken care of?

Jeremy's not going to have
the chance to talk.

- You put out a hit.
- Look, we have nothing to worry about.

I'm in the clear and so are you.

You used a guy on the inside.

I got people everywhere.

Why the hell are you so interested?

Because I'm involved.

You go down, I could go down too.

Sean said you were
a terrible boxer, Roth.

But you're an even worse liar.

Ho! I knew it.

You bastard! How could you?!

- Ho! I told you!
- Hands where I can see them.

- Now!
- I told you he couldn't be trusted!

Good job.

Maya was good people.
A good friend.

- And did she ever mention Toby?
- Not by name, no.

But once or twice she spoke of her boy.

And when I asked about him she'd smile.

Said he was better off without her.

Seemed complicated, so I didn't press.

You mentioned she spoke
about an institute?

Yeah, it always made her pretty upset.

What kind of institute was it?

I always assumed it was
a rehab center or something.

She didn't drink, so...

Can you tell us anything else
about her?

- She made a mean rhubarb pie.
- (Chuckles)

No, I'm telling you. She'd bake for
the whole neighbourhood.

Maya had a way of always
making you feel right at home.

- What do you mean?
- She had an amazing insight.

Like she knew what you were thinking.

And when was the last time you saw her?

About a year ago now.
She just took up and left.

- You didn't find that strange?
- A little, I guess.

But she always said she never liked
to spend too long

in one place. She had
the vagabond spirit.

So you don't know where she is now?

No, I don't. But since
I got your phone call

I've been thinking about the day she left,

playing it over and over again
in my head,

and there was something strange.

What? What's that?

Well, her and me used to go
for walks in the morning.

Grab a coffee.

And that morning, I went
to her house to pick her up.

There was a cable truck parked outside.

And what's so weird about
a cable truck?

She didn't own a TV.

So, why would she install
a cable on the day

she was going to leave? Don't you think
that's a little weird?

Do you remember the name
of the cable company?

Yeah, I think it was Westerly
or Westerbrook cable.

It had a big B on the logo.

Meh. Sorry. It's really all I know.

Can we contact you if we have
any more questions?

- 'Course. Good luck.
- Yeah.

OK. So where do we go from here?

Well, we follow up with the cable company
and maybe they

have something to do with
Maya's disappearance.

And... maybe we come clean with Toby.

No. Toby can't be involved.
I've seen him hurt over this before.

OK. So we don't tell him anything

until we have something solid.


(Heart monitor beeping.)



I don't want to talk to you.

I understand. Um...

I've got to tell you something.

It's about your wife.

She uh... was living a lie.

Her and Boorman...
were having an affair.

It was her idea to threaten you...

with the big guy, Roth.

Toby should be home any minute.

Yes, he should be. Now will you sit down
and take a deep breath?

Sheeze. You're stressing me out.

- Oh-ho...
- Hey.

- Hey...
- (Laughs softly)

I'm fine. I'm fine.
I'm fine. I'm fine. I'm fine.

So worried about you.

I know, I told you I'd be gone
for a few hours but I uh,

spent the night in prison.

- It's good to have you back, bud.
- Good to be back.

Good to see you.

You're sure you're alright?

- You'd tell me if you were not.
- Of course, of course.

Uneventful. Went in,
got what we needed.

Got the bad guy.

(Sing-song): Boring.

Well, I want to hear all
about it but first,

you must be starving.

- Can I get you something to eat?
- That'd be awesome. Thank you.

I'll have whatever he's having.

Portion and a half.

Totally uneventful, huh?

Oh, man.

- Yeah. Uneventful.
- Mm.

(Quietly): What about this?

Everything went OK. I don't want
to get her worried, alright?

Ignorance is bliss, my friend.

- Sometimes.
- What'd you mean by that?

A toast! Very nice idea!

Thank you.

- Welcome home, bud.
- To Toby.

- Thanks. Cheers.
- Home safe and sound.


Tastes like home, doesn't it?