The Listener (2009–2014): Season 5, Episode 13 - In Our Midst - full transcript

When evidence points to Becker being a dirty cop, the team uncovers a conspiracy of judges and cops that puts them all in danger. Tia uncovers a part of Toby's past.

Previously on "The Listener"...

You're Maya's boy.

You've got the gift, just like she did.

Brian Becker. I'm the
new head of the Unit.

He says he doesn't want to know

what happened to his mom
but I don't believe him.

Say it, your name is Toby.

- Toby.
- That's the only name you have now.

This is not about the past,

it's about the here and the now.

What we are doing as a team.

You sure about that?

There's not much to know, really.

What's not much?

We're on a bridge just
outside of Auburn.

There's a car, it's buried under snow.

It's that guy.

The guy who called saying he
has information about Toby's mom.

Oz, man.
What's up, bud?


You look deep in thought.

No, deep in thought is
when I'm thinking about

the specials of the day.

I am in a quandary,
contemplating a conundrum.

- This came in the mail today.
- Yeah.

Sandy's wedding invitation.
Yeah, we got that, too.

You're not still bummed out
about the breakup, are you?

No! It's just, you know, it says
an invitation for two.

- Sure.
- Who are you going to invite?

I don't know.

You must know someone you can invite.

I've been working
my ass off around here,

I haven't had time to meet anybody.

You got great girls coming
in here all the time.

They're great. But they're
not great in that

"I'm over you and also would you look at
who I'm dating right now".

- Kind of way.
- I'm happy you're not bitter.

Yeah, that is good.

- Sergeant McCluskey.
- Deputy Commissioner.

Judge Griffin. I've been in
your courtroom before, Sir.

Sergeant. Very good of you to come in.

I've certainly heard the best things.

Thank you.

I have to say I was a bit confused
to hear that you asked

for a confidential meeting,
especially without the head my Unit.

Ah. This is where things
become sensitive, Sergeant.

Staff Inspector Becker is
the reason for this meeting.

Judge Griffin has come to me

with some very serious
allegations against Becker.

What kind of allegations?

Well, he's involved with a former
police officer, Curtis Maynard.

I'm sorry, former police officer?

Maynard was found to have worked
in collusion with a drug dealer.

named Nathan Aldine.

After Maynard gave false
evidence at Aldine's trial,

money was tracked from Aldine
into Maynard's accounts.

You can't possibly think that Becker
has something to do with this.

Becker and Maynard were Partners

at the Metropolitan
force for over a year.

Now, a source has informed us
that they are still involved,

and they both have
connections to Aldine.

You can't ask me
to investigate my boss.

That's exactly what we're doing.

And you can't have Internal
Affairs take care of this?

We need to know what Maynard
and Becker are planning

and how far this conspiracy extends.

You and your team are perfectly placed

to investigate without alerting him.

You know, many of us believed
you that should have been

given command of this
Unit when Klein moved on.

This would guarantee you
the promotion you deserved.

Look, i-if Brian Becker is a bad cop,

you're gonna be doing everyone a favour

by seeing him stripped of his command.

We'll send you over all
the relevant material

we've managed to collect already.

Yeah. I'll look into it.

Well, that's all we ask.

I know how difficult this is for you.
So, thank you.

Thank you, Sergeant.

How's it going?

Still monitoring the surveillance
on our weapons dealer.

He's been stalling his customers

- for the last week and a half.
- So what are we gonna do?

- Just play the waiting game?
- Always been a game I hated.

Ah, me too.

Dev's filling me in
on the surveillance op.

Yeah, we need to put that
on hold for a bit.

How are things going
on the surveillance op?

We're expecting a shipment.
It's just a matter of time.

Well, keep on it.
If we don't get a break soon,

we're gonna have to just
back burner this thing, OK?

- So what's going on?
- I can't tell you guys here.

Let's go.

So I walk into this meeting
and there is Judge Griffin

- And Deputy Commissioner Bamford.
- Bamford...

Like our boss's boss's boss Bamford?

They want us to investigate Becker.

- What?
- They're saying that he's involved

with this dirty cop,

this guy who was working
with a drug dealer.

Well that's crazy. Becker's
as straight as they come.

Yeah, I know. We all know that, right?

But I mean, this guy was
Becker's old partner.

I don't know, maybe he's doing
something for him out of loyalty.

Becker wouldn't cross a line.

That's what we've have to prove.

They're sending over all
of their information.

We assess their Intel, and
then we need to go deeper.

- We run a surveillance?
- Exactly.

Look, I'm gonna need you
to read him, OK?

- Do we even have a choice?
- This was an order.

If we don't do it, someone else will.

We do what we have to do to prove

that Becker's innocent
and then we move on, OK?


Any luck with the company
that might have made

Toby's mom disappear?

None, I have spent all morning
on-line trying to find anything

to do with Westerly Cable,

or Westerbrook Cable.

Same here. Not even a name
that's a derivative.

So, it's just as we suspected,
it's a fake.

No company. Just a name
on the side of a truck.

So then what were they?
What, a cover for the people

who were chasing her? Some
kind of government agency?

You know, Tia, some people
might take this as a hint

- to drop the whole thing.
- I'm not "Some people".

I am going to see this through.

OK, Nancy Drew.
Where do we go from here?

- I don't know. I'll keep you posted.
- Great.

Hey, any luck finding a date
for Sandy's wedding?

Still working on it.

I think I might have to scratch
"Supermodel" off my wish list.

Yeah, that's a good start.
OK, I'll check back in later.

I got the material that you
forwarded me from Bamford.

It starts with Becker's
former partner, Maynard.

Guy's had stellar career
for the last fifteen years.

Mostly in guns and gangs.
He moved over to drugs 5 years ago.

So that must be where
he first came into

contact with Aldine, the dealer.

Yeah, Maynard was working
the Aldine case for months,

but unable to secure a conviction.

And then when Aldine
was busted in a raid,

Maynard shocked everybody

and got the trial thrown out.

Said the drugs were planted.

An Internal Affairs investigation
later proved

that he was in fact
getting payouts from Aldine.

Where does Becker fit into all this?

I think the Deputy Commissioner
may've been right.

I've been checking into
Becker's phone records.

He got two calls from Maynard,
two weeks ago.

I have noticed he's been
using a personal phone

- since we've been back.
- You think it's a burner?

I do. I haven't been able
to secure the ESN yet,

But if he uses it again,

I should be able to snag the code
and clone it.

Once I do that,

we'll have a window

with those conversations,
texts, e-mails, everything.

Look, I'm still uncomfortable
with investigating one of our own.

I think you're about to get
a little more uncomfortable.

The Deputy Commissioner sent over

the surveillance video from last week.

What do we think is in the package?
Drugs? Money?

That's what we need to find out.

I was also thinking of running
a test on Becker's car,

maybe I can find out what
it was he put in the trunk.

OK, good.

Look, none of us like is, OK?

But if for some crazy
reason Becker is guilty,

we can't let him take
down the rest of this Unit.

When people know what I
can do, they trust that

I won't be in their heads
without them knowing.

I start throwing away my rules

and I lose the few
relationships I do have.

This is about helping Becker, OK?

I need you to do this.


Are you sure we should be doing this?

I assure you, the orders
come from the highest office.

You just can't let your boss know.

I don't feel any better
about this than you do.

I take it that's not
a regulation equipment?

Please, my coffee maker's not regulation.

Neither is mine.

What are we checking for?

We need to do a full
drug spectrum test.


There are traces of powder in here.

Can you at least tell me if this
is an official investigation?

Honestly, it's just better

if you don't know everything
that going on right now.

We've been working together
a long time,

I kind of thought
you'd trust me by now.

I do. You know more about our Unit

than anyone else in the building.
We trust you.

Well, it's nice to know you
think about me in that way.

Are you kidding? I think
about you all the time.

- What?
- In th.. the...

as... as a f-forensic investigator.

Do you ever think about
anything else besides work?

Yeah, I like music.

- I like dancing.
- I like dancing.

You know, maybe sometime,
me and you could...

- No way.
- No, I didn't... I didn't...

- Mean you like that, I meant...
- Cocaine.

And from the speed
of the reaction, I think it's pure.

Maybe the cocaine residue was from
the evidence being transported.

Look, since Becker's been at the
IIB, we haven't worked a drug op.

And the car was new when
it was issued to him.

What are we saying here? Do we
actually believe that he's dirty?

There has to be another explanation.

Thank you.

You got something for me
on this gun smuggling op.

He still hasn't received his delivery.

But I think we have
something else going on.

An anonymous informant

gave us a lead on a large scale
cocaine distribution network.

Sounds intriguing.

Not now. Could bring them too close.

Word is, Metro's been trying
to take this guy down for a while.

Well, then it's their play.

They've got a good team over there.

The informant told us
that the set dealer

might have had help from
a disgraced cop.

Just need another few days
to make my play.

- What else do you guys know?
- That's it.

The informant wants to meet
to give us more information.


Give the gun smuggling
op another 24 hours.

If you aren't get anything,
just hop on this drug thing.

Whatever the informer tells you,

- I want to be the first to know. Clear?
- Of course.

Thank you.

- Well?
- Well, he wanted to keep us

away from them for a couple of days
until he can make his play.

Maybe the Deputy Commissioner
was right. Maybe he's dirty.

We think Becker and Maynard
are definitely up to something.

We said we wanted to open a cocaine
investigation, he got nervous.

Let's get a wire on his home phone
and in his car, everywhere.

Alright, so we've gotta get
some warrants?

Judge Griffin already signed it.

- So what do you want me to do?
- Stick out Maynard's place.

Find out whatever you can.
See if he's involved with Aldine,

But we have to assume
that he's dangerous, OK?

Well, I'm not going to go out
looking for trouble.

- OK. I'll text you his address.
- Sounds good.

Who do you work for?

What do you mean?
No! No, nobody. No, no!

You've been sitting outside my place
for the last half hour.

What are you? Metro?

No, I... look, I'm
waiting for my date.

You're lying.

No, look, she lives
on the second floor, OK?

And I was waiting here,

and she called me, she said
she would be late in a meeting

and so I said I would wait.

What's her name?

Second floor could be
the blonde? Daria?

Her name's Daria, OK?
She's blonde.

And I...

I don't know who you thought I was

- but they sure had you spooked.
- You have no idea.

Either you can choose a dishonourable
discharge, or you go to jail.

You know there's better
ways of dealing with people.

Like, maybe you should talk
to someone that.

Don't worry.
I can deal with it on my own.

We don't have any option.
We gotta take Griffin out. Fast.

Wait for your date somewhere else.

He said he's planning
to take out the judge.

And you're sure Becker was there?

It's what I read, yeah.

OK. Thinking Becker was selling
the drugs is one thing,

but hanging out with somebody

planning on taking out a federal judge?

Maybe Maynard has me sort
of leverage on him?

And you checked his e-mail,
his cell phone records?

- Yeah, there's nothing.
- Well, if Maynard is saying

that he's gonna taking out
the judge, we have to warn him.

We'd be implicate Becker
a murder plot, though.

If he kills him and we knew about it,
that's gonna be on us.

I'll try to keep Becker
out of it if I can.

- How did you find this out?
- My team is good.

And we believe that Maynard will be
making a move against you.

- You're certain?
- No, not certain, but I thought

it was important enough
to let you know.

Now we have a security detail
watching your home,

your office, following
all of your movements.

For how long, if you found
all this out,

surely you have enough
evidence to arrest them.

This was unsupported by evidence.

You are hiding something.

Look, I admire loyalty,

but this is way past loyalty, Sergeant.

As soon as we can make
an arrest or arrests,

we will do whatever it is necessary.

Well, I think that would
be very wise, Sergeant.

Thank you.

Dev. What's going on?

I just got a hit on
Becker's burner phone.

Maynard called Becker and
said he was feeling jumpy,

said they had to make a move soon.

He called for a meeting at
the rent boatyard in an hour.

OK, have Toby picked up surveillance
equipment and meet me there.

Corporal. I'm out for lunch.
You want anything?

- I'm good.
- Alright. Back in an hour.

It's a bad idea meeting in the
middle of the day like this.

I'm pretty sure someone's watching me.

They already took
your badge, man.

What else can be possible?

OK, look.

There was someone siting in a car,
outside my apartment, watching me.

He said, he was there for a date
with a girl, who lives there.

When I ask her afterwards,
she didn't know him.

I don't know how he knew

the one person on the floor,
that I know.

When he said he had a date,
were you thinking about that girl?

Yea, I guess.

This guy, dark hair, litter eye.

- Yeah. Why? You know him?
- Yeah, man, I think I know him.

- What the hell is this?
- We need to make a move. Soon.

Yeah, exactly.

Drop the gun!

- What are you doing here?
- I could ask you the same thing.

I can't believe you tiled me.

What the hell's are you
going on here, Becker?

You should have stayed out
of my business!

We trusted you.

You said you would look
into drug dealers

while this guy try to take out
of a judge?

Where are they getting
this from, Becker?

They got to my own team, set me up...

Whatever you were told,
it was a lie.

He's telling the truth.
There's something else going Here.

Let's put our guns down!

Curtis, meet my team.

Put it down, man. Put it down.

How'd they get to you?

I don't know what you're talking about.

They said that you're working
with a drug dealer.

That you were trying
to take out Judge Griffin.

You just believed him
like that, did ya?

He showed us a video of you

taking a package from this guy.

We found drugs in your car.

You found what they
wanted you to find.

- You could have just asked me.
- Why didn't you just tell us?

You should have trusted us.

Oh, God.

We need talk about this, alright?
We need to talk.

We can't talk about it at the IIB,

out here in the open.

- It's not safe.
- Alright, look.

We can go to my place, OK?

It's off the radar.

- What? You trust them?
- Yes, I trust them.

And right now it's
your only choice, so let's go.

- Make yourselves at home.
- Thanks.

- Is that coffee fresh?
- It was fresh this morning.

Did you want tell us what's going on?

It's Curtis' story.
I'll let him tell it.

I was investigating a drug dealer.

- Aldine.
- Yeah.

I tried everything
I could to catch him dirty.

But he... was always
step ahead of us.

He was working with
someone in the force?

Maybe, that's not what this is about.

Anyway, I caught some Intel
that he was making big deals.

So I order backup.

He shows up at a warehouse,

he parks his car, I lower the boom.

I order him out of the car,
I put him up against the wall,

I pat him down. Next thing I know,
I turn around

and there's 3 bricks of coke
sitting on he front seat of his car.

That's great. You got exactly
what you were looking for.

Yeah. Except they weren't
here 20 seconds ago,

when I got Aldine out of his car.

But forensics shows up
the next morning,

his prints are all over it.

- He was set up.
- Yeah. Everybody up and down the line

was congratulating
themselves with the bust,

but I knew it was wrong.

You know what, I've got no problem
putting away a guy like Aldine.

But there is a way to do this job.

So you testified that the drugs
weren't in the car.

Next thing I know, I'm being convicted.

You know, for taking payoffs

they had all these bogus
evidences against me.

They made me take the
dishonourable discharge.

So who do you think was behind it?

That's where I come in.

Curtis asked me to look into it

and listen, it's not just a story
about a couple cops gone bad.

It's way bigger than that.

You know that package,
you guys saw me, take from Curtis?

Well, that was all the evidence
he'd put together.

And most of it led right
back to Judge Griffin.

I went through all the cases
he'd presided over.

In the last three years alone
there've been 12 cases

where hard-to-catch criminals,
they show up in front of his bench,

they claim they've been set up

These guys, most of them get
railroaded into long sentences.

And the three people who got off?

They were found murdered a month
after their release.

You guys are saying

that Griffin is running
some kind of star chamber?

He's killing the people he can't
take down in his courts?

OK, you know this is
hard to believe, right?

It was hard for me to believe too,
until I saw the evidences.

Listen, Curtis is a good cop.

He's not dirty.

Judge Griffin was just
getting you to take me down,

because I'm helping him.

Or to witness your death.

Maybe he didn't trust that
we'd believe you're dirty.

So he tried to make it look like
a drug deal gone bad.

He's a powerful man.

He got the Deputy Commissioner

to initiate this whole investigation.

He's got friends everywhere.

The problem is, we don't know
which ones of them are involved.

You know, I warned him
that he might be in danger.

That's probably why he made
his move on you.

- I could have gotten you killed.
- Look,

I didn't bring you guys in on this

because I didn't want to put
anyone else in danger.

But now that you guys know,

you've got a decision to make.

I think we've gotta make it look like

we're still trying to take you down.

It's Dev. He says he has something.

Curtis, we're not gonna take you home.

We'll find you a place to lay low,

these guys, they probably won't give up.

How do we fight these guys,
they hold all the cards.

Not quite, there's one
card we haven played.

Let's go.

Fill Dev in. Meet up with you later.

OK, so we run tests on
the shooter's weapon.

We found fingerprints

belonging to a female
associate of Aldine's.

That's convenient.

Try to make it look like one of
Aldine's people took them out.

Yeah, but we have to assume
this is the same woman,

who planted the drugs in the
back of Becker's car, right?

Would the security cameras
in the IIB parking garage,

would they cover that area?

Yeah, sure, but I told
you I already checked them.

Becker's the only one
that touched his car.

Yeah, but if these people
had access to the IIB,

they could have got a hold of
the footage and doctored it.

Would you be able to
tell if they did that?

Yeah, I can check for glitches

that might show some edit points...

I don't know how
I didn't see this before.

There was a truck backing up
and it just disappeared.

You're totally right.
They edited the footage

and they doctored the time code.

Can you restore the lost footage?

It'll just take some time.


Yeah, of course. I can be there
in half an hour.

OK, see you then.

- What is it?
- It's Judge Griffin.

He wants a further report on the
danger that I warned him about.

You're not going to go.

I have to, otherwise he'll
know something's wrong.

But maybe we can find out more
from him than he will from me.

Keep working on the footage.

Well, honestly, from this
talent record of your team,

I would have thought you'd have
had this all wrapped up by now.

It's... It's important for us
2to find the evidence, Sir.

You know, we need to follow procedure.

You should see the world
from my bench.

Murderers, thieves, drug dealers

who's destroying our city,

all waking free.

About six years ago, I presided over
a human trafficking case.

Solid evidence supported
the charges that the man behind

it brought in over 200 women.

Over 30 of those women were found...

found murdered over a two year span.

Now between the lawyer's ploys
and the jury's uncertainty,

that man walked free...
free to continue doing his business.

Well, everyone has a
limit... That was mine.

Seeing that man walk free,
laughing at me,

laughing at our system of justice.

That's just more than I could abide.

I've had my share
of criminals walk free.

But I've also seen
innocent men go to prison.

I still believe in the system.

Individuals can't decided what justice is.

Well, that's where you're wrong.

And thinking like that
could lead an officer

with a promising career
into dangerous water.

That sounds like a threat.

Just an observation.

Especially if that officer had
a husband with a criminal record

always one step away from his
business losing its liquor license,

maybe going to jail.

And if that officer had a little girl?

Child services would have to get involved,

what happens to children who enter
the system is really quite tragic.

And I imagine that the rest of your team
have loves and lives that they...

would like to keep safe as well.

So I would think very hard about

this next move, Michelle.

Because you could move very
rapidly up the chain of command

or you could just as rapidly

head in the opposite direction.

The choice is entirely
up to you. Of course.

Now listen to me.

If you betray me I'll know
before you do.

The people who work with you,
they're protected?

If you do your part, I'll do mine.

You are now a ghost in
the service of justice...

You're untouchable.


It's OK.

- Hello?
- Hey Adam, it's me.

I need you to get Carrie. And you
two need to go somewhere safe, OK?

And you guys need to stay
there until you hear from me.

- What's going on?
- It's a case.

I'm just afraid that it might
spill over to you and Carrie.

This isn't good, Mich.

I'm gonna fix it though,
I promise you.


Let's go. Let's go.

I've been pretty busy
since you've been back, guys.

And it seems pretty certain

that Aldine's associate did the shooting.

I checked with Metro

and nobody has a hit
on him for months.

OK, so this whole thing's
had me a little bit paranoid

so I ran a sweep of the office.

I found one of those little buggers
under each of our desks,

including Becker's office

The phones, the computers?

The phones are all tapped.

The only thing not tapped
is my computers

since I've re-coded the firewalls.

What about the security
footage from the garage?


I found it. I checked it out.

You remember that van
that pulled out and disappeared?


Look what happens after they leave.

Unfortunately the video's
a little bit low-res

for me to I.D. her from.

When I read Griffin I saw
him give her a new identity

in the name of Alice Merton.

Alice Merton.

OK, let me check it out.

If we don't get a break here, I mean,

the judge is gonna make us pay.

You're not saying we give in?


But that's exactly what
it's gonna look like.

I want to know who shot at me.

We believe it was one
of Aldine's people.

You know what?
While we're on the subject,

what were you doing there with Maynard?

That's not your concern.

If you're involved
in something like this,

you need to let us know.

What is this, corporal?
Some kind of interrogation?

Your friend Maynard is dirty

the sooner you come to terms with that,

the sooner your problems will be over.

You know what, get the
hell out of my office.

OK, it looks like the room
is clear of listening devices,

but, I really can't be
sure about the phones.


We're gonna find a way through this.

We're gonna get our lives back.

Griffin assumes that
I've made my decision.

So that should buy us a bit more time.

I looked into the shooter's
name that Toby got from Griffin:

Alice Merton.

Now she's registered
in all of the systems,

but the address is totally bogus.

So she really is a ghost.

Not quite.

The image quality from the
surveillance photo from the garage

was too low-res for facial rec.

but I was able to use
the photo from her fake ID

to find that her name
is Renee Rucka.

Age 33.

Top student in her class

in both high school
and her police academy.

But she left halfway
through her last year

and just sort of fell off the map.

More like she was cherry-picked,

recruited into Griffin's organization

before she was known to the rest
of the low enforcement community.

So this is Griffin's enforcer.

So now we just have to find this ghost.

- Hey.
- Hey...




Hi, um...


- What's going on?
- Something's come up,

and there's been a threat
made against all of us.

So we gotta be extra
careful these next few days.

OK. Can you tell me what it is?

There's some people high up
who are taking

the law into their own hands.

And they're gonna stop
anyone who gets in their way.

- And that would be you.
- That would be us.

We're going to do everything
we can to take care of it.

Everything's gonna be OK.


Yes, I gotta go.

Whoa, Dev. My life is research,

but this is not your garden
variety search engine.

It's tunneled into the IIB Mainframe.

I actually have it tricked
out so it's full clearance

two levels up from the
Deputy Commissioner's office.

Wow, that's incredible.
Way above me.

- Corporal.
- Excuse me.

Look, we really don't know how
far up the chain this thing.

We don't know who
we can trust, if anyone.

Griffin and his people don't know
that we know about the bugs.

We can use that.

You mean, feed them even
more false information?

Yeah, we bait a trap and
take down whoever comes out.

- If they don't take us down first.
- No one lives forever.

Let's get back to the office.

See if we can put on a good show.

Hey, look, maybe you
should go to your mother's,

until this blows over.

- Careful.
- Alright. Super careful.

- Logan.
- Yup. See ya, babe.

You got into Dev Clarke's computer,

the most secure computer
on the planet?

It turns out the Westerbrook cable...

It's a front for an ex-federal agent

who specializes in helping
people disappear.

I had the phone number.
The question is, should I use it?

The answer is yes.

Yes. A resounding yes.

I mean we got this far, didn't we?


Hi. You don't... you don't know
me, but I need your help.

You provided services to a woman
in Auburn about 4 years ago.

You've got the wrong number.

We don't provide services in that area.

Look, I know what you really do.

The woman is my boyfriend's
mother. And, um...

I have to get in touch with her.

I told you I don't know
what you are talking about.

I'm just trying to bring
them back together.

She had to abandon him
when he was a child.

She was trying to protect him,

and that was then and
this is now. And now.

Sir, he is connected to people
who can look out for them.

Look out for both of them...

I know this goes against the
whole point of your business

and you have no reason to help me.

Except that it would mean a lot to him.

And I think it would mean
a lot to her, too.

I know the woman you're looking for.

But you're too late.
She died over a year ago.

I'm sorry.

You be wise to lay it to rest, too.

Thank you.

He said she's dead.

What do we do?

Well, I'm just saying here,

Toby didn't want you
to go looking for her.

He's made peace with where he is.

I can't not tell him.
He needs to know.

Yeah, you're probably right.

I just got a call.
I thought you should know.

Hey Curtis. It's me. Listen,
I think I've got something.

I've figured out a way to take
down Griffin and his whole network.

No, I can't entrust my
own people on this one.

This is just you and me.

Meet me at the docks at
the end of Cherry street.

I'll have all the evidence
we need. Yeah.

IIB! Stop where you are!



On the ground, now!

On your knees, now!

Your aim is proving.

I'd also say you owe me
a new windshield,

but I think that's really the least
of your problems right now.

Let's go.

You're not leaving here alive.

Take it easy. We need he alright?

Take a rest.

If you guys think I'm talking
to you, you're wasting your time.

How long do you think
you can hold me?

You think you and Griffin
work outside the system?

You have no idea
who you're dealing with.

- I don't even know any Griffin.
- Yeah, you do.

What, you think you can trust him?

'Cause I know if he were right here,

he'd give you up in a heartbeat.

He won't turn on me if he's smart.

conversations, evidence...

Oh, OK. I get it. You've probably got
your bases covered,

don't you? A little bit of insurance.

Some evidence stashed away
just in case they try anything.

I just hope you kept it
somewhere safe...

Jenny, you've gotta keep it
for me... anything happens,

Anything at all, you
send it out, the press,

the internet, everybody. OK?

I'm just playing with you.

We've already arrested
your friend Jenny.

We got what you put in the locker.

You know I can't talk to you.

Gods, they'll kill me.

Without your insurance policy,
they'll kill you anyway.

Your only chance is to cooperate.

Come on.

I'm not used to unannounced visits,

I think my assistant
should have notified me.

Oh, she assured me
it would be fine.

You should know I'm beginning
to lose patience.

So I hope you come to me
with some good news.

No, actually, I've come
with very bad news.

You're under arrest.


Do you have any idea how
difficult that's going to be?

Not so difficult.

If you're thinking of phoning
the Deputy Commissioner,

I wouldn't bother.

He's been arrested along with the
rest of your little star chamber.

Turns out your enforcer, Rucka,

was really good at keeping records.

She kept recordings of
all your conversation,

evidence of every hit.

She's down at our office
right now giving her statement.

You threatened my family.

Now I'm going to make sure
that you're put away for a very,

very long time.


OK, so I realize yeah, listen,

I should have brought you
guys on this way earlier.

But I don't want...

to put you guys in jeopardy.

That turned out well, didn't it?

Yup. I told you when
you started here:

we take care of each other.

I'm just happy we came out
of this in one piece

and so did our families.

Here, here.

And speaking of family,
I'm going to get home to mine.

- Goodnight.
- Goodnight.

- Me too.
- Hey, uh Logan.

Spent the last three years thinking
that you got Charlie Marks killed.

And thinking that
if I put my trust in you that

others would get hurt, too.

- Look, I get it.
- No, man. I'm sorry.

That was wrong.

You're really, um...

You really pulled out
all the stops for Maynard.

And for me, too.

I appreciate that, thank you.

OK, you know what you
would do the same thing.

It's nice working with you again.

- You have a goodnight.
- You too. See you tomorrow.

Goodnight, team.

Guess just you and me.


You did really great work on
this. I mean, you always do.


You too.


OK, well, I guess
I'll see you tomorrow.

Hey, Alex...

You remember before you
said you liked dancing...

Yes... I would love to go out with you.

- Really?
- Yeah!

My gosh, that took way too long.

Is it really over?

It's over.

You know, when they...

When they said they were gonna
come after you and Carrie,

I...I actually scared myself,
you know, I thought that...

I thought that I would killed them.

But you didn't.

That will always be the difference.

So, listen, I have

a whole time vacation time phase.

And I think, three of us,

should go a road trip.

What do you think?

I don't know, Mich.

The club's busy, I'd lose customers...

I'm totally kidding.

- That's a brilliant idea.
- Yeah?

Let's get the hell out of here.

- Give me 20 minutes to pack the car.
- Alright.

- Hey!
- Hey.

Look who's back?


Is there a beer with
my name on it?

You got it, my man.


- Hey.
- Hey.

You took down the people
who were threatening you?

Better believe we did.

Judges, cops, politicians
and IIB brass.

The reporter in me needs details.

You gonna get all the details.

And so is to be the news.

You know what? No.

You need to write a book.

Or you might wanna leave
all the details of how you

read a bunch of people's minds

and then used that information
to help convict criminals.

Oh yeah, that's obvious.

What's up?

I have to talk to you about something.

Sounds serious.

I know you ask me not to....

look into you past.

What did you do?

It's been a long time.

I'm so proud of you.

You're really here.

I am so sorry for leaving you.

Stop, stop, mother.

- I know you were trying to protect me.
- Toby.

You must be the young woman
who called the cable company.

Guys, this is my mom.