The Listener (2009–2014): Season 5, Episode 10 - Family Secrets - full transcript

When a member of a wealthy and affluent family is killed, the team investigates. Toby talks to one of staff who says the man had a visitor, a girl. while he was unaware what they were talking about but Toby sees her and gives a description of the girl and they find her. When they question her, she denies knowing him or being at his place. And when Toby reads her he sees no signs that she's lying. He wonders why is that. But more evidence turns up that leads them to her. And Tia wants to know about Toby's past even though he doesn't want to.


I know. But, maybe you're
just not seeing her side.

- No, of course I'm not taking her side!
- Do you want me to help with that?

No. No, we're good.

- Thanks for asking, though.
- OK, I will.

Yep. Yeah, I'll call her
tomorrow and everything

will be sorted out. OK. Bye.

- Everything OK?
- Yeah.

Just my mom.
She lives for drama.

- Sounds like my family.

If there was a Real Housewives of Turkey,

- my mother would be the star.
- I swear, it's like...

Whatever issue my mom's dealing with,
I end up in the middle.

It's like somehow it becomes my problem.

Try being your family's
resident problem solver, OK?

Any little thing that bothers them,
they call Oz.

OK, their boss pissed them off?
They call Oz.

Traffic incident?
They call Oz.

Any reason to complain about anything,
they call Oz.

It's exhausting.

- You're awfully quiet over there.
- Well, I mean...

You guys are pretty much my
only family, it'd be rude of me

to complain in front of you,
don't you think?

Yeah, you just got yourself lucky

that you don't have to deal with
all this family crap.


I don't know about that, you
guys keep my hands pretty full.

- Want some milk, babe?
- Yeah, sure.

Come here!
Ha! Ha! Ha!

Now why do I get the sense
that I'm being hustled, huh?

Because you are, Finny, baby.
Because you are.

We're all out of bubbly, Fin.

Oh no, no, no.

Fin is never out of anything.



I don't think he can hear you.

OK. I'll be right back.

- Grant?
- Ha! Ha! Ha! Woo!

Hey Fin, how 'bout some
more strawberries, too?

Oh yeah, I'll show you strawberries.

... Oh.

What are you doing here?

Fin, who are you talking to?

That's not going to make me
change my mind.

- I told you we're done.
- I can find my own way out.

Ah! Ah! Aaaah!

Victim's Fin Geoffrey Nightingale,

shot three times in the chest.

Guess the killer wanted
to make sure he was dead.

No kiddin'.

And he was shot close range with a 9mm.

Fin Nightingale,
why do I know that name?

Well, you ever heard of
the Gale Stores?

They're a high-end retail chain.

Fin Nightingale was the
president of Nightingale ltd.

His brother Topher
is second in command.

Yeah, it's a family business.
It's actually a very

- interesting story...
- Corporal.

To make a long story short,

the Nightingale empire spans from

clothing stores to golf clubs.

Not to mention that every museum

and hospital in the city has a wing
named after them.

That's a lot of money.

Yes. Which translates to a lot of power.

Fin and his brother have a lot
of friends in high places.

Needless to say,
there's a lot of pressure

to solve this case and solve it quick.

- We'll want to speak with the brother.
- Yes, of course.

So what do we know?

The killer came in through
the servant's entrance,

nothing appears to have been
stolen but we're still checking.

Any witnesses?

Yeah, there were two uh... women

with him here last night.

Uh, but the family butler,
one Grant Evans, who's lived

on the premises for decades,
he wasn't here last night.

- Where was he? - We have a unit
out looking for him right now.

We'll speak with the girls,

find out what they saw exactly.
I'm guessing that's them there?

Ye. Well at least he died
with a smile on his face.


Thank you for speaking with us Ms. Smith.

Of course. I feel like
I'm in a nightmare.

Like I'm still waiting
to wake up, you know?

I know it's been a long night.

What was your relationship
with Fin like?


Any ideas who might've
wanted to kill him?

Honestly, I didn't really
know him very well, but...

- But what?
- Well, he's Fin Nightingale.

One of the richest playboys
in the country.

A guy that powerful, I'd imagine
he had some enemies.

Well, in statement
you had mentioned

that you heard a woman's voice
before the shorts were fired.

Yes, I'm pretty sure.

- Do you remember what you heard?
- I couldn't make it out...

But he was definitely talking
to a woman.

Do you remember anything else?

I do remember seeing this guy,
I think he was staff...

Snooping around earlier that night.

Like, he was being
all sneaky and stuff.

I didn't think much of it at the time,

but he seemed like he didn't want us
to know he was there.

You're talking about the butler?

- Yeah. What was his name?
- Grant Evans.

I've served three generations
of Nightingales,

I was there the day Fin was brought
home from the hospital.

He was... like a son to me.

- You're not my father.
- Thank god for that.

You're an embarrassment
to the Nightingale name.

You talk to me like that
again, you're fired.

We heard there was some animosity
between the two of you.

Fin and I had our differences.

I wished he could've conducted
himself more like his father.

With more dignity,
more... self-restraint.

Was Fin aware that you felt that way?

He was...

He played with fire.

Where were you last night
during the shooting?

I had the night off and was
spending it at a colleague's.

We have a witness who saw you

at the Nightingale residence
around 7:30.

That's correct.

I forgot my cellphone and
went back to retrieve it.

I was only in the house
for about 5 minutes.

No one saw you leave?

It's my job to at least
attempt to be invisible.

I'm afraid my entrances
and exits don't warrant

an announcement, sergeant.

Well, over the years you must've
seen and heard many things.

Arguments, conversations
with coworkers,

- ex-girlfriends.
- Of course.

Broke their hearts.
Despised by his brother.

What was Fin's relationship
like with his younger brother?

- Topher?
- Yeah.

They got along for the most part.

- Were they competitive with one another?
- You could say that.

The truth is... Topher spent his life

living in his brother's shadow.

Their father always favoured Fin,

left him in control of the company
when he died.

Topher probably didn't like that.

Would anyone?

We understand that Fin
was a bit of a playboy.

There anyone in particular
where things ended badly?


It's not right!

Never let that woman back
in my house ever again.

Of course.

Any women come to mind?

A bitter ex? A lover?

Just the other day a young
lady came to the house,

she'd been once or twice before.

Each time she left furious.

And Fin would lock himself in
his office for hours after her.

But I never got a name.

I'm sorry I can't be more helpful.

Thank you.

Alright, let's put that together.

Yeah. Yeah, that's it.

OK, I think that should do it.

I'm going to run this
and see what comes up.


That our prime suspect?

Yeah, right now anything's possible.

Grant saw this person and Fin fight.

The girls, Aimsley and Rachel,

they heard Fin talking to the killer.

They're pretty sure that
it was a female voice.

How do we know those
girls aren't involved?

Well, we tested their clothing
and hands for gunshot residue,

there was nothing.

And the butler's alibi also checks out.

What about Topher Nightingale,
the brother?

That's who we're talking to next.

He's at... 27 Kingsford Place.

- That's Fin's estate.
- Not anymore.

I had Fin's legal papers sent over.

The Nightingale fortune is in trust
and handed down

to the next in line, so
the estate now belongs to...

Topher Nightingale.

Lucky him.


Excuse me?

Excuse me?

Mr. Nightingale?

I'm Sergeant Mcclusky.

This is Special Consultant Logan.

- Hello.
- We'd like to ask you a couple

- of questions about your brother.
- Yes, anything.

Do you have any idea who
could've done this?

No. Not yet, unfortunately.

He was the only family I had left.

So, the Nightingale lineage
stops with you?

Unfortunately, yes.

So, that would make you
the sole heir to

the entire Nightingale fortune.

Yes, I guess you're right.

I'm sorry, I just can't believe
Fin's gone.

And with him, my problems, too.

Where were you last night?

Me? I was at work till 11.

We're gearing up for our annual GM.

Why wasn't Fin with you?

My brother never really
worked late nights.

What was your relationship
like with Fin?

Like I said, Finny was
a great older brother.

We were friends, we were co-workers.

He tried to push me out
of the company.

So, things were good between you two?

Things couldn't have been better.

Rigands gave me your number.

So you can't think of anyone
who'd want to kill your brother?

Fin was as famous
for the women he dated

as he was for his money.

I wouldn't be surprised if some
old girlfriend is behind this.

So no one particular comes to mind?

I wish I knew more, but no, I...

I have no idea who killed my brother.

Alright, thank you.
That's all for now.

He almost seemed relieved
his brother was dead.

Well, you think he's involved?

He thought something about Fin

ushing him out of the company,

then I saw him on the phone
mentioning someone named Rigands.

Dev, what's going on?

I got a match on that sketch from Toby.

A facial reconition ID'd her from
a military database as one...

Carlie Hutton. Age 25,

did two tours in Afghanistan,

was honourably discharged
two months ago.

I looked into her military records.

Annual rifle and pistol qualifications

she scored as an expert shot,

- year after year.
- Anything else?

Yeah, we showed her
picture to Grant Evans,

the butler.


He said he thinks that was
the girl who he saw arguing

- with Fin that night.
- Yeah, let's bring her in.

Yeah, and I need you to look
into Topher Nightingale,

check his finances, phone
records and anything to do

- with someone named Rigands.
- Yeah.

- Got it, will do.
- OK, thanks. Bye.

Oh, the lovely Tia.

To what do we own the honor to
your accompany this afternoon?

Just thought I'd drop by
and grab me some lunch.

Oh, well.
Can I recommend the albacore tuna?

- The caper sauce is amazing.
- Oh, well that sounds great.

Um, I think I'll have the
club with a side of pickles.

Alright. The usual.

You didn't just come
here for lunch, did you?

- Am I that obvious?
- Cop a squat, come on.

- Lay it on me. What do you got?
- Well, it's...

It's Toby, I mean you know him
better than anyone, right?

I guess that's true, yeah.

I've been thinking a lot about his past

and he's got a complicated history.

OK, where are you going with this?

It's just...
he says he doesn't want to know

what happened to his mom
but I don't believe him.

I mean, I can see he's hurting.

You know, it's a complicated
issue and quite frankly,

in his position, a little
denial doesn't hurt.

- But he has other options.
- Like what?

Like, he can try to find answers.

That's what I do for a
living, I find answers,

and I was hoping you could help, too.

I don't think that's a good idea.

I mean, I don't know what
he's told you, but...

Pff. Hardly anything.

OK, well then that's for a reason.

Alright, he's probably
trying to protect you.

Protect me from what?

Would I need to be protected
from Toby's past?

OK, I’ve side too much, alright.
You want a sandwich?

I'll get you a sandwich, but
anything else, you're on your own.

And if you want to know about
Toby's past, ask Toby.

It says here that you did
two tours in Afghanistan?

Yeah, yeah. Just got out.

Still trying to figure out what
I want to do with my life.

I'm sorry, you still haven't
told me why I'm here.

Actually, yeah. We have a few questions

about one of your friends.


- That guy?
- Fin Nightingale.

I uh, never heard of him

until I saw his picture in
the paper this morning.

So you never met him at his house?

No, never.

We have witness who saw
you at Fin's house.

The conversations between
the two of you got heated?

Huh! Well it's not true.
Whoever told you that is lying.

Where were you last night, Carlie?

Uhh... home.

Did anyone see you?

No, probably not.

You know, lying to us is only going
to get you into more trouble.

I'm telling you the truth.

How would someone like me
know Someone like him?

Why aren't they believe me?

I don't know, it's like
she is trying to convince us

she doesn't know Fin.

Could she be lying?

She could be, I guess.

But my reads of Grant were clear

and my reads of Carlie

weren' t contradicting
anything she was saying.

Maybe Grant saw Carlie somewhere else

and just mixed up the context.

- Does that happen?
- It's possible.

What about the younger brother?
Tell me about him.

Topher Nightingale, right.

I got a read of him on a phone call

talking about someone named Rigands.

- Is that a clear read?
- Yeah.

Had to ask.

So I haven't been able to ID
this Rigands character,

but I did manage to trace three
calls made from Topher'cell

to a highly secure VOIP address.

Now two of those calls

came before Fin's murder
and the last one,

six hours after Fin's time of death.

Who's the VOIP address belong to?

It's hidden behind an IP spoof er so

it's going to take me a little bit of time

to trace it back to its origin.

- That's pretty suspicious.
- Yeah, and it gets more so.

I looked into his finances and

I found a money transfer from his
line of credit for 60 grand.

What's odd about that?

Well, the money was transferred to

a numbered account
in the Cayman Islands,

just an hour after the second call

was made to that secure VOIP address.

Well, 60 grand, that's chump
change for a Nightingale.

To Fin Nightingale, yes.
But not so much for Topher.

What are you saying Topher's broke?

About two years ago

Topher lost most of his
inheritance to bad investments.

Since then, he's been

staying afloat off of borrowed money,

just trying to keep up appearances.

Wait, so he loses his money,

he's getting kicked out
of the family business...

And he makes two calls
to a secured line

right before his brother's killed?

Transfers 60 grand he doesn't
have the Caymans.

You thinking what I am thinking?

He hired a contract killer
to get rid of his brother.

Can you tell me who these
three calls were made to?

I'm sorry, I don't remember.

What's your price?

Well why don't you tell
us about the 60 grand

you transferred 5 days ago?

- 60 grand?
- Mm-hmm.

You expect me to remember
how I spent 60 grand?

I spend more for breakfast.

Really? You didn't lose 90%
of your inheritance in

- the market meltdown last year?
- Excuse me?

Am I getting my information wrong?

I don't remember.

Maybe you can remember who you
transferred the money to.

It was to a numbered
account in the Caymans.

I don't remember.

You have to spend money
to make money.

Do you know who killed your brother.

No, of course not.

How do I get to Fin?
I need to talk to him.

There are consequences
for actions, Mr. Nightingale.

You sure? 'Cause if you're not
telling us something...

Listen. You may not realize
but I passed the bar,

so I am very aware of my rights.

Unless you're prepared to arrest me,

this interrogation is over.

So he slammed the door and then

she talked about consequences.

Yeah, do you think she's
our contract killer?

I can't be sure, but he mentioned
something about

spending money to make money.

Well, she's our only link right now,

we need to find her.

Do you want to make a sketch of her?

I think we can do better than that.

I saw her put her hands
on Topher's door,

I think we can get her fingerprints.

- OK, let me talk to Alex.
- OK.

Hopefully this mystery woman

- will give us some answers.
- Michelle.



What's up?

Nothing. Just thought
it might be nice

to come home to a nice meal is all.

Yeah, I can smell that.

Sit. Try it. It's a favourite
of mine growing up.

What? I just... Why... is this...?

I really am transparent, aren't I?

Yeah. A little bit,
but that's a good thing.

So honestly, what is this?
What'd you do?

When we were talking,

you know, about families and parents.
I just...

I think it must be hard for you

After all these years not
knowing where your mother is.

Uh - huh.
My mother.

That's what this is about?

Honestly, not much to know, really.

OK well, what's not much?

Well... Her name was Maya.

And I remember she used to like to

sing along to Janis Joplin Songs

and she was last seen
in a town named Auburn.

- She... She...
- What?

Why are you so interested
in this anyway?

Because this is your life and
I want to be a part of it.

- You are a part of it.
- But... I don't get it.

I mean, don't you want to know
where you come from

- or who your family is?
- Yeah, of course. Yeah, I do.

Look, I looked into it.

- But it's a dead end.
- OK.

- Trust me.
- I just...

- I just thought...
- I know what you thought.

I appreciate it.

My past is my past.

I'm happy here with you,
in the present. OK?

What's in the soup? Looks great.

Well, we got an ID from the
prints that we got at Topher's.

Meet Natalie Gall.

Ex-cop, kicked off the force
for substance abuse.

Yeah, went to rehab,
cleaned herself up

and she seems to have stayed
out of trouble ever since.

So what's she doing now?

- She's working as a PI.
- So how's she involved in this?

You can ask her yourself,
she's on her way up.

Ah, I got the short straw. Nice.

So, you were at the Nightingale
residence recently?

Nightingale? I have no idea
who you're talking about.

They know. How do they know?

We found your fingerprints at
Topher nightingale's residence.

We know that he hired you.

I wasn't hired by Topher.

So, why were you there?

I thought he was the father but
the DNA wasn't a perfect match.

You were looking for
someone's biological father?

Yeah, hardest case of my career.

All I had to go on was
an adoption file that

led to "Nowheresville" and back.
It was a mess.

He only information that was filled in

was a surname in the
birth father's column

and an address.

So all you had to go on
was the name Nightingale?

- Not nightingale. York.
- Who's York?

The address I was given
was for a Gale Store.

That's the Nightingale's retail chain.

Yeah, at first I thought it was a joke.

Somebody leaving a department
store as their home address.

Then I dug a little deeper
and it turns out York

is the maiden name of Fin
and Topher's mother.

You have the DNA test to prove this?

Yeah, I got a sample off
a coffee cup Fin threw away.

And it's a perfect match.

So who's your client?

She gave me a bogus name;
clients do it all the time.

They want their anonymity,
so they fake their identity.

What'd she look like?

Brown hair, brown eyes,
about 5' 4...

This is him? This is my father?

Is that your client?

Yeah, that's her.

So, Carlie is Fin's daughter?

Yeah, I don't know how she did it,

but she's been lying to us
the whole time.

Is that her?

Yep, that's the girl who hired me.

You sure?

Yes, that's Fin Nightingale's daughter.


Already told you that I
never knew Fin Nightingale.

Yeah, you did mention that already.

Alright, so let's leave Fin Nightingale
out of this for a second.

Let's talk about Natalie Gall,

the private investigator you hired.

A PI? Are you kidding?

Why on earth would I hire a PI?
That makes no sense.

I don't have that kind of cash.

What are they trying to make me say?

So you're saying
you didn't hire a PI

to track down your biological parents?

No, of course not.

So you didn't know that
Fin Nightingale was your father.

That's why the cops took my DNA.

Andrew Hutton was my father.

He worked in construction
his whole life.

He died with my mom
in a car accident last year.

Fin Nightingale...

Not my father.

Did you kill Fin Nightingale?

Oh, my G...

I don't want to talk about any of this.
I want a lawyer.

- I want to talk to a lawyer.
- OK.

She's not making this easy.

Look, I've read people with
multiple personalities,

con-artists, even a few
psychopaths and

their reads are always a bit off.

With Carlie, I'm reading her clearly.

She's thinking of a reality
that she believes in.

We need to keep pressing her.

What if she's on some type
of medication

that's blocking your reads,
you know, like Tia.

- Yeah, no, no.
- You can't read Tia.

Tia... The meds, they block
it like a closed door.

With Carlie, it's wide open.

I can see everything.

Corporal, look into Carlie's
medical history, anyway.

See if there's some kind of condition.

Yeah, also look into
her military history.

See if she's had any contact
with chemical weapons

while she was on tour that might've
altered her brain chemistry.

Yeah, that might be the case,

but the fact is:

Toby, your reads aren't
exactly helping us right now.

If anything, I think they're
getting in the way.

Where's the evidence to back
all this up, hm?

And if Carlie did do it, why?

Why'd she go to all the trouble
of finding her birth father

and then just kill him?

Maybe Fin wanted nothing
to do with her, you know?

She was upset and wanted revenge.

Maybe she snapped.
She just returned from the tour of duty,

her adoptive parents died year
ago in a tragic car accident.

She could be suffering from PTSD.

It's common for someone
suffering from mental distress

to construct an alternate reality.

I'm gonna keep working.

Maybe that's why Toby's reads
have been so confusing.

It's a lot of "maybes",

we're grasping at straws here, guys.

Get me some evidence,
I'll bring her back in.

Till then, I gotta let her go.

Look, I know my reads are a
bit confusing right now,

I get it but...

There's just too many coincidences
for her not to be connected.

I read Grant and I see her

and Natalie ID's her.

Yeah, she ends up being Fin's daughter.

Yeah, you're right.
There's too many connections here,

they all point to her. But, I guess...

- Evidence.
- Yeah.

I don't know Oz...
It's hard not to question

what I'm getting in
the reads right now.

- Maybe it's me.
- No, it's not you.

- It's gotta be her, come on.
- Maybe I'm losing my touch.

OK, here. I'll prove it to you.
Read me.

- No, it's OK, it's OK.
- No, no, no. Come on, read me.

I love when you do it. Read me!

You're being ridiculous.
Your power's just fine.

Also, you got some ketchup
on your chin.

- See, I told you!
- Pretty good.

- See, you're good!
- OK.

Maybe I need to be more specific.

- Right?
- Sure.

Just, think about your day.

What happened, who'd you see?

I'd rather not actually...

I don't think that's a good idea.

You want my advice?
You want to know about

Toby's past?
Ask Toby.

You saw Tia?
Ask me about what?

I don't know what
you're talking about.

OK? But look, your power's
in tip-top shape,

- so that's good. Back to work.
- No no.

Was she asking about
my mother again?

- I don't want to get involved.
- I can't believe that

she's still asking about this.
I told her to stop.

- Her heart is in the right place.
- That's not the point.

She's just looking out for you, bud.

Well whose side are you on?

I'm not on anybody's side.

This is why I don't get involved
in family issues.

'Cause it gets messy and I
don't want any part of it.

I'm out, starting now.

Sorry, OK? Just, I've got a
lot on my plate right now.

OK, so focus on the case.

Alright? Clearly your
mind is in tip top shape

so it's this woman
who's screwing with you

and figure out why.

- Would you like some dessert?
- Yes.

Yeah. That's it.

Great, send it over. OK, thanks.

- Think we got him.
- Who?

That was the IRS.
The numbered account that

- Topher sent that 60 grand belongs to...
- Ben Rigands.

He's kind of a concierge
to the uber rich.

What kind of concierge?

The kind that can get
the rich and famous

whatever they need.

He's a kind of a connector.

You know, illegal substances,
escorts, etcetera.

- Contract killers?
- Possibly.

- We've got to get Topher back in here.
- Yeah.

So how do you know Ben Rigands?

Never seen him before.

How did they find him?

You transferred 60 grand to him.
What was it for?

I already told you, I don't remember.

I want him taken out.

Well we have a team apprehending
him as we speak,

so you can either tell us
what you hired him for

or you can let him make his
own statement.

This isn't how I wanted it to come out.

What to come out?

Rigands. Yes, I paid him the money,

but it was a business transaction

for services rendered, that's all.

And what were those services, exactly?

- I can't say.
- Did you hire him to kill your brother?

No. Of course not.

Fin and I had our issues.

He may have treated me like
garbage my whole life,

but kill him?

No. Never. He was my family,
my brother.

Never had to do a thing.
Someone else hated him more than me.

So what? Is he playing us?

Actually, it looks like
he's telling the truth.

Using the minimum ping
RTT measurements,

I was finally able to geolocate
the specified target host.

Woah, woah. English.

I know who owns
the secure VOIP phone.

The one that Rigands was putting
Topher in touch with was...

Francois Gilles.
A brilliant businessman,

a prolific investor,
this guy's up there with Buffet,

icon, i mean, the best.

What does he have to do with this?

Well, I made a few calls
and it seems like Topher,

in collusion with ben rigands,

has been making discrete plays

to shareholders trying to convince
them to sell to Francois.

So he was trying to sell the
family business from under Fin?

Yeah, he orchestrates a
hostile takeover in exchange

for taking Fin out and
making way for Topher.

"Take Fin out."
That's what Topher was talking about.

So he wasn't trying
to kill his brother?

No, he was just trying to get his brother

pushed out of the company.

We gotta get back to Carlie.

- With what?
- We know she's been lying to us.

Natalie Gall, Grant Evans
have ID'd her.

It's not enough.

Then we keep questioning her.
Like you said,

she's gotta have a breaking point.

I agree. Toby, I do.

But there's no way becker is going
to allow us to bring her back

in without supporting evidence.
I'm sorry.



Hey, I just want to ask you
a few more questions.

Of course. Yeah, sure.

Great, good. I was just hoping
you could walk me through

what you did on the night
of Fin's murder.

Where you were,
who you were with.

Well, I thought that we already
went through all of this.

We did, but there was a few
holes in your time-line.

OK. I was at home for most of the day

and I had a job interview at night.

Oh yeah, what time was that?

Around... 10:00 pm?

Mm-hmm. And the first time that
you heard of Fin Nightingale,

when was that?

- The next morning on the news.
- Thought that was in the paper.

- Yeah it was in the paper.
- OK.

And you weren't aware
that he was your father

until the interrogation with us?

Yeah, exactly.
I was...

Don't walk away from me!

- I need you to get out of my house.
- You are my father!

Look. I can't be, OK?
I never had a daughter.

- Grant, get in here!
- I can find my own way out.

Did you ever meet your
uncle Topher Nightingale?

Look, no. I don't know any of them.

I don't want to know any of them.

My own father and mother
never cared about me.

Gave me up.

What about your mother?
Aren't you curious to find her?

No. I... no.

What are you doing here?

It's not going to make me
change my mind.

I told you we're done.

But I'm your daughter.

OK, um. Why don't we go down
to the IIB

and put all this on the record?

Yeah, sure.

- Car's just over here.
- OK, yeah.

Help me! Help me!
He's attacking me!

Hey buddy, is there a problem?

I'm a cop! IIB, OK?!

So Carlie killed Fin.

She finally broke and I was able
to see what really happened.

I guess no one can keep up a
charade like that forever.

What kind of car
did she drive off in?

A Burgundy beater, I didn't
get a license plate.

She doesn't have a car,
as far as I can tell.

It may have been stolen.

I'll check to see if any
thefts have been reported.

Also check surveillance
cameras in the area.

We got an APB out on her,

but she's got a pretty good head start.

Where's she going?

She's desperate.
She knows time is running out.

You know, when I read her,

she said something about
how her mother and father

never really cared.

If she killed Fin because
she felt abandoned,

what's to stop her from
finding her mother?

Well, the PI said that she never
found her mother.

No, she didn't.

But now that we know
where the father is,

maybe we can find the mother.

And probably so can Carlie.


OK. Fin was 42,

that means he was 16

when Carlie was conceived.

He was in high school.

He went to one of those
posh Private schools.

What about Topher and the butler?

They know who the mother is?

They both claim to have no knowledge

of Fin ever fathering a child.

If we can get a list of every girl

that went to Fin's school at that time,

we may be able to find her
by process of elimination.

- Let's start making calls.
- Let's go.

Hello, hi. Uh, this is Dev Clark...

No, no, no. No, no. Fin Nightingale.


Hi, this is Dev Clark with
the IIB, I'm calling...

Hi, is this Brenda de Teran?

This is Toby Logan with the IIB.

OK, thank you for your time.

Alright, thank you for your help.

Yep, thanks.

Well, we're almost through
Fin's entire class,

plus a grade on either side.

He could've met the girl anywhere.

We should be looking
at other schools, Michelle.

Thank you.

Guys, I think I got something.

OK. Victoria Marx.

She's in the year behind Fin.

Looks like she left halfway
through her grade 10 year

to go to a finishing school
in Paris, France.

Now, I've got a diploma,

I've got flight logs to and from Paris.

For all intents and purposes,
she was there.

I sense a "but" coming on.

Well, I spoke to her teachers
and her classmates.

No one, not one person,
remembers her at that school.

- It was a cover.
- Yeah, very expensive cover.

She paid to go to a fancy
finishing school in Paris, France,

but didn't attend.

Do we have an address?

Alright, we've gotta get
to her before Carlie does.

So, what is this all about exactly?

I'm pulled from my home,
told practically nothing.

Uh, Fin Nightingale
was killed a few days ago.

I heard. But what does
that have to do with me?

I haven't seen him in years.

Do you recognize her?

Could it be?

We believe that this woman,

Carlie Hutton, was involved
in his death.

Is this your daughter,
Ms. Marx?

You have to understand. I was...

So young. Young and in love.

And... when my mother
found out I was pregnant,

she made my decision for me.

So she took you out
of school for the year

and made it look like
you were in France?

She did. But I never left the country.

Wait, so your mother
handled the adoption?

Well, she tried to involve Fin's mother,

but Mrs. Nightingale would
have nothing to do with it.

From my understanding,

there was a very large payment
to keep my family quiet.

- And Fin never knew?
- No, he didn't.

The only information that we have
from the adoption papers

is the name York and the address
for one of the gale stores.

- York?
- Fin's mother's maiden name.

That's how the PI and
ultimately Carlie found Fin.

Sounds like something
my mother would do.

She was always one
to hold a grudge.

The reason that we brought
you here is because

we fear that you may be in danger.

That she may be coming after you next.

She must be so hurt
to be that vengeful.

I tried looking for them for years.
I just...

- I had to give up eventually.
- I'm sorry. Them?

You didn't know?
I had twins.

Let's meet Margot Gates.
This is Carlie's twin.

I was able to subpoena the files
from the adoption agency

and identify the family
that she was placed with.

She lives in upstate New York,

she travelled from foster
home to foster home,

she's all of her life
been sort of a drifter.

Yeah, I knew a lot of kids
like that growing up.

I almost ended up one of them.

So, could Margot be our killer?

That would explain why
your reads of Carlie

- haven't made any sense.
- So if Carlie didn't kill Fin,

the woman I saw in the
parking lot was Margot?

So what was she doing at
Carlie's apartment building?

- They in this thing together?
- Is Carlie still missing?

We have a unit looking but uh,
there's no sightings as of yet.

Yeah, right before I saw
Margot in the parking lot,

I heard her trunk slam shut.

What if Carlie's not on the run?

What if Margot took her?

Know what?

Let me check what kind
of phone Margot has,

maybe we can get a GPS signal on.

Why would she kidnap Carlie?

Well, it's been all over the news

since it broke that she was Fin's heir.

OK, here it is.

Oh, you're not going to believe this.

Nightingale residence.

Well, she never intended
to go after the mother.

Maybe she's trying to wipe out
the entire Nightingale lineage.

First Fin, then Carlie, now Topher.

The entire nightingale
trust would go to her.

Yeah, let's go.

She killed Topher.

Ah! Agh! Ah!

Drop the gun. Now.

Please! Help me! Help me!

I didn't do this.
I swear.

Hey, let me see. Let me see.

First she killed Topher,
and she shot me!

I didn't shoot her!
She's lying!

She's setting me up!

Wait, what happened, Carlie?

She brought me here,

said there wasn't enough money

- to go around.
- She's lying.

You're my sister.
You're the one who killed Fin.

Get in the trunk, now.


Why did you do this?
Are you trying to set up Carlie?

She shot me!

Why are you doing this?

Because for once, I'm
taking what I'm owed.

No. You shot yourself.
She shot herself!

No, I didn't, it was her!
She killed our father!

No, this is over.
You killed Fin, didn't you?

No, wait! Wait!
Please. Please.

You have to understand.

Just, let me....


OK. I didn't plan any of this.

I didn't need him to want me.


He just had to give me the cash
and I would've shut up.

OK? Nobody needed to know
that he had a daughter.

Nobody. I could've just
walked away

but he treated me like
I was nothing.

So you set up Carlie?

Well, I saw her on the news
and I thought that...

Finally the world had
given me a break.

A way out.

I knew what I had to do,
I didn't have a choice.

There's always a choice.
I'm going to call this in.

No. Not with me.

Dev, I need you to send
an ambulance to the Nightingale residence.

I guess I should've known.

People like me, we don't
have happy endings.

Hey. I'm your sister.

Your family.
I could've helped you.

Alright, thanks man.

I guess we'll never know now, will we?

You're under arrest for the murder of

Fin and Topher Nightingale.

It's my duty to inform you

that you have the right
to retain and instruct

counsel of your choice in
private and without delay.

Where you been?

Oh, oh...

New story. Following a lead,
it turned out to be...

- Tia?
- Dead end.


Looking into my mother
only leads to dead ends.

I know but... how can somebody just
disappear into thin air like that?

I mean, I've followed every
lead, I've called any...

Look, when I told you not
to look into it, I mean it.

- I know, but Toby...
- The last time

she was in my life,
people got hurt, Tia.

Toby, I'm not afraid.

And I'm not a case.
I'm not a story,

don't be a reporter.

I don't want to lose you.

OK... I didn't...

I know.

I didn't want to open up
something that would hurt you...

You have to believe that
I'm comfortable with my past.

I made peace with it.

I'm interested in you
and the future we have together.

Case closed?

honestly, I'm afraid
the trail's too

- cold even for my skills.
- Good.

I ordered Indian. You hungry?

I would love that.


- Hello?
- Hi.

Can I speak to Tia Tremblay?

This is she.

Yeah, I'm returning your call.

You want to know about
your friend's mother, Maya.

I remember her.

I might be able to tell you
something about her.