The Listener (2009–2014): Season 4, Episode 7 - Caged In - full transcript

After Toby witnesses the suspicious death of a promising, young Mixed Martial Arts fighter, he probes the nefarious business dealings of two rival leagues.

Almost through Round
Number One, and it is

still anybody's fight.

Whoever wins will contend for
a spot in the FLC Heavyweight

Championship of the World.
There it is! Yeah!

Will it be the hottest rising
star in Mixed Martial Arts,

23-year-old local boy Scotty
The Fighting Furmanek?

- All right, Scotty!
- Or will rival Diego Lightning

Baptiste have something to say
about that?

- Ooh!
- Get off the fence!

- There ya go!
- The Fighting Furmanek Clan

- watching cage-side.
- That's what I'm talking about!

- Oh!
- You're all over him. You're all over him.

Legendary Taekwondo Master

Joe Furmanek must be looking
down from the heavens right now,

very proud of his son.

OK, take it easy.
This is good. He's doing good.

That's it. Break.

And we come to the end

of what is a very entertaining
Round Number One.

- OK, take a seat, take a seat.
- That's it now. Settle down, settle down.

Scotty's got it in the bag.

Oh, yeah. The man is
a master strategist.

OK, when you look
at that bloodbath, you see

- strategy at work?
- Sandy, it's like chess,

OK, but instead of using rooks
and pawns, they're strategically

employing different combative
disciplines in order to win the match.

- Hey, this nerd is with me.
- Yeah. Also, I have a thing

for incredibly fit
half-naked men.

- That's why she's with me.
- Hello!

OK, seriously. Honestly,
all I see are brutes up there.

OK, I will have you know
that that "brute",

like Toby and I,
is a major advocate

of the Sick Kids Hospital

Yes, and volunteer
enough hours, they might even

give you VIP tickets to your
favourite sporting event.

I am in it for the children.

- You are a saint.
- OK, do you wanna sit up there?

There's plenty of seats
way in the back if you like.

- Oh, you wanna sleep outside tonight? Yeah?
- So bad.

Oh, check this out. Is that Simon
Kendall talking to Shane Dent?

- Who's Simon Kendall?
- Simon Kendall. He runs

the Global Fighting Network.
It's this new league. The GFN.

Probably here to check out
the competition.

Oh, yeah?

Yeah, from what I hear,
Dent can't stand the guy.

And the fighters get their final
instructions from their corners.

Don't slug. Don't try
to finish. I want you there

for the long haul. Take him down.
Ground and pound. You got this guy.

And they are on their feet, ready to do
battle in front of this capacity crowd.

Stick to the game plan.

He's gonna do it. I know it.

Big wave. ATF.

And there's the bell.
Baptiste and Furmanek connect.

Furmanek with a right cross.
Baptiste counters.

- Shake it off, shake it off.
- Furmanek looks shaken.

Baptiste hooks to the body.
Another, and another.

Furmanek creating some space,
but he looks shaky.

Oh, come on, Scotty,
get out of there.

And the hometown crowd
sounds none too happy about it.

Both men throwing punches.

Kick by Baptiste.
Stalking his opponent.

- Come on, come on, Scotty!
- Inside! Take him down!

- And Baptiste with the takedown!
- Von Flue, Scotty, Scotty!

- Hips out! Cycle!
- He's get Furmanek in a choke.

Come on! Get him off!

- What's going on? Is he OK?
- I don't know. I don't know.

What did you do me?

Side control!
Turn and face him! Left leg over!

Baptiste trying to
establishing the position

right here. Trying to secure
the choke. Will he get it?

- And Baptiste defeats Furmanek.
- That's it. It's over!

- That did not just happen.
- It's over!

Scotty. Scotty!

He's fine. He's fine.
He's just knocked out.

He's not breathing!

- Somebody get in there.
- He'll be fine. They're coming

- to help him.
- Let's get the medic.

Stay with me, buddy.

Come on, Scotty.

Scotty, wake up.

Hey, Scotty,
get up, man!

Oh, God. He's crashing.

The Listener 04x07
Caged In
Original Air Date July 17, 2013

Everyone, please, stay calm.

I can assure you
that Scotty Furmanek

- is gonna be OK.
- Come on, Scotty, come on.

Oh, my baby, please, Scotty,
wake up. Please, OK?

Victory for Diego Baptiste!

Scotty. Scotty, baby, it's OK.
I'm right here, OK?

Open your eyes. Wake up, baby.
Wake up.

- Open your eyes, Scotty.
- He's gonna be fine.

He's still got a chance.
He's in good hands.

You know the signs as well
as I do, Oz. It's not good.

Scotty Furmanek is unbreakable.

It's more than that. I got
something before he went down.

- I got...
- What did you get?

Nothing. I just, you know,

just had this feeling that
something wasn't right.

- Did you get that feeling?
- You're damn right I got that feeling.

This was Scotty's, man.
He had this fight in the bag.

Let's just get out of here,
OK babe? Come on.

- OK. We'll see you guys.
- All right.

Yeah, one more, one more.
One more.

Wanna go?

Yeah. Let's go.

I should get going. I'm at work.
Let's have beers later.

All right, buddy. Bye.

Still can't believe
he didn't make it, man.

- He was 23 years old.
- Scotty was one of the greats.

- Not you too.
- What?

That's all anyone is
talking about.

- Scotty the fighting fighter.
- The Fighting Furmanek,

Michelle. It's a huge deal, OK?
This guy comes from like

- a long line of fighting legends.
- Grandfather was an Olympic

wrestler, his dad was
a Taekwondo god,

and his younger brother, Ian,
well, he's young

- but he's amazing.
- And his mom is the manager

- of the whole dynasty.
- I just don't understand

what it is about dudes
and beating the crap

- out of each other.
- It's tradition.

- Warrior versus warrior.
- Yeah. Gladiators.

Sounds like you're all plugged
in to the Scotty Furmanek death.

- I was there.
- Really?

Good. You'll be an asset.
The Minister of Heritage has

taken a special interest
in this incident.

With all the
doping scandals lately,

they're not taking
this accident lightly.

Actually, I don't think
it was an accident.

What do you mean?

I read him before he went
down. He looked towards

his corner and his family and
he thought, "What did you do?"

- Who was in his corner?
- His mother, brother,

trainer, even the league owner. He could
have been thinking about any one of them.

According to the preliminary
tox screen, Scotty had

some kind of steroid
in his system.

It's hasn't been isolated yet.



Why would someone take
goop before a fight?

- Goop?
- The formal name is

Gamma-Hydroxybutyric Acid,
also known as goop or GHB.

So why is it surprising
that he had it in his system?

It would be insane for a fighter
to take GHB before a fight.

- But what does it do exactly?
- It acts on the central nervous system

as well as the brain affecting
several neurotransmitters.

Yeah, it slows breathing, motor
skills, and blood circulation.

It also leaves you sort of
off balance and tilted.

Which is in line with how
he was acting when I read him.

So maybe he upped his dosage,
OD'd? End of story.

Or he was drugged.
It's not the end of the story.

Well, Scotty Furmanek is
our assignment,

and if doping killed him,
it's up to us to find out.

And if your hunch is right,

we might have a murder
on our hands. Keep me updated.

- OK. So what else do we know?
- Well,

the drug can be injected,
snorted, or ingested,

and according to the reports,
it looks like

Scotty had needle marks
on his right arm.

We should visit Scotty's mother. She's
the gatekeeper of all things Furmanek.

I think she might know about
his history with drugs.

Alleged history.
We'll catch up?

- Yep.
- Cool.

I guess you can make a lot of money
in the mixed martial arts world.

Scotty had
a lot of sponsorships.

He was set to be a superstar
like his dad.

I'm sure the mother took
a piece of the pie.

How do you know so much
about this?

- Oz. He's kind of a super-fan.
- Ah. But you're not?

- No. I just keep my ears open.
- Mm-hmm.

I'm a man, you know?

I lost my husband
two years ago now.

I don't know what my family's
done to deserve this.

Well, nobody deserves this.

I don't know why the ref
didn't stop Diego.

Yeah. He grabbed Scotty's trachea
when he went for that guillotine.

It was completely illegal.

Maybe Scotty just didn't
see it coming.

He trained for six hours a day
for three months.

I refuse to believe
he wasn't ready.

It was Diego. The guy's dirt.

Were you aware that Scotty had
illegal drugs in his system?

Scotty didn't use drugs.

Where is this coming from?
Why is she asking this?

Well, your son had, uh,
needle marks in his arms.

Would you know anything
about that, Ian?

I... I don't know.

What about his trainer?

Carter O'Brien? He's been with
the Furmanek Clan since forever.

- He'd never do anything to hurt Scotty.
- You train with Carter too?

What do you think about him?

- Like my mom said, Carter's the best.
- Sorry, why are you asking

these kind of questions?

We're just trying to figure out
what happened in that ring.


Did Scotty and Diego have
a history

- outside of the octagon?
- No.

They're fighters. Shane made
sure they kept their distance.

- Shane Dent?
- Mm-hmm.

Was there any personal issues
in your son's life

- that we should know about?
- No.

He was good.

Best shape of his career.

After Diego, he was gonna
take the belt.

And how was your relationship
with your son, Mrs. Furmanek?

- But it's not your money.
- How do you think you got here?

How do you think you got all this and
all this money? Because of your family.

How dare you? How could you
say that to me? I'm your mother.

I see what you're trying to do.
You don't understand me.

You don't understand my family.

There's no bad blood between us.

I loved my son,

and he loved me.

If you think of anything else,
please give me a call.

Scotty was a good boy!

He's the victim here,

and if you try to smear

his reputation by saying he took
drugs, Sergeant, I will sue you.

You, your department,

the whole government.

We'll be in touch,

- Mrs. Furmanek.
- OK.

I read Margo.
Scotty was upset with her.

Something about spending money
that wasn't hers.

She was stealing money?

Well, she could have been.
He was pretty mad.

That is one
dysfunctional family.

Have you heard
of a functional one?

True. I'll have Dev go over
their financials.

Also, Ian wasn't telling us everything.
He saw Carter inject Scotty.

Why would he lie?

His mother's got Scotty on a pedestal.
Maybe he was trying

- to protect her from the truth.
- So Carter could be the one

that Scotty meant when he said,
"What did you do?"

Yeah. I guess we're gonna
pay him a visit, huh?

He, what's up man?

Hey. Toby.
Listen, I'm sorry to bother you at work

but you mentioned there might be
more to Scotty's death.

Look, you know I can't talk
about an investigation, Oz.

I know you can't. And I'm sure you guys
are all over this, but just in case,

you should know that Diego Baptiste
has a reputation as a dirty fighter.

- Oh, yeah? Like how?
- Just all kinds of borderline

illegal stuff. Fish hooking,

working the small joints, eye gouging.
The man's an animal.

lan said he saw Diego
grab Scotty's trachea.

Well, actually, there was a rumor in a
fight in Brazil in 2010 that he put

ether on his wristbands.
Knocked the other fighter out cold.

That's good to know.

Hey, anything else I can do,
you let me know, OK?

Thanks, Oz.

He was the best
pound-for-pound fighter we had.

He was gonna go all the way.

Yeah, he will be missed.

By me, by his family,

his fans, and the sport.

He was one of the great ones.

Thank you, Mr. O'Brien.

- We'll let you get back to work.
- Carter O'Brien?

- That's me.
- IIB. Do you have a minute?

Yeah. How can I help you?

Is this where you train
all of your fighters?

Yeah. It's the best gym
in the country.

Well, how long had you been
training Scotty?

Well, me and his old man, Joe,
we came up together as fighters.

I had a little accident,
didn't see a kick,

ruptured my ear drum.

Balance was never the same
since. That was...

about 10 years ago, so I guess it's
eight years I've been trainin' Scotty.

Well, in those eight years,
did you ever witness Scotty

- taking any kind of illegal drug?
- No way.

No. Scotty was as clean
as they come. Good kid.

- Real good kid.
- You see, we've got witnesses

who said they saw you
injecting Scotty with drugs.

I don't know what it is
that you are drivin' at,

but I've never given Scotty or any
of my fighters illegal drugs.

Well, you injected him
with something.

Yeah, sure. I gave him cortisone shots.
That's standard stuff.

We're gonna need to take

your ringside equipment, OK?

Any syringes, towels,
water bottles. Everything.

Look, I own this gym.
I have a reputation to uphold.

Now, a tragedy occurred
yesterday, but I swear to you

I had nothin' to do with it.

That's good to know, but we're still gonna
need to take everything into evidence.

You wanna take it, take it.

You ain't gonna find nothin'.

Could Diego have had access
to Scotty's locker room

- or his kit before the fight?
- No. Diego would not be allowed in here.

- You sure about that?
- I swear. Look,

I don't know what it is
you guys are trying to do

to the Furmanek name, to that
legacy, but it ain't right.

- Are we done here?
- Yeah, for now.


Diego is definitely involved.

I saw him handing Carter
a bunch of money.

So Diego bribes Carter

to tamper with the cortisone
shots and ensures a win.

Dev. I need an address
for Diego Baptiste.


IIB. We'd like to ask you
a few questions

about Scotty Furmanek. Hey.

Like what?

Hey, hey, hey.
What the hell's going on here?

- Officer, please...
- Sergeant.

Look, I'm just trying to help my client
make his flight to Montreal, OK?

Your client is coming with us.
If you want to help him,

you can get him a lawyer.
Diego, get out of the car.

Look, I don't know what kind

of octagon or playpen
you think this is,

but if you think trying
to intimidate me is a good idea,

you are very, very wrong.

Diego, chill. Look, I'll call our lawyers.
Make this thing go away, all right?

- So I guess I'm missing my flight, hmm?
- Yeah.

I've had thousands of guys
in those choke holds

for way longer than I did
Scotty Furmanek.

- So then what happened?
- Just wasn't his day is all.

- But it was your day?
- I won, didn't I?

We understand you're not
the kind of guy who likes to lose.

You know someone who does?

How far are you willing to go
to make sure you win?

- Don't answer that.
- No, I'll answer. I'd do anything.

So, what are his weak spots?

Would you bribe Carter O'Brien
for inside information?

- Don't answer that.
- What about drugs?

- Do you take anything?
- Sure. Lots.

- Tylenol. Advil. Aspirin.
- Did you ever give Scotty

anything to ensure
that you would win?

- All right, that's enough.
- Did you drug Scotty Furmanek?

I think that we're done here.

The guy got
what he deserved.

Well, thank you for your
cooperation, Mr. Baptiste.

I'm glad I could help.

Diego certainly fits
the profile.

Yeah, I think the money that
Diego gave Carter was for intel

- on Scotty's fight strategy.
- Where does that leave Carter?

Carter was not as loyal
as the Furmanek family thinks.

It makes you wonder what else
he'd do for the right price.

Hey. Carter and Scotty's
equipment got back from the lab.

Now, there were traces

of cortisone
in one of the syringes,

but no GHB on anything.

So we still don't know how
the drugs got into his system.

- Where are we on Mom the manager?
- Her financials are a mess.

She's broke?

Worse. She's in the red.
She's got two mortgages, and her

- credit's completely maxed out.
- Was she stealing money from Scotty?

- Well, it's hard to say.
- So maybe Scotty got sick of her spending,

- decided to cut her off?
- So she killed him?

Scotty's her main source
of income. Not a smart move

to kill the goose
that laid the golden egg.

Actually, it might be. I was
looking into insurance claims,

and it seems that a couple
of people are looking to make

- money off Scotty's death.
- Who?

Well, for one,
our league owner, Shane Dent.

He had an insurance policy
on the specific fight itself,

protecting himself against
lawsuits in case of deaths.

Nothing unusual there.
He's a businessman.

- He'd be an idiot not to have a policy.
- Who else?

Scott himself.
He had his own policy,

but a fighter's body is
everything to them.

Safe to assume he didn't
kill himself for the money.

But who was listed as the
beneficiary in case of death?

I'm getting there. I'm just trying
to build up some anticipation.

Not only did Margo have her own
policy on Scotty,

but she was also in line
to make the purse off the fight,

and all of his money
from his own policy.

Now, here's where it gets interesting.
Dent was named the beneficiary

- on all of her insurance claims.
- Why?

I don't know.
I'm still looking into it,

but he's looking to make a nice
little bonus because of it.

Think Margo and Dent had
something going on?

- Could be.
- We should talk to Dent.

Well, Scotty's funeral's tomorrow. I'm
sure he'll be there to pay his respects.

See you there.

If Margo is sleeping
with Dent, I mean,

that definitely splits
her allegiances.

All right, we do not know
for sure that they are involved.

Why else would she name him
the beneficiary

- for the insurance claims?
- Dent didn't become who he is

without knowing how to manipulate people.
He was a friend of her husband's.

Maybe he pulled the loyalty card
and he somehow got

his name
on the insurance papers.

So, you're saying that Margo
is the victim in all of this?

I'm saying I don't know,
but you seem

- to have made up your mind.
- Yeah, I mean,

she mismanages Scotty's money,
she gives the man

who's in control of his safety
financial motivation to kill him,

and she's probably
having an affair with the guy.

If that is all true,

then yes, she did not do right
by Scotty as his manager.

But I do think as a mother you're
responsible for your children's safety.

I just don't think
that Margo chose

to have an affair with the man
that killed her son.

Well, hopefully we'll find out
at the funeral.


- Hey, you better make it two.
- Oh, yeah?

I could totally
go for a beer right now.

- Here, have this.
- Thank you.

How you feeling?

You know, I'm still bothered

by this whole
Scott Furmanek thing.

- I can't believe he's gone.
- He was a great athlete.

He was more than just a fighter, though.
A lot of people really looked up

to him, you know? You guys
got any leads yet, or...?

We're getting there.
We're gonna get to the bottom of it.

Well, I hope you do it soon.

I mean for your sake too.
The internet's just crawling

with all these Twitter
conspiracies, people saying

Scotty was doping. I don't
believe it for a second.

- You're preaching to the choir.
- You know he was supposed to go

to Sick Kids tomorrow? Those
kids are gonna be devastated.

Someone's gotta tell them. Apparently
his brother's going in his place.

They say Ian's going to be a great fighter
one day, just like Scotty. He's a good kid.

You know, I've been
volunteering at that foundation

for three years. I should go
down there tomorrow. You know,

maybe help Ian out, see how these kids
are doing, help explain all this stuff.

Yes. That is a great idea.

- I could do that.
- Make 'em laugh.

Cheer 'em up, sure. See?
This is why I keep

coming in here. Good advice.
You're a good listener.

- Cheers.
- Cheers.

- Where's your beer.
- That's my last beer.

- You keep it. Yeah.
- You sure.

by Beethoven playing quietly)

It's gonna be OK.

- That's Simon Kendall right?
- Mm-hmm.

He's the owner of GFN.
That's Dent's competition.

Dent doesn't seem
very happy to see him.

No, he doesn't,
does he? I guess he's just here

- to pay his respects.
- Yeah.

- Sorry for your loss.
- Thank you for coming.

Really sorry.

If Dent couldn't have you,
I guess nobody else could.

I just got a read off Kendall.


- Oh, my god.
- What the hell is he

doing here? How dare you show
your face at this funeral!

- I was invited.
- Yeah, well not by me you weren't!

- OK, OK. Not now. Not here.
- Get him out of here.

- Peace.
- Get him out of here.

He's not worth it, Ian, OK?
This is not the place.

You've got some balls
coming here.

Yeah, well, I wouldn't want
to miss the show.

- I will not let you do this.
- Taking Kendall's offer.

I think Scotty was going
to leave Dent's league.

And Dent knew?

Yeah. And with the biggest
star in MMA jumping ship,

- that would leave Dent high and dry.
- Well, that would certainly be

motive, but what about
your read?

Kendall thought that if Dent
couldn't have Scotty, nobody would.

So maybe we just found
our killer.

So, we think Scotty was leaving
Dent to join Kendall's new GFN.

And when Scotty's fans followed, it would
cause a major shift in the power struggle.

- It would have made Dent furious.
- Furious enough to kill Scotty?

You lose the biggest star in MMA,
that could be the end of your league.

I want to talk to Kendall
before we bring Dent in, OK?

Find out what exactly was
negotiated, who knew what,

- every little detail.
- I'll text you his address.

OK. And Margo, she's
definitely still a suspect.

I want to know why Dent was
listed as her beneficiary.

Working on it.

I didn't think Scotty told
anyone about our arrangement.

So then it's true Scotty was
leaving to join your league?

His contract with Dent was
up for renegotiation.

If he won the fight against
Diego, he was coming over to me.

- And if he didn't win?
- Look, the deal was

that the undefeated Scotty
Furmanek was joining my league.

- That's a lot of pressure.
- This business is

all about pressure.
Stakes. Drama. The story.

The story I wanted was that

Scotty the Fighting Furmanek was
joining Kendall's GFN.

He was gonna be my big fish. Yeah, you get
the big fish, the little fish follow.

- That was the plan.
- So Dent had a lot to lose.

He was gonna lose everything. And
losing the fighter of tomorrow,

well, no one wants to be part
of that headline.

Did Dent know about the deal?

It was supposed to be
a closely guarded secret,

but MMA, they, um... they have
a lot of secrets.

So, who was it that went over the details
of the contract? Was that you and Margo?

Scotty's mom? No. Scotty and I, we
worked out the particulars on our own.

- Was Margo upset about that?
- Again, I don't think she knew.

She's holding you back.
You know it.

Did you pressure Scotty
to leave his mother?

No. Not at all.

So then why did you leave
her out of it?

Dent has her under his spell.

I promise you, he doesn't care
about Scotty or the mom.

- It's all about Dent.
- And you're noting like that?

No. I'm trying to build
a relationship with my fighters.

Dent doesn't roll like that.

Never has, never will.

Thank you for your time. Dev.

Hey. I found out why Dent is Margo's
beneficiary on all the insurance policies.

The guy's basically been
like a loan shark to her.

He's been lending her money for
years with an insane interest rate.

That's why she's so loyal
to him.

Kendall just confirmed that Scotty
was moving over to his league.

If Scotty left his mom
in the dust, she'd have no way

of paying Dent back.

So he kills him, Kendall's
league is no longer a threat.

And the insurance money is
just the cherry on top.

- Sure sounds like motive to me.
- Yeah, bring him in.

What kind of mother

puts her debts
before her children?

The kind of mother
who's in over her head,

and being exploited
by someone with power.

I don't get how you can
defend her choices.

OK, I grew up in foster homes.
I know that parents can make

worse mistakes than trusting
someone they shouldn't.

Well, you know, Margo talks
about family and loyalty

and protecting the family name.
It's just all so duplicitous.

You're being a bit harsh,
don't you think?

I don't understand how
as a mother you can encourage

your child to participate
in a sport

that already put one in them
in a grave.

People have their reasons,
whatever they are.

How could a mother do that?

Kinda makes you think twice about
starting a family, doesn't it?

- Seriously?
- I mean, you and Adam,

you guys, you want to have kids, right?
Isn't that what you're doing?

I don't... I don't know.

It's good to know
that you're decisive.

You want decisive, I will give
you decisive. I can tell you

if we do have children, I would
never put them in the ring.

- Octagon.
- You know it's a very long walk

- back to the IIB, right?
- All right, all right.

- No lawyer?
- Uh, no, I have

- nothing to hide, Sergeant.
- Are you aware

that Scotty was leaving you
to join Kendall's league?

- No. Never heard that one.
- You sure?

'Cause we know he told you
before the fight.

Oh, yeah? Wow.
After all I did for him, huh?

What, taking advantage
of him financially?

- I paid him fine.
- That's not what we hear.

Hey, my business agreements are
all above board. All of them.

If you think
loan-sharking is legal.

Look, if you're referring
to the money I lent Margo,

she, uh, she knew
the conditions.

Look at that, Michelle,
we have another saint.

Yeah, losing Scotty would have
been a huge loss for you.

I guess we'll never know,

It's a done deal

No. No, no, no.
Not if I have anything to do with it.

You were afraid if Scotty left, the
rest of your fighters would follow.

So you drugged him and
you sent him in there to lose.


But the dosage was too high.

Look, you think
I killed my own fighter, huh?

- Lady, you are way off.
- Hey, Sergeant to you.

Did you forget again?

I, uh...

I want my lawyer now.

Something to hide,
Mr. Dent?

There's no question
he has motive,

but I didn't see anything that
would suggest he drugged Scotty.

Hey. The ME came in,
and the GHB

that led to Scotty's death was
ingested, not injected.

Right, but everything
in Carter's kit was clean.

It says here that he had such a significant
amount of GHB in his system that there's

no way he would have made it
through the first round.

OK, so he ingested it

in between rounds.
The drugs start kicking in,

he looks into the corner
and thinks, "What did you do?"

So, which one of our suspects
is connected to the drug?

Dev, can you check out Dent
and Margo's phone records?

See if there's any suspicious
calls or text message.

Yeah, I went through
all that stuff already.

I didn't find anything,
but I can keep digging.


- Yes!
- Again?

Thanks for letting me visit,

I know Scotty would've wanted
to be here.

He wouldn't have missed this
for the world.

Can you sign this for me?

Yeah, man, of course.
Cool. You gotta sign one

- for me, though. Is that a deal?
- Okay.

- OK, deal.
- Thanks. All right. Can you sign

- this one?
- OK.

- Hey, how's it going?
- That one's special.


- Hey.
- I just wanted to say thanks

for coming out and being here for the kids.
I mean, it clearly means a lot to them.

They're probably disappointed
that it's me and not my brother.

No, I wouldn't say that.

- Ian.
- I know who you are. I'm Oz.

I've actually been volunteering
here for a few years...

almost as long as I've been
a fan of the Fighting Furmaneks.

Yeah, my dad and Scotty were
two of the greats.

Hey, don't sell yourself short, OK?
You haven't won the championship yet,

but I think you've got a bright
future ahead of you, sir.

- Can I sign you as my PR agent?
- Absolutely.

I mean, your dad didn't start winning
championships until he was in his 30s, right?

I mean, look how much
he achieved in his career.

I don't think I have
what he had.

Actually, your fighting style
reminds me a lot of him.

Your roundhouse kick,
how you do...

I can't really do it 'cause I've got a hip
thing. Where you go downwards on the kick?

I know what you're talking about, man. Yeah,
he taught me, higher risk, higher reward.

Exactly. Well, he'd be proud of you.

Well, that's why I gotta
take Diego down.

Diego? What, are you gonna
have him taken care of?

You bet I am. You know,

Dent's about to announce
the fight, so...

- Don't tweet that.
Hold on. Are you seriously talking

- about fighting Diego Baptiste?
- Yeah.

The guy is a maniac. And he's like
two weight classes above you.

I'll gain 20 pounds.
I got two months.

Ian, I mean, no disrespect,
OK, you're a great fighter,

but are you sure
you're ready for that?

I have to take him down
for my mom, my dad,

and for Scotty.

You know, it was nice to meet you,
though, man.

Yeah. Yeah, you too.

- You coming? Let's do another game.
- Yeah, man. Let's go.

Let's do this. Let's do this,
guys. Let's go, let's go.

Hey, good luck.


Dropped it here.
OK, now we can go.

All right.

I mean, he can't do it.
Like, seriously.

How can Ian Furmanek think

he can defeat Diego Baptiste
in a fight?

They're trying to capitalize on
what happened, make more money.

No, Ian would not do that, OK?
I met the man.

OK, did you really think that these
guys fought for the love of the game?

You know what, call me naive,
but yes, I did.

- Naive.
- That's cute. Eat your noodles.

- What are you watching?
- I'm just watching the end of the fight again.

I don't know the sport the way you guys
do, but it all just felt kinda wrong.

Yeah, tell me about it.
Can I see this for a sec?

Let me see this.

What was that?

Look at the mouthguard.
Oz, can you email this to me?

Yeah, sure.

I gotta go. Make sure you turn
off the stove. That's on you.

You're right there. You're
standing right by the stove.

Where are you going?

- Thank you for, you know...
- Thank you for lunch.

So, I've stitched
all the footage I can find

from YouTube, the arena surveillance
cameras, and some TSN footage,

and now I just have to put
Oz's footage into the mix and...


Here we go.

All right.
Slow down here.

Pause, press pause.

- You see that?
- Um...

- You notice anything?
- Out of the ordinary?

What's the colour
of Scott's mouthguard?

Uh, white?

This is the only one
Carter gave us. Black.

There's two mouthguards.

So Carter didn't give us
all of Scotty's equipment.

- The drugs were in the white one.
- He lied to us?

Now we know the murder weapon.

That's it. Hands up,
hand's up. Come on, strong.

Search every locker, every gym
bag, I want this place stripped.

Hey, what the hell's
going on here?

- We have a search warrant.
- For what? I gave you

- everything you asked me for.
- Scotty used two mouthguards

during the fight.
You gave us one.

- You still think I'd hurt him?
- We believe the missing

mouthguard carried GHB. You're the one
who gave it to him between rounds.

OK, whoa, whoa, whoa. I just
grabbed what was in the kit.

Who else had access to it?

I don't know. People were
comin' and goin' all night.

I want to see the lockers.

This way.

Hey, Ian. Didn't expect
to see you here.

Yeah, I'm training.

Trying to keep my mind occupied.

I heard about this fight
between you and Diego.

Yeah. It's just something
that I gotta do, you know?

You sure you want to do this?

You will, for your brother.
For this family.

Your mother seems pretty focused.
Is she the one making you fight?

Not at all. Like I said,
just something I gotta do.

Someone's definitely
selling drugs here.

I got strict rules
against this kind of thing.

- Who has locker 32?
- I'm gonna check my files.

Hey, stop!

It's our guy, Michelle.

Cuff him.

We're gonna be fingerprinting
everything in here, Sammy,

so if you cooperate now,
maybe we can help you out

- with the charges.
- Who did you sell GHB to?

Look, my clients are
a very specific breed.

I don't sell to kids,

I don't sell weed or coke
or anything hardcore.

- See, he's a saint. He wouldn't sell drugs.
- That's what I'm saying.

These fighters are in pain, man,
a lot of pain.

They fight back-to-back fights,
their injuries not fully healed.

I just help 'em do their jobs,

get over the pain.

Right, so who did you "help"
by selling GHB to?

- I don't know.
- You're facing

accessory to murder, Sammy,
you know that, right?

Do you really want to spend
the rest of your life in jail?

It's all
through anonymous texts.

I get a message
with the choice of substance

and a locker number,
and I secure the product,

drop it off in the locker
where the cash is waiting.

It's totally anonymous.
I don't know who buys my stuff

and what they do with it.

- Where's your phone?
- I lost it.

I'm gonna guess
it's inside your pocket.

There ya go.

This guy's actually smarter
than you'd think.

He wiped his phone clean,

but I'm gonna access
all his phone company's records.

He's got every request coded.

You can't decode it?

Sorry, of course you can.

Looks like there were three texts
sent looking to buy some goop.

No, wait. One of them's
from an internet portal.

Do you have an address?

It's coming from a website
that sends anonymous SMS texts

from the handle 1994LB.

All right, I'll track
the IP address.

It's coming from... 301

Carrington Place Drive,

which is paid for by...
Fighting Furmanek Management, Inc.

Margo Furmanek.

I really didn't think
she had it in her.

I wish I could say the same.
Let's go.

Sergeant McCluskey. I thought
I answered all your questions.

We have a search warrant
for your house.

I don't understand.

Are you the only one
that lives here?

Of course. What is this?
What do you expect to find?

Someone from this house bought the drugs
that factored into your son's death.

Are you insane?

What, you think

I drugged my own boy?

We know you have the mouthguard,
Margo. Where is it?

I told you,

I don't know what you're
talking about.

We're gonna
find that mouthguard

and then we're gonna uncover what's really
going on with your family and this league.



I did it.

I killed my son.

You knew Scotty wa leaving you.
You were sinking financially.

- Without him, you'd have nothing.
- Yeah. You're right.

Did you buy the drugs
from Sammy?

Yeah. I was in the locker room
before the fight,

and um... I put the drugs
in Scotty's mouthguard.

So you sent your son
into that cage to die.

- No.
- No?

No. I...

No, he wasn't supposed to die.

He was... I love my boys.

He was just supposed to lose.

Did you or did you not
give the drugs to your son?


yeah, I switched the mouthguards
during the fight.

Margo, you just said you put the drugs
in the mouthguard in the locker room?

That's what I meant.
In the locker room.

I don't believe you.

I'm telling you the truth.

I'm telling you
that I killed my son.

What more do you want?

Was it for the money?

He was gonna leave you.

- What are you not telling us?
- I'm telling you everything.

I couldn't have him
break apart the family,

so I, um...

so I...

- You still have it?
- I wasn't thinking.

- I didn't know what to do.
- Just give it to me.

I'll fix this.

You're covering for Ian,
aren't you?


No, I did it.

It was me.

- Can I talk to you?
- Yeah.

- She didn't do it.
- We have a confession.

- She's taking the fall for Ian.
- Are you sure?

Yeah. I think Ian found out that Scotty
was switching leagues and leaving Margo,

and he didn't want his mother
to be upset.

So he killed him?

Not intentionally. I think
he just wanted him to lose.

If Scotty didn't win,

the contract with Kendall would
have been null and void.

Exactly. And Scotty wouldn't leave the
FLC and the mother would be happy.

Right now we have a mother who just confessed
to killing her son. Her fingerprints are

all over the mouthguard. Unless we get a
confession from Ian, she's our prime suspect.

- We have to make Ian confess.
- He's at the press conference right now.

They're about to announce
the revenge fight against Diego.

Why would Ian confess when he knows
his mother will take the fall?

- Because it's the right thing to do.
- No, he does what he's told.

If we don't make him come clean, then
the wrong person is gonna go to jail.

Let's go.


- We need to have a word with you.
- Not exactly a good time.

- It's not gonna get any better.
- Your mother's at our headquarters.

She just confessed
to killing your brother.

She did what?

We know she didn't do it.
We know she's taking the fall

- for you, Ian.
- No.

I didn't do it.

I know you just wanted him
to lose.

I don't know...

You want your mother to spend
the rest of her life in prison

because of something
that you did?

There's still time
to do the right thing.

I have a press conference
to go to. Excuse me.

- Hey, Oz.
- Hey.

You guys came for the big announcement, eh?
Michelle, I didn't know you were a fan?

- I'm not.
- I want to thank you all for coming.

Now, this fight is about legacy.

It's about defending a name.

And after the tragedy
of Scotty Furmanek's death,

the Fighting Furmaneks have
a chance

to rise from the ashes
with the youngest member

of their dynasty.
I present to you

the man himself,

a legend in the making,

Ian Furmanek.

All right. Yeah.

All right.

Thank you all for coming.
Thank you, Mr. Dent.

I, uh...

My brother Scotty was
a great man

- and a great fighter.
- Yeah.

And I, um...

And, uh...


You OK, buddy?

I have something I need to say.

My brother Scotty didn't die
because of a doping scandal.

He died 'cause of an accident.

He died 'cause of me.

Sorry, brother.

Go for it. Whataya got?

- Checkmate.
- Checkmate? Are you serious?

I just taught you how to play,
you already me beat?

Has anybody else seen...
did you see this?

It was like six moves.
Have you played before?

Yeah. At Sick Kids.

At Sick Kids. You coulda told me that
before I taught you. Thanks a lot.

You wanna go again? It's a good
thing I didn't have any money

- on the table.
- Hey, Oz.

- Yeah, laugh it up.
- Got a sec?

Yeah. This isn't over,
by the way. I want a rematch.

This kid just hustled me at chess.

It's ridiculous.
He's, what, five years old?

- Yeah. I got Bobby Fischered.
- Good job, buddy.

Yeah, I thought I'd try
to help some of these kids

- make sense of what happened.
- You're a good man.

No, I know.

I mean, seriously, you coming here, making
these kids laugh. That's pretty awesome.

- I know. I'm incredible.
- And humble.

You're not so bad yourself.
You put the right guy

away, OK? I don't want you
to stress about it.

Yeah, this guy was just trying
to protect his family, you know?

Yeah, it's just a tragedy.
You know, it's a mess.

- What can you do?
- Luckily for you,

your best friend is pretty good
at cheering people up.

- I'm a lucky guy.
- Hey, Oz,

want me to beat you again?
I'll beat you again.

These kid have been jawin' at me. Two
on one foosball, you think that's fair?

All right, I'll do it with one
hand tied behind my back.

- Can I hang out?
- Bring it on. Yeah, Absolutely, come on in.

Beating a little
kid at something, huh?

- Yup
- Yeah. Hey. You want to see a magic trick?

- OK.
- Let's do a magic trick.

I want you to pick a card.

Take a peek. Don't show me.
I'm gonna guess what it is.


- Is it a nine of hearts?
- No.

Mmm... Jack of diamonds?

- No.
- Eight of clubs.

- You're bad at this.
- I'm bad at this? What?

- You're not very good. Sorry.
- I'm not good at this?

Oh, come on, are you kidding me? These
guys are tough,

I told ya.

You guys want to see me
pull my finger off?


Watch this.

All of these kids are
actual patients at Sick Kids.

I've met a lot of the patients
there, and I know that this is

one of the best children's
hospitals in the world.

All of us at The Listener
support this amazing place,

and we'd wish for you
to do the same.

So please go online and learn
about the wonderful care

and research they do there
and how you can help.

Let's work together to make
a difference. Right, guys?


Right on. Cool.