The Listener (2009–2014): Season 4, Episode 8 - The Illustrated Woman - full transcript


May I say how surprised I am
to see you in the field?

Especially for a body
found in a stairwell.

It's not just any body, Alvin.
It's a case in point

of the kind of cancer that's
eating at this neighbourhood.

What seems to have gathered
so many interested parties?

Fire department found
Jane Doe this morning.

Looks like she was strangled
sometime last night.

And all interested parties have been
assured results from your team.

Ha, ha, well...
We appreciate the confidence.

I just don't understand why a Jane Doe
would draw the attention of the IIB.

You will.

Could be a one-off, or the
ritual could indicate a pattern.

Either way, the press are gonna run
wild with this. Hold my coffee.

Can I borrow that? Thank you.

Gonna need more
of this. Thank you.

The Listener 04x08
The Illustrated Woman
Original Air Date July 24, 2013

Whoa, okay.

- How did you not tell me about this?
- My father told me

- it was impolite to brag.
- Well, I disagree.

I'm gonna brag for you.
You know what?

I'm gonna have to introduce you
as my girlfriend, Tia Tremblay,

the National Newspaper
Award nominee.

- That sounds really good.
- You like that, right? Congratulations.

Thank you. Toby, I wouldn't have broken
the Levinson story without your help.

- You happy?
- Yeah.

I'm happy.

- Good.
- Alright.

- You know what else my dad used to say?
- What?

You can be happy at home
or work, but not both.

Tough man, your dad.

Highly pragmatic.

Maybe he was wrong
about that one.


But he told the truth
as he saw it.

And that's what I've tried
to do too. Which is, of course,

what's made me a National
Newspaper Award Nominee.

I like this. This is bragging.
This is how you gotta do it.

But seriously...

I'm glad you're not scared off
by my telling the truth.

You know, like talking
about my epilepsy.

It scared a lot of
other guys, so...

- Thank you for being so accepting.
- Sure.

Not having any secrets makes
me feel so much closer to you.

So, the omelette of the day
is looking pretty good.

What do you think?

Up to you.

Maybe surprise me.

Strung up and surrounded
by a ring of fire.

I could barely get past
the reporters downstairs.

Well, it's a 24-hour
news cycle.

A ritualistic killing
like this feeds the beast.

Which is why we have
to move quickly,

before the press whips
the public into a frenzy.

So, what do we know
about the victim?

Well, the M.E. puts our Jane
Doe at around 30 years old.

There's no prints on file and
no match with missing persons.

- Anything from the canvass?
- Not yet,

but Superintendent Martell
has pre-approved overtime.

- Really?
- If she was at the crime scene,

there's a political agenda
at work. I'm not saying I know

where the mines are buried,
but be careful where you step.

Okay, so there was no sign of sexual assault,
even though the body was found naked?

Seems odd, doesn't it?

Many serial killers do it
simply for the thrill.

If it was the work of a serial killer.
I've got Dev cross-checking the M.O.

with the North American database.
What do you have for us, Corporal?

The M.O. doesn't match any
in the serial killer database.

So I think we need to rule
that out. Lighting a fire,

and a public placement of the body... is the
killer just trying to display his work?

Well, flaunting the kill implies a
confidence that they won't be caught.

Well, let's prove him wrong,
shall we?

The killer could just
as easily be a female.

What does forensics tell us?

The killer is organized.

I would say they were working
in their comfort zone,

somewhere close to a residence
or a place of employment.

If we're gonna be building a profile,
we should start with the victim.

Dev's right.
Let's start by identifying the Jane Doe.

Well, she had a lot of ink. Maybe
we can track down her tattoo artist.


Well, I thought you'd say that.

So I've been bouncing around
body modification chat rooms

and cross-referencing the work
with local artist portfolios.

And I believe this is
the work of one Zoe Davis.

- I'll pick up Toby on the way.
- I'll send you the address.

Excuse me? We just need
to ask you a few questions.

- I'm just in the middle of a sleeve.
- This won't take long.

- Is this your work?
- Yeah.

- Know this woman?
- Oh my god, Kelly...

- Do you know Kelly's last name?
- No, I don't.

That's a lot of ink. That must
have taken years, no?

Well, I didn't know her that long.
We did all that in 12 months.

- That's a bit unusual, isn't it?
- She was unusual.

- In what way?
- Well, most people

use the tattoo chair like a shrink's couch.
Kelly barely talked.

Was she emotional?
Did she cry?

Oh, a lot of people do.
Tattoos can act as a catharsis.

Did she ever come
in here with anyone?

Did she mention where she works
or a place that she hangs out?

I saw her once at the Vice Bar. Maybe
someone there can help you out.

- Do you know if she had a boyfriend?
- I don't think she had one.

I don't want to gossip. Anything
that you can tell us is gonna help.

Um, she always had a lot
of cash and tipped well.

I overheard her
on the phone once,

talking quietly to a client
about meeting at a hotel.

What are you saying?

I think she might
have been an escort.

Vice Bar's been
around for years.

It's a very wide-open clientele.
We'll go check that out.

Kelly was crying when she got
her phoenix tattoo.

Yeah. That much ink would bring
anyone to tears.

It's emotional, not physical.

- Dev. What's going on?
- Striations and fibers on the neck

are consistent with
a braided leather strap.

The thickness and
imprint of a clasp

suggest that a necklace
was the murder weapon.

Anything else?

The scratches on her heels
and rope marks on her wrists

are post-mortem.

She was killed somewhere else and
then brought to the stairwell.

Okay, we have a partial ID on our victim.
Her first name was Kelly.

We have reason to believe she was
an escort, so run it by Vice.

We got a lead from her tattoo
artist we're gonna check out now.

Okay. Bye.

Hey. Can you turn it down?

I can't hear you!
Isn't that great?

You're Johnny Willard, right?

The cops are really
classing up their visits.

I know the bylaws...

you can't execute a noise
complaint during the day.

We're IIB, we're not Metro.
We're here to ask you

about a customer of yours.
Her name's Kelly.

We found her in a stairwell
a block from here.

You know her?

We, uh...

dated on and off
for a couple months.

- What's Kelly's last name?
- She never gave me a last name.

Is that because
you paid for your dates?

- What?
- Your bar has a reputation.

And we have reason to believe
that she was an escort.

You wanna knock my bar,
that's fine.

Anyone who pays
for a drink is welcome.

But don't drag Kelly
through the dirt.

Why else wouldn't she
give her last name?

Because she was private.

Not a single photo
in her apartment.

Where were you
last night at 10?

You accusing me of something?

Not yet.

I was here till three.

When was the last time
you saw her?

I saw her a couple weeks ago.
Nothing since.

- Did she leave you?
- She broke it off, yeah.

- You know if she was seeing someone else?
- There might have been a guy.

Came in here one night.

- Why are you here?
- Get outta here!

Who the hell was that?

She said she didn't know him.
I thought she was lying.

We're gonna need
Kelly's address.

So I saw the guy

Johnny saw with Kelly.
He got rough with him.

I can do a composite with Dev.

Geographically, Johnny would work.
Kelly's apartment is a block from here.

Alright. I saw her wearing a braided necklace.
It could be the murder weapon.

Hopefully her apartment
gives us some answers.

Johnny was right.
No photos, no personal effects.

Check this out.

- The shower curtain's missing.
- Maybe they wrapped her body in it.

We'll get forensics in here.

The property manager
downstairs said that the rent

was paid each month with a credit
card belonging to a food company.

So maybe one of her executives
is paying for this place.

Right. Maybe the guy
that Johnny saw with Kelly?

He puts her up here,

anytime he's away on business,
Kelly brings in Johnny.

He finds out, he kills her.

What's the name of that company?

- Cloud 9 Organics.
- Let's go.

We need to talk to whoever's in charge
of the corporate credit cards.

I've got this, Trish.
Hi, Brent Sanders, CFO.

Oh, and this is
Jennifer Cowell, Co-CEO.

I'm Sergeant McCluskey, this
is Special Consultant Logan.

We need to know who
uses this credit card.

This is an exclusive card. Only
my partner and I have these.

That's great. Is he here?
Can we speak to him?

Her. Sarah's actually
not in the office yet.

Okay, well, we'll wait.

Well, is there something
we can help you with?

- Is this her?
- Yes, that's my partner.

She's also our victim.

Sarah and I grew up together.
Prep school at Kingston, U of T.

After we got our MBAs at Rotman
we started Cloud 9 Organics.

Sarah and Jen made Cloud 9

the biggest organic food
supplier in the whole country.

- Brent, I've got this.
- Okay.

Were you aware
that Sarah was using

the corporate credit card to pay
for her apartment?

What apartment?

Sarah owns a home
in Forest Hill.

- She was living a life of contradiction.
- What makes you say that?

Well, how she spent her off-
work hours. Her appearance.

The only way that
we could identify her

was from her tattoos.
It's not often that you see

a CEO with that much ink.

She always covered up at work.

So you didn't know
she was so heavily tattooed?

- No.
- But you knew that she had some work done?

As our business grew,
Sarah became distant.

I knew her less and less.

- Did you two have conflicts?
- Nothing meaningful. I tried to warn her.

Were there any personal issues
that you were aware of?

Sarah's parents died

about a year ago.

She would disappear
for days at a time.

Maybe the tattoos were
a reaction to their death.

She was known as "Kelly"
in some circles.

Did you know anything
about this?

I have no idea
why she would do that.

- And where were you last night?
- I went to bed early.

We're going to need
Sarah's laptop.

She's lying. She knew
about the tattoos.

She went by "Kelly"

in some circles.
But our victim's name

is Sarah Wembley. Now, Sarah was
involved in a volatile relationship

with Johnny Willard,
the owner of the Vice Bar.

We're looking into
his alibi from last night.

And we've got a team of forensics
at Sarah's home in Forest Hill.

I saw Johnny pushing a guy,
may have been Sarah's lover.

Unfortunately, our composite

doesn't match anything
in the criminal database

- or the corporate files at Cloud 9.
- We asked Jennifer about Sarah

using the name "Kelly",
and I saw something burning.

And Jennifer says she doesn't know anything
about Sarah's tattoos, but in your read,

you saw her watching Sarah
get the flames inked.

- And Jen doesn't have an alibi.
- So, we got flames on the victim's back,

we got flames from Jen,
and we got flames at the scene.

I think they gotta be connected.

Do you think she's capable of stringing up
the body of her dead friend and lighting

a ring of fire around it?

Yeah, physically,
I'd say she's strong enough.

Or she hired our mystery man
and the ritual's just his thing.

I'll look into her computer and see if it can
tell us anything about their relationship.

Okay. Talk to the tattoo artist
again, specifically about the flames.

Let's see if Jennifer Cowell

would hate our victim enough
to string her up in a stairwell.


It's gonna look great.

- You're back.
- Yeah.

You mentioned that Kelly's tattoos
may have been a catharsis.

- Can you tell us more about this one?
- Well, she cried a lot during our sessions.

I mean, I asked if she wanted to stop,
and she said she needed to get it out.

To get what out?

Did she ever say what it meant?

Nothing specific.

She wanted something that
represented transformation

and the phoenix is rising
from its own ashes.

And these?

Oh, a snake is our negative selves.
The tiger, courage.

She wanted something that represented
her courage to defeat her darker self.

I didn't think of it before,

but you guys aren't the first ones
to ask about her ink.

Who else did?

I didn't get his name,

but he saw the phoenix
on her at a bar.

- Our mystery man.
- What did he want?

He wanted to get one like it.
Wanted to know what it symbolized.

- Thank you.
- Thanks.

Well, if this mystery guy
was her lover,

why did he ask about her
tattoos? Maybe it's a stalker?

So I looked into Cloud 9 and I couldn't
find any fires connected to them.

But the company's
grown exponentially

in the past 3 years.

So someone there might have
motive to cut Sarah out.

Did you get anything
from her laptop?

Yeah, they're going to sell the company
to Largo Markets, it's a grocery chain.

The deal is on the table
as we speak and Sarah's emails

have her going back and forth
with Jen, just arguing about it.

- And Jen never mentioned it?
- No.

We need to find out how
Sarah's death affects that deal.

We need to speak with Jen.

She's away making
funeral arrangements.

Of course.

You guys are selling to Largo Markets,
is that right?

Yeah, it's still up in the
air, but they want to acquire us

and make Cloud 9 their
in-house organics brand.

Was there any tension
between Jen and Sarah

over whether or not to sell?

The numbers aren't right.
We're not selling.

How would you know?
You're never here.

They were always aligned.

That's what made
this company a success.

We heard that Jen
resented Sarah's absence.

Did you know anything
about her personal life?

Any debates that
Sarah and Jen had

were simply business partners
discussing business.

I'd like you to forward us
that deal memo.

- Or we could get a warrant.
- I'll send you the documents,

just please keep them confidential.
We still have a deal on the table.

- Thanks.
- Thank you.

He saw Jen and Sarah arguing.
I think Jen resented Sarah

- for carrying the business.
- Dev, what's going on?

We have forensics from Sarah's
anonymous apartment...

- she was definitely killed there.
- Did we canvass the building?

Yeah, a neighbour said they heard
someone leave at 11,

and that's an hour after her death.
But there's more.

Vice Bar's staff has Johnny coming
in late to work last night...

12 o'clock. But a red light cam

ticketed his SUV around
Sarah's apartment at 11:15.

Okay, we're gonna go
talk to him. Thanks.

Looks like Johnny's
drowning his guilt.


We need to ask you a few more
questions about Sarah Wembley.

- Who?
- "Kelly".

I get it.

Developers want me
out of business

and framing me makes it
easy to shut me down.

I'm not going anywhere.

Actually, yes, you are.

My place, my rules!

You don't want it
to go down like this, man.

It's only gonna
make you look guilty.

Make room.

I got nothing to hide.

You people are unbelievable.

Developers can't buy me out,

so they charge me with murder.

They won't stop till they clear the
whole block for strollers and yoga.

Your alibi is weak, Johnny.

People at your bar say that you
didn't show up until midnight,

that's well past
when Sarah was killed.

It's a crowded spot. Tough
to know who gets there when.

This was taken
outside Sarah's place

shortly after her time of death.

- We also found rope in your SUV.
- Is that a crime?

Yeah, if it's used
to string up her body.

If we search your place and find
the leather necklace that was used

to kill her, it's all gonna be
over for you.

I didn't kill Kelly. Or Sarah,
or whatever her name was.

When you're on the stand, I would try to
rein in that temper just a little bit.

Listen, I'm pissed.

She didn't tell me her real name or
anything about her company. And now this.

I thought you two were just seeing each other?
I thought it wasn't serious?

- I wanted more.
- But she didn't.

- That's not it.
- So then what happened?

- It's a fire! It's a fire!
- Shh! It's okay... It's okay.

Get out! Get out!

She woke up screaming
about some fire.

I told her it didn't matter what
it was, I wanted to hear about it.

- I'd be there for her.
- And?

She told me

she was seeing someone else.

- Wonderful.
- Okay, let's go through this again.

I understand you have Sarah
Wembley's killer in custody.

I understand that there's a reason
to hurry to that conclusion.

I assume you're referring to the red-light
photo of Johnny leaving the crime scene.


I'd appreciate it
if you brought charges

against Mr. Willard
as quickly as possible.

I can only respond
to the facts of the case.

So, when you find the murder
weapon in his possession,

I trust you'll...
you'll act accordingly.

When or if.

Come on,

we both know that
Johnny Willard's prosecution

will serve certain developers
with interests

in the area. This bar
will close and some careers

will be made along the way.

That is a dangerous assumption.

I expect to see charges laid.

We will prosecute Johnny to
the fullest extent of the law.

If he's guilty.

Sarah was killed at 10.

You were seen in her neighbourhood at 11:15
and then you showed up at the bar at 12.

That would have given you
plenty of time.

I didn't kill her.

You said she screamed about a fire...
did she ever talk about what her ink meant?

No. I told you
she was private.

Snake stands for negativity,

the tiger courage. Maybe
Sarah finally got the courage

- to get rid of you?
- That doesn't mean I killed her.

Then why did you show up
at her apartment?

We've got a witness
who puts you in the lobby.

The best play is
the truth here, Johnny.

I wanted to talk things out,

but I lost my nerve to buzz her.

So you never actually
were inside her apartment?

I was downstairs
when he killed her.

If I would have buzzed her,
she might be alive.

- Hey.
- What did you get from Johnny?

Well, he admits that he was
at her building last night

but says that he didn't actually
buzz up to her apartment.

Well, let's see if Sarah's DNA shows up
in his SUV, and if the rope matches.

Maybe Sarah's stalker
showed up last night?

Hey, I think I got something.
I checked out the deal memo

and corporate structure. Sarah had a
controlling interest in the company,

- but now all her shares are sold to Jen.
- Sarah didn't want to sell.

She didn't get a chance
to sign the deal memo.

Or maybe she wouldn't. Taking
control over a company this large,

that would
definitely be motive.

But Johnny's our prime suspect while
we try to recover the murder weapon.

Okay, well, we'll go talk to her first thing
in the morning, because as you always say...

Follow the money.


- Hey. Breakfast for dinner?
- You don't mind, do you?


I didn't have time to buy groceries
and there's a shocking lack

- of cereal-delivery places in this town.
- At least you saved some for me. Thank you.

Yeah, all you had left was this
cranberry-flaxseed stuff that Tia left here.

- It's totally for girls.
- It's good stuff.

Speaking of your lady friend,

pretty cool.
"Tia Tremblay nominated

- for a National Newspaper Award."
- She's a good writer. She deserves it.

What's the matter?
You're not that happy with it?

No, I am. I'm just, you know,

wondering when she's gonna
start digging into my story.

Oh, you think it might be time
to reveal the Logan secret?

No. It's been the death
of every relationship

I've ever had. Present
company excluded.

Well, you care
about her, right?

- Yeah.
- You trust her?


Then it might be time to say,
honey, I'm a telepath.

Can you pass the milk?

- I don't know, I mean...
- Can you actually pass the milk, please?

It's rude to reach
across. Thank you.

At this point,
why would I tell her?

- It's been so long.
- Belated truth.

I mean, when
your worlds collide,

how do you brace for impact? Better men
than us have failed to answer that.

- But they've probably phrased it better.
- Hey,

you're gettin' some sage advice for
the low price of a bowl of cereal.

You serious?

Okay, all-day breakfast
on me. Come on.

I'll take you to a place where the grease
fills every nook and cranny in your mouth.

- We need to talk.
- I'm afraid I have a meeting.

Sarah's shares transfer
to you now that she's dead.

Yes, they do. And I don't
appreciate the insinuation.

You actually think I killed my
best friend and strung her up?

With that much money on the line,
we don't rule anything out.

And you said that she had distanced
herself from the friendship.

- This is ridiculous.
- We know that you two

- fought about whether or not to sell.
- Yes, we did.

We fought all the time,
we were like sisters.

We'd been in business together
since we were 15.

Was there ever
a fire at Cloud 9?

- I don't know what you're talking about.
- You can tell us, Jen.

They can't know.
You're not making any sense.

No, we know about the fire.

He's inside! Jen, he's

Who was inside the fire?

Sorry to interrupt.

We could use you
at the conference table.

We have to finalize that
counter offer by 10 a.m.

- If you'll excuse me.
- You're going through with the sale?

Jen wants a little more
than they're offering right now,

but I have every confidence
we'll arrive at the right price.

That's even more incentive
if you own all the shares.


Jen thought of the flames
tattooed on Sarah again.

This time there was
a "K" in them.

So whether she hired someone
or acted alone,

- Jen looks good for it.
- This is about

more than the deal. They promised to keep
a secret about someone trapped in a fire.

Maybe Jen killed her before
Sarah could come clean about it?

Can you blame Sarah
for wanting to talk?

Imagine having to keep it
a secret for so long.

I know how she feels. You
thinking about telling Tia?

I don't know.

I'm all for openness, right,

but there are some things that are
probably better kept a secret.

A suspect, I grant you,

but lying about their past and Sarah's
tattoos doesn't mean Jen did it.

The flames connect to the way
Sarah's body was found, I know it.

Look, you said when Toby read the
tattoo artist, he saw our mystery man

asking about Sarah's phoenix.

So maybe he connects to the
flames, or someone else does.

The point is, when it comes to Sarah's
murder, all of this is circumstantial.

Did the search of Johnny's
property turn up anything?

His rope doesn't match and there was
no murder weapon found at his place.

Nothing in his SUV,

but his DNA's all over
Sarah's apartment.

That is not surprising
because they were lovers.

Jen said that she was home
the night of the murder.

Did we look into her?

Get Dev to take a hard look into Jen's
background. Let's see what he can find.

See, I knew you were
gonna say that.

Dev. What do you have?

Well, Jen said she went
to prep school with Sarah.

So I found their
online yearbook.

And this memorial for a Kelly.

Kelly Lerman. The same name
that Sarah used for her alias.

What's Sarah's comments there?
It says, "MH,

- the debt can never be repaid."
- Who's MH?

I may be able to
answer that, actually.

Kelly Lerman burned to death

in a marijuana grow-op fire.

Evidence suggested that
other people were involved,

but only one guy went down
for it. This guy.

- Max Howzer. He was 20 at the time.
- Max Howzer.


The article says that
the neighbours suspected

satanic worship was going on
at the house before it burned.

Max is doing time
at Kingston Pen.

Dev, can you pull up
Sarah's phoenix tattoo?

Yeah. Why?

Okay, look there. Look
at the bottom by her spine.

The lines in the flames bled.

The pigment is
different as well.

- So?
- So the tattoo was older.

Probably done by
a different tattoo artist.

You know what, give me
a second. I might be able

to isolate it based
on the pigment...


So Toby read Jen

watching Sarah get
this tattoo, and then Sarah

promising to keep
something a secret.

Okay, ideas anyone?

Was Jen somehow responsible
for Kelly's death

and Sarah refused to keep it
a secret any longer?

- Dev, find out where Jen is.
- Courage to overcome

her darker self.

Maybe the phoenix represented

- Sarah coming clean.
- And by tattooing

over the old ink, it sent
a clear message to Jen.


Yeah, she's not at the office. You may
have spooked her when you went to visit.

- Get over to her house.
- Yeah.

The door's open.


I'm gonna go this way.



She's breathing.

Do you have any idea
who hit you with this?

I remember coming
into the kitchen for water.

- Here, put this on your head.
- Okay, so why don't we start

by talking about Kelly Lerman?

Whatever secret you're keeping cost Sarah
her life, and nearly cost you yours.

The four of us started
the grow-op together.

Sarah and I, Kelly and Max.

Teenagers' idea of
a good business venture.

An electrical issue
caused the fire.

Kelly was asleep inside.

They didn't prosecute
you and Sarah?

Max had already done
a stint in juvie.

He was in love with Sarah.

He took the fall even though it was
Sarah who screwed up the wiring.

Sarah referred to herself
as "Kelly" in her other life,

and she covered up her matching
tattoo with new ink.

We got the tattoos as a way
of remembering Kelly.

And as a promise
to keep it a secret?

Do you really think this has
something to do with Sarah's murder?

Do you recognize him?

Did you hire him?

Hire him? No. He followed
Sarah to my house.

He knew about her life as "Kelly". He was
also asking around town about her tattoos.

It's Dev.

He says Max Howzer got out
of prison a month ago.

You're saying that Max killed Sarah
and that he's trying to kill me?

- We don't know anything yet.
- Sarah went to see Max about a year ago.

- The same time the tattoos started.
- Yeah.

I tried to warn her not to contact him,
that it would only stir up the past.

A forensics team is on its way.

We're gonna call an ambulance. You
gotta get yourself checked out.

I have to go back
to the office.

Alright, just make sure
you're around people.

Let's go see Max.

Maybe Max Howzer got out
and saw Johnny with Sarah,

- and in a jealous rage he killed her.
- So he goes after Jen

to punish them both?

Dev, I need you to put
an APB out on a van.

It reads "Byford's
Pest Control" on the side.

Will do. Hey, uh,
Howzer's parole officer

has his address listed as
a rooming house on Sherbourne.

I'll send you the address. And
Klein's already secured a warrant.

Thanks, Dev.
Howzer's in Toronto.

Well, let's
welcome him to town.

Hey, Michelle?

- Come check this out.
- What?

- Looks like a match.
- Whoa.

I saw Sarah wearing that in a read.
That could be the murder weapon.

- I'm gonna check out the other room.
- Yeah.

Hey! Drop it!

You're under arrest for
the murder of Sarah Wembley.

- It's the murder weapon.
- I've never seen that before.

Well, your prints were also found
on the bookend that struck Jennifer.

I didn't kill Sarah,
I didn't attack Jen.

- Then why'd you attack us?
- In prison,

someone's in your cell
uninvited, you come in swinging.

So it's just a coincidence

that you show up in Toronto
and Sarah turns up dead?

- A shame is what it is.
- You went to prison

for a fire that she was
responsible for.

- And?
- She was found strung up

surrounded by a ring of flames.

You know, neighbours from
your old grow-op,

they thought you guys
were into satanic worship.

It's a small town.

People overreact to black
clothes and heavy metal.


I went down for Kelly's death.

And yeah, Sarah screwed up
the wiring at the grow-op.

But I cared about her,
she had a future.

I didn't.

She cut off all contact with you
when you were in prison, right?

That must have upset you.

Yeah, well, I made my choice,
and I did my time.

Then she reached out to you. Maybe
that stirred up some old emotions.

Sarah came to see you.
She showed you her tattoos.

She said we could rise from our
ashes, just like her phoenix.

She was trying to help me.

Said maybe there was still
something between us.

But then you found out
about Johnny.

- Who?
- Johnny.

Listen, man, I told her
it wouldn't work,

that she was feeling guilty. She asked
me to come to Toronto when I got out.

We found the murder weapon
in your room.

You're the only who had motive
for both of the crimes.

If you're not responsible,
how do you explain this?

Someone's trying to frame me.

That is not very original.

Well, they'd have to know
a lot about your past.

Jen and Sarah did a great job
of keeping that a secret.

There was a guy.

He followed Sarah to my rooming
house. She came to see me.

Is this the guy?


Yeah, that's the guy.

Murder weapon and motive. Looks
like Max is going back to prison.

When we accused him of murder,
I got disbelief.

We need to identify the stalker.
Dev, any luck with the APB?

Yeah. Turns out there is
no Byford's Pest Control.

The van's registered to a Ryan Turner.
He's a private investigator.

Good work, Corporal.
Have forensics run Max's DNA

and see if it matches the crime scene. In the
meantime, let's find out who hired Turner.

You can ask him yourself.
We just brought him in.

So why were you following
Sarah and Jennifer?

I was putting together a file.

For who?

If I revealed my client list,
I wouldn't have one for long.

I'm sure you're familiar with the
privilege my license gives me.

Sarah Wembley was killed. Possibly
as a result of your investigation.

That's unfortunate. But
I had nothing to do with it.

Well, you're the only one
who might be able to help us

identify her killer. So you're
gonna tell us what you know.

Who hired you?

Even if I wanted to, they paid
cash and didn't give me a name.

Brent Sanders.

- Jen could be with him now.
- Yeah.

Well, if Brent dug up Sarah's
history a her life as "Kelly",

- he could have framed Max.
- Turner gives him Max's address.

Brent plants the necklace,
makes it look like revenge.

Dev, did you contact Jen?

lt's after hours,
No one's answering at reception.

But I checked on Brent Sanders. That
guy's been to the Caymans five times

in the last year.
Setting up accounts. Thanks, Dev.

A few more signatures and Largo
Markets will own Cloud 9 and you...

will be a very wealthy woman.

I, uh... just want to make
sure it's the right move.

Of course.

And I know these last few days
have been really hard.

But trust me, this is your best
move, alright?

Brent Sanders.

- This is a private meeting.
- Not anymore.

Why did you hire a private investigator
to look into your colleagues?

- What?
- I can explain.

So explain to us why
you hired Ryan Turner?

Five million for me

if I get the price down 15%.

Largo Markets got Cloud 9

at a discount. He was
gonna get a payoff.

- That is ridiculous.
- We know about the off-shore accounts.

Okay, I've had enough of this.
This is insulting.

Sarah knew what
the company was worth.

That's why she wasn't willing
to accept your appraisal.

The number that you two fought
over, who gave it to you?

- You did.
- Right. So Turner got back to you

with stories about her past,
and the grow-op

and you thought you could blackmail
her into selling the company.

She wasn't gonna sell.

You killed her?

I did not kill her.

- You tried to pin it on Max.
- Forensics is pretty amazing.

A few flakes of skin
under her fingernails

and it's all over for you.

I imagine we'll find scratches
on your arms.

You killed Sarah and
you tried to frame Max?

- Jen, you can't possibly believe...
- Okay, okay.

You're under arrest for
the murder of Sarah Wembley.

It's okay.

- I heard congratulations are in order.
- You heard correctly.

I appreciate your efficiency.

Even though it means
Johnny's bar will remain open?

You got a killer
off the street, Alvin.

And there are other ways
to satisfy the powers that be.

Not to worry.

I'll figure something out.

Well, the news cycle gets
its ritualistic killer,

- and a frame job to boot.
- And forensics found

Sarah's DNA all over
the back of Brent's car.

Largo Markets is under investigation
for corporate espionage,

and Jennifer's gonna
keep the company.

And her and Max Howzer
might work it out after all.

I suppose it's never too late
to tell the truth.


So she parked in my spot again.

- What am I supposed to do?
- I think you gotta egg her car.

Good idea.

It's not bad.

You okay?

Yeah, I'm good. Just thinking
about this case we closed today.

Is it true he already set up
accounts in the Caymans?


But true.

Wow, are we telling secrets
tonight, Toby?

Actually, yeah, we are.

- Really?
- Yes. Um...

Okay. Just
freaking me out a little.

I've told you

that I read faces.

- Right.
- That is not true.

Okay. So what do you do?

I read people's minds.

Their thoughts.

I deliver baby elephants.

Sometimes polar bears.

I'm a midwife
for all species, really.

That's fair. I know
it sounds crazy.

Alright, look.
This couple,

here, looks like
they're arguing?

He's gonna get down
on his knees and propose.

She's gonna say no.

And walk out of here.

Now's he's gonna call his friend

to grab some drinks
to drown his sorrow.

Okay. I get it.
You know them.

Was that it?

You had a heavy case and now you're trying
to lighten things up with a practical joke.

- That's really funny.
- It's not a joke.

It's who I am. It's what I do.

But I've been afraid
to tell you because...

it's ruined every
single relationship

I've ever had.

This woman, in the red.

She wants her cheque.

But she also wants dessert.

You're saying
you can read my mind?

I can't read yours.

I don't know if that's because of
your epilepsy or the medication.

I think that's why we work.

Because I have no idea
what you're about to say or do

and I love that.

You gotta help me out.

I have no idea
what you're thinking.

Do you believe me?

I don't know what to believe.

I'm sorry.