The Listener (2009–2014): Season 4, Episode 6 - Witness for the Prosecution - full transcript

When a prosecutor is prepping her witness against an alleged mobster, someone shoots hitting the witness. The team is tasked with finding the shooter. An FBI agent shows up and says that he believes the shooter is someone he's been pursuing. Michelle is told that they have to work with him and she doesn't like it. They talk to the mobster and Toby senses the man might not be involved. They then talk to one of his associates and he is not exactly forthcoming but Toby senses something. When the witness wakes up, they talk to him, they deduce that the mobster might not have committed the crime he's accused of. When the prosecutor learns of this she's not happy.

May I help you, sir?

The building manager...
Bill Simpson, called,

said the fourth-floor
smoke detector died.

Mr. Simpson... no, he didn't
tell me anything about it.

And right now he's out having dinner, so
perhaps you can come back in an hour?

Look, if a fire starts

and the smoke detectors are
dead, it's not my fault.

Ok, ok, just go ahead.

Thank you.

Mr. Deluca,
in your own words,

take us through the events
of the night of October 11th,

the night you saw with your own eyes Frank
Tedeschi shoot the victim in cold blood.

Everything just happened
so fast, you know? I mean,

- Frank just rolled up and pow!
- Ok, Dino, when you're on the stand,

you need to take a lot more time
with it, ok?

So just take a deep breath,
breathe through it, try again.

- I remember leaving the club
at around 1:45 in the morning.

I was heading to my car
in the parking lot.

- That's when I saw Ade.
- No, full names please.

- Uh, Adriano Valentine, the victim.
- Good.

He was at the side of the club,
in an alleyway, just smoking.

Tell us what happened next,
Mr. Deluca. And, Dino,

this is where you can
really take your time with it.

I heard footsteps.

It was Frank Tedeschi.

He had something in his hand.

It was a gun.
He raised it up and...


Shots fired! Repeat,
shots fired! Lock down the area.

Get me an ambulance, now!


The Listener 04x06
Witness For The Prosecution
Original Air Date July 10, 2013

(Knocking on door)

Hey, good morning, neighbour.

You got any milk I can swipe from you?
I'm all out at my place.

I can't believe
you're even asking.

- Ah, life blood.
- Milk's in the fridge.

Yeah, but I need it for my coffee. I
also recall I need some cereal too.

Man, I had a rough night
last night.

- Yeah? Late night?
- Yeah. That Sandy is a minx.

Used my body like a damn
scratching post.

- Organic Cranberry Flax Seed Crunch?
- It's Tia's.

You're buying cereal
for tia now? Oh, boy,

- that's a slippery slope.
- It's just a box of cereal, Oz.

Next think you know,
you're making duplicate keys

and getting wardrobe approval
before you leave the house.

- Oz, it's just a box of cereal.
- It starts with a cereal box,

and it ends with a moving box.

No one's moving anywhere.
You know my situation.

What, you mean your complete
emotional inavailability?

- Good morning.
- Hey, wha... hey!

- Morning, Oz.
- Tia, yes, hi. That is a great robe on you.

Is that Toby's?
'Cause it's feminine and yet

- has a sort of schlumpy...
- And the milk is in the fridge.

Oh, I'm good for milk.
I'll get the... the yogurt.

Why didn't I think of that?
Yogurt is much better.

(Door closing)


I should get going.

I'm just gonna cab it home
and shower there.

- But you live across town.
- I don't want to push anything, Toby.

- You might be late for work.
- Don't worry, it's no big deal.

(Police radio chatter)

- Hey.
- Hey.

So, the victim's name is
Dina Deluca.

- What's his story?
- He was picked up on a charge

of laundering money for the mob.
It turns out he saw his boss,

Frank Tedeschi, kill someone,
so he cut a deal to testify.

Frank Tedeschi, huh?
I think I read about him.

"The Cooler."
Nobody could catch him.

- But she did.
- Yes, ma'am, he over there.

That's Crown Prosecutor
Krista Ellis.

From what I hear,
she's a force of nature.

- You're Klein?
- I am.

I'm responsible for the unit.
This is Sergeant McCluskey.

She'll be running
the investigation.

It's nice to meet you.
I hear you had a rough evening.

It was fine until
someone shot my witness.

What's his status? The bullet
perforated his left lung.

He went in for surgery;
He's in the ICU now.

As long as he lives long enough to testify.
You have a line on the shooter?

No, not yet. We searched the place for
evidence, but turned up nothing as of yet.

We're hoping we can get
a description from the doorman.

I don't need the details; I just
need this guy off the street.

Yes, my thought exactly. And if we can prove
the shooter was working for Frank Tedeschi,

- you can have him for two shootings.
- I like the way you think, Mr. Klein.

Just don't promise me
anything you can't deliver.

We'll deliver.


Got a little hot in here.

Get to work.

Dr. Wilson, dial 2-3-4.
Dr. Wilson, dial 2-3-4.

Mrs. Deluca?


Special Consultant Logan. This is Sergeant
McCluskey. We're with the IIB. Can he talk?

He mumbled a few things.

He's still recovering

from the surgery.

The doctors said it was touch
and go, but he pushed through.

Dino, we need to ask you a few
questions about this morning.

Do you have any idea who did this to you?
Was it Frank Tedeschi?

This whole trial hinges
on your testimony.

We think Frank hired someone
to take you out.

Do you know how they knew
where you were?

Were you in contact with anyone
from the Tedeschi organization?

Hey, uh, your dad's gonna be
all right.

Ok? He's in very good
hands here.

So, Tedeschi's a crime boss.
He's not what I pictured.

He's young, he's got a babe
on each arm.

He's the new face
of an old organization.

Mm. "The leader of a new wave

of organized crime."
What makes him so special?

Well, for one, he studied law
at Osgoode Hall.

- He's a lawyer?
- Almost.

He dropped out
when his old man passed away

and took over
the family business.

But he knows
how not to get caught...

Speaks in codes,
keeps himself insulated.

Mm, like a "cooler".

- Exactly.
- Right.

Dev, what have we got?

A facial composite
of our shooter.

Seems our guy called ahead,
spoke to the building manager,

and got enough info
to scam his way inside.

Ok. Anything
from facial recognition?

It's not in our database.

- What about ballistics?
- Yeah, I have them,

- it's somewhere here.
- It's a Dragunov.

It's a Russian-made
semi-automatic marksman rifle,

chambered in 7.62 by 54.
It's top of the line.

Yeah. That's exactly
what I have here.

Team, meet our guest
from down South. This is

Special Agent John Burrows,
Federal Bureau of Investigation.

Sergeant McCluskey,
Special Consultant Logan,

- and Corporal Clark.
- How can we help you Agent Burrows?

More about how I can help you. For
one thing, I can ID your shooter.

This is the only known photo
of Tai Ling.

Chinese Republican Army.
Top marksman.

Discharged in '04. Makes his way over to
the US, where he's now one of the most

sought after and highly paid
freelance hitters.

Pretty old photo. How can you
be sure that's our guy?

Same MO, same rifle.
It's your guy.

I'm sorry, how does he
know about the shooting?

My antenna was up. I tracked Ling
to Detroit where he fell off the map.

I suspected he crossed
the border for a job, so I followed him.

- Into our jurisdiction?
- That's right.

He went through all
the proper channels, Michelle.

I did. With your permission,
I'd like to piggyback this case.

In my experience with the FBI, "piggyback"
is just another word for hijack.

With all due respect, sergeant, aren't
you looking a gift horse in the mouth?

Michelle. Sidebar.

Save your breath.
It's a done deal.

- Burrows is going to piggyback.
- How did this happen?

How do you think?
Their suits talked to our suits,

horses were traded,
backs were scratched.

And whose back was scratched?

That woman collects political favors
like a kid collects comic books.

The good news for you is that Burrows has
been working the Ling case for years.

- He can be a real asset.
- Yeah, that's one word for him.

Remember, you're driving
this investigation.

He's in the backseat.
And Toby's, uh, "gift"?

I'm supposed
to just keep that a secret?

Well, you kept it from me
for a number of...

You'll figure it out.

What do you bring to the table?

I'm a specialist...

Muscle recognition,
lie detection.

A face reader? What method
do you use? Denninger?

No, no. I read the frequency
of lateral eye movement,

the change in breath...
we call it the Logan method.

They teach face reading at the
Bureau, but I'm not in for it.

In my opinion, it's
a sideshow act. All due respect.

So, looks like we're going
to be working together.

Great. Let's get started.
I've got a lot of ideas on how -

Yeah, I bet you do, and I can't
wait to hear all of them. Right now

we're gonna go talk to Tedeschi.
He's under house arrest.

Shouldn't we wait for the rest of your unit?
This is the unit.

So, Burrows, you're the world's
leading expert on Tai Ling.

- What's he thinking right now?
- Ling's proud.

He'll blame the botched hit
on equipment failure.

He'll recalibrate,
buy new equipment.

- (Dev): Guys.
- If I were running

this investigation,
I'd be working that angle.

Dev, check out the gun ranges
of black market dealers.

Ok, will do.

Like it or not, Burrows,
I'm in charge of this unit,

so when we go talk to Tedeschi,
you hang back and listen.

- Understood?
- Yes, ma'am.

Oh, good timing. Nice.

Nice boots.

Look, I read the paper,
I read the lies about me,

but I can only concern myself
with what I know to be true.

I'm a legitimate businessman.

By legitimate, you mean running your
father's criminal organization?

My father, rest in peace, was accused of
some questionable activities, sure. Me?

Never committed a crime
in my life.

- I stay far away from trouble.
- I saw they put a bullet in your leg in '07.

You must not be very good at staying
away from trouble.

Well, what can I say? I was in the wrong
place at the wrong time. Who is this guy?

Agent Burrows is assisting
in this investigation.

Look, we don't want
to waste your time, ok?

This is a photo of the shooter.
Name's Tai Ling.

- Do you recognize him?
- Number Four.

Great. Never seen the guy before
in my life.

You of all people should know, if you want
to cut a deal, you need to start talking.

Who the hell OK'ed this?
Huh? Who?!

- I don't know!
- Didn't I say not now?

I told you, I don't know
anything about this shooting.

I have no reason to be afraid of
Dino Deluca. The man is a liar,

and my lawyer over here is going
to pick his story apart.

I did not shoot my friend

and I damn sure didn't hire
this Tai Ling.

- I'm a businessman. I don't order hits.
- Come on, Frank.

According to your file, you're suspected
of ordering more than a dozen hits.

You know what you can do
with that file, right?

- No. Why don't you show me?
- Ok, we're done here.

- Show me.
- Burrows.

She's calling you.

Thank you.

So, he lied. He knows Ling.
He calls him "Number Four".

Tedeschi speaks in codes,
so maybe we can use that.

So, you get some good
face reads?

I did. Yeah.
Tedeschi told his boys

to leave Dino alone, at least
until the trial was over.

You got that from some lateral eye
movements? He's gotta be kidding me.

What the hell were you doing
in there?

Hey, all due respect,
I'm not going to sit on my hands

and watch the Logan method guide
this investigation.

- What kind of unit is this?
- This unit has the best

solve ratio out of any Federal
Police Agency, so you can either

go back to your hotel room
and hang out by yourself,

or you can ride with us
and stick with the program.


Ling was just made talking
to a gun dealer in Chinatown.

We're gonna drop you off there
to see what you can find out.

Yeah. Well, I am down
with the program, ma'am.

- I think she likes me.
- Get in the car, Burrows.

- So, what've you got?
- Well, we know Tedeschi speaks

in codes. We think that we have
the one he uses for Ling.

Yeah, I searched back
through the wiretaps

that you provided us with,
and I think I found something.

Want to order Number Four?

Go to the main.
They make a Number Four.

Twenty-four hours later,
a rival gang member was murdered

by a sniper using a Dragunov,

so if ordering a Number Four
means hiring Ling,

then all we have to do is find
out where the main is.

Not where, who.
Elio Bruni.

Often referred to as the main.
Does Tedeschi's dirty work.

He's ambitious. Recently moved
up in the organization.

Now he's right up at the top,
near the throne.

Well, is it possible
this guy hired Ling?

Anything's possible, but don't
take your focus off Tedeschi.

I've gone through a lot
to get him where I want him.

I can't have him passing
the blame off on an underling.

- Understood.
- I'll leave it with you.

Have a good day.

She's not gonna want to hear this,
but I got Elio on a read.

I think we should talk to him.

Let's make it happen.

(Phone ringing)


I understand.

I'm gonna make it right.
Don't call again.


I think your team might be
sniffing around the wrong trees.

Losing faith already?

I want the man who shot my witness.
I don't do patience.

I get it.
It's an important case,

and you want to know
it's under control. And it is...

As much as it can be.
Trust me.

Is it true what they say
about you?

What do they say about me?

No matter what people throw
at you,

you always wind up on top.

(He laughs.)

Um, I don't play to lose.

You know, you have
your own reputation.

Do I?

They say that you always get
your man.


I guess that's
to be determined.

Why don't we be in touch later?

You can keep me updated
on the case.

Yeah. I'll, uh...
I'll call you.

My client is here
as a gesture of goodwill.

He's a respected businessman
and a pillar of his community.

Your client has been arrested
half a dozen times on charges

ranging from racketeering
to grievous assault. Please sit.

And never convicted.
Not once.

The goodwill clock's running,

so if you ask my client
a question I don't like...

Yeah, I get it. We understand
that you're friends

- with Frank Tedeschi?
- Yeah, I know him, if that's what you mean.

What about Adriano Valentine?
Is he friends with Frank?

Frank's a very popular guy.

And here's to you, Frankie.

May the gods' of wealth
and success keep smiling on ya.

Are you going somewhere
with this?

We're just trying to figure
out who's friends with who.

Tedeschi's off the table.
Move on.


- You ever seen this guy before?
- Never seen him before.

So, Elio, you're saying
you've never spoken to Ling?

That money's never
changed hands?

Do not respond
to that question.

Meter's expired.
Let's go, Elio.

We know you're the man
with the hookup, Elio.

We just need to know
how to order a Number Four.

You ordered a Number Four,
didn't you?

Yeah, yeah, I can hook you up.

I'll get him to call you.

Next time you want to talk to my
client, you'll need a warrant.

I saw a web page.
I got a partial on the logo.

Looked something like that.
A whirlpool with a mouth?

That looks like the daughter
of Hades and Poseidon.

That's Charybdis.

You know Greek mythology?

- No. I know Internet.
- Ah.

- Right.
- Look.

This is Charybdis, the most
anonymous subnet on the web.

It's an underground haven
for hackers, phreaks,

and all-around baddies.

Its activity is untraceable.
It's impossible

- for law enforcement to get past this page.
- Ok, well, if it's impossible...

Well, they stole the coding for the
firewall from a certain handsome

yet humble
underground hacker: Me.

There's two things to know:
One, I always leave a back door,

and two, karma is a bitch.

Do you know what?

I think I might know
Ling's handle.

Try "Friend, underscore,

In, underscore, Need".

- Ok, that could be him.
- Yeah, look at the characters

on the side. The sequencing is consistent.
It's two sets of three, and then four.

Phone numbers.

- Yeah.
- Burner phones.

If we can find the most recent
one, we can maybe find our guy.

Ok, I got one in Seattle.
It's dead.

Got one from Detroit.

It's dead. Ok, here, I got one
from Toronto.

- It was activated this morning.
- Ok, when you get the location,

text it to me. Call ETF and have them meet
us at the scene. We'll go pick up Burrows.

Beautiful night, huh?

How'd it go
with the gun dealer?

Nothing concrete, but it seems that
Ling's been doing some restocking.

He's picked up some ammo for the Dragunov, and
he's added a Sig, a shotgun, and some knives.

That's pretty serious.

He missed the first time.
He won't miss again.

What have we got? We got the room number
of the guy who fits our description:

237. Night manager thinks
he's in there now.

- All right. Let's do this.
- No. We wait for tactical.

Been there, done that.
I almost had him in Denver

but I lost him. I did not come
this far to lose him again.

Burrows, if your intel is right,
he's got a lot of firepower.

We can't take him on our own.

No, I can.
It's not my first rodeo.

We wait for tactical.

- Toby, can I have a minute?
- Yeah.

So, when they get here...

I know the drill.
You can save your breath.


What the hell are you doing?
I told you to wait.

Wait if you want,
but I'm going in.

You can't go in alone.

Then watch my six.



(Cell phone ringing)


[Michelle, don't open
the door! It's booby-trapped!]


Tai Ling in a nutshell...
Simple, deadly,

impossible to predict.
But somehow you knew.

From the ground level, without ever seeing
the door, you knew it was booby trapped.

- How is that exactly?
- I saw Ling in his car.

I got a good look at his face,
and I had a feeling.

- Don't tell me. The Logan method.
- You're welcome.

So, Ling paid the manager
a couple hundred dollars

to warn him if anyone came
looking for him.

It's Denver all over again.
We should have acted faster.

I'm sorry, are you actually
trying to blame this on me?

It's not about blame,
it's about the facts,

and the fact is, sergeant, you
overthought this.

Excuse me?

Look, we wasted 60 seconds
arguing about what to do,

gave Ling enough time
to get out of the room.

No. He already had the gun set up. A
minute earlier, and we would be dead.

- We almost had him.
- We almost got killed.

All right, are you guys done?
Ling was here, in this room,

which means we're close.
We can get this guy,

but we gotta pull
in the same direction.

You guys want the good news,
or the bad news?

Good news.

All right, I got the call history on Ling's
burner phone. He only received one call,

from a place called The
Journey's End, on Atlas Drive.

- Atlas Drive, where's that?
- You turn left at the airport,

you keep driving till you hit
the middle of nowhere.

It's a perfect place to
sequester a family in Wit-Pro...

- Like Deluca's family.
- So, wait, the call to Ling

came from the same place
where Deluca's family is?

Simplest explanation is

it's one of the guards. They're all kept
in the loop on the unit's movements,

so if one of them's
working with Ling...

But we don't actually think that
Ling's going to make

a move on Deluca's family, do we?

No way. That's not his style.

Ok, well, we're not gonna
take any chances.

I want to replace the police
detail with our guys.

Bring Deluca's family
into IIB holding, ok?


Why don't you go home,
get some rest?

- Will you give me a ride?
- Yes. Come on.

Thank you.

Thanks for dropping me at home.

Please. That's the least
I could do.

Thank you for meeting with me
to discuss the case.

Well, I have no problems mixing
business with a little bit of pleasure,

especially with a man who knows
his way around the wine list.

I just pick by price point.

You know, I was just trying
to impress you.

(Cell phone ringing) Uh, sorry.

Michelle thinks that someone
inside the police detail

might be compromised, possibly feeding Ling
information about Deluca and his family.

No, no, I vetted those men

Still, we should do our due diligence.
We should check those men again.

I don't want you to take
your eyes off the prize, Alvin.

The case is Tedeschi.
He hired the shooter.

How hard can it be
to get me proof?

Agent Burrows said that Ling's
going rate is a hundred grand.

We've been all over Tedeschi's
financials. There's no sign of...

I don't care how you do it,
just get me something. Anything.

I'm sorry. That was...

lack of sleep, looming trial...

- makes me very cranky.
- Please, don't apologize.

I've been there.

You know, Alvin, um,

it just so happens that I have

a 2003 Bordeaux

from St. Julien

just sitting on my shelf.

That's a hundred-dollar bottle
of wine.

Are you tempted?

Tart fruits, violets,
hint of cedar,

long, robust finish.

I could be convinced.

Where are you drifting to?

I can see the wheels turning
up there.

It's this Deluca case.

- We're hitting brick walls.
- Doesn't surprise me.

This whole case stinks.

I should not be talking about
an open investigation with you.

I'm not talking about the open

I'm talking about the one
that's supposedly closed.

The Tedeschi murder trial?

You don't think it's weird
that a man so calculating would

shoot someone so carelessly?

Prosecutor Ellis seems
to think he did.

Oh, Ellis.

She hasn't broken bread
with mob bosses. I have.

Word on the street is

that Tedeschi had no beef

with Valentine. He loved him
like a brother.

Well, it is kinda hard to see why
he'd kill somebody he loved so much.


But that's not our case,
you know?

It's not the case
we're working on.

You don't know that for sure.

(Cell phone ringing)

It's probably work.

Yeah, it's Michelle.
What? Tia, I got...

(Toby): - Hey. What's up?
- I'm at the hospital.

Deluca's awake now. He can talk.
Do you want to meet me here?

- Yeah, I'll be there in 20.
- Ok, great.

- Hey. Where are you going?
- Home.

Home? Why?

Because I don't think you're comfortable
having me stay over.

Oh, no, no, I apologize, ok?
What you heard me say to Oz,

that's... that's complicated,
all right?

I just have a lot of bad luck
with relationships.

But not to say I'm gonna have
bad luck with you.

It's ok. You know what?
Sometimes things can

move too fast, so let's
just keep it casual.


Don't want your friends
to get the wrong idea.

Nothing here, sir.

I want these seats
out of here. Pop the trunk.


No, sir.

So, Dev and I pored over the police detail.
Nothing. They're good.

- Anything from Burrows?
- Yeah, he's working

with forensics right now.
They recovered Ling's vehicle,

searched it for evidence,
but nothing. Ling's good.

- You ok? You seem distracted.
- Yeah, I'm fine.

Let's talk to Deluca.


Hi. We were here earlier.

- You may not remember us.
- No, I don't.

We wanted to show you
the shooter.

That's him? That's the guy
Tedeschi hired to shoot me?

Well, we haven't been able
to prove that Tedeschi was

- the one who hired him.
- Then who the hell did?

We're not sure. We're hoping that
you can help us with this.

You were inside the operation.

I handled some of the money.

I never hurt anyone. I never saw
anyone get hurt till that night.

Tell us what you saw the night of the
shooting, October 11th. What did you see?

Why do you want to know?

- Why do you want to know?
- Just stay with me on this.

It might have some relevance
to what's happened to you here.

What did you see, Dino?

Just like I said in the report.

I was in the parking lot.
Ade was in the alley smoking,

and Frank came
out of the shadows.

- Did you see his face?
- Of course I saw his face.

He raised the gun. Pow.
Ade went down.

So, he was moving quickly.

No. Tedeschi limps.

- Can we talk for a minute?
- Yeah.

Why are you asking
about a limp?

The shooter ran from
the alleyway. No impediment.

Ok, if you're right, then
Tedeschi didn't kill Valentine.

And the prosecution's case is
a house of cards.

What's your status, Burrows?

I haven't been shot at yet,
so today's a good day.

- Where are we at with Ling?
- He's gone to ground.

Deluca's getting transferred to
the courthouse in a few hours.

Ling will make his move then.
I'll be there waiting

- with a SWAT team and a smile.
- Michelle?

- Yeah.
- My office.

- Walk me through this.
- Well, the police want Tedeschi

for the murder,
but they can't make it stick.

Right, so they bring in
everyone associated

with the organization, including
Deluca, and they sweat him.

And they find evidence
of money laundering.

They use that as leverage,
plea him out, and put Deluca

in Witness Protection as long
as he gives them Tedeschi.

- So what's the problem?
- Deluca lied. He said he saw

a man running from the scene, but
Tedeschi limps. You're sure?

Yeah, we checked his medical
records. He's got severe

nerve damage in his left leg.
There's no way he could've ran.

Because if I go to the Crown
Prosecutor to tell her

that her star witness is lying,
I'm gonna need proof.

- We'll get you proof.
- I don't understand why Deluca

makes that move. Why does he pin
murder on his boss? Just to skate

- on the money laundering charge?
- Maybe he's making his move

within the organization.

Or maybe someone got to him,
an over-zealous cop.

Someone from the Crown
Prosecutor's office...

- Those are serious accusations.
- I know. I'm just saying

- I think we need to reopen up the case.
- Three hours before the trial?

You do know what you're saying?

Yes, I do. And I know it's not
the smart career move,

but I think we have to do
the right thing here.

That's if you think that clearing
Tedeschi's name is the right thing to do.

That's not our decision
to make.

The question before us is this:

if Tedeschi isn't the shooter,
then who is?

Find me the answer
to that question. Quickly.

Ok, let's go back
to the basics here.

Who was there the night of the murder
and who had the motive?

- Well, I think Tedeschi's off the table.
- And so is Deluca.

- Ellis said Elio had a lot of ambition.
- A lots of people do,

but that doesn't make them
automatically murderers.

But when I read him
I had this feeling.

I don't know, just the way he watched
Tedeschi treat Adriano with so much

respect and trust.

It's like he envied him.

- He wanted his spot at the top.
- Dev, I know

the police already looked at
Elio as a possible suspect but...

I know what you're going to say. I'll reopen
the case and see if they missed anything.


So, Tedeschi really is
the new face of organized crime.

File says he finished top 5%
at Osgoode Hall.

Yeah, he was on his way to becoming
a top-flight criminal lawyer,

and then he gave it all up
to join the family business.

Well, his old man died. Maybe
he felt it was an obligation.

Yeah, I just don't understand
how you go from studying law

to becoming a mob boss.
I don't get that mental switch.

What's the difference between
a lawyer and a gangster?

- Trick question, don't answer that.
- I just think there are

certain lines you do not cross,
even if it is for family.

Is that right? You went
pretty far for your old man.

I never broke the law.

Well, the line is different
for everyone. Take Tedeschi.

He probably thinks
he's never crossed the line.

And, for a mob boss, he's kept
his hands pretty clean.

That's because he has soldiers like
Elio doing the dirty work for him.

Go inside now. Go. Go.

Got my lawyer on speed-dial.

It's Elio.
Get over to the house, ASAP.

The IIB is harassing me.

Oh, relax. We just want
to talk to you for a minute.

- I got nothing to say to you.
- We're just curious, Elio.

Yeah? About what?

Why you shot Adriano Valentine.

Let me tell you a little
something about Valentine,

my blood brother. I would go to
the ends of the earth for you.

You insane, pal? I had no beef
with Valentine. I liked the guy.

But he had what you wanted. He was closer
to the throne, the money, the power.

You killed Valentine
to move closer to Tedeschi.

But now Tedeschi's going down for
the murder. Wasn't smart planning, was it?

Keeping your old friend Dino from
talking is gonna get him killed.

Shut up.

You're the one who's going
to make those children fatherless.

If you cared at all...

You've got no idea.
I care about that family.

Yeah, if you cared,
you'd do something about it.

I can't take it anymore.
It has to stop.

I can put you in touch with a guy.
He can solve this problem.

That's my lawyer.
He's on his way.


So, he gave the Ling hookup
to Dino's wife Maria.

What? She hired Ling
to kill her husband?

That's what I'm thinking.

In my read, I saw Maria
outside Elio's house.

It was late at night.
Looked like she had been crying.

Think there's something going
on between the two of them?

No, no. That wasn't the vibe
at all. It was more desperate,

like she had nowhere else to go.
She said she couldn't take it

anymore, that it had to stop.

- What had to stop?
- Well, you gotta think

Tedeschi was probably
threatening the family.

So, she goes to Elio,
he gives her the hookup to Ling.

She thinks we're so busy looking
at Tedeschi that we would

never even consider her
to be a suspect.

And once the dust settles, she goes
to Tedeschi and says, "You owe me".

- And he sets her up for life.
- It's a strong motive.

She gets rid of Dino and
all her problems go away.

So does her husband.

Well, a lot of women kill
their husbands.

I don't know,
maybe if the wives hate

their husbands.
Did you get that vibe from her?

Not necessarily, no, but I got
the sense that she's a smart

woman and that she would do
anything to protect her kids.

What's going on? Is Dino ok?

- Did something happen?
- No, he's fine.

We just need
to ask you a few questions

about you and Dino.

About us?
What do you want to know?

Would you say that you two
have a happy marriage?

Yes. I love my husband.

He's a good man and a very good father.
Why are you asking me this?

Why'd you hire a man
to kill him?

Don't tell me to calm down.
You missed the goddamn target.

Maria, we know you called the shooter
from the Journey's End.

You think I called him?
Why would I do that?

That's what we want to know.

Well, you're asking
the wrong person.

I think I need to
get back to my kids.

We know you hired
a man to kill your husband.

The father of my children?

Do you think I want to make them
fatherless? Don't you get it?

All I want is
for my kids to be safe.

(Ellis): - You tell your husband to play ball.
- Leave me alone.

If you care about your children,
don't think I'm bluffing.

We know you've been through
a lot. We're here to help you.

- We know you've been threatened.
- What do you know about that?

We know the Crown Prosecutor
threatened you and your family.

She said Dino
wasn't being smart.

She said it was up to me to talk
sense into Dino, to make him say

- what she wanted him to say.
- Or what?

She'd tell Tedeschi's people
where we were hidden.

- And if you refused?
- She'd go to Children's Aid

and she'd have them take my kids
and put them in a home.

Do you know what happens
to kids

in those places?

They get hurt.

And nobody's gonna hurt
my children.



I just read her tell Ling
that he hit the wrong target.

So Dino isn't the target.

The Crown Prosecutor.

Klein, where are we at
with Ellis?

I keep getting her voicemail.
The trial starts any minute.

She's gotta be
around that courthouse.

I'm trying to get a hold
of her assistant right now.

Ok, well, call me
as soon as you get her location.

Come on, let's go.

- Let's go, clear this area.
- Clear it out.

- All clear.
- Is he good? Good?

- Yeah.
- Package is leaving the station. I repeat,

package is leaving the station.
En route to delivery.

- Yeah, we're good.
- All right, clear.

Let's go.


Michelle, the assistant says
that Ellis's phone must be off.

Something about she likes
to focus before a big trial.

Well, she's about
to lose her focus.

Alert the courthouse security.

If they get Ling in their
sights, they're not to engage

unless absolutely necessary.
Copy that.

Ok, call Burrows, tell him
that Ellis is the target,

then have him call my cell.

Eye witness testimony.


Copy that. Change of plans. Get Deluca
back in his room and lock him down.

Don't move him till I tell you
otherwise. I'm on the move.

Michelle, Dev just told me that Deluca's
not the target. What's your 20?

We're en route to the courthouse.

Ok, this is what you want
to look for: Ling wants

a four-to-six-storey low-rise
with a rear fire escape

if possible.
He wants the sun behind him.

No, I know the building.
It's all open sky down there.

There's no sniper shot.

He's going to get up close and personal.
He might even try a walk-by

- With a silencer.
- The trial starts in 20 minutes.

Must be why he's biding his
time. He's gonna kill her before

- the trial to make a point.
- I need you down there now.

Look, I'm en route, but he will
not let you take him. Understand?

Well, then I won't give him
a choice.


I'm on it.

I can't believe she actually
had the nerves.

- I think he likes me.
- Lawyers.

(Speaking to herself) He's a...

- Going to finish this.
- There.

IIB! Drop your weapon!

(Frightened shouts)

Drop it!

- Hands behind your head.
- Calm down.

You're making a mistake.

Michelle, he's got a knife!

Ah! Ugh! Aw!

Get up.

Burrows. Looks like Christmas
came early for you.

Tai Ling.
So we finally meet.

I get it. You're not
real talkative?

We'll get caught up in DC.

So, how does it feel?

It's been a long chase, McCluskey.
I can't believe it's actually over.

Well, I'm sure you'll find something
else to fill the emptiness inside.

That dry Canadian wit.
I'm gonna miss that.

But hey, it takes time
for extradition papers,

so I'm free tonight. Drinks?

I'll let you know.

What do you say, face reader?
I got a chance with her?

Nice working with you,
Agent Burrows.

What's going on?
No one's answering my calls.

- The trial's been suspended.
- What?

Pending the IIB investigation into the
alleged misconduct of the prosecutor.

So... Tedeschi walks free,
and I'm being investigated?

Save it, Krista.
It's over.

Oh, no, it's only just begun.

You think I'm going to lay down
and take this?

I'm going to fight you
every step of the way.

You've already lost.
We know what you've done.

You are aware that you were
the target all along?

That your obsession
very nearly got you killed?

I only did what I had to do to take
a dangerous man off the street.

And advance your career.

Actually, I was trying
to make a difference.

But you crossed the line.

I didn't take you
for the idealistic type, Alvin.

I'll spare you the cuffs.

(Door opening)

Can you escort her
from the building, please?

(Man): Yes, sir.


We know you killed Valentine.

You don't know anything.
You'll never prove it.

Maybe. But we can prove that you gave
Maria the hookup to Ling, which makes you

an accessory
to attempted homicide.

- I gotta talk to my lawyer.
- Yeah, I bet you do.

♪ All her friends tell me
she's got a halo ♪

So, how was your day?

My day was...
long story. Boring.

I don't need the little details.
Give me the... give me the takeaway.

- Takeaway?
- Mm-hmm.

Well, the takeaway, let's see.
Don't be blinded

by your obsessions.
Don't push too hard.

Learn to let go.
Wait, so it's about knowing

when to let go
and not get too close.

Hey, I saw what you did there.
You made it about us.

- Thought I was being subtle.
- Uh-huh.

♪ Had to check my heart
out her front door ♪


- Wait.
- What?

If we fall into bed again,
that means that I will be

- sleeping over again.
- Uhhuh.

What will your friend think?

Well, I think I don't care
what my friend thinks.

I think that you and I could
beat the odds.

I think that this thing...

- Wait, this thing?
- Yeah. We can go all the way.

All the way.
That was almost romantic.