The Listener (2009–2014): Season 4, Episode 5 - Buckle Up - full transcript

Toby's puts his life at risk when he goes undercover in pursuit of violent thieves posing as police officers.

(Police siren)

- Go, go, go, go!
- It says turn right!

- What the hell! Door!
- Look out!

Let's go, let's go, let's go!
Let's go!

Come on! Louis!
(Louis groaning)


Let's go, buddy!

Louis, come on, buddy.
He's hurt!

Give me a hand, man! He's hurt!

- Get him out!
- We gotta go, buddy. Come on.

- Get back. Step back!
- Come on, Louis, let's go!

Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa!
What are you doing?!

- He's not going anywhere!
- What are you doing?!

(Gunshot) Come on, let's go!

Come on!

(Police sirens in the distance)

The Listener 04x04
Buckle Up
Original Air Date June 26, 2013

- Thank you.
- Hey, don't thank me yet.

My spoon got stuck when I tried
to stir it.

Why are you drinking this?

Because I'm going to
the theatre with Sandy tonight,

and she always gets mad when
I fall asleep during the show.

Mmhmm. Since when
do you go to the theatre?

You do a lot of crazy things
for love, Toby.

- You'll get there one day.
- I think I'm already there.

Tia's invited me to dinner with
her and her friends on Friday.

Really? That's right in the
belly of the beast, my friend.

All those girls judging you,
scrutinizing your every move,

wondering if you're good enough
for their friend.

This would be one of those times when it
would be good to get inside her head.

Yeah, well, to the
mysteries of women.

- Terrifying.
- Thanks for the pep talk.

Sorry, Code Orange
at quitting time.

What'd I miss? Oh, we were just
having a little girl talk here.

Aw. Are you guys bragging
about your amazing girlfriends?

Actually, Toby's having dinner with Tia
and all of her friends on Friday night.

- Really?
- Yeah, it's no big deal.

Yeah, just like you bring
someone into one of those

- two-way mirror rooms at work.
- It's ok. Look,

if Tia and I are gonna have
a future together,

these are the kind of moves
I have to make.

You know what, just be yourself.
I'm sure you'll get the seal of approval.

Just like I did
with all your friends, right?

Well, we're still together,
so let's just leave it at that.

Sandy, did you guys admit
a Louis Lyon?

Yeah, gunshot victim.
Lost a lot of blood.

Actually, he's post-op
right now.

Cool, I guess I came
to the right place. Thank you.

Is this a work thing, or...
Toby, you forgot your coffee.

- Are you ready for the theatre?
- Yeah, sure. Hey, which

of your friends doesn't like me?
They love you.

- Is it Monica?
- No, Monica loves you.

- Hey.
- Hey. Where's our guy?

He just got out of the O.R.
Bullet went through his neck.

- It's not looking good.
- Ok, well, the report says that

he and his crew knocked over
three casinos in one afternoon.

- Sounds like Metro business.
- No, there's a reason

it got kicked upstairs to us.
They were dressed as cops.

They even had a mocked-up
squad car.

- How'd they pull that off?
- Told the manager they were

looking for counterfeit,
and took off with all the cash.

So, we got one guy clinging
to life. Where are the rest?

The other two are still
on the loose. Klein wants them

brought in as soon as possible.

- Thanks.
- Hey.


- Is this our guy?
- Yeah. Louis Lyon.

A notorious street racer
with a history of drug problems.

This guy owed a lot of people
a lot of money.

Well, I guess the crew needed
a wheelman.

- Let me see what I can get.
- Thanks, Dev.

Hey, Louis.
We're with the IIB.

We want to ask you
a few questions.

Can you hear us?

He's barely conscious.

You know who shot you?

Who are you working with?

Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa,
whoa, whoa! What you doing?!

Have you lost your mind?!

(Monitor beeping rapidly)

Nurse. Something's not right.

I'm gonna have to ask you
to leave, please.



Looks like he was shot
by one of his own guys.

- Did you see the shooter?
- No, but someone tried to stop him.

Ok, we'll get a facial
composite made up.

No, we don't need to.
I know the guy.

(Flatline tone)

Well, now we have a murderer
on the streets.

(Dev): - Is that him?
- Yeah.

What have you been up to, Lenny?

In and out of jail for B&Es,
by the looks of it.

Busted a few times for
possession, selling contraband.

So far, nothing as sophisticated
as what went down yesterday.

Guess he's got
some new friends.

How do you know this guy?

Ah, foster care.

He was kind of like
a big brother to me.

Problem was, when we'd hang out,
we'd get into a lot of trouble,

so they had to split us up.
I haven't seen him since.

One of you managed
to clean up good.

And the other has an outstanding warrant.
Parole violation.

Thank you, Metro backlogs.

You guys have all seen this?

The public is aware
that these criminals are

dressing up as cops
and ripping people off.

We gotta resolve this
before panic sets in.

Ok, so let's have a little reunion. We
can bring Len in and see what Toby gets.

And let his buddies scatter
in the wind?

We have a chance to break
this operation top to bottom.

- Toby has a great in with these guys.
- I'm sorry,

- you want to embed Toby?
- What do you think, Logan?

- Are you ready for this kind of assignment?
- Yeah, in all honesty, I'd love

to give it a shot. I've been
training for six months.

Well, those guys are probably
looking for a new wheelman.

Why not our fast and furious
EMS driver?

Are you serious?

What? He's got mad skills.

We're not talking about
driving here. We're talking

about a dangerous undercover

I know. I was joking. I was actually joking.
It's a bad idea.

the driving angle is good.

Let's get him set up.
They played us. Let's play them.

(Toby): Yeah.

(Michelle sighs.)

She'll be ok.

Hey, I do have an in.

I have advanced driver training.
I can get us on the inside.

- I know what you can do.
- So what is this about?

You're against me taking on
responsibility in the Bureau?

No, this isn't about
responsibility. It's about risk.

- I've taken risks before.
- No, not like this.

I mean, they killed one of their own men, Toby.
They could just as easily turn on you.

If they're gonna turn on me,
I'm gonna see it coming.

I'll stay one step
ahead of them.

I've been training for this.
I'm ready for this.

Plus, you've got my back.


You go in long enough

just to identify the key
players, and then we take over.

- Understood?
- Understood.

- Yo, skills.
- Yo.

- We tracked down your old pal.
- Where is he at?

First you need a detailed
testable story, ok?

You need to know it cold.
One slip, and you're dead.

- Understood.
- Oh, yeah. I gotta switch out your phone.

This one's clean.
Generic text messages, contacts.

It's like a whole new you. We're
gonna have this one tracked.

It's your only means of communication
over the next few days.

Got it.

So, what's my new story?
I got a couple ideas. Come on.

So... tomorrow night...

No! Toby, my friends can't
wait to meet you.

Well, they're gonna have
to wait a little longer, ok?

(She scoffs.)
Another work thing?

- Yeah.
- What is it?

- Classified.
- Can you tell me?

No. No, I can't.

- God.
- We can reschedule ASAP.

We're not getting another reservation
at Pronto any time soon.

You know what, let's...

We can do it at my house. I can
show off my cooking skills.

I want to meet
your girlfriends.

- Do you?
- I do. I think they're gonna like me.


(Bartender chuckling)

Get the hell out of here, man.

Wipe that stupid smile
off your face, you bum.

(Rock music playing)

♪ We've been watching you
for a while ♪

(Toby): Bombers are
losing again.

The only thing worse than
their offense is their defense.


Yo. Good nuts?

- Sorry, buddy?
- Yeah...


- Of all the places.
- Oh, you gotta be kidding me!

Come on.

Toby Freakin' Logan.
(Grunting affectionately)

- Holy crap.
- How long has it been, man?

We don't want to do
that math.

Jimmy, gimme two beers,

First of all, what have you
been up to? You live here?

No, I'm just passing through.

Are you a doctor, like you said
you always wanted to be?


How about you? You
staying out of trouble?

Trouble? Never heard of it.
Jimmy, this is my best friend

- in the whole world, man.
- How you doing?

- Lenny Gazicki! Police!
- I gotta get going, brother.

Run out the back.
I'll stall 'em. I'll stall em.

- Hey, relax. Come on, relax.
- Out of my way!

Gazicki! Stop!

- Hey, Lenny! Hop in!
- Go, go!

Go, go!
(Tires squealing)

Woo! (Laughing) Yeah!

Where'd you learn how to drive
like this, man? Wow!

Yeah. The doctor's thing,
I got close, man.

Oh, God, no, not a nurse.

No, no. Paramedic.
Advanced driver training.

All right, Toby's got
a real job now, Mr. Paramedic.

Uh, had a real job.

Kind of in between careers
right now.

I got busted selling morphine
out of the back of the truck.

Oops. Did this stint
at Millhaven.

Guess I never could stay out of trouble.
Learned from the best.



I owe you one, man.

- Nah.
- Yeah. Really, thank you.

- Don't worry about it.
- I could always count on you, Toby.

Never forgot you, man.

Why are you running
from the cops, Lenny?

(Lenny sighs.)

I don't know, man. There's always
something with these guys, you know.

Maybe I haven't checked in
with my parole officer,

you know, maybe too long.

The things I do
for a bombers fan.

- Good seeing you, dude.
- Thank you so much, man.

You too, brother.

- Yo, hey, Len, Len.
- Yeah?

Are you sure you don't want me
to give you a ride home, man?

- It's not a problem at all.
- I got some stuff I gotta finish up, man.

- Thanks again, brother.
- Yeah, dude.

Shaking off the cops...
kinda feels like old times, huh?

Yeah. You know what? Wait.
Let me, uh...

Let me give you my number.
Any time you need a fast ride,

you hit me up at this,
all right?

- I could use something.
- Yeah?


I might know of an opening.


Meet me back here tomorrow
around eight.

- Oh, yeah?
- Yeah, man.

- Should I bring my résumé?
- "Should I bring my résumé?"

- Come on.
- Come alone. Bring your car.

- All right. Lenny!
- Toby! Toby!

- Are you clear to talk?
- [Yeah, I'm alone.]

- [Len bought the setup?]
- Yeah, I'm 99% sure.

Ok, well, make it a hundred.
Anything less, you could be

- walking into a trap.
- Yeah, I hope not.

Look, he wants to meet me
tomorrow morning.

[Ok, good. Maybe he'll be
making some introductions.]

We'll have you
under surveillance.

Dev is flooding the net
with phoney rap sheets,

mug shots,
social media profiles.

Oh, that's hardcore.

Well, they're pros.
They're gonna do their homework.

- All right, I'll see you tomorrow morning.
- Not if I'm any good at my job.

God, it's cold.

- Cold?
- I hate it, man.

So, who are we meeting?

I told you a hundred times,
I can't tell you his name.

All right. When is this guy
gonna show up?

Why? You in a hurry?

I get impatient.

- Toby.
- Yeah?

We're not calling the shots
with this guy.

- Ok?
- Yeah.

All units stand by.

If Logan adjusts his watch,
we move.

Ok, we have a visitor.

There he is.

- What's up, man?
- This your boy?

Yeah. Toby.

What's your name?

- You find out if you pass. Get in the car.
- Where am I going?

Len'll tell you when you get there. You
got a minute to get there and back.

Yeah. If I don't?

Then you keep driving,

pray our paths
never cross again.


- Do you think I'm joking?
- No.

- It's ok. We got this. We got this. Let's go.
- Clock's ticking.

He's on the move.
Do we pursue?

He didn't signal.
It could be a test.

- Dev, do you have him?
- Yeah.

His GPS shows that he went
left on Unwin.

Dude is really moving.

He's heading South on Cherry Street. If he
keeps going, it's just gonna be a dead end.

He just did a 180.
Looks like he's headed back.

Go, Toby!

I bet he's enjoying this.

Woooo-hoo! That was good!

So, how'd I do?

A minute five.
Not bad.

That was really good.
That was really good.

You did good, Len.

- Burke.
- Hey.

Cool. So, Len says
there's a job coming up?

Plans are being made, yeah.

- How many guys are on the crew?
- Whoa, easy on the questions.

I just want to know how many
ways we're splitting it.

You'll know what you need
to know.

It's ok, man.
Burke, he's cool.

Gun. He's got a gun.

Careful, Toby.

Do we move in?

Stand by.
He didn't signal.

You keep your mouth shut
till you hear from us.

Just worry about following

Half's yours. We split
the rest! In, out, gone.

You did good. Toby!

- I'll call you later.
- Yeah, man.

He's in.

Are you excited
for your first night

- in our awesome safe house?
- Yeah, the one

with no hot water
and the rat infestation?

Well, now that Burke has seen you,
we can't really take any chances.

I'm pretty pumped
to stay there.

So, keys are next
to the cauliflower.

Thank you.
What's going on with Burke?

He is a criminal

Extremely unpredictable. He's
been linked to numerous crimes.

You know, you made him
kind of jumpy yesterday.

Yeah, I was trying to get
as much as I could.

- You almost got yourself shot.
- Yeah, I thought you might

pounce when he reached
for his gun.

Well, I thought about it, but, you
know, you had to do your job.

What about you?
Did you get anything?

I think someone's working
behind the scenes.

I couldn't get an ID,
but I think

something's being planned.
I saw a heavily guarded door.

Ok, well, keep digging.

We have 24 hours
until Klein pulls the plug.

If you can get anything
on their next target, great.

If not, we'll bring Burke in. I'm sure his
gun will match the one used on the victim.

And Len?

Well, if he turns witness,
they might go easy on him.

What about this mystery man?

The one sending out fake cops
to terrorize the public.

If you can get anything on him,
we'll bring him in as well.

Cool. You got a dollar?

I would, uh, really like
to buy this apple.


- Oz. You got the bag?
- Yeah, yeah.

- Nice.
- Here ya go.

- Appreciate it. I gotta jet though, man.
- Hey, hey, wait, wait, wait.

You call me up, you have
me meet you here

with an overnight bag,
with a T-shirt, underwear,

toiletries. You're not gonna
tell me what's going on?

Dude, I can't tell you
what's up right now.

Aren't you supposed to be meeting
Tia and all her friends tonight?

It's been postponed. Look,
I'm on the clock right now, ok?

I can't really be seen
with people I know.

Are you on a stakeout right now? Like an
undercover thing? Is that what's happening?

If I was undercover, do you think
I'd be talking about it right now?

Does that mean
you are undercover

'cause we're not talking about it?
Is that the code?

Ok, right now my life kinda depends
on convincing some guys

that I'm not really who I am.

- You get that?
- Ok, ok.

- I'm glad that...
- Enjoy the game.

- Yeah, sure, be careful.
- Cool. See you, buddy.

- Hey! Look who it is. You come here too?
- Burke.

Good to see you, my friend.
You're not leaving are you?

No, I'm not.

- No?
- Hanging out.

- You gonna introduce me to your friend?
- Burke. This is my buddy...

- Mo. It's Mo.
- Good to meet you, Mo.

- All right.
- Hey.

- Have a seat.
- Yeah.

So... what's up, Burke?

Just checking in
on my new friend.

Nice. Hey, Mo, you wanna
grab us two beers?

- Yeah. Maple Lake good for you?
- Sweet.

- All right, a couple of Maple Lakes.
- Thanks, Mo.

What the hell is this?
What, you don't trust me?

I don't trust anybody.

I did some diggin'. Asked my
friend at Millhaven about you.

- And?
- Your story checks out.

Makes me wonder why I never
heard of you before.

Hey, I don't know. What you
see is what you get, Burke.

All right, here we go.
A couple of beers.

One for you. I gotta hit the road, so
thanks very much. Very nice to meet you.

Nice to meet you.
Let me ask you a question.

Just take a minute.

- Yeah.
- Yeah.

(Oz): It's ok, I got this.

Uh, what can I do for you?

How long have you known
my friend Toby?

Oh, about eight or nine months.

- Give or take, right? Yeah.
- Yeah. Yeah, sure.

Where'd you two kids meet?

Payout line at Woodbine.

Yeah. We both bet
on the same horse.

So... cha-ching!

What was the name of the horse?

(Oz): - Sparklehoof.
(Toby and Oz): - Sparklehoof.

(Laughing) You laugh, but it paid
eight to one. You remember that?


- It was a great night.
- Yeah, very good night.

Yeah. Huh.

Toby ever tell you
what he does for a living?

What, besides clean up
at the ponies?

I don't really ask questions.
Not really my style.

I'm more of a, uh,
strong, silent type.

- Ok.
(Toby): - Cool.


- I'll see you around.
- Yeah, man.

- Yeah.
- What about your beer?

Yeah? To new friends?

Yeah. To new friends.

I'll see you around.

- You too, buddy.
- Yeah, right on, man.

So, I apologize for putting you
in the line of fire.

It was really stupid of me. Oh, it's
totally fine. I love hanging out

with people that are ex-cons that I
met at the race track, you know?

You did good.

Yeah. Hey, do you think
he bought that with the whole...

with the race track and Mo
and all that?

Yeah, it was brilliant.

It's a turkish detergent.
It just popped into my head.

Look, spend 10, 15 minutes here
before you go home, all right?

- Make sure no one follows you.
- Ok. Stay here for more time?

- Yeah. Thanks, Mo.
- Great.

♪ You've got something
wrong with you ♪

- Oh, sweet!
- What?

Check it out. The new promos
for the club.

- Aw, nice. That's sexy.
- Of course.

(Michelle laughs.)
You guys have DJs now.

Yeah, well, you know,
people are coming in,

so we want to give them
a reason to stay.

And spend lots
and lots of money,

which then I will in turn use to
buy you lots and lots of gifts.

- Ah, you're going to spoil me?
- That's the plan.

(Cell phone beeping)

Everything ok?

Sorry. I'm just
a little preoccupied.

another work crisis?

Yeah, Toby, he's undercover.
He had a surprise visitor

last night, so I'm just checking
to make sure everything's ok.

Toby's a big boy.
He can handle himself.

I'm responsible
if anything happened.

This is so maternal of you.
I love it.

Seriously? We're having
this conversation right now?

Sure, come on.

Seems to be a fitting time.
But, I mean, really,

what are we talking about here?
Look, the club's doing good,

we're doing good.

I saw a mattress store
back there.

- Maybe now is the time?
- Soon. Soon, ok? I gotta go.

I know.

- I love you.
- I love you too.


Corporal Clark. To what do you
owe the pleasure of my company?

I've been going through the reports
of all the officers who responded

- to the casino heists.
- What do you got?

Well, a couple of things
jumped out at me. For one,

they were all floored by how heavy
the traffic was along their routes.

Is that a surprise?
It was rush hour.

Yeah, but the getaway car
was able

to just burn through traffic
and avoid roadblocks.

And they were nowhere near the
bogus cruiser when it crashed.

Right. So, their wheelman is a street
racer, but nobody's that good.

Exactly, and the weird thing
is, Metro traffic

management didn't flag any problems
around the time of the chase.

Toby got a read of a map
on that guy's tablet.

Could there be a way
to manipulate

the traffic signals
along the escape route?

Individual signals could be
pre-empted remotely,

but as far as making a path
through the whole downtown core,

- that's taking it to a whole other level.
- Mm. Might be worth a chat

with Traffic Management

And can you pick me up
another one of these sandwiches?

That was good. Maybe something
on rye or whole wheat.

- Really?
- Thank you.

(Michelle): - Toby's online.
- Got it.

Toby. How did Burke know
that you were at the bar?

- He must have followed me.
- I can't believe you waited

until this morning to tell us.

- I didn't want to worry you guys.
- And Oz?

I shouldn't have had him meet me there.
He played it like a pro,

but it's not a mistake
I'll make twice.

Well, that's a mistake Oz could
have paid for. You both could have.

But we didn't. We didn't. If Burke
had made me, I would have read it.

Toby's work is paying off,
but we still don't know

who's calling the shots.
Priority one has to be mapping

the chain of command and
bringing down our mystery man.

I can do it. I'm close.

Keep your lines
of communication open.

We'll monitor your calls.
And let's get this done.

Right. The sooner we get him,
the sooner I get my life back.

- I'll see you guys later.
- He'll be fine.

Welcome to the neurocentre of
Metro Traffic Control Operations.

You got like a crack team
of cyber geeks running the show?

Yeah. One geek over here.

Now, they mostly monitor
for traffic jams,

update the signs,
"Left Lane Blocked".

- You know, that kind of thing.
- What about inside the city?

Can you guys control
the stoplights?

Well, the transcore system is
fully automated.

There's sensors
at all major intersections

controlling the traffic flow.

What about remotely?
Are there some kind of devices

that could override the signal?

Well, those devices have
rolling codes,

so you have to be logged
on to the system.

Mind if I take a look?

Go right ahead.

What are these numbers?
Are they call numbers?

Cops, fire, all that.

We just watch.

If it looks like something's
affecting traffic,

we throw it up on our site,
then radio and TV picks it up.

That's right. Anything else?

You guys keep records
of traffic incidents, right?

Yeah, you can get all
of that information on site.

Yeah, you'd think.

None of this interweb stuff
comes very naturally to me.

- Really?
- Yeah.

- Thanks for your time, though.
- You bet.

So, I'm still out here waiting, Michelle.
No sign of them.

- Are you hearing him?
- Yeah. He's coming in loud and clear.

I told him not to talk to us.
It looks suspicious.

Here they come.

Yeah, I see that, Toby.
Thank you.

- Toby!
- Hey. What's up, man?

How you doing, man?

- Crazy.
- Ready to go?

Yeah, yeah. My car's
over here. Let's do this.

No, no, no. That hunk of junk's
not gonna cut it. Come on. This way.

- Ok.
- No, what the hell is he doing?

- He's supposed to take them to his car.
- I got eyes on him.

It looks like they're heading
into the mall.

Great time to go shopping.

- Should we follow?
- No, they might have a lookout.

- So, where is it, Len?
- She should be here any minute.

Ok, they came out
the other side.

I'm gonna go check it out.
I don't like this.

Oh, there she is.
Right on time.

It's the ambulance?

You kidding me?
We figured

you'd know your way around it.
I've been watching these guys.

They come here every day
at the exact same time.

- You sure about this?
- What's wrong with you?

You going to pull this crap
when we do the job?

- Guys, we have seven minutes.
- Gimme your phone.

Gimme your phone.

Let's go.

Ok, we're counting on you
here, Toby, ok?

- I got this, Len. I got it.
- Ok?

Get another one with
the money you're gonna make.

Cover me, Toby.

Yeah, yeah, I got your back.

Ok, he's on the move.
He's heading north on Bay Street.

Michelle: In what vehicle?

I don't know.

You're in. Nice.

(Ambulance starting)

You know these trucks have
transponders, right?

- Thanks, genius. Taken care of.
- Signal jammer. That's great.

Let's go!

Toby's phone?

They tossed it into the back
of a truck. We lost him.

He's out there
without a safety net.

All right, let's just assume that he's
continuing to collect the evidence

that we need
to put these guys away.

Or he's out there in a ditch
somewhere with a bullet in his head.

- Michelle...
- Maybe not. I got a report

of an ambulance that was stolen a block
away from Toby's last known location.

An ambulance?
Are they changing their game?

Well, at least Toby knows his
way around that kind of vehicle.

I'll put out an alert. Put out the word
out that if they find that ambulance,

they're not to make a move
until we give the ok.

We want to get Toby out of there
without incident.

(Dev): - Huh.
(Michelle): - What?

I hacked into the Traffic
Management site.

The log shows malfunctions

at every intersection
along the escape route,

but no traffic warnings were

Was someone trying
to cover it up?

Yeah, someone was using a spoofed IP
from within the system at the time.

- So it wasn't a malfunction.
- Whoever did it was good,

but I'm gonna track them
through the weeds.

Ok, this is weird.

The IP connection is coming
from inside Traffic Management.

Someone on the inside.

I'll work on a warrant.


We'll find him, ok?

Hey, hey, Burke.
What's going on?

Look, I told you, you'll know
when you need to know.

I just want to know
what I'm getting into.

All you need to know is
that it's worth it.


And what happens
if someone gets in the way?

I kill 'em.

Rig number 960 has
officially disappeared. Bang.

Looks good, huh?

So, uh, the escape route.
How does that work, Len?

I get directions on the fly.

- Yeah? From who?
- Oh, my God,

Toby, you know, you ask a lot
of questions, man.

- Come on. Wouldn't you?
- No, seriously, it's like

you're pushing it a little
too much. Just trust me,

I'm you buddy. You want your
cut, you do whatever Burke says.

You trust this guy?

I don't know, Toby.
He's a pro.

- We've done business before.
- It's time.

Put these on.

Big day today, boys.

- You ready?
- Yep.

Burke, when we come back here
and we do the split, it's

party time for everybody, right?


Yeah, Lenny.

Let's go.

What's the matter, man?
You nervous?

- No, I'm good.
- Come on, man.

Party time for everybody. We're gonna
be rich. Here. This is yours.

- I'm back.
- Why?

We tied your centre
of operations to a series

- of robberies.
- What?

We're gonna need to check every
workstation for unauthorized access.

Hey. Dev, go!

- Let me go!
- Harlan!

What the hell is going on?!

Get comfy. Get up.

(Rubbing his hands together)


When we get there,
I'm gonna go in alone.

After five minutes, you guys
bust in with the gurney.

Lenny, you know what to do. Yeah.
We have three minutes inside.

Then we get back in the truck.
I get directions from our guy.

He tells us where to go.

So, it turns out there's a way to divert
the traffic along the escape route.

Who's behind it?

We have a Harlan Abbott
in custody. He had control over

- every stoplight along the route.
- Sounds like our man.

- Did you lean on him?
- Yeah, he shut down

and demanded a lawyer,
but we have his laptop.

Yeah. His setup was actually
quite sophisticated.

He would ID emergency vehicles
and block their way, and then

send directions for a clean
getaway for the thieves.

- Where are they now?
- I'm still trying to get

A trace on the device
they were sending to.

- Ok, find them. Keep me posted.
- Will do.

Pull around the corner.
In five minutes there'll be

an emergency call.
They'll buzz you in.

Five minutes.

(Ambulance starting)

Michelle, check it out.
I found the device

that Harlan's been sending to. It's gotta
be the one that Toby saw with Len.

I've got a position. They're
near Dufferin and Oakwood,

- but they're not moving.
- Ok. What's close by?

- There's a first Toronto bank.
- No,

they're not set up for a bank
heist. That's not their M.O.

Ok, how about this? They're around the
corner from a JB's Jewelry Exchange.

Here's the street view.

- That fits Toby's description.
- You know, if I can

connect with them, they'll think it's still Harlan.
Maybe I can lead them into a trap.

Ok, do it. Is there any way
to send Toby a message

without blowing his cover?

Yeah, let me see what I can do.

(Keypad beeping)

(Door buzzer)

Mr. Carter.

You said you were looking
to make a rather large purchase.

We are happy to facilitate that.

My store's opening next month.
I don't need to see anything

under half carat, but I'm willing to
go as far up as seven. All shapes.

Colour I to J.
Clarity SI1

to SI2.

Well, you will find that all
of our gems are fully certified.

We deal with over 200
of the finest cutters

throughout Europe.

That is beautiful.

Thank you.

I trust a...
(Burke clears his throat.)

Excuse me. I trust a cash
transaction would be suitable?

More than suitable.
(Burke coughing)

Mr. Carter?
(Burke gasping)

Mr. Carter!
I think it's heart attack.

Well, then call 911!
Mr. Carter!

Mr. Carter. Get some water!

Mr. Carter!

Something's wrong, man. I'm not getting
anything from our secret weapon.

(Tablet beeping)
Oh, there he is.

"Hope your guy has
mad skillz."

Mad skillz. That's me.

Time's up, man.

Oh, God.

- Cardiac arrest?
- You guys are fast.

Yeah, we were
in the neighbourhood. What have

- we got going on here, sir?
- He just collapsed.

He had trouble talking,
and then he just...

Face down!

- Put your hands up!
- Everybody, face down!

- Down! Down! Got one secure.
(Toby): - Everybody stay calm.

Tie him up! Tie him up!

A minute and a half.
All right, I got 'em tied up.

Come on, let's get
some jewels. Let's go!

Keep your head, man!
Don't be stupid, tough guy.

I'm gonna take this
for my special lady.

Sixty seconds.

Hey, hey, it's gonna be ok,
all right?

I got some more!
I got some more! Give me my bag!

Give me my bag!


Let's go!
All this money.

Thank you so much, guys.
It was great doing business

with all of you.
Turn your head, lady.

You didn't see nothing, ok?

Hope you have insurance.


One sec, one sec.
Here you go, brother.

(Tablet beeping)

We're clear all the way
down Northern.

Stab it and steer. Let's go!


(Tablet beeping)
Left on Kennedy.

- All right.
- Watch it.

(Siren) Kill the siren.

(Siren stops.)

What's next?

I don't know.
One second.

Head due right... heh.

(Tablet beeping)

Take the next right.

- Cool.
- Where are we going?

- I don't know.
- Why aren't we taking the cit...

I don't know, Burke! I'm following
directions! That's your guy. Next right.

Michelle: Are they responding
to your coordinates?

Oh, are they ever!

These guys are gonna have
a big surprise when they get

around the next corner.

(Toby): - What the hell is this?
- Hold your position!

(Michelle): - Hold your fire!
(Burke): - Reverse!


The road's blocked.

- Yeah, no kidding.
- Let's go! Let's move!

- Go through them.
- Come on, you kidding me?

- Do it! Now!
- Ok, all right. Ok.


- He's gonna ram us!
- I got a shot!

- Now! Move!
- Move! Move!

No, the driver's one of ours!

- Easy. Easy. Hey.
- Down! Down! Down!

Get down! He has a gun!

- Just hold it!
- What?

- Drop the weapon!
- Son of a bitch!

Put the gun down!

Move, move, move!

Come on.

Back up! Don't you move!

- Hold your fire!
- Back up! Toby, let's go!

Let's go, buddy, come on!
Let's go!

Lenny, put the gun down!
It's over. Don't shoot him.

- Hold you fire!
- It's over, Lenny.

Are you one of them, Toby?


Toby, you snitched on me?

Man, the one guy,
the one guy I thought would

always have my back, Toby.
We're like brothers you and me.

We were. I couldn't go
down this path.

Man, I trusted you, Toby!
I gave you love!

I gave you love, Toby,
and this is how you repay me?

You set me up!

Back up!
He was gonna shoot us!

- Burke was gonna kill us!
- Is that right, Burke?

It's over, Lenny.

It's over, man.

Put it down.

(Crying): I trusted you, Toby.

I'm sorry.

I had to.

Hey. You did good.



(Police radio chatter)

(Music playing)

(Tia): I was starting to think
this dinner would never happen.

Well, that's what happens when you
date an international man of mystery.

I don't know about "international",
but I'm glad to be myself again.

- The girls are gonna love you.
- Thank you.

(Oz): This is quite
the spread you got here.

Here we are.
One for you.

- Oh, thank you.
- Thank you.

Just one though. I'm not gonna
join you for dinner. I gotta...

- Sit down for a sec.
- Sure, thanks.

Hey, uh, I want to say I apologize
I couldn't make it to Pronto,

but I'm super happy that you guys
were able to make it to my house.

I hope we have a great dinner.
Nice to meet you.


- Cheers.
- Cheers.

All right.

Why don't we sit down?
So, Toby.

- Yeah?
- What's your family like?


I told you.

Ok. I can't believe
she just went for that.

Do you have any brothers
or sisters?

Or a grandmother
with a vintage wedding ring

- tucked away somewhere?
- Catrin!

- Cutting to the chase.
- Tia. Tia. It's ok. All right,

look, I have no brothers,
no sisters. No family, really.

I graduated high school,
I went to college...

that was fun...
nd, uh,

- I got a paramedic diploma.
- And now

- you're an undercover cop?
- Special Consultant.

- My friend is a man of many talents.
- Sounds like there's more

- to that story.
- All right, actually,

we have a great cheese spread
that we can get for you ladies.

- Do you want me to top you up?
- No. I'm good, thank you.

- Don't want to drink too much?
- Not unless you want to carry her home.

- Catrin!
- Sorry.

There's a story there,
isn't there? What's the story?

- Yup.
(Oz): - Boy, this is great wine.

It's really good. Really...

I meant the bouquet.
Is that a... thing?

I should have
told you this before.

- Mm-hmm?
- Um, I have epilepsy.

My medication has it
under control.

They say that it calms the
electrical storms in my brain.

Sadly, it also magnifies
the effects of alcohol,

so that I have to limit myself
to one. That's all.


- You ok?
- Yeah.

I just don't want us
to have any secrets.

All right, Oz,
help me out, please,

- with the cheese.
- Oh. Yeah, I can help.

Kissing her on the forehead?
That's weird.

- She has epilepsy.
- Yeah, I heard. So?

So maybe the way
that her brain is wired...

The electrical storms... maybe
that's why I can't read her.

So it's all good then.
Except for the epilepsy.

Or maybe the medication
suppresses the part of the brain

that I can read, and if she ever goes
off of them, it could ruin everything.

Or a meteor could take out
all life on earth, Toby.

You can't keep looking
for excuses to not be with her.

Ok? This could be the one.

(Tia's friends laughing)

All right.
Thanks for the pep talk.

Grab your cheese.

Anyway, thank you.

Hey. Cheese,

and a virgin cocktail
for the lady.

Little bit of sugar...

(Tia laughing)

(Male narrator) Previous.

A star-studded
team challenge...

Shut up!
The amazing Jane lynch.

(Narrator) Saw the home cooks
feeding the cast and crew

of the hit show glee.

The winning team is
is red team!


(Narrator) After Krissi's
team was crushed...

You got destroyed.

(Narrator) It was time for another
painstaking pressure test.

When Krissi targeted
Bime for elimination...

What have you done here?

(Narrator) And hit her target.

It's time to take
that apron off.

(Narrator) Tonight it's a
shocking mystery box challenge.

Oh, my God.

There are children
who will not sleep tonight.

(Narrator) And last season's
winner Christine ha returns...

It's incredibly inspiring.