The Listener (2009–2014): Season 3, Episode 13 - The Shooting - full transcript

With Michelle's career on the line, Toby and the IIB must prove she was set up after a bad tip led to the shooting of a suspect.

Hey! Hey!

Sorry, ma'am.

Where did he go?

He's up there.

OK, stay here, call for backup.

All right.

It's Toby Logan.
Yeah, IIB.

All right, look,
just get here quickly.

IIB! Stop right there!


He drew on me.

I didn't have a choice.

(police siren)

- How's it going?
- Hey. How's Michelle doing?

She's got her game face on,

but I think it's wearing on her.
It's never easy.

That's why I like this job,
you know? I prefer

the stitching 'em up,
helping to make 'em feel better

- part of the equation.
- Yeah, me too. Kinda miss it.

- All right, have a good one.
- See you.

We received a tip
that Morganstern had counterfeit

- money plates in his possession.
- That's a huge break.

Yeah. He's the poster boy

for disappearing acts.
We had to move fast.

- Who's the source?
- It's anonymous.

Blocked number.
I back-channelled word

we were interested to anyone
that cared to share.

He had lots of enemies.

And you brought Toby
into all this? Without backup?

Yeah, well, have you ever
tried to shake Toby

in an emergency?
I gave him the lowdown,

- and he insisted on coming.
- Since when is that his call?

We're a team, Alvin.

We work together.
We know each other's moves.

He could have escaped
without Toby being there.

All right, well, you know the drill.

I booked you an appointment
with the psychologist.

Yeah, OK, just get
the shooting team in

as soon as possible, OK?
I have too much on the go

to get sidelined by their schedule.

I will tell them it's a priority.

Constable Partak, how goes the search?

We've covered the alley. No
sign yet of the dead guy's gun.

Uh-huh. Do me a favour:

- cover it again.
- Goes without saying, sir.

I've also got officers
checking the roof,

the fire escape landings, window

ledges, and any other possible
crevices it may have landed in

on the way down.

I appreciate
your thoroughness, Constable.


Hey. How'd she do
with the psychologist?

I don't know yet.
Her door's locked,

her phone's off, and she's just

- sort of staring at stuff.
- Right.

Per procedure. So, when's
the shooting team get here?

Uh, I don't know, but I hope soon.

We don't get Michelle back
until they sign off,

and there's been
some new developments.

- Oh, yeah? You talk to Metro?
- Yeah, they searched

Morganstern's room. There was no
sign of any counterfeit plates

or any illegal doings whatsoever.

You're kidding. Oh, great.

So that means
that anonymous tip was crap.

- Yeah.
- Michelle's gonna want

- to eat that guy for breakfast.
- We've got to find him,

serve him up on a platter for her.


Hey, Oz, what's up?

Hey, buddy. I got a line on some Raptors
tickets for tonight. I know you're busy,

but they're playing the Lakers.
It'll probably be a bloodbath.

- Do you want to come with me?
- Oh, you know what, I gotta get back to you on that one, OK?

I'll tell you what, I'll get
the tickets anyway, and then

- if we can't use 'em, I'll just find a way to get rid of 'em.
- Sounds good.

Hey. What gives? I ordered a
sexy nurse like 20 minutes ago.

(she chuckles)

What? Oh.

OK, that was worth the wait.

- Hey, um, guess what.
- What?

I heard that Langley is

stepping down as head
of Emergency Services. And

they're looking internally
for a replacement.

- Really? Are you gonna throw your hat in the ring?
- Not me! You!

What? Sandy, I just passed my supervisor's exam.
What are you talking about?

They're looking for someone who can bring
Emergency Services, the paramedics,

and the hospital together.
Oz, you're that guy.

I mean, I have my feet in both worlds,

but I can't do that to Ryder,
after all he's done for me.

- He'd kill me.
- Here's the posting.

They're doing interviews today.
We can still get you in.

- That doesn't give me a lot of time to prepare, Sandy.
- Ah, you're handsome,

you're charming, you're quick
on your feet. You'll be fine.

- I am charming.
- And just think:

we'd actually get to spend
a little more time together.

- Hm.
- And there's a really nice salary bump.

You don't know much I make.
How do you know?

- You make more than that?
- Whoa.

- Yeah.
- Wow.

- Do me a favour?
- Sure.

Send Officer Brian over in a sec. Let me
just finish here. I'll catch up with you.

The lab boys are wrapped up
here. Anything on your end?

- Good news and bad news.
- Bad news first.

- We haven't recovered the gun.
- And the good news?

We still have
some more ground to cover.

I'm a "glass half full"
kind of guy. The gun'll turn up.

"Glass half full kind of guy." All right.
Well, when it does, be sure to notify me

- right away.
- You'll be my first call.

Please tell me you found the gun.

It's a work in progress.
Where are we with this tipster?

Well, I ran Michelle's phone records.
Her source called from a payphone.

Those still exist? I don't think
I've seen one of those in years.

You haven't been to a sketchy
coffee shop in a while, have you?

The call came from a place called Lucky's
Coffee and Donuts. I sent a unit,

but unfortunately there were
no useable prints on the phone,

and no one saw the caller,
so not all that lucky.

Can I help you?

Staff Sergeant Slater.
This is Staff Sergeant McCoy.

- Internal Affairs.
- We're here to see Sergeant McCluskey.

Well, she's sequestered.

She's waiting
on a shooting team debrief.

[Slater]: The shooting team won't be coming.
We're taking over the investigation.

- Based on what?
- That information is strictly on a need-to-know basis.

Well, I need to know.
We're talking about

- my best operative here.
- Alvin.

I'm Sergeant McCluskey.

Look, if this is about my unpaid parking
tickets, I'm contesting them all in court.

I'm pretty sure the traffic
officer had a crush on me.

You're under investigation for the
shooting death of Matt Morganstern.

What, did the shrink say
I didn't wring my hands

- hard enough or something?
- I hope you can appreciate

how serious this matter is, Sergeant.

Yeah, of course.

Look, I just want to clear this
up as quickly as possible.

I have other active cases
on the go at the moment.

Your unit is free to continue
its work without you

while we conduct our investigation.

We're going to need your hardware.

You are removed from active duty
until we complete our investigation,

at which point, based on our findings,
you may face criminal charges.

If so, a union lawyer will be
appointed to you.

Do you understand?

- Do you understand?
- Yeah. I understand.

[Michelle]: We've been over this
20 times.

Well, let's make it 21.

I received a tip that Morganstern had
counterfeit money plates in his possession.

I was given an address
where I could find him,

but told he was about
to go back underground.

- And you vetted this tip? You background-checked your source?
- I didn't have time.

Didn't have time for a lot of things.

- Like arranging a search warrant.
- Well, he would have been

long gone before I had a chance
to use it.

OK, take us through what happened when
you arrived at the rooming house.


[Slater]:While you were there, did
you see any counterfeit plates?

No. But we didn't have time
to do a thorough search.

Morganstern was on the run.
In your haste, could you have

alerted him to your presence

No, we followed proper procedure.

You said that you tracked
Morganstern to another

apartment, but what isn't
clear is how.

How did you know where he was hiding?

He's still in the building.


I had Corporal Clark

examine a building schematic
to look for alternate exits.

The room in question, it had
a balcony with street access.


We entered just as he was
exiting to the fire escape.

IIB, ma'am!
Which way did he go?

You all right?
You're OK?

(woman sobbing)


[Michelle]:Morganstern made it out
onto the street, and we followed.

Where did he go?

He's up there.

[Michelle]:Once we were on
the roof, I had my partner take

cover and call for backup
while I continued to look.

Morganstern had backtracked
towards the fire escape,

and he was about to descend
when I spotted him.

IIB! Stop right there!
I yelled for him to stop,

and that's when he went
for his weapon.

- What kind of weapon?
- It was, um...

a Beretta. I think,
but I didn't get a good look.

And was it in his right hand,
or his left?

- His right hand.
- Morganstern is left-handed.

Well, it all happened very fast.

So you can't say for certain.

Hey. Why are they coming down
so hard on Michelle?

I don't know.

- It's coming down from on high.
- Superintendent Price?

No, he's in our corner.
Someone higher than him even.

I'll poke around upstairs,
see what I can find out.

All right. Well, that gun's
got to be somewhere, right?

The paramedics, they were there
early on the scene.

Maybe one of them saw something.
I can give 'em a call.

Yeah, that's a good idea.
Do that.

All right, I will. Hey, uh,
if we don't find this gun,

I mean, how bad is it gonna be
for Michelle?

It's not gonna be good.
But she has you to back her up,

- right?
- Yeah.

Heat of the moment,

your heart's racing,
adrenaline's surging--

your eyes can play tricks on you.

I know what I saw.
He had a gun.

Yet, earlier you weren't sure
if there was a gun.

- "He had a Beretta, I think."
- That's not what I said.

That's actually exactly what you said.

- Well, that's not what I meant.
- Let's move on, shall we?

Tell us about
your ex-husband, Adam.

We've reconciled, and...

I don't see how this is relevant
to your investigation.

Quite the chequered past, your man.

He made his mistakes.

That's behind him now.

What is the connection here?

Morganstern was
a heavy gambler--

poker; that's
your husband's game.

- Adam doesn't play anymore.
- Well, a source told us that your husband

and Matt Morganstern shared a high-stakes
poker table at the end of last year.

Well, that would be news to me.

Hm. Morganstern's rumoured
to hold some big markers--

a lot of people owe him
a lot of money.

- If your husband's one of them...
- That's crazy.

You guys have no evidence. None
of this will stand up in court.

I mean, really? This,
this is the best you have?

Actually, Sergeant,
we're just getting started.

[Toby]: One of the paramedics
saw a homeless guy at the scene.

[Oz]: A homeless guy standing
around at a crime scene...

You really think he'd just take a gun?

Well, I hope so, man.
We've tried everything else.

Did you even get a flash that he
was still here? How do you know?

It's just the closest park
to the alley.

- That's good work, Murdoch.
- Oh, thanks, Crabtree.

- Hey you think this is the guy?
- Right here?

- Mm-hmm.
- Hey. How are ya?

I'm Toby. This is my buddy, Oz.
What's your name?

- They call me Fisher.
- Fisher, all right.

I'm kind of hoping you can help us out. We're
looking for something that's gone missing.

Heh! Aren't we all, buddy?

I lost kidney some times ago,

and I still don't know
where to find it.

Well, a kidney's pretty important. We're
actually also looking for something important.

Yeah, we're looking for
something connected to crime.


- I'm innocent! I'm innocent!
- Whoa. OK.

- I'm innocent!
- All right. Calm down.

Any chance you were near Forman
Avenue early this morning? - Yes, I was...

dumpster diving down there.

Cop shows up.

- Heard yelling.
- IIB! Stop right there!

Woman's voice.

Right. You hear anything else?

Loud, like, bang.

It was gunshot.

But you didn't leave, right? You stuck around,
you were waiting around, looking around?

So, it's free country.

- All right.
- We're on your side, man.

- I didn't do nothing wrong.
- All right. I'm just wondering maybe if you had picked up

uh, a gun.

- No! Hell!
- All right.

If I did, I would change
for bottle of whiskey.

- Huh!
- Yeah, right? I got to move.

- It's really cold, so...
- All right. Get moving.

- Thank you. Keep warm.
- Yes.

- He's telling the truth.
- Is he?


- I'm just trying to help Michelle here, you know?
- Hey, I get it, man.

She's your partner. She'd go
through a wall for you, right?

- Yeah.
- We'll find the gun, Toby. OK? You were there on the roof,

you saw the gun in the guy's hand.

- We will find the gun.
- I saw...

a glint.

A glint? Toby,
a glint could be anything--

wristwatch, bracelet, keys--
- Or a gun. Could be a gun.

You're not sure
he had the gun, are you?

Man, if you're not sure
he had the gun,

- this becomes a whole other thing.
- You think I don't know that?


We're not talking.

Since when can't friends talk?

Sergeant McCluskey is under investigation.
I can't make it go away.

She's innocent.
It was a good shooting.

I guess that's what the
investigation will discover, then.

Well, it's not that simple. It
should have been an SIU interview.

Someone triggered Internal Affairs on her
before she had a chance to catch her breath.

Alvin, I don't know who it is,

but, between us, I tried to stop it.

IA already had their orders.

And once they open a file, they're
the only ones who can close it.

What if I can prove her innocence?
Can I count on your support?

You get me proof,
we'll make this disappear.

But if you can't, this witch hunt,
it's gonna end up in a burning.

You were trying to take
this man down for how long?

- A few years.
- A few years. Would you say, uh,

he was an obsession?

Morganstern floated millions
of dollars in counterfeit bills.

Even more in credit card fraud.
He was a sleaze, and he ruined

people's lives. Of course I wanted to
take him down, but there are far worse

criminals out there to obsess over.

He wasn't worth it.

It's interested that you talk
about the lives ruined

- by Morganstern.
- Is it?

Inspector Leo McCluskey, he ran
the Major Crimes Unit for Metro.

He tussled with Morganstern,
didn't he?

He never caught him.

It's a shame what happened
to your father's career.

Dishonourably discharged in '96.

You know, some say it was Morganstern

who put the fix on your father
that led to his downfall.

- That was a rumour.
- Why keep it from us?

I didn't keep it from you.
It isn't relevant.

Everything's relevant, Sergeant.

It gives you motive.

This is insane. I am a cop.
I am not a criminal.

That's for us to decide.

I'm sorry, what exactly is
there for you to decide?

Whether this was an act of self-defence
in accordance with the law...

or an execution.

Thank you.

Hey, Klein. I got something.
I just spoke to a witness

who was in the alley around
the time of the shooting.

He saw a Metro squad car pull
into the alley

before the shot was fired.
No lights, no sirens.

Well, you called for backup, right?

Yeah, seconds before the shot was fired.
There's no way a car gets there that fast.

Could it be a coincidence?
Sketchy neighbourhood,

unrelated investigation
crossing paths?

No, a squad car was in the
alley before Morganstern fell.

I'll get Dev to check
with Metro dispatch and see

what cars were in the vicinity,
who the first responder was.

Mr. Klein, would you have
Corporal Clark report

- to the conference room, please?
- Of course.

I also would like
a private word with you.

- Hey.
- Hey.

- How'd it go in there?
- Well, they wanted to know

how I knew Morganstern was
still in the building.

I couldn't exactly tell them
you're a telepath.

- No, they'd shut us down.
- Yeah, I, um, I said

that Dev was feeding us intel. They didn't buy it.
That's why they called him in.

Well, he's a smart guy.
He's gonna see the trap

- and steer clear of it.
- Yeah.

You want a coffee?


So, you had no idea that McCluskey's
father had also investigated Morganstern?

- This is the first I've heard of it.
- And you didn't

examine the case history before authorizing
his daughter to take over the case?

Michelle is an excellent detective.

I don't check her homework.
I don't have to.

She had an angle, she tracked
him down, I said, "Go for it".

Well, that is an interesting approach
to team leadership and responsibility.

You're trying to imply something. Why
don't you just come out and say it?

That you're not in control of your officers,
or even aware of their motivations?

Excuse me? Michelle picks up
one of her father's old cases,

and now she's crooked? Do you
want character references?

I'll give you dozens
from people you have to respect.

You know, you might find that you have fewer
friends in high places than you thought.

Just as soon as the facts come out.

Cup of sugar, bit of coffee,
just the way you like it.


So, how you feeling?

- Have we found the gun?
- Not yet.

- Then I've been better.
- It's just a matter of time

before I'm called in. Is there
anything that I should know? - Like what?

How sure are you that he had a gun?

You were there;
you saw it go down.

I have to be sure;
I had to ask.

I've got your back;
don't doubt that.

He had a gun.

Why didn't you tell me you had a
personal interest in Morganstern?

- I didn't.
- Really?

'Cause I just heard he cost your old man his career.
You're saying you didn't know?

My dad worked hundreds of cases.

Do you want me to flag
every single one that got away?

I just covered for you in
there and I felt like an idiot!

- Hey, easy.
- Stay out of this.

The appearance of objectivity, full
disclosure--that never occurred to you?

I'm sorry, Alvin.
I never really picked our cases

based on whether or not
I could cover your ass!

And, for the record,
we've worked several cases

that you had a personal stake in, and I
never once questioned your judgement.

Sergeant McCluskey put you
on the fast track--

recommended you for promotions normally
reserved for more experienced officers.

I have skills that more
experienced officers don't.

Hm. You're referring to your
criminal background in hacking?

I was investigated, never charged.

Ever after she learned of your past,
she stood by you, trusted you,

even elevated your career.

If you're in some way saying
that I'm blinded by loyalty...

How did Morganstern come
to your attention?

He was a person of interest
in a number of fraud cases.

Sergeant McCluskey had been tracking
him since her days as a regular

RCMP. She needed
a tech profile

to help narrow down
his location, activity, targets.

But you were unsuccessful.

He stayed one step ahead of
any counterfeiting technology.

He was good. In order to catch
a guy like that, you've got

to get him in the process
of making or moving bogus cash.


How did McCluskey react
to this alleged tip?

She was fired up. We all were.
She thought after years

of tracking this guy,
she finally had something.

She spent years on this case?

- Would you say she was obsessed?
- I'd say she was committed.

That's a fine line sometimes,
isn't it?

During investigations,
is it common for you

to provide remote technical support?

Whatever the team needs.

And in this case,
Sergeant McCluskey claims

that you were providing schematics on the
building where Morganstern was found.

Yeah, that's correct.

- Oh.
- Yet our records show

that the building was built in 1902,

and that no schematics exist
on record.

Thanks for coming here with me.

Come on.
That's what partners do.

You know, after my dad was discharged,

he was never the same.

Losing his career the way he did,

it didn't just destroy him;
it killed him.

- That's not going to happen to you.
- Well, we don't have a gun,

Morganstern is somehow connected
to my father and to Adam--

I mean, the IA thinks
I was out to get him.

Well, it feels like
someone's trying to get you.

I should have just
let him get a shot off.

What are you saying? You did nothing wrong.
You did what you had to do.

Yeah, well, tell that to Klein.

He knows. He's just upset that you held
something back from him. He'll get over it.

Look, I don't want to talk about it.

But that's not a problem
for you, is it?

You know, you can just
go into my head.

I'm sure Klein has asked you to, right?
He probably ordered you to.

He didn't, Michelle, all right?
If he did, I would refuse.

You gotta trust me here.
You're doubting yourself.

You're second-guessing yourself.
We got your back.

We're going to get to the bottom
of this witch hunt.

(cell phone ringing)

I got a date on the hot seat.
I gotta get back.

- Yeah. I'll drive you.
- Thanks.

- I'm sorry.
- Don't be sorry.

(cell phone ringing)

- Oz, how'd the interview go?
- Let me tell you something,

I didn't even want this job
in the first place, OK?

Sandy gets me all these ideas,
and I'm in the interview,

and I'm starting to realize
all the changes I can make,

and then I realize
this is a dream job for me.

- That sounds good, brother.
- No, that's not good!

You know how I get what I want something--I'm
sweating like a drug mule on prom night!

And I was making just really
inappropriate jokes. You know

I told the joke about the
four nuns and the holy water?

That is not joke material
for an interview, my friend.

- I completely blew it!
- Can't imagine it was that bad.

At least I don't have to have that
conversation with Ryder about leaving EMS.

I was not looking forward
to that, thank you very much.

You did it. You did it.
You got the job.

Toby, I'll call you back. What are you talking
about, I got the job. How do you know?

OK, I may--I may have offered
Langley's executive assistant

lunch in exchange for,
you know, some information.

They decided already? They must be interviewing
hundreds of people. This is a hospital,

- for crying out loud!
- Shut up, OK? The point is

they're putting together
an offer. You did it!

You're going to be the new head
of Emergency Services!

I'm the new head
of Emergency Services!

Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha!

So, this anonymous tip-- did
you hear the call personally?

No, I did not hear the call.
Um, Michelle took the call

- in her office.
- How'd she react?

Well, afterwards,
she was excited. You know,

we've been trying
to find this guy for a while.

Mm. Did she tell you that her father had
pursued this man for several years?

- No.
- Hm.

Do you now see her enthusiasm
in a different light?


Just to confirm:
you're a consultant?

- Yeah.
- Can you tell me exactly what it is that you do?

I read facial expressions,

I figure out where people are
coming from,

whether they're
telling the truth or not.

Do you have any, uh,
any formal training,

- any certification for that?
- It's a gift.

- I was born with it.
- Hm.

It's pretty accurate, actually.
We could do a test right now,

- if you'd like.
- Ha. I don't think that'll be necessary.

Let's move on. Um,
how would you describe

your working relationship
with Sergeant McCluskey?

Professional, honest, uh, respectful.

It's a true partnership.

Maybe close?

Yeah, but not the way you mean.

Did you see Morganstern's weapon?

- Uh, I was coming around the corner when the shot was fired.
- So that's a no?

No, I saw something:
a glint.

A glint is not a gun,
Mr. Logan.

No, it isn't,
but it's something, and I saw

the face of a cornered criminal
intent on escape.

Wait, can I ask you a question?

Why are you out to get Michelle?

[Man]: She's a problem.
It's time she gets dealt with.

We're Internal Affairs,
Mr. Logan.

We're not out to get anybody.

The evidence speaks for itself.

- What does the evidence say?
- [McCoy]: Whatever we want it to.

The investigation is ongoing,
Mr. Logan. Until that changes,

we're not at liberty to discuss our findings
with you or anyone else, for that matter.

Is that true, Miss McCoy? No one
else knows how this is gonna end?

Look, your reaction
to your partner's situation is

understandable. It's even admirable. You put
your lives in each other's hands every day.

But our objective here--
our job--

is to get to the bottom
of what really happened.

If you're trying
to intimidate us, Mr. Logan,

- you won't succeed.
- Someone already has.

We're-We're done here.
Thank you.

I know I'm out of line. Just tell
me why they're pushing so hard.

Fair-weather friends.
Apparently it's cold outside.

- How'd you do? Did you get anything?
- Someone's gotten to McCoy.

They've sent her after Michelle.
This is not an investigation.

It's a setup.

Hey, you.

This was a nice surprise.

You never call me during the day.

What's up?

I, um...

I shot and killed someone.

Now I'm under investigation.

You're OK?

It was Matt Morganstern.

You didn't tell me
you started gambling again.

It was only...

three times, Mich, OK?
No high stakes,

and he was at one of the games.
It was nothing.

They think I did it
to cover your debt.

Well, that is crazy.

It was one game,

and I came out a couple hundred
bucks ahead, all right?

That's the truth.

I can get you witnesses.

They're just--
they're trying to get at me

through you,
through... my friends.

They even dug up my dad's history.

All right, you should not
be alone today.

- I'm gonna shut down the club.
- No. No, it's OK.

Look, it's fine. Go back to work. I just--I
wanted you to know what was going on.

Mich, I'm not leaving you alone today.

End of story.

[Dev]: I don't get it.
Why would Internal Affairs want

- to set up Michelle?
- They don't.

McCoy's just a pawn for someone else.

Well, whoever's behind this must have
known her connection to Morganstern.

- And set them both up?
- Yeah, and his amazing ability

- to escape. They took that option off the table.
- Meaning

it's him or her. Either way,
discredit the survivor.

Well, I'm starting to get why no
one found Morganstern's weapon.

And why a squad car showed up
to the party uninvited.

Yeah. I checked. OK, there was
no official dispatches

from that area
before your call for backup.

That squad car had no business
being there.

- This police business--maybe they're tracking Morganstern.
- What, just to grab

the gun that would exonerate
a fellow officer?

Doesn't that sound like an
episode of the X-Files to you?

Well, then someone tell me
why Metro's duty officer hasn't

- replied to my request for badge numbers,
notes, scene reports. - Even if there was

a dirty cop on the scene, what are the
odds the gun's gonna end up in the alley?

Or maybe it was
a spur-of-the-moment decision.

A little bonus insurance.

One more nail in Michelle's coffin.

Mr. Klein. A moment?

What's the verdict?

I'm afraid our initial
findings meet the criteria

for Sergeant McCluskey's
immediate relief of active duty.

- For how long? What's the next step?
- It's formal charges

from Metro Homicide.

Thank you for your
cooperation. We'll be in touch.

Hey. What gives you
the right to destroy

a woman's career based on
the actions of her father?

[Man]: Every bit as stubborn as her old man.
She won't let it go.

We're investigators,
Mr. Logan.

- We don't create the facts. We just do our homework.
- Really?

Well, you got it wrong this time.

But we both know
that's intentional, don't we?

Mr. Logan,
let it go.

- Hm?
- The door.


OK. We're now
inside Metro's database.

- What am I looking for exactly?
- We're looking for photos of the top brass.

OK, not a problem. If they're on the
force, they should be in the archive.

- We'll go through 'em one by one. Just say when.
- All right.

All right, what's so important that
you couldn't tell me on the phone?

Thanks for coming in.

All right, so, I was right.

McCoy's working
for someone outside the agency.

But it's much bigger than we thought.

IA is supposed to be untouchable.

Who the hell has that kind of reach?

It's Metro police.
He's high up.

That tracks with getting to
someone inside Internal Affairs.

So, who is this guy?
You got a name?

Better. Take a look.

(Klein sighs)

Walter Heath.

- The deputy chief.
- You know this guy?

Yeah, we worked on a judicial
committee together years ago.

His service record is
the stuff of legends.

- He's my go-to guy when I need local cooperation in a hurry.
- All right, so he knows us,

- he knows Michelle...
- And the case

against Morganstern.

Inter-agency briefings are
CCed to his office.

So, could this guy put
a below-the-radar

police tail on Morganstern?

Sure. But why?

What's his motive?

It sounds like Morganstern had
quite a knack for staying

- one step ahead of the cops.
- Just want to make sure:

everything in my apartment is
off the record, right?

Worse: what's said in the
kitchen stays in the kitchen.

So, he spent decades eluding the cops.

He made a fortune off of identity theft.
Never busted.

- Well, that's the connection
to Heath: he's helping

Morganstern out along the way
for a slice of the pie.

No, it's easy to say, hard to prove.

You've been hanging
with the fuzz too much.

You're getting unusually
literally minded on this.

Look, my friend is looking at prison time.
For what? A bad cop on a power trip?

I mean, it's very easy to see
things black and white right now.

I had our archives check out
her dad's dismissal.


Officially, the Morganstern
case was never mentioned.

Michelle's dad wasn't the
officer in charge on that case.

Guess who was.

Heath. No.

- You're serious?
- So maybe Heath knew Michelle had Morganstern

- in her sights.
- Maybe.

So, if he's connected
to Morganstern's racket,

- paving the way...
- Oh, he sees an elite IIB unit

closing in on him, why doesn't
he just warn Morganstern?

You know what? I heard some
off-the-books chatter

about Heath and a potential run
at the mayor's office.

OK, so, you're saying...
what, he's maybe trying

to clean up his image,
cut his ties with Morganstern?

So he sets Morganstern up.
He sends him

to the place, tells him
to await further orders...

Sends an anonymous tip to
Michelle about his whereabouts.

Mutually assured self-destruction.
It's a very Heath-generation idea.

Right, and just for insurance
he sends a cop

who's on his payroll to make
sure there's no loose ends.

Morganstern was going to be swept
off the board one way or another.

Wow. I love how your mind works.
I have no idea. I just--

It's fun to watch. - I have my moments.
- You're telling me. It's great.

Very impressive.

- I know what you want.
- Yeah?

You want this.


I should--
Yes, good call. Um,

can you put the mushrooms
in the pasta sauce

and stir up the noodles?

A theory is one thing.
No matter how damning it may be,

- we still need the evidence to back it up.
- All right, so what's next?

How do we go about bringing down
a deputy chief of police?

The same way we usually get
the impossible done.

Confront the one with the guilty mind.


He'll be with you shortly.

Thank you.

So, how are you doing?

I'm a lawyer, Logan.
I'm used to disappointment

where my colleagues'
moral fibre is concerned--

- present company excepted.
- Likewise.

But you should be saying this
to Michelle, not me.

Yep. Yep, three o'clock.


Alvin, good to see you again. I was
sorry to hear about McCluskey.

Yeah, not half as sorry
as I am. Deputy Chief,

this is Toby Logan.
He's with the unit.

- Logan.
- How you doing?

- Call me Walt.
- All right, Walt.

This "Chief" stuff makes me feel old.
Not like Alvin to bring a wingman.

He must like you.
God help you.

(Walt chuckling)

- Please, boys, take a load off.
- Thank you. - Coffee?

We're conscious of your time, and I
suspect you know why we're here.

And you know I can't help you.
Not with Internal Affairs.

Church and state work best separate.

What if we could prove that McCoy and
Slater made their recommendations based on

something other than the facts?

So, file an appeal. We've got a
procedure in place for everything

from Shinola to shoelaces.
You know the drill

- on this crap.
- An appeal would take months.

I need McCluskey
back on the clock now.

There's still a few loose ends that we'd like
to tie up in the Morganstern investigation.

- Such as?
- How he's never been caught.

And why the two cops that went after him
the hardest both lost their careers.

Now, has it ever crossed
your mind that this could be

an inside job?

[Man]: This ends when I say.
You've got more

to lose than I do.

Anything's possible.

See, we think that his gun was removed

from the crime scene, but we're getting static
on which one of your guys was there at the time.

Good call grabbing the gun. Just
make sure it doesn't turn up.

I don't see that happening.
Of course,

I'm a "glass half full" kind of guy.

I'll look into it.

But, like I said,
there's nothing I can do.

Well, you can't blame us for trying.

Nope. McCluskey was
a great cop.

I hope you manage to clear her name.

We will.

We're "glass half full" kind of guys.

You look like you've seen a ghost.

So what, you got
a crush on me or something?

Constable Partak, you're
just the "glass half full"

kind of guy we were looking for. Lucky for us,
you're easier to find than a missing gun.

- So, what's IIB want with me?
- Well, for starters,

you can tell us why you helped Walter
Heath destroy a senior officer's career.

I don't know
what you're talking about.

All right, well,
let's change the subject.

Let's talk about what's
in the trunk of your car.

That thing that you couldn't find...

- Coffee?
- Oh, I'm good. Thank you.

You think I took the gun?
Why would I do that?

Oh, I don't know.
Leverage, maybe?

Against whoever told you to talk it.

And now you're left
holding the bag, man.

This is all on you.

- What do you want?
- Come on, you know what we want.

Here's the thing:
one of you is

going down for this. I really
don't care which one that is

so long as my officer's
name is cleared.

The ball's in your court. Our next
conversation is going to be with Walter Heath.

I'm gonna give you 30 seconds
to think it over.

You'll get what I promised,

but not until I'm sure this thing is buried.
(door opening)

Didn't I tell you?

- Cute couple.
- Alvin, what the hell is this?

Arrest warrants. We had a nice
little chat with Constable

Partak. He gave us

I can't believe you'd just throw it all away.
And you almost took me

- with you.
- Alvin, you're gonna be

one sorry son of a bitch
when I'm finished with you.

You have nothing.

Like I said,
Partak gave us everything.

This is for you.

It's over, Walter.

(cell phone ringing)

- Yeah.
- [Toby]: Hey, Michelle.

It's me. It's over.

You're in the clear.

OK. I'm coming in.

All right, we'll see you soon.



- What is it?
- Um...

Well, I got you these.

- Raptor tickets.
- Yeah.

- Premium seats.
- Mm-hmm.

I'm getting nervous, Mr. Bey.
Just how badly did you mess up

that you felt the need
to get me these?

You know that hospital
administrator's job?

I, uh... I kind of
applied for it, and, uh--

- Yeah, congratulations.
Yeah, you were the best man

- for the job. Well done.
- What, you know I got it?

- Hold on, you're not mad?
- Are you kidding me?

Come on. They called me
and I gave you a glowing review.

But I-I thought you would have
been disappointed. I mean,

after all that time
you spent helping me pass

my supervisor's exam, and then
I go and do something like this,

you know? - Change is hard. Get over it.
Besides, I'm still a young man,

and I'm gonna be here
for a few years, so

you have got plenty of time

to usurp my throne.

Well, I'll keep my usurping
skills sharp, sir.

You do that.


- Oz.
- Yes, sir?

Against the Lakers.
It's gonna be a bloodbath.

- You got any plans?
- Count me in, sir.

- All right.
- You gotta do a--do a fist.

- Do a fist, and then you blow it up. Do--
- Just take your ticket.

See you at the game. OK.

♪ I was lost ♪

There she is!


(Michelle laughing)


Oh, nice.


I thought I was dreaming
when you called. I think

I still am dreaming.

- I owe you an apology.
- No, I owe you one.

I should have disclosed
my dad's history.

Yeah, you should have.

Your dad was a great cop,
and so are you.

(pop!) - [Toby]: Yo! - To great cops.

- And to great consultants.
- Oh, no, come on. Great teams.

Oh, for God's sakes,
let's just drink already.

Sounds good.

♪ It's a brand ♪

♪ New ♪

♪ Life ♪