The Listener (2009–2014): Season 3, Episode 2 - Cold Case Blues - full transcript

When the body of a lawyer missing for almost a decade is discovered in a building, Toby (Craig Olejnik) is called in to work on his first IIB case. Already nervous, the pressure is on when he learns that his new boss, Alvin Klein, (Peter Stebbings) is still suspicious of his value and telepathic abilities, and has a personal connection to the dead lawyer. Toby joins Sgt. McCluskey (Lauren Lee Smith) as she interviews people of interest and the prime suspect, James McCallan (Christopher Bolton), a vicious drug dealer. Moving between official - and the occasional off-the-grid - investigative technique, Toby tries to make sense of the barrage of images he's receiving so he can prove to his peers, and himself, that he should be working for the IIB.


What's the matter, Logan? Thought you said
you wanted to learn how to defend yourself.

Against some random street action,
not a bunch of Navy Seals.

I'm sure the Seals will be
grateful for that.

All right. Punch, block,
trap, and punch.

- All right, all right.
- Come on! Go!

- You all right?
- Yeah. You're actually starting to get this.

We go again.


- That guy's trying to kill me.
- What do you expect, man?

Those MMA guys are crazy. If you didn't want
to feel the pain, you should've taken up yoga.

I'm gonna be so sore tomorrow
for my first day at IIB.

I can't believe
you're an actual cop now.

Not an actual cop;
A special consultant.


I wish you the best.

I also wish for my next partner
to look like Marisa Tomei.

Yeah. I'm gonna pick up a few shifts here and there.
You know that, right?

You can't get rid of me
that easily.

You look good, by the way.

I'm getting the beach body

Your beach body? - I just got two
all-inclusive tickets to the finest resort

- in the Caribbean.
- For you and Sandy?

Except she doesn't know yet.
Pretty romantic, eh?

It's a big surprise
to drop on somebody.

It's an awesome surprise
to drop on somebody.

Like a 50-pound weight!

d - nowa jako?? napis?w.
Napisy zosta?y specjalnie dopasowane do Twojej wersji filmu.

- Mr. Klein. Richards, Homicide.
- It's not every day

I get called to a crime scene.
What's going on?

Kesey at Major Crimes said it had something to
do with a cold case the two of you worked on.

- Thought you'd be interested in what they found.
- Oh, I'm beyond interested.

- Lead on.
- It's a woman's body.

Contractors found her
earlier today when they punched

- through this wall.
- How long has she been here?

- Forensics think maybe eight, 10 years.
- Let me see her.

We found a MedicAlert bracelet
on her wrist.

Apparently, she was a co-worker
of yours-- Stephanie Cordell.

And this is
the kitchen.

Your mug goes on this shelf
and this shelf only.

What if I accidentally

put it on another shelf?

Your mug goes on this shelf
and this shelf only.

This, Toby,
is your desk.

This is your chair.
How do I get one of these

- rolly chairs that just, uh--
- This is your access card--

it gets you into any black dot
room. Don't lose it.

Black dot rooms. Is that where I grab
one of these leathery rolly chairs?

- That's a red dot room.
- How do I get a red dot access card?

You know, your work has this
lovely way of interrupting us

at the most
inopportune moments.

Well, you gotta take the whole
package if you want a piece of me.

I'm gonna
take the whole package.

I want the whole package.

What do you think,
dinner tonight? A little...

- dancing, maybe?
- Wow.

I think
we should just stay in.

I like that too.


Hey, Klein.

I'm on my way.

Maybe tomorrow?

Tonight. - Tonight?

- OK.
- I'll call you later.

Stop looking
so gorgeous!

Her name is
Stephanie Cordell.

She was a lawyer.

We worked together
in the Crown Attorney's office.

- Sorry to hear that.
- Eight years ago,

she left the office
after working late,

- and was never seen again.
- So what, she just vanished?

- There were signs of a struggle in her apartment.
- Suspects?

Three. One was a boyfriend,
a Justin Walker.

He's got a record
for two assault charges.

That's an odd choice
of a boyfriend for a lawyer.

Well, they met when she was
working as a public defender.

She realized her mistake
and she broke it off.

I'm guessing
he didn't like that.

Next suspect?
Unfortunately, persons unknown.

She filed a report with the cops
a couple weeks earlier.

She saw someone with a camera
looking through her window.

She thought
she was being peeped.

An "admirer"
who may have turned violent.

- The third?
- The third was

a drug dealer she was
prosecuting--a James McCallan.

He's suspected
in the disappearance

of three rival drug dealers.
This guy's a real nasty piece of work.

The police could never build a
case against any of these guys,

so no charges were ever laid.
Eventually, the investigation was shut down.

Well, let's go talk
to this McCallan guy,

see if the discovery
of Stephanie's body shook

- anything loose.
- We need to canvass

that neighbourhood. Someone might have seen
something. - We're talking almost a decade.

- Just do it, Michelle.
- Of course.

I was just gonna say
we'll need Metro's help.

We have things going for us
we didn't eight years ago.

We have Stephanie's body
and we have you.

Now we'll be able to know
if someone's telling the truth.

it's not that simple.

- Let's try to keep positive, shall we?
- Yeah.

We have a body.

We have evidence.
We have a damn telepath.

This should be a case
we can solve.

You went out on a limb
to form this unit.

Do you really want to risk all
of that for a personal mission?

I guess I've always felt
a little bit guilty that justice

wasn't done for Stephanie.
Now I can make sure it is.

Fair enough.

Now you're eating into my day, and
I know it's not your first day.

All right, here.
You take it easy, all right?

Thanks, Kelly. Hey.

- Isn't that, uh, your--
- My partner du jour? Yeah.

- What happened?
- We go out

on this apartment call, but when
we got there nobody was responding

and the door was locked.
So, I'm calling dispatch.

Meanwhile this guy's trying
to break down the door

like Chuck Norris.
Popped out his shoulder.

Well, I guess not everybody graduates
at the top half of the class.

Yeah, and I keep
getting partnered with him.

Let's get this guy
down to X-Ray.

- Hey.
- Hey yourself.

I've got
a little surprise for you.


- What are those?
- Two tickets to paradise.

- Just me and you.
- You're kidding.

No. A week of sand,
sun, and sweat.

Oh, it sounds like, uh...
it sounds really great.

- Everything OK?,
- Yeah, sure.

Like, just, um...

What? Just an amazing gift
from a really great guy?

Is that what you were gonna say?
Code Blue. - That's a Code Blue.

- Yeah.
- I gotta go.

- Can we talk later?
- Of course, of course.

Code Blue, 305.
Code Blue, 305.

You're sure it's my sister?
It's Stephanie. - How... how?

- They used dental records.
- Right.

Here are some of her things--

her watch,
her rings, her bracelet.

Whoever killed her,
it wasn't a robbery.

How's your mom?

Your support was the only thing that really
got her through when Steph disappeared.

Then finding the body just

opened that wound again,
you know?

Who would do this?

Who would kill somebody
and then

shove them into the wall like
a piece of god damn insulation?

Becky, I'm sorry.
You have to think, though.

Is there anything she said?
Anybody who threatened her?

- Anybody she had a problem with?
- Nobody.

Nobody hated Stephanie.

She was just nice.

She was just my sister.

Will you call me
if you think of anything?

- Sure.
- OK.


- Did you get a read?
- Bits and pieces,

really. Just scraps.
Them playing together as kids.

Someone's wedding.

Them cooking a family meal.
It's... it's really loose.

Why was I reading her?
Is she a suspect?

It was a long shot.

Families have secrets sometimes.
Maybe something she didn't even know she knew.

Somebody has to know
what happened to her.


I guess I always thought--

that she was out there--

maybe run off somewhere.

Michael was a great boss.
Always the optimist.

No matter how bad a case got,
you were sure we'd win.

Can you tell us anything else
about the case Stephanie was handling?

James McCallan. Drug dealer.

He was charged with taking out
three rival dealers

- for their territories.
- What happened to the case?

Main witness was a snitch who decided if
the prosecutor can vanish, so could he.

- Recanted everything.
- The case just fell apart?

Completely imploded.
The guy was right to be scared.

Five weeks later,
he was shot and dead in Rexdale.

I never gave up on McCallan.
He's a smart one.

Laundered his money,
invested in real estate,

likes to think
he's a model citizen now.

I'd enjoy
seeing him go down.

- Keep me in the loop.
- Yeah.

- OK, so...
- Hey.

I got something. I tracked down
the jilted boyfriend.

Justin Walker?

- Yeah, who's asking?
- IIB.

I'd like to ask you a few questions
about Stephanie Cordell.

God, you people are

I mean, after all these years you come
back, drag me and my family into this?

Her body was found stuffed into the
wall of a building last night.

Now, it's our understanding that you
two didn't part on the best of terms.

Look, I told this all
to the cops back then.

Well, we have new questions
about how you broke it off.

You must have been
very upset.

- You know, it happens sometimes--crimes of passion.
- We'd like to talk to you about

- the night of her disappearance.
- I told them everything back then.

Kids, come on.
Let's go inside.

And the boyfriend was
strangling her?

- That's what it looked like.
- That's more like it.

- I was beginning to wonder about you.
- Look, I just want to warn you,

the mind is
a very tricky place.

We can't jump to conclusions
because of something that I read.

Hey. Forensics
just sent over some

preliminary post-mortem results. The cause of death
appears to be blunt force trauma to the head.

The impression in her skull was
consistent with pieces

of a glass vase that was found
on the floor in her apartment.

So the killer left
the murder weapon?

The pieces were analyzed
at the time and cleared.

There were no traces of blood
or the murderer's DNA on them.

Any indications
of strangulation?

- Nope.
- So why did you see the boyfriend strangling her?

Well, uh, I mean, maybe he's remembering
how angry she made him feel

or maybe it was something he thought
of doing to her. I don't know.

So-- so fantasies can
appear as reality?

If someone visualizes them,

Let me tell you, dementia,
I mean, that's a real trip.

So we don't actually know
if this guy killed her.

So this is
a big waste of my time.

OK. You guys want to hear the rest
of what I found out? - Yes, please.

There was a series of small puncture
wounds just below the collarbone.

- That'd odd. I wonder how she got those.
- Maybe she fell on something--

- glass?
- The marks don't match

anything on the table or any
of the glass on the floor.

By the way, the building
where we found the body--

you'll never guess
who owned it.

James McCallan?

IIB. I'd like to talk to you
about Stephanie Cordell.

That's my lawyer.
Call him.

Her body was found
in a building

owned by you.
The factory at 22 Madsen.

She was pretty intent
on bringing you down.

That must have made you mad,
maybe given you some ideas.

That building would be
the perfect hiding place.

An old building being renovated.
Who'd notice a bricked-up wall?

Hide the smell.

You know the Crown's been
trying to pin this on me

for years.
So, that's my lawyer. Call him.

Did you get anything?

Yeah he pictured some crazy-ass
bald dude attacking Stephanie.

Just what we need--
another suspect.

I'm imagine this isn't going to make Klein
any happier, is it? - Welcome to IIB.




No. No.


McCallan certainly doesn't

- choose his team for their looks.
- No kidding.

No. Here we go. Yeah.

This is the guy
McCallan thought about.

Daniel Fallon. Numerous convictions
for assault, possession, extortion.

Standard resume
for a grade A enforcer.

- Can you get an address?
- Yeah, he's on probation. Give me an hour.

- I'll find him.
- Cool. Right on, man.

I don't know why I even bother playing with you.
All right. OK, that's my last 20.

Get out of here. Hey, man.
How's it going?

- What are you doing here?
- Oh, I just gotta pick up a few things.

- Like a shift with me?
- No, no. IIB is going crazy.

Great. So I'm riding
with another newbie.

Hey, uh,
how'd it go with Sandy?

- Well...
- You ask her out on that trip?

- Yeah, yeah, she was a little funny about it.
- A little funny?

- I'm not surprised.
- Oh, no?

No. For some people, going on vacation
is a big step forward in a relationship.

You read that somewhere,
right? Like Teen Beat?

You read it too.

Hey, I also read
in another edition of Teen Beat,

just call her, talk to her,
listen to her. Excuse me.


Hey. You interested
in some undercover work?

- Undercover? Yeah, sure.
- Great.

I'll send you the details.

Like Donnie Brasco.

"I'm in the dark here!"


Donnie Brasco.

You haven't seen it?

Hey. Can I grab
a pint of amber?

This is
a nice place, huh?

It's a place.

Yeah, any place with beer taps
and frosty glasses:

Pure heaven after a day
like I had.


I tell you, my man,
today at work...

One headache
after another.

Mostly trying
to beat back the competition.

You gotta be
vigilant, right?

You gotta show 'em
who's the man.

- That's what they say.
- Especially if they think they're untouchable, right?

I mean, you gotta...

you gotta
make a point, right?

- Who the hell are you?
- Just a guy having a drink.

Knock yourself out.

Hey, I was just having
a conversation, man.

Punch, block,
trap, punch.

You want to go?

Even the computer club kids
think they're tough now.

- Who the hell are you?
- Hey! Drop your weapon!

Don't underestimate
the debating team chicks.

Yeah, you took your time,

- I was enjoying the show.
- Yeah, thank you.

You have quite the record,
Mr. Fallon.

Do the names
Fabian Jenkins,

Jorma Tikkanen, or Mitch
Williams ring any bells?

They're all drug dealers, competitors of James
McCallan, and you were McCallan's muscle,

so when they disappear, I gotta believe
you know something about that.

That's what this is about?
Cops asked me all this years ago.

I got nothing new to say.

you picked up Fallon.

He tried to kill
one of my people.

Charming. Any luck?

Not yet. But I think things
are about to get interesting.

- Look, where's my lawyer?
- Speaking of lawyers, have you ever heard of one

- named Stephanie Cordell?
- Should I have?

Well, your boss had a problem
with her, too.

I want that bitch dead!

He had more than a problem,
didn't he? He wanted her dead.

She was going to bring him down
for the murder of those dealers.

That's when a problem solver
like you steps in, isn't it?

I'd like to consult
with my client.

- In private.
- You do that.

And while you're at it,
I would advise your client

to start cooperating
in this investigation.

- And why would he do that?
- Your client tried to kill

an officer
with an unlicensed weapon.

That's what I call
probation violation.

And I call your arrest

- We have something concrete on him, right?
- Yeah, I told you.

Assault, possession of a weapon,
breaking terms of probation.

I mean something tying him
to Stephanie's murder.

- No.
- What led you to Fallon?

Our lead was
from a confidential source.

I thought we had an understanding.
You were to keep me in the loop.

McCallan's gonna be
extra cautious now.

Let's hope this little gamble
of yours didn't blow anything.

So what exactly
did you get from Fallon?

I saw the three dealers that they were
originally looking at McCallan for,

bodies being buried,

towers, chimneys of some sort.

OK, great.
Uh, give Dev a description

and we'll locate them.

- Anything about Stephanie?
- Nothing. No.

When you read McCallan
you saw Fallon killing her.

- So why didn't Fallon think that too?
- Maybe he didn't do it.

Maybe McCallan jumped
to a conclusion--

he thought Fallon had killed her
for him. I don't know.

I'm not a crystal ball.
I read what they're thinking at that time;

- Not what we want them to.
- I think I might have made a mistake here.

- Yeah, he's thinking that.
- I'll talk to him.

Working with Toby is gonna take
some getting used to.

- Yeah, no kidding.
- He is not the problem here.

- Me.
- Look, I can deal with the fact

that this is a personal interest case for
you, but I think you owe me an explanation

- as to what's really going on. - My personal
feelings have nothing to do with the details

of this crime or its solution.
If they did, trust me, Michelle, I would tell you.

- I'd like to leave it at that.
- OK.

Now, since our telepath didn't
come up with anything,

- what's our next move?
- The lab got back to us.

Forensics recovered trace
evidence from Stephanie's body.

Black fibres, most likely from the trunk
of the car she was transported in.

Trace DNA.
Maybe we can link it to Fallon.

The problem
with that line of action is...

we may be looking
at the wrong suspect.

- What do you mean?
- I've been identifying

all the other occupants at Stephanie's
building at the time she went missing

- against police reports.
- And?


I found this.
Corey Rollins.

He works as a landscaper.
He was arrested

a year after Stephanie's
disappearance as a peeping Tom.

Is this the guy that Stephanie filed a complaint
against? - Maybe. And if he was,

did he go
from peeping to murder?

- Hey.
- Hey.

Can I talk to you
for a second?

Ah, yeah,
about the trip, right?

Well, I'm just a little surprised
that you weren't more into it.

I thought
it was a beautiful gesture.

"Beautiful gesture"?
What, are we at a funeral?

- OK, that's not what I meant--
- I mean, if it was too much, if I'm smothering you--

For God's sake, Oz,
OK, you're not smothering me.

- At least, you weren't until a minute ago.
- OK, point taken.

I'm sorry
I wasn't clearer earlier.

The reason I can't go with you
is because I'm...

gonna be in Africa.

- Africa?
- Africa.

What are you talking about?

OK, before you and I even
got together, I applied

to an international
health organization.

I just got the acceptance letter a couple days ago.
I didn't have a chance to tell you.

It was something
I always wanted to do,

but my ex-husband wasn't into
letting me take off for that long.

You know, he just wasn't
as understanding as you are.

I am pretty understanding.

Yeah, you're
very understanding.

So, how long is
"that long"?

Corey Rollins?

I've been seeing
the counsellors.

I'm up on my conditions.
I'm glad to hear that,

sir, but, uh,
we're actually here

to talk to you about something else--something
that happened eight years ago when you lived

- at 539 Gilmour Street.
- Yeah, what about it?

There was another resident--
a woman named Stephanie Cordell.

Did you know her?

That was a long time ago.
I'm not sure.

Come on, Mr. Rollins, you must
have noticed her disappearance.

It was on the television,
the police were

- all over your building.
- You knew her, didn't you?

- Yeah.
- And did you peep her?

- No.
- You're not one of these guys

who likes to take pictures?
Reminders of your "girlfriends"?

- That's not you?
- I bet you have them

hidden away somewhere
in a secret stash.

You know, I bet you
if we found them

- there'd be some of Stephanie.
- Maybe other women as well.

Does your counsellor know
about this?

Look, you guys have got it
all wrong.

- Hey, you OK?
- I did not see that coming.

Damn it,
I wore the wrong shoes.

Where did he go?

This way.

Maybe we lost him.

Short cut.
This way.

IIB. Just passing through.

There's a back door.

Look out!

Hey, Liv, Liv, Liv.

- We're stabilizing him.
- I just want a moment with him.

He's going straight
into surgery.

Any idea what he'll be like
when he gets out of it?

The neurosurgeon is optimistic
he could make a full recovery,

but with those injuries
we just don't know.

Will you let us know
when he gets out of surgery?

- Absolutely.
- Thank you.

OK, so, what now?

We need to find those photographs.
They may tie this guy to Stephanie.

Any luck?

This guy's
a full-on hoarder.

Yeah, you think that he hid those
special photos somewhere else?

Well, if he had,
he wouldn't have run.

I think we're gonna be here
for a while.

Maybe. Maybe not.

Yeah, I saw this plane
when I read Corey Rollins.

- Yeah?
- Might explain the cigarettes.

Let's see...

Look at that.

Who are all these women?

I bet most of them didn't even
know he was taking their pictures.

I wonder how many more women
wound up in walls somewhere.

Even with all these pictures, it's
a leap to prove he killed anyone.

He's still just
one of the suspects.

We have to ID these women
and account for all of them.

I'll give Rollins this:

He was very organized.
There are times and dates on every single shot.

Hold on here.

Guys, check this out.

A stack of them.


- Yeah, that's Stephanie.
- There's tonnes here.

That's a week
before her disappearance.

Even from the night
she was murdered.

OK, so that proves
he was there that night.

Yeah, but it doesn't actually tie
him to the murder itself. - Right.


You know what? You guys look
tired. Get out of here.

Let me go through these.

- Yeah?
- Yeah. Go find something to do.

I got a date.
Call me if you get anything.

You know,
I'm gonna go for a ride

and check something out.
You got this?

- I got it.
- All right.

- Hey, Mr. McCallan. You got a second?
- You're a cop.

- Special consultant, actually.
- That's a ballsy move coming down here

by yourself. Now you're alone
with the big bad boogieman.

Yeah. I just want
to ask you a question.

First you set up my buddy
Fallon, and then you come here?

Because, what are you, working
off someone's personal grudge?

I'm just here
to find the truth.

Oh, I see. OK, well,
I'll give you some truth, then.

You are never gonna prove that I killed
that lawyer, because I didn't do it.

So how did she end up
in a wall in your building?

Someone's trying
to pin it on me.

Why do you think that?

The work that I was doing
on those buildings was being

done on the down-low.
No permits.

The only way somebody could have know
about it was if they were watching me.

So you got some grudges?
Is someone trying to set you up? Is that it?

I've made a few enemies
along the way.

- On both sides of the law.
- Yeah.

- That good enough for you?
- Thank you.

So I was thinking.

Maybe me and you could go
up north this weekend,

get out of the city.
You know,

a B&B maybe.

Yeah, you know,
and just get some monkeys

to run the bar, take off my clothes,
run through the streets naked,

- light myself on fire.
- OK, OK.

- I'm sorry.
- It's OK.

It's just this case
I'm working.


I guess I just got used
to being in charge of my team.

And now I'm working
this higher level unit,

which is great--I just,
I'm reporting to someone

- and it just feels a bit like...
- Like a demotion?


Cut yourself some slack.
You said it:

This is a high level unit.

And you are there because
you are the best at what you do.

And they all know that.

That is some
smooth bartender rap.

No, that was
Dr. Phil gone wrong.

Yeah, yeah, yeah.

- You're gonna answer that, aren't you?
- Yes, I am.


OK, um,
I'm on my way. Yeah.

- Nightcap?
- For sure.


Of course.

You're sure
there were four smokestacks?

Yeah. I saw a distorted version of it
when I read Fallon, and then I saw it

- more clearly when I read McCallan.
- Four smokestacks sounds like

an old generating plant
in Lakeview.

- Yeah, that's it.
- I mean, it's torn down now,

but it would have been
standing at the time.

The bodies of the dealers are
buried within sight of this.

There's lots of industrial land out there.
Let's see if McCallan owned any property

in that area. If we can connect
him to the other murders,

maybe we can get him
to confess to Stephanie's.

All right, I'm all over it.
Oh, uh, Walker's stewing in the interview room.

Great. Come with me.

Listen, I'm only gonna tell you this
one time: you never, ever freelance.

That's how people end up dead.

All right, yeah.
It won't happen again.

Nice job.

I'm telling you,
I wasn't there.

Then why was your car parked outside of
Stephanie's building the night she was killed?

- I don't know. It's some mistake.
- No mistake. That's your car.

Just 'cause somebody wrote a date on
the picture doesn't mean anything.

Other photos from the same
roll show Stephanie

wearing the same outfit
that she was killed in.

Given your record,
the fact that

Stephanie was breaking things off with you, the
judge and jury aren't even gonna need that.

So you were there,
weren't you?

But you weren't there
to hurt her, were you?

No. We fought in the past,
but... I went there that night

'cause we were gonna be
together again.

What did you fight about?

She was seeing
somebody else.

You're sure about that?

Yeah, even that night.

She was wearing this piece of
jewellery--I'd never seen it before.

It was carved silver.

I never could have given it
to her.

I don't know if she wore it to provoke me
or just to get things out in the open,

but when I asked her where she got it,
she admitted she was seeing someone.

- Do you know who this guy was?
- She didn't say.

It didn't matter as long
as she was coming back to me.

Still, it must have
made you mad.

I told you. She said it was over,
and that's all I cared about.

And you want us to believe
that you never hurt her?

I swear.
The last I saw her,

she said she was gonna break it
off with the guy that night.

So... I left.

I'm inclined to believe him.
Why would he kill her

- if they were reconciling?
- And the make of his car

doesn't match the carpet fibres
we found on Stephanie's body.

So it would seem we're back looking
at McCallan as prime suspect.

- Must be another way into him. - How would he
even get to Steph? Didn't you have him

- under surveillance 24/7?
- The only ways somebody

could have known about it was
if they were watching me.

If there was this other guy,
that would explain something

I've been having
a problem with here.

There was no evidence of a lover--
no phone calls that weren't accounted for.

- But there was motive.
- It was McCallan. It had to be.

Let me know
when you actually get something.

We have a problem.

Thank you
for stating the obvious.

No, I don't think
you understand.

When I read Walker, I saw him giving
Stephanie a bunch of flowers,

- and she put them in a glass vase.
- The murder weapon.

I just read your friend
Morrissey here, and...

he saw those exact same flowers
in the unbroken vase,

which means that he was there
sometime between when Walker left

and when she disappeared.

What are you saying?

I think he's the other man.

That can't be.

How would he know what the
flowers in the vase look like?

Well, you said yourself,
your gift that plays tricks...

Yes, but I can't
put the image in his head.

He saw the flowers,
he saw the exact same vase.

He was there.

And with the surveillance
information he had on McCallan,

he knew exactly where to dump
the body to incriminate him.

We do have a problem.

A big one.

I checked with Metro
Organized Crime. Morrissey was

one of the few people
with access to the location

- of McCallan's off-the-books renovation project.
- There was also a call

from Stephanie to Morrissey the night of her
disappearance, right after Walker's visit.

Because they were working on a case together,
nobody thought it was out of the ordinary.

In reality, she's calling him to set up
the meeting to break it off with him.

So maybe he went
to go see her,

he didn't take the break-up well, he flew
off the handle, and ended up killing her.

And then buries the body
at McCallan's.

These are great theories,
guys, but we don't have one

hard solitary piece of evidence
proving anything. Maybe we do.

Walker saw Stephanie wearing
a very distinct pendant--

A metal star with sharp points
and a crystal inside of it.

That could be where the marks
on her chest came from,

but I didn't see any pendant
in the crime scene photos.

No, and it wasn't with the body either, but
the killer could have taken it with him

because he knew the police would
have connected it to him.

Toby, can I get
a description?

- Yeah, I got a very good read.
- Too bad your telepathic reads aren't admissible in court.

It might not be necessary.
Is there any way you can get me

access to Morrissey's
credit card records?

Opening an official investigation into
a Crown Attorney, that's a big step.

Who are you worried about here?
Your friend Morrissey or the woman he killed?

Recognize it?

Take a good
close look at it, Michael.

Looks nice,

- but I've never seen it before.
- That's odd because

according to your credit card records, you
bought that just a little over eight years ago.

The artisan who made it
recognized it instantly.

It's a very expensive,
one-of-a-kind piece.

It was for Stephanie,
wasn't it?

Of course not. Who it was for
is none of your business.

There are markings on Stephanie's body
in the exact pattern of that pendant.

Her ex-boyfriend, Walker, also identified
it as the one she was wearing that night.

There's no way
you can tie this to me.

We found it in a drain
in your garage, so...

We're gonna get
those prints.

Maybe even some
of Stephanie's DNA.

There were
also carpet fibres

from your car's trunk,
late night phone calls...

Not to mention your DNA on the body, a
partial print we're working to confirm...

You know
where this is going, right?

Can we have a minute?

What happened, Michael?

I went over
to her place...

to tell her
that I was gonna leave my wife.

I wanted us
to be together.

I didn't want
to hide any more.

she told me it was over.

That's when things...

got crazy.

Next thing I know...

...she was on the floor.

You know...

I counted them up once--
over 200 cases I've been

involved with that could
be called crimes of passion.

There was a time when I...
I never believed in that concept.

I never understood
how someone could get so angry

they could lose all control.

That all changed
that night.

I'm sure Becky and her mother
will appreciate hearing that.

- Alvin--
- You betrayed them.

You betrayed me, Michael.

Would you mind
coming with me?

It's a good thing the jeweller was
able to make a copy of that pendant.

Dev's getting a search warrant
for Morrissey's place right now.

We'll get the real pendent
from the drain in his garage.

Why didn't you read him
from the start?

I don't read everybody.
Especially not people that we trust.

You OK?
I always thought McCallan

killed Stephanie
because of the case.

But the thing is,
it was my case.

She didn't want it.

I convinced her there wasn't
gonna be a better chance

to jump-start her career.

And you felt guilty
ever since.

You gotta let it go.

And I that obvious, or are you
just reading me right now?

I'm just listening.

I think it's gonna take me a while
to get used to what you can do.

Yeah. Yeah, I'm still trying.

- This is crap. You got nothing. - We received
an anonymous tip suggesting we check out

a property you owned
at the Four Sisters Power Plant.

We did a little digging, and guess what we found?
The bodies of those missing dealers

- you murdered.
- I had nothing to do with that.

That's not what your boy Fallon's saying.
He's already cutting deals.

No disappearing witnesses
this time. You're mine.

So, tomorrow
you'll be in Africa.

it'll take a couple days--

layovers, waiting for my bus,
another 10 hours on my bus--

OK, I was trying
to be dramatic.

- Oh. - Yeah. Listen, my shift's almost over.
Maybe I could, uh,

come to your place,
have a proper goodbye?

Uh... you know what, I would
love to, but I have packing...

Right, yeah. Packing.
Packing can be stressful. Yeah.

You know, I think this is
gonna be really good for us.

I think it'll give us time
to see how we really feel.

Yeah, time to think, right?
Exactly. - Yeah.

I don't need time
to think, though.

I know exactly
how I feel about you.

And I'm not expecting
anything from you

while you're gone, but...

I will be here for you
when you get back.

You don't have to do that.

I know.

You know the part
that I don't get?

Why your car sucks
and mine doesn't?

- I'm a lap ahead of you, brah.
- You're a lap behind, dude.

No. Am I needy?
Am I a needy guy?

You're whiny.
It's not sexy.

When did I become
high maintenance?

You fell in love, man.
Why do you think I'm single?

- No, no, no!
- Nice.

My driver's gonna need
life support. You want a beer?

- Yup.
- Hey, so how was your first official cop case?

Pretty good,
a few bumps.

A little nervous. But I'm
getting the hang of it I think.

Almost got beat up
by a hitman.

Took down the boss' friend
for murder.

- You know, things like that. - Well, suddenly
my day doesn't sound so bad after all.


Best five
out of seven?

- All right.
- I'm Ryan Gosling.

Why don't we make it interesting?
I do have an extra ticket to the Caribbean.

- I'm not sleeping in the same bed with you.
- I think that's assumed.

- All right.
- Three, two, one.

Aww! - nowa jako?? napis?w.
Napisy zosta?y specjalnie dopasowane do Twojej wersji filmu.