The Listener (2009–2014): Season 3, Episode 1 - The Bank Job - full transcript

With the mental strain of his telepathic abilities taking its toll, Toby (Craig Olejnik) has vowed to ignore them and live a normal life. Especially since Dr. Olivia Fawcett (Mylène Dinh-Robic) has warned him that his life depends on it. But his good intentions are thrown into question when he finds himself in a very bad situation - taken hostage by violent robbers during a bank heist. Realizing that the only way to ensure the safety of the other hostages is to risk his, Toby takes some bold action. And while his decisions also help Sgt. Michelle McCluskey (Lauren Lee Smith) with a major investigation, they land him in another precarious situation when she's forced to tell her boss Alvin Klein (Peter Stebbings) about Toby's mysterious insights.

- I need a hotdog.
- All right.

Hey! Be liberal
with your withdrawal, eh!

- Your buy-in is my car payment.
- Yeah, yeah, yeah.


Hey! How are you doing. Uh...
I'll have a sausage, please.

- Yup!
- Thank you.

You got whole-wheat buns?
You don't see that very often.

Very nice! No corn relish,
though? No corn relish...

Nobody has corn relish any more,
you ever notice that?

(A phone rings.)

There you go, Mr. Logan.
There's your cash.

- Great. Thank you.
- Have a nice weekend.

I will, you too.

[Man, thinking to himself]: I'm going to have to
call him later. I'm supposed to call him

(He hears people's
jumbled thoughts.)

I'll help you
right over here.

- Next please!
- Hi.

[In a low voice]:


Don't look at me, OK?
Don't react, all right?

You got to call the police.
There are men in here with guns.

[Whispering]: They're going
to rob the bank.

Ladies and gentlemen,
you are being robbed.

Back away from the counter.

Touch an alarm, you're dead!
Move! Come on, don't be scared.

Let's go! Move nice
and orderly, single file.

Right down through here, please.

Let's go. You too,
right away. Let's go.

Out to the middle of the floor,
that's right.

Why are you waiting? Go!

- Come on, let's go! Let's go!
- Move, move, move!

Come on! Let's go!
Move! Let's go!

Sync by Alice

Everybody on your knees.

Two lines, right through here.

Hands on your heads, come on!

Gonna be a hero today?

Hey, listen. We're going to do what you
say and no one's going to fight you, OK?

Who are you? Community

We're going
to work with you,

all right?
No one wants to get hurt.

Too late, big boy.

All right! Wallets, cell phones:

- In the bag. Let's go!
- Trick or treat,

- boys and girls! - All right, we got
six minutes and counting, boys.

Get the drawers. Every third
stack of cash has a dye pack.

Make sure you leave a bill in the twenties
slot so you don't set off any alarms.

- Zip them.
- Yeah.

You. Up on your feet,
you're gonna open the vault.

- I can't... (The thief pretends to whimper.)
- Two seconds!

Remember protocol. Just give them what
they want and no one'll get hurt.

Finally somebody
making some sense.

- Hands over your head.
- All right, OK.

Hey, what's going on? Did they find
asbestos in there? Where are you?

[On the walkie-talkie]:
Come on, give me a reason,

just a twitch and I'll blow
your head off! ...OK!

Dispatch, this is Uni two-one.
- Go ahead, University two-one.

Call 911. There's
an armed robbery in progress

at the First Toronto Bank at the
corner of Carling and Spadina.

They have hostages.
They have my partner.

[Michelle McCluskey]:

So, it turns out

our forgers were using
government-stock rag

complete with indicator fibres.
There's no way

to get your hands on that stuff.
And then it hit me. It's real.

- They're printing real money?
- They're using real bills.

Bleaching out the ink
from fives, reprinting them

- as twenties and hundreds.
- I'm impressed.

- Thank you.
- With them.

- That's just very clever.
- Well, not so clever.

I've got facial recognition on
two of the guys who were passing

the bills. Warrants are out.
(A phone rings.)

- McCluskey.
- McCluskey, it's Oz.

- Oz, what's going on?
- Toby went into a bank to get some money

and now, it's being robbed. He left his mic on.
I heard them threatening hostages.

- Where are you?
- First Toronto Bank

- at the corner of Carling and Spadina.
- OK, we're on our way.

There's a hold-up downtown.
Toby's a hostage.

As in Toby, your face-reader?

I thought he gave up
his interest in freelance policing.

Well, I don't think
this was his idea.

Where are you going?
ETF will have this covered.

Toby's an asset.
They don't know what we know.

And what exactly
do we know?

Hands over your head! Come on,
hands together! Hands together!

(deep breath)
Take your time, calm down.

Do it right the first time.

just be patient and quiet!

Hands over your head!

This won't take long.
(The door beeps.)

The key, good, good.
We're in, buddy.

- Take her back to the others.
- Let's go! Let's go! Let's go! - Come on. move!

Tie her up!
You like being tied up,

- don't you, sweetheart?
[Bank manager]: Please, no.

Ha! Ha! Ha!

Give me the bag.

I just handed them five million
dollars we were transferring.

You did what you had to do.

OK, well are there any cameras
inside the bank?

Have we tapped into them yet?

Who's on the scene?

Yeah, we're five minutes out.

We'll check in with ETF
when we get there. OK.

What's the story?

Metro's arriving any minute.
ETF is right behind them.

Do we have a visual
on the robbers?

No, they killed the security cameras.
We're flying blind. We have no idea how many of them

- there are or what kind of weaponry they're holding.
- If they took out the cameras,

they know what they're doing.
They're probably pros.

Well, that could work
to our advantage.

They like to keep it clean,
no bloodshed.

That's if ETF lets them
get in and out quickly.

Otherwise, it could escalate.

Let's not go there.

Just think, maybe Klein was right.
Maybe our participation will complicate things.

We're not just
abandoning Toby.

I just hope he doesn't
try to be a hero.


(beep! beep! beep!)

(beep! beep! beep!)

We're on the move, my man!

On the move! Keep your heads
down. This'll be over soon.


- What?
- Son of a bitch!

Over your head!

Who tripped the alarm?


Who tripped the alarm?


Right here, right here.

Oh, wow! Look at your big hero!

Hey, pretty boy!
Look what I'm gonna do now!

No, no, no.

When we start sending
bodies out of here,

guess who's going
to be the first, huh?

Plan B, fellas.

Limit your exposure
to the window.

Sergeant Cray?
McCluskey and Clark.

IIB. What's
ETF's status?

This isn't a glory op.
What's your interest?

- One of our people is in there.
- Which one?

- He's a paramedic.
- Which is he? Medic or cop?

That's kind of
complicated, actually.

Well, hopefully he can help
to keep things cool in there.

Otherwise, this is
our operation.

No room
for outside agencies.

- Excuse me.
- Um, OK, but if you...

Don't you just love
interdepartmental cooperation?

There's got to be something
you guys can do, right?

It's the ETF's operation.
All we can do is see how it plays out.

Maybe that's not all.
I know Toby said he'd stopped using his thing,

- but apparently, he didn't.
- We can't exactly tell ETF that, right?

No, but it might mean
we have a way to help after all.

Let's get Klein down here.

This is not good, man.
Not good!

- Can you shut him up?
- Take it easy. We have hostages

and we have a plan. You stay
cool, we get out of here clean.

Back door, go!

You, come on! What do you say
you and me go steady, huh?

Let's go!
(She whimpers.)

It's not lookin good, man!
(Her knife clicks open)

Lots of people
out there!

(He whimpers.)
OK. It's going to be OK.

- We've got three cop cars.
- [Whispering]: Look at me.

Look at me. It's going
to be all right, man.

You got... You got what?
You've got a wife,

you've got kids,
a graduation, maybe?

You're going
to have all that, OK?

Relax, breathe.

What do we do now?

You should stay down
on your knees!


You know what's going to be good
after all this? A nice vacation.

Sun, sand.

Forget about all this.

Are you a psychologist
or a paramedic?

Something like that.

Shut up.
(She whimpers.)

Stop talking!


ETF weren't crazy
about our participation,

but I talked to the chief
about getting us special status.

Thank you.

Well, Logan's one
of ours, right?

Is there any chance
you can get us a shot

at communicating with him?
Look, he could help.

How exactly? By reading
people's expressions?

I can't explain right now.
You just have to trust me.

I'll see what I can do.

Why haven't they called yet,
huh? What are they doing?

Take it easy. We wait.

They make the first move.

Drop your weapon, now!
Get down! Get down!

Do it now. Drop it!
Drop it! It's OK.

- Now.
- We're done, we're done.

I'm going to slide
it over. OK?

Don't shoot.

(She screams.)

(Many people scream.)
Oh, no!


(The security guard moans.)

Shots fired! Get me
a line into the bank. Now!

- You could've killed me.
- You would've deserved it.

(The security guard moans.)

I can save her.
Let me help her, OK?

- Shut up.
- No one's dead yet.

If she dies, this is a different
story. You know that.

- He's got a point.
- OK. Do it, cut him loose.

First to go.

(She screams.)

Look at me. I'm going to take
care of you. What's your name?

- Sandy.
- Sandy, that was a stupid thing to do.

- Yeah, I know.
- My name's Toby. Help me out.

(She moans.)

All right, look at me. Look at
me. You got to breathe. Relax!

- Is she going to be OK?
- OK, breathe, breathe.

This is gonna hurt. You ready?

- Yeah.
- OK, OK, breathe.

Breathe. Good. That's good.

Look, this is all I got, man.
Everything else

- is back in my truck, this is it.
- Improvise, smart guy.

Everybody, calm down. This
doesn't have to happen again.

(A phone rings.)
Here we go. All right!

- Hello.
- Do you have a name?

- What can I call you?
- Oh, good.

Establishing a rapport.
Playing this by the book, right?

Is everybody OK in there?

We heard a shot.

The security guard
tried some heroics.

She's still alive, but it'd
be better for everybody

if we take care of this fast.
(The security guard moans.)

Breathe. Good. OK.

Are they going to kill us?

They won't if you don't
give them a reason to, OK?

I think I can get my hands
free. That'd be two of us.

We could take a couple
of them out, get their guns.

No! If you do anything, they'll
start killing other people.

They're gonna do it anyways.
Sending our bodies out one by one

- until they get what they want.
- Shut up, man.

They're not going
to kill anybody, OK?

They know the police
won't let them out if they do.

Yeah? How do you know?

- Look at my uniform, man. I know what they're thinking.
- Yeah, right.

Guess they don't hire ambulance
drivers for their guts.

Shut up!
(He whimpers.)

Now, what's it gonna take
to let these people go?

Simple demands.

Safe passage out of here.
Nobody on our tail.

- That's a big order, partner.
- Screw the prepared scripts, there, partner.

I'm not afraid to start shooting
some of these hostages.

You don't give me what I want,
you're as responsible as I am.

- You don't want to go there.
- You talk to your people

or the bodies
start piling up.

Make it happen.

Man, killing people was not
supposed to be part of this.

- Neither was getting busted.
- You really think they're gonna let us go?

All we need is a head start.

(He hears jumbled thoughts.)

- [Woman, thinking to herself]: I don't want to die.
- I just want to go home.

- Oz!
- Ma'am, I'm sorry.

- You can't go through.
- Ah, officer, she's with me.

It's fine.
Thank you.

Thank you,
she's a doctor, sorry.

- What's the situation?
- There's a security guard

down in there, they're trying
to get her out.

- Where... What about Toby?
- I think he's fine.

How the hell did he get
himself in this situation?

I don't know, OK?
Trouble finds him.

He didn't do
anything wrong.

[Toby]: You're going to be
fine, Sandy. You'll be fine.

You're doing great.

Keep breathing.
Hey... is she gonna die?

She will if she doesn't
get more help.

You don't want that,
do you?

I gotta do what I gotta do.

How did you get involved
with these guys?

Just keep working on her.

You Wallace?

I'm Pinto. This is Hurd.

I got a job for you.

This is about more than cash
for you, isn't it?

You see these guys, they're
not thinking straight, man.

It's not going to work out
the way they think it is.

It never does.

You got people who care about
you. You gotta think about them.

What do you think I'm doing?
It's not for me.


Stop it! Just keep her alive.

(She moans.)

I told you.

We're working as hard as we can.
But I can't wave a magic wand.

Well, security guard doesn't
have a lot of time for you

to wait for other people
to make your decisions for you.

She dies, it's on you.

See if I can talk to
the paramedic. Tell him

I'm a doctor. He works
with our team. He can help.

I have a doctor here.

- She wants to talk to the paramedic.
- No, no, no way.

Nobody wants her to die.

You, medic!

Get over here. They want
to talk to you. Let's go.

I got to keep pressure
on her. Can someone else

keep pressure on her?
Can I help?

Do it. Do it. Watch her.

Come here.
Pressure her in here.

- Let's go! Come on!
- OK.

- The clock's ticking.
- Yeah, I got it. - Watch what you say.

That's right. OK. Hey, Logan.

Logan, this is Dr. McCluskey.

Hey, long time, doc.

- How is she doing?
- She's lost a lot of blood.

Bullet's through and through.
Pulse negligible.

Is there anything else
you can tell me?

If I can get her to you, you
can do the necessary extraction.

- That's it, enough talking.
- That's it.

We have to get
her out of there.

- You listening to me?
- You want something,

you got to give something.

We need to get the guard out
and get her some help.

Call it a sign of good faith.

She's dying. You ever seen
someone die before?

[The thief, thinking to himself]: Try
two tours in Afghanistan, pal.

Two minutes. You get a stretcher
and a paramedic at the door.

No extra equipment. No tricks.

Sit down! Ah! What?
Somebody have a boo-boo?

Hey! Hey! It's gonna be OK.
You're gonna be OK.

All right? I'm going
to take care of you.

You got to talk to Sergeant McCluskey, all right?
You're going to tell her--

This is crazy, man!
Giving up our advantage!

We got 15 hostages left. We got lots of moves to play.
All right, here they are.

(Toby is whispering to the guard)
Get the door!

- Get the door! - Open it.
- All right, now anybody

tries anything crazy, you're
gonna go out in a body bag,

- not a stretcher. Got it?
- Stop!

Put your hands on your head.
Hands on your head.

What are you looking at?

- Eyes down.
- We're good.

OK, go.

- OK.
- Let's not talk, OK?


I'm sorry. I'm sorry, man.
(The security guards moans.)

- All right.
- You OK?

And you thought this day
couldn't get any worse, right?

There are a lot of people counting
on you to stay in one piece.

- Yeah. I'm one of them.
- OK, great. 1, 2, 3.

(The guard moans.)

Just a little quiet time,
boys and girls.

- Remember naptime?
- You got it?

I got it.

Watch out, excuse me.

- Can... Can I speak with her?
- That's not a good idea.

- McCluskey?
- Yeah.

He said their names
are Pinto, Hurd and Wallace.

And Pinto is the boss.
He said he's ex-military.

OK. Is there
anything else?

Yeah. They want
to get to a factory.

There's a lot
of machinery

and metal lathes
and high-speed drills.

- OK.
- They got to go through a manhole.

OK. Is there anything else?
Anything at all?

We've got to get
her in, I'm sorry.

- Here we go.
- Check out the names

and start cross-referencing the factories
in the area with the city service tunnels.


What the hell was that all about?
How could Logan tell her all of that?

Toby's good at getting people
to trust him. You know that.

What, I'm supposed to believe they told him their names?
Their plans? Nobody's that good.

We don't have time for this.
We have to try to figure out where they were heading.

I have to intercede with ETF, but
you're not telling me the truth.

I'm telling you
what I can right now.

- OK? What you will believe.
- Michelle! Nothing proceeds

until I have something more
substantial to offer them.

There are 15 peoples' lives
at stake in there right now.

Just tell me
how he knows!


He's a mind reader.

Don't play games.

Oh my God, you mean it.

You think the ETF
is gonna believe you

any more than you
believe me right now?

Michelle, hold up a second.

Say what you're telling me
is true. What's he doing

working as a paramedic?
That's what he does.

- He could be making a fortune.
- Have you met Toby?

He could be
clearing more cases.

That's not how it works.
Look, it doesn't work perfectly

and it doesn't work all the time.
But he's certainly helped us in the past.

Hey! So I checked out
the names the guard gave us.

Wallace didn't show up,
but Hurd and Pinto did.

Trey Hurd's got a record
stretching back to juvie.

- What about Pinto?
- Just like Toby said.

He's ex-military,
made colonel in Afghanistan.

He's a specialist in strategy
and incursion techniques

Since the military,

he's been a suspect
in a string of robberies.

There have been shootings
at three of the incidents.

Is there any way you can get the ETF to hold
off for half an hour before making their call?

I'm still not sure
I believe any of this...

but I'll give you
the benefit of the doubt.

I'll get you your half hour,
because clearly,

Sergeant Cray and I
are forming a love connection.

Let's move.

Look, you got to make
those guys listen.

You've got a family.
You must love them.

- Shut up.
- Hey. All right, look.

We all get in
over our heads sometimes,

OK? We do something stupid.
But this thing goes wrong,

you're gonna be paying for it
for the rest of your life.

You think you know.
You don't know anything.

I know you, man.
It's all over your face.

I don't have a way out.

You do. You help me
keep these people safe

and I'll make sure the police
take that into account.

You're not even operating
this, are you?

Whoever is is still out there.

I can't.

OK. We can help each other.

You think about that.

- I've identified 20 factories
within a 6-mile radius.

Twelve of them
have machining equipment.

Now, if I overlay
the city's utilities systems...

Four of them are situated
on top of the grid

- for city utilities.
- Can you see which ones

- have outlets in the factories?
- Officially? None.

But that doesn't mean someone
didn't make their own access.

OK, well we don't have much
time. Let's see what we can do.

How you doing?

What is happening?

Why won't they let them go?

The police
are taking care of it.

gonna be okay.

Just stay calm,
breathe. Cool.

That's what the manual says.
It says, "follow protocol".

But I didn't imagine
it would be like this.

You're doing great.

Hey, this looks good. I think
there's a new box in the back,

if you can just grab that.

Come on, hey! Get some eyes
on. Get some eyes on with that.

Hey! Excuse me!

Come on, guys! Seriously! Step
this up. We got to deliver Titan

by six. Hey.
What can I do for you?

We need to know if you have any
access to the city utility tunnels.

Since when are cops interested
in building codes?

There's been a gas leak in the area.
We want to make sure nobody's at risk.

Well, nobody's smelt any gas.
My guys have been here all day.

Are there any inputs
to the sewer system?

Yeah, yeah. We got 6-inch
drains every 30 feet.

Guys, look, reload
that skid! Get it back!

You mind if we take
a look around?

I'm sorry, the owner's
not here.

Nobody searches nothing
without him okaying it, so...


I'm sorry, I gotta
get back to this.

Thank you.

- So that's it?
- It was the last one

on the list. Nobody says they
have any access to the tunnels.

OK, well. Either somebody's
lying or Toby's read is off.

That's right. I want all four
factories under surveillance

until after this situation
is resolved.

Yeah. I got it. I got it!

Just call me
if there's any movement.

So we have
their escape route covered?

Yeah. I'll start the process for search
warrants, but it's going to take some time.

Especially if all we have to go
on is one of Toby's reads.

We only have 20 minutes before the ETF
makes their call. Then it could get messy.

And we're back to Toby
being our only channel.

He's going to be OK.

Yeah, I know.

I just wish he wouldn't have
gotten himself involved in this.

He saw people in trouble,
then he went to help.

It's what he does.

We're gonna
get him out of there.

Everything's going great.

I'm looking forward
to seeing you out here.

You just about
ready to come out?

Mister, either you are not listening
to me or I am not making myself clear.

You need an example?

Get up. Come on!

Let's go.

I'm going to blow this man
away while you're watching.

And then we're gonna talk about how
I get a safe passage out of here.

You really gonna shoot
someone? Come on, man.

You gonna shoot me too?
You know, fine!

'Cause once you start
killing people,

we're as good
as dead anyway!


You got 30 seconds
to give me an answer.

My best bet is getting them
outside and dropping them.

We know who the robbers are.
We think they're going to use

the city service tunnels to
get back to their headquarters.

- And how did you find that out?
- Confidential source.

We've narrowed down their
destination to four locations.

If we let them run, we can stage
a pre-emptive strike.

- She's right.
- Anyone listening?

Ten seconds left.

Open air. We get them outside

and take the shot.

OK, you win.

Give us a couple minutes
to move our people back.

(The hostage groans.)

Take this.

OK, ready to move?
Ready to move?

- You're coming with me, sir. Let's go.
- Hey! Leave him alone, leave him alone.

- Take me. Take me. Yeah.
- (Whispering): No!

Don't worry, buttercup.
I'm not leaving you behind.

Baker, you have
the windbreaker and cap.

Bennett, blondie.

Gary, you have porkpie hat.

Acquire targets and check in
when you have a shot.

We go on my word. Ground units,
clear to 20 metres.

We are letting them walk out.

If they get to their vehicle,
aerial will engage in pursuit.

Anybody outside tries to make
any funny moves, taking us out,

it's a little twitch to the trigger finger.
One of you goes with us. Understand?

- We understand all right.
- The rest of you, face down on the floor.

You make a move before
we're out of here safely,

make no mistake. You will die.

All right, everyone, it's
gonna be okay. Just stay calm.

[In thought]: Show up
for my family... my family...

my baby girl. [In
thought]: I don't like this.

[In thought]: Bastard! (Toby
hears more jumbled thoughts)


- [In thought]: Please! - [In
thought]: Oh God! Help us please!

OK, let's go! Move over here,
make a circle around us.

Let's go, boys and girls!
Let's go. On your feet!

You sure this is
the best idea, man?

Everybody, come on! Move!

Let's go! In a circle,

- let's go. - Right around behind me.
- Good. - Hands together.

Listen guys, there's gonna be
snipers on the roof. Stay low.

Keep a piece of meat between you and
the shooters at all times. Good to go?

- Yeah.
- Let's do it.

Move! Move! Move!
Catch up! Catch up!

(The hostages whimper.)

Come on, guys! Come on!
Let's go! Let's go!

Go! Go!


This is your van?
Go! Go! Go!

No! No! No! That's not right.
Something's not right here.

- Get in the van!
- No! I'm not getting in that van! That van is gonna explode!

Wallace, listen to me, man!
Wallace, listen to me. Don't get in that van!

- Move!
- No! That van is gonna explode!

- Get him in there! - Let's go!
- Don't get in the van!

- Move!
- No! It's going to explode!

- I have the solution.
- Take the shot.


(quick intake of breath)

Get back!

(He groans.)


- Hey! You with us?
- Yeah.

- All right?
- How's your head?

It's all right.
Go take care of those people.

- Yeah, come on.
- I'm good.

- Are you OK?
- Yeah. I'm going to use an ATM next time.

- That wasn't us. It was a bomb.
- I saw it.

I knew it was going to happen.
Are you seeing the future

- now too?
- I don't know.

Maybe it was
one of them.

Well, we have surveillance on four of the
factories still. Did you see anything else?

I want to talk to him.

I'll take it off.

Yeah, if you're
feeling up for it.

Oh, yeah. I think there's
someone else involved in this

and I want
to find out who it is.

How did you know
about the van?

Hey, who set this up?

This wasn't my operation.

Really? So you tried
to blow yourself up?

You know, if I were you
I'd be talking a blue streak

about who just tried
to kill me.

[Thinking to himself]: Won't rat him out,
but Newman's a dead man when I get out.

We know that Newman
set this up.

- We got to go.
- Right, get in there. Check out the other patients.

I know you saved my life,
but I... I can't..

I'm not ratting anybody out.
I know you helped me in there.

And you tried to stop Pinto
from killing people. I saw that.

I'm going to tell
them that.

You're going to see
your daughter again.

He knows where I live, man.

He knows where my kid is.
I can't talk.

Exactly. You think he's gonna
leave your family alone?

He's gonna think that you told
them something. Do you get that?

Pinto's already talked.

Yes, he told us
it was Newman.

He passed out before
he could tell us the rest.

Do you want him to get
the credit for cooperating?

You really want to take
the whole weight for this?

All we need to know
is where he is, that's it.

It'll help you out.

He owns a machine shop.

It's called
Milgrade Machining.

So you guys do your part
and I'll do mine.

All right.
I'm going to do what I can.

Promise you that.


So the guy they were dealing
with at Milgrade,

he's mid-thirties,
dirty blond hair. Scruffy.

- That's the guy we talked to.
- OK... I'll have the uniforms

that are watching his building
bring him in.


I don't know
what you're talking about.

You're making
a big mistake here.

You're the one
who's making the mistake.

You forgot to mention that you opened up
a connection to the city service tunnels

right in the middle
of your shop floor.

I don't have time
to give tours of my place.

I had a shipment to get out,
so that proves nothing.

And neither does the stash of
automatic weapons in your car?

Guy's got
to protect himself.

Sure, no one else is protecting you.
Pinto and Hurd have already talked.

[Thinking to himself]:
Bluffing. They'd never talk.

The big question is why all
of this preparation for a job

that only netted a quarter
of a million in cash?

[Thinking to himself]:
Try five million.

Already safe and sound.

(In a low voice):
It's five million.

And he's already got it.
No, they cleared out

the vault. All they had
on them was 250K.

I know what I heard.
The bank manager,

Anna, said
the same thing.

The money was supposed
to be there in transit.

Supposed to be... Maybe
the money was already gone

before the robbers got there.
And Pinto and the others

and the 250K were supposed
to explode in the truck

to hide the real theft.

OK, look. If you guys
don't have anything else,

I have a job I have to do.

OK. So if the five million dollars
disappeared within the six hours

between when it was delivered
to the bank and the robbery,

then we know that someone had to physically take
it out of there. It's got to be here somewhere.

I just got to find it.

So, is it true,

what they tell me
about you?

What did they tell you?

Wait... Wait,
you told him?

I had to, I had to get
in touch with you.

Michelle... Come on.

You'll excuse me if I still
find it hard to believe.

No, that's fine. I mean,
it's a common reaction.

You wouldn't happen to know what
I'm thinking right now, would you?

You're thinking about
a girl named Carrie who works

in a coffee shop. And you
should be ashamed of yourself.

All right,
it was just a test...

Guys, look at this.

[Michelle]: Looks like Newman.

And that's two hours
before the robbery.

How does a guy
who owns a machining factory

waltz into
the secure area of a bank?

Well, that's where I start
to think this is an inside job.

Now, we just have
to find out who helped him.

Wait, there. Can you pause
and zoom in on his arm there?

Could I borrow someone's phone?

(A phone rings.)
Give me just one second, OK?

Hey, Toby! What's up?

Is the bank manager still
there? Is she around?

Pretty blond, Anna.

Just a second.

Hey, Liv, do you know if
that bank manager is still here?

I was looking after her
and turned around for a second.

- Then she was gone.
- OK. Yeah, she took off.

All right. Thanks, man.

It's the bank manager.

She's on the run.


You OK?

I thought she was helping me.

For a guy who spends so much time in other
people's heads, nothing should surprise you.

You'd think, right?


(traffic sounds)

Jeremy, I need a minute.

Alvin, I've got a meeting with
the Deputy Minister in an hour.

Yeah... I have
a proposal for you.

Why does you saying that
always fill me with dread?

This'll pay off
for you more than me.

(deep breath)
All right. Talk.


What's going on?

You're under arrest
for homicide and robbery.

- No. You don't understand.
- We picked up Jack Newman.

He told us everything. You knew
the money was transferring

through the bank.
You helped him steal that money

- and plant the explosion.
- That's crazy.

No, don't! You can't do that!
Don't open that!

Were you willing to kill
Pinto and the others for that?

They were murderers.
No one would have missed them.

Yeah, and what about me
and the other hostages,

what were we?

You did good.

- Thanks.
- I missed this.

The brain freak
closing your cases?

No, no. See, I can close
my own cases just fine.

But I missed
working with you.

Hey, excuse me. No cell
phones! What? Outside, please.

Outside with
your cell phone! Hey!

- Hey!
- Hey,

No one's tried to kill you
for three or four months, man!

Yeah, I kind of forgot
what it was like.

So, do we still have time
for that game?

- Yeah, you still want to play?
- Tommy's holding our seats. I could use a game now!

I need to borrow
some money, though.

Toby! Why didn't you tell me?

- You told her.
- I didn't... Did I?

I assumed you were using your gift in there.
But you've been using it all along?

'Liv, I'm all good, all right?
Everything is different now.

Let me be the judge
of that. Come on! Let's go!

Yeah, I didn't... She could
have found out from anywhere!


CAT scan and ECG
are perfectly fine.

- Well that is a relief.
All your vitals are normal. - Yeah.

You see, I told you.

The problem was I was fighting
it, but I'm better now.

You're better for now,
but we have no idea

when this could flare up,
if it'll flare up again.

All right, 'Liv. I'm not going to
pretend like it doesn't exist,

but I'm not going
to live my life in fear.

So you're going
back into this?

Helping people? I don't know.
I mean, I was avoiding this

and it came to me.
What does that mean?

Is that a sign? I don't know.

I just... Just because
you seem better won't stop me

- from worrying about you.
- All right.

Well, I enjoy
proving you wrong.

Come here.

Give me a hug. Thank you.

Toby, at any sign

- of a headache...
- You'll be the first to know.


Thank God you're done.

Last October's Fashion Trends
has lost its lustre.

What are you doing here?

Waiting for you.

Huh. OK... why?

You tell me.

It's a lot easier
if you tell me.

Over the months
that you were working for IIB,

I've seen what
you can do...

even if I didn't know
what I was seeing.

I want to offer you
a chance to do it better.

I have approval from upstairs
to form a new special ops unit.

Assignments are purely
at the team's discretion.

The most puzzling of crimes,

cases that are impenetrable
to standard agencies.

The team will have enhanced
security clearances

and arrest powers... as well
as departmental promotion

and pay increase.

And who are
the lucky members of this team?

You see? Incisive
interrogation techniques:

That's why you're on.
You had me at pay increase.

And I suppose you expect me to be a
part of this team as well, right?

Brilliant deduction:
That's why you're on too.

You see, I don't think
I'm cut out to be a cop.

- Special consultant.
- I already have another job.

I've already cleared it
with EMS.

You'll be able to pick up shifts whenever you're
free, but the rest of the time, you're mine.

- You mean ours?
- Didn't I say that? - No.

- So does that mean I get a gun?
- [Michelle and Dev]: No.

- But welcome aboard, partner.
- OK!

- Le t's seal this with a drink.
- Yeah, about that.

My wallet's in evidence. Do you
guys mind if we go to a bank?

No, it's good. It's good.
Klein's buying.

- You got this one, right?
- Pay increase.

Sync by Alice