The Listener (2009–2014): Season 3, Episode 3 - Curtain Call - full transcript

When the life of a superstar performer is threatened, Toby poses as her assistant to watch her back and help the Special Ops Unit investigate.

Yeah, I got it, don't worry.

Hey, so it's cool
if I crash with you?

Mi couch es su couch, amigo.

Yeah, your landlord say when he's
going to fix that hole in the roof?

He said nothing about
fixing anything, my friend.

- He's said they're gonna mop up and give me
the all-clear. - You're gonna move back in?

- Beats being homeless.
- You know, there are stops

between a leaky attic
and total homelessness.

Hey, you know, I'd love to
live in a rent-controlled palace

like you, OK?
Some of us aren't so lucky.

This is light.
There's nothing in this.

- It's just a nice container.
- Yeah.

Yeah, it wasn't luck. I scoured
the city for that place.

Yeah, well, I'm more
of a skimmer than a scourer.

Look, you need to upgrade
your living situation, OK?

A man's home is his castle.
And you, my friend,

you're living in a moat.

Yeah, you know what?
This is pathetic.

I'm a man! I should be
living like a man--

like a grown-ass man, you know? A
place to hang my hat and all that.

I mean, I don't wear a hat,
but if I did--

- You'd have a place to hang it.
- Exactly.

To grown-ass men.
And castles.

- And hats.
- Hats.

Five, six, seven, eight.

♪ I feel a drip ♪

♪ Falling down my face ♪

♪ That beat is hot ♪

♪ Got me in a daze ♪

♪ Take off my shoes ♪

♪ Onto the stage ♪

♪ I feel the bass ♪

♪ That my body makes ♪
♪ I'm gonna dance all night ♪

♪ Till I get what I like ♪

♪ 'Cause I know what I want ♪


Damian, go to first position.

You're gonna keep doing this
till you get it right.

Five, six, seven, eight.

Don't think about dancing;
think about killing something.

Killing... mediocrity.


Ah! Ah!

You have five minutes
to get that ankle wrapped.

- Damian, you OK?
- Come one, let's get that wrapped up.

- I told you about Damian.
- I'm not giving up on him.


Juice? Fruit?
Neck rub?

None of the above, Bodie,
but thanks.

Just doing my job, gorgeous.

OK. Sound. Let's work
the bridge in the meantime.

Who moved this? No one touches
Jade's mic, people!

(Electrical shock)

- Bodie? Bodie!
- No, no, no, don't touch him!

Don't touch him! Don't touch
him! Call an ambulance!

Call an ambulance!

Hey. Rough night?

Mm... I don't remember.

How is it that you're able to
have a social life and I'm not?

Mm, our next case.
Let's talk about that.

We have a few things
on the backburner:

cyber crime ring
working out of Hamilton;

I spoke to the IMET unit
about a possible

securities fraud case--
nothing imminent

or particularly exciting.

Well, let me propose
something that is.

- You two have heard of Jade?
- Yeah.

I'm not a fan myself.
Pop's not my thing.

- Are you serious?
- Yeah, what, you are?

- I am a big fan.
- You're a big fan? Come on.

Yeah, man. She's smart,
fearless, courts controversy.

Courting controversy?
She wore a dress with raw fish

to an awards show.
That's courting soy sauce.

Well, I'm assuming you've
both heard there was a death

at her rehearsal studio?

Yeah, it was on the news--
crew guy got accidentally

- electrocuted.
- Mm, well, it was no accident.

Her microphone was sabotaged.

We have reason to believe
someone is trying to kill her.

- I definitely want in on this.
- Oh, no.

I'll tell Metro
that we're taking over the case.

Hey, this is cool:
Queen Street West,

top floor of a house, laundry
in basement, junior one bedroom.

What does that mean?
Junior one bedroom?

It means you could probably
touch all four walls

- standing in one place.
- Ugh! Pass.

Who is this "Craig", and who
told him he could make lists?

Oz, finding an apartment is

- Especially with your criteria.
- Hey, all I want is

a nice, one-bedroom apartment
in a cool area

with a pool and a fireplace,
and a tenants-only gym,

- and a 24-hour concierge.
- Look, my one-bedroom apartment

has no pool, no fireplace, and
the area is certainly not cool,

and I still pay $1250 a month.

OK, I can budge
on the fireplace.

So, what do we know about Jade?

AKA Sasha Dixon.

Emancipated herself at 16.
A real wild child, but smart--

she graduated with top honours
while living on the street.

She made some noise on
the Toronto underground scene,

discovered by JC, an ex-rapper.
He became her manager.

What about her personal life?

Her personal life is highly
guarded by her publicity team.

Well, we do know that she has
a stalker problem:

Marco Silvestri:
the super fan.

He has a restraining order
against him,

which he's violated five times.
JC has notified police

that he thinks
he might be escalating.

I'll get a unit
to check out his address.

OK. Homicide is at the studio.
Why don't you go

check in about the mic?
You and I are going

- to talk to Jade's manager.
- Cool.

Bodie had a wife and kids.
It's been tough for everybody.

Is there any chance that
he could have been the target?

The man never had an enemy
in the world.

- How is Jade doing?
- Her and Bodie were real tight, so, you know,

it's tough for her.

You know, but she's trying
to be... trying to be strong,

trying to hide it
from everybody--you know,

the girl's solid steel.

Just like me.

What can you tell us
about Marco Silvestri?

He was Jade's biggest fan,
ran a kick-ass fan site,

so I hired him
to run Jade's official site.

Then he started getting crazy,
started going to her house

at the wee hours of the morning,
and... phoning her all the time,

so... I fired him.

You think he's capable
of violence?

Yeah, he's capable.

Is there anyone else that we should know about?
Someone from her personal life?

I know nothing
about Jade's personal life.

She's built a wall so high
even I couldn't see over it.

You're her manager, you're her
producer, you're the president

of her label--if you're
not close to her, who is?

Look, it's complicated
between me and her.

I had a shot back in the days,
but I try to help her

so she won't make the same
mistakes I did. But...

you know, she doesn't like being taught.
She's got a lot of pride.

(He chuckles)

- Again, just like me.
- OK, Jason Coleman. He ran

a street gang before he discovered music.
Saw an unpolished diamond

in Jade, and under his wing
she broke worldwide.

Sounds like
he's good at his job.

Yeah. The Anti-Racketeering Unit are looking
into the methods he used to break Jade--

bribery, corruption, coercion.

OK, so JC's a person of interest.
We need to know more.

Find someone close
to the organization.

(Telephone ringing)

You've been with Jade
a long time, Damian.

Since her very first show
as Jade.

Even back then
she was a little dictator.

So why do you dance for her?

Because she's a genius.
And, I mean, yeah, sure,

she can be a demanding witch.

But she's got my back.

When my dad died,
she was there for me.

And I know that she's fought
to keep me on this tour.

- Fought with who?
- JC.

That's his MO. Anybody
in Jade's camp he wants gone.


It's about control with him.

But he's met his match
when it comes to Jade.

- What do you mean?
- Jade...

can be extremely difficult.

Love the girl, but she seems
oblivious to the fact

that half the people around her
can't stand her.

Anyone with a serious grudge?

Our last lighting director,
Rodney Squires.

He missed a cue during a charity
gig, got canned that night,

caused major drama
on his way out.

Well, thank you for your time.
If we have any more questions,

I'll be in touch.


Just, uh, right out there.
Thank you.

- Hey.
- Hey.

- Did you get anything? - Yeah, I saw a guy
flipping out. I figure it was Squires.

Well, he's certainly a person of
interest, so I will talk to him ASAP.

Cool. You want me
to come along for a read?

No. How would you feel
about joining the music biz?

So, the stand must be

Yeah. Clearly
Jade was the target.

The guy got zapped
with 200 amps--

that's enough to kill a horse.

This cable's been

It carries both the acoustic
wiring and a high-voltage wire.


Do all of these run
down to the basement?

Yeah, down
to the electrical room.

(Phone ringing)
Dev. What's going on?

Well, I'm in the electrical
room of the studio.

I'm looking at a 347 volt box,
armoured cable, BX clamps,

- conduit KOs.
- That all means what, exactly?

Well, it means that we know a
little bit more about our killer.

I bet he was
President of the AV Club.

The good news is
this door has a keypad.

So if there's record of access,

we're a little bit closer
to finding out who this guy is.

OK, nice work.
I'll see you back here.

You should get to the studio.

Yay. Um...

- any tips?
- Your job is to scan

for suspects and make notes. Any sign of
trouble, alert the bodyguard and hang back.

- OK.
- You're gonna be great!

♪ Ha! Ha! Ha!
Hey! Hey! ♪

♪ Ha! Ha! Ha!
Hey! Hey! ♪

Hey. Jade? Hi. I'm Toby.
I'm your new assistant.

- Yeah. I know who you are. I was told.
- Cool.

- Are you following me?
- Yeah. I kind of have to. - Well, listen:

Bodie was a friend of mine.
His death shredded me.

But I have seven days
to get my tour together,

so do what you need to do,
but stay out of my way.


That went well.

♪ ...and on my way ♪
♪ Ha! Ha! Ha! Hey! Hey! ♪

Bodie was a good man.

But you got the wrong guy.
I don't know anything about it.

I got fired off the tour
two weeks ago.

I heard you left
on bad terms, Rodney.

You could say that.
They fired me for no reason.

I spoke to your union.
They said you filed a complaint?

Yeah. Big mistake.

JC has it fixed
so I can't get a designer gig.

So now I'm back here
humping cable and lights.

Well, you must be furious.

Twenty years of experience flushed
down the toilet. What do you think?

I think
I'd be looking for revenge.

And I think if you had anything on
me, you'd be hauling me downtown,

so if you're done fishing...

All right, move. Guys,
when your arms go like that,

I want to see a clean line
like this.

- [Girl]: Oh, he's so hot.
- [Guy]: Why doesn't she just ask me out?

[Girl]:Total control freak.

[Guy]:I just have to wait
for the right time.

[Girl]:Same thing
over and over.

[Girl]:Nothing I do is
good enough.

Hey, can I speak to you
for a second?

- Hey!
- Ugh!



(Glass shattering)

(Door closing)

- How'd you get this crew pass?
- I made it.

I'm good at Illustrator.

Why don't you tell me
about this weapon?

- I needed it to protect myself.
- [Dev]: From whom?

Jade's bodyguard.

Roughed me up pretty good
last time.

- He's probably just doing his job.
- Look, I need to talk to Jade.

I heard what happened to Bodie.

I couldn't eat,
I couldn't sleep.

Is Jade OK?

Can I see her?

You do realize there's a restraining
order against you, right?

Yeah, I don't care about that.
All I care about is Jade.

And she cares about me.

No, actually,
I don't think she does.

- Take that back!
- In fact,

I'm pretty sure
she thinks you're a freak.

- Jade loves me!
- So it's clear he suffers

from some kind
of delusional disorder.

I've come across it before.

When their reality threatens their
fantasy world, it can become dangerous.

Do we think he has the skill
to sabotage the microphone?

Who knows? If you can learn how to
make a bomb on the internet nowadays--

You can learn how
to wire a mic. Good point.

- So, where's Jade?
- She's, uh,

in her recording studio.
I'm gonna meet up with her

in a little bit. She's got
an appearance at a nightclub.

- OK, well, I'll send backup.
- Cool. Let's hope I don't need them.

Well, if there's no shower and no bathtub,
how am I supposed to clean myself?

That's rude.

(Phone beeps)

- How goes the apartment hunt?
- Oh, don't ask, man.

Well, you could always move
back in with your folks, right?

What am I, the Turkish George Costanza?
No, I gotta find my own place.

You're not gonna believe what they got me
doing at IIB right now. I'm undercover.

I'm Jade's assistant.
You know Jade?

Jade, like pop star Jade?

- Yeah.
- Yes, I know Jade! I mean,

her music's not really for me;
it's for girls.

But I totally get why she's
popular. Plus, she's crazy hot.

Well, she's also got a stalker
trying to kill her.

- Really? - Yeah. They want me to hang
around Jade, keep my ears open,

see what I can find out. She's
not easy to get through to.

Why don't you giver her
the wounded wolf eyes?

- What, you mean these?
- Yeah.

I don't think
she's gonna buy it.

Well, you gotta find a way
to earn her respect.

There's this read I got from her stalker.
I can't get it out of my head.

She's... on the floor
and she's screaming,

- and it's bloody and it's...
- Wait a second.

This video for her song
"You Killed Me".

It was too risqué for TV, but it's all
over the internet. Check this out.

♪ You took my heart ♪

♪ You tore it all apart ♪

♪ You killed me ♪

♪ Oh yeah you killed me ♪

- See? Like you said.
- Oh, you're kidding me!

- Yeah, this what I saw. This is a video?
- Yeah.

(Phone ringing)

- Yeah?
- [Toby]: Michelle.

The read I got off Marco, it's
actually one of Jade's videos.

Wait, what are you saying?
He's not trying to kill her?

No, I didn't say that. I just,
uh, I mean, it was intense.

It was like he was inside the video
playing the role of the killer.

OK, well, we have surveillance on him.
If he makes a move, we'll know.

- I'll check back in later.
- All right. Cool.

(Computer beeping)
Let's check the last time

the electrical room was accessed
before the murder.

The door was unlocked at 3:42am
and then locked again

at 4:34am. I'd say that's just
enough time to do the wiring.

Well, that eliminates JC. According to this
itinerary, he was flying back from LA.

So, if this door has key-code
access, can we tell who opened it?

Each department is issued
a specific key code.

This door was accessed by...
(Computer beeping)

key code 1200,

which belongs to...

Hello, Rodney Squires.

- You guys don't have anything.
- I think the crown attorney

would beg to differ. We have
motive and we have means.

And we have proof
that your key code was used

to access the door to the electrical
room at 3:42am Tuesday morning.

Hold on. I was only canned
just two weeks ago.

The security company probably
forgot to disable my code.

That still doesn't explain how your
code was used to access the door.

Security in that building is a joke!
Key codes are traded freely.

I mean, anybody could have used
that code. Anybody.

Can you verify your
whereabouts Tuesday morning?

All right, I am not gonna lie
to you guys.

I was drunk.

I mean really drunk.
I blacked out

and I woke up around noon
at my place.

So maybe you don't remember
going to the studio,

doing a little wiring.

I don't think I'm gonna say another
word till I have a lawyer present.

♪ I'm gonna dance all night
and I don't really mind ♪

♪ 'Cause I know
where I'm going ♪

♪ I'm gonna dance ♪

♪ I'm gonna dance ♪

[Male voices]:I have to have her. She'd
love to go out to dinner with me.

She's so beautiful. I know where she lives.
She just doesn't know it yet.

What's that?
You guys want another one?

I'm gonna get her
out of here now, OK?

I know you're IIB,
but Jade wants to do another--

Screw that. You're coming
with me. Now. Come on.

Hey, Jade? We're getting you out of here now, OK?
I'm concerned for your safety. Let's go.

- Safe is boring.
- We're leaving! Let's go.

Sorry, everybody. Show's over. Hey,
don't talk to me; talk to this guy.

(Crowd booing) - Come on, let's go.
- Are you happy now?

- Come on.
- I don't like being told what to do.

- No one said you had to like it. Let's go.
- Please, sir,

- may I use the bathroom?
- OK.


I'm so out of here.

Hey, where are you going?

- You're good.
- Yeah, I have my moments.

All right, let's get her home.

Come on.

Sweet ride.

- Thank you.
- How many CCs?

Nine hundred.

Air cooled?

You know your bikes.

Yeah, a friend of mine had one.

So, your friend with the bike,
what was her name?

- How do you know it's a her?
- It's a lucky guess.

Well, I don't like talking
about her,

and I don't like being put
under a microscope.

I don't get this, OK?
Someone's trying to kill you,

- and it's like you don't care.
- Don't analyze me.

I'm not, I'm just here
trying to help save your life.

OK. I get it.

Good night, Logan.

(She gasps)


this is Sergeant McCluskey.

Hey, Jade.
It's really nice to meet you.

I'm sorry it's not
under better circumstances.

Do you have any idea
who may have done this?

Why do people do anything? 'Cause
everybody's got their reasons?

♪ You tore it all apart ♪
♪ You killed me ♪

♪ Oh yeah you killed me ♪

- It's been a long night.
- Jade, we still have questions.

Not right now,
if you don't mind.

This is a crime scene.

Jade, we have
to get Forensics in here.

- How long will it take? - It's gonna take
as long as it takes, and in the meantime

we're gonna have a police unit
outside your door, OK?

- I just want to be left alone.
- Look, we respect your privacy,

but you gotta let us
do our jobs, Jade.

Good night, Toby.

Why would Marco or anybody

break into Jade's house to paint
a song title on her window?

It seems like we're
back to square one here.

Well, I don't think we are.
I think the song "You Killed Me"

is significant, and I saw Jade
singing it with motorcycle girl.

- [Klein]: Who is she?
- Samantha Lawrence.

She graduated from the same
high school class as Jade.

- And where is this girl now?
- Mount Pleasant Cemetery.

She killed herself
two years ago.

[Dev]: She left behind
a sister, Jenny Lawrence.

Beyond the high school connection, what's
the link between Samantha and Jade?

I scoured the internet,
and I couldn't find one.

What, with all the ink spilled
on Jade, there's no mention

- of Samantha?
- She died before Jade was Jade.

Dev, why don't you go visit JC? He's
known these girls for a long time.

You and I will go visit
Samantha's parents.

Look, Sam was a sweet kid.
Talented too.

As a matter of fact,
she's the one who wrote the hook

for "You Killed Me".
They were real tight.

Jade just outgrew her.

Didn't need her anymore,
so I showed her the door.

- And months later she took her own life.
- And I feel bad about that.

And so does Jade.

She blames herself
for Sam's death.

As a matter of fact, a lot
of other people blame Jade too.

Especially her sister, Jenny.

JC, we're late
for the studio, man.

Matter of fact...

security told me

they seen Jenny Lawrence try
to hang out in the studio.

She tired to talk to Jade,
but they didn't let her in.

- And when was this, exactly?
- The day before Bodie died.

I didn't think about it before,
but I thought I'd mention it.

(Vehicle starting)

We have struggled
to understand why...

Sammy would chose
to end her life.

Well, it's our understanding
she had a falling out with Jade.

Do you think that might have
something to do with it?

We lost our girl.
That's all we know.

Have you seen Jade recently?

- She wouldn't dare come here.
- Bill.

The last time we saw her was the
afternoon of Sammy's funeral.

She came by the house
to pay her respects.

She probably shouldn't
have come.

Jenny attacked her.

Where is Jenny now?

She's travelling.

She sends me...

an email every once in a while
to let me know she's all right.

She just needs some time
to get herself sorted out.

I-I wish she would
let me help her.

We need to speak to her
about a homicide

that happened
at Jade's rehearsal studio.

You think Jenny had something
to do with this?

Those people took one of our daughters;
now you're coming after the other?

Mr. Lawrence, do you mind
if I ask you what you do?

Uh... home renovations.

Bathroom, kitchen--
a little bit of everything.

- Electrical?
- Yeah, full service. Why?

I was just curious.
Thank you.

You know, if Bill knows his way
around electrical work,

- he could have wired that mic.
- Yeah, or he could have taught Jenny.

Either way,
we have two viable suspects.

We'll get surveillance on Bill. Dev and I
will do whatever we can to track Jenny down.

If she is having some kind
of emotional breakdown,

- who knows what she's capable of?
- All right, I'm gonna get back to the studio.

Yeah, good.
Hey, listen.

I saw how Jade is, but try to get her
talking about Jenny if you can, OK?

I'll try. I'm having a hard time
getting through to her, though.

Why you always gotta be
so difficult, huh?

Every time I disagree
you say I'm being difficult,

when all I'm saying is I want
to try some different things.

And all I'm saying is
different don't sell!

It's like I'm talking
to a wall with you, man.


Thanks for the juice.

It's just part of my job.

And how's that working out?

I've got this totally
obnoxious boss.

I'm not really like that, you know. It's
just easier if people think I'm a bitch.

You gotta be careful,

'cause if you keep pushing people
away, no one's ever gonna get in.

Yeah, well,
it's safer that way.


Safe is boring.

Yeah. You know, I get it.
You want to be alone.

But I don't think you want
to be lonely.

Well, I have been known,

you know, to open up
for the right person.

Like Samantha.

Look, uh, I know you don't like
talking about her, but we think

that her death might be connected
to the threat on your life, and...

her sister Jenny and her father
might be involved in this as well.

Is that right?

Look, I know
that she attacked you

after the funeral.

And she's a suspect
in Bodie's murder.

And we think that she might be
trying to hurt you.

We need to find her, Jade.

Well, I know she came by
the studio looking for me,

and security sent her away.
That's what I know.

that's all I know.

OK. I'm here for you,
all right?

If you need help--whatever.
I'm on your side.

You want to know
what would help?

♪ Yo, we're too melodic
for the Philharmonic ♪

♪ It's narcotic,
yeah we're narcotic ♪

♪ We're too melodic
for the Philharmonic ♪

♪ We're narcotic,
yo, narcotic ♪

♪ She played the violin,
violins blazing on a song ♪

♪ I stepped on the podium,
raising my baton ♪

♪ The brass and the woodwinds
keep the metronome ♪

♪ The timpani's dope,
but they lost patience ♪

♪ Harps break, heart beats,
drop a semitone ♪

Cleared the cobwebs.

All right, OK,
I'm glad I could help.

Oh, gosh.

You all right?

Nah. Blood sugar crash.

What are you gonna feed me?

OK, um...

All right, this is crazy,
but I live nearby.

I've got beer in the fridge, and an
awesome pizza joint that delivers.

Well, you had me
at "this is crazy".

Um, yeah. My place is
a little messy.

No, it's cool.
I really love it.

What is this?

A friend of mine had
a place like this.

- Oh, yeah?
- Yeah.

- Samantha.
- Oh. Huh.

Personal detail. You must be
starting to like me. Be careful.

- Don't get cute, Logan.
- ♪ I'm gonna dance all night! ♪

♪ 'Cause I'm sexy
with the place! ♪

♪ With a towel
in the bathroom! ♪


Hey! Oh, my God. Hey.

- It's Jade.
- Yeah.

- Towel.
- Yeah, towel fell on floor.

- Big fan. - Thanks.
- I bought it;

I didn't download it illegally,
so... OK.

Well, I'm really sorry
that you saw that.

Me too.

So, this guy had eaten maybe a hundred hotdogs
before we got him into the ambulance.

And Toby--
while driving, mind you--

- just starts dry heaving--
- Ohh, what time is it, hey?

- You're late for your shift.
- Oh, yeah. I am so, so late.

But how often do I get a chance

to sit in audience
with such a beautiful,

talented singer, who, I think, quite
frankly, is subverting the genre

that you are doing so well.
What do you think about that?

Yeah, that's... true, Oz.
You don't want to be late.

All right, I'm gonna go.
Hey, next time you see me,

- I will be wearing pants.
- Nice meeting you.

Unless... you know,
you play your cards right.

See you later, buddy.

That's my best friend, Oz.

You're lucky.

Well, yeah, I mean, you saw him, right?
You met him?

- Trust me.
- Talking about the same guy?

Yeah. You're lucky to have
someone who likes you for you.

I mean, everyone in my world
wants something from me.

I'm not complaining, but...

It's lonely.

I mean, there's gotta be--
come on, there's someone

you talk to,
you hang out with, what?

Yeah, um,
I used to talk to Bodie,

and look what happened to him.
I mean, it's my fault he died.

He's not the first.

No, you can't blame yourself
for Samantha's death.

You guys had a deep connection.

Sam, she was special.

She sent me off on this musical
journey, and then JC came in,

and things really got messed up.
He turned me against her.

Divide and conquer--
that's his game.

Look, I recorded an album's
worth of demos by myself.

- Good.
- Yeah, they're pretty hot.

- Yeah?
- I've been shopping them around

without JC.
I'm thinking about leaving.

Really? You sure
that's what you want to do?

I think so.
I don't know.

I mean, he got me
where I am today.

No, no, no.
For the record,

I think you got yourself
where you are today.

I think JC and everyone else had
nothing to do with this.

I mean, it's you
up on stage, right?

You gotta give yourself
a little bit of credit here.

- It's late.
- Yeah, I'll get you home.


(Tires screeching)

- You OK?
- Mm-hmm.


- Hey.
- Hey.

So, you're sure
you didn't see the driver?

Yeah. How's Jade?

EMS checked her out. She's OK. I
sent her home with a police guard.

(Phone ringing)


Yeah, OK.


So, uniforms found the car
abandoned a few kilometres away.

Guess who it's registered to.

- We're gonna need to see the car.
- We don't have it.

- So where is it?
- We gave that to Jenny a long time ago.

It was just used in a hit
and run attempt on Jade.

That's insane.
Our girl is not a killer.

I will not allow you
to persecute her.

Mr. Lawrence, look, I know you're trying to
protect Jenny, but if you know where she is--

I told you. Jenny went off
to be by herself.

We don't have the slightest idea
where she is.

We're good.

- Thanks.
- Thank you.

He's helping Jenny hide out.
She's renting a room somewhere.

I don't think
Christine knows this. I saw a...

a green awning, a wolf
with a green jack on it.

OK, that might be enough
for us to track her down.

Why don't you go home,
get some rest?

I'm going to MuchMusic.

Jade is performing in a few
hours, and I'm gonna be there.

Yeah? Look who's come around
to Jade after all.

You're very invested in this.

Yeah, you know,
I'm just doing my job.

Opinions change, by the way.

All right.

(Crowd chanting "Jade!")


- Jade.
- Hey, superhero.

Cape at the cleaner's?

Can you guys give us a minute?


So, I have some news.
I spoke to my lawyers,

and I'm putting the wheels
into motion.

- You're leaving JC. - Well, he doesn't
know yet. I want to tell him personally.

- How do you feel? - Guilty.
But I need to stand on my own two feet.

You helped me see that.

- You ready to rock the house?
- Oh, yeah.

(Applause and cheering)

♪ I feel a drip ♪

♪ Falling down my face ♪

♪ That beat is hot ♪

♪ Got me in a daze ♪

♪ Take off my shoes ♪

♪ Onto the stage ♪

♪ I feel the bass ♪

♪ That my body makes ♪
♪ I'm gonna dance all night ♪

♪ Till I get what I like ♪

♪ 'Cause I know
what I want, yeah ♪

♪ I'm gonna dance all night ♪

♪ And I don't really mind ♪

♪ 'Cause I know
where I'm going ♪

(Siren) ♪ I'm gonna dance ♪

♪ I'm gonna dance ♪

♪ I see you there ♪

♪ Another room ♪

♪ I see you smile ♪

♪ You see me too ♪

♪ You'd better run ♪

♪ I'm almost out ♪

♪ And if I leave ♪

♪ I'm gonna dance all night ♪

- This is it.
- ♪ Till I get what I like ♪

♪ 'Cause I know
what I want, yeah ♪

Jenny Lawrence!
IIB! Open up!

♪ And I don't really mind
'cause I know where I'm going ♪

♪ I'm gonna dance ♪
(Applause and cheering)

♪ I'm gonna dance ♪

♪ I'm gonna dance ♪

(Applause and cheering)

Thank you!

We're going to a quick break,
and Jade will be right back

to sing another one
for you guys.

What's this?

She's tracked all of Jade's
movements over the last week.

Let's go.

(Tires screeching)

Toby, we think Jenny's gonna make
her move at the Much Music event.

- OK, I'll cancel the show.
- Hold on. Jenny might be

in the crowd. It could be
the perfect chance to get her.

OK. Look, I'm gonna feel a lot better,
though, if I get Jade out of here.

Fine. Send her home,
but don't let word get out.

It'll give us time to search.
We're on our way.

[Girl]: We love you, Jade!

Hey, Jade.

Jade, I gotta get you
out of here, all right?

- What's wrong?
- I'll explain everything later.

We're gonna get the driver and drive you home.
Trust me on this, please.

- Let's go.
- You're bailing after one song?

- I'm sending her home, JC.
- What? So you don't bother

to ask before you walk
off of a televised show?

There was no time.
Toby said we need to go.

- So he calls the shots now, huh?
- You know what?

I can't deal with your drama
anymore. Sorry. I'm done.

So, what, you don't need me anymore, huh?
Who got you the private plane, huh?

- Who got you the platinum records, huh?
- I did. Our day is over.

Get your hands off me, man.
I pay you.

- You done, JC?
- Yeah, I am done. And she's done too.

I'll make sure of that.

Hey, Michelle,
we've got a problem here.

We need to issue an APB: black
limousine, marker BAOK 736.

- Advise IIB if spotted.
- Copy that.

- You sure about this? - Yeah, JC's up
to something. I'm not sure exactly what,

- but I know she's in danger.
- It's not Jenny?

I don't know.
I just know we gotta find her.

Be advised: police unit has a visual on a black
limousine, marker Bravo Alpha Oscar Kilo

736. Vehicle is making the turn
off Richmond onto Draper.

That's near Jade's house.

You don't need
to walk me inside.

JC told me
to keep an eye on you.

Well, it doesn't really matter
what JC says anymore.


What are you doing?!

Go that way.

[Man]: Don't hide from me!

(Jade gasping in fear)

- Stop!
- Ah!

IIB! Drop your weapon!

- Stay back!
- Just shoot him!

- Nobody wants to shoot anyone.
- Walk away. Walk away or she's dead.

She's gonna break left,



Dev, get an ambulance
to 145 Draper.

He's gone.


- About the shooting...
- I've talked to SIU.

No, that's not what I'm asking.
I want to know you're OK.

- I'm fine.
- OK.

Leon Quint:
part-time driver,

- part-time muscle for JC's organization.
- No criminal record,

but he had a reputation
as a fixer.

We searched his apartment.
We found red paint,

hybridized cable,
and the keys to Jenny's car.

Yeah, he's responsible for Bodie's death,
and he tried to frame Rodney Squires.

When that didn't work out
as planned, he switched gears.

He knew Jenny was
hanging around.

He must have gotten the idea
to frame her.

In reality, Jenny was just laying
low, trying to sort herself out.

Yeah, she was
the perfect fallback.

She had every reason to want revenge on Jade.
It's like the story writes itself.

Just one problem: how to tie
the whole thing to JC.

Look, look,
when I met Sasha Dixon

she was a pop emo kid
in a nowhere band.

Well, this is
your management contract.

It states: in the event of Jade's
death, you control everything--

recordings, publishing,

You knew she was shopping
a new CD behind your back.

- I knew nothing about no new CD!
- Oh, that's a lie.

We have a sworn testimony
from an A&R guy

- who says you threatened him to get you a copy.
- You heard it,

you knew it was
gonna be massive.

But what pissed you off was not the fact
that she was gonna walk away with that CD;

it was that she did
her best work without you.

- Oh, my goodness.
- Whoa, whoa, even if any of this is true--

and I assure you none of it is--
you don't have a lick of evidence.

Quint received a deposit
of $250,000.

That's a big-time salary
for a part-time limo driver.

We were able to link that back to a numbered
account held by an LLC in the Caymans.

Belonging to one Jason Coleman,


- Oz? Hey! - Yeah, I'm right here.
- Good. OK, get your clothes on.

I just wanted to make sure
we didn't see Little Oz again.

Little Oz? Jade didn't
call it that, did she?

It's OK. Don't worry about it. Forget it.
She was complimentary.

- How goes the apartment hunting?
- My eyes are too big for my bank account.

It's never gonna happen.
I don't know what I'm gonna do.

What is that?

These are the keys
for the apartment down the hall.

I talked to the landlady.
It's yours for a grand a month.

We'd be neighbours?

- Yeah.
- That'd be awesome.

But you can't do
my heavy lifting for me anymore.

Look, part of being a grown-ass man is
knowing when to accept a helping hand.

Take 'em.

This is awesome.

(Knocking at door) She's here.

- You knew she was coming?
- No. What are you doing here?

Hi. I probably should have
called first, but, uh,

- where's the fun in that?
- Don't know. Hey, come on into the kitchen.

- You remember Oz.
- Yes, nice to see you again--

- with pants. - Well, uh, Toby instituted
a new policy in the apartment.

It's a little restrictive
to my freedom, but, uh...

You know, I should go check out
my new apartment!

- That's what I should do.
- That's a great idea.

Then I would be...
Nice to see you.

- Nice to see you.
- Great.

- So, what's going on? - I spoke to Jenny last night.
- Good. And how's she doing?

Her parents are taking good care of her.
I think she's gonna be OK.

That's great. And you guys
talked about Samantha?

Yeah, she got some stuff
off her chest.

It'll take awhile, but I think I'm
gonna try to get right with her.

- That's great.
- Yeah. So, uh... my tour's starting next week.

- Eighteen months around the world.
- When you come to Toronto,

we want backstage passes--
Oz... would really be grateful.

- Toby.
- What?

I'm surrounded by people
who aren't real,

so it's nice
to know someone who is.

Maybe when I'm back
we could, uh...

- grab a coffee?
- That'd be great.

You know where I live.

Well, till next time.

♪ You killed me ♪


♪ Oh yeah you killed me ♪

♪ Oh yeah you killed me ♪