The Listener (2009–2014): Season 2, Episode 13 - Reckoning - full transcript

Toby (Craig Olejnik) and Oz (Ennis Esmer) are dispatched to a used car lot where a salesman, Claude (Jay Ould), is suffering from a self-inflicted gunshot wound to the head. This attempted suicide plus two more recent suicide victims are all linked to a defunct biker gang known as the Demon Saints, whose former leader, Luke Cassel (Steve Bacic), is one of the country's highest paid contract killers. Cassel tells Michelle (Lauren Lee Smith) that he had warned Claude that someone had been killing off the former gang members. When another member is killed in an apparent suicide, surveillance footage catches the same woman from the used car lot, Liz (Alex Paxton-Beesley), in the vicinity. Michelle and Dev (Rainbow Sun Francks) agree to detain Liz after questioning, but Michelle oddly releases her. Unable to explain her actions, Michelle tells Toby that Liz may have gotten "inside her head." When Toby follows Liz she manages to get him in her thrall. He knows she has a special gift of her own and is using her abilities to see retribution against the former gang members, apparently responsible for her family's deaths. Liz is saving Cassel for last and Toby and Michelle must try to stop her before her journey comes full circle. Olivia (Mylène Dinh-Robic) reveals the results of Toby's brain scans, warning him that over-exerting his gift could prove fatal. Due to his worsening condition, Toby confides to Michelle that he may need to take a break from working with the IIB to focus on his real job -- saving lives. Meanwhile, Michelle's estranged husband, Adam (Kris Holden-Ried), signs the divorce papers, but Michelle has second thoughts and reconsiders what she might be losing.

It's just a headache, everybody gets them.

But then there's those flashes, the white outs,

the possible tie into your telepathy.

Look, it's not that bad.

What's going on with you, are you okay?

No,no. There's -uh- I'm fine.

These headaches that you've been having,

are linked to intense electrical activity.

Is it serious?

You're pushing your brain to its stress limit.

Do you know exactly what
you've volunteered for?

I mean, do you get bonus
when you end up dead?

What I'm trying to
tell you isn't that it might,

I'm trying to say that it will kill you.

Nice shot, sir.

Yeah, it's all mental,

you see, and the body follows.

Sport is like life, you know,

ninety percent mental,

and you've lost your edge.

Come on sir, let's go.

I'm dissapointed in you.

Why you dissappointed?

You should be happy, you're winning.

I'm talking about the real game.

You know why I ride Bey?

It's because he needs it.

He doesn't push himself unless I give him a hard time,

but I never had to do that with you.

I mean what happened to you this year?

You used to be all about the job,

you're up on the latest technologies,

I mean you performed and you prepared,

used to put up points up on the board.

but you don't do that anymore.

Uh look,

I'm okay, alright.

I'm a little distracted,


but I'm okay.

You know what, just bring it.

Are you sure you wanna stay in the game?

Yeah, come on.

Look, I don't wanna quick responds, man,

I want you to think about this.

All right, what about my evaluation sir?

You just had it.

You know, I hate to admit it,

but I think Ryder's got a point.

Oh, you're teamed up with him eh?

No, I'm not teaming up,

I just think he's right, I agree with him.

You're taking his side?

No, I'm not taking anybody's side.

Why do you talking about sides?

This is uh..
-If anything, we're both on ur side, Toby.

It's like an intervention.

Oh yeah, yeah, it's an intervention.

Do you need an intervention?

What's going on with you man?

I dont know.

University two-one

Go for Uni two-one.

45 year old male, gunshot wound to the head,

possible through in through,

carlot at 380 Queen Street East Kennedy.

All right,we're on it.

He was fine.

Just talking to me about booking tickets to (inaudible).

There was something yesterday though,

he was having an argument with some guy,

but that was over in a flash.

Really, this is hard to believe.

We got a gun on the floor here, Oz.

Hey, careful Toby.

Oh my god.

Why they always do it like this?

Hey I got a pulse here, Oz.

You're kidding me.

I can't live with this anymore.

Toby, come on man, you're all right? Jeez.

Can't have you flicking out
like that on me man,

you focus right now, okay?

I am, all right.

You with me?

All right, I'm with you.

All right, okay.


Vital sign are stabilized.

Not sure for how long.

Gotta want ventilator, CTC,

how about the damages.

Let's move people,
neuro surgeon have scrubbed in.




How did you get in here?

Klein let me in.

The divorce papers.

Signed, as promised.

Wow, you've kept a promise,
gotta love the irony.


So then, it's not worth a bang but a whimper.

You're not getting sentimental on me now,
are you?

Gotta admit, I'd prefer the bang.

What's this? Looks new.




Any money come along with those things?


You know, I don't like
being singled out with detention.

Why not? Huh..

Highest ranking female in the department?

Closed more cases than
anyone else last year.

You've been following my career.

You my wife, I have right to take an interest.

Right, should have said ex-wife.

Come on Miche,
can't you enjoy the lime life like two seconds?

You deserved it.

Just -uh- get those to my lawyer, whenever.


Don't doubt yourself.

As you were.

You can touch it if you want.

It's impressive.

Logan get one too.

Just remember he was a big help on that one.

Yeah, I guess it never really official
until the paperwork comes, huh?

Oh, you would know,

you've been through a few divorces yourself,

So, congratulations.

The commendation, it's nothing.

Actually I was talking about the divorce.

Guess you're real cop now.

9-1-1 call comes in at 10.40 am,

first responders, Logan and Bey arrived at uh..

used car dealership on Queen Street east.

Toby and Oz were the first to respond?

Yeah, it was a good thing they were.

The guy was this close to dying

from everyone on the scene described
as self inflicted gunshot wound.

So why are we looking at an attempted suicide?

Because, looks can be deceiving.

Do you run it through Viclas?

How about two more suicides,
all in the last three months,

and all of them former members of
the now defunct ninties biker gang,

the Demon Saints?

Now that was strange.

Back then, the leader of the Demon Saints
was a guy named Luke Cassel.

Luke Cassel, that name is familiar.

Few years back, he had a rep as
one of Canada's highest priced contract killers.

Didn't he take out those union leaders in Calgary?


And he left the country, right?

Well he's back now, he's in Toronto,

and he open himself up a nice little art gallery.

Let me guess, three months ago.

And the salesman Andrew, at the carlot ID'd him,

said that him and
mister Millet had worked yesterday.


Yes, -uh- Adam was here.

I don't really want to talk about that.

Any kind of art interest you in particular?

Well for me, it's really about whether
a piece speaks to me or not.

Your collection is very eclectic.

I just go with my gut.

Maybe we have an incommon.

Like motocycles?

Did a little riding back in the day.

Two wheels and the open road.

These were very intense.

Everyone sees something
different behind the image.

What do you see?

I see the torment of a young boy,

who step father put his hand in a vise,

and turned it till he heard it crack.

Is that what happened to you?


No, that's how the artist
describe his aspiration.

Well that is very morbid.

You're not here for the art, sergeant.

Isn't that obvious?

What brings you around?

You know a man named Claude Millet?

We rode together years ago, yeah.

You went to go see him yesterday.

I did, to warn him.

Warn him about what?

Some crazy son of a bitch
was killing our buddies one by one.

You don't believe me,
go ask him yourself.

Well, I would love to,
but he is in a coma.

Gunshot wound to the head.

Well, he didn't deny seeing Millet
for the first time in years.

Just 24 hours before
he tried to blow himself away.

Well, did he admit that they were arguing?

He swears he was there
on a humanitarian mission.

-Haha- what hitman isn't.

Did the crime lab get back to us?

The only prints on that gun
belonged to the car salesman himself.

Maybe if Cassel was threatening,

and Millet figured that shooting himself,

was the easy way out?


You still think these're homicides not suicides?

Well, gangs have rivals, right?

Let's check with the RCMP and OPP Bike Squads.

I can do that. That I can do.

Hey, just thinking,

if we wanna know Cassel is holding out on us,

why don't we just..

Call Toby? See if we can do a redress?

Well yeah, I just thought that..

We shouldn't do our job,
we should just rely on a telepath?

Did I say something wrong? I said something wrong.

Cool, thank you.



I thought we already had our talk,Liv.

Hmm, and you haven't said a word to me since.

I appreciate the ride.

I'm just wondering if you actually
have given this any thought.

Look, when your doctor comes to you..

Oh please..

When your friend comes to you

and says you gotta stop doing
that one thing that makes you, you.

It's not exactly that easy to let it go.

What if someone asked you
to stop being a doctor?

That is not what I'm asking you to do.

And I actually think you're a lot
more than just your telepathy.


I'm serious,

everything that you've
learnt from this gift,

getting into people's heads,
knowing how they feel,

there is so much that you could do with that.

I can't think of anything else,
I like what I do, Liv.


Liv, you're asking me to not be me.

Stop me if I'm out of line,

but I think the reason you pushed yourself,

so hard all the time is because
you're trying to fill a void.


Getting into people's heads,

is no substitute for actually
letting them get close to you.

You all right sir? What happened?

He was speeding,
shouldn't even been on the road.

My god, it run transportation.

Yeah, it's all terrain wheelchair
out on the street.

I think my ass is broken.

I think he means his tail bone.

Showing off for the girls at the home eh?

The thing get a gain flame,
depending on the size.

Yeah, that'd be sick bro.

Let's get -uh- Johnny Norsville here down
to x-ray as soon as we can.

Hey, what's all the commotion in here?

Well you didn't hear?

Theresa, you know, the senior nurse?


She pulled the plug on that
attempted suicide you guys brought in.

What, you're kidding.
The guy from the car dealership?

Yeah, look like he was gonna make it
and she just disconnect his life support.

Theresa did that? Really?

That's the crazy part.

She says something just came over her.

Like what? What does that even mean?

I've no idea.

One minute I was checking his drip,


And then I thought,

what kind of life would he be facing,

I thought it would be better,

I know this sounds awful,

if he were dead.

Have u ever thought about
helping patients die before?

Any compassionate person would,

when you see the condition they're in sometimes,

but I swear they were just thoughts,

I will never do anything like this.

But you did.

God, I don't know why.

I'll be right back.

Hey, you got a sec?

Yeah, you okay Toby?

You look a little pale.

So this nurse, Theresa,
she mention anything about a girl?

Being around during the incident?

Did you see her?

Theresa saw her, yeah, I mean,

she had intense connection with her.

Okay, well, I'll get Dev to recheck
the security tapes in records,

are you sure you're okay?

I -uh- gonna take some time off
from this for a while.

I think -uh- I might just
breaking myself a little with it.

Yeah, of course.

Yeah well, you know,
step away for a little bit,

come back refreshed.


You cool?

Yeah, absolutely.

Copy that, two-one is on it,
we're right in the neighbourhood.

All right, the kid is back.

All right, look, don't make it a big deal.

Hey man,I just glad you came
to your senses, dude.

Proud of you.

Ryder's right, you know,

I should focus more on my job.

That's what I've been saying dude.

So we're good?

Yeah, we're good.

Except for one thing.

What? What?

I don't buy it for a second.

You don't think I can walk away from the IIB?

Absolutely not, how you telling me now.

Well you're wrong.

Hey, if I'm wrong, I will totally admit it,

love to admit it.

Fair enough.

You should prolly get that.

It's prolly some high profile
industrial espionage case.


You're good.

Heh, all upscale like this,

didn't think you can have any beer around here.

I always keep a few around
in case old friends stop by.

A lot of old bikers dropped
by a place like this, huh?

Dropped 20 grand of painting, all siding culture.

Then why you're here, Jeremy?

I got a wife and three kids now.

Wanna see?

Get to the point.

I don't wanna die, Luke.

And whatever Claude and the rest did,

I don't want to join them.

Makes two of us.

So if you want some money..

I didn't kill any of them,
if that what you're saying.

I'm not wearing a wire, and I didn't say that.

You didn't have to, Jeremy.

Come on, we were brothers..


That don't go away.

You know, I want to believe you.

If I want you dead,
you'd be dead, you know that.


Besides, all three of them died
by their own hand.

They weren't murdered.

And that's what all the paper saying.

But it just doesn't compute.

They were all doing so good.

Maybe it's -uh- past catching up to us.

Maybe they're just weak,

a little troubled by guilty conscience.

But we're good.


I'm closing up.

Okay man.

Okay, so this was taken just a few minutes

before our nurse turn into an angel of mercy.

Freeze that, right there.

Toby said something about a connection to a girl,

I need you to find out
everything you can about her.

Jeremy Stabler, victim number four,

was the last surviving Demon Saint
beside Cassel himself.

Darts into traffic right after
visiting Cassel in his gallery.

The driver said it was intentional, again,
no history of mental problems.

Here's the footage we pulled from the hospital.

That's her.

Now we got lucky,

she had to show her ID for
the hospital visitor log in.

Her name, Elizabeth Simmonds.

She appears to be your
average law abiding citizen.

No record.

She walks dogs for a living.

We showed your photo to
the people at the car dealership.

You were that man's last customer.

You don't think that creeps me out?

Then you showed up at the hospital.

Why is that?

I had to see for myself, I guess.

One minute this guy is trying to sell me a car,

and the next he goes off
the deep end and shoots himself.

I was right there.

Yeah, you were.

You were also there when that
nurse pulled the plug on his life support.

I didn't even know what was happening.

Alarm just started going off.

And you didn't think to do something?

I'm not a medical professional.

There were plenty of them coming,

and I knew the nurse will be dealt with.

There was no question of that.

This picture is from a traffic camera
taken one block from Cassel's art gallery.

That's me.

What about it?

You were outside that gallery

at the same time a man named,

Jeremy Stabler walked out
into traffic and killed himself.

Are you saying that that's my fault?

I'm just saying people seem to
get very self destructive around you.

That's one way to look at it.

Toby not coming?

I mean this seems like
the kinda case he was born for.

No, he's taking a break for a bit.

Something up?

I just- I dont think we should rely on him
everytime we hit a roadblock.


What do we know about her?

Well she admits to be in all of the three crime scenes,

but she got the perfect alibi,

I mean she never gets into
contact with any of the victims.

Well, I'm gonna speak with her again.

She's gonna lawyer up.

She hasn't yet, so until she does..

Okay, in the mean time,

I'll look for something better
to keep her here with.


What happened to the suspect?

What do you mean?

Well, I thought the plan was to try to
keep her until we came up with something.

There is no ground for holding her,
I had no choice.

Of course you did.

Michelle, we just talked about this.

Until she requested a lawyer,

we were free to question her
for as long as we wanted.

She was at three different crime scenes.

I just let her go.

Hey, I know,

you said we were taking a bit of a break here.

I just, I really need to talk.

Come on in.

You want a coffee?


All I know is I was fully intending
to question her again,

the next thing I know
I'm walking her out of the office.

All right, so she able to get into people's heads.

You actually believe that.

I know it sounds crazy, but,

maybe she is working for Cassel.

You know, he finds this girl with a gift,
and figures out how to exploit it.

So, instead of getting thoughts out
of people's head, she's planting them.

All right, suppose I run in there after work.

Toby, obviously I wanna know
what's going on with this girl,

but I'm not gonna let you compromise your health.

It's my call.

Okay? If she is what you think she is,

I want to be there, I'm curious.

Because you wouldn't be alone?

Something like that, yeah.

I don't know who the hell you are,

but if you don't stop following me,

I'm gonna call the cops.

All right, look, you don't have to call the cops.

And then why are you stalking me?

I'm not stalking you,

I'm trying to figure out your
connection to these men.

I don't know what you're talking about.

These men that have been killing themselves.

You want to turn around and walk away.

Look, I'm not gonna turn around and walk away.

Okay, I'm trying to get a sense of,

how it is that you're around these
people when they kill themselves.

You were there,

you that paramedic that
rescued that salesman.

Yeah, maybe you're the reason
that these guys need rescuing.

What's your name?


So what do you want with me, Toby?


I knew what I wanted, uh..

You have a beautiful smile.

You're lonely.

You don't have to be.

That's a little presumptuous.

Then I will do it again.

I didn't say that.

Well, how about we go to court with
she killed them with her mind.

Look, I'm sorry,

I got nothing to connect the dots with.

Maybe Toby can dig something out for us.

I think maybe we're depending on him too much.

Everyone uses his experts, no?

If I gonna figure something out, I'll call someone.

You know there was a time when
we were able to solve crimes by ourselves,

not with Toby's...

Yeah, but now I bet you sleep occasionally.

Not really.


Hmm, Alicia.

Slow me.

I thought you were my cousin, Alicia..

Yeah, no, I got your email, absolutely, hmm.

I don't usually wear uniform
but something can be arranged for you.


That was fun.

Now you do.

Yeah, that was kinda the idea.

No, you manipulate people.

Okay, so next time I won't twist you around.

You, put ideas into their heads.

You're crazy.

I just slept with a crazy person.

What the hell are you doing?

You reading me out.

Who are you?

I'm just like you.

I'm reading your mind.

That's not possible.

It's possible.

Just did it, it's what I do.

You're not alone.

What's it like? What you do?

You think you know me,

but trust me, you have no idea.

I have no idea why you like me.

You like me, tell me.

I never asked for it, I never wanted it,

and I wished to god that it'll go away.

But it doesn't.

These men who killed themselves,

did you put those ideas in their head?

That's crazy.

Well, it's true right?

Stop it.

You don't know what you're saying.

Did they do something to you?

Sorry kid, no witnesses.

Who'd they shoot?

I don't know what you're talking about.

You can't lie to me.

My parent,

my brother,

I was eight.

So these guys who killed themselves,

is the guys who shot your family?

They knew what they did was wrong,

they felt guilty, they wanted relief.

Is that what you do?

You drawn their guilt to force
somebody to take their own lives.

LCD, radio, it's not gonna get
any better than this.

I have to go.

I have to go.


I have to go.

You can't keep doing this.

It's not right.

Let me help you.

Goodbye Toby.

So you just watched her walk away?

Yeah, she just walked away.

Well, Dev did some digging and
her real name is Emily Madeleine.

Her family was killed in
this gruesome home invasion.

Which ties into what you told me you saw.

And it's crazy she's even alive,
she have a gunshot wound to the head.

Was in a coma for seven months,
didn't speak for a year,

and then one day she just
makes this miraculous recovery.

Okay, so maybe the head wound
have something to do with her ability.

And then she killed four ex-bikers?

They killed her family.

That was never proven.

Michelle, these men felt guilty already,

all she is doing is amplifying that
to get them to kill themselves.

Legal system failed, they're the way she sees it,

this is the only way she'd find justice,

maybe she deserves this.

Are you serious right now?


So how is this end?

Probably with Cassel.

He's the one who shot her.

She saved him for last.

So what do you wanna do,
you want to go protect the killer?

Can I help you?

I'm Miss Moroner,
I have an appointment with Mister Cussel.

I'll see if he is in.

I'd appreciate that.

We're pretty selective about taking on new artist.

That as is I've heard,
but I think if you could just take a look,

you might be really surprised.

We don't do raw photography.

That's a shame,
I think people could really relate to these.

It's just a corny family potrait,

maybe a few discrafted or something,

but, no thanks.

What about this one?

This one interest you?

I was just a kid.

Eight years old.

That's what's left of my family.

One day a gang of bikers broke into our house,

a random act of violence the cops called it.

You want a confession, go see your priest.

Bad things happen, you survived.

Consider yourself lucky.

You the one who shot me.

Sorry kid, no witnesses, remember?

But I didn't die.

You're the one who has been
messing with my crew,

How'd you managed that?

Well, this is unbelievable,

you think you can come in here,

and take me out,

get the hell outta here.

You turned me from a person into a disease,

Something black and awful
that clings to your mind,

and doesn't let go.

But you don't have to feel that,

you can get relief,

just like your friends.

You want the guilt to go away, don't you?



You son of a bitch, you have no conscience.


you don't have to do this.

Stay out of this, Toby.

This is the only way for me
to get justice for my family.

Finish it.

Finish it.

Hey, I'm glad you called me, man.

Thanks for coming, Oz.

What am I gonna not show up?


You know you did everything you could, right?

You gotta get outta this life,

before it kills you.



I'll see you at work tomorrow, all right.

All right.

We-uh-we gonna get Cassel for murder.

That's the only way that
she was going to get him.

She had to sacrifice herself if he didn't feel guilty.

I'll testify, I saw everything with my own eyes.

Yeah, thank you.

Okay, see you around.


Don't be a stranger.

You too.


Are you serious?

You know, I remember a time,

when you can put back two dozen of those,

no problem.

Yeah, well I'll be howling at the moon.

Maybe that not such a bad thing.

Well, I guess it depends on the situation.

God, it has been a hell of a week.

It's good to unwind.

Well, that is something we always do well together.


I have something.

Two tickets, to Saint Maarten.

I took the week off.

I thought we were getting a divorce.

Well, I was thinking about what I'd be missing,


Look, if you don't want to,

No, no, I didn't say that,

I'm just surprised.

Saint Maarten huh?



So, when this plane leave?



Could we get a check, please.

Liz Simmonds did what she did because

she felt she had no other choice.

It was that or give up on the only thing
that mattered to her anymore.

I know how she felt.

(indistinct thoughts)

How can I turn my back on them,

even if it cost me everything?

i saw nips!

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