The Listener (2009–2014): Season 2, Episode 12 - Eye of the Storm - full transcript

The IIB is alerted when an Internet whistleblower, Gregory Wassermann (Jonas Chernick), threatens to go public with a vast release of sensitive government documents. A public broadcast debate on government transparency between the Minister of Foreign Affairs, Diane Feeny (Cynthia Dale), and her political adversary, Dennis Thorpe (Michael Therriault), is interrupted by a sex video released via the Internet. The video feature Diane and a male co-star, whom Michelle (Lauren Lee Smith) and Dev (Rainbow Sun Francks) identify as Tyler Rooker (Jonathan Keltz), an escort who has since disappeared from the agency he worked for. When the IIB captures and interrogates Wassermann, Toby (Craig Olejnik) "sees" critical evidence linking Wassermann to a mysterious woman. Toby extracts Tyler's whereabouts from the escort agency and, after Michelle questions Tyler, Toby "sees" the same woman linked to the Internet leaker. Michelle and Toby come to realize the suspect responsible for the security breach might be closer than anybody suspects. Michelle worries she's pushing Toby too hard and suspects his telepathic readings may be damaging his health. Olivia (Mylène Dinh-Robic) presses a reluctant Toby to undergo a brain scan in the hopes of explaining his worsening headaches. Meanwhile, Oz (Ennis Esmer) confronts Sandy (Tara Spencer-Nairn) when he suspects that she is seeing a doctor that works at the hospital.

A moving target is hard to hit.
Even a wounded one.

How do I compete with a doctor?
He's a doctor?

He's a paediatrician.

He puts his pants down
one leg at a time.

Now I'm picturing him
with his pants off.

How long has she been seeing him?
You sure she's seeing him?

I have my suspicions.
You guys have an open relationship.

I didn't think she'd do anything
about it.

So date somebody. Date twins.
Make her jealous.

I can't date twins. I can't.

I can't play games
with her like that.

I like her too much.
I'm a one-woman man.

What is that corny to you?

I got a headache.

I hate getting my morning briefing
from AM radio. What do we know?

Just what you heard.
Wassermann is going public

with his biggest round of
government secrets yet.

At midnight tomorrow night.

How did we get stuck being
the government's gatekeeper?

No-one else is able to stop
the leaks.

Forgive my computer illiteracy
but the man lives on the internet.

Can't we track him?

The same technology designed to
protect you and I is protecting him.

What's the Government's response?

Actually they're debating it
right now.

"We're speaking with foreign affairs
minister Diane Feeny this morning

as well as her most vocal opponent
on government transparency

Dennis Thorpe."

"This news is still breaking
but what is your response

to the pending release
of classified documents?"

"Wassermann would be nothing
more than a common criminal

if it weren't for
the scope of his crimes."

"We believe he's putting
this nation in danger."

It's the Government's unwillingness
to assess

what needs to be classified
that's putting us at risk.

You agree with Wassermann's plan?

Of course not
but if our leaders operated

with a responsible measured

men like Wassermann
would run out of steam.

Their kind thrive on the
intransigence of politicians.

When we come back we'll ask
the minister

what she thinks we should do
with a man like Wassermann

if and when he's apprehended.

I just got an urgent e-mail
about the minister.

Let's take a look.

"Keeping critical intelligence
out of enemy hands

is more than a political imperative."

"It's something
I feel passionate about."

Wow. Is that?

That's Diane.

Shut the front door.

We're going to have
to cut this short.

There's an urgent matter that
requires the minister's attention.

Excuse me.

What is it? Is everything alright?

No everything is definitely not

Could you just move to the left
a little?

That's a whole new meaning
to full disclosure.

Where did you get this?
It's viral.

Sergeant. Thank you for coming.

I imagine it's good to be out of
Ottawa after this morning.

A moving target is hard to hit.
Even a wounded one.

This is my husband Bruce.
And my aide Eileen Spalding.

Is there somewhere
we can speak in private?

I'll be in the upstairs office.
This way.

Alice if you wouldn't mind holding
down the fort?

Don't forget you have a one o'clock.

IIB has been no interest
in your personal affairs

but if there was a criminal act

to force the Government's hand
that's a national security matter.

I understand.

Was that tape
your personal property?

No I saw it for the first time
along with half the world.

Had it been doctored in any way?
No that was me. In the flesh.

You weren't even aware
that tape existed.

There isn't a doubt in my mind
that tape was made and released

to embarrass me and our government.

So you think it was politically

Somebody's sending a message
about my stand on secrecy.

Right now we're looking at
a possible connection between this

and Wassermann's agenda.
Got to admit I went there myself.

Do you really think he was
responsible for this tape?

That would be one way to neutralise
your biggest critic overnight.

And if it wasn't him we've got
another threat to contend with.

Want to know the big irony?

My office logged over 500 calls.
Number one message "You go girl".

Are you planning on returning
to Ottawa?

I have a press conference.

But Bruce and I have some things
we need to work out.

I understand.

I need to reach
the man on that tape with you.

It's standard procedure
in matters like this.

I wouldn't have the faintest idea
how to find him.

I don't even know his name.


I think this is political sabotage.
Someone is out to destroy her.

The grenade lobbed
to force her resignation.

It's going to be hard to bounce back
after this.

It's no secret that Thorpe lobbied
hard for the job

and we all saw how
he went after her this morning.

There's no love lost.
I'll give him a call.

Let's find out who her lover
on the tape was.

See how much he knows.
I'll co-ordinate with Metro.

We really think Wassermann'd come
out of his spider hole

to make a sex tape?

He thinks of himself
as a serious journalist.

Would he waste what credibility
he thinks he has by going tabloid?

I'm not buying it.

She is speaking out against him.
Maybe he's retaliating.

If we don't stop him
before midnight

the next round of classified
government documents will be leaked.

If we can't get him directly
maybe we can smoke out

who's feeding him the secrets.

"Almost 50 years ago one of our most
esteemed Prime Ministers'

said the state has no place
in the bedrooms of the nation."

"And while I acknowledge the hurt
my actions have caused my family

I ask that you respect our privacy."

Guy looks like he got hit
by a two-by-four.

Spouses always do.
Jenny Spitzer. Hilary.

I'm sorry guilty pleasure.
I feel bad for the husband

but I'm happy to see the tables
turned for once.

That's right.
Women can stray the way men do.

Does anyone think this is wrong?

Who cares what she does
in her private life?

She's the one always saying
government has to keep secrets.

This is not a state secret.
This is her private life.

This is wrong.
I got to agree with you.

Come on. The reason the government
is about secrets

is not to protect us
but to protect them.

That makes sense too.

Hi Sandy.

That the guy?
Dr Strongjaw.

Smells like the ocean.

People who live in glass houses -
Should use their drapes.

I don't care how public your life is

no-one deserves to have their privacy
invaded like that.

It's kind of a weird card
for you to play.

Nobody heard me. an Internet terrorist

but he argues he's simply doing
the work of a journalist.

Is he held to the same standards
as you? Who checks his facts?

Who vets his sources? Who is playing
fast and loose with people's lives?

A lot of people are wondering

have you apologised
to your husband yet?

This is an understandable distraction
for all of you.

I only have myself to blame.

But maybe when the dust settles
you'll try focusing on the real news.

Sorry guys that's all the
questions for today.

We'll be issuing a statement later.

Michelle McClusky IIB
sorry I'm late.

I don't have much time. Have a seat.
I'll be quick.

So what's the IIB want with me?

I'm curious as to what you thought
about the tape.

Diane's foreign affair?
It's regrettable.

But I have to say she keeps herself
in pretty good shape.

Any idea who leaked it?

You think someone hoped to
gain political advantage?

Does she have any enemies
apart from yourself?

I'm hardly an enemy.

We disagree politically
but that goes with the territory.

You wanted her job
you lobbied hard for it.

So I made a tape of her making
the beast with two backs

so I could take it?
If it wasn't you who?

Any number of people
had a reason to embarass her.

She's the face of the new Government
Knows Best vision of the future.

Which you so vigorously oppose.

Secrets fester in the dark.
Secrets breed corruption.

I simply believe in the antiseptic
power of sunshine.

The truth will come out.
I don't defend Wassermann

but a more reasoned approach
to secrecy is a good thing.

If he's helping bring that about
good on him.

Diane's blind defence of government

is a lot more of a threat
than Wassermann.

Now I have to go.

Good luck.
Thank you for your time.

(DEV) I think Wassermann is losing

Someone close to his camp
sent us his picture.

He operates because people
sympathetic to his cause help him

but there's a lot more people
against him than for him.

We set up an anonymous tip line
and uploaded his picture.

The million man posse
a bit of a long shot isn't it?

His network relies
on cloud computing.

It keeps it decentralised
but means more points of contact.

I'm looking for
digital footprinting

co-ordinating with Interpol
on their last best leads.


You found him? That's fantastic.


No but we do have an address
on our Romeo.

Let's find out if he's connected.

Maybe he's been leaking
more than just a sex tape.

The guys have been through
but they haven't found anything.

You sure this is his place?

Last known address for Tyler Rooker
her co-star on the tape.

Looks like he hasn't been here
for a while.

And amongst these papers I found...

..a cheque stub for a place
called Moonlight Companions.

Is that what it sounds like?

It's one of the premier
escort services.

You know this how?
I keep my ear to the ground.

This cheque is for
close to ten grand.

This guy was definitely playing
for pay. He was a hooker.

Nobody heard me. an Internet terrorist

We're at W -14 hours.

The irony is people care more
about the sex tape

than they do
about Wassermann's deadline.

You got that right.
How are we doing?

I've narrowed the cloud he's on down
to a few hundred digital signatures.

Interpol data is still coming in.

We're at 510 sightings so far.
Two of them are possibilities.

It's just a headache.
Everybody gets them.

But then there's the flashes

the white-outs the possible
tie-in to your telepathy.

It's not that bad.
I'm going to order a CAT scan.

It's not a big deal.
Trust me.

Besides it's probably nothing.
Then why bother?

Because you're not like
everyone else.

Lord knows what's going on in
your head

and you said yourself you're using
your gift more than ever.

Got to go.

That might be part of the problem
burning it at both ends.

I need you to tell me
everything you can

about the night
you were caught on tape.

It was about two months ago.
I met him at the Robson hotel.

I'd just done 18 hours in the air.

I needed a drink I couldn't sleep.

And this handsome young guy
bought me a drink.

I didn't know
why he gravitated to me.

The room was full
of all these beautiful young women.

He picked me. Out of all of them.

He took me to his room.

We made love.

He left
and I never saw him again.

Not bad for a broad past 40.

What about paying him?
Excuse me?

We know that Tyler Rooker
was an escort.

You didn't know?

Am I the stupidest person
in the world?

If it wasn't you who paid him?

No money changed hands between us.

They either paid him before the fact
or after.

Do you have any idea who?

I've made my share of enemies.

I trust you can get him to admit
who hired him.

We're still trying to locate him.

I promise you we'll do everything
we can

to keep this
as discreet as possible.

That's some comfort.

Thank you.

That was strange.

A couple of hours ago I was
defending her right to privacy

and now I'm invading it.

What did you get?

Something I never expected
from a politician.

The truth.

She says what she's thinking.
She really didn't know.

I've got to go to the EMS
if you need me call me.

Where are you going?
Escort agency.

I'm hoping our Casanova knows
where Wassermann is.

Or maybe get us closer to the leaks.

Escort agency. One of my lesser
known sub-specialities.

I'm good.
Just stick with your 500 tips.

I got stuff to do anyway.

Michelle McClusky IIB.
We spoke on the phone.

I have a couple of questions for you
about Tyler Rooker.

Yes. He worked here.
Maybe three or four days a month.

Is there anything you can tell me
about him?

He was a good guy.

Not going to cure cancer
but he's a sweet kid.

You think it's possible he may have
leaked the tape.

Oh I seriously doubt it.
I know a little of his family.

From the prairies
his dad's a minister.

He would not want them
to know about this.

Maybe he needed the money.
No he was one of our top earners.

Do you have any idea where he is?

I really need to speak with him.
He hasn't been reachable.

Not to me not to anyone.

If he calls
I will tell him you're asking.

Is there anyone else here who knows
who was using his services?

I can't stop them from talking
to each other

but Diane Feeny
is not our first public figure.

What I sell here isn't sex.
It's confidentiality.

I'm going to need to see
a list of clients.

I'm going to need to see a warrant.



You're sure its him.
It's Wassermann?

Thank you.
Looks like the posse came through.

He had a backlash
since his last announcement.

Two people called in
the same sighting.

We have an address.

Confirmed. It's Wassermann.

I got him.

Mr Wassermann.

I'm going to have to take you
into custody.

I'll be out in 24 hours
maybe less.

You're jealous really.

I'm not jealous.
I'm totally fine with this.

And he's touching her.
It doesn't bother me.

He could paw at her
like a mountain lion.

It doesn't bother me at all.

Are you ready?
Come here.

Honestly I've been doing great.
I feel good.

No headaches no flashes.
Everything is going good.

Then you have nothing
to worry about.

It scares me a little bit.

Now that we have Wassermann we have
to figure out how to hold him.

If we could prove he actively
solicited classified material.

Do you think he could still be
behind Diane's sexpose?

We can't rule him out.
Any luck finding her boy toy?

We have teams interviewing
his co-workers and friends.

Toby is minutes away.

I don't want to sound cynical
but her husband Bruce

hasn't wavered in his support
for her for one moment.

That's a man
you just don't find any more.

That's exactly my point.

I'll get Dev to do a background
check on him and his staff.

I'm surprised you didn't request
a lawyer Mr Wassermann.

I don't trust them.

I guess living in the shadowy
world of espionage

trust is the first casualty.

No the first casualty is truth.
Everybody knows that.

I think the saying applies to war.

I am at war. With the government.

I'm in the business of exposing
their lies. Their hypocrisy.

Their secret sex tapes?
I didn't do that.

But I applaud whoever did.

The public has a right to know
the conduct

of the people they put in office.

I thought you were interested
in exposing things that mattered

not people's personal affairs.

Is this Wassermann?
It is.

Right but you have
no problem exposing documents

that could put people's lives
at risk.

Do you recognise this soldier?
Should I?

He was killed 16 hours after you
identified him as an operative.

It's terrible with the family.
You're missing the point.

Who provided you
with those documents?

People of conscience.

Where did you get the documents?

Even if I knew I'd never give up
a source.


You consider yourself a journalist.

No journalists for the most are
the stooges of the multinationals.

I am not in anybody's pocket.

You're not walking away with this.

We'll see won't we?

He met someone in a car and they
passed a memory stick of some kind.

Male female? I didn't see.
You didn't see or he didn't see?

I didn't get a good read.

You did see a memory stick.

What's going on with you?
Are you OK?

I'm fine.
You don't look very well.

I'm good.

I gotta go.

I appreciate your concern.

We need a warrant
to search Wasserman's place.

Based on what?
A feverish telepath's read?

He saw a memory stick.

We tell the judge that the evidence
is in danger of being destroyed.

I guess Judge Galliano
still owes you one.

We're running out of time.
Speaking of which

Diane Feeny just called
an impromptu press conference.

Can you put it up?

"At 12:45 this afternoon

members of IIB apprehended
and detained Gregory Wasserman."

"As you are aware Wasserman
had been waging a one-man campaign

to expose government documents."

Efforts that pose a security risk
to all Canadians.

Why is she doing this?

Maybe she figures catching a
terrorist trumps a romp in the sack.

"His brazen contempt
for diplomatic confidentiality

underscores the fact that
he's more interested in showboating

than the public's rights."
She should be laying low.

What's your response
to the Prime Minister

calling for your resignation?
Excuse me?

I'm just getting the release
out of Ottawa.

There you have it.

The rise and fall of Diane Feeny.

"And while I acknowledge the hurt
my actions have caused my family

I don't back down from a fight.
I can see that.

If I step down the PM will appoint
Thorpe. I won't let that happen.

Foreign affairs is not the
department for on the job training.

Are you sure that's a good idea?

Must be bored of
taking the graceful exit.

There's nothing graceful
about politics.

It's clumsy it's messy
and it's all we've got.

Not fighting for my job
I'm fighting to save my country

from men like Wasserman.
What about the tape?

I was set up.
I don't think it's personal.

They just want me out of the way.

Is there any way that Rooker
could have had access to your files?

I didn't have anything sensitive
with me.

Ten years ago
Bruce asked me to give all this up.

It's days like this
where I wish I had.

How am I ever gonna make it up
to him?

Mr Thorpe can we get a quote?
It's a slippery slope.

"We give our elected officials
the unbridled power of kings."

"They think they're royalty."

"All the entitlement
all the paternalism."

"Ms Feeny should do
the honourable thing and resign."

How can you listen to this claptrap?

If the hardliners side with Feeny

they could draft
a non-confidence motion.

Are you saying the current government
could fall? Exactly.

You've got to give her credit.

Diane Feeny has got stones.

I never doubted it.

It's not every day someone says no
to the Prime Minister.

Yeah well she's got
the support of her party.

She's not gonna step down.
What about everyone else?

Not so much.

Hey Oz. You see Liv?

Er no I haven't.

You do you let her know
I'm looking for her OK?

Everything OK?
Yeah. I just got to hear from her.


How's it going?
Good. How are you?

Good. Just working on this report.

I was thinking something.

You know this thing
where we're seeing other people

I'm fine with that. It's a good idea
for us to keep it casual right?


Yeah but I was thinking if
either of us is gonna see somebody

maybe as a rule
we could tell each other.

Because that way
there's not so much confusion.

That's a reasonable thing to ask

Yeah sure.

So are you seeing anybody or...?

Have you been spying on me?

Good. I don't like spies.



Sorry I didn't see you there.

You er get the results?

No. I have been so swamped
I haven't had a chance.

OK. Well when you do just...

I promise I'll let you know.


Should we be surprised?
Because Wasserman exposes secrets

doesn't mean he can't keep them.
We searched his entire place.

No memory stick?
I have to talk to Toby.

You wasted a chance
to take a real run at Wasserman

based on Logan's what?
His intuition laying on of hands?

He might have it hidden.
We could still find it.

I can't hold him while you go on
a fishing expedition.

What are we supposed to do?

Unless we want to risk
contaminating a future prosecution

we have to let him go.

But if I was you I wouldn't
let him out of your sight.


You let Wasserman go?
We had to.

We have no evidence.

Are you are absolutely sure
what you saw? Yes.

But you couldn't tell
who the whistle blower was. No.

All I saw was they gave Wasserman an
envelope with the data device in it.

We have to find Rooker.
That sex tape wasn't random.

Whoever hired him
could also be behind the leaks.

Alright. Let me help you find Rooker.

I feel like we're pushing you
too hard. No you're not pushing.

Are you trying to prove something

No. Do I have to?
I mean to yourself.


Someone coming. Time to go honey.

Hey how are you doing?

If you need an application
we're always on the lookout.

No I'm here for a companion.

Well you've come to
the right place.

We've got a lot of great girls.
What's your type?

I'm looking for a guy.

For my wife.

Right. I have to ask
is she good with this?

She is good with it.
She sent me here.

Oh yeah?

She wants that guy you know
the guy from the video.

Online right now.
The sex video that's going around.


I'm sorry. I couldn't get hold of
him even if I wanted to.

'And you couldn't afford him

You don't know where he is?
No I'm sorry.

Can I double his rate?
How about that?

You must really love your wife.

We got to one of Wasserman's
lieutenants as I was telling you.

We just intercepted a call
between him and Wasserman.

The call was too brief to be traced.

But they've been following him
for the last 45.

It's Diane's husband.

Waiting for me?

They made the transfer. Let's go.

Don't move.

Mrs Feeny you can't go in there.
He's my husband.

He's a person under suspicion.
He would never do this.

Did he have access to your files?

Yes. But -

They were found in
Bruce's possession.

He was caught in the act of
passing them off to Wasserman.

I'm sorry.


We have the names
contact numbers and safe houses

of three CSIS agents in Cairo.
I don't know anything about it.

Here's an memo suggesting
we continue to support

the military dictatorship.
I have never seen any of this.

I want to speak to my wife.
She doesn't want to talk to you.

You gave these files to Wasserman.
I gave a portfolio to a courier.

And you had no idea
what was in that portfolio?

Architectural drawings.

I would never do this to my wife.


We caught him with the memory stick.

What's he saying?
That he knows nothing.

We downloaded some of it.
If it had seen the light of day.

Toby called. He wants you
to meet him at the Ibar Hotel.

He says it's important.

What do you want me to do with him?

Hold on to him
for as long as possible.


Come in.

I was looking for Toby Logan.

You must be his wife Michelle.
I'm Tyler.

Maybe I should be paying you.

Nobody heard me. an Internet terrorist

So how much did you get
for that tape?

I didn't get anything.
I didn't know about it.

I didn't want that to get out.

I'd think a guy in your position can
capitalise on something like this.

You don't get it. This cost me
just as much as it cost that woman.

No-one in my family
will even speak to me.

Who paid you to sleep with Diane?
Was it Wasserman?

I never heard of the guy.

It must be the same watch.

Got to be the same person
that was with Wasserman.

Are you sure?


So what's our next move?

We have to let him go.

He's coming back in the morning
for formal questioning.

We're holding Wasserman
and we've shut him down.

Mr Feeny you're free to go.

I never did any of this.
I know that.

But whoever did do this find them.

Get me everything you've dug up
on her husband and his staff.

Excuse me.


Mr Feeny left his day planner here.
I wonder if I could pick it up?

I guess with everything
going on with his wife

he's a little scattered.

Brilliant architect
but perpetually disorganised.

If I didn't keep track of his stuff
he'd ever get anything done.

That's a nice watch.

I've seen one like that before.

Do you help him out with
his business meetings as well?

Of course.

He was just in the interrogation
room. Maybe you should look there.

Toby do you want to show her
the way in? Yeah.

This way.


Found it.
Oh good.

Do you have a couple of minutes?

I just have a few questions
about your boss.

Yeah I've got a couple minutes.

So how long have you worked
for Bruce?

Erm two years.

And you have access
to his computers?

It's part of the job of course.

And he probably has access
to his wife's right? Yes.

I'm guessing a smart woman like
yourself would have no problem

taking a peek from time to time.

Are you really trying
to put this on me?

It was Bruce. He was passing
government secrets to Wasserman.

You know Wasserman?
Er yeah I know the name.

Who doesn't?

What do you think
about what he's trying to do?

I think...

..the government should
serve the people not rule them.

Well that is exactly what Dennis
Thorpe thinks almost word for word.

You know Diane she hates him.

What do you think about Diane?

I like her well enough.

Her politics?
I don't know.

I leave politics
to the professionals.

Hmm. But didn't you do post grad
work in international law?

In fact your faculty adviser
was Dennis Thorpe

the man lobbying for Diane's job.

That was a long time ago.

'Stay calm. She doesn't know.'

"She set up the camera.
She's the one."

You set up that camera.

Diane needed to be gotten rid of

and when the sex tape didn't work
you pinned it on her husband.

She would never survive
that politically.

She shouldn't even be there OK?

She's the face of repression.

Did Dennis Thorpe say that too?

He's a great man.

He's gonna be Prime Minister
one day.

You were ready to spill
your country's secrets

over a schoolgirl crush.

It was not a crush.

I believe in what I did
for democracy.

I want to say thank you.

Getting Wasserman
was pretty great for us too.

I have to say this debate
about government transparency

isn't gonna end with him.

You know the next Wasserman
is out there just waiting to pounce.

I hope we can survive whoever
that is. You're still standing.

Maybe Bruce and I can now
put our lives back together.

I'm sure you guys
are gonna be just fine.

So it's officially driving me crazy.
What is that?

You and the doctor there.

I just gotta know.
Are you seeing him?


You are?

Is it serious?


Yeah. Great then what's an EMS
got over a paediatrician?

Probably gives you free lollipops
all the time.

He's not a paediatrician.
He's an OB-GYN.

I can't believe you thought
I was dating him.

You're not?
No. I'm seeing him as a patient.

I don't understand.

I wanted to see
if I could have a baby.


You're trying to have a... yes.

Not that I have immediate plans.
I just you know...

I wanted to know is all.

So what's the verdict?

I'm actually pretty pumped.

I have the uterus of a 25-year-old.

That's great. Good.

Me too.

I'm pumped for you.

I don't have a uterus obviously.

You know that.

I'm gonna go.
Yeah you should go.

Come in.

Hey. I thought you weren't home.

No I'm here.

How are you doing?
I'm OK.

You want anything?
I can grab you a beer or something.

No thanks.
I actually have to talk to you.


Results from your MRI and CT scan.


What are you afraid to just tell me?

Well your brain shows
no obvious signs of anomalies.

That's great.

These headaches
that you've been having

are linked to
intense electrical activity.

Neurology has never seen anything
like it.

Not that they've ever had
a patient like you.

Alright so I'm unique right?
Is it serious?

these intense electrical storms

are precursors
to some pretty powerful strokes.

You're pushing your brain
to its stress limit.

So I guess I have to switch to decaf.

This is no joke Toby.

Every time you overexert your mind

you engage in repeated
and prolonged use of your telepathy

it's dangerous.

Alright I will slow down. I got it.

No I don't think you do.

What I'm trying to tell you
isn't that it might

I'm trying to say
that it will kill you.

It's all in here.

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