The Late Show with Stephen Colbert (2015–…): Season 1, Episode 19 - Morgan Freeman/Ruth Wilson/Sean Murray - full transcript

Morgan Freeman (Momentum (2015)); Ruth Wilson (The Affair (2014)); Hello Games co-founder Sean Murray.

And now, a "late show"

Stephen colberts interview of
Chris wallaces interview of

president trumpch.

Stephen: Mr. President,
thank you for sitting down with


I think im doing a great job.

Stephen: Well you are
sitting down, so, yes, in that

respect, you nailed it.

Now, you just appointed Matthew
Whitaker as your acting attorney


Hes a very smart person.

Stephen: That is debatable
because he was on the board of a

company that believes sasquatch
is real.

Do you believe sasquatch exists.


Stephen: So would you
appoint big foot to your

cabinet, maybe have him replace
John Kelly as your

commander-in-chief of staff?


Stephen: You know hes a
mythical April creature, right?

Lets see what happens.

I have three or four or five
positions imty hing about.

Of that, maybe its going to end
up being two.

But I need flexibility.

Stephen: Now, recently, you
had to answer some written

questions from Robert Mueller.

Its not a big deal.

Stephen: Great.

But im going to ask you a
couple more.

How would you describe Vladimir

A perfect little wonderful
innocent angel...

Stephen: And how would you
describe your marriage to


The whole thing is a scam.

Stephen: Final question,
what grade would you give your

presidency so far?

I hate to do it but I will do

I will give myself an a-plus.

Is that enough?

Can I go higher than that?

Stephen: No, because if you
think you deserve an a-plus, you

could not be higher.

Announcer: Its the "the
late show with Stephen Colbert."

Tonight, Stephen welcomes mill
mill, Anthony salvanto, and

musical guest Josh groban,
featuring Jon batiste and "stay


And now, live on tape from the
ed Sullivan theater in New York

city, its Stephen Colbert!

( Cheers and applause )
( Theme song playing )

Stephen: Hello!


Have a seat.

Jon, ladies and gentlemen.


Stephen: Welcome to "the
late show."

Im Stephen Colbert.

You know the holidays are coming
up, and its a time when I have

trouble with impulse control
because if you put gravy on it,

I dont care what goes in my

( Laughter )
The presidents a little


He doesnt care what comes out
of his mouth.

( Laughter )
Case in point: Yesterday, he

went after admiral bill mcraven,
the commander who oversaw the

killing of osama bin laden and
the capture of Saddam Hussein.

That is a hell of a resume.

Special skills: Captured more
villains than the Batman.

( Cheers and applause )
Mcraven has been critical of

Trump, and yesterday on fox news
Sunday, Chris Wallace asked the

president about it.

Bill mcraven, retired
admiral, Navy seal, 37 years,

former head of U.S. special

Hillary Clinton fan.

Special operation...
Excuse me, Hillary Clinton


Who led the operations
commanded the operations that

took down Saddam Hussein and
that killed osama bin laden,

says that your sentiment is the
greatest threat to democracy

in his life.

Okay, hes a Hillary Clinton
backer and an Obama backer and

Hes a Navy seal.

Would it have been nicer if
we got osama bin laden a lot

sooner than that, wouldnt it
been nice?

( Audience reacts )
Stephen: (As Trump) "No,

hold on a second here.

They only killed him once.

If it was up to me, I would have
killed him many more times.

And much deader.

No ones seen this kind of dead.

I know all the deadest people ."

( Laughter )
Jon: Wow

( cheers and applause )
Stephen: They dont always

tickle me that much.

Admiral mcraven responded, "I
did not back Hillary Clinton or

anyone else.

I am a fan of President Obama
and President George W. Bush,

both of whom I worked for.

I admire all presidents
regardless of their political

party, who uphold the dignity of
the office and who use that

office to bring the nation
together in challenging times."

Aw, snap!

You just got seal team dissed.

( Laughter )
( Cheers and applause )

Stephen: Hey!

But today, Trump doubled down on
his second guessing:

"Of course we should have
captured osama bin laden long

before we did.

I pointed him out in my book
just before the attack on the

world trade center.

President Clinton famously
missed his shot.

We paid Pakistan billions of
dollars and they never told us

he was living there.


( Laughter )

Yes, its always the good guy
shouting "fools!"

( Laughter )
Jon: Yeah, thats right.

( Applause )
Stephen: Oh, those fools,

they said I was insane, but I
will show them whos insane when

I sow that chimp head on to a

( Laughter )
And Trump did mention a dire

threat in his book "the America
we deserve."

Its right there on
the cover: Donald Trump.

Trump explained to Wallace that
he is humble enough to admit his

mistakes, like not visiting that
French cemetery:

I dont mind getting bad news
if im wrong.

If I do something wrong, like,
for instance, the cemetery.

I was not allowed to go because
of the secret service.

Stephen: Yes, Trump is
willing to take the blame, hes

just never to blame.

Its like the famous sign on
trumans desk.

"The buck would stop here, but
the secret service wouldnt let


( Laughter )
( Cheers and applause )

Give em hell, Harry!

If the secret service lets you
give them hell.

At one point, Chris Wallace
asked Trump a dangerous


Can you envision a situation
well into your second term where

you think youre so good for the
country and so essential to the

progress of the country that you
would try to amend the

constitution so you could serve
a third term?

Stephen: Chris, what are you

( Laughter )
( Applause )

Ixnay on the esident-pray for

( Laughter )
Trump said hes not going to do

it, and we know he never lies.

Jon: Mm-hmm, yeah.

Stephen: Wallace then moved
on to trumps

acting Attorney General, Matt
Whitaker, and his history of

criticizing the Russia

Did you know, before you
appointed him, that he had that

record and was so critical of
Robert Mueller?

I did not know that.

I did not know he took views on
the Mueller investigation as


Stephen: If he didnt know
about his views on the

Mueller investigation, why did
he hire him?

(As Trump)
"Look, we need a new attorney

general... get that "masculine
toilet" guy!

( Laughter )
At my age, every time I sit

down, the whole golf bag ends up
in the water trap, if you catch

my drift.

( Audience reacts )
Ooh, hes a lawyer too?"

Thats just gravy.

Jon: Needs medical

( Laughter )
Stephen: Besides, Trump

says hes
cooperating with the special

counsels office.

Your team is preparing
written answers to questions

No, no, no, not my team.

Im preparing written answers.

My... I... im the one that does
the answering.

Stephen: Its true.

And we have one of his written
answers right here:

"No colushun, Bob!

For a good time, call vlad.

Space force!"
( Cheers and applause )

( Piano riff )
( Laughter )

Theres one person who doesnt
believe trumps appointment of

Whitaker was accidental: The
next house intelligence

committee chair, and man whod
mistakenly thought his

temperature would be taken
orally, Adam schiff.

( Laughter )
Congressman schiff

said publicly that Trump
installed Whitaker to hobble

muellers investigation.

So Trump responded in a measured

"So funny to see little Adam
schitt talking about the fact

that acting Attorney General
Matt Whitaker was not approved

by the senate, but not
mentioning the fact that Bob

Mueller... who is highly
conflicted... was not approved by

the senate!"
Yes, because the special counsel

doesnt require senate approval,
unlike the Attorney General.

You cant just use senate
confirmation to discredit anyone

youve decided you want to get
rid of.

( Cheers and applause )
(As Trump)

"Sorry, melania.

You were never confirmed by the

( Laughter )
Your appointment is null and


My new wife is Tom Brady."

Hes gonna sail through.

But lets not gloss over the
fact that the president referred

to a congressman as "little Adam

Ugh, what a miserable piece of

Now, for the record, according
to network rules, I am only

allowed to say that word when
the presidents tweet appears


Like so, at which point I can
totally say it.

Am I going to take advantage of
that opportunity?

Is Adam schitt in the woods?

( Laughter )
( Cheers and applause )

( Piano riff )
Got to!

Got to!

Got to!

I just explained it.

( Piano riff )
This is a new high in low even

for Trump, so when it first
appeared, "commentators werent

sure if they were looking at a
typo or an insult."

Its so hard to tell, usually
when Trump makes mistakes he

either deletes them or hosts a
TV show with them.

( Laughter )
( Cheers and applause )

( Piano riff )
Thank you.

The president writing schoolyard
taunts seems shocking, but lets

not forgot when George
Washington wrote, "these

federalist papers can bite my
wooden balls.

More like Alexander cameltoe, if
you ask me."

( Laughter )
Alexander cameltoe, whats my


Wooden balls, the carpet matched
the teeth.

( Laughter )
Over the weekend, Trump visited

the areas devastated by wildfire
in California.

In the face of unimaginable
tragedy, the president was


In the fire-ravaged town of
paradise, California, he said

You dont see whats going on

until you come here.

And what we saw at pleasure...
What a name right now.

But what we just saw, we just
left pleasure...


Or paradise.

And what we just saw at paradise
is just, you know, is just not


Stephen: Pleasure,
paradise... its easy to get

them mixed up.

Just remember, Mr. President
"pleasure" is the dancer,

"paradise" is where she works.

( Audience reacts )
( Cheers and applause )

Trump also refused to
acknowledge that climate change

might be causing these fires.

Will seeing this devastation
change your opinion at all on

climate change mr president?

No, no, I have a strong

I want great climate.

( Laughter )
Stephen: You want learn


( Laughter )
I want new president.

( Cheers and applause )
Trump has claimed many times

that californias wild fires are
caused by poor forest

management, and he did it again.

Im committed to make sure we
get all of this cleaned out and


Got to take care off the
floors... you know the floors of

the forest.

Very important.

You look at other countries
where they do it differently and

its a whole different story.

I was with the president of
Finland and he said, "we have a

much different... we are a forest

He called it a forest nation and
they spent a lot of time on

raking and cleaning and doing
things and they dont have any


Stephen: You know what
Finland also spends a lot of

time doing?

Being covered in snow because
its right below the arctic


The same reason you dont have a

detector inside of your

( Laughter )
When asked about it, finlands

president said he wasnt sure
whether he got the idea that

raking is part of the routine
for panging its forests.

Clearly the president has just
resorted to making up advice

from world leaders.

(As Trump)
"I was speaking to the supreme

imperial viking of Norway the
other day, his name is Arthur


( Laughter )
And he said so many times they

prevent fires by moisturizing
the trees.

( Laughter )
And you know thats why they

look so young... most of the
nivea in Norway goes straight to

their forests.

( Laughter )
No, this is true.

Thats what the song Norwegian
wood is about.

( Laughter )
( Cheers and applause )

( Piano riff )
Weve got a great show for you


Mill mill I Millie Bobby brown I
here, but when we return,

melania Trump!

( Cheers and applause )
( Band playing )

( Cheers and applause )
( Band playing )

Stephen: Jon batiste and
"stay human," everybody!

( Cheers and applause )
( Singing )

Jon, im pretty excited.

One of my favorite guests will
be here tonight.

Millie Bobby brown is going to
be right there!

Shes fantastic.

Shes fantastic.

You know whats got me excited,

Jon: Whats that?

Stephen: You know "whose
boat is this boat?" Right here,

which are comments that dont
help in the aftermath of a

hurricane, written by Donald j.

Trump by accident.

Are we number one right now?

I think were number two right
now because first lady Michelle

Obama, her book, "becoming" her
new book is number one right


But thats fine.

Jon: Okay, I like that.

Stephen: You know why
thats fine?

Jon: Why.

Stephen: Because on this
show, November 30, Michelle

Obama will be joining us right

( Cheers and applause )
Jon: Oh, man!

Thats going to be a good time!

Shes amazing!

Stephen: Always fun and
well have the battle of the

books that night.

Jon: Yeah.

Stephen: Speaking of first
ladies, it

turns out melania Trump may have
more power in the White House

than we previously thought,
because last week she called for

the removal of deputy national
security adviser and woman

dominating this staring contest,
Mira ricardel.

And while previous first ladies
have called for staffing changes

in private, melania made hers
very public.

Her communications director
released a statement saying "it

is the position of the office of
the first lady that she no

longer deserves the honor
of serving in this White House."

Thats very formal.

It was followed by an engraved
invitation to kiss my ass.

( Laughter )
After the statement, ricardel

was removed from her job in the
White House.

And while most people were
surprised by the first ladys

bold move, one person close to
her was not, saying "she can be

a knife fighter.

Shes a Trump after all."

Not entirely fair.

They dont let Eric near sharp

( Laughter )
( Piano riff )

Well, before we judge, I think
we should hear the first ladys


Joining us for an exclusive
interview, live from the white

house, please welcome melania

( Cheers and applause )
Good to see you.

All right.

Hello, Stephen!

Stephen: Madame first lady,
thank you for joining us!

And also, happy Thanksgiving!

Thank you!

I look forward to the annual
pardoning of the turkeys.

The only ones in the White House
who wont be going to jail.

Stephen: Good to see you

have your own drum player in the
White House.

Its the whole marine corps
band, actually.

Theyre all here.

Stephen: Well, I have to ask
about Mira ricardel.

Why did you call for her to be
fired from the White House?

She was lying, she was petty,
she was vindictive... and weve

already got all of that covered.


( Laughter )
Stephen: Okay, now some

people are saying that asking
for her to be fired via press

release was a tad insensitive.

They are?

Awww, no.

Stephen, you know me.

You know me...

( Laughter )
All I want is to end bullying,

and if you disagree with that...

I will crush you like a tiny bug
underneath my stilettos.

( Laughter )

Lau( Laughter ) Mmm!

Stephen: But isnt this
something you should have

handled with your husband in

Oh, Stephen, I havent
handled my husbands privates in


( Cheers and applause )

Stephen: This is a side of
the public... the public hasnt

seen this side of you before.

But ( Bleep ).

Stephen, are you okay?

Stephen: No!

Im not okay!

This entire thing is very


Stephen: This is a side of
you the public hasnt seen


Before, but your friends arent
surprised, one of them even

called you a "knife fighter."

No, Stephen.

You know me:
I am just an innocent, little

first lady.

I am only called on for
harmless, ceremonial duties.

Like the carving of the white
house Turkey.

Stephen: Oh, I didnt know
there was a ceremony for that.

There isnt.

"Turkey" is my nickname for John

Stephen: Youve made the
administration look bad.

It is true.

Ive issued a new statement, it
is position of the office of the

first lady that melania Trump no
longer edeserves to they the

White House.

Fire me, next, Donald!


Let me out!

Stephen: Melania Trump,

Well be right back with Millie
Bobby brown.

( Cheers and applause )

( Cheers and applause )
( Band playing )

Stephen: Hey, everybody!

( Cheers and applause )
Stephen: Lovely.

Folks, you know my first
guest tonight from her role as

eleven on the hit show,
"stranger things."

Please welcome back to "the late
show," Millie Bobby brown!

( Cheers and applause )
( Band playing )

Stephen: Hi.

Oh, my god.

Stephen: Its so good to
see you again.

Its so good to see you, too.

Stephen: How have you been?

I have been good.

Stephen: Busy.

I have been really busy, so
its nice to come back home.


Stephen: Good.

The last time we saw you, which
was a little more than a year


I was so young.

Stephen: You were so young.

You are crowned with many
winters now.

Since then, youve become the
youngest person ever on the time

100 list, wrapped the feature
film of Godzilla, monsters.

Shot season three of "stranger
things," and this one... this is

the one that really interests
me, which is youve become the

youngest unicef good will

( Cheers and applause )
Youve got the shirt.

So, first of all, youre making
us look bad by being so


So do you have time to hang and
just be?


I dont have many friends,

I like my family.

My family are my friends.

Stephen: Thats nice.

I have three best friends
that I love and adore and, you

know, everyone... you know, pi
family, my close friends,

special people in my life, I
feel like, you know, thats just

the most important thing to me,
and I think, you know, one thing

I like to do is I love to do
normal things.

Stephen: What is normal?

Go to this, like, grocery
store, you know.

Stephen: Thats very

Like, today, I walked through
New York and I just felt so


Its great.

Nobody asked for... actually,
no, they did.

Thats a lie.

Somebody did, but I was, like,
okay, its really quiet.

And I carried on and it felt

I loved going to the

I was trying to look for my
favorite cereal cook yi crisp.

Stephen: Sure, quality

Most of the moms post about
this on grams, Millie should not

be eating cookie crisp.

No, its likely good.

I recommend it.

Stephen: Doctors say it
gives you your recommended daily

allowance of cookie and crisp.

And it has a little crisp.

Yeah, so I went in there the
other day and I was buying it

and I had, you know, like, five
boxes and I was like, boom!

And the woman was, like... and I
was, like, hi.

Stephen: She recognized you
were Millie Bobby brown.

You said that so quickly,
Millie Bobby brown!

Stephen: Its a fun name to
say, Millie Bobby brown Millie

Bobby brown!

Millie Bobby brown!

( Laughter )
Anyway, shes scanning and

saist, what are you doing here?

I said what are you doing here?

She said, you know, youre

And I said, no, the girls got
to get some cookie crisp.

I have to eat.

Stephen: Youre at the
beginning of fame.

Later when youre most famous,
you just exist on applause!

( Cheers and applause )
( Piano riff )

Thank you.

( ( Audience chanting )

Stephen: Please, please!

Im all full.

( Laughter )
Let me ask you about "stranger



Stephen: I know you cant
tell me about season three.


Stephen: But can you clear
up some stuff about the...

Oh, god.

Stephen:... this photo
worried a lot of people.

You grammed this photo right
here and you scared some people

with this.

Is this the tear of, like, the
show is over or...

No, everybody is...
( Laughter )

No, im just a very emotional

When it comes to my closest
people, im not good at


Stephen: This is the last
day to have the season?

Of the season, not the show.

The season.

In effect called me after this
and said, cant say anything,

im, like, okay, got it
( Laughter )

Stephen: Wouldnt you be

My nose gets really red when
I cry.

I was really crying.

Thats real tears.

So, basically, what happened
was, right, im a very emotional


I cant say goodbye to people,
it give me serious sadness and


When I said goodbye to my best
friend Sadie, I broke down.

And catering is a tough one.

Stephen: Catering?


Stephen: Saying goodbye to
people who do the catering?

Yes, saying goodbye to people
who make my food.


Thats the people I live off of,
quite literally.

Stephen: Again, when youre
more famous you dont need any


( Laughter )
Very nice of you.

Its an emotional time.

Stephen: Can I ask you
about the unicef thing?

Yeah, go ahead.

Stephen: On the lighter
note lets talk about the united

nations international childrens
emergency relief fund.

( Cheers and applause )
( Piano riff )

What are your responsibilities?

How are you using this platform
to do something good for the


Well, first of all, this is a
big deal for me not only because

first of all im being honored.

The newest and youngest unicef
good will ambassador.

Im the youngest, because im a
kid, im a child, its very easy

to talk about certain subjects
about unicef just because I feel

very passionate about it and,
you know, advocating for

childrens rights and making
sure that every child knows that

they have rights and just kind
of being a part of such an

amazing organization that let me
vocalize on subjects that, you

know, some people silence me on.

Its an important thing for me.

Stephen: Whos tried to
silence you?

Well, you know, sometimes
its just, like, dont mention


Im, like, you know what?

Im going to do.

And unicef gave me that voice.

Stephen: Love your nails.

Thank you so much.

Stephen: Would you do me a

We have a bit of an issue.

You aint wearing blue, and im
wearing blue.

So im going to have to paint
the nails blue.

( Cheering )
Right, which hand?

Because apparently...
Stephen: I think that one.



Why not the other one?

Because its all torn up,
this one.

Im exposing him.

Stephen: Yeah, also, I
dont want to disappoint the

ladies by showing my wedding

Absolutely not.

( Cheers and applause )
So how is your wife?

I saw her at the emmys.

Stephen: My wife is
absolutely lovely in every way.

I love her so much.

Stephen: Yeah, shes
absolutely delightful.

Shes great.

Stephen: That is... yeah.

Look at that.

Anyway, ive got a quick
question to ask you.

Stephen: Ive got a
question for you, too, because

it is my show.

( Laughter )
How do you feel that the

spice girls have gotten back

Because I cried.

Stephen: I did not cry.

I was interested when I found
out, but I did not cry when I

heard about the spice girls.


Stephen: You really are
that excited about the spice


I think they have been broken up
longer than you have been alive.

( Laughter )
I dont think you shared the

planet with a fully formed
original spice girls.

( Laughter )
The thing, is right, age

aint nothing but a number.

Stephen: Ive heard that.

So true.

Youre very good at that.

Thank you.

I actually took online courses
to paint nails.

Stephen: Really?

Yeah, I was bored.

Stephen: Thats very

Which spice girl is your
favorite spice girl?

Well, two different
questions, really, because what

spice girl am I?

Im posh.

But what do I want to be?


Stephen: Really?


Stephen: What are you?

What am I?

Im fairly sure that im ginger.

( Laughter )
Im ginger spice because she was

the first one to quit the band.

She was the first one to leave.

She got a social conscience and
everything, so I admired that in


( Laughter )
( Cheers and applause )

Stephen: World childrens
day is tomorrow!

Millie Bobby brown, everybody!

Well be right back with Anthony

Stick around!

( Cheers and applause )
( Band playing )

( Cheers and applause )
( Band playing )

Stephen: Welcome back!

My next guest oversees all
polling for CBS news and is here

to help us make sense of what
happened on election night.

Please welcome, Anthony

( Cheers and applause )
( Band playing )

Good to have you on.

Thank you for having me.

Stephen: I am familiar with
your work.

I never miss "face the nation"
on Sundays, and you did a long

study of voters all over the
2018 election to see how people

were shifting around.

Were you surprised at all about
the results of the 2018


No, I think we saw a lot of
this coming, you know, but I

think the key was to try to
explain it.

You know, before the election,
we put out what would happen if

a lot of people turned out and
sure enough they did.

Stephen: Was that one of
the things that was predicted

that a lot of people would turn

Predicted is a tricky word
for poll sphears.

We try to explain things.

Stephen: Was it expected?

People said they were going
to show up.

Stephen: Do people tell the

( Laughter )
Yes, they do, actually.

Yes, at a do.

People ask me that all the time.

Do people lie to pollsters, do
they admit who theyre voting


And I always say why would you
bother to spend 15 minutes on

the phone with me, with folks
just to lie, to make stuff up?

Stephen: Well, to feel

Well, maybe.

But I think what really happens
is they might say theyre going

to turn out, they might mean
theyre going to turn out but

things get in the way.

This year, we saw people were
motivated, people said they

thought this election was as or
more important than a

presidential year, right, so
they did actually turn out.

You got 16 percent of the
electorate said they never voted

in a medterm before.

We have half of the electorate
actually showing up, and that

was one of the keys.

Stephen: What happen that
was surprising?

We expected the house to go this
way and the senate to go that


What happened that no one saw?

I think that that size was
probably a little high than

people thought.

I think the size to have the
Democratic gains were probably a

little higher.

You get out to Southern
California, a traditionally

republican place...
Stephen: Orange county,

first time since 1935 or
something, its all blue.

Yep, all blue.

( Cheers and applause )
( Piano riff )

And I think that a lot of people
doubted whether young people

would show up, whether those
people who hadnt voted in the

midterms would show up and, in
fact, they did.

The pollsters job is to explain
what happened.

You showed this about the
emotions people were feeling,

right, we were tracking all
along people saying how would

you feel if the other side won?

They would be angry.

Like it or not, that was
motivating to people, it was

getting people out.

And the other part was the
president, he wasnt on the

ballot but on peoples minds in
historic numbers, for and


People say they were coming out
to support or oppose the


Stephen: He said, imagine
im on the ballot, and when they

lost, he said, I wasnt on the

It was the highest level
weve seen in the exit polls for

people saying the president was
on their minds, definitely a big


Stephen: You have a new
book here, "where did you get

this number: A pollsters guide
to making sense of the world."

Who are the hardest group to pin
down about what they really


Young people are hard to poll.

Stephen: Theres no mention
of them though.

They have other things on
their mind, not necessarily

engaged in politics, busy, might
not be at home to pick up the


Even though we do a lot of
polling and interviewing on the

line, you have to remind them to
take it.

So that part is going on.

And, look.

Its become hard.

We keep on doing it till we get
the microcosm of America.

Thats what a poll sample is.

Stephen: The man knows what
youre thinking and why youre

thinking it.

The book is "where did you get
this number," available right


Anthony salvanto, everybody.

Well be right back with a
performance by Josh groban!

( Cheers and applause )

(Cheers and applause


Stephen: Coming from a sold
out Madison square garden show

last night and now performing
Billy joels classic, "shes

always a woman" ladies and
gentlemen, Josh groban!

(Cheers and applause

♪ ♪

♪ she can kill with a smile
she can wound with her eyes

♪ she can ruin your faith
with her casual lies

♪ and she only reveals
what she wants you to see

♪ she hides like a child
but shes always a woman to me

♪ she can lead you to love
she can take you or leave you

♪ she can ask for the truth
but shell never believe you

♪ and shell take what
you give her

♪ as long as its free
yeah she steals like a thief

♪ but shes always a woman to me
oh, she takes care of herself

♪ she can wait if she wants
shes ahead of her time

♪ oh, she never gives out
and she never gives in

♪ she just changes her mind
and shell promise you more

♪ than the garden of Eden
then shell carelessly cut you

♪ and laugh while
youre bleeding

♪ but she brings out the best
and the worst you can be

♪ blame it all on yourself
cause shes always

♪ a woman to me
oh, she takes care of herself

♪ a woman to me
oh, she takes care of herself

oh, she takes care of herself
♪ she can wait if she wants

shes ahead of her time
♪ oh, she never gives out

and she never gives in
♪ she just changes her mind

she is frequently kind
♪ and shes suddenly cruel

she can do as she pleases
♪ shes nobodys fool

but she cant be convicted
♪ shes earned her degree

and the most she will do
♪ is throw shadows at you

but shes always a woman to me ♪
♪ oh

but shes always a woman to me ♪
♪ oh

ooh (cheers and applause


Ooh (cheers and applause


Stephen: Thank you, Josh.

His album, "Bridges" is out now.

Josh groban, everybody!

Well be right back.

Stephen: Thats it for "the
late show."

Tune in tomorrow when my guests
will be Michael Douglas, senator

Ben sasse, and chef Jose Andres.

Now stick around for James

Good night!

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