The Heart of Sergio Ramos (2019–…): Season 1, Episode 5 - Recuerdos - full transcript

2018 ends with a couple of important events. Real Madrid plays a couple of key games that solidify them out of fifth place and they head off to Abu Dhabi for another Club World Cup. Sergio ...

Life is a collection of memories.

Those moments...

and emotions that have left their mark.

There are pros and cons, but

in life, you have to surround yourself
with good things.

These images in my mind
take me back to happy memories

that make me feel good.

Hey there, little man.

I don't want a life without scars.

- You sing well, Sergio.
- In the shower.

Okay, guys, quiet now.

When it's time to stand up and fight,

that's when you realize
who you really are.

You carry around memories and images

in your head that no one can erase.

That doesn't count!

- It doesn't count!
- Goal!




The Real Madrid team wishes you
happy holidays

in the company of your families
and loved ones.

We look forward to celebrating new wins

and hope that 2019 will bring us
health, work and happiness.

Happy holidays.


What about the cleats?

- Take them too.
- Take these.


This is good.

- Look at all this stuff.
- Put that with the shirts.

We have to have a good selection, or...

When are they picking it up?

Tomorrow, I think.

Tomorrow they'll take
all this stuff over there,

and we'll get everything ready
because next week...

It's the event.

This idea to showcase

Sergio's 15-year career

occurred to me because I think

he deserves it, first of all,

he's played so many years
at the elite athlete level,

and it's also an opportunity
to show his gratitude to the people,

his longtime supporters and followers.

But we have to choose. Falcao.

Look, this was Özil's.

That's cool.

From last game with the national team.

This was Iniesta's from the last Clásico.

- This was David's.
- David Beckham's?

From the national team.

This one was Roberto Carlos',
and this was El Chiquitito's.

- Oh, my God.
- I have a whole Italian clan here.

- Buffon, Gigi.
- Number 11.

- Here it is. Look.
- Francesco Totti.

- Iker.
- Nice.

And this was Reina's.

- All your idols.
- Paolo.

Del Piero.

Luka Modrić. Balloon d'Or.

The legendary Lampard.

He wasn't a bad player.

- Neymar's, too?
- Yes.

- Jorge Campos?
- Yes.

Oh, my God, Forlán.

You have every shirt here that...
They're treasures.

Yes, absolutely.

Look. This one is legendary.

- That's mine, isn't it?
- Number 21.

What's that shirt doing here?

You couldn't stop me from scoring.

When I started playing for Seville,

René played too, but for another team.

But he was a little different from me.

I was a bit more disciplined in my sport.

But it's true,
we're like two peas in a pod.

Since my debut in the first division
when I was very young, at 16,

he's never left my side.

We're always together.

Honestly, it's gone by so fast.

Imagine, when you started,

15 years have gone by like almost nothing.

- It goes by quickly, doesn't it?
- Damn.

You don't even have time to stop to...

- It seems like yesterday...
- Our old neighborhood.

- left Atalaya.
- Yeah, yeah.

Well, I guess we didn't do
too badly, did we?

Man, you didn't do badly at all.
You know that.


From Santiago Bernabéu Stadium,

the Champions League game
between these two teams will begin.

Two historic teams, two sports giants,
serious rivalry.

- 15'

This game is one of the best
in the league.

We have to support Daddy
and the Real Madrid team.


So they win.

If we win today, what happens?


First of all, we have to keep
the pressure on Barça.

We play Barça tomorrow?

It's important to beat Valencia,
so that Barcelona

and the other teams ahead of us
don't increase their lead in points.

It's critical we keep winning,

and adding three points at a time.

Since Solari arrived,

the team has regained

some enthusiasm to get past
the situation we were in,

and that raises our level of competition.

It's very good for the team

because it brings out
the best in everyone.

The game is about to start
here at Bernabéu Stadium.

The first ball goes to Valencia.

Karim Benzema takes it away.

Gabriel Paulista puts his foot in,

and after just five minutes of play,

it's bad news for Valencia.

He pushes Garay out of position,
into unfamiliar territory.

He was forced into a tactical error.

Modrić, from the corner,
centers the ball with a left.

Benzema picks it up with his chest.

He wants to leave it to Gareth Bale.

Careful, because the action is not over.
Carvajal cuts in.

Carvajal has it. Goal!

Madrid has come out very focused.

They're not letting Valencia into
the game. They're pressuring them.

Garay's yellow card.

But they're still capable of finding
their rhythm in this game.

Valencia's on the move.
Dani Parejo passes on the inside.

Reguilón read it very well.

Carlos Soler collides
with Sergio Reguilón.

Another yellow card.

Just 10 minutes in.

Solari's team keeps the pressure on.

They're not letting Valencia play,
they keep pushing.

Real Madrid isn't losing the ball.

You get the feeling Valencia players
aren't comfortable.


Great play by Lucas Vázquez.

José Luis Gayà must be careful.

He's testing the limits.
He'll get a yellow card.

Valencia is just collecting cards.

Three yellow cards for Valencia
in just 19 minutes.

Let's see if they turn this around.
Carlos Soler.

Ramos is tremendous.
He's anticipating every move.

The pressure from Madrid is stifling.

They're not letting Valencia in.

I have to say that today Valencia is

facing Madrid at its best defensively.

This is not the Valencia
we're used to seeing,

typically a higher performer.

Benzema has a shot.

What is he waiting for?

Benzema to Lucas.

Goal, goal, goal, goal, goal,
goal, goal, goal, goal!

The game at Bernabéu comes to an end.

Real Madrid 2, Valencia 0.

It all came down to
the final minutes of play.

- It's a victory that will help build...
- Yes, yes.

...the momentum they need to advance.

We're going down to the field.

- The field?
- Yes.

- Are you sure?
- Yes.

Are you sure?


Well, sometimes, when we've won a game,

and we're in a great mood,

they always bring them down to me.

They 'll say, "Daddy,
we want to go out on the field."

It's such a pleasure.
After a game with 80,000 people,

to be there with that tranquility,

without any people or pressure,

to just be able to enjoy that
with your children.

Almost, almost!

Almost, huh?

You can't go through here!

Alejandro, wait.

Well done!


Is it the same shoulder as last time?


I had it examined and...

And nothing. My clavicle,
the bone, it was all fine.

What about next weekend?

I should be fine.

For the Club World Cup?

We'll see who advances on Sunday.

I'll probably rest on Thursday,

then I'll be ready for the weekend.

That's it. It's important to keep
that winning streak going.

Are you headed back to the office?

Yes, I'm going back.

Pretty much everything is ready to go
for the event next week.

I'll keep you posted.



We've all been collecting
Sergio's memorabilia,

his cleats, jerseys, titles,
cups and trophies,

for the event.

Actually, it's been pretty difficult
and very complicated

because Sergio has achieved so much.

And my mom has taken things out of
what I call the "memories trunk."

She's had that trunk at home
for so many years now.

Things practically no one has ever seen.

The years have flown by.

It seems like only yesterday
we were taking him to practice.

To me, it seems like yesterday,

but it's been years.

It was a long time ago.


Sergio, at a young age,

moved up soccer levels very quickly.

Both my father and I understood

that he had certain qualities
that were unlike other players.

It's not easy, and there's no guarantee
you'll make it to the elite level,

but thank God,
his childhood dream came true.

- Hi.
- Hi, how are you?

I'm glad. All right.

How's it coming?

Wonderfully, as you can see.

Everything is starting to take shape.

Over there, Rebeca is putting on
the final touches.

Right down to the smallest detail,
just as we discussed.

We're taking care of
all the design modifications

and perfecting every line,

so that everything is
a little bit better than perfect.


He had an important decision to make

when he chose to support
his brother in his career.

Not only as someone
his brother could count on,

but professionally, as the person

who would have to
take care of him every day.

Where are the jerseys going?

The jerseys will go over there.

He also had to give up his old life.

He spent a few years preparing
and training to support Sergio

in his professional career.

Because it's not only about trust,

which is important,

and about loyalty, which is important,

but it's also about ability.

So, I'll stop by again on Wednesday

to see how everything is going.

I'm really happy how
everything is coming along.

- Looks great.
- Great.

You know we always give it
everything we've got and more.

- That's a given.
- Always.

The truth is, it's been

a very necessary and important job,
and a sacrifice at the same time.


Madrid fans, we are here live
from Abu Dhabi,

to accomplish what no one
in history has ever done,

which is to win three consecutive
Club World Cups.

The Club World Cup is a great competition,

because it's another title.

Having won the Champions League
for the season,

we can reaffirm ourselves
as world champions.

Everything is set to begin the game.

Another semifinal in this Club World Cup,

in which Real Madrid
will play against Kashima.

Bale's coming in, Bale is going to score.

Goal, from Gareth Bale!

His third!

Real Madrid will go to the final.

Real Madrid 3, Kashima 1.

Another international final for Madrid.

We are looking to win
our seventh Club World Cup.

Luka Modrić, goal!

Goal by Ramos.

He cut to the inside and managed
to finish off with a header!

In Abu Dhabi, Real Madrid ascends again!

Sergio Ramos is the only defender
in history

to have scored in two finals
of the Champions League,

in two finals of the World Club Cup
and in two European Super Cups.

If we take a look at his record
with Real Madrid, there's no doubt.

Our captain, with 20,
is king of the titles.


I'm very excited about the Thyssen event.

It's going to be amazing.

I'm very happy for him.

Fifteen years in the saddle.

Come on. Let's go in and look at the cups.


Look at this.

Look all the jerseys over there.

Look at that!

Let's go find Daddy's cups.

Wow, look at the shape it's in.

My goodness.

I dropped that one from the bus.

Sergio Ramos, carrying the cup.

Remember the cup weighs 15 kilos.

- From that height...
- He dropped it!

- Sergio Ramos dropped the cup.
- And it's been run over!

Daddy dropped it from the bus.

And the bus ran over it, right?

The bus ran over it with its wheels.

- Should we take it home?
- No.

It's gratifying to see
the Copa del Rey here.

It's a wonderful memory because
usually when you break something,

it's a sad memory,
but I dropped the cup after we'd won,

so it'll always be a great memory for me.

David, Marcelo, you.


Of course, but this one belonging
to Ronaldinho, wow.

He was great, he could move.
He could really move.

Then there's Leo, Ronaldinho...

Yes. Neymar.


That's one's mine.


That's mine.

I was actually pleasantly surprised.

Sergio included a shirt of mine
from one of my old clubs

as part of his display of famous jerseys.

Look, that's one of mine.

- Really?
- Yes.

When did you play?

I played for a team in the third division.

I never played at the highest level,
of course,

but I can be proud
of my achievements, can't I?

We've each done what we could in soccer.

And it's nice because these are
some of my personal memories.

The jerseys...

There are some nice relics in there.

What team did René play with?

René played with Camas.

- Is it from Camas?
- Yes, Camas.

- The World Cup.
- Is that the World Cup?


When I saw all of Sergio's things,

I was stunned.

This is Maradona's,
from Seville, number 10.

See? I told Dad. I said,
"I think this one was Maradona's."

Because he always wanted the jerseys
the players wore when they were...

- In their prime.
- In their prime.

Look at the socks from the Spanish team.

- They look more like Belgium.
- Look, look.

They're so small. Smaller than Marco's.

- You can tell.
- Look at that.

This is in Atalaya.

- The Sevillian team.
- Yes.

- You scored both goals.
- In the final.

They interviewed you,
you were acting as if

you were already the captain
of Real Madrid.

Time goes by quickly.

When I walked into the Thyssen museum

and saw everyone, my parents,
my siblings, my wife,

children, my loved ones,
those closest to me,

those who have been there for me
on my journey,

I realized how fast a career
in soccer goes by.

You have to hold onto
the small moments and emotions

that are going to carry you
through tomorrow.

I felt really happy inside.


I want to thank Sergio and his family
for asking me to be here...


...because this is a private reception

for friends and family.

Thank you very much allowing me
to participate in part of your world.

It's impossible to gather
everything in one room.

We'd need 200 rooms like this to display
all of Sergio's career memorabilia,

but it's worth celebrating with you,

and so many memories to cherish.

He has a long career ahead,

and he has a lot more to accomplish.

A huge hug to you, Sergio.

You are an example for so many people.
For many people.

Thank you very much.

Over to you, champ.

Good evening.

Today is really a very special day for me.

I can't deny I'm feeling emotional

because this is the culmination

of many years, many memories,
many dreams fulfilled.

It's been 15 years since my debut
as a professional,

and it truly has been marvelous.

As a child, you always dream
of reaching the top.

I have been fortunate enough to experience
some unique and unforgettable times,

since I was a child.

I look at this picture,

and, well, it's a photo of...

That my mother has at home in Camas,

from when we started this journey.

That line takes you through
the last 15 years.

They're unique moments in my life.

Now they live in my heart.

I always look back,
but keep moving forward.

I never get tired of winning,

and I never get tired of learning.

Never change who you really are.

And I want to teach my children
to never forget their roots.

The past is the path that leads you into
present, and I think that's wonderful.

To think they'll grow up with the spirit
of all I've been able to share.

I want to thank all of you, too,

for having stuck with me
through good and bad times.

You are all part of my success.

My teammates, those who are here,
those who couldn't be here,

and the fans who always support us,

especially in the most difficult times,

which is when you need support the most.

To all my dear friends, and of course
to my family and my brother,

who has given so much.

We still have many years ahead
for us to enjoy, to continue winning,

and instead of 15 years,
let's look to celebrate 30.

Good night,
and thank you with all my heart.

For me, the event was a total success.

Remembering 15 years of Sergio's career,

supporting him day and night,

it was a very emotional
and special moment.

What did you think?

It was great, man.

- Did you like it?
- I loved it.

I'm almost embarrassed.
In front of my friends and family.

Were you surprised at some of the people
who showed up?

Yeah, I didn't know
they would come from Seville.

And the memorabilia...
The little cleats...

Yeah, my first ones.
You had them first, then I had them.

The medals that Mom had from the Eurocup.

Yeah, she had those hidden away.

- No one could take them from her.
- Unbelievable.

And the logos. I loved
the graphic theme too, the designs.


- I'm glad you liked it.
- A lot. It's very special.

You deserve it.

You've earned it.

We've all earned it.
I think the credit goes to everyone.

- That's easy to say.
- You're part of my success.

- Thank you, brother.
- The journey continues.

- I love you, brother.
- Me too.

Thank you very much. I enjoyed it all.


Real Madrid has lost.

We needed to be sharper,

to go out there and do some damage.

The only thing that matters
is being able to close out games.

Listen, do you want to come
on the show and play guitar?

No, I don't think so.

Look, in this life,

you're either pitied or envied.

You decide which.

Wish me luck, I'm gonna need it.

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