The Heart of Sergio Ramos (2019–…): Season 1, Episode 6 - Música - full transcript

It's the truth
Loving like this is a sin

And what does music mean to you?

Music is always with you.

And, ultimately,
I think it's a way of life.

And it's no secret that I love flamenco.

It connects me to my roots.

To my homeland.

I want you to kiss me

And whispering
To tell you that I love you

Speak to me softly

So nobody knows
What we are saying

It makes me feel happy.

When I listen to music, it sets me free

and I feel that anything is possible.

I want to wake up in the morning

And see the almond tree
From the window

To wake up with you
To see a new day,

And to live a dream
With you, my love

To listen to your voice
And your melody

Always, my love

I want to wake up in the morning

And see the almond tree
From the window

To wake up with you
To see a new day

And to live a dream
With you, my love

To listen to your voice
And your melody

Always, my love

That's it!




Play another song. I know that one.


Surprise me with something new. Come on.

I barely play and you ask for new ones.

But the thing is...

It's a shame,
because you sing and play well.

Right, I sing.

- You sing very well, Sergio.
- In the shower.

You sing very well.
Don't say that you don't.

I sing with conviction,
but I don't sing well.

- It's the attitude that matters.
- Yes, the attitude.

If you believe it,

- you transmit it.
- You can convince people, right?

For me music is a way of feeling,

a way of living.

It gives me joy.

Whenever I'm in the car or I'm traveling,

it's always with me.

It's a way of freeing myself,

and that's why music is so important.

When do you have to do El Hormiguero?

It's getting tricky.

They've come up with a lot of new things
and cool challenges.

Listen, do you want to come
on the show and play guitar?

No, I don't think so.

Look, in this life,

you're either pitied or envied.

You decide which.


And I think that's true.

Okay, we'll come back to it.

I went on El Hormiguero
about three or four years ago now,

and developed a very good relationship
with Pablo Motos.

Normally I feel comfortable
in front of the cameras,

but since this is something new,

you're always a little
more nervous than usual.


Here, then this,

then like this, then like this,
and then...

- Know what I'm saying?
- Let's see.

The handshakes Lucas and I do

started three years ago,

when we first had aspirations

to win the Champions and everything else.

It's got some magic.

- It's shorter than last year's.
- That's true.

We don't want a yellow card
for timewasting.

But, yeah.

- I like it.
- Let's do it.

It's also a way to free yourself,
to motivate you,

and in the end, we've never copied it,

because we personalize it
and create it ourselves.

For the next game we score in. You and me.

Do you have a New Year's resolution?

To beat you in our bet on goals.

That's going to be tough.

It'll be tough, I'll have to...

At the moment, there is a gap between us,
and I intend to keep it.

But I'm going to fight to the end.

- You will?
- Yes.

- Okay.
- I'll try.

- We'll see.
- The good thing about it is

that if we both score our goals,
it's good for the team, so...

I think so.

But bets have to be settled, right?

- Yes, don't worry.
- Okay.

I pay my debts,
but I receive them even better.

Let's see if we get a good start.
We've got Villarreal next, right?

Villarreal, Real Sociedad, the Cup.

The only thing that matters
is if we can win the game,

and to know how to handle it
and kill off the games.

We're winning 1-0 or 2-0,

we get to the third, we stop trying,

and in the end we lose points

because we don't know
how to close out games.

We need to start the year
with more confidence and strength.

How are you, friends?
Welcome to the Cerámica Stadium

and to the opening game of 2019,
which promises thrilling excitement...

3 JANUARY 2019 the best league in the world,
the Santander League.

Ball's in the zone, a header, and a goal!

What a beautiful start
from the world champions, Real Madrid.

At the moment they are leaving
the Cerámica Stadium

closer to leading the charts.

Now it's Villarreal that has to show
some mental strength.

There's Fornals.

He looks for the pass.
Terrific, Villarreal could score!


2-2, 81st minute.

Just when it seemed
like the game was dead,

Villarreal showed up.

For the "white giant,"

this would put them seven points
below FC Barcelona.

And the game ends in a draw.

There is nothing positive here,
especially considering how close it was,

which surely says a lot more

about Villarreal's performance
than Real Madrid's.

6 JANUARY 2019

Here are Real Madrid
after drawing with Villarreal

after giving up a 1-2 lead,

in a poor qualifying position.

In three, two, one, game on!

Real Sociedad attacks.

Mikel Merino was able
to break into the box.

He passes Sergio Ramos.

Changes pace. Look out. Penalty!

Penalty for Real Sociedad,

just one minute into the game.

The Brazilian made contact.

Penalty for Real Sociedad.

We're barely past the first minute.

Willian José shoots.


Just one minute in,
and Real Sociedad is winning.

The whole game still ahead.

Lucas Vázquez has switched wings.

Lucas, from the center.

Vinícius. Benzema has it.

And Karim Benzema misses!

The Frenchman was all alone.

A dangerous tackle from Lucas Vázquez.

Yellow card for the Galician.

Lucas went in with a sliding tackle.

This is a very delicate moment
in Real Madrid's season.

They're trailing 0-1.

Good control, Lucas Vázquez in the center.

Off the post!

Lucas Vázquez's shot hits the post!

Tony Kroos sends it in from the corner.

Varane shoots!

Watch out for the scissor kick, Varane!
Well, it's impossible!

Real Madrid faces a wall.

They're blocking everything.

Foul by Lucas Vázquez.

Yellow card. Who is it for?
Yes, for Lucas, his second one.

- Yes.
- Second yellow card!

- Well...
- He has to know.

Lucas Vázquez's rips his shirt.

We've never seen this before.

Ramos delivers to Carvajal.
Carvajal centers.

Vinícius! Rulli, Ramos.

Rulli, oh, my God!

Oh, my God, Gero Rulli!

This game is crazy.

Willian José places the center,
Villarreal's got it.


The game ends, there's booing
at the Santiago Bernabéu Stadium.

Practically everyone is feeling the anger

because Real Madrid has lost 0-2.

We needed to be sharper.

We needed to impose our will
in the second half,

to go out there and do some damage.


What's up?


- Are you practicing?
- Yeah.

I finished training a little while ago,

and I stayed here shooting a little.

What's the goal here?
To find the openings?

Yes, I use the two wingers
to make it a little more difficult,

and to go up against the wingers.

That's a good one.

A little bit of a Panenka.

That one burns a little.

- It's little risky though.
- Yes.

Let's see if I can fit this one in here.

That's unstoppable.

For me, it has
a very high level of difficulty

because most goalkeepers,

especially those who have more experience,

they wait until the last second,

and making the decision
to chip it at the last second

is not easy.

Panenka! What was that?

Antonín Panenka was
a Czechoslovakian player,

who was the first to make
a penalty like that.

And that's why it's named after him.


That ball disappeared.

After having missed the penalty
against Bayern Munich

in the Champions League semi-final,

I had an opportunity to redeem myself
a few months later.

Ramos is going to shoot!

Goal from Ramos! A Panenka goal!

And, well, we've all copied someone...

Goal, goal, goal...

...and, in this case,
it was Antonín Panenka.

It's a penalty where you take a risk,

where you have that be confident
in making that decision.

Often, the easiest thing to do
is the hardest.

Do you want to be the goalkeeper?

I prefer to be a player.

Careful, I know you!

Over here!

I know you too well.

I'll give you one last chance.


Very good, buddy!

What are you up to?

Hi, Daddy.

What are you guys doing?

Look, now he's going to try
to do it with both hands.

Having music in the house
is very important.

Music stimulates children's creativity,

and the younger they are, the better.

We want our children to absorb it too

and to be able to pass it on
in the future.

That was a great show.

- Is that the big finish?
- Of course. Come on.

I thought about talking to Pablo
about playing guitar on El Hormiguero.

People are gonna flip out!

I'll talk to him
and we'll see what he thinks.

Daddy's going to play guitar
on El Hormiguero.

- What do you think?
- Good.

Don't get nervous because the show's live.


I know you've got that under control.

Well, I can control it
when playing soccer,

but I still get nervous. Hopefully not.

- I just need to practice.
- Every day.

Daddy's going to play the guitar,

and you can play the piano
and form a band.

I'll play the guitar
and you'll play the piano?


I'll give him a call and arrange it.

- Okay.
- All right.

Is class over, little man?
Come on, let's go.

Yes, I'm done.

Come on, it's bedtime.


Do you remember what we talked about
a long time ago

about me coming on the program?

Well, I'd love to.

All right, buddy,
we'll work out the details soon.

Fighting the waves of the sea
The bullfighter...

When it says "sleep" it's here.

You'll fall asleep...

That's it. Then it kills you.


And here...

I have always considered
Diego del Morao a great friend.

Given his ability to express himself
through the guitar,

I have always considered him
one of the best.

Come to my side...

That's it.

My wooden gypsy

Like this.

- Which one is that? Here?
- It's here.


I really missed you, man.

Me too, buddy.

The truth is between soccer,
family and all that,

it's hard to find time for the guitar,

with the three kids there, making noise,

but when I pick up the guitar,
I set myself free.

I wish I had a lot more time
to spend with Diego

and practice the guitar,

which is an instrument that I adore.

If you don't pick it up for a month,

you forget everything you've learned.
But I don't...

You have to work very hard.

The idea of going on El Hormiguero
to play the guitar...

I'm a little scared

because I haven't practiced much,
and it's live,

which adds to the pressure.

From here.

And then it stays in the middle.

In soccer and music

the key to success is
that you have to practice to be good.

- From here?
- That's it, right there.

Today there are four more Cup games.

Real Madrid, now with Brahim,
has to beat Leganés,

because Real Madrid is
in a precarious situation

after two bad league results.

The "white team" looking for its first win
in 2019 for a third time.



Welcome to the King's Cup, final 16.
First leg.

Ramos sets the ball down.

He wants the first goal
just before the break.

Ramos shoots.


Lucas asks for it,
here comes the second one.

Goal from Lucas Vázquez.

Vinícius wants to shoot.


Maybe the route back

Maybe the route back

simply happens after winning
three or four in a row.



The game has started.

Álvaro Odriozola takes the diagonal
towards the goal, the ball goes back.


Sergio Ramos, the captain,
in the Santiago Bernabéu.

There goes Ramos!

He does a Panenka.

The captain scores. Ramos scores.

- All we've got is these two.
- Here?

That's it.

Ramos flew for that ball.


It's Karim turn to celebrate.
And it's over.

That was the final push of the final game.



Real Madrid is becoming a more fluid,
happier team again.


A sweet moment. An extraordinary moment!

Real Madrid's victory

and qualification for the semi-finals
of the King's Cup.

It looks like the team has found itself

and is rounding off
a very nice winning streak.

I see some improvement.

I have you here, so...


Are you happy?

I am now. Everyone's much calmer.

Imagine if we hadn't won
after the streak we've been through.

Yes. And With El Hormiguero lined up.

That's true.

Now we can have a more relaxed
and enjoyable show.

I hope Pablo doesn't ask me
any compromising questions, but...

Are you ready?

More or less.

I imagine you'll talk about soccer?

- Soccer, a little...
- Music?

Yes, music.

We can run through something if you want.

All right, yes. Ask me...

They could ask you anything, right?

- Ask me something if you want.
- About soccer?

I don't know. Let's see...

When you were a kid
on the field in Atalaya,

how did you celebrate your goals?

In Atalaya, I used to be a striker,

and when I scored a goal,

I would imitate famous strikers,
especially Ronaldo.

Whenever he scored, he'd do this.

- Or this.
- Yes, the teeth. That's right.

That's the one I did the most.

Then there was also the Rambert airplane.

He was a forward who played

- for Zaragoza.
- Yes, that' s right.

Good. Now for music.

Who did you listen to in your room?

In those days, apart from
Camarón, Paco, Vicente,

groups like Maíta Vende Cá.

Well, that's good enough.

That was a legendary group from that time.

- They are great.
- Maíta Vende Cá.

Well, I think you've done your...


Although you should expect anything.

- I think so.
- There'll be some surprises.

He always surprises you at the end.


How are we doing?

- Pablo!
- Sir.

How's it going?

- What a pleasure, buddy.
- Long time, no see.


- I'm a little nervous.
- Don't be.

- It's true.
- Let yourself go.

You should only feel pressure
at the beginning of the show.

I'm not there, it's all you.

No, and...

You'll have my guitar.

My guitar is the same as yours,

only mine is hooked up to a microphone.

- Shall we go down and...
- Let's do it.

It's not easy playing guitar
and hosting a TV show.

You come over here...


There are a lot of things going on
that viewers at home don't see.

And I thought we could do
Lucas' handshake.


Good evening. Welcome, friends.

I sit there.

- Do I came in this way?
- You come in here.

- Come up to the top.
- Okay.

Five minutes.

Let's go upstairs, guys.

- Okay?
- Good luck.

- You're going to do really well.
- You too.

Go on, honey. I'll see you there.

Shall we?

Let's go, Sergio.

Wish me luck, I'm gonna need it.

I'm doing this to challenge myself,

to express myself,
to have confidence in myself,

despite knowing it can turn out bad.

Is it okay?

I'm still a little nervous.

Four, three, two, one!

Pablo thought I should do
the opening dance.

It was the first time in years,
that Pablo didn't do it

and that made an impact.

Sergio is used to being the leader

and the decision maker on the field,

but this has nothing to do
with his career.

Let's see what happens.

Our guest today is Pablo Motos!

Sergio Ramos!

I was surprised by your opening dance
considering you barely rehearsed.

You've scored 14 goals,
we counted them earlier,

but you scored three of them
Panenka style.

Can you explain to me
what's going on inside

when you decide to shoot
in the Panenka style?

It is a way of performing,

a way of expressing and a way of feeling.

These are tenths of a second
where you have to decide

how to score the goal, help the team,

and I think sometimes craziness is
the easiest thing to do

in those tenths of a second.

Come with me, get up.

Let's try Entre Dos Aguas.

Because of everything that playing
a Paco de Lucía piece requires,

I hope it goes well.


Flamenco, and music in general,
relaxes me, sets me free,

and it's also a way
of expressing yourself.

I'm only a beginner,

but just like in soccer,

it's a matter of sacrifice, effort,
dedication, commitment,

and that's what gives me the most joy.

I gave it my all.

I'm happy to have achieved
a goal like this.

Everything was spectacular.

- Yes, wasn't it?
- Spectacular.

It was honestly,
a spectacular, incredible day.

Thank you!

I was a little nervous,
I have to admit it,

but everything went very well.


Now come the real heavyweights.

The big boys. Barça...

This will only feed Madrid's need
for revenge.

El Atlético. A lot of games back to back.

And they're all decisive.


Sergio Ramos...

Sergio Ramos will not play
in the next game.

He made a mistake.

If the UEFA gets involved
and reviews his comments,

Ramos will be in the crosshairs.

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