The Heart of Sergio Ramos (2019–…): Season 1, Episode 4 - Logros - full transcript

Sergio goes to Seville to see the outcome of Yucatan's big competition. Real Madrid gets another big shake up within the organization and it produces a positive outcome. Rene gives Sergio ...

Sergio. Sergio.

Being a soccer player
has granted me a life

I never would've imagined.

It's a real honor to be looked up to
as a role model.

I do think it's a little crazy

but it's very gratifying
to see people who really value

all of my accomplishments
throughout my career.

But the years fly by quickly,
especially in soccer.

For better or worse, soccer has no memory.

That's why I always keep my eyes open.

Because in the end, on this journey,

if you close them,
you might miss out on the best parts.





My passions in life are soccer...

A big round of applause, please. family...

and horses.

Yucatán competes over three days.


On the first day, we ended up
about half a point above...

I mean, behind first place.

But on Friday we tried again

and we are very happy
with the group results.

Since he's the champion of that group,

he has to compete once more.

Then the final winner is chosen.

To a job well done.

- To Yucatán.
- I'm so proud of the SR4 team.

Cheers to Yucatán!

Competing at SICAB with Yucatán

means losing is not an option.

We're going to give it all we've got

and trust that we will get the results

that we've been working for all year.

We are now going to judge
the winner of SICAB 2018.

As a reminder, horses will be asked
to walk to the end of the ring,

gallop around, and return
to the starting point at a trot.

Okay, let's begin.

Please, Inmenso Mater.

Thank you.

Next up, Navegante Mor.

Hebreo Bio.

Romero de Trujillo.

Oleaje de Torreluna.

Thank you.

Could Yucatán de Ramos
come to the track?

Yucatán de Ramos is the apple of my eye.

He's my favorite horse.

Physically, he's unique.

We knew we had a diamond in the rough
that we had to polish in some areas.

You have to know how to bring out
the best in him, how to nurture him.

I think, since he came to us,
at only a year-and-a-half,

we've done an amazing job with him.

Thank you.

I'd like to call Inmenso Mater
to the ring,

stand to my left.

In the center, Yucatán de Ramos.

To the rear of the track, Navegante Mor.

To the left of center, Hebreo Bio,

and to the right, Oleaje de Torreluna.

We have our SICAB 2018 world champion.

Yucatán de Ramos, from SR4 Stables!

Our victory at SICAB was a magical moment.

There's a lot of work that goes on
behind the scenes,

so many long hours of dedication
involved in the horse scene

that we put in over the years.


Now we can say
we have the best horse in the world.


Yes, yes, yes. Yes.

- Congratulations.
- Thank you very much.

How are you?



A photo, please.

- All right.
- Thanks, very kind of you.

Did he win? Where's Yucatán?

There he is, look.

And Antonio is on the right.
Look, near Franci.


- Wait, wait, Marco.
- Yucatán!

Here comes Yucatán now.

And next, the prize
for the SICAB 2018 world champion...

Let's go get Yucatan's award.

The award goes to Yucatán de Ramos,

owned by the SR4 team
and raised on the Torrehermosa ranch.

My love for horses started
when I was practically a baby.

When I was a little boy,

whenever I saw a horse,

my family had to stop
so that I could say hello to the rider.

They'd try and get me on a horse,
any horse.



it's a parallel life that must be kept
separate from soccer

because in the end,
they're not compatible.

Soccer players are basically forbidden
from riding horses

for their own safety,
to prevent accidents.

Okay, buddy, look over there.

Come on.

- Step up so that you can be seen.
- Look at the horse.

Stand there next to Sergio.

- Give him your hand.
- The horse!


And, well, over time,
I was able to fulfill a dream

of having my own stables,
raising my own horses,

and try to promote Spanish purebreds,
all over the world.

Real Madrid has gone over
319 consecutive minutes without scoring.

This is Real Madrid's longest streak
without a goal.


Worse than the streak of 1985.

Four games, and not one goal?

I'm disappointed, I'm...

Yeah, it's a little depressing,

but you can't just change things
by snapping your fingers.

After a bad losing streak,

Julen Lopetegui left,

and now we have a new interim coach.

I think practically everyone knows
who he is

because he used to play for Real Madrid
and he knows the club very well,

but this will be
a very difficult role for him.

To work with Real Madrid
is a great opportunity.

They're champions who need to win again.

The idea is to go to Melilla tomorrow
and play like we've got a pair.

That's our plan.

Solari has already been told

that he'll be Real Madrid's
new interim coach.

I don't think Solari will be
Real Madrid's coach for long.

OCTOBER 31ST, 2018

To be the coach of Real Madrid
is to live under constant pressure,

and maybe not everyone
is prepared for that.

The first game of La Copa del Rey...

...we began a new chapter,

with a new coach
and a hunger to win again.

Usually the first dealings
with a new coach is pretty much

a good indicator of what
you can expect going forward.

This was our first victory
as part of our new chapter.

Our current situation is
very complicated because

we're in ninth place in La Liga standings.

- I'll kick first, then you go.
- Okay.


No running up and no stutter step.

And none of your cheating.

Right back at you,
you're infamous for that.

My turn.


Come on, Lukey!

I always like to joke around
and keep a smile on my face.

Right now, I think the team
has a real positive dynamic

with the results we're getting.

Yes, cover your face because
you shot like you were blindfolded.

And that's the key to success.


Santiago Solari is now
Real Madrid's permanent coach.

With this winning streak, 15 goals scored
and only two conceded,

the Argentinian has dispelled all doubts.

The Solari era began
by beating four teams,

but these were teams
that any local club could defeat.

The first real test for Solari will come
when he has to travel to Rome

for the Champions League game
and play on their home turf.


It's colder here than in Russia.


I was wearing a sweatshirt and a jacket,
and I'm paying for it now.

My throat hurts a little.

Your throat? Wait until tomorrow.

After 22 years,
I cut myself using a razor.

A razor? Why don't you use
an electric shaver?

I bought it the other day.
I wanted to try it. Look.

Yes, but my beard grows back after...

Maybe that will happen to me too,
but anyway.

I use the razor to clean anything
I missed after shaving.

But does it give you a really close shave?

The shaver has accessories to trim,
one that cuts short,

and then I use another one
that leaves it smooth like that.

- Oh, really?
- Sure.

I can't do that with mine.

I really enjoy spending time
with my brother.

We would like to spend more time together,

but between our work schedules
and personal lives,

it's hard to get together.

Today in the office,

I saw your soccer cleats from...

- My first ones?
- From your first...

- They're tiny.
- I have them there.

And, well, I had an idea.

Let's gather all the different things
you've collected throughout your career.

And... Well, I don't know.

We could do an event or something.

Whatever we want to call it.
We'll decide later.

It could be the right time,
with the way things are going.

The idea sounds good to me.

I like it.

I'm exploring several venues,

and if we find something we like,

- we'll do it.
- Yes, find somewhere really cool.

- Somewhere different.
- Yeah, somewhere different.

It's very touching

and it's a tribute to his career.

He's been an elite athlete for many years.

It's a way of showing gratitude

to the people who have followed him
and supported him all these years.

Well, let's see.

Next week, I'll propose
two or three places

- and if you like any of them...
- Okay.

But I think now is a good time...

- Yes, yes, yes.
- do this.

It was nice out this evening, but...

But the evening is over.

Want to go inside? We can have a drink.

- A cup of coffee?
- Sure.


What's up?

Congratulations on your horse.


Thanks, man. I'm so happy.

Yucatán, Yucatán.

- Yes, Yuqui did very well.
- Yucatán, I love you.

How does your abductor feel?

- I feel it here.
- I'm sure.

The pain just won't go away.

Are we going to wear these glasses?

Yes. Well, since you don't look,
you don't have to wear them.

Since I have to look,
I have to put them on.

When they said,
"Yucatán de Ramos, champion..."

It was a rush, right?

A big rush of adrenaline.

I bet your brother-in-law
shed a few tears, didn't he?

Yes, yes, of course,
my brother-in-law had a lot on the line.

There was a lot at stake.

- It was a long road.
- Yes, yes.

Things with Solari are going really well.

- Yes?
- There's a great dynamic,

intensity, and the people...

- It's all coming together well, isn't it?
- Yes, yes.

- It's not getting complicated?
- No.

You can tell.

Former players have
a better understanding of things.

Bottomline, Solari gets it.

Yes, he knows the locker room.

He knows how to handle tough times.
Victories, defeats.

You may have coached a lot of teams,

but when you've spent this much time
in the organization, it shows. Like Zizou.

Now it's time to switch focus
from La Liga to Roma.

- To Rome.
- Yes, yes, yes.

At least, last time,

we played well against Roma.

- You did well.
- We won 3-0 at home.

But to play over there,
it's going to be tough.


For Real Madrid, it's time
to stop talking and start playing.

The Olimpico Stadium
is the perfect testing ground

to gauge the team's capabilities.

We welcome you
to the Olimpico Stadium in Rome.

Let's go, guys.

Roma and Real Madrid are playing
for first place in the group.

Champions League is Real Madrid's
favorite tournament.

We have won four times
in the last five years.

There's added pressure, of course.

There goes Ünder with the ball.

Tony Kroos attempts to cut him off.
Sergio Ramos comes out to help.

Ünder picks up speed,
Sergio falls to the ground and...

At least he blocks the pass.

The team has been playing very well
over the last few weeks.

Look out, Gareth Bale
has the ball in the area.

He kicks and...
He doesn't miss his shot this time!

It's a lot easier to work
when you're getting good results.

Luka Modrić and Gareth Bale
brush the zone and prepare to shoot.

Karim Benzema, kicks it to Vàzquez,
and it goes in!

The second goal is on the scoreboard,

widening the gap in the game
in favor of Real Madrid.

The game is over and,
honestly, as we said,

Real Madrid couldn't have hoped
for better in the Champions League.

Roma 0, Real Madrid 2.

That's it, Real Madrid is number one,
first in the group.

This Real Madrid is a mirage.

That's the downside of this team.

They could suddenly decide
to go back to sleep in Madrid

and to snoozing
on the Spanish soccer fields.

Let's hope that's not the case.


I thought of hosting an event
in tribute to Sergio's career.

My plan for the event,
which is meant to be special,

is to showcase the most important trophies

of Sergio's career.

The venue at the Thyssen
is the most fitting, I think.

There were several options,

but I think Sergio is going
to really like this.

He doesn't realize how talented I am.

There are some spectacular pieces here.

Sixteenth century, huh?

- My goodness.
- Look at that expression.

They used to paint with such finesse.

I don't consider myself an art scholar,
far from it.

But I really like modern art,
contemporary art,

a little more...

But I also like the more classical style.

It is a way to educate yourself,

to familiarize yourself with history.

- This is a Carpaccio, right?
- Yes.

It's so cool.

In those days... Imagine.

The animals look so alive.

- True.
- Look at the dog.

It reminds me a little of you
when you had long hair.

It's big.

- Let's keep looking around, okay?
- Yes, yes.

I think we should go this way.

I have a nice surprise.

I think you're going to like it.


It is, isn't it?

I didn't think it would be this large,

- to be honest.
- Yes.

After considering several options,

we chose this one.

Big, isn't it?

There was a silence between us.

And I felt relieved because

I know him so well that
I knew he loved the venue.

I love this space.

It is huge,
and it's going to be very cool.

- It's really big.
- Look.

My brother had a brilliant idea,

to put together everything
we've gone through

in the past 15 years of my career.

We're going to divide it
into different periods.

Because a soccer career goes by so fast,
it doesn't leave any time

to enjoy every moment
as much as you should.

Here we'll start with your childhood,
the beginning.

Then, the Seville chapter,

with iconic photos of you.

Mom has that picture.

I like this silhouette for a tattoo.

I like it a lot.

I might get a similar one.


I'm very happy. Good job.

Thanks a lot, man.

Very good, very good.

- I like it very much.
- When this is all set up,

you'll like it even more.

It's enormous.

Super big, yeah.


No, no.

You hurt yourself, didn't you?

Yes, a little bit, in the fall.
It's a little annoying.

Is it the same shoulder as last time?

Next week...

It's the event.

The idea is to showcase

Sergio's 15-year career,

after so many years of hard work
and sacrifice.

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