The Handmaid's Tale (2017–…): Season 2, Episode 5 - Seeds - full transcript

Offred spirals as a Gilead ceremony disrupts her relationship with Nick. Janine tries to adjust to life in the Colonies, jeopardizing her friendship with Emily.

on The Handmaid's Tale...

June will be
chained in this room

until she gives birth.

And then June will be executed.

Offred has an opportunity.

It wasn't easy finding you.

But we were determined
to rescue you from your kidnappers.


Ninety-two days!




The guests are arriving soon.

Can you please make sure
that everything is ready?

Yes, ma'am.


They cut out her tongue.

After she stood up for Janine.

I believe you know him.

He drove a bread delivery truck.

Whose fault was it? Offred?

June did this.

Not Offred.

Offred does not have
to bear June's guilt.

My fault.

My fault.

We've been sent good weather.

We've been sent good weather.

We've been sent good weather.

Hey. What are you doing?

I'm not allowed to have these.


I'm not supposed to be
out of my room at night.

132 pounds. Very good.

Step off, dear.

How is the pregnancy rhinitis?
Runny nose all gone?

Better than before.

Now for the fundal height.

Twenty-five centimeters.

Right on track.

Special dispensation for Aunts.

Really, a burden
more than anything.

Would you take some tea
before you go?

That would be lovely, thank you.

Offred, you're
a bit musty, dear.

The hormones.

You'll start taking
two baths a day.

But not too warm. Understand?

Yes, Aunt Lydia.

When was
your last bowel movement?

Yesterday around lunchtime,
wasn't it?

Yes, Mrs. Waterford.

I'll go see about that tea.

Quitting is very hard.

I used to smoke, too,
once upon a time.

I'm pleased that everything is
going so well with the baby.

As our doctor would
happily tell you.

Have I let myself
become a bother?

There's so much more
to a successful pregnancy

than can be measured
in a doctor's office.

The ventilation
in the Handmaid's room,

the firmness of the bed.

The mood in the household.

Her attitude seems
much improved.

It's everything
a Wife could ask for.

She's quite unlike herself.

Mrs. Waterford,

no small effort has been made
to bring Offred to heel.

Your baby needs to know he's in a Godly,
harmonious environment.

Of course.

Praised be His miracle.

How do you take your tea?

I'm afraid I won't
have time after all.

Busy day. More visits to make.

I'll see myself out.
See you soon, I hope.

Blessed day.

Blessed day.

Good morning, Aunt.

Oh, Blessed morning,
Commander Waterford.

Everything in order?

Your baby is just
as healthy as can be.

And Offred?

The Handmaid is well, too.

- Praised be.
- Yes.

Let me take that out for you.

Thank you, Commander.

Hard to believe we're going to have
a baby in the house in just a few months.

The days
will fly by, you'll see.

Too soon to tell if it's a
boy or a girl, I suppose.

- I'll take that for you, sir.
- Thank you.

We won't know until God brings
the little angel into the world, of course.

But I have a feeling
he'll be a fine boy just like his father.

Yes. What man
doesn't want a son?

Did you know your baby
is the size of a papaya now?

A papaya. Is that right?

- Thank you.
- Of course.

Morning has broken.

Like the first morning.

Blackbird has spoken
like the first bird.

Praise for the singing.

Praise for the morning.

Praise for them springing.

From the first word.

Only two.

They look like they're sleeping.

You know Sally
used to be a rabbi?

That's why she does it,
so she can say a blessing.

Bed detail
gets an egg at breakfast.

You should volunteer.

No, no. I don't want to do that.

You'll last longer.

That's up to God.

He holds me
in the palm of His hand.

He couldn't hold you
in His palm someplace else?

Like Bora-Bora?

Where's that?

It's one of the Leeward Islands

in the South Pacific,
near Tahiti.

It's so beautiful
it doesn't look real.


Well, He's got you, too, Emily.

He's got all of us.

Well, that's what
Aunt Lydia says.


Straight lines!


Get back up.

Come on! Keep moving!

Do you want something
for the pain?

No. No, I don't.

Give it to someone who needs it.

You sure?



- Eyes front!
- Thank you.

Are you gonna help Kit?

She doesn't want me
to waste the medicine.

Keep moving!

Kit's dying?

We come here, we work, we die.

The mistress is waiting.

I'll be right there.

Blessed be the fruit.

May the Lord open.

Do you know Ofzachary?

Not well, Mrs. Waterford.

She may be God's chosen vessel,

but I'm surprised
He wants to pass along that nose of hers.


God's light be with you,
Naomi, Grace.

And with you.

Oh, blessings
on your sweet head, Angela.

What a pretty girl.

Your shower was so charming.

I wish mine had been
that intimate.

Ours was so overwhelming,
my Marthas were cleaning up for days.

I'm glad you enjoyed yourself.

Did you have fun
at the shower, dear?

Yes, Mrs. Scott.

Oh, don't cry, sweetheart.

Is she all right?

Just teething.

God's testing me, I know it.

We should be going.

Under His eye.

Under His eye.

She never misses a chance
to complain about that baby, does she?

No, Mrs. Waterford.

These walks are for both of us.

So that the baby
can hear my voice.

I would appreciate it
if I didn't have to make all the speeches.

All right?

Yes, Mrs. Waterford.

"Yes, Mrs. Waterford."

"No, Mrs. Waterford."

What is the matter with you?

Nothing, Mrs. Waterford.

How was your walk?

It was quite nice, thank you.

Offred, you may go to your room.

Mrs. Waterford.

Has Offred, uh...

I'm worried about the Handmaid.

The doctor says that
she's in perfect health.

I mean her mental state.

Her mental state?

Maybe you should take her
to see a different kind of doctor.

Did Offred ask you
to talk to me?

No, ma'am.

Well, I don't know
what to tell you.

She doesn't have anyone
to look out for her.

It appears that she does.

The Handmaid
is not your concern.

Morning, dear.

Good morning.

Warm-up, please, Rita.

Some coffee, ma'am?

Yes, thank you.

We saw Mrs. Putnam
and Mrs. Scott on our walk just now.


Nick was waiting for Offred
and me when we got back.

Just making sure that
we got home safe.

It's very sweet,
how concerned he is about her.


And then a tour of the new
Rachel and Leah Center in the afternoon.

Will it be ready by then?


The Committee keeps hearing
about overruns.

It'll be ready.

Also, I suggest homestays
rather than a hotel.

A taste of true
Gilead hospitality,

something the Commanders
can take back to their own districts.


I'll bring it up
at my 10 o'clock.

Andrew. Andrew.

I have a personal request.

You know my driver?

Blaine? I believe so.

He's been
with me for some years.

Very capable. Loyal.

He's overdue for a promotion.

Of course. I'll look into it.

I was thinking Washington.

The boy's got a lot of potential that
I'm afraid he's wasting here.

I can see what's available.
He's trustworthy?

Yeah, absolutely.

I'm surprised you'd let him go.

"A good man obtaineth
the favor of the Lord,"

"but a man of wicked devices
will He condemn."



If I were you,
I'd find a way to keep him around.

I hope you're not too tired
to go to the Prayvaganza.

You still would like to go,
wouldn't you?

Yes, Mrs. Waterford.


Finish that up
and we'll be on our way.

A second walk.

Aunt Lydia would be
so proud of us.


Not one of the Commander's
better efforts, if you ask me.

Are you okay?

I'm fine, thank you.

Today is a day of thanksgiving.

Today we honor
our most valiant Guardians.

And we salute their victories
on the field of battle

and in the halls
of our Divine Republic.

We praise your service
and we reward your sacrifice.

He looks handsome, doesn't he?

"And the Lord God said,."

"It is not good that
the man should be alone,."

"I will make him
a help meet for him."

"And the rib, which the Lord God
hath taken from man,"

"made he a woman,
and brought her unto the man."

"Unto the woman He said,
I will greatly multiply thy sorrow"

"and thy conception,"

"in sorrow thou
shalt bring forth children,"

"and thy desire shall be to thy husband,
and he shall rule over thee."

Do you accept this sacred duty?

I do.

I do.

As a token of this vow,

you each shall give
and receive a ring.

"Therefore, shall a man leave
his father and his mother,"

"and shall cleave unto his wife,"

"and they shall be one flesh."

I now pronounce you
man and wife.

They look so beautiful.

"And God blessed them,"

"and God said unto them,
Be fruitful, and multiply,"

"replenish the Earth."

May the Lord order your steps,

now and all the days
of your life.

I give you the happy couples.

Ten bags!

Hey. We never had
these in the grass

where we used to live, remember?

Yeah, the Wives would never allow it.
Imagine the gossip.

Everything was so perfect.

I like them.

They're happy for everyone.
They don't care who you are.

What'd you wish for?

I can't tell you.

Keep going!

Why do you think
God's looking out for you?

He saved my life.

Twice now.

There's got to be a reason.

Kit! Kit, get up.
Get up. Please.


Back to work!

Get up!

Get back to work!

Back to work!

I wanna change my wish.

"Love is patient, love is kind."

"It does not envy,
it does not boast,"

"it is not proud."

"It does not dishonor others,
it is not self-seeking,"

"it is not easily angered,
it keeps no record of wrongs."

"Love delights not in evil"

"but rejoices with the truth."

"It bears all things,
believes all things,"

"endures all things."

Love never fails.


That was very nice, Nick.

Welcome to our home,
Miss Spencer.


Ah, but you're
not Miss Spencer anymore.

Are you?


Thank you, Commander Waterford.

Mrs. Waterford.

God's truly smiled on you both.

We should celebrate.



Of course, sir.

Husbands and wives only,
I'm afraid.

Offred, you may go to your room.

So, that happened.



But not a moment to lose,
I suppose.

Can I make you
some cinnamon milk?

No, thank you.

Come on.

Come and join us.

Let's go.

Please come and join us.

Come closer.

Tonight we celebrate
two lives, one love.

Fiona first met Kit
when she arrived here 11 months ago.

They've rarely been apart since.

Fiona, do you take Kit
to be your wedded wife,

to love, to honor,
and to cherish?

I do.

And Kit,

do you take Fiona
to be your wedded wife,

to love, to honor,
and to cherish?

I do.


This was my idea.

Usually, the Seven Blessings,

or the Sheva B'rachot,
comes next.

I told that they're not Jewish,
but she said that God doesn't care.

Perhaps anyone
who wants to could share...

I wanna stay.

Where are we going?

What is wrong with you?

What are you talking about?

What if the Aunts saw us?

They could starve us.
They could do a lot of things.

I'm trying to keep you alive.

That's not up to you.

God's watching over us?

Shit job He's doing.

Well, Aunt Lydia says

we can't know everything
he's thinking.

Fuck Aunt Lydia!

This place is hell!

And covering it up in flowers
doesn't change anything!

Well, so what?

We come here, we work, we die.

Kit's going to die happy,
so what's the problem?

Gilead took your eye.

They took my clit.

Now we're cows
being worked to death,

and you're dressing up
the slaughterhouse for them.

That's the fucking problem!

Cows don't get married.

We'll get the place
spruced up, don't worry.

You have a beautiful house,
Mrs. Waterford.

I'm so blessed to join
your honored household.

May the Lord keep you
and the Commander in his grace,

and help guide me to...


I forgot the rest. I'm sorry.

That's fine. Thank you.

Did your mother
teach you to say that?


I hope you had a chance
to say goodbye to her.

Just for a minute,

before she took
the bus back home.

We have a farm
a few hours north of here,

near Westminster.

It's a real small town,
not like here.

You have such a beautiful house.

Did your mother tell you what to
expect tonight when you lie with him?


It is your duty
to bear children.

But also, "Let him kiss me"

"with the kisses of his mouth,"

"for thy love is better
than wine."

I don't understand.

The act.

Lying together.

It can feel wonderful for you
as well as for him.

But lust is a sin.

Not between husband and wife.

It can bring you
closer together.

It should, anyway.



Good night, Mrs. Waterford.

Good night, Mrs. Blaine.

A good woman will lift you up.

You'll see.

To good women.

To good women.

I'm glad this could be
arranged so quickly.

I had to pull a few strings,

but I couldn't miss
the opportunity to show you

how much I appreciate
all you've done for me.

Well, thank you, sir.
I'm grateful.

You're on your way now, son.

Gilead values the family,

and rewards those

who live by those values.

By God's grace,
I'll have a child of my own someday, sir.

By God's grace.

It was a beautiful wedding.


Oh, thank God.

Thank God.

I'll get the doctor.

You're tough, aren't you?

Now, you listen to me,


I will not

let you grow up in this place.

I won't do it.

Do you hear me?


They do not own you.

And they do not own
what you will become.

Do you hear me?

I'm gonna get you out of here.

I'm gonna get us out of here.

I promise you.

I promise.