The Handmaid's Tale (2017–…): Season 2, Episode 4 - Other Women - full transcript

A baby shower provokes a troubling shift in Offred's relationship with Serena Joy. Offred reckons with the choice she made that led her to become a Handmaid.

on The Handmaid's Tale...

You were an adulterer.

A worthless slut.

But God found a way to make
you useful.

We are prisoners.

You have to tell people
what's happening here.

Please don't forget me.
Please don't forget us all.

Listen, they've made contact.

You should probably
get ready to go.

Come on.

- Where are we going?
- Airstrip west of Worcester.

Thank you for taking me in.

This wasn't my decision.

So, are you brave or...


I'm not brave.

It's almost 5:00.
Maybe they ran into friends.

Maybe a lot of things.

- Who are you?
- I'm the Handmaid.




I heard a story
on NPR once about pig balls.

For pigs who were
being fattened in pens.

The pigs rolled the balls
around with their snouts.

And the pig marketers said
it improved their muscle tone.

The pigs were curious.
They liked having something to think about.

Caged rats will give themselves
electric shocks for something to do.

There are 71 flowers
on the comforter.


I wish I had a pig ball.

Blessed be the fruit.

I see you've eaten well, Offred.

Third day in a row.

It's June.

You know my fucking name.

The Waterfords have kindly agreed to
a trial run, as it were.

And if you're a very,
very good girl,

you might even
be invited to stay.

You see,

June will be chained
in this room

until she gives birth.

And then June will be...

Offred has an opportunity.

It would be better for the baby.

You'll have to earn your place.
Prove that you're worthy.

Seventy-one flowers.

The bedspread has 71 flowers.

Posture, dear.

Well. Isn't this a happy day?

Welcome home, Offred.


We are grateful to the Lord
for the safe return of our baby.

Ah, praised be His mercy.

- Praised be.
- Mmm.

It wasn't easy finding you.

The terrorist networks
in Gilead are insidious.

But we were determined to rescue you...
from your kidnappers.

And God blessed our endeavor.

You've been through
quite a trial.

Haven't you?


And the ransomed
of the Lord shall return.

Praised be.


Praised be.

What a lovely homecoming.

Now, Offred needs to clean up
and get some rest.

I know the way.

Kidnapping. Of course.

Kidnapping is the story
everyone can live with.

Martha. A word?

The Waterfords
can keep the baby.

Shows off Gilead's reach
and might.

You have
a very important job, an essential job.

Now, everything must be washed.

Fruits, vegetables, meat.
And especially poultry...

Ninety-two days!



As long as my baby is safe...

so is yours.

Lights are down,
but not to worry.


Be sure to wash everywhere.

No, dear. I mean down there.

You don't want any nasty bacteria
getting to the baby, do you?

Ooh! Water's getting cool.

Finish up and off to bed.

Baby needs rest.

Good morning, dear.

- Did you have sweet dreams?
- Ah!



And you have a nice,
clean dress.

Blessed be the fruit.

Yeah. May the Lord open.

Get dressed and wash your face.

Rita, make sure
the water's not too hot.

Try to avoid
any kind of shock to the system.


We'll see you downstairs.

I hope you're hungry.



Take them.

Rita, wait!

Someone was supposed
to contact you.

I can't.

What if she finds them?

You don't know
what it's been like.

Can you move
these chairs over here?

Yes, of course.

Pardon me.

Those are the ones she wants.

Offred, love?

God provides all we need
in His bounty,

but it is our duty to choose
vitamins and minerals

in wise proportion
to support the baby.

Offred. Sit.

We have a very special day
planned, dear.

Everyone wants to celebrate
our miracle.


The guests are arriving soon.

Can you please make sure
that everything is ready?

Yes, ma'am.

Drink up, dear.

You can do much better
than that, can't you?


Sorry, Aunt Lydia.

We'll make another.
You need your vitamins.

- Oh!
- This is so pretty. Thank you.

I have to try. Can I try it?

Oh, yes.
Give it a go. See what it does.

Oh, does it move?

It's darling!

I just couldn't...
I couldn't resist it.

This is stunning.
This is perfect!

Look at the stitching!

Thank you so much.

Thank you very much.

Do you want something to drink?

Do you want tea or something?

Leah, thank you so much.

I knitted it myself.

- Leah is just so talented.
- So talented.

Bring mine in.

This is too much. Thank you.

You deserve
some joy in your life.

Having your baby kidnapped.

I can't imagine
how relieved you must be.

- You're absolutely glowing.
- Mmm-hmm.

Oh, yes, thank you.
We, um... We're very blessed.

It's such a shame
you missed the baby's first trimester.

Ugh, I couldn't breathe
until Angela's first kick.

Well, I think it's still
too early for that.

I felt the baby kick
for the first time last night.

Praised be.

Praised be.

Who's next?

- Yellow ribbon.
- Mmm.

Do you need to take a break?

No. Having a great time.

I appreciate you all
including a fifth.

Well, a chance
to celebrate life is a gift to us all.

Praised be.

May I say that it's very
sporting of you to have come,

despite your handicap.

Cushing. You're up.

You ready for Canada, Commander?

Yes. I think we can move them
closer to easing sanctions.

It's a process.


I fail to see how our domestic
affairs are any concern to the Canadians.

I'd be happy to remind them
of that.

If the Committee saw fit
to name me special envoy

and send me up north as well.


Have things settled
in your home, Commander?

It is a blessing to have
my house in order.

Back in order.



Family is very important.

I agree.

Let us all pray for a full-term pregnancy
and a successful birth.

By His hand.


It's a beautiful celebration.

Yes. Thank you.

Mrs. Waterford,

I've worked with
many Wives and Handmaids.

This part is always hard.

Mothers. Mothers and Handmaids.

It's only natural to resent her.

God will forgive you for that.

Well, she makes it difficult.

Hmm. She's strong.

But that means
your child will be strong.

You understand that
everything that happens now

must be for the good
of the child.

Are you sure that she
understands that?

I will make sure of it.

No more of this.

Bad for the baby.


- Hey.
- Hi.

You almost made it?


That sucks.

Everyone was
shitting themselves.

Did anyone from Mayday
get caught?

I don't know.

Mayday's gone silent.

For how long?

They're done helping Handmaids.

Ofglen! Ofglen!

They cut out her tongue.

After she stood up for Janine.

You didn't make her
say anything.

This wasn't your fault.

Not that part.


Come along, dear. It's time.

I would like
to be without shame.

I would like to be shameless.

I would like to be ignorant.

Then I would not know
how ignorant I was.

Behold he who does great
and unsearchable things...

Wonders without number.

Let the little children
come to me.

For of such is the kingdom of heaven.

Let the little children
come to me.

For of such is the kingdom of heaven.

Let the little children come to me.

For of such is the kingdom of heaven.

Let the little children come to me.

For of such is the kingdom of heaven.

Let the little children come to me.

For of such is the kingdom of heaven.

Let the little children come to me.

For of such is the kingdom of heaven.

Let the little children come to me.

- June?
- Yeah.

I'm Annie.

Luke's wife.


I need you...

I wanna ask you to back off.

Give us the space we need to work
on our marriage. Please.

You should probably
talk to Luke about this.

You don't think I have?

Jesus, all we do
is talk about this.

He thinks he's in love with you.

I still love him.

Sometimes people grow apart.

We made vows before God.

That means something.

He's a good man
who wants to do the right thing.

You have to let him do it.

I have to go.

No, you can't just
wreck people's lives

like they don't matter.

Did you ever
even think about me?

About what you were doing to me?

Do you think about me when you're
screwing my husband, you selfish bitch?

He's just playing with you.

He'll come back home to me.

You've been separated
for three months.

You are never
going to know him like I do.

I was his first,
did he tell you that?

You think you can just take him
from me 'cause you want him?

Fucking whore!

Why would you even
think that would work?

What were you trying to achieve?

You're trying to convince her
that she shouldn't be with me?

You think that some...
that I'm gonna come back?

You're gonna have a word with her,
I'm gonna wanna come back to you?

That's stu...
You gotta move on! All right?

It's done! I've spoken to you!
You're being a fucking coward!

If you wanna talk to me,

if you got a problem with me,
then you come talk to me!

All right? Come talk to me!
Don't talk to her! Don't call her!

Don't fucking stalk her!
Just leave her the fuck alone!

Are you okay?

I'm sorry. I'm sorry, baby.

I'm fine.

- Did you just hang up on her?
- Uh...

No, that's... there's voicemail.

- Babe...
- You shouldn't have done that.

No, no, no, listen. Listen.

She's trying
to wreck my life, all right?

I'm... She's trying
to wreck our life.

I don't know. When we started
this, you weren't even separated.

What if I hadn't come along?

No. Don't... don't feel guilty.

You didn't take me from her.

I love you more than
I've ever loved her.

I hate this.

No, listen. You stop.
Stop, stop, okay?

Because this is what she wants.
This is what she does.

She just...
She gets right in there.

She's trying to drive a wedge.

Okay? And I...

And I love you.
I love you. So much.

Me too.

Just forget about her.

She doesn't matter to us. Right?

Right? She doesn't matter to us

because we gonna get married,


'Cause I'm gonna make you happy.

I'm gonna...

Baby, I promise you.

I promise you.
I'm sorry about that.

It was a beautiful shower.

Look at all of this.

So much love for the baby.

It's going to be a challenge

making sure my child
doesn't grow up spoiled.

You know, after my shower,
we ended up giving away half our gifts.

Why don't we put these away?

Ma'am, let me help you
with that.

Let's stretch our legs.

No, no, no, no.

Right here. No, no, no.


I want her out of my house.

Why don't you sit down?

No. You said
it would be my decision!

- Yes.
- Good.

Good, then. She'll go back
to the Red Center and she'll have the baby,

and then I don't care
where she goes after that!

Are you certain
that's what you want?

I can't have her
in the house, Fred.

You're strong.

You don't want to miss
this pregnancy.

We've missed so much already.

You deserve this.

And you're not going to let her take
any part of it away from you.

You're going to be
a wonderful mother.

Just think about the baby, hmm?

Not her. She's nothing.

This isn't easy for her.

Don't think
it's easy for me either.

I'm doing my best.

You were a fallen woman.

I am trying to give you
the best chance you can have.

I believe you know him.

He drove a bread delivery truck.

The wife will redeem herself
by serving as a Handmaid.

The boy will never see
his mother again.

- He has been placed with new parents.
- No. No.

Parents who are fit.

Gilead has shown them mercy.

They will have a chance
at a better life.

Of course, if you asked them,

this would not have been the path
they would have chosen.

But you didn't ask them,
did you?

You chose for them.

Such a selfish girl.

Who killed him?

Answer me, please.

Whose fault was it? Huh?

My fault.

Who induced him
to commit such a crime?

- I did.
- Offred?

I did.

And why did God allow
such a terrible thing to happen?

Answer me.


To teach me a lesson.

To teach June a lesson.

June did this.

June ran away.

June consorted with terrorists.

Not Offred.

Offred was kidnapped.


is free

from blame.

Offred does not
have to bear June's guilt.

Commander and...

Mrs. Waterford...

I would very much like to stay

here at home.

If you'll have me.



Do you have
anything else to say?

I am not worthy yet.

I am so grateful

for everything...

you've done for me.


Let me try to be good.


God will certainly
bless this house with peace.

I have confidence in you all.

You'll find your way.

All will be well,

and all will be well.

All manner of things
will be well.

Momma loves you.

My fault.

My fault.

My fault.

My fault.

My fault.

Come on.
We're gonna go to Mommy.

Let's get you a chair.

Hi. Can I get an Americano?

I have done something wrong.

Something so huge
I can't even see it,

something that's drowning me.

I am inadequate and stupid,
without worth.

I might as well be dead.

Please, God,
let Hannah forget me.

Let me forget me.


Look, I'm sorry.

I tried everything
to get you out.

We've been sent good weather.



Anyone can tell you
There's no more road to ride.

Everyone will tell you
There's no place to hide.

There's no laws or rules
To unchain your life.

We've been sent good weather.

We've been sent good weather.

We've been sent good weather.

We've been sent good weather.

So glad they made it out alive.

Everyone loves the fun.

Everyone comes by.

In the wind I crunch
I want to die.

They can give me pills.

Or let me drink my fill.

The heart wants to explode.

Far away where nobody knows.

Do you believe she said that?

Can you believe
she repeated that?

I said.

I hate me, myself and I.

Said I hate myself
and I want to die