The Handmaid's Tale (2017–…): Season 2, Episode 6 - First Blood - full transcript

Offred finds unexpected allies and obstacles in her search for a way to protect Hannah. The Commander prepares for the dedication of a new Red Center. Nick struggles with his new assignation.

on The Handmaid's Tale...

- Ofglen!
- They cut out her tongue.

You didn't make her
say anything.

This wasn't your fault.

As an Eye,

you'll chiefly be reporting
on the activities

- of your own commander, Fred Waterford.
- Yes, sir.

You know my driver? The boy's
got a lot of potential,

and I'm afraid
he's wasting here.

I'm surprised you'd let him go.

If I were you,
I'd find a way to keep him around.

And the Lord God said,

thy desire shall be
to thy husband,

and he shall rule over thee.

I now pronounce you
man and wife.

Are you okay?

I'm fine, thank you.

Welcome to our home,
Miss Spencer.

I'm so blessed to join
your honored household.

It is your duty
to bear children.

Gilead values the family.

By God's grace,
I'll have a child of my own someday, sir.

By God's grace.

Thank God. I'll get the doctor.

I will not let you
grow up in this place.

I'm gonna get you out of here.

The hemorrhage was
here, near the uterine wall.

I know that much blood
can be alarming.

But, by His hand,
your baby looks

absolutely fine, Mrs. Waterford.

The condition isn't uncommon.

A subchorianic hematoma.


We'll keep an eye on it for now,

but it should
resolve on its own.

I've heard that
estrogen can be effective?

Well, the bleeding
has stopped for now.

But we'll consider it
if the time comes.

Any complications
with your first pregnancy?

With Hannah?

During your first pregnancy.


She was full term?

Two weeks early, actually.

Hmm. Close enough. Praise be.

She needs plenty of rest.
Just take things slowly.

And communicate.

This baby needs harmony
within the household.

Of course.

Oh, look, Mrs. Waterford.

Your baby is moving around
in there.



Would you like to see?


It's doing somersaults in there.

Praised be.

Hello? Look who's home.

God bless you.

Rita, can you please
make Offred her smoothie?


I'm sorry. Just...
it's hard on my stomach.

No. No need to apologize.

How about some soup?

Sure. Thank you.

- Rita?
- Yes, ma'am. Right away.

- I'll stay and help.
- Wonderful.

Offred, you need your rest.
Rita will serve you in my sitting room.

You can't possibly climb
the stairs in this condition.

Go on now.
Let's get you comfortable.

Get going.
You want to help? Help.


I'm fine.

- We're fine.
- You scared me.

I scared myself.

They've got you
sleeping in here?


She made me an offer
I couldn't refuse.

Okay. I'll come see you tonight.

What about Mrs. Blaine?

What is her bedtime, anyway?

You know I didn't have a choice.

I know.

But we...


We can't keep
sneaking around anymore.

We have to be smart.


You know, I think about us.

The three of us.
What we could be.

I think about it all the time.

Well, don't.

Okay, I'll stop.

I think about it too.


As ordered.

I'm really sorry she's making
you run around like this.

You milk it while you can.

Smells good. Where's mine?

Ask your wife.

Remove the debris and hose it down.

And tell them
to watch the spacing.

Commander Waterford.

Everything looks just marvelous.

- A step up from the old place?
- Oh, yes.

Imagine how many more girls we can
process here. We are truly blessed.

I'm so pleased that your
Handmaid is coming home today.

She gave us quite a scare.

Yes. Well,
the baby's in good health.

- That's what matters.
- Praised be.

The dynamics between
a Wife and a pregnant Handmaid

are always challenging.

But if you'll forgive me,
you have been blessed

with a particularly willful pair.

- Precisely why I stay out of it.
- Ah.

But I'm sure,
should the need arise,

you will know just how
to handle things.


Waterford! Up here.

Excuse me.

Gentlemen. What a surprise.

Welcome to
the Rachel and Leah Center.

I thought
you'd be further along by now.

Just the finishing touches.

There are still no seats
in the lecture hall.

We're expecting
brothers from every district.

Where are they supposed to sit?

Gentlemen, we'll be ready.

Two days is more
than enough time.

Trust me...

We're going to dazzle them.

Do you like your potatoes
roasted that way?

They were good.

I can make them different.

No, they're fine.


Do you want to know the secret?



Mrs. Waterford gave me some
from her garden.

I got the recipe from my mother.

It must be hard.

To leave your family.

You're my family now.

This is everything I prayed for.

Well, let me know
if you need anything.

Thank you, Nick.

Thank you. For dinner.

Oh! No. That's...
That's my job, silly.

My mother taught me
how to cook and keep house.

She taught me
all about marriage.

About everything.

I know it's expected of me.

What God expects of me.

You can smoke in here.

Oh, it's okay.

Smoke inside.

Uh, it's your house.
You can do what you want.

You look nice and cozy.

Um, thank you.

Go on. Get comfortable.

Mrs. Waterford,
I think I can manage.

What if you need something?

I'll be right here.


I'm sorry. The clicking.

Hmm? Oh, no, it's just, uh...

It's getting harder
to find a good position.

Do you remember those huge
pillows for expectant mothers?

A pregnancy pillow? Yes.

Those were sweet.


I'll look into
getting one for us.

Thank you.



What's it like to feel
that life inside of you?

There's nothing much
happening right now. But...

If you want,
you can come and feel it.

Come on.

Give me your hand.

You feel that?

Praised be.

It's a miracle.

Yeah. It is.

Today, we find ourselves
at a crossroads.

We've lost our way.
Our values and our sense of...

Today, we confront a crisis.

No, Fred, you can't change
things at the last minute.

Well, it's stronger.

But watch your tone.
Don't scold or lecture.

Yes, start a dialogue.

- A conversation.
- Okay.

Serena, sweetheart,
this is what we wanted. Hmm?

Our policies and ideas
discussed in the mainstream.

You did that.

- Mrs. Waterford?
- Are they ready for me?

Oh, yeah. They're ready.

- Serena Joy. Good afternoon.
- Joe Schneider.

Nice to meet you.

Fred Waterford.
Nice to meet you.

Joe Schneider.
Nice to meet you. Come on in.

You may not agree
with what she has to say.

But that's what's great
about our country.

The freedom to express
your own opinion.

She is on our campus here
as a guest so, please,

- let's welcome Serena Joy Waterford.
- Stay focused. Stay calm.

- Get the hell out of here!
- We don't want you at our school.

We don't believe
in anything you do!

Good afternoon.
It's my honor to be...

- Nazi cunt!
- Yeah!

Get out of here, Nazi!

Fuck you!

Quiet! Let her speak!

Sit down, you stupid little bitch.
Hey, fuck you!

When I first received
your invitation to come...

We take it back,
you fucking fanatic!

Fascist bitch! Go home!

Yes! Fucking go home!

Fuck you!
I'm not gonna read your book!

- We've made a mistake!
- She has a right to speak!

- It's not safe!
- This is America!

Did I wake you?


I just get really thirsty now,
so I was gonna get some water.

Help yourself.

Are you mad at me?

Why'd you say that?

'Cause we haven't talked
at all since I came home.

What's there to talk about?

It's just... It's been so long.

Yes, well, I've, uh...

I've got a lot on my plate,
so to speak.

- Would you like some?
- Oh. No, thank you.

Sure? You're eating for two.

Yeah. But Aunt Lydia is very
strict about the weigh-ins.

We can't have you getting
all roly-poly now, can we?

You look healthy to me.

Pregnancy suits you.

I should be getting back.

Before Mrs. Waterford misses me.

Your guardian angel.

She's been very kind.

Under His eye.


Blessed day.

Blessed day.

Mrs. Waterford's not in here?

No, just me.

Can I help you with something?

I'll be all right.

I feel so stupid.

He left again last night.


He hates me.


He doesn't.

He does.

He won't touch me. I'm ugly.

You're not.

You're very pretty.

He doesn't think so.

You know, this is all new
to him, too.

He's trying to be respectful.

So, what do I do?

Just give it some time.

We can't wait.

It's our duty to God.


I think God knows
that every couple is different.

He wouldn't want you
to force it.

You're gonna find a way
to be together.

What if we don't?

What if he can't?

What do you mean?

What if Nick's a gender traitor?

I'm sure that is not true.

Hold onto him.

He is gonna make
a great father to your children.


Offred, could you
come here, please?

- Yes, Mrs...
- Surprise!

I thought that you could enjoy
some time with your friends

while you recover.

Were you surprised?

Um, yes.


Well, please, sit.

Girls, please, sit.

- Rita?
- Yes, ma'am.

I'm so glad that your mistresses allowed
you all to come today.

Shall we say grace?

Bless us, oh, Lord,

for these Thy gifts which we are
about to receive from Thy bounty.


Please, dig in.

Don't be shy.

I'm sure that you have
a lot to catch up on.

We've been sent fine weather.

Yes. Yes, we have.

Praised be.

Ofglen, what about you?

You must miss your companion.

Pretend you're
on one of your walks.

What is it that
the two of you talk...

Does anyone remember the name
of that place on Boylston?

Uh, they had great brunch.

I'm from Framingham.

I never ate brunch.

Well, they... It was amazing.

The food was great,
and they had something

called the liberated Omelet
with eclectic Potatoes.

Oh! That earthy-crunchy place.


Yeah. Yeah, that's right.

They had the most amazing
banana nut pancakes.


Well, who knows,
maybe we were there at the same time.


Someone's awake.

Do you want to feel it?

Just right there.

Can you feel that?

- Oh, wow.
- Mmm-hmm.

It feels so funny.

It's weird, right?

It's weird.
How are you feeling that?

- She wants to get out.
- Mmm-hmm.

- It's a she.
- It's definitely gonna be a she.


Mr. Waterford, we should go.

- We're not going.
- They won't even hear me.

No, we're not going.

We won't be silent!

Make them hear you!
Make them hear you!

Can I say a few words?

Please let me speak!

Quiet! Quiet!

- Please shut up!
- Let me speak!

You want me to stay silent
but that is not gonna change

what is happening
in our country!

Fuck you!

You're spoilt! You're privileged

and you're living in an academic bubble!
All of you!

Yeah, let her speak!

The rate of healthy births has dropped
61 percent in the last 12 months!

That is exactly the problem that
we need to focus on right now.

The future, and the future of mankind,
depends on what we do today!

What we do now!

Fuck that!

The human race is in danger!

Every single one of you,
women especially,

embrace your biological destiny!

This affects us all!

We didn't back down.
You're incredible.

That was awesome, Mrs. Waterford.
Twitter is blowing up.

You're a truthteller!

I want to add more cities to the tour.
I want to add San Francisco...

Serena, no! No.



I know we still
have a few more months

but I just want
everything to be ready.

It's actually been a lot of fun.


It's beautiful, Mrs. Waterford.

The wallpaper,
it's not too much?


No, I don't think so. I like it.

It's lovely.


Yes, it is.

I want you to know, I'm going to be
the best mother I can be to my child.

Thank you for showing me
the nursery.

It's very special.

Well, it's a work in progress.

Thank you.

Thank you.

We had these glow-in-the-dark
stars on the ceiling of Hannah's bedroom.

My husband knows
all about stars so,

we'd climb into bed and he'd,
you know, point out the constellations.

Pleiades and the Big Dipper.

Hannah loved it.

If I could see her,

it would just make me
feel so much better.

Just to know she's okay.

- That's not possible.
- Serena, please.

Just a few minutes.

I won't tell anyone.

Absolutely not.

Get your things out
from downstairs.

I think it's time for you
to go back to your room.

What's going on?

What happened?

- June?
- I thought she could be decent.

I asked about Hannah.

- You know she'd never do that.
- She is my daughter!

- I want to see my own daughter!
- We'll find a way.

Not if you're on the Wall.

So, you have to sleep with Eden.


She's gonna report you.
She will make trouble.

She's 15 years old.

What, you have to fuck
somebody you don't want to?

- Poor thing.
- That's not fair.


I can't.

Yes, you can. Because I can't
lose you. Do you hear me?

I love you.

She is your wife.

And God blessed them
and God said unto them,

be fruitful and multiply,
and replenish the earth.

Have dominion
over the fish of the sea

and over every living thing
that moveth upon the earth.


You sure?

May God in His infinite love
and wisdom look down upon us.

You're gonna be
a great father, Nick.

You okay?


I can't wait to see
if it worked.

If not, we'll just keep trying.

The green thumb strikes again.

Rita said you've been
in here all afternoon.

Rita needs to mind her business.

I'm fine, Fred. Just let me be.

I know she can be difficult.

She's devious.

She's always plotting.
Always wanting more.

She wanted to see the child.

Her child from before.

I really thought that
we could be... Shoot!

Let me see.

- It's nothing.
- Come here.

- That hurt?
- No.

You'd never say if it did.

My wife.

Always so strong.

I pray, every day, "Dear Lord..."

"Make me worthy."

Save America.

Easy. Let me help you.

Fred. Stop. Stop fussing.

Where were we?

No, we don't have to
do this now.

Yes, we do.
People are listening right now.

All right, um...

We will not allow a fanatic...

A terrorist.

He's a terrorist.

We will not allow a terrorist
to silence us

but the truth
can be hard to hear.

But only the truth
can save America now.

Yeah. I think that's good.

And I thought we could segue
into justice being served.

That's if they ever find him.

They will.
Put your faith in God.

I have faith in God

but I don't have faith
in the police.


Serena, I never should have
let you start speaking in public.

You stop that.

Stop it and be a man.

You tried to kill my wife.

I said in my heart,

God shall judge the righteous

- and the wicked...
- Please!

For there is a time there
for every purpose and for every work.

Do you know what it was like
to see my wife in pain?

To pray to God to save her?

Please, no! Please!

No, no, no!

No! No!

Now you do.


You shouldn't be in here.

Well, that's not the welcome
I was anticipating.

Your wife would be very angry.

This is my house.

I hoped she could
manage things here at home.

But I see now I need to step in
and keep the peace.

I have something for you.

It's good
to see you happy again.

Thank you.

I've missed you.

I've missed you, too.

Feels different.

I like it.

I want you.

Me too. I'm just... I'm sorry.

I just...
I'm worried about the baby.

You know?


Thank you.

Our little secret.

Of course.

Good night.

Welcome, Commander.

Well done.

- Praised be.
- Congratulations.

Thank you, sir.

Welcome, Commander. Praised be.

Under His Eye.

Commander Pryce?

Blessed day. Very exciting.

Sir, I need your help.
Reassign me.

A new post.
I'll go to the front. Wherever.

Nick, slow down.

I can't stay
in that house anymore.

You've just been issued a woman.
Is there a problem?

It's not her.

There's a lot
I haven't told you about him.

Reassign me.

Promise me
you'll protect the Handmaid.

You have my word.

Finish your food.

I'm full, Mrs. Waterford.


Will you wrap Offred's plate?

She'll have the rest of it
later. All of it.

Yes, ma'am.

Blessed day.

Blessed day.
How are you this morning?

Fine, thank you.

Blessed be the fruit.

May the Lord open.

I was just hoping
to help you, Mrs. Waterford.

Is there anything that you need?

No. Aren't you sweet?

I wish Offred were as pleasant.

It is so important
to understand one's place in a household.

Wouldn't you agree?

Yes, Mrs. Waterford.

No, no. You are
a married woman of faith.

The Handmaid will do it.

Thank you, Offred.

You're welcome, Mrs. Waterford.

Now, you try.

Don't you want to run
a household of your own one day?

Yes, praised be.

Go on.

She needs to learn.
Blessed is the teacher.

I felt a cramp.


Don't want to hurt the baby.

Of course not.

Thank you, Eden.

My brothers,
may I present to you

the new Rachel and Leah Center.

By God's grace,
we gather to celebrate

the dawn of a bright and bountiful
future that begins right here!

With the devotion
of his humble servants,

our Handmaids!

My brothers,

this facility

represents a shared vision

to restore a moral world
in which we can serve God.

Now, our hopeful prayer
has turned into something real

and permanent.

Here we can continue
to show our commitment to Him and His word

and to honor our promise
to the people of Gilead,

that we will replenish
this Earth with healthy children of faith.

From the beginning,
that has always been...

It's not time yet.
Tell her to go back.

Go back!

Some people think
little girls should be seen and not heard.

But I think...
Oh! Bondage, up yours!

One, two, three, four!

Bind me, tie me
Chain me to the wall

I wanna be a slave to you all.

Oh! Bondage, up yours!

Oh! Bondage, no more!

Oh! Bondage, up yours!

Oh! Bondage, no more!

Chain-store, chain-smoke
I consume you all.

Chain-gang, chain-mail
I don't think at all.

Oh! Bondage, up yours!

Oh! Bondage, no more!

Oh! Bondage, up yours!

Oh! Bondage, no more!