The Flintstones (1960–1966): Season 6, Episode 6 - Samantha - full transcript

Who knew: the Stephens family of TV's "Bewitched" are the Flintstones' next-door neighbors. Fred and Barney go on a weekend camping trip, claiming that women can't rough it as they do. In response, Samantha takes Wilma, Betty, and the children camping, using her magical twitch of the nose whenever necessary to upstage the boys.

Ho, boy.
It's gonna be great, Barney.

Just you and me away
for a whole weekend,

Fishing, hunting...

yeah, back to nature.
Right, Fred?


I got no use for the
soft life of civilization.

Give me the life
in the raw,

a real primitive

Wilma, did you pack
my automatic toothbrush?

Right in here,
with your extra pillow

and bedroom slippers.

I still think
you two are mean

Not to take Betty
and me with you.

Don't you believe
in togetherness?

Yeah, yeah.

Let's see if my automatic
brush is still working.

That feels good.

To you, maybe,

But to me, yeech.

Fred, please?

Honey, we've been
all through that.

Women aren't equipped
for the rigors

Of a rigorous existence.

You wouldn't last a
minute in the wilderness.

Sure, we would.

We've got automatic
toothbrushes, too.

Hee hee hee!

You'll have a better
time staying home.

Playing cards
with the girls,

on the phone,

Taking care
of the kids.

Big deal.

[Sound of a truck]

Hey, Look!

Someone's moving in
across the street.

A little more...

easy does it...

that's it.
A little more...

Ok. Hold it.

Set the brake! Hurry!

Quick! Set the brake!

Ok. Brake's on.

Besides, you can meet
our new neighbors.

- See you later.
- Yeah. See ya.


All set, Barn?

Check and double check.

Here we go!
Back to nature.




meet the Flintstones

They're the modern
stone age family

From the town of Bedrock

They're a page
right out of history

Let's ride with the family
down the street

Through the courtesy

Of Fred's
two feet

When you're
with the Flintstones

Have a yabba-Dabba-Doo

A dabba-Doo time

We'll have a gay old time

Did you pack your
headache pills, Barney?

Forget it. We'll need them
more than they will.

Stuck at home
for another weekend.

Well, let's meet the new
couple across the street.

It'll be nice to see at
least one husband

Who's staying home.

Sorry I can't help
you unpack, Samantha,

But I promised Charlie
I'd go boating with him.

Can't I go with you?

It wouldn't work,

It's not the thing
for a woman.

I'll be with you
all next weekend.

One more thing--

Promise me you'll
lay off the witchcraft.

We've got a fresh start
in a new neighborhood,

So no hocus-Pocus.

Well, OK.

It's for the best.

It never really helps
people out, anyway.

See you sunday night.

Bye. Have fun.

Hi! We're your
new neighbors.

I'm Wilma Flintstone,

And this is
Betty Rubble.

Nice to meet you.
I'm Samantha.

[Sound of car engine]

And that's my
husband Darrin.

Disappearing for the
weekend to go boating.

Excuse me, lady.
This is the last one.

That's all
he keeps saying,

"This is
the last one."

Our husbands just left
for the weekend, too.

Off camping.

Said it was
too rugged.

Women couldn't
handle it.

Hmph. Men.
They're all the same.

We're as good at the
outdoor stuff as they are.

Girls, why don't
we prove it.

- Prove it?
- But how?

Go camping right
alongside them.

Show them we can do what
they can do, and better.

That'll teach them
to leave us home.

Wilma, I'm gonna like
our new neighbor.

But how can we?

My house is a mess.

And there's
shopping to do.

So, we'll all
pitch in.

do our shopping

While I help Wilma with
her housework.

What do you say?

I say yabba-Dabba-Do!

I'll tackle the kitchen,

Then there's the children
to get ready.

Leave them to me.

You sure you can
handle them?

They're really
little devils.

They are?

Then we should
get along fine.

[Gaa gaa goo goo]

[Arr arr arr]


ha ha ha ha!

Your dog certainly
likes chocolate cookies.

Hi, kids.
I'm Samantha.

We're all going

But first we've got
to clean up.

[Gaa gaa goo gaa!]


You're too tiny to put the
things on the shelves?

Well, they are
kind of high.

We can fix that.

[Sound of chimes]


There, that's
much better.

Now you can
reach them.

Fine. While you two
are picking up your toys,

I'll take care
of the clothes.

These must be
your jumpers, Pebbles.

Let's see if they
live up to their name.


[Pebbles giggling]

You two have
everything picked up?

Fine. We can put
the shelves back in place.


[Ga gee goo]

Aw. You forgot your
sabertooth bear.

He's big enough
to go himself.

Next thing to
straighten up is the bed.

Certainly is a mess,
but we can take care of that.

[Yipe yipe yipe!]

Let's see about getting
you two cleaned up.

First, I'll need a washcloth
from the bathroom.

Soap and water--

Uh-Uh--More soap.

That's fine.

Good enough.
Now, for Bamm-Bamm.

Don't forget
the ears.


That's much better.

Ooh! I almost
forgot your clothes.

All nice and cleaned,
and hair combed.

Ah, well.
At least you're clean.

We're all
through in here.

I'll see how Mrs. Flintstone
is doing in the kitchen.

Let's see. The dishwasher's
doing the dishes,

The floor is through
being mopped,

And what else
do I have to do?

What else does
she have to do?

What about my
dishwater tentacles?

Ha. What about
my floor-Mopped hair?

It's just frightful.

I'll have to set it
again tonight.

We're all set.

You're through

Ready and waiting.

I don't believe it.

Are you sure these
are our children?

Mama! Mama mama!

Bamm! Bamm!
Bamm bamm bamm!

All right.
I believe you.

Hee hee hee.

I'll get Darrin's
camping stuff ready for us.

Come over when Betty
gets back with the groceries.

Where did he pack
that tent?

Hi, honey.

I'm sorry about
the hocus-Pocus done so far

But it's for the girls,
not me.

I'll have to do some more
to get the camping equipment.

Outside will be fine.



tent poles...

mattresses, pots and pans,
stove, lantern...

and everything else
I've forgotten.

Oh, that's fine.

Oh, but this place
is such a mess.

I can't leave with
the house looking like this.

This is something
you'd better not see.

That's much better.

I have the strangest feeling
I've seen Samantha before.

She's pretty enough
to be in the movies or on tv.

That's who she looks like,

The star of that wonderful
witch TV show.

No. She wouldn't live
out here in this neighborhood.

Anyway, she's being
so sweet to help us,

We should do
something for her.

Just moving in,
she's probably in tears

Trying to get
things straight.

All set to go.
Camping stuffs are all here.

Come in
for a minute.

Your house!
Ooh, it's beautiful.

It's impossible.

Golly, Samantha.
You sure are a whiz.

A what?

A whiz.

Ooh. For a minute, I--

Never mind.
Whose car are we gonna use?

Fred has ours.

Ours is in
the repair shop.

We'll use mine, then.

I didn't see a car
in your driveway.

Well, uh...

you see, it's out back.
Meet you in front.

Oh, dear.
Just a skateboard.

Well, that'll have to do.

Not bad.

Now, to put me
in the you-know-what.

There. That does it, barn.
We're all set.


Something about being
in the middle of nature

That you can't
beat, Fred.

It's privacy.

There's no one else around
for miles and miles.

Heh heh heh.

[Wilma] Let's put the tent
up here, girls.

[Betty] Looks like
a good place.

[Samantha] I'll help
with the children.

They wouldn't have!
They couldn't have!

They would, they could,
and they have.

Hello, boys.
Imagine seeing you here.

I don't get it.
What's going on?

We thought we'd do
a little camping.

Look. The woods
is no place for women.

Fred is right, you girls
aren't rugged enough.

We think we are.

We'll prove it by staying
here as long as you do.

Remenber, Fellas,
it's a free country.

Fred and Barney,
this is Samantha,

our new neighbor.

Nice to meet ya.

Well, you can stay,

But don't expect
any help from us.

That's right.

Out here, it's every man
for himself.

Even if he's a woman.

We don't want
your help.

And we don't need it.
We would go home first.

Good. And if
you leave now,

You can get home
before dark.

We're staying.

Ok. We're off to the lake
to catch our dinner.

Barn, anybody can
put up a tent,

But it takes a real

to catch fish.

Yeah. Heh heh heh.

Did you hear that?

Ooh, I'd love
to show them up.

But none of us knows
how to fish.

I'll give it a go.

If we don't catch

We won't hear
the end of if.

Maybe the boys
were right.

Courage, ladies.
I'll catch something.

I'll take Pebbles
and Bamm-Bamm.

Three hooks
are better than one.


Imagine the girls
coming all the way--

Hold it down, Barn.

The slightest noise
and these fish won't come.

This looks like
a good place, children.

You sit there, bamm-Bamm,
and pebbles, over here.

Hey, Barn.
Watch me have some fun.

What are you using
for bait?

Bait? I don't know.

I'll give you a tip.

Tie a rock
on the end of the line.

Rock bass you catch
with a rock.

The bigger the rock,
the bigger the fish.

Heh heh hee hee.

We want big fish
so we'll use big rocks.

Thanks, fellas.

Glad to help.

And make a lot of noise.
That attracts them.

A-fishing we will go

A-fishing we will go

Hi ho the merry-o,
A-fishing we will go

[Kids singing]


Goodness me.
I'm getting a bite, too.


Fred, when does
the fun start?

I don't believe it.
Three fish that quick?

Not three, four!


And one more
for Samantha.

That's six!

Using rocks for bait.

And making all that racket.

If you say so.

A-Fishing we will go

A-Fishing we will go

Hi ho the merry-o

Cut that out!
It was just dumb luck.

I guess we're not
dumb enough, Fred.

No fish,
and I'm starving.

Don't think
about food,

And you'll be
all right.

[Wilma] All right, children.
Time for bed.

Betty and I will get
more firewood.

That fish certainly smells
delicious out there.


Uh, Fred?


I'm thinking about it.

Yeah. I am, too.

Come on.

Let's take it.

It will be saving them

If we take the fish
and all their food,

They'll have
to go back home.

We'll keep them
out of trouble.

I didn't think of it
that way, Fred.


[Wilma humming
lullaby tune]

Get their box of food.

Nothing like the taste
of fresh fish.

And done over
an open fire.

It's gone.

And the groceries!
Everything's gone.

What's happened?

Some animal has run off
with our food.

Relax, girls.
I'll go fishing again.

You forgot your pole.

For this fishing,
I won't need any.

Barney, the women
will be grateful.

Now they can go back and
enjoy the comforts of home.

Why are we so good
to them, Fred?

We're just two
Mr. Nice guys, Barney.

I guess any minute,
they'll be leaving.

Gentlemen, we shall see
who's going to be leaving.


Hey! The fish and
the frying pan! Gone!

Right outta my hands.

Come on, now.

I knew you were hungry

But you could have
saved me a little.

Fred, I didn't--

At least we still
have the groceries.

You had your dinner.
This is mine.


There's something funny
going on here.

I'm not laughing.


Where did you
find it?

It was in the woods.

The animals must have
dropped it.


Now we can have
a hot dinner.

I'm starved.

Where did Wilma
and Betty get food?

Let's take a look.

Mmm. Delicious.

Where did you get
the fish?

And those groceries?

Samantha caught
the fish,

and we brought
the groceries.

Have you fellas eaten?

As a matter of fact...


How selfish of us.

Oh! I just remembered
your rules, Fred.

Every man for himself.

Fred said it.
I didn't.

No, no.
It wouldn't be fair.

Like Fred said,
"if a person can't cope,

They just don't belong
in the woods."

All right, all right.

You can laugh now,

But when the vicious
animals start prowling,

We'll see who comes
crawling to whom.

Come on, Barn.

Are there really wild
animals out here, Fred?

No, I just told them
that to frighten them.

Hey. I got an idea.

Let's make ferocious
animal noises.

You know women.
They get frightened.

They run to us
for protection,

And they bring
the food with them.

you're a genius.

I'll lead off.

[Quack quack quack!]

What are you doing?
I said ferocious.

Well, it's a duck.
A wild duck.

That's not gonna
scare them.

Get this.




What's that?

Sounds like a tiglon.


[Teeth chattering]

They're coming closer!



I'll see if there's
anything out there.

Now we'll see who comes
crawling to whom.


Now I'll try
a brontosaurus.

[Grraa grraa grraa]

Nah. Too weak, barn.

You really
gotta let go.


Ok. You try.

I gotcha, Fred.


Pretty good, Barn,
but you stillhaven't got it.


You sure there aren't
any wild animals

Around here, Fred?

Of course there--


There are!

Head for our camp, Barn!

Did you say ducks
were harmless?


That makes me feel
a lot better.

Into the tent. Quick.


We're safe from
the animals in here.

The woods
are full of them.

Those p-P-Poor girls

Must be
f-F-Frightened to death.

Wilma and Betty should
be here any minute now.

Look for our protection.


Fred, I think there's
a leak in the tent.

We can't go out
and fix it now.

The animals
will grab us.

Pull the tent
down, Fred.



A tiglon! Help!


You girls all right?

Fine. After you left,
everything turned quiet.

It's been lovely.

help! Help!

Help! It's here!

don't panic, g-G-Girls.

We'll look
after you.

What are you
talking about?

I told you camping
wasn't for women!

There's a man-Eating
tiglon out there.

Women-Eating, too!

That's ridiculous.
We haven't heard anything.

Come along, Wilma.
Let's look.

Ooh hoo! I can't
bear to look.


A man-Eater?

Oh ho ho!

you see him?

Fred Flintstone, there's nothing
here but a little kitten.

Go see for yourself.

He's a cute little thing.





You girls call that
a little kitten?

Of course.

Boy, I hate
to see your idea

of a big pussycat.

Girls, we owe you
an apology.

You are campers.

You're every bit
as good as we are.

Even better.

Congratulations, girls.

You've struck a blow
for togetherness.

It's gonna be great.

Tomorrow morning
we'll get up at 5:00,

Carry the canoes to the
top of Mount Rockmore.

Me and Wilma
will carry one,

Barney and betty
the other,

And Samantha can carry
the kids and the packs.

And there's a lake
up there.

Water comes right
off the glacier.

- We'll go for a dip.
- Oh, you love it.

[Fred] Well, we'd better
turn in, girls.

Gotta get up early.

Good night.

5:00 in the morning?

Carry the canoes?

Packs up a mountain?

Then a swim
in icy water?

How do we get out
of this chicken outfit?

Maybe the men
were right.

It wasn't
so bad at home

With the gossip
and the card playing.

How do we get
out of this gracefully?

Maybe we could say we ran
out of milk for the children.

Great idea.

And we have to
go home to get some.

But we have lots
of milk left.

We had
lots of milk.

Oh, we won't be able
to stay now.

What a lucky break.

Fred! Barney!

What's the matter?

Is the tiglon
after you?

A tiglon?
We'll save you.

We'll show you
where to hide.

We just wanted to tell you.

There's no milk
for the children.

We have to
go home immediately.

Isn't that awful?

Aw, gosh.
I'm sorry.

I know how much
it meant to you.

Don't take it
so hard.

You can go with us
next time.

Yeah. Well, we'd better
start for home.

Sure quiet
with the girls gone.

Fred, Betty and Wilma
are real good campers.

And just as fearless
as we are.



Under the tent!

More tea, girls?

Not for me,

No thanks.

[Sound of car screeching]

That must be Darrin.

We'd better get home. Fred and
Barney should be home now.

Let's go out
the back way.

Bet he'll be surprised how
nice your place looks.

Oh, dear.
It does look nice.

Too nice.

Hi, honey.

Have a good weekend?


Oh, boy.
Look at the house.

This will take
a dozen weekends

to fix up.

I just have to
face it, sweetheart.

You know what you said,
no hocus-Pocus.

Oh, yeah.


meet the Flintstones

They're the modern
stone age family

From the town of Bedrock

They're a page
right out of history

Someday, maybe Fred

Will win the fight

Then that cat will stay out

For the night

When you're

With the Flintstones

Have a yabba-Dabba-Doo time

A dabba-Doo time

We'll have a gay old time

We'll have a gay old time