The Flintstones (1960–1966): Season 6, Episode 7 - The Great Gazoo - full transcript

Introducing the Great Gazoo from Planet Zetox, sent to primitive Earth to redeem himself by aiding earthlings such as Barney and Fred. In his first encounter with the cavemen, he makes it possible for Fred to treat Wilma to dinner at the posh restaurant she's practically bribed him to take her to. But as Fred and Barney will discover, there's always a down side to Gazoo's generosity.

Breakfast ready?

Good morning,
Fred, darling!


Come and sit down,

I made your special
favorite breakfast--

Rockwheat pancakes
and brontosausage

and some lovely
cactusberry muffins.

All right, let's have it
straight, Wilma.

What have you done?

[Pebbles baby-Talking]

Good morning,
little Pebblypoo.

Let daddy eat his breakfast
now, Pebbles.

I can't eat. I'm figuring
what this will cost me.

Oh, silly, it's just that
nothing's too good

for my wonderful

Ooh! I almost
forgot your coffee.

A--There's a contest
for Bedrock's fattest husband,

and she's entering me.

B--She had a car accident.

C--She wants something.

Oh, Fred,
I was wondering...

Cs, have it.
She wants something.

Betty and I
were talking.

The four of us haven't had a
night on the town in ages.

There's a fabulous
new restaurant.

It's called
the Chateau Rockinbleau.


Chateau rockin-B-B-Bleau?

Everyone has been there
except us.

Have some more
pancakes, dear.

Uh...late for work.
Got to run.

Can't we go,

It costs a week's salary

Just to tip
the parking lot boy there.

We can't afford it!

The answer is
absolutely no!

We don't ask things
very often.

Positively no.

Pretty please?





meet the Flintstones

They're the modern
stone age family

From the town of Bedrock

They're a page
right out of history

Let's ride with the family
down the street

Through the courtesy

Of Fred's
two feet

When you're
with the Flintstones

Have a yabba-Dabba-Doo

A dabba-Doo time

We'll have a gay old time

The trouble is, they don't
ask for things very often.

I didn't know
what to say.

Barney, you got to be firm.

It won't be just
dinner and tips.

It'll mean a babysitter,
new dress, hairdo.

Yeah, I know, I know.

So what did you
tell Wilma?

I gave her
a firm, definite...


That's what I said.

I was firm, too.

Hey, look up
in the sky, Fred.

What is it?

I don't know.

Hit the brakes, Fred!

It's headed
right for us!


Wow! That was close!

Grab a shovel
from the back.

- Let's see what it is.
- Right.

Hey, come here, Barn!

You hear something?

It's a-Buzzin'.

Maybe it's
a flying beehive.

Yeah, maybe it's
a fly--

All right.
Start digging.

A beehive.

Oh-Ho, boy.

Careful, clumsy!

You're not planting
potatoes, you know!

Fred, what is it?

Well, why don't you
try opening it

To find out, genius?

B-B-Barney, that sounds
like a human voice.

Very good.

Go to the head
of the class,

But first,
get me out of here!

Give me a hand, Barn.

Roll it over again.

I can't find
the opening.

Easy, you oafs!

I'm getting seasick.

Find the blue spoke.

Blue spoke.
Yeah, yeah, right here.

Under it is a red latch.


Fine. Now, open the latch.

Now press
the orange button

and stand back.


Stand back, Barney.

Ahh, fresh air.

It got a bit stuffy
in there, you know.

I suppose the usual amenities
are in order.

I am the great Gazoo.

I thank you
for rescuing me.

Ha ha ha!

Fred, do you see
what I see?

I see it, but I don't
believe it.

Ha ha ha! Gazoo, huh?

Listen to them, will you?

Did it ever occur
to you two

that nature was
less than kind?

Look at yourselves.


And a perfectly
dreary color.

Well, what
are your names?

Eh, I'm Fred Flintstone.

And, uh...
mine's Barney Rubble.

Flintstone and Rubble?

And you thought
my name was funny--

Gazoo, the former
head master scientist

on planet Zaytox.

The which on what?

The planet Z--

Ooh, never mind.

Where have they put me?
Where am I?

Y-Y-You're in b-B-Bedrock.

I don't mean
the location.

What year am I in?

14th century?
15th? Where?

Did you understand
a word he's saying?

No, but humor him.

He may be dangerous.

No, it can't be!

I can't believe it!

It looks like a...

but no,
it couldn't be.

I'll have to take
a closer look.

Did you see that Fred?

He stopped him
right in his tracks.

It is!

A prehistoric

They've sent me all the way
back to the stone age!


That's not fair!

Whoa, I'm scared, Fred.

Me--Me, too,

But play it cool.

Oh, the shame of it.


Oh, well...

that's how it goes.

Want a hanky?

No, thanks.
I have one.

Cruel and unusual

That's what it is.

[Fred] Maybe it'll help you
to talk about it.

There's not much
to say.

Yesterday I was
the most brilliant scientist

In all of Zaytox,

And today, simply because
of one tiny invention,

I have been
conspired against,

Locked in my very own
time capsule,

Sent here to start
all over again.

All but
my simplest powers gone!

Gee, that's too bad.


What was
the tiny invention?

It was a little button

no bigger
than your fingernail.

But if you pressed it,




Everyone and everything
in the universe

would go in one



Ha! Don't look
so worried.

I never intended
to use it.

It was
a status thing.

I was first on my block
to have one.

Ha ha ha!

But they didn't
believe me, either.

So here I am,

Forced to serve
two prehistoric dumdums

until I prove
that I'm reformed.

I think I know the answer,

But who are
the prehistoric dumdums

You are forced to serve?

The dumdums
that feed me, of course.

isn't it?

Well, what
do you want?

What do us dumdums
want, Fred?

Well, I, uh...
I, uh...

Hey, I get it!

We're having
a dream, Barn!

Thank goodness.
I was getting worried.

You doubt the power
of the great Gazoo?

Take that!

And that!

Gee, this is great,

But our wives
won't recognize us.

Oh, great Gazoo,

Could we be back
to our normal size, please?

Of course.


Your wish
is my command.


Oh, mighty Gazoo,

I'd like a big
juicy brontoburger.

Hey, it works!

How about 20 bucks?

Ha ha ha!

Hey, hey, my turn.

I want a beautiful
new dress for my wife.

Me, too.

I want a beautiful
new dress for my wife.

I'd like a gym set
for bamm-Bamm.

A new doll
for Pebbles.

We need some
garden furniture.

We need a new
dining room set.

New golf clubs!

A fishing pole!

Bowling ball!

Have your fun, fellows,

But take heed.

Greed brings trouble,

Which is now

An officer of the law,
I believe.

You'll explain
all this to him?

Only you two
can see me.

All right.
What's going on?

What's all this stuff?

Well, we're just, eh...


oh, well,
we just found it!

Oh, you found it?

Out here in the middle
of the road?

All right. Citation
number one--

Failing to report
stolen property.

Oh, this property
wasn't stolen.

It's ours.

We were taking
it home.

Oh, you were, huh?

All right. Citation
number two--

stolen property.

Gazoo, we changed our minds.

We don't want this stuff.

At least for now.

As you wish.

Let's see.
What else?

Oh, yeah.

number three--

Blocking the road.

Blocking the road?

Why, officer,
whatever do you mean?

All that stuff is--



I'll open my eyes
and it'll be there again.

It's still gone.

What happened to it?

Happened to what?

I saw toys and clothes,

I saw it.
I really did.

I'm not overworked.

I don't need
a vacation.

I know one thing.
I'm getting out of here!

Ha ha ha!

What do you think
you are,

A comedian or something?

Irresistible impulse.

No wonder
they shipped you back.

I wouldn't look a gift
sorcerer in the mouth.

O.K., O.K., Yeah.
Don't get mad.

We got something big
here, Barn,

We got to learn
to use it--

Start small,
work up gradually.

Yeah, yeah, start small,

Like taking the girls to the
Chateau Rockinbleau.

Sounds great to me!

Hop in.
We'll go tell them.

You, too,
great Gazoo.


Where did he go?


Please don't shout so.

Traveling through
all those centuries

Takes a lot
out of a fella.

I'm going to sleep.

Sure, sure.

As soon as I get this thing
turned around...

we'll be quiet as mice.

Hold it.
Hold it.

I'll never get
a nap this way.

Hang on.

I can see
the girls' faces

When we tell them
what we've got.

This little guy
is just 2 feet tall.

Believe it?


He's this
green color, see?


He's from
another planet.

He is?

He does magic like
you wouldn't believe.

No, we would not.

It's a funny story
so far.

[Pebbles giggles]


I don't think Pebbles or
Bamm-Bamm believe you, either.

What's the punch line?

Wilma, it's no joke.

Here, I'll show you.


Come in, Gazoo.


Yes, what
is it now?

Oh, great Gazoo,

I command you
to make yourself known.

I can't, dumdum.

I told you
nobody but you

Could see
or hear me.

They're going to think
we've flipped.

It's no use, Fred.

Another one of their gags

Ha ha ha!

[Betty] Little green men.
Ha ha ha!

Can't you do
something, gaz?

Sure. Watch.

Imagine coming up
with a story like that.


Gazoo, no!

I want my Betty back.

As you wish.


We'd have to be
a couple of dumb clucks

to believe that story.

Ha ha ha!


Oh, boy!
That's better.

We'll need
those new dresses

For the girls
to wear tonight.

Yeah, Gazoo, we--

I know.
Two dresses coming up.

Gift wrapped, please.

Well, now,
who do we have here?

What's your name,
little fella?


Bam bam
bam bam bam!

Gads! What
superhuman strength.

Why not? That's my
superhuman kid.

His name's

Tell you something else
that's superhuman--

He can see you.

Oh, yes, I forgot
to mention...

little children and
animals see things

The rest of you
dumdums can't.



[Arr arr
arr arr arr]

Oh, you want
to play, too.


You make
a cute doll.

that's pretty good.

Yeah. Are you sure
you can't show our wives?



Who are they
talking to?

I don't know,
but I wish they'd quit it.

I really must
get some sleep now.


Don't be too long.

We're going
to need you later.


Is something

It's a good time
to open the presents.

You're acting
very strange, Fred.

You've both
got us worried.

Something's going on.
We don't like it.


What presents?

These presents--

A few little goodies
for our sweet wives.

Think up
a good story now.

Right, Barn.

Uh, let's see.

I guess you girls
are wondering

How we got money
for all this.

Oh, Fred, this dress
is just beautiful!

It's perfect,

We thought you'd
look nice in them

If we take you to the Chateau
Rockinbleau tonight.

The Rockinbleau?

You mean it?

About this stuff--

We were walking
down this alley

Minding our
own business--


When we see this guy
being held up.

Most understanding...

we foiled
the robbery attempt.


so anyway--

Oh, thank you.

Thank you!

You're wasting
a good story, Fred.

Save it
for another time.

Who can figure women?

Heh heh heh!

Who wants to?



Oh, I'm so excited.

How much further
is it?

Almost there,

See the top
of the next hill?

[Betty] Chateau Rockinbleau.

It sits so high.
The view must be beautiful.

[Barney] I don't know
about the view,

But the prices
are high enough.

Ah, bonsoir.


Sawyer, yeah.

Table for four,

Antony, is it?

The name is Pierre,

You have a reservation,
of course.

That does it.
We forget to make them.

under control, Barn.

Sure, we have

My pal stonewall jackson
on this 20 just made them.


Oui, monsieur.

Suivre moi,
s'il vous plait.

What did he say?

He said money talks.

After you, girls.

Go ahead.
We'll join you.

What's up?

That was all
the money you had.

When the bill comes,
we'll get more from old gaz.

One more thing.

Now what?

We forgot flowers
for the girls.

Hey, you're right.




Now that
you've awakened me,

I hope it's important.

We forgot corsages
for our wives.

Well, that was a red light
emergency, wasn't it?

Two corsages coming up.

Now, please let me
get some sleep.

I'm very tired.

Sure. We won't need you
for a while.

A long while,
I hope.

It's too beautiful!

I can't believe
we're really here.

And mama said
they'd never take us.

When I told her
we were coming here,

She said to make sure

They had money
to pay the check.

Here you are, girls.

A little something
for your dresses.

A corsage!

Where did you get them?
They're beautiful!

Oh, a lady was selling
them in the lobby.

Strange. We have
no one selling flowers

In the lobby.

Garcon, bring us the best
dinner in the house.

Price is no object.

Don't you think we should
see the price first?

Relax. When
the Flintstones go out,

We go all the way!

And the Rubbles, too,

To the bitter end.

that didn't come out right.

What a dinner!

I'll never
forget that food.

And just listen to
that dreamy music.

That must've been
some bonus

Mr. Slate gave you.

Easy come, easy go.

Your check
is ready, monsieur.

I hope you added a
generous tip for our waiter.

I hope you two
have enough money.

Oh, sure, sure.

How much, Fred?

Not so bad.

It's, uh...


Gee, 225 is very
reasonable for--



Uh-Oh. Come on, Betty.

Let's go comb our hair.

I hate to see
grown men cry.

Ha ha ha!

It's no problem.

Gazoo, $225, please.

Gazoo, I said $225,

[Snap snap]

You try, Barn.

I must be doing
something wrong.


Hey, uh, Gazoo?

Got a couple
of hundred?

Maybe he left it
under the plate.

Or dropped it
on the floor.

Do you see it,

No. Come on, Gazoo.
Get with it.

Remember us? We're the dumdums
you got to serve.

Did you, eh,
lose something, monsieur?

Eh, ha ha!

We seem to have
misplaced our money.

Oh, yeah!

What's the matter
with me?

It's waiting for me

I'll be right back.

Your money is waiting
for you outside?

Oh, no, you don't.

Honest. We got
to meet this guy.

Tell him, Barn.

It's very simple.

A little green man,
2 feet tall,

From planet Zaytox,

He grants us
whatever we want.

Right now
we want money.

Gazoo, help!


[Without french accent]
Come back, you deadbeats!

Effron, stop those guys!

What happened
to your accent?

It's resoived
for payin' customers,

Which these two guys
are not.

Oh, boy!

Do you have
any money at home?

Same as you--
Vacation fund in a cookie jar.

Come on, Betty. We've just had
our vacation.

I didn't think there were
this many dishes

In all of Bedrock.

Well, what do
we have here--

The last
of the big-Time spenders.

Don't rub it in, girls.

We may be here
all night.

No, you won't, cinderella.

Your fairy godmother's
here with your pumpkin.

He's back?

Will you stop that?

We've paid the bill
with our vacation money.

Now let's go home.

Look, girls, there
is an explanation.

Sure, Fred, sure.

There always is.

But just to break
the monotony,

We've come
to a decision.

[Together] We don't want
to hear it!

Face it, Fred. They're never
going to believe us.

You know something?

I'm beginning
to wonder myself.

Oh, boy, it's good
to get home.

Good night, Betty.

Good night, Wilma.

Notice how nobody
says good night

To the guys
with the dishpan hands?

Boy, if I get my hands on that
little green fink Gazoo...

You called, master?


Where were you?



Do you know
what we've been through?

Course not.
I've been sleeping.

Oh, that's swell.

You just
take off and sleep

you want to, huh?

How can we count on you
when we can't count on you?

It does present
a problem.

Why don't you
count on yourselves?

But you said
you were supposed to serve us,

Give us
what we want.

I'm not only

I'm a bit
of a kook.

That's why I'm here,
remember? I'm being punished.

Oh, yeah,
I forgot.

Oh, look, I don't wish
to stay here forever.

Since I am
supposed to serve you,

I will try.

But take heed--

Don't ask for more
than you can handle.

You may get it.

See you tomorrow...


Ha ha ha!

Do you think
he'll be back?

Might be better
if he wasn't.

Look at all the trouble
he caused us.

He caused us,
or we've caused us?

I wonder which
it really is.

I think
he'll be back.

Looks that way.

- Night, barn.
- Good night, Fred.

[Door opens]

In here, Fred.

You're still up, Wilma?


I've been thinking.

Tonight wasn't your fault.

It was Betty and mine.

I like that kind
of thinking.

How come?

Because we pressured you

into taking us someplace
you couldn't afford.

Aw, but you girls
deserve it.

No, we were wrong, Fred,

But thank you
for trying to please us.

There's a moral
to all this--

When two people really care
about each other,

They have all
the magic they need.

What happened
to the lights?

I don't know.


Where did those flowers
come from?

Uh, a surprise, Wilma.

A complete surprise.

I think there's
going to be

A lot of surprises
from now on.

See what I mean?

Silly, we just have
a short or something.


Anyway, who cares?

Let them stay out.

Wilma flintstone,
I am with you.

Ha ha ha!

A few more
of these good deeds,

And maybe
they'll let me go back.

Ha ha ha!

meet the Flintstones

They're the modern
stone age family

From the town of Bedrock

They're a page
right out of history

Someday, maybe Fred

Will win the fight

Then that cat will stay out

For the night

When you're

With the Flintstones

Have a yabba-Dabba-Doo time

A dabba-Doo time

We'll have a gay old time

We'll have a gay old time