The Flintstones (1960–1966): Season 6, Episode 21 - Boss for a Day - full transcript

Fred is tired of being picked on by Mr. Slate. The Great Gazoo decides to show him what life is like from Mr. Slate's perspective. For one day, Slate is the lowly worker, and Fred is the boss.

Well, look who's coming.
My old boss.

Ho ho ho!

stop the car. Now.

Yes, sir.


Now, you were saying?

I was, uh, saying...

Good morning,
Mr. Flintstone, boss.

Well, Slate,
time to get to work.

Mustn't keep the boss waiting.

To the office,





meet the Flintstones

They're the modern
stone age family

From the town of Bedrock

They're a page
right out of history

Let's ride with the family
down the street

Through the courtesy

Of fred's two feet

When you're
with the Flintstones

Have a yabba-Dabba-Doo

A dabba-Doo time

We'll have a gay old time

I gave myself plenty
of time this morning.

So I could get to work
before the whistle blows.

The boss gets awful mad
when I'm late.

Oh, boy, that car up ahead
is going slow.

Move, will you?

[Squawk squawk]

Out of the way, you!

squawk squawk]

Hey, not so hard,

He'll make me
late for work again.

O.K. If that's the way
he wants to play it.

He's going to
get me fired.

I don't know about you,
but I'm quit.

Listen, you! The next time
I say move--


What about next time?

Uh, Mr. Slate.
Good morning, boss.

Never mind that,

Now get back
where you belong--

Behind me!

Yes, sir.
Right away, sir.

Oh, boy.

Of all the people
to run into, the boss.

I sure started off
on the wrong foot.

Some guys
get all the breaks.

Look at that.
Big car. Big shot.

Sheesh! What's he got
that I haven't?


We'll just
make it in time.

Good morning,
Mr. Slate.

Good morning,

Hiya, Mac.

Hold it, Flintstone!

Hold it for what?

You're 30 seconds late.

30 seconds?

We're docking you
for it.

Mr. Slate's orders.

Ooh, that Slate.

What a life he has!

Nothing to do but boss
guys like me around.


Ooh! Look
at that Flintstone,

Gold-bricking again.

No wonder we're always
behind in production.


Miss Slag,
get hold of the foreman.

Tell him Flintstone's
gold-bricking again.

Miss Slag, get hold
of the foreman.

Tell him Flintstone's
gold-bricking again.

Yes, Mr. Slate.
Immediately, sir.

Yes, Mr. Slate.
Immediately, sir.


Hey, Flintstone, wake up!

Step on it!

you better hop to it!

Mr. Slate knows
you're gold-bricking again!

O.K. O.K.

And another thing!

The accountant
wants to see you!

All right, Flintstone.

Slate's going to
hear about this.

So I slipped. Sheesh!

"Petrified accountant."
Wonder what he wants.

Who's there?

This is Fred Flintstone.

You sent for me,
Mr. Rockpile?

Yes. You owe the Bedrock
Quarry Company $33.

I what?

For 11 weeks, you've gotten
paid $3.00 too much.

Too much? I thought
it was a raise.

You have to be
joking, Flintstone.

You? A raise?
Har har!

I thought
it was a surprise.

If Mr. Slate hears about it,
it's going to be.

But-- But--
But-- But-- But--

You wish Mr. Slate
to learn about it?

No, no.
Oh, you can deduct it.

We intend to!

What you waiting for,
get back to work!

Yes, Mr. Rockpile.
Good-Bye, sir.

Ooh, that Slate!

All he does is sit back

and figure out how to
make my life miserable.

Phew! It's hot.

I better
stop for a drink

before I get back to the job.

Man's entitled
to a little relaxation.


[Glug glug glug]


Well, here's one place
Slate can't find me

to bawl me out.

I better check on that
Flintstone character.


Aha! Asleep at the
water cooler, is he?


This is a lot more comfortable
than the quarry.


You fell into my trap,

You think that water
cooler is there

so you can gold-brick?

Now get back to work!

Y-Y-Yes, sir, sir!

Ooh, rotten,
frotten... Slate.

What did you say,

Speak up!

I just said O.K.,
Mr. Slate.

Never mind the O.K.s.

what you're paid for,

and no more goofing off!

I'm watching
your every move!


Did anybody ever have it
as tough as me?

You think
you got it tough?

Like to swap jobs,

That no-good Slate!

Hmm! What a soft life
that Slate has.


Quitting time!

Whoa! That's a load
off my back.

Open up, buster.

O.K., Flintstone.
Caught you.

You clocked out
45 seconds early.

F-F-Forty five

Don't think
you won't get docked.

Mr. Slate's orders.
Now get going.





How's the lawn mower
working now, Barney?

It's much easier
pushing it

with that new
skateboard attachment.

Yeah. What won't they
think of next?

Here comes fred.

Hiya, fred.


What's with Fred,

Must have had
a bad day.

I hope it
isn't serious.

What's the matter?

Bad day at Bedrock, Fred?


[arr arr arr]

[Yipe yipe yipe]


Dino was only

how glad he was
to see you home.

I know, Barney.
I'm-- I'm sorry.

I shouldn't take it out
on you or Dino.

Take what out?

Oh, that Slate!

What a pushing around
he gave me today.

If i had one wish,
I'd fix him but good.


Well, what?

What are you
talking about?

Our friend--
The great Gazoo.

Hey, yeah! Gazoo!

You called?

Yeah, Gazoo.
Fred was just saying--

I'd rather
tell him myself.

I was saying
if I had the chance,

I'd fix those wise guys
at the office.

Meaning your boss, eh?

Especially him.

You'd like to be
boss in his place.

Oh, boy, would I!

Nothing to do
all day

but sit around
yelling at people,

Giving orders,
and raking in the dough.

Gee, fred. He must do more
than that.

Well, I'd like to
try it just once.

Consider it done,


You want to be boss.


You've got
your chance.

As of 0800
tomorrow morning,

You will be boss
for one day.

Y-Y-You mean it?

Mean what, fred?

What were you
talking about, dear?

Nobody. Nothing.
Just-- Just Barney and me.

We were just talking.


Bless you, Pebbles.

Are you getting
a cold, dear?

It's funny how
only you and me

and the kids
can see Gazoo.

Not so funny,

You two can see me
because you found me.

Children see me
because they understand me.

I understand you.

Fred, did anything
unusual happen today?

I'm talking to you!

Huh? No, no, dear.
N-Nothing happened.

Well, come on in
and wash up.

The Rubbles are coming
over to a barbecue.


Bless you, Pebbles.

I see fred got some beautiful,
new barbecue equipment.

This steak is taking
a long time to cook.

How do you want it?

Uh, medium rare.

One bronto steak,
medium rare, coming up.

Hey! That's perfect,


Not so fast,

Hey, bamm-Bamm.

Bamm bamm bamm!

Wilma, having the strongest kid
in the world

can sometimes
be a real problem.


Bamm bamm bamm!


Here we go again.

I hope Gazoo
shows up today.

Fred, haven't you
forgotten something?

Hmm... uh, what?


I'm sorry, Pebbles.

Have a good day, dear.

Can't be worse
than yesterday.

Have a good day, barney.

You, too, Betty.

say good-bye.

Goo-bye. Goo-bye.

Hee hee hee.

How about that, Betty?
He's saying good-bye.

Bamm bamm bamm!

Barney, I don't want
to be late for work!

When the world's strongest
boy says good-bye,

It ain't easy.

O.K. Hurry up.

Sure, fred.
Good-bye, Bamm-Bamm.

Another day,
another dollar, huh, fred?


It's tomorrow morning.

I'm still the same guy
I was yesterday.

I'd hate to wake up
and be somebody different.

Gazoo promised to
make me boss for a day.

And so you shall,

At precisely 0800,
which is 3, 2, 1, now.


Gosh, it happened!

Yeah. I hardly
recognize you, Fred.

Uh, Rockbottom.

Yes, sir.

Stop the car.

Yes, sir.


Who, uh, me?

Yes. I'm a boss.

I can't be seen
with you.

But you always
give me a lift.


Yes, boss.

Proceed, Rockbottom.

He's starting out
on the wrong foot.

I hope he doesn't
put it in his mouth.

Well, look who's coming.
My old boss.

Ho ho ho!

slow down a bit.

Yes, sir.

Come on, you.
Move it.

I don't want to
be late.

stop the car. Now.

Yes, sir.


Now, you were saying?

I was, uh, saying...

Good morning,
Mr. Flintstone, boss.

Well, let's see...
your name is--

Slate, sir.

One of your

best men, sir.

I've seen you
around the quarry.

come to think of it.


Well, Slate,
time to get to work,

mustn't keep
the boss waiting.

To the office,

Yes, sir.




Good morning,
Mr. Flintstone.

Lovely morning, boss.

Not for everybody.

Make sure
you mark Slate late.

Yes, sir, boss!

What a great day
this is going to be!

It's only 8:15,

And it's already my
happiest day of my life!

Now, let's see...

who's first on my list?

Hmm? Ah, yes.


Miss Slag,
get me the foreman.

I want him here
in six seconds!

Miss Slag,
get me the foreman.

I want him here
in six seconds!

Yes, Mr. Flintstone.
Immediately, sir.

Hey, watch it!

Every time
we get a new boss,

we get
a new system.

Six seconds
on the nose!


Foreman, I want you

to keep your eye
on Slate.

He's goofing off.

Yes, sir,
Mr. Flintstone!

Back to work.

you're goofing off,

And Mr. Flintstone,

the new boss,
don't like it!

I won't anymore.
I promise.

Oh, boy!

Well, who's next
on the agenda?

Oh, yes.
The company accountant.

[Secretary] Mr. Rockpile, you're
wanted in the front office.

Yes, sir...
uh, ma'am.

it's come to my attention

that you're being

I'll cut my salary
at once, sir.

And raise mine,

Right, sir.
Right, sir.

O.K. Back to your books.

Mr. Flintstone.

Now that I've taken care
of the important business,

I think I'll call Barney.

Gee, Fred.
Pretty snazzy place.

Yeah, barn. Not bad.

Say, I want to apologize
for this morning.

That's O.K., Fred.

I didn't
treat you right,

and I'm sorry.

Help yourself,
old buddy.

Thanks, Fred.

Take these
for after lunch.

Oh, gee, Fred.

But I didn't bring
any lunch with me.

Are you kidding?

Well, be my guest,

There's an executive
dining room here--

Waiters, tablecloths,
the works.

So! That's why we're
always losing money.

Throwing away company
profits on entertaining,

Handing out
expensive cigars

to every Tom,
Dick, and Harry.

My name's barney,
not Tom, Dick, or Harry.

Never mind, you.

what are you doing?

Hold on, shorty.
I'm the boss around here.

Big deal!
Do you know who I am?

No. Who?

I am the chairman of
the board of directors.

- You work for me!
- I do?

You mean the boss
has a boss?

You bet,
and that's me.

Gee, and I
didn't even know.

You better go, Barney.
I'll see you later.

Well, O.K., Fred.

Hold it!

Now beat it!

All right, Flintstone,
during lunch,

We have a few
matters to discuss.

In the executive
dining room.

You're joking,

We don't have time
for that routine.

Here. Have a carrot,
best lunch in the world.

Sharpens your wits
and keeps you trim.

You could use a lot of
trimming, Flintstone.

Pick up your carrot
and come with me.

follow me.

Where to?

Questions, questions.
Can't you underlings

ever just
take an order

without a lot
of yakking?

Now, come on!
And pick up your lunch!


I never knew Slate
had it so tough.

Hi, Mr. Chairman.

Hi, Mr. Flintstone.

a good lunch?


Nothing like
a substantial meal

to make men
work better.

For them it's good,
but for me, it's not?

They work. They're the
backbone of our industry.

Mr. Chairman,

Mr. Flintstone.

enjoy your meal.


He acts like they're
bosses and I'm a...

stooge is the word!

Boy, oh, boy. Being a boss
is tougher than I thought.

Flintstone, meet your
board of directors.

You all know
Flintstone, of course.

Hi, fellas.

Be seated,

Flintstone, the meeting
is ready to begin.

Where do I sit?

- At the end of the table.
- Oh, yes, sir.

First order of business,
gentlemen, is lunch.


why aren't you eating lunch?

I finished mine.

Let's get down
to business.

Who are we
firing first?

I haven't decided.

We have a few matters
to take up with Flintstone.

Wages have gone up.

You gave yourself
a raise, Flintstone?

Yes, sir.

Well, cut your salary.

Uh, yes, sir.

Our prices
have come down

to meet our competition.

What will you do
about that?

Yes, what?


I'm studying
the situation.

Your recommendations
to be on my desk in the morning.

What's your report
on production?

Uh, we produce

We're all aware
of what we produce,

you nincompoop.

What we want to know
is how much.

I just took over
this morning.

Alibis will
get you no place.

Well, gentelmen's,
so much for business.

I'm for a plunge
in our executive pool.

Have a nice steam bath
in a executive steam room.

Who'll join me?


You? You're just
a boss around here.

The steam room
is for the directors.

All right, gentlemen's.
To the executive pool.

Gee, poor mr. Slate.

I never dreamed
he had such a miserable life.

[Knock on door]


Busy, dear?

No. No, I'm just
waiting for some scissors

So I can start
cutting out paper dolls.

I just bought this full-Length
minkasaurus coat,

And I need
some money.

Minkasaurus coat?

Well, dear,
you're the boss.



Oh, boy! Quitting time.
Now I can get out of here.

Where do you think
you're going?

It's closing time.
I'm going home.

It's closing time for our
valued working men.

For bosses, no.

You're not a time clock.
You stay till your work's done,

and that's an order.


Home, Rockbottom.

Yes, sir.

I've never been
so glad

to get to the end
of a day in my life.

Dear, dear.
Poor Dum-Dum.

I better
bring him back.

Hey! What do you know?

It's over! It's me again!

Oh, boy!

Gazoo! Hey,
I'll never forget you

for teaching me
such a good lesson.

You really
learned something,

didn't you, Dum-Dum?

Did I? My poor boss
Mr. Slate!

I wouldn't want to
be in his shoes

for all the money
in the world, Gazoo.

I'll tell you
something else, too.

I've been
goofing off at work.

No more.
I found out today

What a lucky guy
I am.

And what a real friend
you are, Gazoo.

Thanks again, pal.


Fred? Is that you, dear?

Be right in, Wilma.

I've kept
your dinner warm.

You're just in time
to tuck Pebbles in.

Sure glad to be home.

Fred, were you talking to
someone in the garage?

Eh.. .eh... oh, that!

No, no. That was
a radio program...

called, uh...

the man from
planet granite.

Oh, I never
heard of it.

Must be a new program.

Yeah, sure is.
Heh heh heh!

Well, I guess I can chalk up
another good deed.

I certainly will miss
these earthly Dum-Dums

When I return to
my own planet.


meet the Flintstones

They're the modern
stone age family

From the town of Bedrock

They're a page
right out of history

Someday, maybe fred

Will win the fight

Then that cat will stay out

For the night

When you're

With the Flintstones

Have a yabba-Dabba-Doo time

A dabba-Doo time

We'll have a gay old time

We'll have a gay old time