The Flintstones (1960–1966): Season 6, Episode 22 - Fred's Island - full transcript

Mr. Slate gives Fred the use of his yacht--on condition that Fred paint it. Fred falls asleep and wakes to find himself aground on a desert island. Or is it an amusement park?

Come on, boy.

Up! Up! Up! Up!

That boss slate,

Him and his
production quotas.

All right, boy!
Up! Up!


Oh, my aching back!

His aching back?

What does he think I'm doing?
Playing charades?

To think, that
in high school,

I was president
of my senior class.

Trouble was, I kept
getting reelected.

Attention, all workers!

all workers!

Tomorrow being
the boss' birthday,

He hereby declares it
a legal holiday.

Everybody gets
a day off!


As for today, everyone
will work at double speed.


All right,
back to the job.



meet the Flintstones

They're the modern
stone age family

From the town of Bedrock

They're a page
right out of history

Let's ride with the family
down the street

Through the courtesy

Of Fred's two feet

When you're
with the Flintstones

Have a Yabba-Dabba-Doo

A dabba-Doo time

We'll have a gay old time



That darn Slate,
speeding us up.

Who does he
think he is?

As for that
flunky foreman,

I've a mind to--


Yes, Mr. Flunky--
I mean, yes, Mr. Foreman?

Boss Slate wants to
see you in his office.

He wants to see me?

Uh, w-what about?

I don't know,

He said to get
that nitwit in here.

He called me a nitwit?

Right. What of it?

At least he knows me.

I'm not just
another number.

"Boss Slate."
Oh, boy.

what he wants.

Hmm... what's
this say?

Heh heh heh.
Nice sense of humor.

Come in, you nitwit.
Come in.

Fred Flintstone

reporting for
punishment, sir.

Off your knees, Fred.

This isn't payday.

You called me Fred!

Why shouldn't I?

You'll be spending the day
tomorrow on my yacht.

Yes, sir. Spending
the day on your...

The S.S. Mogulrock?

Do you mean--

The missis and I
won't be using it.

We're touring
that new amusement park,


And you're trusting me

with your
million-Dollar yacht?

That's right, Fred.
Just keep it tied to the dock.

No leaving the dock.
Yes, sir.

It'll be kind of lonely
without my family.

Take them with you.

Call Wilma and tell her
the good news.

Use my phone.

Oh ho ho!
Thank you, sir!

I don't care what
the others think, mr. Slate.

You are a human being.

I wonder what
Wilma will say.

Yay! Oh ho!

A day
on the boss's yacht!

Hear that, Pebbles?

Daddy's taking us
on Mr. Slate's yacht.

Ga! Ga da ga!

Mr. Sate's ga.

[Arr arr]


Bye-Bye, hon.
See you onboard.

I've never heard
Wilma so happy.

Got her heart
set on it, has she?

You bet.
And don't worry,

We'll take care
of your yacht.

I'll treat it
like my own.

I know you will, Fred.

Here's the paint
and brushes.

Paint? Brushes?

After you
paint the deck,

You can start
scraping the barnacles.

Heh heh heh!

I get it.
Some invitation.

All you want is
a free paint job.

Nobody's forcing you,

You can call your wife

And tell her
everything's off.

That would break
Wilma's heart.

Yes, and don't
forget Pebbles--

Probably wouldn't
eat for days.

O.K., O.K.,
I'll do the work.

Ooh, what
a miserable...

Fred, I can't
get over it--

Mr. Slate lending
you his yacht.

Like I said, Barn,

He practically
forced it on me.

Said I was
the yachting type.

You and Wilma
will meet

rich, filthy people
at the yacht club.

You mean
filthy rich people.

That's them.
I sure envy you.

Don't worry, Barn.

When I'm hobnobbing
with the upper crust,

I'll mention
your name in passing.

So long, Fred.
Good luck on the yacht.

So long, Rubble.
Do keep in touch.

Adios. I wish I was
in your shoes.

Hold, Barn.
I have an idea.

Why don't you
and Betty come?

Bring bamm-Bamm.

We can really go
on a yacht?

I may even
invite you

to dine at
the captain's table.

Gee, captain,
you're a real pal.

I wonder what
Betty will say

when you tell her
the news.

Yeah! I'll tell
her right away.

Hey, Betty! Betty!

Wait till you hear!

What is it, Barney?
Why the excitement?

Fred invited us to
spend a day on a yacht.

A yacht? How marvelous!

Guess what,

We're going
on a yacht.




Bamm! Bamm!

Heh heh heh!
Betty and bamm-Bamm,

They've got their
hearts set on it.

Yeah, that's for sure.

I've never been
on a yacht.

What will I wear?

This will do
for a starter.

Bedrock paint company?

That's a painter's cap.

Well, you don't have
to help me, Barney.

You can tell Betty that
everything's off.

Bamm-Bamm probably
won't eat for days.

O.K., I'll help, but it's
a pretty sneaky trick.

True, but you know
the saying--

Two pigeons are
better than one.

That's how
Slate got you?


Ha ha ha!
Ha ha ha!

"Bedrock Yacht Club."

"Snobs only."

Very exclusive place.

The members
must be loaded.

Yeah. I read
where one of the members

blackballed his own son.

His own son?

He had no choice.

The boy
had gotten a job.

Here comes someone.

I say there.
Are you people in the club?

Oh, sure. 4-H club,
the auto club,

Slab-Of-The-Month club.

Fred, he's referring
to the yacht club.

Oh... oh, yeah.

My boss slate
said that we

could spend the day
on his boat.

Oh, yes, I understand.

It's the crew's
day off,

And you're
the temporary help.

Well, have fun.

Temporary help?
The nerve of that guy.

Forget it, Fred.

We just don't fit

The yacht club

Oh, yeah? I'm going
to change my image.

See you shortly.

Look at that boat, Barney,
isn't she a beauty.

I prefer

One of those
southern-Type boats.


Yeah. A yawl!

Oh, dear!

There she is--
The S.S. Mogulrock.

Ga ga tee gogorock.

No, this is just
the dinghy. Look.

"That is
the Mogulrock!"

Oh, my gracious!


Hey, that's
really something--

Biggest tax deduction
I ever saw.

Ahoy, landlubbers!

Captain Flintstone
at your service.

Anyone for deck tennis?
Ha ha ha!

Fred! You in that uniform!
What on earth?

Pretty snipadooby
snappy, eh?

Hey, tell me, usher,

any seats left
in the mezzanine?

Ha ha ha!

Oh, captain, sir.

The kids are hungry.

When do we eat?

Right now,

to the gallery.

I believe the word is
"galley," captain.

Uh... of course.
Just testing you, mate.

Step aboard.

Hold it, Barney.

Take this.

A boatswain bird?
What for?

None of your lip,
you blighter!

Pipe me aboard! Hip!

First captain I ever saw
go down without his ship!

Hee hee hee!

Nothing like brontosaurus
soup, huh, crew?

Aye, aye,
and such an honor

to sit at the
captain's table.

How true, how true.

You may clear away
the soup, steward.

Aye, aye, sir,

But you're taking
this captain stuff

a little too seriously.


Sorry, sir.
The soup curved.

Barney, my uniform!

Don't say it, sir.

Remember, there are women
and children aboard.

It's time
for Bamm-Bamm's nap.

Pebbles, we're going
to the stateroom.

Ga ga dee.


Oh, she's
so lovable,

Just like her daddy.

Captain lovable,
shouldn't we start

That paint job
for you-know-who?

Later. First,
let's get some exercise

on the deck.

This is a great way
to exercise, Fred.

I feel like a new man.

Yep. Nothing like
shipboard life.

Makes you
glad to be alive.


Uh-Huh, it sure does.

It gives you that...

that... that get up
and go.


Uh... nothing to worry
about, Mr. Slate.


I'll take good care
of your yacht.

You know me.

[Arr arr arr]

Huh? Oh, it's you, Dino.

[Arr arr arr]

Oh, I get it.

You woke me up
to take a swim.

Good thinking.

Boy, oh, boy,
I can just feel

that cool
ocean water.

Here goes!


Help, Barney!

Help! Help!

That's Fred!
Sounds like he's drowning!

Hold on, old buddy!
I'll save you!



Get off of me, Barney.

Boy, I've heard
of hard water, but this.

It's not water.
We're beached.

Looks like
a deserted island.

We must have drifted
here on the tide.

Sure hope your boss has
a sense of humor.

Never mind him.
Let's explore.

Who knows what
we'll find?

Maybe something valuable
like empty pop bottles.

We could make a fortune
on the deposits.

All my life I've
dreamed of this--

Our very own island.

I have the name for it--
Rubble's reef.

Uh... no, Barney, no.

and Rubble's reef?

No, no, no. It should
be something unusual.

I have it. We'll call it
Flintstone island.

Fred, what's
going on?

Looks like we're stuck
on a sand bar.

Welcome to Flintstone
island, ladies.

Flintstone island?

Featuring the capital
city of Rubble.

What? All I see
is a lot of nothing.

[Fred] This could be
a multimillion-dollar

Real-Estate development.

For people
who like

for their money.

Ignore those
scoffers, B.R.

Come. Let us lay out
the subdivisions.

mayor Flintstone.

What about us?

Figure out where
to put the town.

Leave room
for bowling alleys!

What do you think,

They're acting strange.

If there were a phone,
I'd call the wagon.

The subdivision's
steep here.

Just the place to build
the city hall.

Very commanding view.

Uh-Oh, Fred. Look at
those giant footprints.

Somebody's trespassing
on our island already.

Don't be silly,

They're undoubtedly
ancient fossil footprints

from another era.

Pay no attention
to them.

Ngalooki! Da koota!

It's him, Fred! The ancient
fossil from another era!

Gura hoota laeteta!
Aleksu zalim!



How about that?
A weak-kneed wild man.

He's probably never seen
civilized men before.

I'll make friends
with him.

We... be... friends.


Jabookoo fisuklizo.


Hey, he learns fast.

Yeah, and he
probably knows

every inch
of this island.

We should make him
a partner.

What will we call him?

I know.
Today's friday,

So let's call him--

No, no.
That's too corny.

We'll call
him saturday.

That's an off day,

and he's
definitely off.

Me saturday.
Union say time and a half.

Ha ha ha!

Hey, an organized savage.
Now I've seen everything.

He probably learned
from the peace corps.

show us around.


It's a volcano,
and it looks kind of active!

Stop worrying, Barney.

Every new real-Estate

bound to have problems.


Ch-Chalk up another
problem, Fred.

Instant gorilla!

Oh, he's gone.
Thank goodness.


- Aah!
- Aah!

- Aah!
- Ooh!

Barn, if we live to
draw up the plans,

this will be the bad
section of town.


Let's beat it, Fred!

This property's

I'm with you!

Come on, saturday,
we'll save you!

[Man] Now, ladies and
gentlemen, kids,

Be especially careful.

We're entering
the jungle.

Isn't this exciting?

It's the best
amusement park yet!

Bedrockland? But...

then this isn't
an island!

Not if it's the new
amusement park, Fred.

We didn't pay admission.

We just drifted over
across the bay.

Oh, boy.

be prepared, folks.

Anything can happen.


Uh-Oh, it's old

Rocka-Papa-Kettle acting up.

Never know when it will

Look at those
tourists, Barn.

Some of them
are scared.

A bunch of yokels.

Don't they know
it's make-Believe?


It's king kongasaurus!

Watch out!
He's a killer!

See, dear? The big monkey!
Look at his teeth!

Now, stop
getting excited.

It's all in fun.
They're just models.

I know, dear,

But they look
so realistic, and...


I can't look.
Is it gone?

Do you see
who I see?

It's boss slate.
If he catches you here,

It'll be "bugler,
blow taps."

He'll see us!
We got to do something!

Now, folks,
you're entering

The most
dangerous part

Of our safari,

The land of
bloodthirsty savages,

The cave kooks.

Kini namtiki!

Vehico! Hargay!

That's my cue
to attack.

Hey, I get it.

Saturday works as
a professional savage.

That's why he knows
about time and a half.

Never mind!
Grab mud and grass!

I don't get it.

You'll get this!
Now hurry!


I don't like it.

This ominous silence--

It's not a good sign.

You never know when
some cave kook will--

Linza! Ma maliga!

Wego haya waga
wooga boo!

Oomaga saladriva
de fredah catondo!

Yankee, go home!

It's the cave kooks!
What will we do?

Will you act
your age?



Bite dust. Bite dust!


Ohh! Hetoga
ma kitowa!

Stop overacting,
you big ham.

Just wonderful!
What a spectacle!

Wait till my kids
see this!

Hold it. I want a picture
of those savages,

A souvenir
for the children.

Our children
are all grown-up.

It's more than
I can say for him.

Nice show, savage.

You certainly had
the missis fooled.

Now I'd like
a picture of you two.

Wait a minute. Haven't I seen
you somewhere before?

Uh...yabba dabba
googen babba

Bote bidig badaga.

The resemblance
is remarkable,

But I must
be mistaken.


Gesundheit, Fred.
Uh-Oh. Sorry.

Fred? Fred Flintstone?

Uh... peekaboo,
Mr. Slate.

We were-- That is--
I mean, I-I...

wait a minute!
What about my yacht?

Where's my yacht?

Control yourself, oscar.
Look over there.

It's the Mogulrock!

I said to
keep it docked!

I can explain,

Sure, he can.

On your knees,

Never mind, Flintstone,

You... you shiplifter!

Not only are you fired,

I'm charging you
with grand larceny,

mutiny, and piracy.

A good lawyer might
get you off with life.

[Slate] Will you
shut that off?

We've seen
it work.

I haven't touched it!

It's really

What will we do?

Greenie! Tuseeny!

Volcano god
blowing his top!

No use trying
to make it back.

The track's already blocked
with boiling lava.

What can we do?

Somebody think
of something.

Speak up!

I have it, sir.
Your yacht!

We can get aboard
and escape by sea!

Good thinking, mister!

Come on!
To the boat!


Hey! This way, saturday!

Hey, hey!
Where you going?

He liber! Ko haktu!

Me have motorboat.
Go home to family.

Nice knowing you,

If you're
ever in Bedrock,

the Flintstones.

Here comes
the boiling lava!

Say, Fred, about this

partnership of ours,

Would you like
to buy me out?

For he's
a jolly rock fellow

For he's a jolly rock fellow

For he's
a jolly rock fellow

Which nobody can deny

Hear that, Fred?
It's for you.

You're a hero!

Oh, it was
nothing, really.

Nothing? If you hadn't
thought of the ship,

We'd all be

He's right, Flintstone.
You brought the boat here.

Guess we owe you
our lives.

I'm dropping all those charges
and rehiring you.

thank you, boss,

And if there's anything else
I can do--

Well, as a matter of fact,

There is!

How's it going,

Ohh, that ingrate,
making me paint

after I saved his life.

I've a mind to--


Look at this!
Red paint!

I'm, uh...
I'm sorry, sir.

Would you prefer
some other color?

[Wilma] It's good to be
home, isn't it, Fred?

Yeah, but I miss
that yacht.

I was meant
for the sea.

That's what
boss slate said

When he tried
to throw you overboard.

Ha ha ha.
Very funny.

[Knock on door]

I wonder who it is
at this hour.

Ah, cousin
da fiftika.

Hiya, Flintstone.

Saturday, what are
you doing here?

You invite me
to drop in.

Me drop in...
for week.

Meet wives
and children.

Hiya, Flintstone!
Hiya, Flintstone!

Hiya, Flintstone.

Hiya, Flintstone!
Hiya, Flintstone!

Hiya, Flintstone.

Hiya, Flintstone!
Hiya, Flintstone!

Hiya, Flintstone.

Ha ha ha! I'll get out
the extra linen.


Come in, everybody.

Welcome! Ha ha ha!
Make yourself at home.

Join the family.

Oh, boy.

meet the Flintstones

They're the modern
stone age family

From the town of bedrock

They're a page
right out of history

Someday, maybe Fred

Will win the fight

Then that cat will stay out

For the night

When you're

With the Flintstones

Have a yabba-Dabba-Doo time

A dabba-Doo time

We'll have a gay old time

We'll have a gay old time