The Flintstones (1960–1966): Season 6, Episode 19 - The Treasure of Sierra Madrock - full transcript

Traveling through the desert on their way to Rock Vegas, Fred and Barney fall prey to con men who have seeded the river with phony gold. When it turns out that the river contains real gold after all, the con men will do whatever it takes to oust the Flintstones and Rubbles from their claim.

You know, Betty,

This second honeymoon trip has
been our best vacation ever.

It's always good to get

But it'll be nice
to get back to the kids.

Can you imagine...

actually winning money
in Rock Vegas.

Imagine quitting while
we were ahead.

I got to hand it
to you, Fred,

That's willpower.

Greed never gets you
anywhere, Barn.

You have to know
when to stop.

My judgment in these matters
is pretty sensational.

uh, Fred,

I don't mean
to question

your sensational

But didn't we take
the wrong road?

For shame, Wilma.

Have I ever
led you wrong?

There's the shortcut sign

Look at the map, Fred.

This road looks

Relax, Wilma.

The sign said
this was a shortcut.

There's nothing dangerous
about it.

- You heard?
- I heard.

They'll be sorry.

Ha ha ha ha ha ha.

I hope you're right.

Wilma, if there's one
thing I always know,

It's where I'm going.

Hey, Barn, you have any
idea where we are?

Nope. I'm lost, too.

Oh, boy.

The sign said there's
a town up ahead.

Ask there.

Yeah, thanks,

Don't look now,

But our fearless
leaders could use

a couple of boy scouts
and a compass.

Hee hee hee hee.



meet the Flintstones

They're the modern
stone age family

From the town of Bedrock

They're a page
right out of history

Let's ride with the family
down the street

Through the courtesy

Of Fred's two feet

When you're
with the Flintstones

Have a yabba-Dabba-Doo

A dabba-Doo time

We'll have a gay old time

You did a good job with
them road signs, Zeke.

Here come the flies
right into our trap.

I hope they got plenty
of cash on them...

and that
they're dumb enough

to fall for the phony
gold mine routine.

Yeah. Ha ha ha.

Go get the donkasaurus
and the gold samples.

Girls, wait here.

We'll be back
with some food.

And directions,
I hope.

Afternoon, folks.

How's your luck today?

Not so good.

We're lost.


Ain't you fellas mining
up here?

Mining what?

You're standing in the
richest gold mining territory

in the whole
blamed country.

Gold mining territory?

Been more fortune
made up here

than I got gold teeth.

Ha ha ha ha ha.

That's a lot
of teeth, Fred.

Yeah, and a lot
of gold, too.

Of course.

The big strike
ain't been made yet.

you all heard of...

the lost treasure
of Sierra Madrock.

No. What is it?

Oh, the biggest darn
gold mine ever was.

A fella found it
then disappeared.

No one knows where,

But it's around here

Someone's bound
to hit it soon.

Fred, you thinking
what I'm thinking?

You know it, Barn.

The girls won't go
for it.

Could I interest
you fellers

in some
mining equipment?

Well, uh...




I struck it rich!

I finally
struck it rich!

I'm a millionaire!


Just looky here, Zeke.

Look at them
little nuggets.

and a-Shinin'.


Them's mighty big
little nuggets.

Don't know for sure,

But I think I hit
the mother lode.

You mean you found
the lost treasure--


Not so loud.

Pardon me. Could we see
them little nuggets?

Don't believe we've met,

Where'd you find them
nuggets, old-Timer?


Hangman's gulch...

stream under big "v".


Lots more...

could be millions,
I tell ya.

Well, got to be going, Zeke.

Keep it under your hat.

You can count on me old-Timer.


I'm rich!

Rich, I tell ya!

I got millions!

Giddyap, donkasaurus.

Let's get back
to our diggings.

[Honk honk]

Come on fellas.
What's keeping you?

Just a minute, Wilma.

Barney, my sensational
judgment tells me

we have stumbled on
something big.

It's the chance
of a lifetime.

Say, uh,
some of those picks

and shovels
and mining pans

would make nice souvenirs,
don't you think so, barn?

Uh, uh, yeah, Fred.

Let's buy some for
Bamm-Bamm and Pebbles.

Great idea, Barn.

Now, what can I do
for you, folks?

where are we going,

And what is all
this stuff?

Girles, We've planned
a surprise for you.

Something you've
never expected.

Hee hee hee hee.

Come on.

Get along, little doggy.

Get. Get.

Whoa, donkasaurus!


We got 'em nibbling
at the bait.

Yes, sir.

Let's hightail it up
the back road,

plant the phony
gold nuggets,

And reel them in.

Yes siree.


I don't know
what's wrong.

We're in
hangman's gulch.

This is
the only stream.

There's the big "v".

You know what?
I think we were dopes.

What do you mean?

We never saw
that old-Timer's gold.

Yeah, he wouldn't
show it to us.

The sun got to him.

There's nothing here
butrocks, stones, and gold.

Let's see that gold.

- Gold!
- Gold!

Ho ho.
It's for real.


Ha ha ha!


Fred, we'll be

Millionaires nothing!

We'll be rich.

Ha ha ha!

Fred, wait. Hold it.

What, what, what?

Hold it. Hold it.

Let's play it cool,

We mustn't get
carried away.

Yeah, yeah.
You're right, Barney.

We'll go to town and buy
some heavy mining equipment.

Mum's the word,
right, Barney?

Right, Fred.


Ha ha ha ha ha!

Here come
our prospectors.

what's the matter?

I-I-It's finally happened,

The dream of my life
has come true.

Fred, you got a letter
from mama.

She's leaving
the country.

You can't have everything,

But this is good, too.

Look what we found.

Oh, how pretty.

Well, we'll go home with
souvenirs after all, Betty.


You found what you
were looking for.

We can go home,
can't we?

Go home? Wilma, this is
only the beginning.

We've got serious
mining to do.

You're kidding!

Just because you found
a few little nuggets?

A few little nuggets?

Haven't you ever
heard of

the lost treasure
of Sierra Madrock?

No, I haven't, Fred.

This is a sample
of what's on top.

Once we get below,

You are a rich lady.

Rich, rich, rich,
rich, rich.

Betty, you, too, are rich,
rich, rich, rich, rich.



Rich, rich, rich!

Ha ha ha!

Wilma, they're coming unglued.

It's worse than that,

They've caught
gold fever.

Our whole lives
may be changed

because of a few pieces
of glitter.


It's not glittering now.

Just got some dirt
on it.

I'll shine it up again.

It won't shine up.

Say, you know something,

This is just a rock
painted gold.


They were planted
for the boys to find

so they'd buy
mining equipment.

It looks like someone's
swindling our husbands.

I hope this teaches
our men a lesson.

Come on.
We better warn them.

Oh, they just
never learn.

They never listen,

You said a mouthful,

This time,
let's just keep quiet.

Not tell them
what we found?


Let them find out
for themselves.

Maybe that'll
cure them.

That's terrible.

You're going to let them
just dig and dig and--

What a marvelous idea.

Let's see.

We'll need two lanterns,
a barrel of TNT,

Some matches,
half a dozen buckets,

two 16-Foot ladders,
and then, um...uh...

[car squeaks]

[Betty] I don't see
Barney or Fred, Wilma.

King Midas and his
helper must be inside.

Come on,
let's take a look.

And then we'll need those
superrocko geiger counters,

Two more picks,
and some rope.

You fellas sure are bringing
home a heap of souvenirs.

Want to ask you
two questions--

Do you weigh gold here?

Sure do.

Know how to keep quiet?

- Sure do.
- Then do both, partner.

Shut up and weigh up.

Wish we could sell
tickets to this.

It's a shame to waste
such great acting.


That's 5 pounds
or I'm a rooster.


5 pounds of pure gold.


This is nothing but...

pure gold.

Ha ha.

Where you fellas
been prospecting?

Well, uh, actually,
uh, we, uh--

On my claim.

That's where they
been a-prospectin'.

Thanks for minding
my claim for me, boys.

These old bones don't get
around like they used to.

Hold it there, old-Timer.

What do you mean
your claim?

I mean I own
hangman's gulch

Under the big "v"
where you got that gold.

Oh, thanks again,

Wish I was young and
strong like you fellers.

Oh, but the rheumatism
has got me bad.

If I had enough sense,
I'd sell my claim

and put these tired
old bones out to pasture.

[Fred] You mean you'd
sell your claim?

Oh, no, they wouldn't.

If'n I had sense
and the right offer.

We got the money we
won in Rock Vegas.

You mean our $300?

That's the right offer.

Oh, yes, they would.

It's a deal.

Fellas, you now own
hangman's gulch.

Good luck.

Ha ha ha.
Thanks, old-Timer. So long.

Yeah, see you around.

So long, suckers.

Ha ha ha.

Hurry, Barney, before
he changes his mind.


300 bucks for a dried-Up
old sump hole.

Big city,
here we come.

Oh, Wilma,
all that money gone.

We should have warned
the boys.

We didn't know those
crooks were that crooked.

Still, in all,
they're only men.

Listen, Betty,
I got an idea.


Ha ha ha.

Yeah, but we'll have
to work fast.

Here's another one,

Sack's getting loaded
already, Barn.

Oh, Fred, old buddy,
we found the treasure.

Of course.
I knew it all the time.

We did a good day's work.

Let's get this stuff

I'm with you,

Ready to hit the trail,
old partner?

Sooner the better,

Come on, let's go,
old partner.

Right with you,

Well, well.

Here's them dudes again.

It sure is.

Got some more
samples to weigh.

Oh, sure.

Be my guest, friend.

Thanks, pal.


8 pounds
or I'm a dinosaur.

8 this afternoon,
5 this morning,

Makes 13 pounds.

Thanks for the use
of the scale.

Here's something
for your trouble.

See you tomorrow!

Hee hee hee hee.

Not if we see you first--
8 pounds?

Hey, zeke!

How many phony nuggets
did you plant?

About 2 pounds.

I planted 3,
which makes 5,

So the 8 they just
brung in makes 13.



Zach, old-Timer,
this here's real gold.

Why, them cheatin'

They bought
my no-good claim

And found gold
on it.

Your no-good claim?

That's my no-Good claim.

It's my claim,
and I'm a-gettin' it back.

We're partners, and if
you're getting your half,

I'm a-gettin' mine.


Round and round
she goes.

While I get water
up my nose.

Uh, at least
you keep cool.

Barn, it'll be great
being rich,

but we won't let it
change us, right?

No, sir.

We'll stay the same
buddies we are today.

50-50 all the way.

What's yours is mine,
and what's mine is yours.

Right you are,

Partners forever.

Ha ha ha.

I feel kind of guilty
about that old-Timer.

Yeah, selling his
million-dollar claim to us

for 300 measly rocks.

Ha ha ha ha ha.

What'd you do that for?

I could've got him good.

Sure, and get the law on us.

I got a better way.

We should cut
the old-Timer in

for a piece
of the action.

You're all heart,

- Then you agree, partner?
- Absolutely.

How much of your piece
will you give him?

Of my piece?
What are you trying to pull?

Oh, nothing, Fred.

You can give away as much
of your share as you want.

Barney Rubble,
you are--

Ha ha.

I caught you, Fred.

I was just kidding.

Boy, you scared me.

I thought you were
starting to get greedy.


Hello, old-Timer,
what are you doing here?

You won't believe this,

But one of them city doctors
cured me of my rheumatism.

I'm ready to work
my claim again.

Well, uh, gee,
uh, uh--

Oh, I know you're
entitled to a profit,

So I'll give you 400 bucks
to have it back.

Sorry, no sale.



As the old-Timer's

I'll give you 600.

but no thanks.


- Nope.
- Nope.

Tell you the truth,
I don't blame you,

But this ain't the main
reason we're here.

Tell them, Zeke.

It's the custom
around these parts

to give newcomers
a scenic tour.

We thought we'd
show you around.

That's mighty

We can't spare
the time.

Oh, sure, we can.

Go ahead, Fred.
I'll work the claim.

Oh, you will, huh?

And keep the day's
profits all to yourself?

Flintstone, that's a low thing
to say to a, uh, uh, partner.

Ha ha ha ha ha.

fair play, Barn.

I was
just kidding.

This time
I caught you.

Good, Fred. You had me
there for a minute.

We're getting edgy.

Let's take
that tour.

O.K., Partner.

We'll go together.

All right,
you donkasaurus.

Get. Get.

How do you like it,

Uh, uh, nice.

At the foot
of this mountain

is one of our greatest
tourist traps--

Uh, I mean,
tourist attractions.

Yes siree.

This here is the famous
Emerald Grotto.


follow close now.

You're in for
a treat.

Fred, let's leave.
I got a funny feeling.

I want to see
the emeralds.

Don't let me stop you.

No, you don't.
If you're going, I'm going.

I don't see any emeralds.

[Zeke] You got to go
deep to find them.

Just keep going.

Your eyes take a while

to get adjusted.

I can't see anything.

[Zeke] Just feel your
way along the wall.

Are you there, Fred?

I'm here.
Don't you trust me?

I don't care for the tone
of your voice.

And I do not care for
the tone of your attitude.



Are you lost, Barney?

O.K., Zach, heave.



what's happening?

Help! Help!

Hey, Fred, this way.

Over here, Fred.

O.K. Barney,
pull harder. Harder.



Two near misses
in a row.

Sure is
a coincidence.

Why you looking at me?

Who's looking?

I know you didn't
mean to get out

and leave me
in there,

But I'll forgive you.

How about that?

Can't figure if you
fellers have a jinx

or a lucky star
going for you.

Come on. We got the
giant falls to show you.

We've looked everywhere,

Where could they
have gone?

Pull up to that store.

I'll ask if anyone's
seen them.

Hurry, Betty.

I'm beginning
to worry.

They saw Fred and Barney
riding out of town

with those crooks.

We have to find them.

They don't know what
trouble they're in.

Now ain't
the giant falls

really something,

It'd be quite a view,

if it weren't
for the company.

The company could do
without you, too.

You sure you won't sell
your claim?

- No.
- No.

How can you
stay partners?

You're trying to kill
each other.

Business and pleasure
are two different things,

But from now on,

This person and me

Are no longer

And that goes
for this person.

I'm not taking
my eyes off him.

Are you insinuating you
don't trust me, Flintstone?

Like a pussycat trusts
a starving coyote.

Let me tell you

You overstuffed hyena,

as far as
I'm concerned--


I'm sorry I said
I don't trust you, Barn.

Likewise, Fred.
Hang on!

That should finish them
for good.

Better ride down to the
bottom just to make sure.

O.K., Zach.

I hate to say this,

but I think those guys
are trying to get us.

Don't talk, Barn.
Save your breath.

I can't hold on
much longer.

There they are, Wilma.

Fred, Barney,
grab hold.

- Wilma!
- Betty!

Oh, you poor dears.

Now hang on tight
while we pull you up.

Thank goodness
we found you in time.

Fellas, listen,
you're in terrible danger.

we got the message.

Uh-Oh. Here comes
double trouble.

Fred, here's the claim.

Sell it back to them.

Sell nothing.

Quit while you're ahead.
They can have it.

At last.

Got the claim,
and the gold is mine.

You mean ours,
don't you, Evil Eye?

That depends on how
you look at it.

Say, pardon me, fellas.

You've been
following us.

Who are you, anyway?

We're the villains.

What do we look like--
Boy scouts?

I thought they were
the villains.

Is there a law you can't have
more than two villains?

Come on, Evil Eye.

I'm with you,
Snake Legs.

Oh, no, you don't.

That's our claim, and we aim to
keep it that way, you crooks.

It's funny how the
promise of a little gold

Can make people turn
into greedy monsters.

[Betty] It's especially
funny in this case.

Ha ha ha ha ha.

We gave up a fortune,
and they're laughing.

What's so funny?

You didn't give up
a fortune.

The gold you found
was all there was.

- Huh?
- Huh?

The first gold
you found was fake,

but the second gold
you found was real.

We discovered
you were being swindled,

so we took our
Rock Vegas winnings

and bought 8 pounds
of real gold nuggets...

which we planted so the
crooks would buy your claim.

We never figured
you wouldn't sell,

And they'd try
to kill you.

Gee, Barney, it was those
crooks all the time,

and I thought
it was you.

Oh, that's O.K., Fred--
I mean, partner.

The feeling was mutual.

Ha ha ha ha ha ha.

If I ever go for another
get-rich-quick scheme,

Hit me, O.K.?

Ba, ba, ba.

That's right,
Pebbles, you heard.

You're my witness.
You, too, Barney.

who needs millions?

Health, family, friends--
That's all you need.

Right, Barn.

The simple life
is the best life.

Here, Pebbles. See the pretty
stone daddy brought you?

Even if it is just
a rock painted gold.

Oh, pretty, pretty.

Bam, bam, bam.

Now, Bamm-Bamm,
you little rascal,

what are you doing
with your souvenir?

Is my kid strong.

Look, Fred,
he broke his rock.

Barn, look, the stone!

Look how it glows
where it's broken.

Gee, if I didn't
know better,

I'd swear that was
uranium rock.

it is uranium rock.

lock all the doors!

That's where I'm headed.

We were so busy
looking for gold,

We overlooked
uranium rock.

bar all the windows.

I'm doing it, Wilma.

Nobody knows they're
up there but us.

We could make
a fortune.

Let's get up there
before anyone finds out.

Sorry. Not this year,
you're not...

or any other.

No more get-rich-quick

Health, family, friends
are all you need.

The simple life
is the best life.

To quote a famous man
with sensational judgment--

Quit while you're ahead.

Barney, women have
the darnedest way

of winning arguments
without arguing.

So, who's complaining?

meet the flintstones

They're the
modern stone age family

From the town of Bedrock

They're a page
right out of history

Someday, maybe Fred

Will win the fight

Then that cat will stay out

For the night

When you're

With the Flintstones

Have a Yabba-dabba-doo time

A dabba-Doo time

We'll have a gay old time

We'll have a gay old time