The Final Score (2022–…): Season 1, Episode 5 - Episode #1.5 - full transcript

Fictional series inspired by fact.

It does not intend to be a faithful
portrayal of reality.


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-Ms. Leonor, how are you?
-What's up, Andrés?

-Good morning.

Where's the team's bus?

In the workshop.

And the coaches?

They're waiting for us in the outskirts.

We're playing a benefit match.

Is everyone here?


Everyone except Higuita.

-What? Did you let him know?
-Of course, Doctor.

Then call for a cab, wait for it here,
and both of you go there.

Tell Higuita not to let anyone see him.

Yes, ma'am.

Ms. Leonor.

We're heading for La Catedral.

Yes, that's where you're playing.

What? Wasn't it a benefit match?

Yes, sir.

Visiting the inmates is
a deed of compassion written in the Bible.

Ms. Leo, aren't the coaches coming?


With all due respect, I won't play there.

You won't?

Well, then you'll explain to those men
why you don't want to play.

-It's more relevant…

-Mr. Higuita…
-Mr. René, come!

An interview, please.


No, don't.

Sir, stop!

What? What are you doing?

Tending to the press.

What? It's the first thing you were told.

Ms. Leonor said
you shouldn't let anyone see you.

But I have nothing to hide.

-Hi, from La Catedral…
-Higuita, hi!

-Higuita? Come!
-Higuita. Let's see if he can come.

It seems Higuita's here.
I hope he can answer some questions.



Guys, welcome.

To us, it's an honor
you're here in La Catedral.

And, to prevent any inconvenience,
we have two basic rules.

First, play as
the professional players you are.

And second, don't you dare win,
for anything in the world.

How about that?

Don't laugh. It's not a joke.

What if we win?

It would be terribly rude to the people
who inhabit this facility, wouldn't it?

You weren't all here?

This way, guys.

What's up, boys?

Have you warmed up? We're gonna beat you.

What's up, Loco?

Did you oversleep, or were you afraid
of the hammering we'll give you?

The guys were a bit jumpy, so…

Oh, okay.

I'll see you there. Get settled, boys.
I can't wait to do this.

I'll wait for you on the field.

Yes, ma'am, the boss is very happy.

I know you're worried
'cause you're risking a lot,

but don't worry, we all risk it all here.

What are you risking?

Does defending public enemy number one
in this country seem little to you?

I hope it's worth it.

Hey, Quique!

What's up, René?

Long time no see.

We'll hammer you.

We'll see.


Let the visiting team kick off.


Come on, strong!

-Tackling from behind!


Your foul came first.

-You've started whining. Nail!

Come referee. These starlets
can't play without an arbiter.

They say we mess with their hair.

Kick it!

Go, shadow him!

-Come on!

What a strike!

-You're playing as home team.
-Go back!



Come on, strike a goal!



Give it! Pass it! Kick it to me!

Good! What a goal, buddy!
Good one, Quique!

Fuck, yeah! Well done!

Go after it, man.
At least bluff for the picture.

-It's a friendly game.
-What? They're no friends of mine.

Relax, man.


-Flaco, cross it! Good, Flaco!



-Goal! What a goal!
-Good one, boss.



-Quique, play fair!
-Cross it!

Come on, guys.


Leo! Quique!

-Go, Flaco!
-Hey, referee!

-Don't make us lose the match.

Be a good sport, son.

Hey, enough, Leo. Calm down a bit.
Don't you want to go home?

Let them be.

We'll be out of here soon.

-Ball here!
-Let's calm down.

-Let's go.
-Okay, relax.

Goal! What a strike! Bravo!

-Bravo! Goal! Bravo! What a goal!
-What a strike!

We're champions!


What's up, handyman?


Hey, son, you're quite handy.

Pirula, rest his soul, wasn't wrong.
He said you're an ace.

Thank you, sir.

You know what, man?

I need a kid like you out there.

Really? I'm at your service, sir,
whatever you need.

-Okay, I'll have you do some errands.
-Yes, sir, of course.

Here, don't suffer hardships.

God bless you, boss. See you.

Guys, let's go.

René, why did you come here?

I came to visit a friend.

The most dangerous
drug dealer in the nation?

The same who got us lighting
for our neighborhood field.

What will you talk about with the boss?

I'll thank him, for we all feel safer
since he turned himself in.

-When did you last see him?
-No more questions.

-One last question…

That was Higuita.

We'll wait and see
what more news we can get.

Hey, son, don't you worry about that.


You were practically forced to go.

We should be thankful
this gossip didn't spread too much.


You know what made me angrier
after the match?

Seeing Quique celebrating every move
that man made. Like, bowing to him.

"Responding to the images
that place one of our players

in what is allegedly
the road to La Catedral,

the club's board of directors
flatly denies

having authorized or instructed
any of its players to go to that prison."

"The club will open
an inside investigation

to determine if the player in question
should be sanctioned

for not representing
this team's values and spirit."

Thank you.

-Are you linked to them?
-Other players…

Leonor, do you know what you're doing?

Defending the club's interests.

What interests?

You took them all to the game.

But it'll go down in history
that only Higuita was there.

He dug his own grave.

You know what?

Let's do this.

Find another idiot to coach the team.

I quit.

This is definitely cool.

Look at this beauty.

The boss has such confidence in me…

He wants me to be the shooter.
He wants me to make the team progress.

Is the truck out there yours too?

Of course. He pampers me.

Just look at this.

Quique, let's sell all this.

Sell? What are you talking about?
Don't be ungrateful.

He's in jail. It won't be long
before they take it all away again.

He won't. He's giving us opportunities.

Don't be stupid.

You do all these deals
with a bunch of bandits and you're a fool.

A fool? What do mean? Show some respect!

I'm only being faithful and loyal
to the person who gives me opportunities.

Faithful? Be faithful to me, asshole.

This first semester,
we're playing the Libertadores.

And we'll face América once again.

And yes, Pacho and Leo too. So…

What? What happened?
Stop messing around, man.

Professor, we all find it weird
to face Professor Maturana.

He taught us everything.

Yes, but losing would be worse, right?

We must win and be victorious.

So, let's work hard to achieve it!
Let's play!

-Two teams! Andrés!
-Come on, boys!


Andrés, I want you
to be captain this season.

What is it?

What's wrong? Are you scared?

No, Coach. After the game at La Catedral,

there's been friction with some teammates,
and the atmosphere is tense.

That's precisely why, Andrés.

That's why I need you at the helm, son,
to bring this team back together.

Thanks for your trust.
I won't let you down.

I hope you don't.

Come on, two teams!

Come on, boys! Show some attitude!

Can you move it?

-No! Easy!
-Don't move.

-Stay still.

If it's what I'm thinking, it's bad.

Andrés, the surgery was a success.

But cruciate ligament surgery is complex.

Yeah, I know, Doctor.
We'll do whatever needs to be done.

What's more, you can operate on me again,
but promise I'll play again.

That depends on how hard you work.

It'll be two months in a cast
and four to six months of physiotherapy.

What? What about the World Cup
classification matches?

You won't make it.

Probably not to the World Cup either.

That's it! Hurray for Envigado,
the champion, and let all Medellín know!

-Cheers to that!
-Fuck, yeah!

That kid is great.

Get smart and make him a baby soon.

I promise I'll be its godfather.

Thanks, my dear Nail.

This is just a part of it.
I'll give you more.

This is for you,
for being a badass player.

And this is for you, love.
Buy yourself some nice stuff.

Thank you so much,
but Quique also has a present for you.

-Show it to him.
-Yes, sir, of course.

I promised it to you. Here it is.

What is this beauty, kid?

No, actually, hurray for Envigado,
the champion, man!

-Hurray, damn it!

No, you know what? Let's go inside, come.

What a drag, Quique.

Since those people know I'm here,

I'm sure they'll bombard us. Listen, look.

What the fuck are you doing?

Why do you flirt with the boss?

What? I didn't do anything.

Precisely. You did nothing.

Why didn't you speak up?

Are you scared of the boss?

-Are you a chicken?
-You must make them respect you.

What's that?

Take this to Las Américas.
We'll tell you where tomorrow.

Meanwhile, stash that safely.

What? The boss didn't tell me.
I need to talk to him.

Talk to him?
You've got to get out of here fast.

It's turbulent here now.
I said what you have to do.

The government disclosed
the Envigado Prison security chronology.

Despite all problems being foreseen

and having worked on sophisticated
security mechanisms, one failed.

Controlling men's consciences
is practically impossible.

The Envigado Prison
wasn't a maximum-security facility.

There was no time to set it up as such.

The place was leased
on May the 30th, 1991, and Pablo Escobar…

-Senator, I'm quitting the club.

Leonor, you can't quit.

With that man on the street,
there are no guarantees.

You're telling me.
My daughter Sofi was just kidnapped.


And have you spoken with Colonel Bastidas?

Yes. Well, no.

They'll kill her if I call the police.
It's the first thing they warned me about.

René, good morning. How are you?

What's up?

I'm Senator Camilo Posada,
shareholder of the club.

The Medellín Cartel boss
kidnapped my daughter.

I'm so sorry.

You're a public figure.

People love you, people know you.

I'd like to know if you can ask around.

Frankly, I'm desperate.
I don't know what to do.

Help me, René.

Fuck, what happened here?

We need to take this to Rionegro.

-Well, I'll take it.
-No, siree.

-She's taking it.
-Don't get her hands dirty. Why her?

What do you mean why? Boss's orders.

Okay, off to Rionegro.

I'll be right back.

Good morning.

-Mrs. Mercedes?

-Come in.

Sit there.
When the phone rings, pick it up.

Good day.

Why are you looking for me, son?

I'm here on behalf of Mr. Posada.

Is that it?

Why did they send you?

He asked me to.

Keep doing favors
for those assholes that stole from me

and you'll end up like me.

He sent me to ask about the girl.

Girl? What girl?

His daughter.

No, I didn't order anyone
to snatch the girl.

I ordered them to get his wife.

But they took the girl.

Tell him I'll take care of it,
and only because you're mediating.

You know? No one worries about my kids.

But tell him this.
He's paying, no matter what.

Okay, sir.

This house is huge.

What? Do you like it?

Why so many rooms?

Well, for the 11 children
we're having. A soccer team.

Of course, you're not bearing them
nine months or giving birth to them.

Well, then let's have
a micro team. Five kids.

But, love…

Don't you think buying
this house is too soon?

Not even soon enough.

It'll pay for itself, my love.

And if I get a contract with Italy,
we'll put it on lease and go there.

What about your problem
for leaving Switzerland?

They terminated that contract. I'm free.

-Are you?

-Then let's buy it.
-Let's buy it.

Besides, look at this huge area.
You can invite the whole team.

Well, it's not like it used to be.
Everyone's on their own.


Girl, how did you get in?

Those men opened the door for me
and asked me to wait here.


What? What men?

They told me you'd take me home.

And what's your name?


It's a pleasure, Sofi.

-You'll be okay with me.
-I watch all your games.

-Can I touch your hair?

Of course you can, beauty.

Step out.


I couldn't wait for you to come back home.

Our campaign in this elimination round
is impeccable.

We're in Group A,
next to Argentina, Paraguay, and Peru.

We've played a series of matches
with results that have…

Stop there! Get down!

Get down!

Now you're screwed, man.

Your woman snitched on you.

I'll tell you where everything is.
Just leave her alone.

If you give me the boss,
you'll both get off scot-free.

And you'll earn good cash.

I don't know where he is.

I don't know where that man is.

Take him.

Move it.

What's up, Coach?

-How are you, Andrés?

-Where are your crutches?
-No more crutches. I sold them.

I mean it. How are you?


In fact, the doctor said I'm ready

to go back to the National Team.

He told me otherwise, Andrés.

What's that? Repeat it!

Coach, think of me.

I need to play.

Don't rush it, Andrés.

Your injuries are recent.

Besides, you still have
a lot of soccer ahead of you.

And repeat! That's it!




Fucking snitch!


You won't last a second, you know?

Snitch! Fucking snitch!

You had to be Green, fucking snitch.


Fucking snitch!

This is nothing
compared to what you've done for us.

There's no need.

Open it. I know you'll like it.

I can't accept this.

-You can't say no to this, René.
-That's not what bothers me.

What I did wasn't for money.

Listen, I know,
but I don't know how to thank you.

I repeat, what you've done
for us is priceless.

Sofi packed the gift.

I don't think she'll like it
if you refuse to keep it.


-Why are the police here?
-They're searching René's locker.

Why? What happened?

Didn't you know? He was arrested.

He mediated a kidnapping or something.

-Look at this, man.

Those motherfuckers show no respect.

Yes, Miriam?

Let him in.

Mrs. Leonor, how are you?

-Andrés, how can I help you?
-I need to talk to you.

No, thank you.

What will the club do to help René?

Help him with what? Nothing.

Nothing? We'll sit here and do nothing
while the press destroys him?

-Higuita took part in a kidnapping.
-He didn't!

He helped free a girl.
He didn't kidnap anyone.

Do you know the Kidnapping Act?

It states that whoever
is aware of a kidnapping

must notify the authorities.

Higuita didn't notify them.

What's there to do?

Nothing. Let's do nothing.

What if they'd kidnapped your brother?

But they didn't.


Sports fans, how are you? Good afternoon.

Welcome to this match.

Colombia faces Argentina today,
at the Buenos Aires Monumental Stadium.

This September the 5th, Colombia,
aiming for the World Cup USA 94.

Chalo, good afternoon, welcome to soccer!

Good afternoon, my dear Iván.

That's right,
we've reached this crucial match.

Not so much for us who've just come
from a win in Barranquilla,

but certainly for Argentina.

The unmatched Argentines need to beat us.

If they don't beat us and lose to us,
if they tie with us, they'll need to…

-You had to be Green, fucking snitch.
-Fucking Greenery!

-Fucking snitch!

Come, I'm waiting in here.

-Get in here, pretty boy.

Fucking Northwesterner.

-Asshole! You had to be Green.

Fucking snitch!

Thank you.

Hi, how are you?

-Go in, man.

What's up, Loco?

Flaco! So glad to see you, man.

Long time no see.

-What are friends for?
-What a nice gesture.

Brother, how are you? You seem fine.

Not really, but coping.

-No, you're fine, man.

I almost didn't make it.
Getting in is hard.

It's even harder getting out.

Let's sit.

Is Vélez there?

Quique? They've got
that asshole in another block.

They'll bring him for the second half.

What? They promised me
they'd bring him from the start.

Higuita! Let us watch the game!

-Hey, what's up, bro?
-Yes, sir?

Would it be possible to move the TV set
so everyone can watch the game?

Let's ask Villegas.

I'm not authorized.

I know it must be hard,
but it's Colombia-Argentina,

a once-in-a-lifetime
Cup classification game.

-Do it, Flaco, but quick.

Do it!

That's it, yes.


There it is! Watch!

Colombia, Colombia, Colombia!


Motherfucker! Snitch!

Quique, pal…


-What's up, René?

Sit, Flaco!

It's great seeing you, bro.

Come sit.

I thought they wouldn't let you come.

-Those assholes are a piece of shit.
-I know.

Fucking snitch!

Guys, let's watch the game in peace.

Leave him alone.

Yes, guys, relax. Let's support
the National Team! That's it!

There you go! Let's support the team.

Get on the field, Flaco!

Yes, I'll go in right now.

The ball's in play
for Colombia to go out and…

No, longer!

What does your lawyer say?

Which one?

What do they say about your case?

I'm accused of terrorism
and gun trafficking.

No immunity, 30 years.

What? You didn't do it.

No, but Clara blamed it all on me.
She screwed me up bad.

Professor Maturana, we're not losing here.

The ball at the sideline.
Throw-in for Colombia.

Colombia throws in.
The ball flies, header.

El Pibe brings it down, goes center field.
We're doing well, I like this.

-What a pass.
-A great pass!

…approaches the area, controls it, shoots…

-Go! Goal!

-What a strike!

-Fuck, yeah! Goal!

-Goal by Colombia!
-What a goal!

Only El Pibe can see it,
and Rincón's control. Divided control.

But René, you would've done great too

with that fucking hook he shot.

He was like a toad under the sun.


We're holding on great.

-We're playing a fabulous match.

Not us. Them. All we've done is fuck up.

Fuck, we've had such bad luck lately.

Don't say that.

Hey, we'll play with the National Team.

I guarantee you.
But we must stick together, okay?

Badass player.

This is for you.

-Great, man.

-What's that poison?
-Let's see. What is this?

-No, you drink first. I'm not drinking.

-The smell is strong.
-Drink up.

-It's good.
-Is it?

-Are you sure?

Let's see, man.

-It's great, right?
-Yes, it's good.

-It made me blind.
-It's really good.

Ready for the last 45 minutes
at Monumental.

-It's starting, guys!
-Colombia vs. Argentina!

Chalo González, Colombia 1, Argentina 0.

The ball's in play.
The Argentina National Team loses it…

-Colombia strikes, goal! Say it!

-Say it, Chalo! What a tremendous goal!
-What a goal!

I can't believe it!
Colombia 2, Argentina 0.

He runs to the area,
lifts the ball, Freddy Rincón…

-Goal! What a goal!

What a goal!

Fuck, yeah! Goal!

The ball's in play, Chalo.
Asprilla, Rincón gets in.

El Tino, unbelievable, goal!



By Colombia!


-Yes! Goal!

Colombia scores!




René! Quique!




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