The Final Score (2022–…): Season 1, Episode 6 - Episode #1.6 - full transcript

Fictional series inspired by fact.

It does not intend to be
a faithful portrayal of reality.



After 17 months of intense pursuit
since his escape from La Catedral prison,

the police elite force,
known as the Search Bloc,

a few hours ago took down
the Medellín Cartel boss,

the most wanted drug lord in the world,

while trying to escape
up on a residence's rooftop

where he was hiding with The Nail,
his second-in-command,

who was also shot dead
during the operation.


First and foremost,
I'd like to congratulate and thank

this group of brave police officers,
heroes of the nation.

This will be a great
Christmas gift for the Colombian people.

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Five, four, three, two, one…

Happy New Year!

-Happy New Year!
-Happy New Year! Drink up!

Come! Come.

Happy New Year, Son. I love you.

I love you and all that.

Happy New Year to all of you.

-We should get the year started.
-For sure.

Aren't you happy?
This is the year you'll win the World Cup.

I hope good things happen.
Because this last year,

bad things happened.

But really good things happened too.

Yes, but don't forget my injury,
Quique's murder…

A death feels like a greater loss
this time of year.


Now we're seeing René Higuita arrive.

-Higuita, a few words.

Higuita! Higuita!

-Congratulations, René!

-Thanks, Higuita.

Everyone cares about you. They love you.

For Channel 24, René.
Do you believe having been in jail

somehow hurts your career
as a professional soccer player?

Not at all.

First, I think people know
that if I was in jail,

it was for trying to save
a little girl's life.

What's in the future for René Higuita?

Hard work to get in shape
for my Colombian National Team.

So, you've already spoken
with Professor Maturana?

Yes, we're a family.
I always keep in touch with them.

So, we can count on having a goalie
for our Colombian National Team?

Frankly, I wouldn't know.
That depends on them, not me.

-You have the Colombians' hearts.
-Sorry, we've got to go. Love…

My goodness!
This is a huge load off our shoulders.

Yes. The situation has changed.

And since they dismantled the cartel,
business is getting better.

-We're creating new opportunities.

What opportunities? Political?

Opportunities, Leonor.

The National Team is the only thing
that's brought the people together.

We need to seize the opportunity.
We don't know how long it'll last.

Speak frankly.

Okay, listen.

One of the candidates for president,
supported by top businessmen,

will give a lot of cash to all players
that join him in his campaign.

You have a connection with the guys,
you know all the soccer executives.

All you have to do is convince them.

It's a win-win situation.

Besides, you could also
start shaping your political career,

because I'm sure that candidate
will be the next president.

José René Higuita Zapata.

-I'm so glad to see you, man.
-Me too, Professor.

Can I offer you a drink?

No, Professor, I'm fine.
I've calmed down lately.

I'm not drinking.


But not when it comes to eating.
You've gained weight.

No, man. You're imagining things.

Food is terrible in jail.

René, I'm truly glad to see you.

I've always thought
catching up with friends is medicinal.

Yes, it's true.

Why do you think I'm here?

Well, you tell me.


I want to clean up my image,

and I also want to go back
to the National Team.

I get you, René.

But I must be honest with you.

I don't think that's enough motivation
to get back to the National Team.

What do you mean? Why do you say that?

You know, René? Soccer chooses you,
not the other way around.

Right now, you need to focus
on getting back in shape

to be an asset to the National Team.

Professor, I've been training
with Nacional.

Yes, I know.

And that's the invitation I make to you.

Shine with the team,
earn a spot on the National Team.

What do you mean, sir?

My record's clean. I've been exonerated.

René, the illicit gain charges
have been dropped,

but you're still being charged

with not notifying the authorities
about the kidnapping.

Can we fix it after the World Cup?

No, René. You can't leave the country
as long as the case is still open.

What do you mean, sir?

I'm terribly sorry, René.

When will you stop obsessing
about that knee? It's healed now.

It must be perfect
so it's not a nuisance at the Cup.

Keep fidgeting with it and you'll hurt it.


Don't say that.

I won't get injured again.

Not with the cleats I bought.
Did I show them to you?


Pull 'em out. They're there.

They were flown from Europe,

The insole is built-in,
so the foot doesn't need to adjust to it.

The shoe itself adjusts
to the shape of your foot.

And it's lined with special fabric.

The same fabric that
they make NASA astronaut suits from.

-You're pulling my leg.

You don't believe me?

Stick your hand in.

Stick your hand in
and feel the technology, feel the fabric.

Feel it. Stick your hand in.

The fabric kind of encases your foot.

Can you feel it?

That's for you.

Is this for real?

Is that a yes or a no?

Yes or no?

Come on, tell me.


Lift that number 10 with pride, guys.

Doctor, the Colombian Football Federation
called with an answer.

-What did they say?
-They confirmed three more games.

-Yes, Doctor, but they're European teams.

No, we need at least six more.
No… Call the Senate.

Yes, ma'am.

What are these guys doing here?

The publicity agency said
they had to shoot the deodorant ad today

to have it ready
and broadcast it during the Cup.

The technical coaches
are breathing down my neck,

nagging that the starting players
need to rest.

I don't know, but they said only Óscar
and Escobar will do for this one.

Are the rest mad about it?

New Fast Men deodorant.

I bought it in the US.
Everyone uses it there.

Me too. It keeps me dry all day.

Come in.

You apply it dry, and the best…

-My darling.

Liven up, we have company.
What's this trash, René? For God's sake!


Pass me that bottle.

-What's up, René?

-How are you, man?
-You're here?

But I just saw you in an ad
applying deodorant.


I brought you one. You could use some.
You smell like a real madman.

-Put some clothes on.

-Get dressed.
-Where are you taking me?

-Tell me.
-My treat, if that's what's worrying you.

Okay, then.



Our buddy left owing us a few goals, huh?

It's a reminder that the only thing
that can't be fixed is death, René.

This is to cheer you up. You've been
pretty gloomy and crestfallen lately.

Well, you know.

I felt…

my rematch would be now,
at the US World Cup.

Who told you life was easy?

From now on,
you have lots of opportunities.

You're a hell of a player, Loco.
You've just got to prove it.

He sure liked dancing to this song, huh?

He was a terrible dancer.

He'd go like this, like this.

He looked like he'd break apart.

-Yeah, but he loved it.

Congratulations, boy.
You and Milan is a done deal.

Sign the transfer,
you're playing in Italy.


Just like that?

After the World Cup,
you get a physical checkup.

If everything goes well,
you'll be wearing red and black in August.

I recommend you don't tell
the press until it's final.

Yes, sir.

Bye, son.

What is it?


We're going to Italy.

-That's great!

After the World Cup.

Good for you, Son. Okay now,
let's celebrate with some moonshine.

-María Ester!
-No, Dad.

They asked me to keep it quiet.
Don't start telling everyone.

It's too soon to feel confident.
And don't drink this early.

Early, Son?
It's already nighttime in Milan. Wait.

So? Should we keep looking…


…or get married in Italy?

We'll arrive in Italy married, my love.

My dear Leonor.

How are you? Beautiful as always.

Candidate. Or should I say "president"?

Leonor, let me introduce you.

My Cali partners,
they're here for the campaign.

-It's a pleasure, ma'am.
-Likewise. How are you?


My dear Leonor, let me tell you,

this campaign with the National Team
players was a huge success.

Thank you very much. We're on it,
doing whatever needs to be done to win.

The National Team players gave it all.
That's why the businessmen are happy.

Yes, absolutely.
Okay, now you're here, look.

This is a gift for you.

Enjoy it. It's all yours.

And I want you to know all of us here

will get this country off the ground
after so much war.

I mean, now that
the Medellín Cartel has been defeated,

things will be easier from now on.

With this new reality,
we need to take advantage…

…that's what I mean.

-Excuse me.

I'll go to the ladies' room.

-I'll be right back.

We'll wait.

Yes. What the senator says is true, right?

Remember we also need
people from Congress.


This is USA '94, ladies and gentlemen.
The World Cup we were expecting.

Andrés Escobar, how's the team doing?
Will you beat Romania?

Debuting in the World Cup's
first match is twice the honor.

We're fine. We've all worked very hard
for this spot in the World Cup,

and we prepared well.

The team is strong, united.

You come with huge credentials.
Twenty-one matches undefeated.

Now, when monsters like Beckenbauer,
Menotti, Johan Cryuff, Pelé

say we're their favorite,
should we dismiss it, accept it, or what?

No, that doesn't change a thing.
We still haven't won anything.

We want to continue doing good stuff,

playing joyfully
to give the people entertainment.

Though we want to be better than in Italy.

Okay, thanks, Andrés.
Hey, you seem worried. What do you think?

Yes, I am a bit worried,
because look at that party out there.

-It's like a county fair.
-It's a package.

It's included in the package,
the ticket, the hotel, the flight,

pre-celebration, post-celebration,
dancing, a tour of the city…

This is the famous package,
the World Cup celebration, a mistake.

It's a package with the hotel
where we're based at?

-I see.

Okay. Bye, Andrés.

We could include
the entire Pacific Region.

-Yes, of course.
-It's a good strategy.

It's an alliance that will really suit us.

We must strengthen ourselves

to start pushing through
new laws that will benefit the people.

Good afternoon. I apologize.

The people from the press are intense,
and I can't please them all.

Anyway, enjoy your meal.

-Thanks, Professor.
-Thank you, Pacho.

Hernán, who's missing?

Pacho, Luis Carlos, Víctor,
and Freddy aren't here.

-Are they looking for them?
-They're tired from the trip, Coach.

Okay, but they'll have to come down
and eat. They have a diet to follow.

Aristi, I hope you hit one.

-Instead of going.
-Drink up.

Look at this.

Look at it. Oh, man…

Good thing you're on a light diet.

Come, Flaco.
I'll make you lose your travel allowance.

No, this is tricky.
We can play cards if you want.

No, that's not my thing.

Check this out.

Where's Freddy?

I think he's in his room.
He won't come out.

The guy's freaked out.


Tell me, Flaco.

Can I come in for a while?

Go ahead.

Why are you cooped up here
with the curtains closed?

Who are you hiding from?

What's wrong, Freddy?

Tell me.

I'll tell you the truth,
but don't laugh, Flaco.

You take stuff as a joke,
and this is no joke.

Tell me.

I feel I'm being attacked by witchcraft.

Someone put a spell on me, a curse,
and I'll get injured any minute.

No, man.

-Even worse, it could kill me.
-No, Freddy, don't say that.

That won't happen.

You're telling me about curses?

Look at my knee.


All my life
I've dreamed of playing with Milan.

And every time it's about to come true,

every time it's gonna happen,
boom, something happens.

Boom, here too.

How many injuries do you have?

Counting the knee, seven.



My first was when I was 15.

This is a curse for real.

-Come on!
-Come on, now!

Come on! Buddy!


Come on.

-In a sec! Well, no!

-Yes, come on, stay.

-Just get inside.





In furrows of pain…

We're living it, we're feeling it!
Colombia is here!

Colombia! Colombia! Colombia!

Rat, why are we playing in blue?

It's from the draw.
There's nothing we can do.

What draw? Let's play in red or yellow.

The blue uniform doesn't suit you?

Man, remember Mr. Byron
told us not to wear blue.

We'll play terribly.

-You're too old to be this crazy.
-It doesn't work.

-It's nonsense.
-It doesn't work.

Listen up, guys.

Today's our World Cup kickoff.

Colombia is a team with a recent history,

because we've been building
our own game style.

And that's what people came to see.

Outside, more than 90,000 souls
are waiting to see us do

what we know how to do.

-That's right! Okay, guys, who are we?

-What did we come to do?
-To win!

Colombia! Colombia! Colombia!

-That's right!
-Come on!

That's it, guys. Come on. Come on, Flaco.

Joy, Chalo, joy!
We're at another World Cup!

USA '94!

With the hopes and dreams
of a country that expects to see

in this Colombian group today
a team that's more mature, experienced.

We have unfinished business
we started in Italy '90, four years ago,

and now we must aim to advance
to at least the quarterfinals.

Since the draw, I bet we'd win.
I believe we're bigger than Romania.

Bigger than the local team, the USA.

The Swiss, with all due respect,
are great, but at making watches.

What are you staring at?



Minute 15 of the first half.

The score is zero for Colombia,
zero for Romania.

We have the ball,
but we don't attack decisively.

The Romanians, huddled there,
are waiting to break through.

Careful. When they attack,
they're swift and efficient.

Romania attacks. Hagi plays the ball,
serves Raducioiu in the goal area.

Careful. Raducioiu has the ball, attacks,
controls it, hits the goalpost… Goal!

Romania scores, Chalo,
minute 16 of the first half.

Romania, one. Colombia, zero.

I said, "Watch out for the Romanians,"
and they shot the ball in.

One-zero. Romania in the lead.
We're counting goals against us.

Feel it!

-Come on, Leo!
-How could you let it through? Fuck!

How could you let it through?

Leo, it's okay.

Let's go.

Come on, guys! Come on!


Fuck, we started the tournament bad!

That defense was all over the place.
It was asleep. Wake up!

What do you mean, "slow"?

What do I mean?

I mean you, you couldn't
fucking kick that guy.

And you're not slow?

Talk about that.

-Whose fault was it?

-Leo, enough! Perea… cut it out.

Stop it! It's over.

Excuse me.

-John Jairo, shut the door.
-Yes, sir.

You know I don't like meddling
in the locker room after a match.

But today I couldn't help it.

Bunch of rascals.

Making a fool of yourselves
in a World Cup?

Blaming each other with this racket?

So, whose fault is it?

Tell me whose fault it is!

Who's to blame? Tell me!

We're our country's living image.

Experts at creating leaders,
chieftains, generals.

A sergeant. The one who shouts
the loudest is boss? Is he the leader?

One thing is being a leader
and another is leadership, guys.

Exerting leadership,
the ability to take charge.

How many years have you played soccer?
How many have I?

How many World Cups have we played? None!

And what about you? At most,
some of you've been to two Cups, or one.

And who do you think you are?
Stars? Is that what you are?

No, guys.

Today, at this match, we lacked humility.

If we don't want to make fools
of ourselves in the next matches,

we must recover our soccer memory.

This makes me so angry, guys.

What happened today can't happen again.

John Jairo, please.

Okay, guys.

Before we have dinner,

we want to give you
something very special.


-So, how do you feel?
-I feel like playing tomorrow's match.

That's great.

This is such a nice gesture from Maturana.

He had to do it, to cheer the team up.

Yes, it helped a lot, but some guys
still need some encouragement.

Of course.

So, have you toured around town?

-A bit.




The thing is… Okay…

The TV set had a message.

The TV set, message?

-Just a bit.

Listen, I've received lots of messages
on the TV from my daughter,

but now they sent one to me,
and I don't know who.

Is there any way you can check
the system and find out…?

On the TV set…

Professor, is everything okay?

-Yes, Andrés.
-Pacho, everyone's ready. Let's go.

-It's here?
-Yes, come on.

-Okay, Coach.
-It's late.

Come on, guys!

Thanks, yes.

Come on, guys. I want you focused!

John Jairo, I need a favor.

-Yes, sir?
-Help me get rid of the press.

Yes, okay. Members of the press,
could you please step outside?

We're having a meeting and need you out.

Thank you very much.
Help me by walking outside.

Thanks a lot.


you're not playing today.

Why, Professor?

Pacho, why's that? What happened?

Well, if Barrabás plays today,

they'll kill him.

Not only him. All of us.

I got a threat today.


Ignore them.
We shouldn't let them intimidate us.

This is serious, Andrés.

I'm not jeopardizing anyone's life.

Well, then if Barrabás doesn't play,
no one plays.

We're not playing. We can't give in.

All in or no one's in.

Andrés, I'll ask you a favor.

Don't make this more complicated for me.


If it's for the sake
of everyone's safety, I won't play.

Gabriel, I truly appreciate
this gesture of maturity of yours.

And we should all pluck up courage
and focus on what matters.

Leonel won't fill the void
Barrabás is leaving in the midfield,

and he can't contain them alone.


…goodness now germinates

Goodness now germinates

Oh, unfading glory!

Oh, immortal jubilance!

In furrows of pain
Goodness now germinates

The score is Colombia, zero,
USA, zero, Chalo.

Colombia is playing better
than the rival again.

We have the ball,
we're dominating the match,

we have control of the midfield,

good players, but we're not causing harm.

We have shooters on attack,
but we lack resolution.

We need to attack.
We need to win this match.

We can't lose today.

The US National Team attacks.

Stewart has the ball.
Dooley is upfield asking for the ball.

Left defense, moves closer,
he crosses the ball high…

Own goal! The Colombian National Team
scores an own goal!

Own goal by Andrés Escobar.
Unbelievable, Chalo.

This is not what we need.

It didn't even cross our minds,
not even Andrés Escobar's,

the best player on our team,
but they didn't communicate.

Córdoba should've said, "Mine."

They didn't speak. They hesitated.

Andrés slips in and scores against us.

It's so awful to have to…

-Why did you do that?

What's with you, asshole?
What? You try being on the field!

Mom, are they gonna kill my uncle?

No, honey, this is just a game.
Why would they kill him?


-What's up, Andrés? How are you?


But your family, your girlfriend…

We're all really worried
because we called and you didn't pick up.

I didn't want to speak with anyone.

Andrés, I get what you're going through.

What you went through
was so devastating, so unfair.

But it's not the end of the world.

I can't take it out of my mind.

Every time I close my eyes…

I see that ball there.

But it wasn't your fault.

That's not the problem.

When they talked about us
as likely winners of the World Cup,

we were defeated by our egos.

Yes, Professor, but my own goal…

knocked us out of the Cup.

No, Andrés.

You need to learn to see things
for what they are.

What you did was an accident.

I speak from the heart.

You were one of the few players

who gave all the effort
and courage the team needed.

I appreciate it, Professor.

Here's a piece of advice.

I believe the best way
to leave this behind

is by facing the press.

So, tomorrow you and I will be
at the press conference.


Fine, then.

Relax, kid.

It's okay.

It's all right, Andrés. Relax.

It's normal for people
to only keep this event in their mind,

but let's remember
that's not the only reason we lost.

Sometimes we can't understand

when playing matches,
and even more when playing eliminations,

maybe we would've won easily.

But when matches are given away,
when we don't do what we need to do…

We lacked focus, confidence, precision.

We were broken.

And we still don't know what happened.

We wanted to improve on Italy '90,
but we couldn't.

And in order for Colombian soccer
not to stagnate, we must keep working.

As professional soccer players,

we prepare for different situations
on the field.

An own goal is obviously
harder to prepare for.

Even more when that setback
makes you lose a match

that was key to get to the next round.

But I believe we must overcome this,
we must pick up again,

because today is another day,
and what happened is history.


Okay, guys. Things didn't happen
as we expected, right?

However, I'm here to thank
all of you who gave your hard effort,

your engagement, and your dedication.

Especially your love for the team.

I hope this situation makes us learn,

so that we continue to grow
and become better people.

The truth is…

this is where our World Cup dream ends.

I advise you
not to return to Colombia too soon.

Stick around here.

Take some vacations with your family.
You have money for that.

But the circumstances we went through
and the threats we got

make Colombia unprepared to receive us.

Stick around here for a while.

Because in Colombia, as the song says,

the streets are tough.

Am I clear?

Yes, sir.

See you in a bit.

Pal, don't overthink this. I know you.

You're not the only one to blame.
The entire team is to blame.

They all are.

Each and every one,
for acting like champions early.

And for not respecting
the rivals they were going against.

I doubt they'll call me to Milan.

They won't replace Baresi
with someone like me.

No, that has nothing to do with it.
It was a mishap.

You've proven your talent. Right, Mari?

Yes, honey. Don't worry about it.

Stay with us, Andrés.
We're going to Las Vegas after Orlando.


You know going back
to Colombia is a bad idea.

No, the thing is…

Pame's there
with the wedding preparations.

-I don't want to leave her alone.
-Of course.

And I want to go back to Colombia
to show my face.

Let's do this.

I'll go, give some interviews,
and come back with Pamela.

-See you in Orlando, Pipe?

-Okay, deal?

-Okay, then. Cheer up.

Sorry to interrupt.
Can I have Andrés for an interview?

-Well, of course.

Will it take long?
I've got to be at the airport.

-No, it'll be short. We'll do it here.

He'll be back soon. Thanks.

I'll be right back.

Are you Andrés Escobar?

Yes, sir.

People can say whatever they want,
but you're amazing.

All of you are amazing.
You took this country very far.

Don't let anyone say otherwise.
Don't you ever forget.

Thanks so much.

I didn't know you cooked.

You know what?

It's the only dish I know how to do,
but it turns out great.

And I'm cooking breakfast
for you tomorrow too.

From now on, I'll take care
of everything in this house.

Like pick up the phone?

Andrés, I called you

15 times after the match.

I left it off the hook.
I didn't want to talk with anyone.

So I'm "anyone"?

I'm the woman you're marrying.

-Don't nag at me for that.

I'm saying we're a couple.

And couples support each other
in good times and bad.

Didn't you imagine how I was feeling?

Sometimes we have good moments
and sometimes bad.

And this is a terrible moment for me.
One of the worst.

I didn't want to see or talk to anyone.

Sometimes we need to be alone.

Do you think I've been able
to watch the re-run on TV?

I haven't wanted to.

But I can't get the image out of my mind.

And it keeps repeating, like a film.

I see Óscar on the turf there,
me on the turf, the ball inside the net…

When I imagined the ball
would take that direction,

I wanted to cut the play out.

And you know what hurts the most, Loco?

That my recovery
to be in the Cup was very hard.

It cost me tears. My knee hurt so bad.

I recovered and got there.

The ironies of life.

I made the worst mistake of my career.

Flaco, soccer is beautiful.


But sometimes I feel it's too cruel.

Because in this country,
if you do things right,

you're a hero.

But you can't make a mistake,

because they'll judge you,
and then you're a villain.

That's how soccer is.
It happened to me too.

Yes, you get me, it's like…

Like that lingering unrest inside you.

The guilty feeling,
the nightmares that won't let you sleep.

You don't want to do anything,
not even get out of bed.

You know?

It isn't a done deal yet.

What, Flaco?

It seems the Milan thing is for real.


That's cool, pal.

-I'm truly happy for you.
-Thanks, Loco.

You owe us the World Cup!

I'll pay you in the next one!

I doubt it, you piece of shit.

-What's up, Flaco?

-How are you?

-Have you been here long?
-A while.

-How are you?
-What's up, Nati?

Fine, and Pamela?

She's not coming.
She has to get up early tomorrow.

Flaco, do you want us to go,
or should we stay?

No, here's fine. We'll stay.
It's cool here, right?

-Let's go upstairs.

Come on.

Andrés, aren't you gonna dance?

Aren't you dancing?

No, not now.

Flaco, is something wrong?

No, I'm hungry.

Let's grab a hot dog.

Let's go now.

-Okay, then.

-Are you coming?
-Yes, let's go.

We'll be on our way. You go with Natalia.

Okay. See you
on the left side of the roundabout?

-Okay, see you there.
-Great, let's go.

Cheers, Mr. Own Goal!

-Cheers to our elimination. A beauty.
-Cheers, gentlemen.

How much did they pay you, sellout?
Come, I'll give you twice as much.

-What did you call me?
-How much did they pay you? Look.

-What did you call me?
-How much, sellout?

No, say it again. Show some respect.

Use that cash to buy a uniform
and get on that field.

-You can't even play.
-Show me how you play. Have respect.

Did I say anything to you?

Listen to the motherfucker.
And you look us in the eye?


-Yeah, goodbye.
-Gravedigger. Lousy player.

-Yeah, goodbye.
-You're a moron.

-Okay, relax.
-Don't listen to them.

-They're drunk.

They're drunk. I won't argue…

I know Galeano loves
the orange truck hot dogs.

-I prefer the ones across the road.
-Those are the good ones.

-They're cooler.

-And the hamburgers!
-They're really good.

-Have you tried them?
-Yes, the guy's famous.

-He does well.
-Yes, it must be packed right now.

-Those guys again.
-What's up, coward?

What were you saying, coward?

Nothing, gentlemen.

Move your car. I'm not looking
for trouble. I wanna leave.

You're already in trouble.

-Step out, asshole.
-No, I won't step out.

Step out, and we'll settle this as men.

-No, I'm not stepping out.
-Okay, relax.

-A woman needs to defend you?
-No one needs to defend me.

Leave her out of this.

-He doesn't know who he's messing with.
-I'm not messing with you.

-Step out and we'll settle this as men.
-I'm not stepping out.

-I don't want to fight.
-A lady defends you?

Have respect.
Why don't you go grab a bite?

You're drunk. Show some respect.

-Just a little respect.

Okay, anything else you wanna say?

Yes, I want to thank everyone,
the Colombian people,

for they supported us from the beginning
and always had our back.

I just hope after these results,
they continue respecting us.

So, a huge hug to everyone.

It was an opportunity,
a phenomenal and rare experience

that I had never felt in my life.

And see you soon,
for life doesn't end here.



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