The Final Score (2022–…): Season 1, Episode 4 - Episode #1.4 - full transcript



[door opens]

[door slams shut]

[Quique] No, no, no!
What the fuck are you doing, woman?

That is not our money!

-But it is kind of, though.
-It belongs to Jhon Jairo!

What do you mean? This is nothing.

What do you want to bet he doesn't know
how much he's actually even got?

He won't care.

I don't care about that.

We're not gonna betray Jhon Jairo!

Quique, you're being such a moron.

Everyone else who works for him
lives like royalty.

You're determined
to just live like a peasant.


Do peasants live in places like this?

Why don't you just leave, then?

Because I love you, all right?

Because I thought we were a team.

You and me against the world.

But I was wrong.

[Quique breathes deeply]

Wait, hey.

Just wait.

[sighs] What can I do?

Just wake up, Quique.

-== [ ] ==-

[Quique breathes heavily]

[dramatic sting]

["El Trovadar del Valle"
by Gildardo Montoya playing]

[Higuita] Grandma!

Grandma, I'm home!

[door shuts]


[Higuita] Grandma, I don't understand
why you left and came back here.

[Grandma scoffs]

It was too frightening for me over there.

[Higuita] Frightening?
This place is frightening.

No, around here,
it's been really quiet lately.

I don't believe that.

They came through
and told those boys they had to move it.

Must be on someone's bad side.

Well, whoever it was scared them big time.

Even shot at them.

-Like what goes around comes around.
-[Higuita] Mmm.

Where's your suitcase?

Oh, I left it sitting in the house.

You're gonna stay there?

Of course I am. I'm not gonna give up
what I've worked to get myself. Hmm?

That's true.

You deserve all those nice things
you've worked so hard for, right?

But you know what?

Let me just stay here this time.

-You sure?


Want some figs?


-[Leonel] It came out of nowhere.
-[Andrés] I know what you mean.

-[Leonor] Go get some rest, boys.
-[Andrés] You saw that play we made?

[Leonor] Bye.

Well, I felt fine. I felt strong.

[Leonor] Andrés.

-[Leonel] Ms. Leonor.
-[Leonor] Hi, Leonel.

-Ms. Leonor, what's up?
-[Leonel] See you tomorrow.

-How's the recovery going?

-Doing what I was told to do.

Mmm. You should've listened
to the doc in Japan.

[chuckles] Well,
sometimes that's hard to do.

[man] Anybody want, uh, sandwiches or…?

You're going to Europe on loan.

You serious?

Please say Italy.

Eh, sort of.

It's nearby. In Switzerland.

Italy is basically a neighbor.

-What team am I on?
-The Young Boys.

I don't know it.

They're dying to have you there, Andrés.
You're going to be a star.

Take care.
I'll be watching you. Don't lose.


[Andrés chuckles]

Hey, thanks.

Sixteen, 28, 30.

-[Quique] All there.
-[salesman] Perfect.

[Quique] Keep the change.

[salesman] It's been an absolute pleasure
doing business with you, boss.

-Yeah, it's been a pleasure.
-[salesman] Always here to serve you.

I'll be around. Hope you enjoy the car.

-[Quique] Thanks, man. See you later.
-[salesman] Thank you!

[door shuts]

[Quique chuckles]

All right, what do you think of the car?

Impressive, baby.

It suits you.


Don't ruin it already!

Ruin it? That's insane.
This thing's brand new. [chuckles]

Hey, where do you plug
a cassette into this thing?

What cassette?

That's a compact disc player, see?
There's a slit to push the thing in.

-You have to go out and buy one of them?
-Of course.

[engine turns over]

-Ooh! What a sick ride, Clara!
-[Clara chuckles]

[Quique] Whoo.

[tires screech]

-[cumbia music playing]
-[Andrés chuckles]

-[Perea] Hey, Flaco.
-[Andrés] Yeah, no.

-[Perea] Don't forget about us commoners.
-[Higuita] Yeah.

[Andrés] No worries. I'm gonna test out
the terrain in Switzerland,

and if I need an assistant,
I'll call you right away.

[all chuckle]

I'm being serious, man.
You're the Green ambassador to Europe.

Hey, we could bake things
or make arepas or whatever.

You know paisa's
always come up with something.

Hey, Flaco, have you found out
where you're living yet?

The club gives everyone an apartment
as far as I know.

Just be careful, Flaco.
Don't take her to a slum.

[Andrés] No, man. Of course not.

So, Pamela, tell us. What's your plan?
Are you gonna have a practice there?

No, there's so much fuss
about finishing up my degree program.

Figuring out class equivalency
and dentistry is different there,

which could easily be really weird.
So we'll see.

You know you'll train
twice as hard, right?

I know. Sachi told me what it'll be like.

Don't worry about me.
I'm ready for battle.

I have the insoles,
I have everything I need.

I got it covered.
I'm completely ready for practice,

I'm ready for the games,
I'm ready to just go out there and win.

[car approaching]

[engine turns off]

-[Higuita] Yeah!
-[Quique] It's the wild one!

How are you?

-[Higuita] What's up, Quique?
-How have you been?

It's been a while.
What are you doing with this car?

Ah, well, I got it as a reward.

A reward? Really? What do you mean?

Envigado hasn't won
anything that I know of, man.

Well, we're working on it.
But, hey, they trust me there, see?

I'm glad you're okay.

Hey, I wanted to ask you.

Can I get your help on some shit?

Will you teach me
how to do free kicks and penalties?

Because I need to be
the top scorer in the B-league.

Hell yeah. You got it.

[Andrés] I like this one.

It's a little bit nicer,
but this is the one I like the most.

You think this one's enough, huh?

-Why? Don't you?
-That's not enough for the weather here.


this is the one.

Eh… [chuckles]
Really? That's what you're gonna wear?

Yeah. Actually, it's more casual,
and it'll go with a lot of things.

-I'm bringing it.
-[Pamela sighs]

Have you gone shopping yet?

-No, not yet.

You need to do that. I mean,
I know you have a ton of things, but…

you need something for that weather.

Don't want you to freeze over there.

I'm not going to Switzerland.

You serious?

My love, I just think it's best
that I stay and finish college first.


You're joking, aren't you?


What are you saying? [slaps leg]

Are there no schools in Switzerland?
I mean, come on.

Yes, but I'm already
so close to being done.

I'd have to retake
the last two years or so.

[Andrés breathes deeply]

So for us, what does that mean?

Our plans? Our dreams?

They're still there,
but soccer is your dream, not mine.


[bags zip]

[dog barking]

[Quique] Okay, so show me how.

You see this little thing right here?

Yes. [chuckles]

Yeah, I see the belly button
on the ball, okay?

-You're gonna hit it with the inside here.
-Inside. Got it.

Do it right, and the ball will curve
so the goalie can't reach it.

It'll look like this.

[upbeat music playing]

-Yeah. Right on.
-[Higuita] Got it?

[Quique] Cool, man.

You stabilize it…

[Higuita] Hit it underneath.

-[Quique] Hey!
-[Higuita] Perfect.

No way. You're the master.

Okay, don't kick it too hard.
I'm not a goalie.

-No, man, no!
-[Higuita chuckles]

-No, no, no, go easy on me.
-[Higuita] Sorry.

[Quique] All right.

-Now switch feet. Use the left one.
-[Quique] My favorite part.

[Quique groans]

-Cool. See, this is why you're a goalie.
-[indistinct chatter]

What's up, guys? You gonna play or what?

-[boy 1] Thought you'd never ask, man.
-[Quique chuckles] Show-off.

[Quique groans]

Hey, hey, hey! Give it here!

Perfect. Ah!

Score! Oh!

-[Higuita] Go, go!
-[Quique] I got it!

-[boy 2] Ah, get it, dude!

[boy 3] Go for it! Score!

[Quique groans]

[Andrés sighs]

[Dario] Andrés!

Hurry up, Son.
You're gonna miss the flight.


-[Leonor] Did you like your breakfast?

What did you eat?
What did you cook, Leti?

I scrambled some eggs
and made an arepita.

Mmm! Did the new cheese I bought work?

No. He didn't want to eat it.


Why didn't you?

-It didn't taste good? Was it gross?
-[Leti] Mmm.

-[loud bang]

Hey, wait a minute. What's going on here?


You told me that the cartel
had kidnapped you.

Colonel Bastidas is here
to find out what's going on.

It's nice to meet you.

Colonel Bastidas, at your service.

How dare you
barge into my house like this?

We've recently gathered some information

that puts you in close proximity
to the boss of the cartel.

Then the source of your intel lied

because I want nothing to do
with any of those people.

[Gabo breathing shakily]

Everything's okay.
Give him some juice, Leticia.

[Bastidas] With all due respect, ma'am,

I need you to disclose exactly
where you went to meet

with the boss of the Medellín Cartel.

[Gabo continues breathing shakily]

See what you have done to my brother?
Would you say this is fair?

I have no idea what you're talking about.

[Bastidas] Ma'am, we're here to help you.

If those guys are making demands
or stalking you or threatening you,

this is the time to talk.

Listen, Leonor,

we think the reign of this cartel
is about to end.

It's for you and me.

-And the entire country.
-[phone ringing]

Three point one billion pesos.

-That's the reward they're offering.
-[Leonor sighs]

[Bastidas] For everyone's well-being,

you have an obligation
to help us capture those people.

[Leti] Ms. Leonor.

Gabo's doctor is on the phone.

Hello, Doctor?

[Pablo] Listen, be very careful
about what you tell your visitors.

Wouldn't be convenient
to be a blabbermouth.

Do you understand?

Yes. Yes, I know.

I know, Doctor. So, yes, I will, uh…
I will bring him to see you later.


And don't worry, I have the treatment
for that particular problem.

[Leonor inhales]

What happened is that he…
he panicked and hyperventilated.

There was a bit of a fright here.

But he is feeling better. Thank you.

Good. And don't forget, Leonor,

I'm still waiting for you
to bring me what is mine.

Yes, Doctor.

-I'll see you later.
-[phone static]

-[Gabo breathing heavily]
-[Leti] Shh, shh.

My love. What's wrong, my love?

You're okay now. Easy. Shh, shh.

Gabo, I'm here.

-[Bastidas] Go outside.
-[Leonor] You have nothing to worry about.

[siren wails]

[siren wails]

[indistinct chatter in German]

[in English] Good!
Ten more minutes, please.

Acceleration and deceleration. Let's go!

[Andrés] And…

when are gonna play soccer?

I feel totally fine.

Just drills. He simply wants to see
how your ankle is doing now.

[man speaks German]

[Andrés in English]
Okay, okay, okay. [exhales]

Hey. [breathing heavily]

[man speaks German]

[Andrés in English] Soccer, soccer.

[Andrés exhales]

[man speaks German]

[Andrés breathing heavily]

[translator in English]
What happened with you?

You're tired?

But I feel really great. Yeah.

I can play right away.

-[man speaks German]
-[translator in English] What are those?

[Andrés] Uh, these, uh…
These are… [sniffles]

I made these
because my arches are a bit high.

So then, without the insoles,
I have a lot of pressure.

[man speaks German]

[translator in English]
These are not orthopedic.

It's the reason for the injury, right?

Understand me? Yeah? [speaks German]

[both men speak German]

[translator in English]
He says they're not orthopedic,

they're causing the injury. Hmm?

Hold on. Where… where is he taking them?

You have to get used to it, man.

No, what… what do you mean, Coach?

I've been using them
for a long time, though!

Ratica made them for me! I need them.
Seriously! I have to use them when I play.

[Santiago] Has the season started?

Yeah, it started,
but I haven't played any games.

You know, I think the endurance coach
secretly has it out for me. [sniffles]

He threw out my insoles.

Can you believe that?

I feel naked without 'em.

Do you want me to ask Rata
to make new ones for you?

What's the point?

It takes like three months
for regular mail to get here.

Now think about
how long insoles would take.

Well, you played for 20 years
without insoles, didn't you?

You can't take it for a couple months?

No, man, it's…

It's just so damn cold here.

It makes the pain worse.

-For real.

[María Ester] Go for it!

-[Santiago] Dad and María Ester say hello.
-[María Ester] Yes, I send my love!

Will you tell them
I miss them and say hello?

[Santiago] Mm-hmm. Keep your spirits up.

-I'll catch up with you later.
-[dial tone]

[Leonor] You said
the wire transfer from Switzerland

would be ready for me three days ago.

Ms. Leonor,
this transfer is coming from overseas.

Okay. If nothing else,
will you at least tell me

how much you're going to take out
for administration fees and tax bills?

So I know how much I'll have left.

Ms. Leonor, it could look different
based on the exchange rate--

"No, no, no." Is that the only thing
they teach you to say? Huh?

Tell me, sir. Do you know what it's like

to have 30 soccer players after you
asking when they'll get paid?

I'm withdrawing all my money
from this bank right now!

Every last cent 'cause I've had it!

What a bunch of inept people, damn it!

"Señora. Señora."

-["Señora" by Otto Serge playing]
-[girl 2] Whoo!


-[girl 2 in Spanish] That was it.
-[girl 3] Yes, that one.

♪ A subtle and targeted
Delicate and sensitive kiss ♪

♪ I'd like to compose ♪

♪ I beg you, ma'am, to understand
Please don't be offended ♪

♪ But it's my declaration ♪

♪ Understand love has no chains ♪

♪ Nothing can stop it ♪

♪ And I respect the man who owns you
But I'm telling you ♪

♪ So, we should sing… ♪


[in English] I can't believe this shit.

♪ And the message I send
Will stay between the two of us… ♪



♪ If before society, a man owns you… ♪

[Quique in English]
What's going on here?

You think I could rest
for training like this?

[whispers] Motherfucking all right!

Man, you ain't fun. You don't go out--

It's every night!

Why do you always do this, Clara?

-All right, girls, let's get out of here.

Party's over because my husband
needs his beauty sleep.

Fine. See ya'. Bye.

-[Quique] You're leaving too?
-Of course, mistreating me like that.

So rude.

Kicking me out. Let's go.

[musician] Hey, man,
it's 15,000 for the music.

You'll have to go get it
from those fucking potheads out there!

You get out too.
Unless you want some bullet wounds.

Get out! Out! Go! Leave!

Come on, off you go, off you go!

Out now!

[crowd cheering, chanting]

[camera shutter clicks]

Hey, man. Colombian.


Do you have cocaine? Yeah?


Say that again.

-Fuck you.
-Fuck you, asshole. Have some respect.

-[player] Hey, hey!
-[Andrés] Show some respect, asshole!

No one teach you that?

No one taught you to have respect, huh?

We need this tournament
to start right away, Álex.

I know, Leonor. But the truth is
we have no power over that decision.

It's in the president's hands.

I have all sorts of fires
in the club and no money.

I can't pay, I have no ticket sales,
and no sponsors either.

What about the money you're getting
from loaning out Andrés Escobar?

No, no, it's barely enough
to pay back what Agudelo owes.

Leonor, there's no way that's possible.
The Swiss are paying you really well.

What do you mean it's not enough?

Did you inherit a shell of a club?

I did, basically.


You have to take care of yourself, Leonor.

Or those fires are gonna
get out of hand at any minute.

[Andrés] You can't imagine
how angry I got.

The idiot wiggling his stupid nose at me.

[exhales] They make us look bad,
but they're the ones on drugs.

[Pamela] That's why
you have to keep calm, my love.

If you lose your temper,
you give them satisfaction and they win.

Yeah, it's my temper.


If you were here,
you could help keep me collected.

Only that?

[Andrés chuckles]

Why don't you come visit me?

Just for a week. I'm sure
if you were here, it'd be different.

Hey, why don't we talk later?

Honestly, I'd rather not
get into this subject right now.

Okay. Bye, my love.

Be careful. I love you.

I love you too.

Okay, bye.

[indistinct chatter on TV]


[car door opens]

[door shuts]

[door opens]

[bag zips]

Is that all?

That's all I've been able to do.

If you keep delaying, you'll have
to deal directly with the boss.

[door opens]

[door shuts]

[Leonor sighs]

[Hernán sighs]


We are feeling Andrés' absence, Pacho.

You see how bad
our defense looked out there?

[Pacho] Mmm.

Practically invited them
to get those three goals passed us.

Hernán, that's the point
of all those prep games.

We make our mistakes before it counts.

Well, hopefully,
we get all our mistakes out

because we're less than a week away
from our World Cup debut.

Mmm. Don't be so worried about it.

Andrés is back in form.

He's gonna meet up with us in Italy,
and it saves us money too.

[Leonel] Coroncoro…

Tell us, you talk to Mr. Byron?

Yeah, I went to see him.

You won't believe what he said.

[Leonel] Tell us, man. Hmm?

He said we'd be champions, man.


Come on.
I'm being real with you. Be serious.

Did you bring the saint statue?

Hell yeah, I did.
Not to mention, an entire shopping list.

A teammate asked me for some flowers,
some counterspells,

and a few candles,
but I just realized I forgot 'em.

One thing that worries me

is that our rival
is gonna be real powerful.

Powerful? Like they win a lot?

I wish, man.

He says they're friendly
with some dark forces.

The Germans don't seem
like the kind to do that.

If not, then who else?

What if it's another team
we're gonna play?

[indistinct chatter]

[Andrés] Thank you very much
for the welcome.

We are very happy
to be participating in this tournament.

[speaks Italian]

-[all applauding]
-[Perea in English] Hey!

-[Andrés speaks Italian]
-[players chuckle]

[Leonel in English] This country bumpkin
already speaks Italian.

Come here, Leo. [chuckles]

-Hey, man, see you inside.
-[Leonel] Later.

-[Andrés] Coach!
-[Hernán] Andrés, how are you? Huh?

-Hey, you look great.
-Yeah? You too. You just needed clothes.

-[Hernán] Thanks.
-[both chuckle]

[Andrés] Rata!

-[Ratica] Dude, it's Ratti, not Rata.
-[both chuckle]

-See you in a few minutes.
-[Pacho] Well, what a host to greet me.

-How are you, Andrés?
-Fine. How's the trip been?

It's going well. Thanks.

-Good to see you.
-You too, man.

-If you're hungry, there's food inside.
-Thank you, yeah.

-But they want to talk for a minute.
-All right.

-[reporter speaking Italian]
-[Pacho speaks Italian]

[reporter continues in Italian]

[Perea in English] Hey, Flaco,
so tell me, do you play in the snow?

No, I was injured until now.

But, seriously, snow is pretty terrible.

The cold… [chuckles]
The cold blows, man.

And why are you asking?
You going skiing or what?

You serious?

-When have you seen a black man skiing?
-[all chuckle]

It wasn't easy, though.

It is a tough culture shock.

And, you know, for us,
soccer is joy and friendship and stuff.

So there aren't really guys
like you on my team.

Instead, it's like very serious.
And then there's language barriers, and…

Communicating is really difficult.
I mean it.

Flaco, you gotta be honest.

Are the women beautiful?

With all the rags they're wrapped in,
you can't actually see them.

[all chuckle]

[Higuita] You're joking.

Show me the album.
How many are still missing?

Look how good we look, Flaco.

-Damn right we look good.
-[all chuckle]

-[Perea] Always.
-Mostly me, though.

Yeah, look at you, René.
Your cheeks barely fit in the photo.

[all chuckle]

-Ay, ay, ay.
-[Andrés chuckles]

[dramatic sting]

[Iván] Here he comes.
This could be the first goal for Colombia…

-[Quique] Goal, goal, goal!
-[shrieks] Goal!

-Ah! Oh my God!
-[Quique] Goal! Goal! Mwah!

-[Iván] Goal!
-[Quique] What a fucking goal!

[both yell, shriek]

What a fucking goal that was!

[both] Whoo!

-[phone ringing]
-Whoa, motherfuckers!

[Iván] Beautiful moments
in the history of Colombian soccer!


[Jhon] Hello?

What's up, bro?

Oh, what's up, Jhon Jairo?

Bro, I need you to get the money ready.
I'll be by any minute to get it.

Uh, yeah, okay.

Will… will it be you? Who am I expecting?

Bro, I said I'm the only one
you give that money to.

-Do you get that?
-No, yeah, I remember.

Oh, hey, man,
I've never actually told you this,

but I appreciate
the hell out of you, brother.

I knew bringing you on was the right call.

I knew you were a badass, bro.

And you've always been there. Been loyal,
served me like no one else has.

You've always had my back. Thank you, man.

Listen, I'm gonna get you
to play in Europe

'cause you're a top fucking player,
and Europe is what you deserve.

You haven't been given your due shit
on the National Team, bro.

But I got you. If I do well,
you do well, motherfucker.

I appreciate you too, Jhon Jairo.

Okay, so now you know
I'll be by any minute to get the money.

We might be in big trouble.

[dramatic sting]

[phone ringing]

[phone continues ringing]

Ms. Leonor, why aren't you
answering the phone?

All the ringing means Gabo can't sleep.

[phone continues ringing]

The most I can give you for it
is a million pesos.

Are you serious?
It's worth at least three times that.

Well, take it or leave it.

I'm giving you a good price.

Let's do it.

I'll take the million.

[briefcase shuts, locks]

[Quique] Mm-mm.

-[salesman] There you go.
-Is that really it? This is a blow, man.

In pesos?

No, we only bought it
a month ago, you fraud.

That's unfortunately
how this business works.

Come on, what kind
of entrepreneur would I be

if I just gave you your money back?

Damn you, man.

[Clara] Pirula must not even know
how much money he had there.

-[Quique] And if he does?
-Well, we would've snagged it.

You and I would've kept
those 500 million.

[Quique] Listen to you.
I can't believe you.

[Clara] Ugh!

[Hernán] You gotta get back!

Flaco, here!

-[player 1] Here we go!
-[player 2] One touch!

-One touch, one touch!
-[Andrés] René!

[trainer] Nice, nice, nice!

-[Andrés] René! René!
-[Pacho] Let it go, man.

-[trainer] Hustle!
-[player 3] Dribble!

[player 4] Right here!

[Hernán] René!
What the fuck are you doing?

[Higuita] Coach, I'm projecting myself.

Why don't you follow instructions?

It's easy. You pass to the defense
so we can control the game.


Gather around.

[whistle blows]

[Hernán] All of us.

[Pacho] Okay, boys.
As the old saying goes,

"Confidence kills certainty."

What's wrong? I think you're relaxed
because we're playing Yugoslavia.

All right. Come on, guys.
This is Yugoslavia.

They're the best in Europe
at the moment. Huh?

All right, then, what's the solution?

We need to stick to our plan of attack
because we know it by heart,

and improvising will kill us.
Is that clear?

-[Andrés] It is clear, Coach. Let's go.
-All right. Come on.

-[Andrés] Let's just restart the game!
-[player 5] We got it, we got it. Come on!

Come on! Let's all go up! Go up, go up!

Leo! Come on!

[Higuita] Coming in.

[dramatic sting]

[Iván] The referee signals
from the center of the field.

That is the end of the first period.

The players head to the locker rooms.

Hang on, folks!

We are going to pause for breaking news.

[reporter] In a large scale operation,

the Medellín authorities
have killed Jhon Jairo Ramirez,

alias Pirula, boss of the cartel's hitmen.

The action took place
in the El Poblado neighborhood

early in the morning when the boss
went to visit one of his brothers.

Three policemen were seriously injured
in the crossfire.

They remain in critical condition.

[Clara] See?

Someone else kept those 500 million.

You're a big moron.

-[Clara gasps]
-[Quique grunts] God dammit!

There are things in life
that aren't money! [exhales]

[Clara breathing heavily]

[Quique inhales sharply]


[Iván] It's over!

The game is over, and the team has not got
the results they were looking for.

The only thing of value
that came out of this match…

[driver] It is always the same.
All those guys know how to do is lose.

[Iván] Higuita…!

-Here, this is better.
[reporter 2] The police have confirmed

to news outlets
the death of the so-called Pirula.

He was one of the Medellín…

[driver] Those motherfuckers.
Their reign is coming to an end.

It took them a while to get that bastard.

…in a triumphant police operation…

[driver] Hey, where are we going?

[Quique] A bit further ahead.
A bit further.

[driver] Lots of cops around here.
I wonder what happened.

-Hello, sir.
-[dog barks]

-[siren wails]
-[Quique exhales]

I'm telling you,
all these motherfuckers are going down.

Nothing is going to be left of them, man.

[dramatic sting]

[door opens]

[Quique] Love…

Forgive me, please.

You know it was…

Okay, then.

Where is Monsalve's ransom money?

What ransom money?

[Uña] What do you mean what ransom?

Don't bullshit me, man!

The money Pirula gave you!

She told me that you went to get it.

I tried to go,
but when I got to the apartment,

there were tons of cops everywhere.

[Uña] These motherfucking rats
tried to get away with it.

The only thing you two had to do
was watch the money.

[Clara] Not me.

Just you. Right?

You better make that money turn up, boy.

Pacho, we can't play the Germans
like we're their equals.

Let's set up two lines of four.

Then, when possible,
play the counterattack, hmm?

Yeah, that could be good.

I can't help but think

that right there is a strategy
any other team would play against Germany.

[Hernán] Mmm.

Let's get the ball, let's keep it.

And if we can't hack it,
then we'll go drink.

[Hernán chuckles]

[Hernán] Cheers, Pacho. [chuckles]

[dramatic sting]

[Iván] These are the last minutes
of the game, Chalo.

Germany is still beating Colombia!

We are again disillusioned and saddened.

Every time our soccer story
ends up the same.

No matter what happens,
we end up like this…

How's time on the clock?

Not much now, Pacho.
We've lost. That's it.


[Iván] We're almost to the end
of this game, ladies and gentlemen.

It has been a real nail-biter
as Germany and Colombia

have been pushing each other
to the very limit.

Uh-oh! Looks like the Colombian team
has picked up steam once again

as they are bouncing back.

Seems like they've got
a new burst of energy.

And the German team
is clearly caught off-guard.

Look at this. This… this game
is obviously far from over.

It is far from over!

Look at the pass right there
as Colombia is moving forward.

They are giving it
everything they've got one last time.

Once again, another great pass.

And it looks like there's a pass
to the downfield man!

And could it be? Could it be?
What is happening?

Let's see if this turns the game around.

He's moving toward the goal

as the formation
is running in closer and closer.

Could it be? Could it be? Could it be?

It's Colombia. Oh my God.
Colombia scores! Goal!

[all cheering]

[Iván] Colombia scores! My dear Colombia!

[Hernán] Goal!

-Oh, we tied! My God!

Goal, motherfuckers!

That's a goal, that's a goal,
that's a goal! Colombia!

Shout it out from north to south!
From east to west!

Colombia has tied with Germany, Chalo!

[all cheering]

[dramatic sting]

Those motherfucking cops
have stolen more money from me

than the damn thieves.

Hey, you don't have
any money lying around, do you?

[Clara scoffs]

If I did, I would've skipped town
and left you here to rot alone.

You touch me one more time,

and I'll cut your little balls off
while you're sleeping, you bastard.

African soccer is very physical.
And Cameroon is exactly that. Yeah?

They're very fast and very strong,
but they also have technique.

That is the reason we can't go
one-on-one with them. They'll kill us.

So the job I'm giving you is this.
Keep adding pressure, yeah?

René, your part here is crucial.

Because you play libero, okay?

'Cause they'll be under pressure,
they're gonna rely on their striker.

So, whenever that ball goes
to Andrés, Chonto, or Perea,

that's when we need you
playing as libero.

Securing the area. Got it?

Yeah, I got it.

Okay. That's all we have for today.

-Go get some rest.
-[bell tolling]

[whispers] Mr. Byron was right.

[priest speaking indistinctly]


Cameroon is our test.
They're our dark rival.

What do we do about it?

We gotta do the counterspell.

[Ratica] Shh.

Have some respect, guys. We're at church,
and the priest is speaking.

Coroncoro, what is it we're still missing?

[priest continues indistinctly]

[Perea] Ah, candles.

[lighter clicks]

[lighter clicks]

-[lighter clicks]
-What're you doing?

I'm lighting the saint up.

[Andrés] Where did you get those candles?

That altar in the chapel.

No, man, how could you do that?

The devil is gonna come for you.

They just blessed us during mass,
and you steal candles to light up a doll?

What do you think all those guys
from Cameroon are doing?

They must have buried
cat intestines in the pitch

-while you're pretending to sleep.
-[chuckles] God.

Dude, you gotta stop believing
in that stuff.

And put those out before you start a fire.

[Andrés grunts]

[Andrés exhales]

[dramatic sting]

At the San Paolo Stadium,
Colombia is losing 1-0, trailing Cameroon.

I don't see Colombia coming back
at this point, Chalo.

No, they seem like they're very tired
and falling behind.

[Higuita] Perea, leave it!

[Andrés] Perea!

René, give it to me!

[crowd cheering]

[Iván] Goal, Chalo, goal!

Cameroon has scored!
This is outrageous, Chalo!

[Chalo] No, no, no, no, no.
This is unacceptable.

He has no sense of responsibility.

You could say this is the personality
you get from Higuita,

but we are playing the World Cup.

His crazy antics ruined the game!

We all knew that someday
he was going to pay for it.

His style is very risky,
and this time, the risk…

Flaco, I didn't get it.

It doesn't matter.
Get up, get up, get up.

Our World Cup run has come to an end.
What a disappointment we've had.

Cameroon is in the quarterfinal.

[dramatic sting]

[moderator] Next question.

Thank you. Carlos Alves, for Colombian TV.

René, you're the reason Colombia
is out of the World Cup now.

What do you want to tell your country
in the wake of this?


We're all out there working hard
on the field and in the goal.

But, unfortunately, in this position,

a major error can mean
there are goals against.

[moderator] Next question.

Marc Antoine,
here for Télévision Française.

Bonjour, Monsieur Higuita.

You have acted irresponsibly.

It was an unnecessary risk.

Why aren't you apologizing to the fans?

There's more
that'll lose you a game than goals.

And this kind of mistake
could happen to any other goalkeeper.

[Marc speaks French]

[moderator in English] Next.

My name is Makoto.

Here for Radio Japan.

This is a, uh, tough lesson
that life is giving you.

René, will you be changing
the way you play?

No way. That's my style.

I will not be renouncing my style.

[Carlos] Do you think your mistake
has cost you the trust of your team?

That would be a question
for them to answer.

[reporter] And any other measures
should've been previously consulted

-with him and his lawyers.
-[door opens]

We have breaking news.

We can now confirm that Pablo Escobar,
one of the world's most wanted persons,

has turned himself in to…



What on earth are you doing here?

I came back.

You did. [chuckles]

[exhales] This is exciting.
When do you have to be back?

I'm not going back to that cold.

You mean it? What will you do here?

Play for the Green again. I miss it.

You're serious?

-You have it all sorted with legal?
-Yes, it's all sorted out.

[Dario] Great. [chuckles]

So now that's two good things today.

Look, it's pretty wild.

[Andrés] What's up?

This guy supposedly turned himself in.

Yeah, I heard about that.

Is that the prison he had built?

[Dario] Yes, that's the cathedral.

Exactly. Right.

But it's all very strange.

Very strange because they're supposed
to basically guard each other. Huh?

Like having mice guard the cheese.
Can you imagine?

They can go anywhere
as long as it means the war's ended.

From your mouth to God's ears, man.

[reporter continues indistinctly]

-[phone ringing]
-[Andrés] Here.

-[Uña] Ms. Leonor?

-This is she.
-Stay on the line.

He wants to talk to you.

[Pablo] Ms. Leonor,

I'm calling you because I want you
to bring the boys over.

What boys? Over where?

Well, just your best players.

-I want you to bring them to La Catedral.
-No, no, no, that's just not possible.

With all due respect,

I'm not asking you for a favor.

I'm giving you an order.

I expect to see them soon.

[gentle music playing]

[music fades]