The Ferragnez (2021–…): Season 1, Episode 6 - Sanremo - full transcript

Are you wondering how healthy the food you are eating is? Check it -

Guys, I'm having stomach spams.
I feel like I'm about to give birth.

My stomach muscles are moving, like...
On their own.

They seem like the same contractions
my wife is having.

My body is in a sort of vibration mode.

My God, guys!

It's not nice.


Hold on.

Fuck! When I want to show you,
it doesn't do it.

Fede has been away for three days,
me at nine months and far away

plus he's always busy,
so it's quite annoying.

But we'll make it.

It's interesting because,
even if it's for a good reason,

you're going nuts on your own.

Yes. We are not used to being so far away
from each other for long anymore.

I haven't gone away on a ten-day business
trip since...

a very long time.

Beautiful, honey.

He misses Leo.

Hi, little potato.

He is stressed because
of all the interviews,

Without a moment of peace.

At the same time, though
I feel calmer and I have more time,

I still need to look after Leo,

I am trying not to get too anxious
about giving birth,

so I feel quite responsible
for keeping the family life together.

-And the specter of an early childbirth.
-Yes, but we have always said

that, if it happens,
he'll leave Sanremo and come home.

I hope it will happen later,
but if does now, oh, well.

You don't look like someone
who will give birth in the 48 hours.

Let's hope so. The famous last words!
No, let's hope not.

Come and listen
how the fuck we'll sing it.

And here to sing their song, Francesca
Michielin and, a bit less, Fedez.

Fedez hosts Francesca for rehearsals
where he is staying for the festival

Today I am

Wearing a top that doesn't fit

I'm jogging in the park in my neighborhood

But I would like to tell you
I'm not afraid

Living a dream brings good luck

Your rage doesn't win...

I was off tempo, guys.

Great, isn't it?

All started with a dog and a bow tie

How about that

And now we'll expand the family a bit more

Like a yo-yo

Because every time you kiss me
You knock me out

So kiss me, silly
And the show begins

The Ferragnez


-Enjoy your meal.
-Enjoy your meal.

Stefano, how many times
have you done Sanremo?

Seven or eight.

-You, two or three?

As we hope this series will be seen
all over the world,

I'll explain what's Sanremo.

Sanremo is the Festival of Italian Song.


The artists perform on
five consecutive evenings.

They are voted on by poll,

by the journalist,

by the orchestra
and then by people at home.

It is the most important
singing event in our country.

In my opinion, the poll vote


and phone-in vote are not against us.

How do the journalists vote?

They don't vote against you, they vote
for what you put out there.

They will never vote for us then.

No, what are you saying?

You think we got a chance or not?

-Find reassurance only in yourself.
-I know. You are right.

-Enough. Sing and we'll see.
-Tell me that and I'm happy.


If you tell me, "Fede, fuck, we'll get
to 10th position," it is fine for me.

Federico is very emotional, and I think

for those who haven't done Sanremo before,
at first you can feel like

you are in some weird kind of blender.

I always think about this metaphor,
you have to go on stage

like you want to fuck each one of them.
That's the idea.

-Well said!

We have to go on stage
and give it our best.

Nothing else matters much.

If I perform well, even if we get bottom
of the leaderboard, but people like it,

then I am happy, you know?

If you get first prize,

it's just the cherry on top.

The way you managed to get to Sanremo
is very powerful, for many reasons.

Yes, it has been a challenge to mentally
prepare and expose myself like this,

in such a fragile context, which is music.

For me, it's an opportunity
for personal growth.

And it goes beyond the competition itself.
It is really...

Why is music the most fragile context?

Because it's basically like
I have a stronger character now...

I put everything in my musical side,
me as a teenager,

me as a boy, the exclusion...

All the worst traumatic events in my life.

It's like being on a poker table
and with music going...



Let's go and fuck them all!

Rehearsals for Sanremo are very important.

-Bye, guys.
-Bye, Fede.

I have to try and recreate the anxiety
that I will feel on stage.

I would love to have Chiara here.

-Here we are. Good morning.


Okay, come in and take your shoes off.
You can leave your things here.

My sisters and I have decided
to take a birthing class.

The movements I will ask you to do
aim at helping with a natural birth.


No, don't film me.

Okay, now let's try and lift our arms

and let our hips move freely.

-None of us three are talented dancers.

We are all quite stiff.


But we dance to have fun.

Vale, you are not at the a disco now.

Fuck, Fra, you're a pain in the ass.
I can't stand you anymore.

Valentina and I fight like cats and dogs.

What a pain in the ass! That's enough
from you, mind your own business.

From time to time, Francesca and I
join forces against poor Vale,

who used to suffer a lot because of this.

Let's make up, Vale. Give me a hug!

But it's normal.

Nice, we've been very good.

Yes, you started a bit...
but afterwards the body takes over.

Feel it. Wait, she is moving.
Feel it? Wait.

I had never felt Vitto kicking.

Feel it. Come.

You only see a belly growing but to
actually feel a sort of contact,

makes you say,
"Wow, it's real, she'll be here."

Wake up.

-Would you feel anxious to give birth?

I have zero anxiety now.

I will feel anxious when
I start having contractions,

hoping that Fede will be by my side.

We are not used to being far away
from each other and for so long.

I might not hear from him all day

but when I start missing him I freak out.


I'll mess up the beginning, I'm sure.


-I fucked up the beginning.
-In the tone or what?

Yes, the beginning is a bit wobbly, guys.
Fuck, it is difficult with the mezza voce.

-Feeling tense?

Don't do it straightaway,
prepare yourself.

Guys, the beginning is mezza voce...

-I know it's hard! Cover your throat.
-My gums ache, fuck!

At the beginning of this fucking song,

it feels like
I am singing on cobblestones.

I have to try not to tremble

and to breath properly and...

I don't know.

I am shitting myself, fuck.

-Who is it?

No, it's not daddy. Daddy is in Sanremo.

-Hello, Chiara.

Hi, honey!

-It's your aunties.
-Hi, love.

-He thought it was his daddy.
-Hi, honey.

Let's eat something, guys.
It's about to start soon.


Your rage doesn't win
Some beginnings don't deserve an end

But your mouth convinces me

Come on.

Shall we go and watch Sanremo?

Are you rooting for your daddy
or another singer?

Another singer.

Not another singer!

First night of Sanremo.

Shall we go and sit? Come on.

I am watching it in my house,
with my mom, my sisters and Leo.

Tatiana, Franco, and Grandma Ciana
are in Rozzano.

Once, when he was young, Federico told me,
"I will never get to Sanremo."

But I think he will be successful.

-He got successful before Sanremo.
-He will be.

Come on, let's put on the jacket.

Turn on 501.


If you convey to people the emotion
you feel when you sing, you've won.

I'm going for it, more mean or sweet?


Think about emptiness.

How can I think of emptiness?

I hope I don't give birth tonight,
because I am so stressed now.

-We're watching now.

In that case,
we'll get towels and hot water.

Don't even joke about it.

Here we go.

-It is time to start the competition.
-Here he is.

-The first big...
-Come on!

Let's go!

Pray for me.

-Have they left?
-They've left.

-Where from?
-From the house to the theater.

Ele, hi, can you tell me
when Fede is due to sing?

-She said half past ten, in an hour.
-Half past ten?

He is shitting himself.


Your rage doesn't win...

The more he shits himself,
the better he'll sing.

...doesn't win...

Your rage doesn't win
Some beginnings don't...

Wait until you are there, because

they said it is real fear
that catches your soul.

-Hi, honey!
-I am going in.

Come on, baby, break a leg.


Leo, would you like to say
break a leg too? Look.

-Say, "break a leg, daddy!"
-Break a leg, Daddy!

Thank you, my love.

-Go and get 'em. Call me when it's over.

Your rage doesn't win...
Your rage doesn't win...

The anxiety, and everything that comes
before the performance

is one of those experiences in life
that will stay with him forever.

I am worried thinking about his emotions.

Right now his hands will be sweating,
as they do when he feels excited.

Is my shitty voice warmed up enough?

Federico is facing
this Sanremo competition

with a child spirit, meaning, he is not
scared of exposing his fragility.

Your rage doesn't win
Some beginnings don't deserve an end

Do the mezza voce.

Your rage doesn't win...

Your rage doesn't win...
Your rage doesn't win...

Some beginnings don't deserve an end

But your mouth convinces me

One kiss at a time...

10:30 PM

The success of their songs is confirmed
by hundreds of millions of hits.

-What did she say?
-Louder, turn the volume up!

Go for it!

Francesca Michielin and Fedez.

Oh, love, how exciting. Are you excited?

Today I have a shirt
That doesn't suit me...

That is not mommy.

It's not mommy singing,
darling, it's Francesca.

He thinks I sing this song.

...I'm not afraid...

-Fucking, kicking ass.
-She's good.

...brings good luck

Your rage doesn't win
Some beginnings don't deserve an end...

Is it daddy?

But your mouth convinces me
One kiss at a time

Like pebbles at my window.

My apologies...

His lips were trembling.

...and in my heart, I feel pins, pins...

You could see that Fede
was really emotional, very agitated.

How does it go, honey?

Call me by my name

Only when I'll have...

I think it is all part of how Fede is.

It's wonderful of him to show
such a vulnerable side.

I surprised you by...

Look how he looks at her.

Standing there with a lump in my throat

He's tense but he sings it.

-Go Fede.
-Both good.

A sign of the cross, so what?

He is not as hard
as he would like us to believe.

The tattoos that cover...

...and angel...

...his tenderness.

I find an excuse but...

Well done!

...will it change, huh?

It's Daddy singing.

The great banal story
First we drain the sea

Then we shed tears to fill it back up

The promises were a thousand, thousand...

Show me how you are dressed, honey.

Now that I only have you baby

The same!

You, baby

Well done!

Good, Daddy!

I got goosebumps.

-I got goosebumps.
-He's crying. He got it from his grandma.

We rocked!

Kisses to mommy. Let's celebrate!

It's done!

-The first one went well.

Gosh, it was great.

-Let's send a message to Fede!
-Better than we expected.

Very good! Nice job!

I got really emotional.
Everybody is crying, fuck!

-I am not feeling too good.
-Didn't we rock, though?

No, come on, don't film me now. Stellar!

We were really excited.

Everything seemed
in its right place, somehow.

He will end up in second place.
First or second.

-Bye, Honey.
-Bye, guys.

-Hi, baby!
-Hi, baby. I am so happy

I am so happy, so nervous. It is a miracle
I am not giving birth tonight.

No, don't give birth now.
Hold it in. Is Leo in bed?

Yes. Will you call me when the chart
is out? If I fall asleep, call me?

-Of course. Sure. Bye, honey.
-Hi, honey.


It went well, didn't it?

Heck! You were wonderful!

-Thank you so much, it went very well.
-We all cried. Kisses.

-Stay strong.
-Stay strong.

-You'll give me the prize afterwards.
-Okay. Bye, Grandma.

-Bye. Kisses.

Grandma says we will be runners-up.

-Where are they?
-Here they are. Open up.

-The fireworks should have gone off.
-No, not the first night.

-God damn, Fede, you destroyed me.

How did you manage to sing it?

Even Francesca, I have never seen her
like that. Good!

Before we got up there she said to me,

"Federico, that's enough rehearsals.
Get your cock out and let's go down."

She was very good.

-Any prediction?
-No, let's not make any predictions.

No, let's do it, who cares?
It went well anyway.

-We're either second or third.
-I agree, tonight third.

Guys, doesn't this bring bad luck?

Fede, here it is.
Don't get distracted, please.

This is the situation. Mati and I...

I mean, I'm eating leftover pizza,
while we wait for the first Sanremo chart.

I am very tired,

but I have managed to stay up.
Fingers crossed.

-Eleventh place... Madame.

Anything can happen!

Fifth place, Francesco Renga.

Fourth place,

according to the demoscopic jury,
Francesca Michielin and Fedez.

-It's great!


-I saw it. It's good, isn't?
-Very good!

-Very good.
-Well done.

Very nice, yes, it's great.

Big night!

Francesca Michielin and Fedez,

the favorites at the festival,
got in fourth place.

"Call Me by My Name"
is at the top of all streaming platforms.

First in Italy. Oh, well.

This is the artists' account showing
how many streaming you have real time.

We are getting lots of them,
we are first everywhere,

but especially in Slovakia.

We were excited about the demoscopic jury.

When you actually get a lot from life,

and you come from nothing,
the fear of going back to nothing is bad.

-Wanna know when I felt worse?
-Of course.

Not while I was singing but after singing.
The day after everything had gone well.

-And it went very well.
-Very well! Everyone excited.

I wake up in the morning and I think:

"Okay, you are happy,
but are you happy enough?"

And with that question, boom, I go crazy.

I started a journey to try becoming numb,
not to feel any emotions anymore.

When you feel all these emotions,
doesn't it hit you that this thought

comes just when you are at the top?

Why is it every time you talk
about your job,

your identity as a musician, as an artist,

you put sort of quotes in it?
As if you want to diminish it...

This is because I feel I am not

recognized as an artist. I dunno.
I actually know the reason why.

Go on.

When I was a teenager, I was bullied

and the person who introduced me to rap

-was the bully.

The person who gave me this gift

was also my tormentor.


The orchestra will vote and tonight's
chart will be added to the general chart

which we revealed last night.

Tonight, it is all covers

and the one that Fede and Francesca
will sing is really cute.

Feel in the air there is already

Our love song that plays

Did you see the jump daddy made?

Like a thought that tastes of happiness

Really professional.


And this is done too. Come on!

Cover night. Unpredictable.

This is our orchestra's vote.

The orchestra has voted. Go on, Giuli.

-Twenty-sixth place...

-Twenty-fourth place...
-Let's go to twenty-third...

Twenty-first place.

Francesca Michielin and Fedez.

-Okay, I am going then.

The orchestra has turned their back on us.
We gave them the scores late.

as we didn't want to reveal
the song by Al Bano and Romina.

I think this fucked us.

Francesca Michielin and Fedez
fall from fourth to twenty-first place.

I want to go home.

They remain the favorites,
but it won't be easy to get back on track.

-Have you slept at all?
-Not at all!

Let's go back to the bully.
How do you feel when you think about

what he used to do to you?

-That now I would do this to him...
-Rage wants to come out.

No, what I would like
to tell him is, "See?"

-No, with a bit of pride and say...

Maybe I started to do everything to show
others more than to myself.

But you still have a doubt
in your mind about really being

what you were for that bully.
This is what really scares you.

And it's harming you.
Now you are a successful entrepreneur

but this is still poisoning you.

Do not just understand it.

Use what you understand
in order to change things.

It is time to start
the champions' competition.

The press room will vote.

If we had been in the middle
I would be happy.

You've got eight hundred thousand
streaming every day. What do you want?

-You're right.
-So? Enjoy it.

And take a chance on each other.

Francesca Michielin and Fedez.

...But they don't need to be a thousand...

The journalists were the ones I was most
afraid of and in fact, seventeenth place.

I have only one chance now.

The last phone-in vote.

Fede is back home. He seems less anxious
than on stage. Come on!

It's the finale of Sanremo.

Leo is with his grandparents
because I have to be really focused

and ask my fans to vote for Fede,
they will do anyway, but to remind them.

Oh, my God.

-Again? No.

Seventeenth place, I started really low.

Fede, how is it?

What you predicted will happen
only with a miracle, I think.

We are 17 out of 26.

I believe in miracles.

You believe in miracles?

It will go well. But I could also say,
and it will seems crazy, third place.

Let's leave a little window open
and see what happens.

Wow, if he could get second place.

Hi, daddy, win this.

Good evening!
Welcome to the Sanremo finale.

-We are on our way!

-We are all very nervous.
-The Festival of Italian Song.

Keep an eye on Amadeus.
He will say the codes. I'll get dressed.

It would be very nice for him
to get a bit higher in the chart.

Let's officially start the finale.

-Let me know when he says the codes.
-Yes, we are here!

You can vote any song, anytime.

The voting codes are as follows.

Vote eleven for Fede and Francesca.
Come on!

-Chiara has already posted it.
-I've got it too.

-My "full-overs."
-Your followers?

I am shitting myself.

I would sacrifice my left testicle
in the name of the Sanremo God,

if I could do a performance like any
of the ones I did during rehearsals.

A cock as strong
as the marble tonight, okay?

I mean, enjoy it. It is the last night.
How cool!

Guys, all this anxiety.

Honey, you are so good
in staying there anyway.

Eleventh champions in the competition,

Francesca Michelin and Fedez.

They look like they are at a wedding.

Code eleven, "Call Me by My Name,"

performed by Francesca Michielin
and Fedez.

Come on!

Today I have a shirt
That doesn't suit me...

Beautiful dress. She looks really good.

...the park in my area

But I would like to tell you...

She is a badass today.


Living a dream brings good luck

In the elevator I waste
A sign of the cross, so what?

The thing that worried me most
was the atmosphere in the group.

Not being able to go
back home and celebrate.

He is singing better, angrier.

...change, huh?

Less emotional.

...drain the sea
And then we shed tears

To fill it back up

Call me by my name

Only when I'll have lost my words

I know deep down I surprised you
By coming here alone

Standing there with a lump in my throat
Call me by my name

The promises were a...

So nice.

But they don't need to be a thousand

Now that I only have you baby
You baby

My love!

He was good, very confident.

I liked it a lot.

Thank you from the heart.

-I love you, Federico. Thanks.
-Me too.

Thank you! It was really important,
I think.

-Well done, Fede!
-Beautiful, all emotional!

He was amazing, wasn't he?

Very emotional for all of us.

-Come on!
-No, I am emotional.

Emotional and happy.

-Bye, I can't say anything.
-Bye and thank you all.

Our Sanremo has been good,
there's always that narcissistic side

in the artist who is looking for glory.


I am going. I saw Fede.

I am happy and hopeful. I will find out
tomorrow morning, now I am going to sleep.

-I can't stay up anymore.
-Good night, everybody.

-I wasn't tense today.
-No, not today.

Today I hid the anxiety.

Stop the phone-in votes.

If he could get into the top ten,
I would be so happy.

It would be enough
not to stay in 17th place.

If it will go lower. Can you imagine?
It'll be funny. But let's hope not.

Here it is. The final chart.

Fingers crossed, everybody.

Twenty-sixth place...
Twenty-second... Twenty-first...

Fourteenth... Many surprises tonight

with the phone-in vote, as you can see,
compared to the previous nights.

-Thirteenth place, top ten...
-Here we are! Number ten!

-Great, it's top ten.
-Ninth place...

-Orietta Berti.
-We are getting closer.

-Sixth place...
-Vitto is kicking, honey.

-Fifth place...
-Grandma has guessed it.

Oh, my God!

Second place...

Francesca Michielin and Fedez!

-Who is going to keep Grandma calm?
-And Grandma?

We were seventeenth, guys,
I can't believe it.

-Thank you, from the bottom of my heart.
-It doesn't seem real!

There were so many different elements
in our impressive emotional charge,

starting from the history of that stage.

The importance of being on that stage,
of exposing oneself completely,

without a parachute, risking everything.


Going all-in.

Honey, you were fabulous!

-Second place, I can't believe it!
-Isn't it crazy?

-Really crazy!
-Wonderful, honey. Are you happy?

Very much so. Really. I love you.

Wonderful, guys, Very happy.
It was wonderful.

They were really good. I am happy.

Everything was good.

When we started this journey,
I was so depressed.

I had just got stabbed in the back,
some really horrible things.

Artistically I felt dead.

Thanks to you,

I was reborn, thank you.


It was important for you
to live it as an award.

Did you manage?

Yes, in the end I did it.

My daughter will be born soon...


Next time we meet,
there'll be four of you.

-It's highly likely.
-Unless you get to the tenth month.

No, let's hope not. Look, after Monday
she can come when she wants, no problem.

-It's weird, maybe she will freak out.
-No, let's hope not.

-Let's hope not.
-You will certainly feel lighter.

Yes, physically yes,
but mentally I don't think so.

But it will be beautiful
and very exciting.

In the next few months,
you'll face quite a challenge.

I am not afraid.

Once I would have been but now...

I can't wait to see how
they interact with each other.

This confirms your growth.

-Do you think so?

It tells me about a man who is able
to have an idea of the future

and to see all the good things in it.

-Many thanks, then.
-Thank you.

See you next time.

How nice.

Happy birthday, Leo!

-He's spoiled in some ways.
-Not true.


She will be quite smart.

Chiara thinks she's got contractions.

Let's go and get this baby out!

-I can't wait.
-Chiara is high.

-I love you even more.
-This is a contraction.

Okay, I am calling.

-And Vittoria is born.
-My love.

My little sister is here.