The Ferragnez (2021–…): Season 1, Episode 5 - Baby Shower - full transcript

Chiara and Federico confide to their therapist the emotions the are feeling as Vittoria's birth approaches. Chiara's friends throw her a surprise baby shower while Federico shoots the video-clip for his Sanremo song.

Are you wondering how healthy the food you are eating is? Check it -
-It's strange with only one chair.
-Yes, it is quite different.

-How are you?

-This way, we are a bit closer.


-How are you?

I'm fine, I feel great compared
to the other pregnancy, when I was...

I mean, I was resting,
I was on bed rest the last month,

-so it was completely different.
-With the risk of premature birth?

I was induced in the 37th week,
so it's like was giving birth in two days.

It looked like we could have the same
problem now, but we haven't, thank God.

Leo's pregnancy was really difficult
for me because

I was becoming a parent for the first time
and I was afraid I wasn't up for it,

I couldn't do it.
This time I'm already a parent,

I'm proud of the parent I am. I can be
a parent. I can't wait for her to be born.

This time I don't feel as worried.
I mean, I know we'll make some mistakes,

but we'll try
and be the best possible parents.

And this is beautiful because it means
you have created a mental space

for the baby you're expecting.

I won't think of it until Sanremo is over.
I'm not focusing my energy on that.

Are you focusing on Sanremo now?

Yes. My thoughts are mainly
focusing on that.

His battles are becoming more
and more mine,

and Fede knows how tense I get
feeling his challenges as mine.

The official fitting of all the outfits
Fede will wear in Sanremo

is the only opportunity to spend
some time together before Fede leaves.

Let's hope for the best.

Everything started
With a dog and a bow tie

How about that

And now we're expanding the family
A little more

Like a yo-yo

Because every time you kiss me
You knock me out

So kiss me, silly
And the show begins

The Ferragnez

I'm here today to pay a visit to Filippo,
one of my dearest friends.

-Hi, love!
-Hi, love! What a big belly.

Today I'm wearing something a bit looser,
but it shows anyway.

You look amazing.

Fil is a longtime friend.

We met on the first day
of our first year of high school

and we've been best friends ever since.

-Is Fede nervous?
-He is, but he seems mentally prepared.

-The other day we went to rehearsals.
-I know. With Leo as well?

It was nice. No, I went with Leo before
that, when he caused a lot of trouble.

-Shall we do the medley?

Do you know what would be cool?

Francesca and Fedez prepare the cover
for their second performance in Sanremo

In the first song we stand still.

For the second one,
I was thinking to move like this...

Don't love me because I live in the shadow

Don't love me because

It's hilarious.

He's there now, rehearsing with Francesca.
I'm so anxious.

I'm anxious because I'm afraid

of having contractions. It's a bit soon
because it would be the 37th week,

so it's unlikely.

Let's hope it doesn't happen, it would be
a shame for him to bail on the Festival.

Don't love me because I live in the shadow

Rehearsals in Sanremo are very important.
I rely totally on Francesca,

as she's the better singer
of the two of us.

Like a thought

So I have no choice.

Of happiness

I'm shitting myself anyway, though.


-It's perfect.
-How was it?

-Super cool.
-Let's take a look at it.

I think it's hilarious.

Fabio and Barbara, my PA,
are organizing my baby shower.

I want it to be a surprise, I don't want
to know anything before I get there.

-I love it!

I am Alessandra Grillo,
I work as an event planner

and a wedding planner,
and for Chiara I organized both events.

This time she put me in charge
of the baby shower,

the party for the imminent birth
of her baby girl.

-We'll leave the setting neutral.

Not to give away any detail.

Chiara knows very little about
the baby shower. She only knows the time

and the location.
The rest will be a surprise for her.

The theme is "Boss Baby Shower."

"Boss baby shower." Okay.
This is the name of the event

and it will be written on a sign
placed above the rainbow.

This is the room.
The setting will be done in that corner.

We got this, which is the nappy test.

-Does the nappy go on the balloon?
-On the balloon, yes.

Not on a real baby?
I mean, not a real baby.

I didn't mean an actual baby. A doll.
It'd be funny, with the little legs.

-I prefer the doll.
-A female doll.

-Yes, of course.
-So, the memories of the clouds.

The balloons.

-We got the balloons. Great!

How cool!

It's hilarious, guys.

You can feel in the air

Everybody moves behind it.
The band. Great, it works.

We have the choreography as well.

Federico, this is a time of great changes,
and it seems you're experiencing anxiety

in your private,
but also in your professional life.

Routines kill me, so, from an artistic
point of view, I need change.

I've always changed everything.

With my new team, we have been trying

to focus on me more than on others.

However, I was coming from a time

when I had lost everything, from
an artistic point of view. This year I got

all the performances available,
because I need to be on stage.

So Sanremo means to be able to be naked

without exposing your flank.

This is great!

Or without having to worry
about your exposed flank.

Okay, yes, yours was better.

I'll be the host as well. Hello.

Two of my dearest friends, Angi and Vero,
are here for a coffee together.

Fil, Vero, and Angi are all involved

in my projects, even future ones.
I hope they'll always be here.

I hope I don't give birth during
the Festival, after the text from Ali.

Yesterday she wrote,
"When are you giving birth?"

and I said, "I think around mid-March,
maybe the end of March." And she replied,

"How nice if you give birth
in Sanremo with Fede!" I said,

"Darling, I hope not. I won't be
in Sanremo, I will be in Milan,

but I hope not, it's too soon!"

And she went on, "I feel it, it will be
great." I could only repeat, "No!"

I don't know how well
Fede will do in Sanremo,

I don't know if he'll get through
the experience in a relaxed way.

He's focused on getting rid of his fears
and approaching this Festival

the best he can, being proud of what
he's done. The result won't matter.

He's done everything. He's had therapy,

he has taken singing lessons, he has
focused for months in order to get ready,

so this is his goal right now.

-So what we can get from this is that

-he feels...

...he's almost gambling
a piece of his life.


-Hi, Fede, how are you?
-Fine, we changed location.

True, we always had our sessions at home.
Where do you want to sit?

-You tell me. Here?

I think the numerologist represents
my way to get rid of some anxiety.

I believe it and I don't.

-Let's see.
-Go ahead. What do they say?

-What do you want to talk about?

Do we know the dates of the performances?

Those are important.

From the second to the sixth of March.

The dates are good.
The communication is powerful.

-It'll be even better if it's a love song.
-It's a love song. We got it.

On the third it will be even better.

I don't think I'm singing on the third.

You are lucky,
all the vibrations are good.

He's only telling me what I want to hear.

This helps me approach the event
in a more relaxed way.

Who are you singing with?



The numerologist!

Her date of birth?

Francesca Michielin was born
on February 25th, 1995.

There's a nice connection,
you understand each other on the stage.

This is very good.
It will allow you to relax.

Can I get a prediction?

-A prediction about what?
-About the result.

The result will be good,

-but you always aim high.
-No, I don't want to win. But...

-if I do, it will be great.
-You won't get last.

We can even go as far as to say,
among the first seven.

-I think it will go very well in Sanremo.

-Okay, let's hope so.
-You'll see.

Good Lord.


Francesca and I talked to him separately.

-He told me about the pink.
-He told her to wear pink.

And I'll do that.

How stressful, guys.
We had to shoot the video.

I'm about to shoot the videoclip
of "Chiamami Per Nome," with Franceschina.



We visit several Milanese theatres.

Second day of shooting,
I went to buy Rolling Stone

and inside I found something very funny.

I'll read a couple of lines
written by Dargen,

"I'm writing about Fedez,
although I'm no expert.

"I accepted the invitation
from the press office

"as it's a women-only one and lately
I haven't spoken much to women."

Dargen is a person
who caught me in a very...


dramatic moment in my life in general,
but also in my artistic life,

and he gave me a new lease of life,
like in Pulp Fiction,

the adrenalin syringe in the chest.

"Fede is a strong character. It's no
coincidence he was born in Rozzano.

"He attended Liceo Umberto Boccioni
in Milan, just like my aunt Rosaria."

He simplified things
and wrote a masterpiece. He's like that.

"If you don't answer the door 'cause
you're touching yourself in the shower,

Fedez kicks it down. He doesn't do it to
ruin your day. He is truly worried."

Dargen is like a spiritual artistic guide.

"Every couple of years
he becomes a father."

How do you see Federico in this transition
with the growing family?

He is much calmer. What I love about Fede

is how protective he is, especially
when it comes to important things.

I know he would fight

300% for me. I think
it's very important, in a relationship,

knowing that person
will always be there for you.

It is really important for you.

-True. Now I get emotional.
-It is touching.

-It's true.
-Because it is precious, Chiara,

and because
it cannot be taken for granted.

FEBRUARY 19 2021

The last time we were all together,

I don't think I can remember it.


It is wonderful!

After the first awkward seconds,
we loosen up

and remember we are here
to say to a friend how much we love her.

-You look beautiful, darling, a bonbon.

We're going to blindfold you
for the surprise.

It was funny to blindfold her.

Push the button.

She was completely unaware
of where she was.

Yes. Come... Come forward.

Will it be a great victory? It always is!

How stressful, guys, I can't see.

Surprise, it's a boy!

-They've been making fun of you.
-There's two of them!

-Okay. Go.
-Here we are.

Oh, my God, it's so beautiful!

Obviously, since you are a boss babe,

we could only think of a Boss Baby Shower.

So beautiful. Amazing.
Shall we go in? Yes, go ahead.

-It's so beautiful!
-Here we are!

Hi, guys!

Hello. It's so cute!

It's the first time
I'm having an official baby shower.

It was amazing to see everyone
and to celebrate this event together.

-Cheers, guys!
-To the baby girl!

It looks like Chiara
really appreciated the surprise.


She better like pink.

She looked very happy.

Okay, I feel Leo's eyes or mouth.

Take Leo with Marina's hair.

Let's start with Marina's hair.

Marina, you are with us!

-The eyes.

For the eyes, I'd choose Leo's or mine.

-Get Fede's.

-I think Fede is the down part.
-Baby has a piercing.

Fede's mouth.

-It's already quite disturbing.
-The nose.

-What about the nose?

Okay, Vale.

She'll have Chiara's eyes, Fede's mouth,


nice full lips.

It's got a beard, take it off!

Blonde hair, like all of us.

Even if she won't look like this,
she'll be beautiful for being herself.


Such a beautiful baby girl.

-Take a picture!
-So beautiful!

"Look what we thought of you."

I think she'll look like Leo.
I imagine her like that.

But maybe she'll surprise us
and will be completely different.

I only hope she'll be healthy,
the rest will be perfect.

In your mind,

can you imagine
who this little girl will be?

What place will she have in your family?

How can I tell? We're talking about
a relationship I have to establish

with someone I still have to get to know.

I don't want to have expectations.
It's always nice to see what happens

without any expectation.
It's difficult to guess

how they will be,
how you can relate to them.

I have never thought about it,
I only hope everything goes well.

Take Leone.
Nowadays I have a relationship with him

that I couldn't have back then.

Even now, looking at Leo, even though he's
the person I love most in the world,

I find it strange to think
that Fede and I made him.

It's a strange concept, in my opinion.

-It's magic.
-Yes, it is magic and it seems...

Rationally, you know it's true, but
irrationally you think it's not possible.

It is right not to have many expectations,

not to burden the new baby
with excessive fantasies.

However, be careful about each person's
role when there'll be four of you.

-Shall we play a nappy game?

The nappy challenge!

Go, Marti!

One, two, three,
let's start the challenge.

Go, go, go.

-Go, Marti!
-Be careful, it's pooping!

Well done,
Marti is already quite experienced.

Go, darling!

Where's the other baby?

Next? Vale, come on!

Excuse me, I have a crying baby.

-Of course.
-Where is the nappy?

-Have you lost the nappy?
-Come on!

-Here, here.

With the exception of Martina, I wouldn't
know whose the next baby shower will be.

Maybe we need a bit more time,
the others are not ready yet.

-The head is gone.
-Vale is very delicate!

-Well done.

-Vale, what have you done?

Where is the nappy?

Come on.

Did I put it in the right place?

In my opinion, the next baby shower

will unexpectedly be Francesca Ferragni's.

-You didn't do it.
-I can't do it.

No, come on!


Follow Nadia and Gianmario, please.

We need to empty everything,
upstairs as well.

You are all in the frame, even upstairs.

For the song's videoclip,
we thought that...

We didn't want to do the usual videoclip.

We're shooting!

We wanted to do something
that could highlight

all the theatres that don't have
the same privilege that the Ariston has.

We performed
in three empty theatres in Milan.

It was beautiful and unsettling
at the same time,

seeing those large seating areas
covered with plastic.

Maybe it makes sense
to get there without a step.

You are already there. We won't show it.

Perfect, all clear.

Call me by my name

This industry

is much bigger than people think.

So many people work in this industry.

-How was it?

The vote from the press.

-Do you want to cry?

These are letters.

-Each one reads their own.
-Each one reads their own.

You can keep that.

"Dear, baby girl,
like Ferri likes to call you..."

"Fil and I have known your mum
for more than 15 years.

Chiara will tell you when we met exactly.
She remembers all dates."

"Your mum is special, she's sharp,

intelligent, and, sometimes,
she is a pain in the ass."

"She'll tell you the little story
of that girl from Cremona

who used to be up
until midnight every night

in order to write her posts, et cetera."

"Independence might be one of the most
important values she can pass to you."

"Always believe in your dreams
and fight for them."

"Be strong and proud, able to turn
every moment into a positive moment.

This, above all,
will be your big victory."

So beautiful.

We wanted to wish the baby a life

with a positive outlook,
so be positive, no matter what!

"Dear, baby, you will be here soon.

It seems like yesterday
that the three of us sisters were little

and playing make-believe."

"Siblings grow up hand in hand, knowing
they'll always have each other's back.

Well, don't ever leave that hand,

keep holding it tight,
just like I do with my sisters,

and your journey
will be even more beautiful."

"We can't wait to have you here,
growing up with Leone,

together for the rest of your lives."

So beautiful.

They all made me cry.

I get emotional very easily.

Okay, we can stop crying now.

But I'd say especially my sisters,

because they talked about being sisters.
Leo will have a little sister soon,

so this moved me even more.


Hi, Leo!

-It's beautiful, isn't it?
-Hi, Leo!

Are you being shy?

-Come here.
-The aunties are here too.

Come on!

Have you given any thought
to how Leo will manage this change?

Yes, I have thought about it
and it could help him.

-It will help him to gain more maturity.

It could be the start of an important
maturity process to say,

"I live inside this beautiful bubble,

but I have to be a bit more independent."

Shall we go? Give me a big hug!

Four is much more demanding than three.

Yes. From time to time
I think how strange it will be,

because now we love Leo
in such an extreme way

that it will be strange to feel that
for another baby right away.

Everyone tells me it's the most natural
thing in the world. As if your heart

expanded. I know that I'm giving him
the most beautiful gift

because I grew up with two sisters
and it's been amazing.

I also think, "It won't be the three of us
anymore. There will be a fourth person."

So for him it might be a bit of a shock
in the beginning.

It will be fantastic in the future,
but in the beginning he'll suffer a bit.

-Where is Leo?
-Where is he?

Where has he gone?

Here he is!

Now I can't wait for the delivery.
I can't wait to hold her.

I can't wait for the delivery to be over,

enjoy my girl, and see her with Leo.

Donatella is an icon of Italian fashion.
I have known her for years,

and I've been to many of her events.

Today we're going to do the fitting
of Fede's outfits for Sanremo.

-Good morning.
-Good morning.

-You look beautiful.
-Hi, thank you.

We brought Leo with us
to try on his custom made Versace look.

There is a surprise for Leo too.

-Yes, there is a surprise.
-Look, do you remember?

-I showed it to you...
-Look at this.

Who is this little boy?

-Who is it?
-Is it Leo?

-We made a tuxedo for you.

-Let me show it to you.
-You need to try it on.

-These are all daddy's outfits.
-This is daddy.

Oh, my God, look!

-It's beautiful!
-This is daddy's.

No, this is Leo's.

-This is Leo's.
-We'll dress the same way.

-You are incredibly beautiful.
-Thank you,

-but now I have a big belly.
-It's not that big.

-With Leo my belly was smaller.
-With girls you put on more weight.

Yes, it's true.

Darling, shall we let daddy change
and then we do the fitting?

I would have liked to go,
but I'm due soon and I'm a bit anxious.

-Can you imagine giving birth in Sanremo?

Donatella Versace is a fucking legend.

She dressed me in more than one occasion
and she's the most easy-going designer.

-"L" for Leone, is it clear?

-Of course.

It's clear because
your son is such a character.

Guys, she has her drink
in her own branded glass.

It looks like a contemporary scepter.

She utterly destroys the Italian rap,
trap, dril, gim gim, bonbon scenes.

How is it?

-Wonderful. It's something different.
-Check it out.

It is very different. I like it a lot.

She is easy-going,
despite the big glittered glass.

-We only have to tighten up here a bit.

I choose her because I enjoy myself
a lot in her company.

-You're even more beautiful when pregnant.
-Thank you!

Now I feel a bit...

On the one hand, I hope it will happen
in a couple of weeks.

On the other hand, I'm looking forward
to giving birth because

-the last month is really heavy.
-It is.

Potatoes, shall we go and change?
Hold this.

Leo will dress like me.
I thought it'd be cute

also as a memory for him,
when he will watch the 2021 Festival.

His daddy and himself
dressed like his daddy. So nice.

How handsome!
Look at yourself, how lovely!

-I am Lello, Lello, Lello.
-You are Lello.

-You are Lello.
-Lello! Look!

How beautiful you are!


Look, guys.

How handsome!

-I go and change too.
-Come, we'll get your measurements.

-Shall we have the hem out?

-Stand still, darling.
-Be careful, I'm holding the pins.

How many kids can say
they had a fitting with Donatella?

I do it only for Leo.

The only child in the world.

Donatella is crazy for Leo.
She was like an auntie

who welcomed us in her fashion house.

-Check us out.

-You are gorgeous.
-Look, baby, look, mommy.

Seeing Leo dressed as his father
was so sweet.

Super Mario is here.

I'm glad I photographed them together
at the fitting,

because we'll be watching Fede
from home, in Milan.

They won't be together.

-Bye, Leo.
-Bye, Donatella.

Shall we say bye to daddy?

-Bye, my love.
-Bye, my love.

Break a leg. Keep your phone on, please.
And not on silent mode.

-Say goodbye to daddy.
-Say bye to daddy.

-A big hug.

Give him a little kiss.

-Bye, love.
-One big family hug?

-Bye, darling.

-A kiss to the little one.

-No, don't strain yourself.

Bye, baby.

Fede is setting off for Sanremo.

I'm worried I'll have contractions
and I'll have to go to hospital,

but we agreed that in that case
he'd leave Sanremo and come to Milan.

Bye, daddy.

Let's hope not, I'd like him
to be able to live this experience.

Bye, daddy, we love you so much.

This is the moment my son turns
around and says, "No, daddy, don't go."

Here he goes.

No, he doesn't give a shit.

I'm shitting myself,
I'm totally shitting myself.

I don't mind the chart much.
The problem is that if I get bad reviews,

then I could go into emo mode.

Fucking hell.

Let's hope it all goes well.

You don't look like a woman
who will give birth in the next 48 hours.

Let's hope so. The famous last words.

It's time to start.

Call me by my name

Oh, my beautiful Madonnina

The advice the gynecologist gave me
is to have a lot of sex.

Once I would have been scared, now...

on the opposite.


You're a rock.

Chiara thinks she's having contractions.

-Okay, should I call? I'll call.
-Call, call.

-Are you sure?
-Of what?

-That she's mine.
-Can you imagine?