The Ferragnez (2021–…): Season 1, Episode 7 - Vittoria - full transcript

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Second place to Francesca Michielin
and Fedez!


-Enough with this horrible song.
-Today I woke up like this.

You're in a good mood.

-So nice seeing you again!
-You too.

Yeah, for sure.

-How are you?

-Us too. I'm lighter.

Well. So, big changes in the last hours.

But I'd like to start
from where we left off,

a few days before giving birth.

-You know who's coming soon?

So, Sanremo is over. Fede, after a second
place at the Festival, comes back home.

Hello, my love! Hello, little one,
I missed you so much!

And mommy? Hello, honey.

-Daddy, hi.
-Hello, honey.

-Ferri, how was the return from Sanremo?
-Don't call me "Ferri."

-My potato, how was it after Sanremo?

It was very nice. Also the fact
that he did so well at Sanremo,

seeing his joy, it's something
that brought us all together,

all of us, family, friends.
It really was quite nice.

Yes, it was cool.

-Did you see daddy sing?

-Yeah? How was it, good?

-How did Daddy finish?
-With Francesca.

-With Francesca.
-He got it, yeah?

Well done.

I'm a wreck, I feel like I've been to war.

It's been a rough couple of days.

-Daddy, daddy. Hello.
-Hello, love. Hello.

Guys, I think you have filmed enough
of this. Can I say goodbye...


A car went by...

Hello, my love, hello!

-Did you miss daddy?
-Did you miss me?


And then from there you entered

a few days in which you,
and everybody else with you,

-were waiting for the birth of Vittoria.
-Yes, really.

Such a long wait. I was waiting for her
and I thought she'd come quickly, but no.

As it should be, she took her time.
She came when she wanted.

I'm on my way to the 38th,

almost 39th week visit,

so we'll know, maybe,
if we have any more news

about Vitto's arrival or not.

"Vittoria" has always been one
of my favorite names.

Fede wasn't so sure.
He wanted to call her "Nirvana."

I don't know, I liked "Nirvana."
It's weird.

But actually yes, it is a bit trashy.

A bit trashy.

This is my look
to go to what may be the last visit.

We're not sure.

It's strange, because mentally
I always felt that

Vitto would be born around
the 37th week like Leo.

And yet... still nothing.

Everything started
With a dog and a bow tie

How about that

And now we're expanding the family
A little more

Like a yo-yo

Because every time
You kiss me you knock me out

So kiss me, silly
And the show begins

The Ferragnez


The baby stays there for now.
A week maximum I think, then somehow...

We'll get her out.

It's a bit tiring not knowing
when something so important will happen.

The advice the gynecologist gave me
is to have a lot of sex...

Which is the only thing that helps,
he says. So... All right. We'll try.

-I'll punch you.
-Come here and punch me, then.

My grandma said,
"We're almost there," but she also said

you don't make predictions about births.

She did it for my cousin,
for us she didn't. So I don't know.

Last time, when Leo was born,

Fede was there and he was
super good, strong, and sweet.

My mom was also there, but actually
she was stressing everybody out a bit.

This time it'll be just Fede and I.

I'm doing a campaign from
the 22nd to the 24th,

-hopefully you won't give birth then.

-It's not like I can choose.
-I hope you don't, I'd like to be here.

My mom wanted to surprise us.
She invited us downtown

to meet all together, us women.
She told us to meet

at the top of the Duomo.

-Ready, go.
-Oh, God, guys, I can't get out anymore.

It's something we haven't done in years,
it's going to be exciting.

-Hi, Mum!
-Hi, loves.

-How long have you been here?
-A while.

-As usual, you always keep me waiting.
-You look beautiful.

-Hello, loves.
-But the Madonnina is here waiting for us.

-Exactly, it's you.
-You are the Madonnina!

-Didn't you organize an aperitif, Mom?
-No, unfortunately I didn't.

Sharing these moments
just the four of us is really nice.

It's beautiful.

Turn around. Fra.

Fede wanted to get married in the Duomo.

Yes, we remember that.

In Piazza Duomo, something small...

When I was little, I used to see
the Duomo as something magical.

-It's beautiful.
-Look how beautiful.

Oh, my beautiful Madonnina

Do you know
that the Madonnina is actually huge?

-I remember that I read seven meters.
-No, come on!

I think it's ten.

Whoa. Come on, let's bet on it.

-I read it's seven.
-For me it's five.

-For me between two and three.
-Maybe not ten, but eight yes.

Eight and four.

Four. I said five, you two or three.

Four meters and sixteen.

Vale won.

I had delusions of grandeur.


It was a truly unforgettable moment

because it was nice to be there,
all the women of my family together.

Soon there'll be another girl
in the family,

so it's one of the last quality moments
we'll have all together.


Today, it's Leo's birthday.

We're getting all these balloons ready,
he's in the other room.

Now he'll find this nice surprise.

-Little one!
-There's a surprise for Leo!

-Let's go.
-Are you ready?

-Gimme your hand.
-Close your eyes.

Let's go.

Close your eyes, come.

Come. Follow mommy. Keep your eyes closed.

Hand on your eyes, hand on your eyes!

Hand on your eyes.

Honey, it'll be amazing.

Wait, stay there,
I'll give you the go-ahead.

Okay... Come, honey!

What is that?

What is that? So many balloons for Leo!

-Big dive?

Three, two, one, go!

Happy birthday, Leo!

That's amazing, love!

With the birth of Vittoria,
I know the first month will be tough,

but this time I'm mentally prepared.

Happy birthday to you

-And this?
-It's Batman Leo.

-It's Leo Batman.
-It's Leo Batman!

It'll be even more special because of Leo,

so it'll be great to see the interaction
between two children.

With Leo, it was just our interaction
with the new baby.


-Well done!

One more time!

-Well done!
-Well done!

-So, his last birthday as an only child.
-Yes, exactly.

And that birthday was planned keeping
in mind that Vittoria would come later?

A little bit. Even if we had to stay home,
we tried

to do something nice that he would
remember. It was nice giving him

-all our attention.

Today, besides Leo's birthday, it's also
Father's Day and Leo made daddy a gift.

-There you go.
-You made me a present?

Let me see.

"My dad...

is brave as Batman and strong as the Hulk!

Dad, you are my superhero."

Thanks, love.

We try to spend a lot of time with Leo.

He spends lots of time just with Fede,
as he's supper attached to daddy.

They've the same passion for superheroes,
so they play all the time,

he keeps buying him superhero toys.

He says he doesn't wanna spoil him,
but he keeps buying him new ones.

-Not true.
-He is a little spoiled on certain things.

He thinks he's the king
of the world, like any only child.

Now, having a little sister

will make him more responsible

-and it'll be a good exercise for him.
-He's not the first...

only child becoming a brother,
so I think...

-No, indeed.
-It's normal.

No matter how careful and good you are,

the constant presence of someone
who reminds him

that he's not the emperor of the world,

that there's somebody else who captures
your love, who captures your attention,

is going to change a lot of things.

Did you see Chiara's big belly?

-Yes. She's coming soon.
-It's almost time.

Honey, what do you think?
How long before Vitto's born?

-I feel like it'll be Tuesday.

-For sure.
-Which is the...

What day is today?

I'll be an aunt for the second time,


I cannot wait. I imagine Vitto
already super dressed up...

already super fashionable
at two months old.

-How do you picture her?
-With dark eyes,

-big lips, like Fede.
-No, I picture Leo...

But as a girl.

-How lucky. I think she'll have big teeth.
-Why? Nobody has big teeth.

-I do.
-But you're not the father!

Okay, got it.

With light colored-eyes,
and I imagine her blonde,

because Fede was also blonde
when he was little.

Federico will do everything
the baby girl will ask him to.


He'll surely melt for her.

Like, I look a lot like my dad.
But it's not a given, obviously.

You have your mom's temper though.

Well, we've all got a bit of that.

Vittoria, I wish you to surround
yourself with people who love you

and to follow all your dreams.

Shall we go, love?

I hope the delivery will go smoothly.

Upsy-daisy. No, "heave-ho"
when you get up.

We can't go to the hospital,
so the emotion will be different.

We can't wait to see her.


-Twenty-second of March, the time is...
-9:30 exactly.

9:30 in the evening, Chiara thinks
she's having contractions.

-I'm in pain.
-But she's on her feet and doesn't...

No, I'm still...

We don't know.
She has some things, Chiara.

Certainly not her period.


We're going to the hospital. Maybe
Vittoria will be born on the twenty...

-Third. Of March.

We were supposed to go tomorrow morning,
but since I'm in pain,

we're going now.

-Gimme a little kiss. And a big hug.

We told Leo that maybe
tomorrow Vitto will be born.

Will you be happy if we bring you
your little sister?

I think Leo's gonna be a bit jealous
at first, but also a great big brother.

-Honey, you're staying with Ale.
-Look at daddy.

We'll come back
with your little sister. Okay, bye.

Holy card of Michael Jordan
always with me.

-And we're going.
-Let's go!

Get that baby girl out.

-Come on!
-I can really feel her moving.

-It's video, not a picture.
-Same difference.


Let's go shoot this baby out!

10:00 P.M.

-I'd have rather gone tomorrow morning.
-What's the difference?

Actually, giving birth is nicer at night.

You think so?

Giving birth in the light is weird.
It's more of an evening thing.

It still doesn't feel like I'm
about to give birth.

I feel like I'm going to a visit.

Better that way.

-Isn't it? Are you okay?
-Yes, I'm fine.

-Are you nervous?

I've already seen her giving birth,
so I can do it.

Let's think of the positive sides.

Marina won't be in the delivery room.

Come on, honey,
they'll definitely air this one.

I was trying to reassure my wife and
telling her, "Push like a fucking animal."

Whereas my mother-in-law was like,
"Baby, baby..."

-I'm joking, Marina!
-No, come on.

I'll put my bag on.

Your "bag."

From what I understood,
I'll get in the hospital...


...and I won't get out.
I'll leave with Chiara.


I guess I won't even shower.

I don't think there is a shower.

-It looks like I'm on my way to a robbery.
-For real.

I won't wash.

Do the last pregnancy-dance.


Honey, do it right.

The last pregnancy-dance!

Give it to me, honey.

Honey, give it to me.

There you go. Let's check.

We're waiting for the results
from the visit.


-Is it well dilatated?

-What does it mean?
-That it's starting, love.

-She's started on her own.
-So will we stay here?

How can you go home when you're three
centimeters dilated?

-You can't do that.
-You can't do that. So, my idea

-is to go directly downstairs.
-Straight to the delivery room?

-You're good to go.
-Come on, Ferri, come on! You can do it!

I told you so.

As much as we've dodged any kind of issue,

there's always a small element of...

anxiety because it's a bit...

I mean, you live, minute by minute,

what's happening.


12:42 a.m. Ferri is still here.

She's having mini contractions.
Let me explain.

So, 32 is already quite good,
but a real contraction reaches 70.

Now that it's getting higher,
she's having a mini contraction.

But she's beautiful,
with a fantastic makeup.

I was shooting earlier, I didn't put it on
to come to the hospital.

-Nothing wrong with that.
-But I wouldn't have done a full glam.

1:34 a.m... Ferri is fine,
contractions are a little bit stronger.

-Much stronger.
-But you're a rock. And you look amazing.

1:58 a.m. Chiara got an epidural.
She's totally high, which is good.

-It's a nice feeling though.
-Yes. They gave you some druggy things.

God, the women who do it without...

I don't know how they do it.

-I respect them, but...

Right now Chiara, without an epidural,
would have been in pain,

-but instead... Chiara is stoned!
-My God.

Come on, baby. Come on!

It's like being in a club with this light.

Put on some Gigi D'Agostino.

This is my bed.

I have an armchair
like the ones for the elderly.

-It's 2:31 a.m.
-I feel great, guys.

-You really are beautiful.
-You're beautiful.

-You more.
-I love you so, so much.

Now that I feel no pain,
I love you even more.


-Was I good?

-You did great too.
-You're always good.

You did great too.

-God, I can't wait to see her.
-Tell me about it.

I wonder what she'll be like?

Now we have to wait
for Chiaretta's epidural to finish.

Let's see. This is a contraction.

-Does it hurt?
-A bit.

-But tolerable?
-No, it's strong now, fuck.

-Okay, should I call? I'll call.
-Call, call.

-Oh, my God!
-I'll call.

I feel she'll have Leo's eyes or lips.

-Look at those big lips!
-You can't see anything!

-Let me feel Vitto. Sit well.
-I'm comfortable like this!

You don't have to be afraid,
you're with mommy.

You're better than mommy.

-Show me your big belly.
-Wait, she's moving.

All together, a big family hug.


Double tickling, double tickling!

-I love you.
-Say it better.

-Come on, jeez!
-No. Honey! Come on!


-You're a mom.
-A double mom.

You're a double mom.

It's 3:30 a.m...

-and Vittoria is born.

But she was born earlier.

Well, I said an approximate time.

My love.

What's that?

She's falling asleep. Baby?

God. Did I smudge my makeup?

-The glam by Manu is still there?
-The glam is perfect.

It all went well, it was fast.
Leone took 24 hours to come out,

Vittoria three.

MILAN - MARCH 23RD, 2021

The entire fashion world
and tens of millions of followers

congratulate the Ferragnez,
baby Vittoria is born.


We want to wish Fedez
and Chiara Ferragni all the best.

The new baby girl is finally born.

What an exciting night!

We're so happy.

We can't wait to meet Vitto.

It's 2:39 p.m. of the 23rd of March.

Baby Vitto was born...

eleven hours ago.

Vittoria was exactly the same
as in the ultrasound.

She's all cheeks,
she's got this beautiful big cheeks.

This is my handsome hubby.

Hello, baby.

I was afraid she'd look like me.

It doesn't seem like she does, for now.

I hope she stays like this.

If you were
to watch all of this as a video,

can you stop at one frame, each of you,

identifying the most emotional frame?

Well, for me when we saw her
and when we put her here

and we were both calm by then,
looking at her.

When you look at her,
to think she was in your belly until

-just five minutes before.
-I didn't have time to process it.

-More the next day, for me.

I'm gonna cry too, honey.

Does it make you want to have a third one?

-Yes, in the future. But the pregnancy...
-I would adopt. I'm for adoption.

-That's a a good option too.
-It makes sense.

-Good morning.
-Good morning.

Good morning. I'm looking for a present
for my newborn granddaughter.

Of course, please.

At 3:00 a.m. Federico let us know

that Vittoria was born
and everything went well.

I think this one is amazing.

I was sleeping
when I got the message. That was a really


emotional moment.

This is a small romper.

I'd like her to get
Federico's determination

and Chiara's ability
to take life with lightness.

A doll for sure, to decorate her room

and for her to play with
when she's a little older.

-So nice, this one!
-This is also a toybox.

-It looks like it's for a ceremony.
-It's beautiful.

More than anything,
I'd like for her to learn

to keep her feet on the ground, Leone too.


They're children of two people
with a privileged life.

This one is beautiful, we like it.
This one too is lovely.

The gift that I consider to be
the best one is the perception


of being important,
of having a decisive role

and contribute with something nice.

-Thank you. Goodbye.
-Thank you, have a nice day.

Thank you very much. Have a nice day.

Now we're just waiting to see her at home.

It's 8:00 p.m.

When I hold her like this,
she usually falls asleep.

Dad is there.

He smells like a pig because
he hasn't showered in the past few days.

Tomorrow we're going home and Leo,
for the first time,

will see Vitto, and we'll see them
together for the first time.

And we're very, very excited. Right, love?
You can see how excited she is.

So beautiful!

She looks like a painting. It's crazy.

MILAN - MARCH 25TH, 2021

Hello everybody, good morning.

A couple of minutes of sleep


Ferri is in great shape.

She's beautiful.
And Vitto is wearing her chef's hat.

-She also has a double chin.
-And her little chins.

My love.

It was perfect. We spent three days in
the hospital without any relatives coming.

We enjoyed the baby girl...

No, that was fundamental.

Without the coming and going, you know?
Which, obviously, it's fine.

But staying three days
alone with the baby girl

was amazing.

Baby. Shall we call Leo?

Do you wanna call Leo and show her to him?

Who was Leo with?

He was by himself.

We decided that...

Time for him to become independent.

He's three, he's old enough to be alone.

He was with his grandparents
and they brought him back home the day

we got back from the hospital.

Hi, honey!

-Are you ready to see your little sister?
-Look, honey.

Look who's here.

My little sister is here.

She's here!

-Did you see?
-Do you like her?

How is she, is she pretty?

-Look at her!
-Look at her.

She's your little sister, honey!

-We can't wait to see you.
-To see you.

Super! All right.

Hello, my little love.

We get out of the hospital,
all great, all wonderful.

Not many paparazzi, which is the most...

Really, I don't know
how they do it, like...

you know, Britney Spears.
They drive you crazy.

Hello, look what a nice move!
Look at my dress!

Here it is.

Maybe in a year, we'll do a third one.
In a year or so.

Well, I'm happy like this, love.
Two is fine.

Yes. More than fine.

-No rush.
-But I think three is the perfect number.

Maybe because we're three sisters.

It's nice not having her
in my belly anymore.

As soon as you see her,
you immediately love her.


You become protective.

-I've already been a father.
-Well done.

Maybe it's because you see her so
small compared to Leo, who's three now.

You see her as fragile,
so you want her to be fine.

Oh, my God!

This is wonderful!

-Hello, Mati.
-Hello, honey!

-Look who's here. Look, Mati.
-Who's here?

Who is it?

Love. Hello, Mati,
it's your new little sister!

Many suggested different things to do

back home to make Leo less jealous.

So, I ordered this plush.

Yes, a little sister, love!

So, we had his little sister
bring it to him.

Here it is.

-Shall we go?
-Chiara is convinced about this technique,

and I'm using this technique
to buy Leo toys that are actually for me.

-Look, love.
-What are you wearing here?

-This is from the hospital. Look.
-Hello, Leo!

Your little sister got you this!

-A present from my little sister.
-It's for you.

-And look at your little sister.

-Look, how little she is.
-How little.

Your little sister Vittoria.

-She brought you the present.
-Can I have a kiss?

I missed you so much!

Look. Do you wanna touch her?

-Try touching her.
-I'm looking at her.

-She's giving mom little kisses.

-She looks like Leo when he was a baby.

How nice she got me Sonic.

Was it a nice present?
Was it what you wanted?

-Thank you, Vitto!
-Love! Look how cute she is.

Do you wanna touch her hand, very gently?

-Super gently, together.
-Together. Come on.


Did you see how soft she is?

Did you see?

How was it for you emotionally
seeing Leo meet Vittoria?

Well, unbelievable.
Leo, all of a sudden, seems...

-Very big, despite having just turned

-three. He seems...
-A giant.

But he also seems mentally older.

It was amazing, super emotional,
seeing them together.

In the end it really is true
that your love expands and all of a sudden

you also love another little person
who you've just met. Because

you love them both in the same way,
from the start,

even though you've had
a whole story with Leo.

No? Don't you agree?

I think the fact that you're breastfeeding
has given you a stronger bond to this day.

-Yes, that's for sure.
-I'm there waiting...

-The moment she'll start... interact.

-She's so small.
-Are you gonna teach her everything?

-Are you gonna protect her?


It feels different having a boy
and a girl. Even if now she's so small...

Wait, honey!

-For now it's the same, boy or girl.
-No, but mentally, I don't know.

You get the feeling
you have to protect her even more.

And this brings me to the other aspect,
that as good as you may be,

after a while, at age three the firstborn,
until that moment an only child,

will realize that the little sister
will stay forever.

So you'll have to learn to handle

Leone's emotional, and other, aspects.

Do you wanna give her a kiss?

-Like this, look.

Here! Also here on her hand.

-But... I'll do it.

Well done! Always so delicate,
you're so good, my love!


-Oh! You're too good!
-Well done.

I gave her three little kisses.

Yes, you're so good. Do you wanna hug her?


Leo was wonderful, super sweet.
I think that,

growing up, it's going to be
the best gift we could give him.

I'm sure Vitto will eat out of his hands
and imitate him in everything.

At this point,
you're dealing with two children

which, generally, create expectations
for the parents that may be

conscious or unconscious.


Since real children, for better or worse,
are never the children you expect,

for the last session
of this cycle of meetings

and to prepare you for this concept,
I have a task for you.

-There you go, little sister.
-Thanks, love!

This is what it's like
to shoot with the Ferragnez.

You only go out to work.

-Where would we go?

Love, as usual, you're very sociable.

Good thing we don't work much together.

-Are you sure?
-Of what?

That she's mine.

-First picnic of the season.
-I realized I have to challenge myself.

That's life.

That's life.